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The 1992 Peter Gabriel album:

  • Creator Breakdown: As mentioned on the main page, the album's content was influenced by the fallout of Gabriel's divorce from his first wife, his breakup with Rosanna Arquette, and his estrangement from his first daughter.
  • Follow the Leader: "Steam" was deliberately made in the style of "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" to ride off of the continued success of those singles.
  • Sequel Gap: Released six years after So, continuing the trend of each Peter Gabriel album taking longer to come out than the last. The trend would only get worse, with Up taking a full decade to come out after Us, and I/O still being in production to this day.

The 2019 Jordan Peele film:

  • Acting for Two: The actors play both themselves and their counterparts.
  • And Introducing: Madison Curry who plays Young Adelaide and Adelaide's Tethered double Red.
  • I Knew It!: As early as the movie's first major scene, viewers began theorizing that Red was the real Adelaide seeking revenge against her Tethered self. They were right. Even more obvious if you recall the Thriller shirt and what happens in the music video
  • Playing Against Type: Comedian Tim Heidecker, of Tim & Eric, plays Josh, who is more in his usual wheelhouse as sardonic and unhappy slacker, and Josh's doppelgänger Tex, a mute and vicious beast-like killer. Has an aspect of Meta Casting as Jordan Peele also moved from comedy to writing and directing horror.
  • Those Two Actors: The second pairing of Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke following Black Panther (2018). This is also the second pairing between Duke and Anna Diop after starring on The Messengers together.


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