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"C'mon, Peter! C'mon, Spider-Man! C'mon, Spider-Man!!!"note 

With great power comes great responsibility. And great moments of awesomeness too.


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  • For all the amazing action Spider-Man has been involved in over his entire history, the true, one-of-a-kind, ultimate Moment of Awesome for the character was in The Boy Who Collected Spider-Man. A kid, not even a teenager yet, has terminal cancer and wants to meet his hero, Spider-Man, before he dies. Spider-Man shows up at the kid's window one night, and 100% Pure Awesomeness ensues. And not one punch is swung during the entire story.
  • The classic moment in The Amazing Spider-Man #33, where, trapped under a giant machine with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean quickly flooding the room, a beaten and battered Spider-Man refuses to quit and lifts the machine off his back, all to save the rare isotope he needs to cure Aunt May's radiation poisoning. He goes on to escape from the flooding building, defeat an entire gang with his eyes closed while sporting an injured leg, make the life-saving serum, hustle J. Jonah Jameson into paying top dollar for his pictures, and ultimately save his Aunt May's life. The only thing that keeps this issue from being a full-on happy ending is that he scares Betty Brant, making her want to break up with him. Otherwise, the entire issue is a huge Crowning Moment of Awesome for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
  • When the Green Goblin comes Back from the Dead and threatens Peter Parker's entire supporting cast, Peter (and his clone "brother" Ben) save everyone, at the cost of Ben's life, during which we are treated to this:
    Spider-Man: This has never been about Spider-Man and Green Goblin. It has always been about Peter Parker and Norman Osborn. Now Halloween's over, Norman. That means no more masks. No more pumpkins. No more bombs. It's time for us to face each other... as MEN!
    Green Goblin: No. No! I kill your true love, you fall in love with someone else. I destroy your life and you build another! Why won't you fall down and die?!
    Spider-Man: Because then, Norman, you would win. [punches out Goblin] And I will never give you the satisfaction.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #200 has Spidey confront the very man who killed Uncle Ben. Not just any foe, but the actual robber himself. Looking for the treasure of a deceased Prohibition-era gangland king, the crook breaks into Peter's apartment to kill him. Peter then proceeds to absolutely wipe the floor with him, and he's not even in his Spidey suit! However, the robber manages to pistol-whip Peter, and drags him to the warehouse Spidey fought him in. There, he beats the crap out of Peter, and leaves. However, an enraged Peter literally bursts out of his shirt and goes off to find the robber. The two battle, but Spidey gets shot and the robber flees. The robber comes back with Aunt May, who he kidnapped earlier, and intends to make her watch Peter die. Then Spidey comes swinging in, with a web-bandage under his suit and ready to fight the man who killed his father figure. What follows is a truly epic knock-down drag-out, hand-to-hand duel between Spidey and the robber. No superpowers or gadgets, just two very angry men going at it. At first, it seems like the robber is beginning to get the upper hand-then Spidey punches him into a wall and reveals to the terrified robber that he is Peter Parker, and he wants his long-due revenge. Now absolutely frightened out of his mind, the robber runs through the warehouse, trying to find the exit, with Spidey turning the Spider-Signal into an object of fear, letting the murderer know that Spidey will follow him to the ends of the earth. Although the robber's heart problems ultimately kill him, Peter still manages to web his uncle's terrified, sweating killer to the exit door and while walking slowly and menacingly towards him, deliver an absolutely epic speech:
    I hated you for so many years...hated you in such an unholy way I'm ashamed to think about it. Then, when I thought you killed my Aunt May, I was ready to rip you apart, limb by limb, but when I saw her alive...the hate...everything I felt about you just disappeared. This might be the end of Spider-Man...but I'm not going to pull you apart...I'm just going to hand you over to the police. You see, if I used my power to kill you—I'd be no better than the scum you are. And if I've learned anything-it's that great power comes with great responsibility!
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #223 has Peter try to help a lonely, shunned but brilliant bookworm on campus, Roger Hochbert. In the hope of gaining a new friend and letting Roger get used to new surroundings, Peter invites him to a party. Unfortunately, Roger is cruelly pranked and made to drink vinegar, with the partygoers laughing as he flees. But Peter's seen this happen to himself all too many times, and he is pissed.
    Peter: (hurling the drinks table over) You—selfish—inconsiderate—MORONS! You think it's so blasted funny to step all over a guy whose only crime has been a fear of people? You think it's a million laughs to make another human being feel like dirt to hurt him—to ruin the little bit of trust he's got left? Well, I think it STINKS! And you can all go flush yourselves down the nearest toilet for all I care!
    (The partygoers stand in ashamed silence)
    Mia Carrera: Y'know guys...he's right.
  • Mary Jane gets her own Moment of Awesome when Spidey's foe The Chameleon uncovers his secret identity and imprisons him. To rub salt into the wound, Chameleon assumes the form of Peter Parker and goes to Peter and MJ's apartment, intending to have some "fun" with MJ. What could have been a horrible moment ends when Mary Jane, immediately realizing "Peter" is a fake, beats the Chameleon senseless with a baseball bat, leaving him battered and broken both physically and mentally.
  • In the "What If?" storyline of The Other, Peter dies and the symbiote takes over his body. Said symbiote is now much stronger than normal as it is in the body that it's wanted for so long, and proceeds to take out Wolverine and Power Man before going to Mary Jane as it has plans to replicate itself. To stop it from hurting anyone else, MJ offers to go with it, but here's the moment of awesome as she then goes on to say something along the lines of, "You may get my body, but my soul will always belong to Peter, and if I go with you, I'm going to make your life horrible." This is so awesome because it actually scares off the newly dubbed Poison and makes him rethink her as a host.
  • After confirming the "Peter" is actually an imposter (actually the Chameleon) with a few trick questions, Aunt May bakes him a batch of cookies with crushed sleeping pills and just a little bit of almond flavor to make him think he's been poisoned (cyanide tastes like almond). Best of all is the moment when she tells him all the mistakes he's made and holds up the sweater she's been knitting - with GOTCHA in big block letters across the front. With bonus Heartwarming Moment: "I suspected you weren't Peter on the elevator ride up. After all... what kind of mother wouldn't be able to tell her son from an impostor?"
  • This has always been MJ's very first Moment of Awesome. Seeing Mary Jane refuse to leave the grieving and emotionally broken Peter alone after Gwen's death, even after Peter attempts a "The Reason You Suck" Speech where he calls her selfish among several other things was nothing short of great.
  • As angsty as Back in Black was, his "Shut Up, Hannibal!" speech to Kingpin more than made up for it. The ensuing beat down he delivered as Peter Parker didn't hurt either.
    • In the "What If" version in which Mary Jane gets shot and killed by the sniper, Spidey goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. And nothing that Kingpin does to stop him works. A deal that gets Iron Man to try and stop Spider-Man? Tony finds out that Spidey has a remote to shut down his armor. Having two corrupt cops hold Aunt May at gunpoint to force him to stand down while he beats him to death? Spidey punches though his chest and destroys his heart (at which point the dying Kingpin realizes just how much Spider-Man held back in their fights), and then gets the corrupt cops to stand down by pointing out that with Kingpin dead they won't get paid to do his dirty work and that if they try he'll kill them. And then he lets other cops arrest him.
  • Spidey's battle with The Juggernaut in The Amazing Spider-Man #229-230, Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut!. The fact that Spider-Man is completely outmatched might make the fight seem ridiculous, but it instead ends up being a testament to Spidey's willpower, ingenuity, and sense of justice, as he throws everything he can at the villain in an effort to stop him. The fight ends with Spidey jumping on Juggernaut's back and covering his helmet's eyeholes as the villain pounds at him, until Juggernaut accidentally wanders into a deep cement building foundation, leaving a battered and exhausted Spidey the victor. Proof that the "Parker Luck" isn't always bad, and that Spider-Man's refusal to submit is one of his greatest weapons.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #231-232 has Spidey fight Mr. Hyde, who's also after the Cobra. Realizing the criminal is more trouble than he's worth, and with a bad ankle weighing him down, Spider-Man tosses the Cobra to Hyde and webs them together... while also planting a spider-tracer to keep tabs on him. Eventually Spider-Man tracks Hyde down and continues the fight, and despite Hyde's superior strength, he wins the day through speed, goading Hyde into making mistakes, and sheer tenacity.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #246 has a quiet moment for J. Jonah Jameson. The entire comic shows a series of of idealized fantasies and daydreams for different characters but while Felicia Hardy goes fully into her daydreams and has to be snapped by a doctor, and MJ and Peter snap out due to guilt and insecurity, Jameson is the only one whose sense of reality is so strong that he overcomes it. Jameson has a fantasy where he beats up Spider-Man in the printing presses of the Bugle as his staff cheers him on (including Peter because of course Jameson thinks they're different people) and it has Spider-Man admit that he's a menace, he's no hero, and Jameson of course was right all along. It ends with the presses printing Jameson's battle but the last panel shows the real headline (Spidey saves the day):
    Jameson:' A shame it can't be that way. But the Bugle prints the news... not fiction.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #328. Granted it was with the Power Cosmic but he still punched the damn Hulk into orbit. Accidentally. And then he flies into space to retrieve him. Also a Funny Moment.
  • In his first meetings with both the FF and X-Men he held his own and beat them about. In fact Xavier had to step in to stop him beating the 4 X-Men who were there at the time.
  • The end of the classic The Amazing Spider-Man #18. Not only is it a crowning moment for Peter but one for Aunt May too. Up to that issue Peter never had it rougher. Due to running away from the Green Goblin after learning his Aunt had collapsed, the entire city, super hero, and villain communities were labeling Spider-Man as a coward. To make it worse Jonah was gloating about it all over the place, Aunt May was slowly recovering, and Peter was afraid to fight any villains for fear of leaving his Aunt unable to take care of herself. Not only that but money was getting so tight that Spidey was ready to sell his web fluid for money, course it being unstable didn't help so that option was out. Near the end Peter decides to let the world win and gives up being Spider-Man. Only to go downstairs to find his Aunt up and about. She refuses his help and explains that Parkers are tough and should never give up no matter what. After her stirring speech Peter returns to his room and re-dons his Spidey costume vowing to continue his fight. It has a crowning moment of awesome for Flash Thompson, the one person who stuck by Spider-Man's side and even donned a costume to go out and fight crime. This resulted in getting his butt handed to him by three guys, and despite Spidey never coming to his aid he still believed in the guy.
  • That glorious moment in The Amazing Spider-Man #19 when JJJ, about to do another speech gloating how he proved Spider-Man is a phony, learns the shattering news that Spidey's back in action and his face falls to the floor.
  • The principal of Peter's high school gets a moment in The Amazing Spider-Man #4. The Sandman, hiding out in the high school, accidentally walks into an occupied classroom that the principal is dropping in on. Sandman taunts his new hostages and mentions that so long as he's around, he'd like to have the diploma that he never got when he was in school. The principal balks, saying that a diploma must be earned, and refuses to back down on the issue. When the rather irate Sandman threatens the students, the principal throws himself in front of the class and orders the kids to run for it while he holds the Sandman off. Luckily, Spider-Man arrives just in time to keep the poor guy from being clobbered by the Sandman.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 2 issue 15 introduced the villain called the Queen, who takes control of nearly 1/3 of New York's population, anyone with an "insect gene", just by humming, her presence causes Peter's Spider-Sense to go ballistic and make him bleed from the nose and ears, and when someone not under her control honks his car horn at her she uses her Psychic Powers to send his car crashing into a building. She takes control of a nearby bank, with Spider-Man and Captain America arriving to confront her, but despite her seemingly normal appearance she proves to be a deadly opponent for Spider-Man. He barely touches her in the fight, while she lands several solid kicks and punches on him and subdues him with a sonic scream. The issue ends with her having captured Spider-Man and Captain America, and after she defeats Spider-Man with a second scream, she catches him in a hug as he falls unconscious, holds him close while saying he shouldn't be ashamed he lost because he could have never beaten her, and pulls him into a deep wet kiss.
  • In the battle at the end of Civil War (2006) after Spidey defects to Captain America's side. In the space of two frames, Spider-Man takes down Bishop, Doc Samson, The Radioactive Man and Blizzard before kicking Reed Richards in the neck, all this while avoiding Reed's flailing arms.
    Reed Richards: Amazing...
    [Spidey kicks him in the throat]
    Spider-Man: Spectacular.
  • Spider-Man's fight with Iron Man in Civil War (2006). "What kind of techno geek do you think I am, that I wouldn't find your suit's lockdown code and program an override?" What makes it even better is that Peter's wearing his Stark Armor/Iron Spider costume, and Iron Man uses his override for the suit, and then admonishes Peter for never examining the tech he was wearing; only for Spidey to then reveal that he had not only found Stark's override and created his own override for that, but also that his also had the added bonus of disabling Stark's Iron Man armor long enough for him to escape, all the while Peter admonishes Stark for thinking he wasn't bright enough to find to his override, nevermind program an escape to it.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man 587, during the "Character Assassination" arc, Spidey gets himself out of a super-tough neck brace by using leverage. As he said once in Marvel Adventures, "Why do people keep forgetting that I'm really, really smart?"
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man #203, nearing the end of the "Maximum Carnage" arc, Spider-Man -while distracting the villains so his allies can get the Alpha Magni-Illuminator to stop them- lectures the villains while they try their very hardest to kill them, with only damage on his costume all they have done. This of course leaves him helpless and he is hit by a Psychic blast which turns his "shame, self-disgust, anger, and pain" onto himself which he also promptly survives, making two Moments of Awesome in the same two pages.
  • A Moment of Awesome for long-time Butt-Monkey the Shocker. Herman Schultz is terrorizing the New York Stock Exchange when, in one of the more inspired moments of his criminal career, he points his vibro-smashers at a nearby broker. "Hey, you! The Shocker wants to be a millionaire... so hop to it!" The broker plays the market accordingly... and a few minutes later, the Shocker leaves the scene a million bucks richer.
  • Aunt May talks back to the Scorpion. Does May Parker have to slap a punk?
  • Spider-Man versus Firelord. Yes, the former herald of Galactus. Spidey spends most of two issues using every trick he can think of to keep Firelord down, and none of it sticks. Finally, he attacks, relying on speed, spider-sense, and repeated punching and kicking. The only thing that stops the fight is Captain America pointing out that Firelord is unconscious...
    • It can't be overstated how awesome the storytelling is here. For most of their fight, Spidey is just running from Firelord, because this is a Herald of freakin' Galactus, a guy who has taken on the heavy hitters like Thor, whole teams of Avengers and X-Men. Who the heck is Spider-Man to think that he can take on this monster? So he opts to dodge and taunt Firelord, luring the herald into incoming trains, soon-to-be-dynamited abandoned buildings, and a freakin' gas station, in the vain hope that The Cavalry will arrive to stop Firelord. All that barely even slows down the herald, until finally, finally, Spidey is caught out in the open, with no other options left, and he goes 'screw this being clever shit and fuck this guy', and rains blow after blow after blow after blow on Firelord, relying on his Spider-Sense to stay one step ahead of the herald's counterattacks. He is so consumed by fear and fury that he only realizes he's won when Captain America peels him away, and the Avengers are gathered around Firelord's unconscious body. Spider-Man beat a guy who gave Thor trouble, and didn't even realize he'd won.
    • The storytelling is made even more amazing in highlighting just how powerful Spidey really is, and how he's held back by his insecurities and kindhearted nature. His first instinct was to run from Firelord, only for everyone (including himself) to realize just how strong he is when he is pushed to his limit.
    • Captain America himself notes that for all the chaos and damage Firelord did to New York, the herald couldn't even touch Spidey.
  • Spidey gets at least two Crowning Moments during the Secret Wars. One memorable moment is when he kicks Titania's ass after she foolishly challenges him thinking he'd be a pushover, putting that arrogant bitch in her place and actually making her mildly phobic of him for quite a while. (Titania: "Impossible! Nobody can move that fast!" Spider-Man: "Nobody else.") But by far the best moment is when he eavesdrops on the X-Men plotting to leave the main hero group and join up with Magneto, they catch him in the act, and Spidey SINGLE-HANDEDLY beats the tobacco juice out of every single one of them and escapes to warn the others. Nightcrawler's quote says it all:
    Nightcrawler: "His strength—! His speed—! Unbelievable! He is AWESOME!"
    • To put the first part in perspective, Titania had just recently delivered a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to She-Hulk, who vastly outclasses Spider-Man in strength and toughness. And Spider-Man handled Titania like the rank amateur she was. It just goes to show Spider-Man's Jack of All Stats power: individual villains may be stronger, tougher, faster, or smarter, but wherever they're not strong, Spider-Man vastly outclasses them.
  • A Marvel Team-Up story involved a pre- New Mutants Karma, using her powers on Spidey. The story climaxed with Spider-Man fighting the Fantastic Four- while under the control of Karma's more ruthless brother- to a stalemate until someone else could knock out the mutant. That's four-on-one, where the one is your friendly neighborhood arachnid and the four are people who regularly fight Galactus, also simultaneously under the control of a single mind who has full experience of using multiple bodies at once.
  • The very first issue of Spider-Man where he breaks into the Fantastic Four's base to join the team and, when they won't let him and try to attack him, he fights all four of them until he decides it's pointless and escapes. This was before he'd ever dealt with super villains and he still managed to impress the Thing with his strength and leave the Fantastic Four worrying about how powerful he would someday become. Spidey has a long history of fighting the Fantastic Four.
  • Spider-Man vs. Fusion. Spidey still went toe-to-toe with someone who appeared to be collecting superpowers like they were going out of style, sustained an illusionary broken neck, and still managed to deliver a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and stand up for another round. (It has to be acknowledged that Fusion may have appeared to have every power in Marvel New York, but all he could actually do was a Compelling Voice. The fact that Spidey went head-to-head with him before he actually found this out qualifies). At the end came perhaps the actual crowning moment: Fusion says that even if Spidey knows about the true source of the powers he's being hit with, it won't stop them hurting, and delivers a Hulk Punch. Spidey doesn't even notice it.
    Fusion: *Turns into the Hulk* Die. *punches*
    Spidey: *unflinching* No.
  • Anti-Venom's (Eddie Brock) first fight with Venom (Mac Gargan) where he beats down Gargan and then tears apart the symbiote bit by bit until Gargan and the symbiote are on the ground halfway dead.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #656. After being shot in the stomach, and establishing Massacre as an emotionless killing machine with efficiency rivaling The Joker, Spidey shows up in an upgraded armoured Spider-Suit. Massacre tries to blow up his hostages with bombs strapped to their chests. Spidey uses magnetic webbing to cut off the signal to the trigger. Massacre blasts at them with his machine gun, Spidey blocks it with his suit. Massacre decides to blow up another bunch of hostages across town, Spidey webs the trigger. Massacre gets tired of this and pulls out a rocket launcher. Spidey blocks that too. After a good kick, Massacre is in range of multiple police snipers. Yes, Spidey blocks those as well. "Today nobody dies. Not even you."
  • His stint as Captain Universe. Basically, an extra-dimensional being (or something similar) called the Enigma Force detected that a great calamity would occur, and as such beings are wont to do, it selected a hero in order to stop it, choosing Spider-Man. The result was that our favorite web-slinger became Captain Universe. Basically, he won the Superpower Lottery again, this time getting Flight, Energy Blasts, Nigh-Invulnerability, his Super-Strength was increased by a factor of FIFTY, his five (not counting Spider-Sense) senses went into overdrive, and he gained psionic control over his webbing, essentially making it into a literal source of Swiss-Army Superpower. Anyhow, some time after that, Loki decided that he wanted to do some mischief, so he magically combined THREE prototype ultra-powerful Sentinels into one "Tri-Sentinel", which could apparently only be stopped by something as powerful as Captain Universe. Ultimately, Spider-Man burned himself out stopping the Tri-Sentinel and lost his newfound powers, but damn if it wasn't awesome.
    • Not long after that, a number of villains he'd defeated while possessing the Uni-Power decided to join forces, with killing him one of their goals. Said villains included Goliath, Titania, the Trapster and Graviton. Despite having reverted to his normal power set, he prevails.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, after being beaten down by Green Goblin and trying to save Aunt May again, he saves a blown-up Daily Bugle by holding it on his back while everyone escapes. And to stop it from falling he uses all of his webbing to hold it in place.
  • After returning from a Time Skip in The Amazing Spider-Man #591, Peter stops by the mayor's office to try and finally bury the hatchet between himself and now-mayor J. Jonah Jameson. He's instead chased out when Jameson decides that his position has made the webslinger scared and sics his Anti-Spider task force on him, declaring that they'll hunt him around the clock and there's nothing he can do about it. Spidey's response? Kick his heroing into overtime, swinging all over the city doing everything he possibly can to help all at once. Why? Because it'll drive Jameson ballistic. Soon the newspapers are swimming in Spider-Man headlines; everything from thwarting armed robberies and stopping lab meltdowns to saving stray kittens from construction sites. And outcry towards Jameson's actions bubbles up as well, both from exasperation at his vendetta against a well-regarded superhero and his wasting taxpayer money on a task force Spidey was running circles around. As Jameson wonders aloud what more the web-head can to do taunt him, he's greeted with a basket being lowered to his window by a web with said kitten sitting in it.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #682: We get a few pages of Peter commenting on how the things he's created at Horizon as Peter Parker are helping people with things like organ transportation, to providing more chance of people avoiding head trauma thanks to more protective bicycle helmets, before lamenting that he's finally doing what Uncle Ben had wanted for Peter by using his intellect to help people. Which turns into an Ironic Echo and a Moment of Awesome for Dr. Octopus as it's revealed in 686 that all of Peter's creations at Horizon were being used by the mad scientist against him.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #683. Spidey, donning his brand new Anti-Sinister Six Armor and flanked by Captain America and Thor, bursts into a room where various leaders are discussing whether or not to give into Dr. Octopus' final demands. When Al Gore tells Spidey that Octavius' work could help mankind, Spidey responds by punching him in the face, mostly because he knows that everyone would be insane to let a mad man like Doc Ock win. Of course It was the Chameleon... but it still manages to be an awesome moment for Spidey, since it show just how Crazy-Prepared he was for the Sinister Six when he created his new Spider Armour, as he had implemented something similar to Daredevil's Radar Sense in order to tell if someone was the Chameleon or not.
    • A very simple moment in this scene: when the UN question whose authority Spider-Man speaks on, Thor steps forward.
    Thor: I am Thor Odinson, heir to the lord of Asgard. And this man is my most trusted counsel. Continue, Spider-Man.
  • Avengers vs. X-Men: After spending years as a background character during Marvel's Crisis Crossovers, Spider-Man gets back into the limelight during Issue 9. To emphasize Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Magik, and Colossus have gained the powers of the Phoenix and began reshaping the world to their own image. The Avengers oppose them, so the Phoenix X-Men capture some of them in a volcano. To save them, the Avengers infiltrate the volcano but Colossus and Magik find them. Spider-Man notes that Colossus and Magik have been having issues about their control over their powers, so he tricks them into knocking each other out. Taking into consideration that the Phoenix X-Men have been curbstomping the Avengers, their defeat at the hands of Spider-Man is impressive.
  • In Avengers: The Initiative #3, Komodo, the Distaff Counterpart of the Lizard, has Spidey at depowering-device-point. When Spidey hasn't stopped cracking jokes, she asks a simple question... that leads to her utter demolition.
    Komodo: Always with the jokes, huh?
    Spider-Man: Fine. You want me to be serious? I can do serious. You've already lost.
    Komodo: No way. I've only got to prick you once, and—
    Spider-Man: Not gonna happen. You know why? Because I'm Spider-Man. And you're a dollar store version of the Lizard. See, I beat down guys like Doc Ock, Sandman and Venom all the time. And you're just not in their league. Oh, I'm going to win. And after you've crawled back home with your tail between your legs, you know what happens then? Then your buddies are going to stick one of those things into you!
    Komodo: What? No...
    Spider-Man: Ah — you blinked. (webs her face and sends her flying with one kick) Game to Spidey.
    • We find later that the speech left her sobbing and begging to not be depowered when War Machine finds her later. See it here
  • After a battle between Terminus & Alpha manages to knock all of the air craft in the surrounding area out of the air, Spider-Man gets himself onto a specific plane - The private jet of Jay Jameson, father of J. Jonah Jameson & Aunt May's new husband. After managing to get the engines working again (Twice), Jay points out to Spidey that the landing gear is damaged. Cue Spidey forcing the gear down & holding the jet on his back as it lands, and to top it all off, once emergency crews arrive, tell them to get the two passengers before helping him. Hell, J. Jonah Jameson even barges past the various emergency workers & genuinely thanks Spider-Man for saving his family.
  • In this link talking about how Flash Thompson became a hero, he gets a CMOA in one of the most beautiful comic stories ever told. He sits in a hospital, chatting to a general about his experiences in Iraq. Sure, it's badass, it's amazing, it's beautiful. But what makes it all worth it? When Flash is telling his story of how he sacrificed his legs to save a nearly-dying comrade, it's intercut with panels of some of the most the badass things Spider Man has ever done to that point. They also all deliberately mirror Flash's experiences- Spidey holds up a building, Flash opens fire on a heavily-defended one. Spidey ignores the Kingpin's bodyguards and goes straight for the man himself, Flash tackles the building head-on. Spidey tries to stop the Juggernaut, Flash tries to stop his friend from getting blown up. Spidey fights Kraven, The Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Doc Ock and Sandman at once? Well, Flash gets attacked with pistol, rifle and SMG fire by six men, and wins. It all goes to show how the nerd he bullied in the early 60s, the teenager who went through Hell and back, experienced so much pain and torment in a few years, willing to do whatever it takes to protect New York from crime, inspired Flash to be a hero in the midst of all the blood and fire and spilled guts that go with war.
  • Post-Secret Wars (2015), Peter has got his act together. He's running a company, is dedicated to running it ethically, including taking a modest paycheck compared to what he could be earning, and has developed new internet tech to improve the world. And he managed to get his way with Nick Fury by telling him that if S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't conduct an operation according to his rules, he'd stop developing tech for S.H.I.E.L.D. On top of that, he's developed an antidote for a suicide poison that a cabal of assassins have been using to avoid giving up information, and several new types of webbings that he can swap out by voice command, including a sort of taser webbing, and a foam.
    • On top of that, he's hired Hobie Brown to don the webs from time to time to throw off the villains.
    • Despite a terrorist attack, he and Hobie manage to keep any of his people from getting hurt at a wedding.
    • Peter learned to drive (and speak Mandarin) at the same time.
    • Peter giving Sajani a well deserved dressing down over her trying to sell him out to both Ghost and Black Cat in order to steer the company her way and undermine Peter and tells her on no uncertain terms it's not happening again.
  • Showing a growth of trust, Peter used to be very Properly Paranoid about people learning his dual identity as Spider-Man. He tells the Human Torch that there are currently 26 people who know the truth. Among those are Hobie Brown, Johnny Storm himself, Mockingbird aka Bobbi Morse (Torch is less touched when he learns this fact), Nick Fury, Felicia Hardy, Cindy Moon aka Silk, and a few others.
  • Spidey's new Friend on the Force Chief Inspector Sun preventing Mr Negative from broadcasting Quinghao's Confession
  • In issue 9 of the new run, Spidey surviving falling to Earth from orbit.
  • One of Spider-Man's earliest CMOAs: After the Green Goblin kills Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man tracks him down and ruthlessly beats him to a pulp. Pised over his utterly defeated foe, poised to deliver the killing blow. . . Peter stops. Because heroes don't kill people in cold blood. Even with the blood of (arguably) his first true love on Norman Osborn's hands, Peter's morals are too strong to let him indulge in petty revenge.
  • In issue 3 of Spider-Man’s Tangled Web, Peter breaks out of being captured by his old school bully Carl King who has become the monsterous villain the Thousand. He then beats him back along with an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    Spider-Man: I remember you, Carl <punches him in the face>. Not quite the same way you do <punches him in the stomach>. You think the kids at school liked you? You think they liked that you picked on kids like me? You were pathetic, Carl! You didn't know how to make friends! You were terrified of girls! All you knew was cruelty and fear, and making people nervous to get your attention! And look how far you've come, Carl! <kicks him in the chin> You're just the same old SADIST you always were!!
  • The Kingpin's very first appearance. News has gone around that Spider-Man has quit. Fisk keeps himself in the dark, sacrificing pawns till he is sure Spider-Man is gone for sure before he makes an appearance, intending to unite all mobs under his.
    • How Kingpin succinctly deals with a rival mobster. The mobster offers the position of his lieutenant to Kingpin, angering him, at which the mobster pulls out his gun. Kingpin casually obliterates the gun with his cane laser, telling his opponent he had seen the gun the moment he had entered, and sends the mobster packing, to pass the warning to others.
      • Next issue, another rival mobster comes with armed goons. Kingpin drops his own weapons and proceeds to soundly thrash them, finishing off by breaking his rival's arm like a twig.
  • Kingpin showing how Crazy-Prepared he is when Spidey tries to use Fisk's cane laser against him, Fisk simply notes that he had it designed to work only when he uses it.
  • Heck, the cane laser in Fisk's hands was quite awesome several times. During the critically acclaimed The Death of Jean DeWolff storyline, Kingpin is on the phone, denying his involvement in the honest police woman's death. Spiderman sneaks in, believing that Kingpin is actually behind it. Without even looking back or getting off the phone, Kingpin takes up his cane and fires onto the ceiling behind him. Spidey dodges and the laser blast hits the dead center of the spot where Spidey was seconds ago
  • Kingpin using his cane to smack the werewolf Eduardo Lobo with an Offhand Backhand.
  • The Kingpin is the mayor of New York City let that sink in for how good he is.
  • Norman Osborn killing the Skrull Queen Veranke at the end of Secret Invasion. Of course, Osborn being Osborn, he quickly parlayed his moment in the spotlight into the opportunity for more efficient villainy.
  • Peter rising from the grave, after being left for dead and buried by Kraven the Hunter-in “Kraven’s Last Hunt” told across each of the three Spidey books at that time.
  • In Avengers: X-Sanction #4, Cable reveals that Spider-Man will go down as the greatest hero of all. Think about it: the shy wallflower who suddenly got a modestly powerful set of abilities who, after losing his uncle to his initial selfishness, went on an exhausting crusade that often makes his life miserable, coupled with many New York civilians still hating him because of a certain sensationalist journalist, will be remembered as the greatest hero, even more than Captain America, the current Paragon and Cape. If that isn't awesome, nothing is.