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Characters: Werewolf: The Forsaken
    The Forsaken 

Tribal Totems

Winter Wolf (Skolis-Ur)

Tribal totem of the Storm Lords, Winter Wolf is the second of Father Wolf's children and alpha of the Forsaken pack, and led them into the world after the death of Father Wolf and the loss of Pangaea. A remote, disapproving figure, he demands total loyalty and respect from his followers.

Red Wolf (Sagrim-Ur)

The tribal totem of the Iron Masters, Red Wolf once watched over the human herds. Inquisitive and driven, he often frustrates his siblings with his need to know. He is close to both Winter Wolf and Death Wolf.

Death Wolf (Kamduis-Ur)

Quiet and withdrawn, Death Wolf is the tribal totem of the Bone Shadows. She has always walked her own path, and is fascinated with notions of life and death.

Black Wolf (Hikaon-Ur)

Tribal totem of the Hunters in Darkness, Black Wolf is a creature of the night, and the best tracker among the First Pack. Once close to Dire Wolf, Black Wolf is the exact opposite of her brother Destroyer Wolf, and has a curious respect for Red Wolf.

Destroyer Wolf (Fenris-Ur)

The tribal totem of the Blood Talons, Destroyer Wolf revels in violence and combat, often tearing his prey to shreds before devouring it. While extremely aggressive, he is no sadist, and respects a worthy adversary.

    The Pure 

Tribal Totems

Dire Wolf (Huzuruth-Ur)

Tribal totem of the Predator Kings, Dire Wolf is the oldest and most malicious of Father Wolf's children. He mourns the loss of Pangaea, the predator's paradise, and longs to bring it back.
  • The Brute: Falls into this role by choice. He could be the Pure Alpha if he so chose.
  • Cain and Abel: With Destroyer Wolf.
  • Canis Major: The biggest after Father Wolf himself. He resembles one of the Dire Wolves that once stalked the mortal world.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Dire Wolf and the Predator Kings don't like the Forsaken, but they find the Bale Hounds totally revolting, and will take any chance to kill them and urinate on their corpses.
  • Evil Former Friend: Was once close to Black Wolf, acting as a sort of mentor figure.
  • The Leader: Was once the Alpha of the First Pack. Now he mostly keeps to himself.
  • Might Makes Right
  • Social Darwinist: Believes that only the strong can survive, and that if you are weak, you deserve to die.
  • Super-Persistent Predator
  • Worthy Opponent: He and his followers are the most likely to see the Forsaken this way.

Rabid Wolf (Gurim-Ur)

The youngest and maddest of Father Wolf's children, Rabid Wolf is a slavering coward who serves as the tribal totem of the Fire-Touched. Crazed with fear and paranoia, and stricken with disease, he grants his followers visions in exchange for their services.

...According to the Forsaken, at least. According to the Pure, it's mostly accurate, but he isn't actually a coward so much as reluctant to involve himself in confrontations he knows he can't win, being a peerless Seer. The Fire-Touched say his various illnesses are simply a spiritual, literal representation of his piousness (faith is similar to a contagion after all), while his madness is a result of being aware of every single lie in the world. He is the kindest of the Pure tribe totems, and is quite supportive of granting mercy to the Forsaken...if they convert to the Pure.

Silver Wolf (Hathis-Ur)

Kingly in aspect, Silver Wolf believes he should have been the alpha of the First Pack. He serves as the tribal totem of the Ivory Claws, and his followers often provide the Pure with leadership.
  • Big Bad: To the Pure as a whole, though just barely.
  • Cain and Abel: Has a longstanding rivalry with Winter Wolf, who is everything that Silver Wolf fancies himself to be.
  • The Evil Prince
  • The Leader: Of the Pure. This is largely because Rabid Wolf is mad and Dire Wolf does not care.
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Pride: Easily his greatest sin.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Has a very high opinion of himself, believing he is a greater leader then Father Wolf or Winter Wolf, and imagining that he is the leader of the Pure. In truth he is but a shadow of his father and older sibling, and only leads the Pure because Dire Wolf isn't interested.
  • The Starscream: Tried to seize power from Father Wolf in a coup d'etat and was humiliated in the process.

    The Bale Hounds 

Tribal Totems

Soulless Wolf (Viruhk-Ur)

Also known as the "Eyes of the Maeljin", Soulless Wolf purports to be Father Wolf's ninth offspring, and claims to have allied with the Maeljin when he saw the way the wind was blowing. Whether he is telling the truth, and whether he is the totem of the Bale Hounds, or simply acts as a messenger for the Maeljin, is up to the storyteller's discretion.

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