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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The kids' utter annoyance at Gabe's dabbing.
    Zora: Ew.
  • Josh's boat's name? The B-Yacht'ch.
  • Abraham makes his way into the house via a hidden key, which Adelaide points out.
    Gabe: Hide-a-key? What type of white shit...?
  • Gabe tries to intimidate the Tethered by imitating the stereotypical Scary Black Man. It really doesn't work.
    Gabe: I thought I already done told y'all to get off my property!
    Zora: Nobody wants the boat, Dad.
  • There is dark humour in Red's cryptic answer as to who the Tethered are.
    Red: We're Americans.
  • When it is time for bed, Gabe is giddily expectant of sex with his wife, and we're treated to a scene of him shot so his crotch is in the foreground.
  • Fatally injured, after seeing her husband and her daughters murdered, Kitty uses her last breaths to ask Ophelia, her smart home assistant, to call the police.
    Ophelia: Now playing "Fuck tha Police" by N.W.A.
    • You can practically hear her exasperated groan before her throat is slit.
  • Gabe's Negated Moment of Awesome when he tries to kill Tex (Tethered Josh) with a flare gun, only to miss and harmlessly hit the wall next to Tex instead.
    • Speaking of Tex, it seems he inherited much of Josh's smug personality. When the Wilsons arrive at the Tylers' massive home, Tex throws up his arms and screeches, with a "like what you see?" expression on.
    • Also, as Adelaide is pulled into the house by the Tethered Tylers, Tex gives a hand-wave gesture as if to say "Oh those guys."
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    • Likewise, when Kitty is dying, Tex offers her a hand. When she reaches for it, he pulls it away and slicks his hair back, smugly and silently laughing at her after the joke.
  • As the kids walk into the Wilson's house, ready to fight the Tyler Tethereds/save their mother, Zora grabs a nearby golf club and Jason follows suit, grabbing... a paperweight. Jason gives a half shrug and Zora does a slight eye roll with an expression of "whatever, I guess that'll do." Even better, the paperweight works! Jason manages to kill Dahlia with it.
  • In a tense scene right after the Wilson family have fought the Tyler Tethereds, they have an impromptu debate over who has the highest kill count so far. Made even funnier by the end, where everyone has a dead even 2 kills each.
  • When the Tethered first arrives at the home via the driveway, Adelaide calls the police which Gabe doesn't want her to do. When his attempts at trying to get the Tethered off the driveway fails, Gabe suggests they call the police.
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  • When Gabe suggests making traps ''Home Alone'' style, Adelaide is incredulous. Their kids don't even know what they're referencing.
  • The fact that when the Wilson family sits down to watch an important newscast about the Tethered, they're sitting around the Not Quite Dead body of one of the Tethered Tyler twins, who had been thrown through a glass table and laying seemingly dead with her eyes open without giving it even a second thought is darkly humorous.
  • As Adelaide ventures into the Hall of Mirrors to rescue Jason, she smashes the stupid animatronic owl that pops out of the wall.
  • After killing the Tyler Tethereds, when Adelaide insists that they need to run, Zora asks if this means they get the Tylers' car... which Gabe had earlier grumbled about Josh owning just to screw with him.


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