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There is no Oni marriage proposal custom, Lum made it all up.
When Mako tells Lum about her plan to con Jariten into dating her by telling him that refusing would be a capital offense under Japanese law, Lum calls her "a true kindred spirit". (Lum telling her relatives and alien friends that the proposal thing was an Earth custom could account for Rei showing up later, and would explain why Mister Invader always seems so perplexed whenever he sees Lum and Ataru carrying on—he thinks it was Ataru who insisted on the "marriage".)
  • Wasn't it more of an "If you grab an Oni's horns you get a wish." kind of deal? And when Ataru screamed about how he could finally get married while holding Lum's horns, she took it the wrong way?
    • This troper remembers it was more like than a "Spoils of war" scenario. While Lum's father originally intended to invade Earth, in the end Eartheners and Oni boiled the conflict down to a contest between two single champions. Then Ataru won, loudly bragging about being finally able to get married. While the reader knows Ataru was speaking about Shinobu, Lum and her family had no way to know that bit of information. As far as they were concerned, the invasion failed and the Chosen Champion of Earth, after proving his superiority to the Oni Race, asked their princess in marriage. Basically Onis, as the losing part, owed Ataru, and since he asked Lum in marriage, they thought that understandable and desiderabile. By the time Lum found out Ataru was nothing like a hero and a champion, she had already fallen in love deeply with him.
      • Lum already knew he was nothing like a hero and a champion, at least in the manga: in that version, Ataru got her bra by accident halfway during the contest, and when she showed up at his home to get it back she discovered he was wearing it, before Ataru's defence of the bra got her to flash the neighbourhood. My money is on her going with the chance because she needed an excuse to break up with Rei and Ataru was still better than him, and fell for him later.

Shin, Juria and Jagi are students at Tomobiki, and Raoh and Toki are former students
Kenshiro has appeared as a Tomobiki High student (in the same class as Ataru!), after all, and we know that Shin and Juria are Kenshiro's childhood friends... Only, we never saw them because they're in different classes (maybe even the same). Also, Jagi is another Tomobiki High student a year above them and Raoh and Toki are former students because Ryuken lives in the area, and enrolling his adopted son at the same school was easier than enrolling them at different schools.
  • It would explain the lack of delinquents at Tomobiki: with Kenshiro, Shin and even Jagi around defending the meek, who would dare to be a bully?

Ryunosuke's mother is not better than her husband and Ryunosuke should not miss her.
The manga clearly states that Ryunosuke's mother abandoned her husband. We can guess many reasons to NOT want to remain with Fujinami, but why she would leave her daughter behind? Either she thought that Ryunosuke would be better off with her father for some reason... or she did not care leave her daughter with that loony.

Urusei Yatsura story happens after the wars in the Mazinger universe.
There not only are giant robots, cyborgs, aliens and spaceships in this universe, but also several characters (Ataru in a Sakura's dream; Azusa...) use the Rocket Punch or a variant, quoting Kouji Kabuto verbatim. So that the mazinwars happened several years before the show -and humanity learnt how building mecha during the conflict-. And that was because the Oni invaders chose challenging humanity to playing tag instead of invading Earth directly: they had seen what had happened to the Vegan Alliance and not wished sharing their same fate.
  • That explains as well why nobody is -too- fazed with all the craziness surrounding them.
Ataru Moroboshi is afraid of commitment
This explains ALOT of things with his relationship with Lum, hell he even states in the second movie that he loves Lum but because of her he can't chase women anymore.
  • That isn't so much a "wild mass guess" as an "obvious recognition of his defining character trait."

Ataru knows he is in a cartoon
At some point, Ataru realizes he is in a cartoon. That explains how his character evolves from being an ordinary everyman, to a mad trickster who constantly takes advantage of the fact that nothing can harm him, because he knows he'll always come back unharmed in the next frame. That also explains how he is able to materialize out of nowhere whenever someone mentions a girl or goes on a date. He knows there are no rules and he loves it.
  • Cherry may also be aware.

Shinobu caused Ataru's fear of commitment and Casanova Wannabe ways
Early on, and especially at the start, he wasn't that lecherous (and indeed, in the first chapter/episode he barely cared about Lum's beauty). Then she became jealous of Lum and got back on her promise of marrying him, and he started showing interest in other girls. Coincidence?


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