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Nightmare Fuel / Us

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"Be careful..."

WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are off on Nightmare Fuel pages. All spoilers are unmarked.

  • It's bad enough being pursued by a crazed group of killers, but a crazed group of killers that looks exactly like you and your children?
    • And as Adelaide points out later on into the trailer, not only do they look like you but think just like you, which means they know your every move and thought before you even can conjure it.
    • Another brief trailer shows that Adelaide is not exaggerating. It shows Adelaide trying to sneak up and attack Red, her doppelgänger, who is sitting down only for her to almost casually dodge the strike aimed at her head and pull out her golden shear scissors ready for a fight.
  • Hell, even the very beginning of the movie isn't alone! It's just some very creepy white text against a black background that serves as pure Paranoia Fuel even long after the movie ends, especially not after you learn that this harrowing real-life fact subtly ties into the nature of the Tethered...
  • A keen eye who has seen the trailer would have noticed that in three scenes (One which focuses on the clones holding hands while at the beach, another where Adelaide drives away from Jason's Tethered and the last one where Gabe and Zora peek out from behind an ambulance), you can see abandoned cars and dead bodies strewn about the place. Which begs the question: Just what on earth is going on and how big is it?
    • The film itself reveals the answer: thousands, if not millions of people across the United States are being slaughtered by insane clones who are pulling a nationwide Kill and Replace.
  • Jason's doppelganger is seen standing close to a fire, but it doesn't seem to be affected and (depending if this is an editing trick) we can see him basically absorb the fire into him.
  • Adelaide’s doppelganger’s utterly unnerving “Be careful”, followed by a seriously creepy chuckle.
  • Even the way the Tethered move is terrifying. From Pluto's doglike scampering to Red's unnaturally smooth and flowing movements, everything about them just seems wrong.
  • The current poster for the movie depicts Red (Adelaide's Tethered counterpart) weeping in fright while removing a realistic mask of Adelaide's face from her own face.
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  • Red’s “fairy tale” that is delivered in her stifled and raspy speech, which describes the horrible upbringing she had. Creepy as she may be, she's not unworthy of sympathy here.
  • The Tyler family Tethered show exactly how horrifyingly efficient they are when they aren’t playing with their food, flawlessly infiltrating the house and killing the entire family in seconds.
    • In Kitty's final words, she tried asks Ophelia to call the police. Instead Ophelia royally fucks up by playing "Fuck tha Police!" by N.W.A., allows her Tethered counterpart to finish her off.
  • The state of Tethered existence; so long as their counterparts live, they're forced to dance to the actions of their counterparts. It's made explicit by Red their ruthless actions and madness is due to having never truly had free will and desperately wanting to escape the influence of the Psychic Link.
  • The Not Quite Dead Tyler twin who attacks Adelaide, her face caked in blood as she crawls and screams as she goes for Adelaide.
  • The Reveal that Adelaide's Tethered successfully performed a Twin Switch with the original Adelaide as a child, with no-one save Jason being any the wiser. Red, whom we've presumed is a Tethered, is simply the original Adelaide reclaiming the life she should have had.
    • Also assuming from Adelaide's fear and feeling of Red returning before she appears and Red's acknowledgment of a Psychic Link between them that allowed her to find her way out of the Tethered tunnels makes it clear the real Adelaide knew the Tethered version of herself was not only living happily the life that was once hers but somehow the Tethered and their Real counterparts can influence each other no matter the distance between them.
      • To make it worse, if the Tethered are influenced by their real world counterparts then Red may very well have been raped by her husband Abraham, who was influenced by Gabe, and forced to bear his children.
      • Somehow making this even worse is the fact that when Adelaide had Jason, he was born via caesarean section. When Red was in the same situation with Pluto, she makes it clear that she had to perform this surgery on herself. The thought of being forced underground as a child, forever separated from your family without their even realising it, cut off from the sunlight, the only sane (to begin with) person in an insane world; then, after decades of this, being forced to bear your rapist's baby and perform surgery on yourself to do it with no training, tools, or sanitation equipment is perhaps the most horrifying Trauma Conga Line of all time.
      • This is made explicit at the start when Red said that, despite not loving him in the slightest, she had to be with Abraham because Abraham was tethered to Gabe.
      • Is it still rape if neither of them had any say in the matter? Regardless, that scenario is somehow even more disturbing— the Tethered are constantly being raped, but none of them are rapists.
  • What we see of the daily life of the Tethered is extremely unnerving. We see them passionlessly and silently going through the motions of what their counterparts are doing above at all times. One room of Tethered for example are silently walking around in circles while the people above are on a amusement park ride.
  • Adelaide killing Red by impaling her and then viciously strangling her with a chain before her neck snaps very audibly. And then she starts going feral and laughing.
  • The very last scene of the film, a huge tracking shot over the countryside which ends on a long chain of Tethered joining hands, with smoke rising and helicopters flying in the distance.
  • When Red begins dancing after saying to Adelaide “If it weren’t for you, I never would have danced at all.” With the scare chord that accompanied her first movement, it’s enough to make the viewer’s heart drop into their guts.
    • Likewise, when Abraham unexpectedly roars during/after Red’s first speech. It’s so unexpected and sounds so inhuman.
  • Zora's Tethered, Umbrae, is particularly creepy, due to the not-quite-normal smug smirk she sports during the whole movie. Even when she's dying — after having her back broken from being thrown into a tree from a speeding car, mind you — she's still grinning, and is even giggling. It's all downright disturbing.
  • The fact that Red was mentally 8 years old when she was forced to have kids with Abraham. Her body grew up, but her mind didn't.
  • The "split diopter" shot used in the classroom scene keeps Red's face in focus even though she's practically touching the camera. It's incredibly unnerving.
  • A subtle one; on this very wiki the word "clone" is used to refer to the Tethered but the movie itself never uses this term. For those of you who don't like the perceived Doing In the Wizard ending, think about that; the movie never truly explains what the Tethered actually are, other than something about a "government experiment" which could mean anything. Based on the way they act they seem closer to Humanoid Abominations than true clones.


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