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May Parker (Spider-Woman) defeats Mephisto
Ok so what if the reason OMD happens isn't due to any rubbish about Mephisto wanting to feed off their love but instead was because May Parker defeated him in some way he could never come back from? Being essentially The Devil of the Marvel Universe it makes sense that he has some apocalypse plan up his sleeve, so what if he carries this out, say in the Spider-Woman books and right at the end she stops it? Defeated, he knows he has to erase her from existence but can't kill her parents because they're either too important to the timeline or his plans. So instead he makes sure she's never conceived by going back in time and taking their marriage, hence why he shows Peter her as a child as his way of gloating that he's won.
  • This is heavily implied to be the case in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #74; Mephisto's impetus to cause OMD to happen was a vision of his invasion of New York being defeated by a version of May.

May Parker's Fate

Related to the above, May Parker may still be alive. In fact, it's implied that she hasn't entirely been forgotten, in the Gold Goblin series. It's a little bit of a stretch, but bear with me.

especially since he's got Red Goblin formerly psychologist Ashley Kafka (who may have got all his sins) tormenting him to break him, and the old Green Goblin persona in his head.

One of those torments? In his metaphorical bat-cave, someone scrawled a whole list of his victims - including the name 'Peter Parker' over and over again.

So far, so moderately interesting. However, what really, REALLY interests is me is one name on the list of sins.

'The Baby'.

Now, we've got a couple of candidates for who this could be.

One is Stanley Osborn, who was assumed for a period to be Norman's son by his son's girlfriend, Lily Hollister. Turns out, nope, he's the son of the Harry clone. It's unlikely to be him, as he's been featured a few times, he's named. He'd be named on the list. Also, he's not a baby any more. Unlikely.

The second? That's much, MUCH juicier: Mayday Parker. While we only saw her grow to adulthood in the MC 2 continuity, she WAS born in the 616 continuity. She was stolen, her death faked, shortly after birth and she was last seen with Norman, who handed her back off to Alison Mongrain and told her to dispose of the baby on the way to Europe. In MC 2, she didn't, instead returning the baby. It's not inconceivable she was kept here.

Alternatively, a darker possibility is that he killed her, as the Scorpion implied back in the first Marvel Knights: Spider-Man series. While he said 'unborn child', implying he caused a stillbirth, and that comment was from a) someone not renowned for being all that bright, b) someone was Norman Osborn's latest puppet in his latest scheme to screw with Peter.

Why do I think it's her? Because she was never named, outside of Peter and MJ. No one knew what she was called. Norman, or whoever's tormenting him (I'm guessing Red Goblin or just his Goblin personality) wouldn't know what her name was. Hence why he calls her 'the Baby'. Why the guilt if she's still alive? He ordered Mongrain to dispose of her, odds are good he believes she's dead.

And that really would be the straw the broke the camel's back. I genuinely think that Peter might kill him for that, if that was the case, if he ever discovered the truth. If it's the former, if she's still alive... well, it could be part of Norman's attempts at redemption.

Spider-Man is a dick.
And a public menace, Jameson has always been right. Details.

There are only three people in New York City, and they are Peter, Chameleon, and Mysterio.
Mysterio does the extras, Chameleon does the individuals. Through their efforts, Peter's entire life has been a lie down to "Aunt May's" wheatcakes.

Deadpool and Squirrel Girl are going to team-up, beat up Mephisto and undo "One More Day".
This is also in the One More Day WMG.

Deadpool and Squirrel Girl both know that they're in a comic (Though the latter is contractually obliged to not acknowledge it outside of recaps) and they are both Ensemble Dark Horse fan favorites. It stands to reason that they'd have a grasp of continuity and know when retcons and such happen. Deadpool has been known to have fits of heroism, and might see fit to want to do this one for the fans. Squirrel Girl, being the upbeat, Silver-Age heroine she is would definitely want to bring Spidey back to his moral roots and undo the Broken Aesop. Unfortunately, she can't acknowledge in-continuity that she knows about it. This is where Deadpool comes in. The way I see it, he's wandering through Central Park ranting about how stupid One More Day was, wondering how he can possibly best Mephisto. Tippy Toe happens upon him, and drags him towards Squirrel Girl. After an awesome but pointless fight, Deadpool convinces her with Tippy Toe's help that together they can get Mephisto to undo his massive misdeed. Deadpool and Squirrel Girl then go to whatever hell dimension Mephisto lurks in, kick the crap out of him and force him to undo the events of One More Day.

  • And hire Kid!Loki as their lawyer because neither of them is good with legal-eeze and he technically still owes Spidey that favor from Amazing Spider-Man back in 2004...

"One More Day" was, in fact, just a hallucination of Peter's.
No, think about it. Maybe the only reason that One More Day happened was because "Morlun", who is in fact an analogue for some Spider-Man villain (say, the Shocker) kidnapped Mary Jane. This caused her to lose the baby, and that put massive strain on the Parker marriage. All of this was probably a lot of stress put upon Peter's mind, so he invents this entire backstory to justify it to himself. He doesn't know it because he's repressed it. Nobody else knows it because it's in his mind. Aunt May was fine, really having been healed by Dr. Strange or somebody. Harry wasn't really dead. Nobody talks about Peter's divorce because they don't want to upset Peter.

The whole "One More Day" arc was an ad.
It was really a "Just Say No" anti-drug comic that went horribly wrong.

One More Day will somehow be made into a good thing.
This will be done by a very talented writer that Marvel Disney will hire on sometime in the immediate future. Hey, stranger things have happened. I'm thinkin'
  • Unconfirmed. Sales are dropping and many, many fans still consider BND to be the Audience-Alienating Era to end all Spider-Man Audience-Alienating Eras.
  • Maybe Mephisto will get his sorry behind handed to him then snatched away at the last minute as in "Here you can have it back"...Pulls away hand.
  • If you like making fun of Joe Quesada, it's the best thing that ever happened to you.

The undoing of the post-One More Day status quo will involve Ben Reilly.
One More Day and the Clone Saga have many similarities; editorially-driven storylines which were meant to "simplify" Peter Parker by returning him to a previous status quo, and which were profoundly unpopular with readers and critics including SF Debris and were mocked by Linkara. Like the Clone Saga, One More Day 's Cosmic Retcon will probably be undone in the end. Meanwhile, the Clone Saga itself has gone through some rehabilitation in readers' eyes, thanks partly to Life of Reilly and partly due to Ultimate Spider-Man 's version of the Saga. Ben Reilly is probably the character with the most unfulfilled potential from the whole thing, and he's been wiped from post-OMD history; having him return would be both a nice Mythology Gag and an acknowledgement from the writers of the importance of Spidey's history, warts and all.
  • Alternatively, May Parker, Peter and Mary Jane's daughter who was spirited away and pronounced "dead" at the end of the Saga, would be appropriate for many of the same reasons. As well, she has her own comic, the Alternate Continuity Spider-Girl, and her own small-but-hardcore fanbase, who would probably look well on her being acknowledged in the "real" Marvel Universe.
  • Yet another possibility is that they'll both come back, and the storyline will be an explicit sequel to the Clone Saga; the trade paperback collection will be entitled Spider-Man: Attack of the Clones.
  • Also, as established in the JMS run, Loki owes Spider-Man a favor.
    • Loki's a kid for now, but he's been known to screw over Mephisto in deals before. Kid!Loki might have to play lawyer soon. The Spidey comics can't take much more of the hate!

One More Day is a mass hypnosis compliments of Mysterio.
Remember in one of the arcs preceding One More Day? Mysterio came back from the dead and chatted up Miss Arrow that she would do well to keep Spidey alive, as it would be in the best interests of both "his boss" and "her boss." A quick glance at Dead Girl would reveal that Mysterio went to Hell. Who runs Hell? Mephisto. Perhaps he enlisted a certain illusionist to help make his Mind Screw that much screwier...

Brand New Day's "Harry Osborn" is actually Mephisto
Along with zapping the world of Peter's identity (including people who should've known all along or figured it out - like Daredevil, Ben Urich, and Wolverine, and people Spidey told outright, like Johnny Storm and Black Cat), Mephisto zapped away the memory of Harry's death, in order to take his place and keep an eye on things, directly. Frankly, in what other way does bringing Harry Osborn back to life make sense?
  • Easy. Harry Osborn himself made a deal with Mephisto for an "ideal life" with money, social status, and friends. Yes, his dad is a major pain in the ass, but when Harry died, he thought Norman was dead also, so he had no reason to factor that in.
  • Or "Mephisto" is some other demon who took his place. In Legacy of Doom, "Mephisto" had no problem selling out Morgan le Fay, which broke a deal the real Mephisto had made with her earlier.

The One More Day retcon will involve Spider-Man and Deadpool invading Hell.
And beating a Satan who looks suspiciously like Joe Q.
  • Because Everything Needs More Deadpool. And he can break the fourth wall, so he knows everything that's happened, and he just might be able to beat some sense into Spidey.

In the early run, Flash Thompson didn't hate Peter Parker.
In the very first issues, that thanks to Comic-Book Time now take place around the late nineties, Flash Thompson and Liz Allan are very mocking towards Peter Parker, but it doesn't really imply that they're enemies - they hang out together not only in school but in the bowling alley and malt shop, and Flash even mockingly says he'll defend Peter if something happens in issue three. Peter, having so much going on in his life, misinterprets Flash's friendly jokes and bursts out at him and threatens him. He also doesn't show up for his date with Liz, so, in the eyes of popularity-obsessed teenagers Flash and Liz, Peter wants war. It isn't about issue eight that Flash and Peter become actual "enemies" in his eyes.
  • Also, to throw off people from his secret identity, Peter would often speak against Spider-Man, irritating Flash, who is Spider-Man's biggest fan.
  • This has already been proven true. Flash more or less said so himself. Peter even roomed with Flash for a short time.
    • Flash was also the best man at Peter and Mary Jane's wedding.

Spider-Man's inability find someone to save Aunt May was not due to the assorted superheroes becoming incompetent/impotent
His inability to find someone was because Mephisto was mindfucking him. His futile search was entirely a hallucination by a demon trying to prevent whatever Spiderman's marriage would have accomplished. So Reed Richards/Doctor Strange/Tony Stark/whoever else could have helped him, but the Mephisto Hallucination convinced him otherwise.
  • It would make more sense if Mephisto used his power to make them useless, and mess with Peter so it wouldn't raise any brows. I mean c'mon, bullet wound/poisoning/old age can't be cured in Marvel Universe? What?
    • Dr. Strange is a Time Lord, and weren't there Spider-Men visiting Dr. Strange while Peter was recovering from his search? Why would Mephisto make that?

Spidey is descended from Charles and Mary Parker.
For obvious reasons, it would make perfect sense for them to have a descendant named Peter Parker. He could either be a grandson (if they had two more children after Murder Must Advertise, since neither of those kids are named Richard or Ben) or a great-grandson. The timing is a little iffy if he's a great-grandson, but he's on Comic-Book Time and they aren't, so it'll be fine in another ten years or so.

Daily Bugle photographer and science student Peter Parker is Spider-Man!
I think I've finally solved the mystery! This would explain why Peter Parker is always so flaky, it is because he is always so busy fighting crime as his web-slinging persona! And the reason he is the only photographer able to photograph Spider-Man is because he arranges the photos himself!
  • Well duh, he is! He announced it at a press conference and everything! What? What's with the funny looks? What, you think I'm crazy too! I remember it, dammit! Why can't anyone else remember? Why can't anyone else remember?
    • Layla Miller can remember.
      • Yes, but rumor has it she knows what the hell Deadpool's talking about with all that "panels" and "issues" stuff. Girl's loco.
  • Wasn't it Ben something?
  • Parker being Spider-Man was just a rumor that started when Parker dressed up as Spider-Man for Halloween and was later spread around by that Venom creep. I mean, would the real Spider-Man honestly show his face in public?
  • Wait, so if the photographer for the Bugle is Spider-Man, then the photographer for the Planet must be Superman. Jimmy Olsen must be Superman!
    • No wait, I just remembered about Peter Parker winning a Pulitzer Prize for taking a picture of the Sentry. This means The Sentry is Spider-Man! Also have you ever seen the Sentry and Superman together?
  • Guys, stop being ridiculous. That Parker guy's just a kid. And he's already said he and Spider-Man have an exclusive deal and they've appeared in the same place before. Besides, Spider-Man's black.
    • Wait a second. Those eyes don't have pupils. And his face just looks so, well, artificial. Does this mean... Spider-Man is an Auton!
  • Guys, knock it off with the crazy. Next you'll be telling me that Bruce Wayne is Batman, or that Clark Kent is Superman!
    • Bruce Wayne can't be Batman! His voice isn't scruffy enough and his chin is too small! Next thing you know you'll be saying Oliver Queen is Green Arrow (anyone with eyes could see the GR's beard is 5.3 millimeters shorter than Queen's).
  • Okay, tiger, since you're so smart, answer this for me: If Peter Parker is Spider-Man, who's holding the camera in all those Bugle pictures of the web-head that credit "photo by Peter Parker"?
    • Any decent camera has a time delay feature, and the type used by professional photographers will have a feature that lets them automatically take photos at regular intervals. Peter just has to set up the camera in an inconspicuous spot and make sure he's in frame at the right time.
    • That's all bullshit. Spider-Man is really a giant media whore who takes pictures of himself in heroic poses and gives them to Peter Parker. Parker gets paid for the photos by the Bugle, and has a nice rep for his skill at getting excellent shots, so he has no reason to rat out Spidey's grandstanding.
  • You're all being ridiculous. Peter Parker is Devil Dinosaur! Everybody Knows That!
  • Guys, guys, why do you all think Spider-Man is a nobody? Ever thought maybe he's a celebrity? An Asian celebrity? Like Jet Li?
  • Don't be ridiculous. Look, here they are standing side by side!
  • Personally I think Spider-Man is just a split persona of Bernhard "Buddy" Baker I mean, what other adult male can summon spider powers at will? Have you ever seen Spider-Man and Animal Man in the same place?

Mary Jane knows.
In OMD, she makes some kind of deal with Mephisto. Immediately afterwards, when she runs into Peter, she looks sad when she leaves. It's pretty obvious what she offered Mephisto.
  • Confirmed in Amazing Spidey issue 601, actually.
    • What do you mean? I've read it and... well, what does she know? What did she offer to him?
    • It just looks like she knows that Parker is Spidey, as she shows by the end of the issue while watching news on TV. But what do you mean by "obvious"? Did she offer Mephisto the chance to make Peter save the day every time he and MJ promise each other a date? That is, the fact Spidey had to save the day is Mephisto's doing or what?

Mephisto is keeping Mary Jane's baby for some reason
Rather than out-and-out destroying the fetus, Mephisto has kept it alive. Probably he intends to use the kid to further some other scheme.
  • That idea has so much potential for sequel/retconing OMD/just generally fucking with Pete's life (Mephy showing up, undoing the mind whammy on spidey, and introducing him to his little girl, all grown up. Who is a bloodthirsty spider-themed demon from growing up in hell. )

Aunt May is gonna die.
What happens when you make a deal with Mephisto to save the life of a parental figure? Johnny Blaze might have an opinion on the matter.
  • As an additional guess, Aunt May will die, but in a manner not related to Mephisto. Instead, her dying will make the deal null and void, allowing Peter and MJ to hook up again.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 2 #1 reveals Aunt May has Cancer

One More Day will end epicly.
Either by the or editors over ruling the original editorial order, but it is planned. The similarities to the Clone Saga. The name itself "ONE more day". If the status quo was going to be kept then why make a deal with a demon that is likely going to mess everything up? OMD won't last. It is meant to be an Audience-Alienating Era and it's end will be an epic Take That! to this type of story arc.
  • "One More Day" is already over. It was the story arc that set up the new status quo (the pilot for it, you might say), which began with the arc "Brand New Day."
  • Apologies, I was thinking of Brand New Day as an extension of OMD. That BND was the ONE more day given, though lasting much longer than one more day. So my hypothesis stands true. The status quo of OMD/BND will end when Mephisto pulls the rug out at the end of the brand, one, more day Peter was given.

Richard and Mary are alive and well and living in Russia.
Peter found the info confirming the androids in Red Skull's files. Its a stretch to say even crazy Harry could hack Red Skull's files undetected; Its a huge stretch to say he would. Hating Pete is great, but hacking the Skull's files could put Liz and Normie at risk, and even crazy, he was all about them. In the wake and pain of The Reveal, Peter understandably overlooked this fact. I doubt even Norman would f*** with Red Skull unless he had to. This troper will lay odds the Parkers are in one of the Baltic States. Perhaps they intended to get with Pete, but MJ picked up the phone and turned the call away, thinking it more of Harry's crap. Civil War's The Reveal made them decide to keep laying low, and then comes BND. But in one way or another, they are out there.
  • Norman makes some kind of deal with the Red Skull in the 2009 Cap Returns series. Hard to not see this ending up as one of his bigger regrets. Still, even Axe-Crazy Harry never would—I think.

Peter said no to Mephisto.
But it didn't stop Mephisto from changing his memories to what we see in One More Day. If One More Day will ever be undone, Mephisto's Xanatos Gambit will restore Spidey's "memories". Peter will go on never-ending What Have I Done because of something he never did. No matter if Brand New Day will be undone or not, Mephisto is a winner here.
  • Except if Peter DID say NO, that means that Mary Jane didn't try to re-hook up with him because she is a bitch! Or that she really wanted to rest from being married. Or that she doesn't actually know.

Norman Osborn taking over H.A.M.M.E.R. is just a giant plan to screw with Spider-Man
Osborn hasn't moved onto to bigger things. All of Dark Reign is just another giant plan to utterly destroy Spider-Man. He's going to use all of H.A.M.M.E.R's resources to take out everyone else. And when Manhattan is up in flames Osborn will point at Spider-Man, the one remaining person standing, and blame him for everything. Of course it won't work, and it will seem over-the-top in retrospect.
  • Hell yes it'll work. This is Peter Parker.
  • Rubbish. Norman Osborn taking over H.A.M.M.E.R. is actually a giant plan of Doctor Doom's to utterly destroy Reed Richards, and Osborn is cooperating with him for the chance to screw with Spidey. Doom is using the same time-hopping doodad he used to fight Richards way back when Sharon Ventura was the She-Thing, and has been popping into the past and screwing up the timeline to leave gaping holes in the memories of everyone inside the Marvel universe, which causes them to make decisions and hold opinions that seem totally illogical to us. Doom thinks that if he can make everyone look dumb enough, it will cause Reed to have a psychological meltdown in the manner of Frank Grimes. Because come on people, I find your lack of faith in the human race disturbing. The people in this universe may be morons, but they're not so criminally, colossally moronic that they would actually support Osborn while having the same memories of him that we do! That would just be stupid!

The whole One More Day/Brand New Day mess is not due to Spider Man selling his marriage, but due to Mephisto making a deal with NORMAN OSBORN.
It's not this troper's theory (it was first presented on the Topless Robot blog and was written by this guy), but it is, as it says, the perfect way to retcon the damn storyline away for good while also explaining away another horrible Marvel Comics storyline.

FACT: In One More Day, Peter Parker makes a bargain with the demon Mephisto to save his Aunt May's life at the cost of his marriage. Reality is rewritten so that Peter and Mary Jane never married and are currently broken up.

FACT: For some unexplained reason, in the rewritten reality, most of Harry's friends have vanished. Flash Thompson has returned to being the bully who makes Peter's life miserable. And for some strange reason, Harry Osborn is alive and well.

FACT: Events in general seem to be geared toward making Peter's life as comically, unbelievably horrible as possible. He can't get a job. His roommates hate him and/or Spider-Man. Aunt May marries J. Jonah Jameson's father. Jolly Jonah becomes Mayor of NYC and immediately sets about making capturing Spider-Man priority one for everyone. And Norman Osborn - despite being publicly known as The Green Goblin - has become head of the national agency in charge of monitoring/commanding all the legally-operating superheroes in the United States.

A lot of fans don't think ANY of this makes any sense. And it doesn't. Peter Parker - written properly - would never make a bargain with The Devil because it was easier than dealing with tragedy. It doesn't make any sense for Harry to be back from the dead because of Peter's bargain. And known-murderer and lunatic Norman Osborn being appointed to a national agency, much less being beloved by the public REALLY doesn't make any sense...

...unless this is all part of Norman's wish.

Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to get power and a chance to cause as much chaos as possible by jacking around with the superheroes? Yes.

Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to bring his own dead son back to life? Probably. Crazy as he was, he was always depicted as being a loving, if distant, father (with the crazy tending to get in the way as well).

Would Norman make a literal deal with the devil to make Peter Parker as miserable as possible? Hell yes!

That's the idea: Mephisto went to Norman and offered him a chance to have all the wealth, power and prestige he always wanted. He even sweetened the deal by offering to bring Harry back from the dead AND by fixing it so that Peter Parker would be made as miserable as possible by the new world that was created. Making Peter believe he'd be responsible for his own problems was just the icing on the evil cake. You can even bring in the 'Mephisto kept Peter and Mary's child to raise as his own' and 'Spider-Man and Deadpool' team up suggestions above.

  • Oh man, you beat me to the punch. But this all started in Civil War. Norman Osborn made a deal with Mephisto then, which influenced Peter to reveal his identity, which resulted in Aunt May getting shot, and you know the rest. And the "Mephisto/Osborn kept the Parker baby" makes sense, and could become a major turning point for Spidey come Siege, if he discovers Little May in Osborn's grasps. It could result in a mirror of "Spider-Man's last battle" in Marvel Comics 2.
    • My god if this is true that would be.... epic. QUESADAAAAA!
  • Why would Norman remove his own knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity?
    • It's magic, it doesn't have to make Either that was part of the price for the deal with Mephisto??one Osborn decided he could live with, or could somehow figure his way out of with the power of heart hate??or it was a "fine print" detail that Mephisto slipped into the deal to screw with Osborn (as would be apt for a deal with the devil).
    • If Norman Osborn made this deal during the Civil War, then superhero registration would have been on the table. Osborn is sufficiently intelligent and in the know to have realized that Captain America's rebellion wouldn't take. This would result in the creation of the superhero database...which Spider-Man would be entered into. Osborn probably assumed or explicitly stated that his deal with Mephisto would involve him usurping Tony Stark and taking charge of said database, so even if Mephisto took away his knowledge of Spider-Man's civilian identity he could just look him up once he took over Tony Stark's position. In fact, looking up Spider-Man's identity in the database is one of the first things Norman Osborn does during the Dark Reign arc, which only backfires because Stark pulls a juvenile prank on him and destroys the database.
    • Pre-BND Norman has rather proprietary feelings about his nemesis — or rather, his status as Spidey's nemesis, as amply demonstrated by the fact that he never revealed Peter's secret identity in ... what, ten-plus years, in-universe? It would be perfectly in character for him to arrange for Peter's re-masking so that he could have Spidey all to himself again. It would also be perfectly in character for him to get sloppy and leave a loophole for Mephisto to make him forget as well, just to screw with him.

One More Day was actually a deal made by OTTO OCTAVIOUS
Seriously, He's the one who has benefited most from this.

In the films, Peter Parker is so poor because...
Of his organic web shooters. He uses most of his money buying extra food to replace the protein he loses uses from using those things.
  • Being always broke was a major part of the early Ditko-era Spidey stories.
    • Yes, but that was generally because he had to pay for web-fluid. Since he has organic shooters in the films, he doesn't have this problem.
      • Things are more expensive nowadays.
    • And even before the spider-bite, he and his family had money problems. That's why he took the wrestling gig— even though at that point he was still using stolen borrowed lab equipment from his school lab to make web-shooters, thus paying nothing for them.
  • Because he doesn't work for Iron Man, but he may if he will join the Avengers.

Spoilers for Film!Venom:
After his defeat (it's a superhero film, of course that's not a spoiler), the Goblin's grenade left the symbiote shriveled and dehydrated instead of incinerated. Eddie Brock splattered, and the symbiote plus his blood plus a new host will be Carnage (or more likely Karnage) in the fifth film. The now-Anti-Hero Venom may return as one of the bits that got disconnected during the fight before the goblin grenade flashbanged Blond EricForeman and the majority of the symbiote, or the Venom movie that's in the works could be an alternate continuity depending on who has which rights for what.CONFIRMED! (Sorta...) - David S. Goyer claims that, through a pile of red tape the size of a Humvee, and royalties that could buy California's debt, Venom will be the same one from Spider-Man 3 - also; he's not dead and isn't going to become Carnage. Carnage isn't even planned for the Venom movie at this point - no villain (life foundation) has (Life Foundation) been named yet (LIFE FOUNDATION!).

The next film (or the one after) will feature the Chameleon.
And Sam Raimi, or whoever's in charge by then, will cast Gary Oldman in the part.

Tobey Maguire's back injury severely hampered his acting.
We've seen Tobey act in other movies, he's usually not that bad. But his acting in Spider-Man 2 and 3, especially when he's supposed to be having chemistry with Mary Jane, is just painful. No doubt the pain killers from his back injury are to blame. Or YMMV and he was awesome.

Spider-Man is not a man with spider powers, he's a spider with human powers.
The radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker picked up and integrated his DNA as well as his memories, and the real Parker died while the spider assumed his form while still having abilities approximating a spider. What happened to the body? The spider ate it, thus gaining enough body mass to be man-sized.
  • The spider ATE PETER! DUDE, THAT IS FUCKED UP but creative and does make sense.
    • Played with in Spider-Ham, where Peter Porker used to be an ordinary household spider, until May Porker got herself irradiated an bit him in blind rage, thus turning him into a Ham with spider powers... So yeah.

One More Day will be undone by one of Peter Parker's time-traveling descendants.
The Spider-Man of 2211 will try to undo One More Day- his daughter, the new Hobgoblin tried to destroy time by setting the whole thing up, so it's up to future!time police Spidey to restore things to the way they "should" be- If Spider-Man and Mary Jane were never married, they'd never have children, and thus no descendants. If future Hobgoblin hates future Spider-Man so much, why not erase his (and hers) entire ancestral line?
  • Either that, or Spider-Girl pretty much tells Mephisto to give back what he took from the 616 versions of her parents after talking to Magus. Who knows, OMD and BND might've been unnatural in the first place!

Gwen Stacy will be resurrected soon.
We've seen what they did with Bucky. Either her death will go the way of his death (Retcon), she is resurrected, someone does a Time Travel thing to the past, she is cloned, or she will be reincarnated. HEAVY odds on reincarnation, BTW.
  • Or Retcon. Everything else about Spidey's past was reversed with One More Day, why not Gwen's death as well?

Marvel will attempt to fit the reboots in with the New Avengers film.
Spider-Man is being rebooted right when Marvel sets up the films leading to the Avengers, coincidence? I think not.
  • Word of God is that, for legal reasons, Spidey can't be in the Avengers movie. They're in separate continuities.

The second film was a Hollywood History allegory for the history of communism.
A thinking man, Doctor Octopus, (Karl Marx) devises a new way, a “better” way of generating power (goods). This technology (system) will be ready when it is ready; this new way (Communism) is a plan for when the next opportunity arises to put it into action (some revolution that could be coming after 1848). It requires very careful monitoring to control this great power (government control over the means of production must be balanced). The tests go awry. The stipulated limit on waiting for a revolution is lost when the control chip shorts out (the model of agitation in Russia); now there is an urgency to implement this model that becomes a serious obsession (widespread revolutionary attitudes).

This obsession eventually gets hold of the fuel (property) and the apparatus (government). There is no respect for the effect this will have on the environment, cities, and human lives; it is a system that must be implemented at all costs, including the lives of innocent millions. Just as the initial tests went, however, there is no way to control the system (the markets) sufficiently and still bring about the desired results (prosperity for all). Having a change of heart, there is a call for outside help, so in the end, a Red-White-and-Blue American hero sinks the whole operation. For now. In the next one, he’ll be having to face an internal conflict.

Joe Quesada IS Mephisto.
"Joephisto" is the nickname for Quesada, as he used Mephisto as an author avatar in his own self-insert fic, in order to fulfill his own childhood dream to undo the marriage now that the fanboy has ascended. And this, in a story for the character behind the responsibility thing?!? BULLSHIT! * whud*

In the movie universe, the "cartoon" theme song was composed originally by The Ramones.
And, for that, they're being offed one by one by supervillains. First Joey, then Johnny...

In the movies, Peter becomes such a jerk in the third movie because he never had to deal with the death of his first love in the first movie.
Without such a grievous mistake, he never learns to actually keep himself in check. So instead of just being a thrillseeker when he gets the black suit, he becomes an all around Jerkass. We get to see what happens when he is forced to become a hero, but not that his powers are dangerous if not kept in check.
  • That actually makes sense. Erm... What about Foe Yay? Can Harry count as a... If that is the case then... You know, he'll stop being a jerk.

Subway Station Guitarist got hugely ripped off.
Popular singers are using his song by the third movie, and he never gets a dime.

Subway Station Guitarist is hugely rich.
Royalties. Gotta love 'em.

Hammerhead will be revealed to be another Kravinoff brother.
Because if there is a Russian Spider-Man villain, sooner or later they will be retconned into being part of the Kravinoff family.

The 2012 movie was not actually a reboot, but another consequence of One More Day.
The deal with Mephisto affects Spider-Man in all universes, including the movie verse, or Spider-Man in the movies has to make the same deal. Either way, it resets the movies to break Peter up with MJ and return his life back to when he first gained his powers.
  • I wonder what will Deadpool say about it. "So that BND-thingy made Andrew out of Tobey?! Why?"
  • Then WHAT THE FUCK DID STATIC SHOCK GIVE UP? (Word of God states that Static is a young Spider-Man with electrical powers, so I do consider him to be DC's Spider-Man)
  • Jossed by Spider-Man: No Way Home. Tobey and Andrew's respective Peters are indeed from separate universes.

In the second film, Peter Parker deliberately associates himself only with obnoxious people, because he doesn't want to endanger anyone who's nice.
The first film ends with, "Now matter how hard I try, the ones I love will always be the ones who pay." So, in the sequel, who has Peter chosen to hang around and interact with? His "best friend," who is always insulting him and even slaps him; Mary Jane, a slut who never listens to Peter's side of the story, and who has no care for the feelings of the men she plays games with; and, of course, his obnoxious boss. (His Aunt May is a kind woman, but he could not help being related to her.) And what of the people who are nice to Peter? The blonde girl who brought him cake when he was down: didn't even get a thank you. The secretary who saved his job ("Parker you're fired." "Sir, the planetarium meeting!" "Good point. Get back here Parker, you're un-fired."): doesn't get a thank you either. The black co-worker, who stands up for Spider-Man, Peter ignores him. Peter's intentions are clear; he will only allow himself to get close to jerks, and avoid interacting with nice people so as not to put them in danger.

The entire Spider-Man series is Peter Parker's Dying Dream.
He's just been bitten by a radioactive fucking spider! That doesn't give you superpowers, it gives you a bloodstream full of radioactive venom! Peter has been lying comatose in the hospital for God knows how long while the combination of radiation and venom gnaws away at his brain.
  • Fortunately, he's a comic book fan, and his imagination is running wild.

Mayday Parker (the one Norman Osborn kidnapped) will return to undo OMD
Norman Osborn probably wouldn't want to explain a baby popping out of nowhere right after MJ's baby 'dies', so he probably sent baby May to an alternate universe to be raised by some robots he programmed for the job (he probably wouldn't want to actually have to deal with growing her up to use against Peter emotionally). She will return as a girl in her late teens/early 20s confused at how the world is different from what she heard/was raised to know. So she ignores Norman Osborn and tries to find out why she never existed technically. It ends up with her undoing OMD, or at least trying to (Spider-Man might stop her because it could, you know, kill Harry and his Aunt May). Whether or not her true identity as MJ and Peter's daughter is revealed to anyone is up to you.
  • So what - Spider-Man and MJ have two daughters? What?!
    • Wait... Could this girl be that lost child? Just how much time had passed between Mary Jane being pregnant and OMD?

In the movie series, Robbie knows Peter is Spider-Man

In the next movie, Spider-Man will have web-shooters.

Joe Quesada is closely related to J. Jonah Jameson
Think about it. They're both middle aged men in charge of a company that publishes reading material, and both are going out of their way to destroy Spider-Man.
  • Also works for Thunderbolt Ross. Both middle aged men, both in high authority, and both want to kill one of the world's most beloved superheroes.

Throughout the Raimi series, the true Big Bad is Mysterio or otherwise an illusionist.
Whoever they are, they have rigged up hidden speakers and a screen in the mirror. In the first movie, they take advantage of Norman Osborn's already strained mind by creating a state-of-the-art 3D image of him on the mirror, and pretending to be his alter ego. In the second and third movies, they again use the tech to make Harry think his father is talking to him from beyond the grave. Whoever it is, and whatever they want, it's likely they want any heroes in New York out of the picture, either dead or switching sides.Also, it's possible that Osborn found out about this deception off-camera, and wanted in on it. Perhaps he survived the impaling, like in the comics, got together with this puppeteer, and acted as himself in Harry's visions in an attempt to make him 'a proper son'. In this case, his last words (Don't tell Harry), could have been said because he knew that Harry would blame Spider-Man and thus be angry at Peter to begin with. He and the illusionist then threatened his butler under pain of death not to reveal the truth, explaining why he kept it a secret for so long.

There will be a meta joke in the new Spider-Man reboot...
We will see the radioactive spider coming down from the ceiling, seemingly headed to an oblivious Donald Glover . Just as it looks like he will get bit, Andrew Garfield will politely ask him to move to one side so he can take a photo. And the rest is history ...
  • OK, this troper now really wants that happen. That sounds like a great gag to include.

Spider-Man will end because of One More Day
The massive Character Derailment and complete destruction of years of canon will be too much for the comics to bear and rapidly dwindling sales will force Quesada out the door and a new editor in, but it will be too late to save the ailing Spidey, which will be shut down and it is revealed that Spider-Girl was in fact the real continuity all along.

Spider-Man is a cup of coffee.
Spider-Man isn't real. He's just a cup of coffee some psychopath looked at and imagined that something action-y would get his day going.

One More Day is part of a Gambit Roulette by (probably) Reed Richards to ultimately save all Marvel couples.
Explained more in detail on the Superman WMG page: extra-universal omniscient beings vulnerable only to Plot Immunity are trying to suck all the life out of both 616 and the DC main universes. To fool them, someone with easy access to many alternate universes (Reed Richards, most likely) has teamed up with Mephisto to warp reality in order to store the souls of all superhero couples in the bodies of the only comic book couple with absolute Plot Immunity — Clark Kent and Lois Lane — until the threat from those omniscient beings has passed. This apparently, but not really, breaks up a whole lot of both DC and Marvel couples through numerous contrived coincidences involving random death, illogical plot twists, and Character Derailment. The real story behind One More Day (which will lead to Pete and MJ getting returned to their bodies and reunited) is the mystery of why Mephisto agreed to do this. Perhaps Reed (or whoever) challenged him to a fiddle contest?

Countdown till Uncle Ben revives or returns as really him in a non-flashback or reboot.
Jason Todd and Bucky have returned. The door has been opened in both comic universes. Just look at all these OMD WMGs to see what Marvel is capable of. State your hopes, your fears and what you think may really happen.
  • Neutral: Ben's revival will jab OMD and he will question Peter on how things would have been if he had made a similar deal.

Mary Jane has an X-Gene...
...It's just not active. It's been said by at least one source that all superhumans are technically mutants who were born with an inactive X-Gene that was activated by an outside stimulus, which is why she doesn't have powers yet. My evidence for this is the fact that, despite being human, Mary Jane has one characteristic shared by almost all female supers: A Giant rack. As another source says, female supers have big boobs as a side effect of their powers. So, while she doesn't have powers, she has both the side effects that come with it. Deny that logic.

Curt Connors isn't completely lost by the Lizard.
  • Confirmed.. ish... depending on what you meant. He was lost, cure attempts and flash backs eventually brought him back. Now he's trapped in the Lizard's body as of ASM 699.1.

Carlie Cooper was created as a Composite Character of old Love Interest ladies...and failed due to having no personality of her own.
Look at her! She is being played up by so many character who say "she's so this/that/the-other" when those are traits commonly used by other Spidey Love Interests. True, she doesn't really look like any of them (especially since the all-important haircut), but that's just so they can say she's not a Composite Character. Here's the breakdown:
  • Debra Whitman: Tires hard to invoke the Nerds Are Sexy Trope, presumably so that she's "on the same intellectual level" as Peter or some such nonsense.
  • Mary Jane: Has a tragic past involving her father (really, couldn't even make it the mother? Or another authority figure?), that really doesn't come off as being as bad as Mary Jane's was.
  • Gwen Stacy: being the "perfect girl" for Peter, being idolized (this time by people in-universe, as opposed to in fans' memories). Fans hope she will complete this set by dying.
  • Black Cat: Inverted, Black Cat fell in love with Spidey, she's fallen for "plain ol' Peter Parker"... Just like Mary Jane did.
Clearly, the idea was: "what traits can we mash together to create the perfect girl for Peter so the fans don't hate us for One More Day?" Except they haven't had time to flesh all of those out, so they all are Informed Ability-level traits since every one of those girls has been published for over a decade and all been in at least one of the animated series (all but Gwen in both) The biggest problem with Carlie is that the writers tried too hard, too fast, and that led to her downfall.

Carlie Cooper made a deal with Mephisto
She wanted to date a superhero, so he gave her Spider-Man (linking their respective deals to make the contracts stronger). Everyone keeps laughing and applauding her because she's being treated like she thinks a superhero's girlfriend should be (and everyone sees her backstory as more tragic then it is. Honey, this is Marvel (Crapsack World much?). You've got to do better than a crooked-cop dad). As a corollary to that, she knows Peter is Spidey, and that really is the reason she likes him (blowing the whole "falling for plain ol' Peter Parker" line out of the water). She's actually waiting for him to tell her, so she can bust out the "oh I knew all along" cliché.

In the new Spidey film, Gwen Stacy will die.
Because really, it has to happen. They say its gonna be darker and edgier than the last film series, but from the trailer, other than staring at his reflection a lot in a sad way, it doesn't look too much darker. So what would make it more darker than the other series? Killing the love interest at the end.
  • And, this will be followed by the second (or a later) film being a slight adaptation of the clone saga, compressed into only one film, and make way for future love interests and a believable love triangle. Black Cat anyone?

It only makes sense. After all, the Ghost Rider is one of the very few heroes who's had constant and personal contact with, and whose life has been most directly (before One More Day) affected by Mephisto. And I haven't read the comics, but I gather Johnny Blaze wasn't on Earth during the events of post-Civil War (when Peter made the Deal with the Devil), which would mean he wasn't affected by Mephisto's tampering. So once GR gets wind of what Spidey's done, he'll give the Friendly Neighborhood Moron a severe dressing-down, followed by a story arc that'll culminate in the continuity changes being undone (but this being Mephisto they'd be tangling with, there would probably be a big cost attached).
  • ...During which they'll gather a small band of heroes, and form a new Avengers team. The Damned Avengers sounds pretty cool, and each will've been somehow effected by Mephisto or someone similar, resulting in them teaming up and taking him on all at once. Also, Mary Jane will shoot a demon in the face, just because.
  • Returning to the original idea for this particular WMG, just last night I (the original poster) actually thought out the potential calling-out scene between Spidey and Ghost Rider. After coming home one evening, Peter finds the flame-headed anti-hero waiting for him in his living room. Ghost Rider then proceeds to chew Peter a new one for allowing the Deal with the Devil to go through (yeah, you have SOME PEOPLE who'll say it was retconned that Mary Jane made the deal over Peter's objections), giving a clearly-outlined "The Reason You Suck" Speech that mirrors the fans' and writers' displeasure with One More Day and the events leading up to it. (Incidentally, the confrontation will be a Shout-Out to the "Ignition" storyline in The Flash, where Batman confronts Wally West about the Laser-Guided Amnesia that Wally asked The Spectre to pull on the world to make everyone forget he was the Flash—following Zoom's attack on Linda Park that resulted in their unborn twins being miscarried—and the subsequent arc that led to Wally and Linda reconciling...essentially, that story was One More Day done properly.) And part of that speech, as thought out by me:
    Ghost Rider: Whatever happened to "with great power comes great responsibility," Parker? Did you decide to throw that moral lesson away the moment you decided to go through with that deal? You know what I see when I look at you just now? I don't see a noble soul who I could say I was ever proud to have allied with in the past—I see a selfish little punk who'd rather flee the consequences of his choices instead of facing them as a man with a backbone ought to. By your actions, you've not only condemned an innocent soul to non-existence, but you've also condemned several existing souls to be under Mephisto's thumb, to manipulate as he should see fit just inside the letter of his word. Your Aunt May. Your friend Harry Osborn. Mary Jane. Yourself. Need I continue?
    Spider-Man: (how I imagine Joe Quesada would attempt a Shut Up, Hannibal!) You're one to talk. As I recall, you also went into a deal with Mephisto for a loved one's sake.
    Ghost Rider: Yes. I did. And seeing as you know about that, I would expect you would realize what such a deal would lead to. I would expect you to know better. Evidently, I was mistaken about you.
    • YES! That is exactly what we need! I really want to get into comic writing JUST SO I CAN PUT THIS IN! I don't CARE if Joey Que tries to stop me! I'LL DO IT DAMN IT! Exbanding on the above moment, (Sorry if I end up hijacking your idea, but this is what my mind thought up after reading that) after GR leaves, Peter, trying to take his mind of the subject, goes on a date with Carlie Cooper. At which point, Deadpool, who's on a date in the same restaraunt with some random person (Either a hooker, a transvesite, an unatractive woman, or a blow up sex doll. depending on which'd be funnier and more in character), tries to say hi to 'Spidey and Mary Jane', until he realizes that its not MJ. He questions what happened, at which point when he brings up that they were once married, HE TOO GIVES HIM A DRESSING DOWN after realizing what's really happened when he does a quick Wikipedia search on OMD. During this rucus, Squirrel Girl will notice and ask what's going on. When she finds out, she proceeds to also give him a talking to about the subject. When Carlie objects to this, she storms off. Later, Carlie Cooper attacks Mary Jane, reveals herself as a shape shifting MALE demon with the ability to control a person's perception, hoping to kill MJ to avoid Mephisto's plans being unserped. During the fight, Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, and Spider-Man show up and get pwned, causing Mary Jane to use Deadpool's gun to shoot the demon in the face, which had revealed its true form as a Joe Quesada look alike. Because of this, Peter and Mary Jane regain their memories fully, and remember their love for each other. Peter tracks down Ghost Rider, appologizes for being so stupid, and he agrees to help him. They gather a small band of heroes, and the whole group, including Deadpool and Squirrel Girl, go to find a way into hell: Bifrost. With Loki's help, they travel to Mephisto's realm, and promptly defeat the demon overlord and get the chance to undo it. BUT, to stop Joey Que or anyone else from interfering, Mephisto makes a catch: If they undo it all, everything since will be undone. Harry, Captain America and Aunt May will die, again, Tony Stark will become a Nazi once more, and Loki will return to his former, evil self. BUT, Loki will point out a loop hole, that they only sold their marriage, NOT their love. And as such, they're able to reunite, so long as they don't ever marry. Since Joey Que only hates marriage, he'll have no reason to object, and as such the Spidey relationship will be intact. I've actually thought of a scene or two for this.
    (When he goes for Ghost Rider's help:)
    Ghost Rider: You sure you want to storm hell itself, attack Mephisto in his home turf, and undo the mess you made?
    Spidey: I need to take responsibility for what I've done. And if that means go on a suicide mission into hell, then so be it. I already got a few people who want to tag along.
    Ghost Rider: What made you see sense?
    Spidey: I realized I'd been sleeping with a demon that looked like some hasbeen fanboy. And, a very convincing skeleton on fire.
    Deadpool: So, how exactly do we go about, invading hell?
    Spidey: I have a Norse god of mischief who owes me a favour and is trying to find redemption. Could give him a call.
    Mary Jane: Well then. (Cocks a shotgun) Let's get this show on the road.
    • Alternatively, something in-universe happens to point out to Quesada that the world doesn't revolve around him, marriage existed long before he did and will continue to exist long after he's gone, that just because he hates marriage (due to his own marriage failing) doesn't mean everyone else in the world does or should, and the story will reflect that, in that either the marriage will be restored, or Peter and Mary Jane will remarry without ill-consequence. (To the last person to respond, sorry for the slight editing adjustments to your post, by the way.)
      • No problem, can't tell any difference. Either way, OMD is undone, Joe Quesada looks like an idiot, and we all get to have a story arc of total win. Alternatively, Marvel's new top dogs will realize the loss of sails following OMD and all the other crap Quesada pulled, fire his ass, he'll get hired (And then screw up) DC who then fire him, and he gets blacklisted from comics as all his changes are undone/ignored. Just like Chuck Austin.
      • Wait, Carlie Cooper just broke up with him and it looks like Mary Jane and him may be getting back together. And the psychic blindspot thing just broke down because of Spider-Island. Gentlemen, if things continue this way, we may be able to see this, or a similar story, actually being printed.
    • Relatively new comic book reader here, but to add to the "Carlie is a demon theory," Lost Girl has given me the idea that Carlie could be revealed as a succubus, either created or sired by Mephisto. Mephisto altered the memories of Carlie and her family, making them believe that they were her parents and vice versa, and as a succubus, it would explain the otherwise unfathomable praise people give her. Additionally, to add to the ultimate battle with Mephisto, other participants could be Doctor Strange, Daredevil, and Silver Surfer. The former two have fought Mephisto before, and Mephisto debuted in an issue of Silver Surfer. This will result the New Avengers and the Defenders to get involved in the battle, because Spidey will need all the help he can get, and Red She-Hulk could substitute for Hulk to maintain a possible reference to the lineup of the Fantastic Four with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Since Magma of the New Mutants recently went on a date with Mephisto, she should show up, presumably to either persuade Mephisto to restore the marriage or to turn Magma and Mephisto against each other. Because this will result in the undoing of One More Day and will bring the Brand New Day era to a close, I suggest that the story be called "The End of Days."
      • Or, just to rub the salt in the wound further, Mephisto should be defeated by Squirrel Girl. Because why not.
      Mephisto: You think you can defeat me, child?
      Squirrel Girl: Hey, I've beaten Dr. Doom and Thanos before. And I'm a cute little girl who uses squirrels to fight.
      [elsewhere, Dr. Doom and Thanos get individual chills as they suspect that some unpleasant person somewhere has mentioned their names]
      Mephisto: [seeing the above reactions through his ability to recline on the fourth wall] Oh, NO.
      [curb-stomping with cute squirrels ensues]

Peter Parker/Spider-Man is a mew mew
In Tokyo Mew Mew, the mew mews were created by finding people who have DNA compatible with that of endangered animals, and injecting them with DNA of that animal. Peter's DNA is compatible with that of a certain species of spider, so when the radioactive spider bit him, his mew mew powers were activated, similar to Ichigo's powers activating when she was shot at with Iriomote wildcat DNA

MJ will appear in The Stinger of the new Spidey film...
Here's how I see it. Aunt May will be constantly trying to fix Peter up with her, just like previous adaptations, and it will be sorta a Running Gag. Then, when the film is over, and Peter is either happy with Gwen, or mourning her possible death (Like the WMG a few entries above that I don't remember if it was mine or not, but it would really make the film a Downer Ending and make it as dark and edgy as they said it would be), when he finally agrees to meet this girl after the credits, to which it's either one of the three possibilities:
A) It's Hannah Marks, an actress cast as the role of a film original character who has a crush on Peter, and that that was just a Michael Bay style Misinformation campaign, since a Google search of the actress shows her to be a Hollywood Homely at best.
B) An unannounced actress, possibly to hide the stinger.
C) Emma Stone with red hair, with the joke being she's playing both Gwen and Mary Jane, resulting in a very odd situation.
However, it's possible that Mary Jane won't appear in the series at all, since Marc Webb has shown a distaste for Manic Pixie Dream Girl types, and the comic version of Mary Jane could be seen as one from a certain view. But it would be a pretty funny stinger.
  • MJ will appear, because the film will likely spawn a trilogy. Trilogies mostly follow a traditional three act structure, where the second film has a downer ending and the third a happily ever after ending. Therefore, Gwen will die (because she always dies) at the end of the second film. However, MJ will be introduced in the third so we can have an implied happy ending to the series as a whole. Marc Webb's distaste for Manic Pixie Dream Girl characters will at best mean that she is portrayed slightly differently. If nothing else, Executive Meddling will require that she appear both because she's the most well-known Spidey girlfriend and because The Death of Gwen Stacy is such a popular story that they'll want to fit it in somewhere.

Bruce Campbell was playing Quentin Beck
After letting his arena be robbed, ring announcer Quentin Beck developed a vendetta against Spider-Man and determined to make his life miserable. Since he could easily figure out who Peter Parker was, he inserted himself into his life in the most unusual places, such as at Mary Jane's play, and at the restaurant where Peter planned to propose. Had the series kept going, we could have seen this escalate to Beck becoming Mysterio.

If/When One More Day is undone, the story arc will be called Whole New Day
The way I see it is that Spidey will get his ass verbally handed to him by one of the other heroes (Ghost Rider or Deadpool because they are the most likely ones to know of the deal). He'll decide he wants the contract null and void but theres no way to do it alone (what got him in this mess in the first place really). The three (if G.R and D.P both get involved) will team up to storm Hell itself to retrieve the innocent soul lost while Daredevil tries to figure out a loophole in the contract. But wait then it'll turn out that it wasn't Mephisto that made the deal:'I like like screwing with people's lives but even I wouldn't condemn a child'.

It'll turn out that it was really Joe Quesada or as he's known in the Marvel Universe as Rumplestiltskin. 'I stole a baby, how more evil can you get'? Spidey, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Daredevil and Mephisto will start kicking his ass with Mephisto performing the killing blow since the heroes can't be expected to. And so that Joe Quesada can never pull off another One More Day he'll also die in Real Life on the day the issue comes out. Everything goes back to the way it was before the deal with Spidey reaping all the benefit. There, I just saved Spider-Man. You are welcome.

The movies take place in a dystopian future where all superheroes are dead or have been forced into retirement.

The reason Spider-Man is around is because he is the son of the original Spidey. The "reboot" is really a prequel about the first Spidey, who existed along with other Marvel heroes. However, when the government cracked down on heroes, he lost an arm, was forced into the witness protection program, and Gwen, who had just given birth to his son, died. He was just able to name his son after himself, and give him to his brother Ben. Peter's new name? Curt Connors. He chose this name because he remembered him as a mentor and a one-armed guy. "Curt" became a top-class scientist, but he knew that Spider-Man had to return. So, when his son was 17, he CREATED the super spiders. He set one free on purpose and made it bite his son so Spider-Man would return.

Captain Stacy will die in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Well in one trailer we saw what appeared to be a funeral with everyone wearing black. He could die like he did in the comics, just with Lizard taking the place of Doctor Octopus.

  • Confirmed.

In The Amazing Spider-Man sequels, that would be cool if it happens.

Since Sony does own the Spider-Man franchise, and they rebooted it, They should make one of the sequels where the two different Spider-Men meet. It would make a good movie in, my opinion. Which will be like the Spider Wars.

Spider-Man can summon the spiders.
But since life pretty much sucks for Peter, he can only summon irradiated magical ones. Which are in rather short supply.

Roderick Kingsley isn't dead

There's several layers to this popular fan theory:

1. Getting other people to stand in for him is what Kingsley is most famous for.

2. His identical twin, Daniel, is still alive and is a wimp.

3. During Big Time, Kingsley was being subservient towards the Kingpin, something the real Kingsley probably wouldn't do, given their history. Daniel, however....

4. During the sequence where Phil Ulrich kills Kingsley, we never see him with his mask off. It could be anyone, especially since Kingsley once brainwashed another character to be the Hobgoblin...

5. If Kingsley set this up, it fits his character far more than what we're shown in the book. Coming out of retirement years later, after Osborne got taken down and the Kingpin's returned to prominence, faking his death would be the perfect way for him to amass power from behind the scenes.

6. The 'goblin in this story never displays any goblin powers. While Kingsley possessed them, Daniel (and Ned Leeds) didn't.

7. The Kingsley Roger Stern wrote wouldn't go out like a chump the way this guy did.

8. Solicit info for the upcoming "Danger Zone" arc (which some sources called "Hobgoblin Inc"), feature the following quotes: "Hobgoblin is back...but his days may be numbered as the past sharpens its blades." and "GOBLINS GO TO WAR...and Peter Parker is caught dead-center!". The cover even shows two Hobgoblins!

  • Confirmed!

Mephisto never altered reality
Mephisto does not have the power to alter reality even to set thugs free from jail that would go right back in again. So instead of altering reality, he altered people's memories and destroyed the paperwork to make it seem that Peter and Mary Jane never got married.

Carlie Cooper is a Skrull
Carlie is a newly trained Skrull who has poor control over her shapeshifting while working as a sleeper agent.

Doc Ock's tenure as Spidey will be undone when...
So Ock is all about being a 'Superior' Spider-Man, and his smarts plus Peter's memories and his own drive might just do it for a while. His end will come when he encounters his first significant failure and bout of public disapproval. It might be a downturn that Peter would shrug off as part of the job. Ock will not be equipped to handle it. His breakdown will do more damage to Spidey's reputation than anything we have seen to date.

When Peter returns..
Building upon the previous theory, Ock is going to seriously damage Peter (and Spider-Man's) image after experiencing a mental breakdown as a result of his actions. Afterwards Ock and Pete will switch places with Peter having to clean up the latter's mess. However there will only be one person who will trust and assist Peter, Julia Carpenter.
  • Good one, except it's Spidey's standing with the public that's more likely to be in peril. Too many other heroes have had the old bod switcheroo pulled on them to not believe Spidey's story, barring an OMD-style injection of a Death Star-sized Idiot Ball.

Jameson knew Peter was Spider-Man all along
The man is anything but stupid; why else would Peter be the one with all the best Spider-Man photos? He's running the smear campaign to increase sales. While publicly slamming Spider-Man, he helps Peter out by paying more for his photos than most freelance newspaper photographers can expect to receive (and giving frequent bonuses). In the first Sam Raimi movie Jameson even appears to be protecting Parker from the Green Goblin with the knowledge that Parker is Spidey. Jameson knows Spider-Man stories are the Bugle's Cash-Cow Franchise and he works to protect the secret identity by publicly loathing Spider-Man, knowing the day Spider-Man is truly put out of business means the end of the gravy train.

Sometime before the end of the "Superior" run...
Before the Watcher's death in Original Sin, the Watcher visited MJ Watson, much the same way he visited Hank McCoy in a recent issue of All-New X-Men, and informed her that, in his opinion, she is a terrible person for encouraging Peter to go through with the deal with Mephisto. He revealed to MJ that once she and Peter were Happily Married, until she buckled under the stress of being married to a superhero during Civil War (2006), and took Mephisto's deal. MJ is now wracked with guilt over what she has done, and believes her soul to be damned because of their literal Deal with the Devil. This is why she has distanced herself from Peter post-Superior Spider Man: not because she doesn't want him in her life, but because she doesn't want him to share her damnation.

MJ will meet Mayday Parker
In the upcoming "Spider-Verse" event, it has been confirmed that among the various alternate Spider-People that will show up we will see May "Spider-Girl" Parker, Peter and MJ's daughter from an alternate universe. Her main contribution to the story will be an encounter with MJ Watson, prompting MJ to realize what she has once had with Peter and reconsider her current decision to write Peter out of her life. This will leave the door open for One More Day to finally be undone.

One More Day and Superior Spiderman will be retconned away by an irate fan
The name of the fan? Superboy Prime with his Reality Punch.

Aunt May is the antagonist of Spider-Man ’s life.
Most of all Peter’s misfortunes or general troubles in his life are related in some way to Aunt May, even ignoring One More Day. What if something, or May in general is purposefully screwing up Peter’s life for whatever reason?
  • May Parker is an Unwitting Pawn, host to a demon. The demon is why the constantly dying May Parker hasn’t passed on(well, that and Death Is Cheap), and is using her to falter Spidey’s morals. The demon? None other than Mephisto. He’s using her to control Spider-Man, with the ultimate objective to fully corrupt him enough to sell his soul to him.
  • May Parker was Evil All Along! She keeps getting herself in danger to become a Living Emotional Crutch to Peter Parker, keeping her to himself. She’s somewhat savvy or just willing to take a risk in knowing she’ll somehow survive. She knew about One More Day, using it eliminate May. [[Yandere That way, Spider-Man shall be all to herself.]]
  • A bit of both. In one of her deaths, she Came Back Wrong, becoming a corruptor to Spider-Man.

Once Quesada is gone, Carlie Cooper will be retconned as a succubus.
It would serve a dual purpose: explain away Cooper’s Sue-ness and mock Quesada.

Eddie Brock will ditch the Toxin symbiote and return as Venom, one way or another.
Whether it be an Eddie Brock from another universe coming to Earth-616, or the symbiote somehow going back to Brock. Though I am good with Eddie being with Toxin and having Venom's mannerisms.

Let's go over several Supergirl facts (most of them taken from her Pre-Crisis version):
  • Supergirl was fifteen when she started out.
  • She often feels her powers are a burden and she just wants to be normal, but an older relative instilled a sense of responsibility in her.
  • She worked as a photographer for a while.
  • She doesnt' always get along with the cops.
  • She is a Deadpan Snarker. A big one.
  • Her college boyfriend was a redhead.
  • A metropolitan newspaper conducted a smear campaign to ruin her reputation for a while because of a journalist who had an axe to grind against her.
  • She has been cloned several times.
  • One of her clones tried to take over her life, but they managed to get along.
  • She has zero luck at the love department.
  • She has some traits in common with MJ, too: She starred in a soap opera, took Psychology classes, and got killed because several editors and creative types blamed her for the decline of the franchise.

In Earth-7642 Peter and MJ are married
Clearly, when Mephisto tried to screw with Peter's marriage, Earth-7642 Superman -who is an alternate Silver/Bronze Age Superman- punched him out. And when Mephisto's agents tried to change the past, Supergirl travelled back in time and blasted them. Married Capes look after each other.

Joe Quesada is Mephisto
It's obvious, really: Mephisto successfully entered our reality, assumed the identity of Joe Quesada (whether by Kill and Replace or by inventing him from scratch), and achieved his ultimate goal of gaining control over the entire Marvel Multiverse. What appears to be extreme Opinion Myopia and questionable management is in fact the work of a malevolent demon Rewriting Reality to derail beloved characters and alienate their fans. Spiderman is a particular chew toy because of his Incorruptible Pure Pureness.

Aunt May is actually grandma May
So, my idea is, Richard Parker isn't Uncle Ben's younger brother - he's his son. Now, why did Richard lie? I'm not sure, probably because of his secret agent work. But, since he and his wife died when Peter was a baby, Ben and May kept pretending they were Peter's uncle and aunt...who never had children of their own...and seem to be in their seventies despite having a teenage nephew. Now, nobody else knows that, not even the Chameleon, which is why the Clone Saga era robot duplicate of Richard still pretended May was his sister-in-law.

Flash Thompson never really hated Peter Parker
Reading the early Steve Ditko issues, and comparing them to the stories in the seventies, it seems kinda odd that Peter and Flash are often hanging out together, even outside school. Flash often insults Peter, sure, but that's probably because he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold - he mocks Peter because he seems theirs as a Vitriolic Best Buds relationship, but he's always defends Peter and respects his academic skills. Flash also loves Spider-Man, which is supposed to be ironic, but, when you think about it, shows he was a good guy deep down, even back then.

When Wraith (Yuri Watanabe) returns, one of her new M.O.s is stealing villains' tech after defeating them
Given that Wraith got her original tech from villains in an evidence locker, it probably wouldn't be a stretch if she takes villains' technology and techniques that they learned as well. Especially since when we last left her, she only has her mask left of her original costume.