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Character Sheet for Spider-Man.

This sheet refers to characters from the Spider-Man series.

The Amazing Spider-Man series became one of the Cash Cows of Marvel Comics back in the day not only for his amazing writers or its unlikely protagonist but also because of its rich, diverse list of supporting characters that kept growing over the years. In this sheet are listed the many individuals that participated in the life of Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

As you probably have noticed already, the Spiderverse is incredibly huge and the many works related to Spidey usually have a lot of differences between them, so for this sheet to be more organized, please only list examples for the original 616 Spider-Man and his amazing cast of characters.

WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers on these sheets for all but the most recent comics.

Prime Marvel Universenote 

Title Character:

Supporting Characters:


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Alternative Title(s): Peter Parker Spider Man