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Headscratchers / Urusei Yatsura

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  • Ataru was always so desperate to get rid of Lum early in the manga, why didn't he just explain to her that his "proposal" was meant for Shinobu?
  • Where were Lum's parents when Mendou was holding Lum prisoner? Lum's father was willing to take his entire race to war against a superior enemy just to uphold Lum's "marriage" to Ataru. Once word got back to him that his beloved daughter had been badly hurt and a piss-ant Earthling like Mendou was taking advantage of her infirmity there shouldn't have been anything left of Mendou but a few random electrons scattering across the galaxy.
    • Ataru and Ten didn't tell him. As for why... Ten is, after all, a toddler, and Ataru rarely thinks, so it just didn't occur to them to do so.

  • Given his absolute dedication to his "son" being manly in all things, how does Mr. Fujinami cope with Ryunosuke's cycle? How does Ryunosuke even get the needed supplies?
    • This is less of a headscratcher and more of a fridge horror! Mr. Fujinami can't ignore "feminine hygiene" forever! He's going to know about this eventually!
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    • Based on some things he says in the series, he might regard it as some sort of illness that Ryuu-chan contracts because of her weakness and that being more manly will make her overcome it.

  • Why does Lum only have one bikini top? Had she had more than one she wouldn't have lost that eventful game of tag against Ataru who stole it.
    • She likely brought just one with her for the invasion as she didn't plan to stay for long.

  • In Earth terms, Lum is probably the richest character in the entire series – she casually pays off a bill from a seedy cab driver equivalent to the planet's entire oil supply. So why don't the Moroboshis, or anyone else in Tomobiki for that matter, ever hit her up for cash?
    • Maybe Oni credits aren't convertable into yen?
    • They might. After all, someone keeps paying to rebuild the Moroboshi house and Tomobiki High every time they're destroyed, and it's probably not insurance (or any of the human characters, who are either too poor or too arrogant to do it).

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