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Funny / Up the Academy

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  • Barbara Bach-related innuendo.
  • "My name is Hash. It's easier to say than 'El Hashid Amir Junior'." "It's easier to smoke, too."
  • A lot of Ron Leibman's dialogue. Particularly memorable are his failed pick-up lines ("Tickle your ass with a feather?") and "SAY IT AGAIN!!"
  • Ike, referring to Liceman in his letter to his preacher father: "I met your friend The Devil today. You're right, dad, he is white!"
  • The boys encounter a group of rednecks while sneaking out to visit the girls' military academy. Ike quips, "I never seen them without their sheets on!"
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  • Antonio Fargas' soccer teacher, disgustingly after a poor performance by the players: "And for this I gave up being white!"