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Drinking Game / Spider-Man

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Drinking game for Spider-Man:

Here's the Spider-Man drinking game! While the old web-crawler has his certain number of fans, one cannot deny the number of times events repeat themselves over the series.

For the comics:

  • Every time Peter guilts himself, take a shot.
  • Take a shot whenever Mary Jane calls someone "tiger". Two if she calls Peter that way.
  • Take a shot whenever there's a flashback to the scene at the bridge.
  • Take a shot whenever Aunt May falls ill or faints.
  • Take a shot whenever Jameson goes on his "Spider-Man is a menace" tirade.
  • Take a shot every time Green Goblin goes Laughing Mad.
  • Take a stiff but fast shot every time Doctor Octopus restrains Spider-Man with his tentacles.
  • If Venom does something Trollish, take a shot: two if it's toward Spider-Man.
    • Take a sip every time Venom expresses his hate toward Spider-Man.
  • If a villain refers to Spider-Man by real name, take a long swig.
  • Finish your drink when a Catchphrase or Arc Words phrase is uttered.
  • Take a stiff drink every time Spider-Man does his You Fight Like a Cow quips, two if it's Venom spouting Black Comedy, and three if it's Carnage and his Dead Baby Humor. You will be needing a hospital on speed dial for that last one.
  • Take a shot once Spider-Man webs up an enemy. Finish your cup if it doesn't work in any capacity.
  • Finish your bottle each and every time Carnage tries, or succeeds killing someone.note 
  • Take a sip anytime any female in Peter's Rouge's Gallery flirt or want his "special webbing". The-One-Above-All is straight up a pervert!