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  • B-Team Sequel: This happened during the series. Animation production switched from Studio Pierrot to Studio DEEN starting on episode 107.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: During the 80s.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Machiko Washio is primarily known for her live action work, and this show is one of the few anime she's done throughout her long career spanning 56 years, Sakura in particular being the closest she's had to a main role in an anime.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • Cantonese, 山T 女福星 (ET Lucky Female Alien)
    • The BBC TV airing: "Lum the Invader Girl"
    • Viz titled their first release of the manga simply "Lum", the new 2019 release instead uses the original title.
    • In Brazil, the anime was called "Turma do Barulho", whose title is (in context) very accurate to the original and may be considered a pun. Its literal translation is something like "Team of the Noise", and the original title plays with the expression "urusai" (noisy, loud).
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Jariten in pretty much every language, including the original.
    • In Spain, the series was dubbed in Castilian and Catalonian. In the Catalonian dub, Ataru was dubbed by a woman, Carme Capdet.
      • Ditto for France where he's voiced by Marie-Laure Beneston.
  • Dueling Dubs:
    • AnimEigo dubbed the first two episodes of the series before discontinuing the adaptation due to low sales. Meanwhile, BBC 3 did a Gag Dub of episodes 1 and 3 in 1998. An English dub by Animax Asia titled "Alien Musibat" allegedly dubbed the entire series, although episodes from it are difficult to come by other than some clips.
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    • AnimEigo handled the dub work for all movies except Beautiful Dreamer, which was instead dubbed by Central Park Media (though AE still did the subtitle work for it to maintain consistency).
  • Executive Meddling:
    • The first movie, "Only You", fell victim to this, which might explain its wonky pacing and unusually high number of musical cues.
    • Although "Beautiful Dreamer", the second movie, mostly averted the meddling, apparently Rumiko Takahashi was displeased with it and it may have led to Mamoru Oshii's departure from the show, but this hasn't been completely confirmed over the years.
    • Also, Rumiko's editors (aided by overwhelming fan support) forced her to make Ataru/Lum the Official Couple instead of Ataru/Shinobu.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Viz Media officially translated the manga for a while in the early 90's but dropped it very early into the series. One could argue Urusei Yatsura isn't as culturally accessible outside Japan as Takahashi's other series (especially with its many, many puns), but the anime has been entirely translated.note 
      • Averted, as Viz announced in July 2018 that they had relicensed the manga and will be releasing it in a series of two-in-one volumes with a new translation, with the first volume coming out in spring 2019.
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    • AnimEigo held the license to the anime – which included the show, the OVAs, and all but one of the movies – until it expired in 2011 after two decades (that's an eternity in the anime licensing world). The one movie they didn't have, "Beautiful Dreamer", belonged to a company that went bankrupt in 2009, and copies of it are increasingly difficult to find as well.
      • And then Discotek Media announced a Blu-ray of Beautiful Dreamer to be released in 2017.
    • The BBC Gag Dub only ever aired once and was never released on home video (it was The '90s after all) or DVD. Ratty home recordings of it and uploads to certain video sites are all that exist now.
    • On the Blu-ray version of the first movie, 12 minutes between the prologue an the opening are cut out for some reason, so if you have any physical copies or torrents of the DVD versions, you may wanna keep those.
    • The Brazilian Portuguese dub of the anime is very obscure as only the first two episodes were aired on television and also those same single episodes were released through home video (via VHS), and worst, it was edited as if it had four episodes included.
  • Name's the Same: Benten the alien girl should not be confused with Ben 10 the alien superhero.
  • No Export for You: North America got DVD releases of every single bit of Lum anime madenote . The UK, on the other hand, despite being the only English-speaking region to put any of the main series on TV (it was straight-to-video in the US & Canada) saw physical release of five of the six movies, and that was it — "Beautiful Dreamer" was the film that didn't make it across the pond; they also never got any of the OVA's or a video release of the TV series.
  • Off-Model: Too many instances to name. Not surprising considering it was a traditionally-animated TV series from the early 1980's (i.e. no time and little budget). Especially noticeable during production of the movies, which have no excuse... except that the first four movies were being produced by the same crew that was making the TV series, at the same time as the TV series!
    • The animation quality of the TV anime dropped somewhat after Mamoru Oshii was fired from the series and production moved from Studio Pierrot to Studio Deen.
    • The later movies and OVAs have different directors and character designers than the earlier entries in the series, making them look just… off.
  • Shown Their Work: Sort of. Ataru's official birthday is April 13th. It's also stated he was born on a Friday (thus ticking off every possible bad-luck-box one can). Knowing the manga began in 1978 and assuming Ataru is 16 at the beginning of the series… April 13th, 1962 was indeed a Friday. No information on whether Japan suffered an earthquake that day.
    • Although Ataru is also said to have been born on Butsumetsu, which is considered to be the most unlucky day in the old Japanese lunar calendar because it was the day the Buddha died. If one includes Butsumetsu, all the various unlucky elements of Ataru's birthday come together every 50 years. The last time was in 2001, and before that 1951. Hence, taken literally, Urusei Yatsura would take place either in the late 1960s or the late 2010s.
  • Star-Making Role: Several veteran Japanese voice actors started in this series, and some of them were quickly picking up popularity, especially Toshio Furukawa (Ataru) and Fumi Hirano (Lum). Saeko Shimazu (Shinobu) and Akira Kamiya (Shuutaro) would both land starring roles in other big series later in the decade… while UY was still running, leading to shout-outs. Also noteworthy is the presence of Mayumi Tanaka (Ryuunosuke), now better known for voicing the lead in another extremely popular long-running series. Even Mami Koyama and Sumi Shimamoto show up in supporting roles. It's probably shorter to list the voice actors who didn't do anything after this.
    • The only voice actor in the main cast who was well known before this was Ichirō Nagai (Cherry) due to his role on Sazae-san (a part he continued to play until his death).
  • Talking to Himself: The English dubs have this.
    • In Beautiful Dreamer, Wayne Grayson plays both Ataru and Shuutaro.
    • In the other five movies, Shannon Settlemeyer plays Lum and Jariten.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Ran was originally voiced by You Inoue for the first half of the series, she left when Oshii did, but that was just a coincidence, her being replaced was more due to her frequently going on trips overseas note . After that, she was voiced by Kazue Komiya for the rest of the series. Interesting to mention, however, that the translated credits on the AnimEigo DVD's list Inoue as voicing the role all the way to the end of the series (crediting Komiya only in the later movies and OVA's), perhaps a mistake on their side.
      • Though this didn't mean You Inoue left the series entirely since eventually did return to voice Carla in the fifth movie, and amusingly enough both Ran and Carla do interact, making this a pseudo case of Talking to Herself.
    • Although Issei Futamata is best known for voicing Chibi, a different actor (Tomohiro Nishimura) voiced the character in his appearances in episodes 1, 3, and 5.
    • Megane is usually voiced by Shigeru Chiba, but Naoki Tatsuta filled in for episode 3 when Chiba was absent.
    • The AnimEigo dubs of the movies were done several years after they dubbed the anime, resulting in replacing the whole cast, although the only one who reprised his role was Eric Paisley as Cherry.
    • In the 2008 OVA, Toru Okawa voices Ryuunosuke's dad instead of Masahiro Anzai.
  • What Could Have Been: Ataru and Shinobu were originally supposed to be the Official Couple in the manga (note Lum’s absence in the second manga story). The readers - and Takahashi’s editor - preferred Lum more, so Takahashi - reluctantly, it is rumoured - made Lum the female protagonist and paired her with Ataru. See also Belligerent Sexual Tension on the work page.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Urusei Yatsura Wiki.


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