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  • One comes early on when Lum saves Ataru from embarrassment by posing as the girl that the Stormtroopers tried to set him up with to humiliate him. Once Lum gets him out of there and explains things, Ataru, though highly irritated by the fact that he owes her one, finally realizes that Lum is actually pretty and stops her from flying off by shyly asking her to walk with him for a while. Of course, the Reset Button strikes back in the next chapter/episode, but it still shows that, Comedic Sociopathy aside, these two are the Official Couple for a reason.
    • Ataru always knew that Lum was 'pretty', but this is the first time he sees that she's beautiful.
  • Episode 44 – ranked the best episode by Japanese viewers – has Ataru getting angry with Lum and telling her that she is constantly in the way and ruining things for him, and he tells her to "go home." Which she does… back to her home planet, the only remnant of her presence being a mini-Lum doll she made for him. Ataru then spends the next few days frantically searching for her, and actually cries when he realizes she's gone for good. Turns out Lum simply went to renew her passport to continue living on earth… and that doll had a microphone planted inside it, so she hears the whole confession. The next day, she returns, and the look of relief on Ataru's face is utterly adorable.
    • The scene between Shinobu and Ataru in this same episode is also very heartwarmingly emotional. Ataru has called Shinobu out to the park to flirt and is going through his usual pick-up routine… but he has the Lum doll firmly lodged in his shirt pocket ('over his heart' so to speak). Shinobu simply looks at the doll after he is done being silly and asks if there is something she can do for him. Ataru gets melancholy and says no and thanks her for meeting with him. It's obvious to both of them who Ataru truly loves. However, Shinobu is serious when she asks him if he needs anything and Ataru is truly thankful she came to see him. While any romance between them is now out of the question, they are still good friends and still there for each other.
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  • Lum blackmails Ataru into going on a date by stealing his address book. Once it's over, she gives the book back and Ataru tries calling up various girls for a date, but finds he "Can't get in the mood."
  • During a typhoon, the house gets flooded and Lum gets trapped under some debris while underwater. Ataru nearly drowns himself trying to save her. While Lum eventually gets them both out, she gives Ataru the credit.
  • Any time when Shinobu and Kitsune get together.
  • The ending of the second episode featuring Ten's mother.
    Ten: Mother... the truth is, I'm a bad boy...
    Ten's Mother: You, a bad boy? Never.
  • One earlier episode centered around a giant caterpillar that everyone in class wanted to get rid of but who Ataru insisted on defending (With Lum helping him out). At the end when Ataru was cornered and still refusing to give it up, the bandages he'd wrapped around it suddenly disintegrated revealing the caterpillar had turned into a fairy who thanked Ataru and Lum for protecting her and believing she would grow into something beautiful, then flew away.
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  • A later episode features Sakura introducing Ataru to the ghost of a girl who had died after being bedridden for a long time, but before dying she had developed a crush on Ataru after repeatedly seeing him out the window of her house. In order to help her let go of life and pass on, Ataru just had to go on a date with her wearing all the wool clothing she had knitted while she was bedridden. Despite the fact that it was a really hot summer day, Ataru goes along with it with only one moment of protest, and ultimately she leaves for heaven with a smile. The episode ends with Lum teasing that maybe she should become a ghost, and Ataru telling her not to be silly.
  • Ataru's dream is to have a harem… Yet he passed up the chance to get it twice because Lum wasn't in it.
    • The first time is in the second movie. In exchange for him not interfering, Mujaki offers Ataru to eternally live a dream in which he has a harem including every beautiful girl he knows… Except Lum, who Mujaki didn't want to soil with being involved in such a dream. Cue Ataru refusing to stay in it (because a harem without Lum is worthless to him) and starting a desperate battle with Mujaki to wake Lum up so they'll be back together.
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    • During Inaba's introductory arc, Ataru found a way to forcibly create a future in which he had a harem. Then he visited it… And found out that, by getting a harem with all the beautiful girls he knows, he crossed the Moral Event Horizon and chased away Lum. He destroyed that future.
  • The two-parter where Lum loses her memory and Mendo convinces her she's his fiancee has a few:
    • Megane's reaction when he finds out: offering Ataru his and the Stormtroopers' help to rescue her. Not trying to take advantage of the situation, just trying to help her, no matter if it benefits Ataru-or costs them their lives.
    • At first it seems Megane will have to go alone. So he dons his armor, leaves behind his will... And as he approaches the Mendo household he's joined by Perma, Takugari and Chibi (the latter being terrified). And in the exact place they want to attack from they meet Ataru, who decided to rescue Lum after all and knew exactly where they would have attacked from.
    • Ataru charging at Mendo's entire army because Lum is on the other side.
    • Lum recovering her memories when she sees Ataru's charge.
  • Early on Lum promised Rei she would get back with him if he were to pronounce an entire phrase in Japanese, only to be caught completely by surprise when he succeeded (by reading it from a scroll). Ataru, who was one of the witnesses, could have got rid of Lum by holding her to the promise... But after having seen how desperate she was to stay away from him he claimed it wasn't valid.
  • One episode has Lum notice her friends start to pop up around school but appear to be actively avoiding her, leaving her feeling alone and depressed by the end as even Ataru appeared to ditch her. In reality, her friends had been setting up a class reunion and, since she couldn't leave Earth to attend, they brought it to her instead and wanted to surprise her. Once she finds out, she appears to get angry, but breaks down crying and thanking everyone.
  • In Episode 93, the clip show is framed by Cherry talking to Mendou, the latter trying to figure out a weak point that he can use to beat Ataru and win Lum's heart. Surprisingly enough, Cherry defends Ataru, claiming that for all of his wealth, influence, and good looks, Mendou lacks Ataru's fierce drive and ability to pull off the impossible. That's right - Cherry, who often decries Ataru's vices and bad karma, still believes him to be the better man compared to Mendou!
    • It's worth pointing out that near the end, Cherry brings up a series of moments in the series that prove that for all of their bickering, and Ataru's attempts to vehemently deny it, he and Lum genuinely love one another, with Moroboshi always coming through for her when she needs it the most.
    • Downplayed, but Mendou recognizing this and vowing to be there for Lum just in case cements him as a Dogged Nice Guy, in his own way.
  • The biggest one for the whole series - animated and manga - comes at the very end of the final arc (translated to animated form as the 5th movie, Final Chapter), which culminates into a repeat of the race that caused Lum and Ataru to meet in the first place - except this time, the stake is that if Ataru doesn't catch her, all the memories of the aliens will be erased from the earthlings' minds. But if Ataru says he loves Lum, she'll allow him to catch her. Despite everyone trying to convince him that he can just lie - something Lum herself decides to accept in her mind - Ataru steadfastly refuses to say the words, thinking that if he does, Lum will never know if it's true or not. On the last day, they face off atop a giant mushroom.
    Lum: Darling you idiot! Do you want to forget about me?!
    Ataru: I'll never... I'll never... I'll never... I'LL NEVER FORGET!!! About you... Lum...
    • Ataru collapses from exhaustion and drops the horns that Lum lost when she became an adult, which Lum decides to take as confirmation of his affection, despite him not saying the words - she tearfully flies into him and guides his hands to her horns.
    • At the beginning, when Lum was captured, Ataru went straight to Mendo and proceeds to give him all of his data on the girls in town in exchange for a space rocket. It didn't amount to anything, but consider this: this super-pervert gave his rival what he probably considers his treasure trove just for a shot at saving Lum.


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