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  • a2 ~a due~: In all the routes with good endings, it seems that the entire orchestra wants Hao and Sona to hook up. Somewhat understandable, as the two are very close by this point and are always spending time together.
    French horn player: It's because you love us, don't you, Sona?
    Cello player: But not as much as you love Hao~.
    Sona: You're getting your face punched in first, just so you know.
  • Amnesia: Memories plays with this when it comes to Orion shipping the heroine with each route's boyfriend. She's already dating the boyfriend in the route, but the titular memory-loss leads to Orion initially wondering how and why the two are together. When Orion realizes that the boyfriend is genuine with his feelings towards the heroine, he's doubly motivated to get the heroine's memories back and see those two off into a happily continuing relationship.
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  • Riko in A Profile is pretty forward about her desire to see her daughter hook up with her step son. Masayuki is slightly unnerved about the matter.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Taiga Fujimura is this for Sakura/Shirou, which is mostly reading between the lines until the third story path. You know, Heaven's Feel... the depressing one.
    • In the Fate route, Rin is a shipper for Shirou/Saber, being completely supportive when Shirou decides to take Saber out on a date.
    • Saber returns the favor in Unlimited Blade Works, swearing to protect Shirou and Rin in the final battle so they can both return alive.
    • In the Ataraxia sequel, Rider appoints herself as Sakura's relationship counsellor, since she knows how it feels to be too shy to assert one's feelings.
  • Fragment's Note:
    • Mikiya and Mischa to Yukiha and Eri in the latter's route. The two even set them up on a lunch date, and Mischa forces Yukiha to feed Eri, much to both parties' chagrin. When Eri complains that she couldn't even taste anything because she was feeling so embarrassed, Mischa quickly tells Yukiha to give her another taste.
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    • In the second game, Rina and Kazuha in the Yukitsuki route. Rina notably makes a lot of teasing comments but is generally supportive of the ship. As for Kazuha, she even gets Yukitsuki to feed Kyoichi after convincing her that he can't move; unlike Eri, Kyoichi is Genre Savvy enough to realize that if he told them he couldn't taste anything, Kazuha would just make Yukitsuki feed him again.
  • Katawa Shoujo has several cases:
    • If you (as Hisao) pick either Hanako or Lilly's route, the girl who's not chosen will support you trying to gain the other one's affections, each in their own ways. It may be a Matchmaker Crush in the case of Hanako, though it's not openly stated.
    • Also, in Hanako's route, Miki will talk to Hisao at some point and wonder if he and Hanako are a couple or not. The reply you give her will make you either gain or lose points with Hanako, thus pushing you either to the Good, Bad or Neutral Endings.
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    • The Nurse will also support Hisao's interest in Emi in her route, due to his Inter Generational Friendship with both of them. Though he'll also remind Hisao about his meds...
      • Rin also sorta supports Emi and Hisao in their route. At some point Emi and Hisao almost break up and they have a fight in the presence of Rin. She gets fed up and leaves the rooftop so they can discuss their matters and fix them up.
    • Akira supports Hisao's relationship with her younger sister Lilly, in Lilly's route.
    Akira: You're a good kid, Hisao. When I said I approved of you being with my sister, I wasn't joking or just being nice. It's just unfortunate that doesn't really count for much in this world.
    • The biggest example is Misha, who shows shades of this in several routes:
      • In the case of Hanako, she'll bring Shizune along. They'll ship it both because of cuteness (in Misha's case) and because they do care for Hanako, despite Shizune's difficulties with Lilly (because she's Hanako's Only Friend at first, they can't get to Hanako without seeing Lilly) and their huge workload.
      • She will also voice her Hisao/Shizune shipping if you go through her best friend Shizune's route. Then it's subverted when you find out that this is more of a Matchmaker Crush... because Misha is in love with Shizune.
      • She also grins widely after finding out that Hisao and Lilly are a couple, having refused to believe Hisao's claims that nothing out of the ordinary happened on their trip to Hokkaido.
      • Finally, Misha also shows support of Hisao's relationship with Emi, should the player pursue her route. ("Young love is so unpredictable, isn't it~!"). And even more so: if you choose the wrong option and Hisao gets thrown outta Emi's house as a result, Misha will come to the rescue and openly force him face what he did. Like in Miki's case, getting either the Bad or the Good Ending depends on what you (as Hisao) reply to her. (This may include Shizune too, as it turns out that Shizune was the one who told her to go help Hisao in the first place.)
    • Lilly also ships Hisao/Emi on her only post-Act 1 appearance in Emi's route.
    Lilly: (teasingly) Ah, so it’s just friends is it? How disappointing.
  • Little Busters!:
    • Mio, as a Yaoi Fangirl, naturally ships Riki/Kyousuke, sighing with a smile when she hears how they used to hold hands when they were younger and telling him to treasure their friendship forever.
    • Kyousuke, on the other hand, in an aversion of My Sister Is Off-Limits!, ships Riki/Rin, as he thinks that if the two of them are together they can achieve much more than if they're on their own.
    • Masato and Kengo also come across like they ship Riki/Kyousuke at times - many of Kengo's Embarrassing Nicknames used in the fighting minigame tease them about their feelings for each other (e.g., both can get 'Honorary Member of the ____ Love Club', referring to one another), and while Masato is initially surprised when he hears that Rik might like Kyousuke, when Riki denies it, Masato says that's a shame as they'd make a good couple.
  • Morenatsu has Amaki Tsukishiro, who actively ships Hiroyuki and Shin if you play Shin's route. Shin and Hiroyuki both deny everything, and Shin even tends to get mad at Amaki for doing it.
  • Most characters in Nanatsuiro Drops support Haru/Sumomo.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • Pearl Fey ships Phoenix/Maya like mad. To the point where she'll slap poor Phoenix unconscious if it looks like he's being unfaithful to his "sweetheart". It's not that simple, however: Pearl ships Phoenix/Maya THAT hard because she has never seen a sucessful romance in all her short life, and in her child-like mindset she wants to make sure Maya will be happy.
    • To lesser extent Maya herself ships Phoenix/Iris practically from the moment these two have met in Hazakura, playfully teasing him about his supposed falling in love for her.
    • In Spirit of Justice, Dhurke tells Apollo that Trucy would make a good wife. In front of her. They're actually half-siblings, but neither he nor they know it.
  • In Queen's Gambit, Cassidy, the little sister of the protagonist, has this reaction towards two potential love interests and the main character, "Shield." In the case of Emmett, he has been Shield's co-worker for nearly eight years. João on the other hand, is new to the scene but the fact that he shows up to visit Shield in Vegas while his home is in Brazil tips Cassidy off big time.
  • Very, very darkly used in School Days. In one of Kotonoha's routes, a bunch of girls (Nanami, Hikari, Otome and Otome's Girl Posse) decide that Makoto is better off with the aforementioned girl's love rival Sekai (also a friend of them). What will they do to make sure Makoto will "choose the right girl"? Treat the "girl in between" like utter shit! Nanami and Hikari verbally threaten Koto at first, then help Otome and Co.'s already present bullying via spreading rumors about Koto beind a slutty "phromone girl", and then they tip off the Girl Posse so they can destroy a lunch that Kotonoha made with lots of effort for him. The results will be very different, depending on whether Makoto finds out or not, and none of them will be kind to Sekai - on one hand, if he finds out about this drama he'll go Tranquil Fury on the girls and cut all ties with Sekai since he thins she's the ringleader, then commit himself solely to Kotonoha; and on the other, if he does NOT find out, Kotonoha will massively snap on Sekai and give her a fatal case of Slashed Throat, in broad daylight and in front of Makoto.
    • In a less dark manner, Sekai's mother Youko supports her daughter's affection for Makoto. Unless you make Makoto pursue her in the spin offs. Similarly, Kotonoha's mother Manami and little sister Kokoro ship Kotonoha/Makoto. Again, unless you make Makoto pursue them in the spin offs.
  • In Sickness, Karasu will not stop bringing up wanting Suoh and Misa to hook up, much to the dismay of her father.
  • True Love Junai Monogatari
  • Sunrider:
    • Flashbacks in Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius show that Kayto’s perverted younger sister Maray shipped him with his childhood friend Ava. When she saw the two of them sneaking into Ava’s apartment to have their first time, she was thrilled and covered for Kayto when their mother asked if he was home yet.
    • During the Beach Episode of the same game, Icari and Claude go out of their way to get the shy Chigara to admit her feelings for Kayto, even going so far as to get Ava blind stinking drunk so she can’t interfere. This is rather odd on Claude’s part, considering her own blatant lust for Kayto. The end of Sunrider Liberation Day puts a sinister spin on this: Chigara is a Prototype spy sent to seduce Kayto, and Claude—who is working with the Prototypes—is pushing the two of them together to ensure that it happens.
    • Sunrider Academy's swim team ship their captain Sola with Kayto, going so far as to hold up these signs at the national championships:
  • When They Cry:
    • Higurashi: When They Cry:
      • Rena Ryuugu is supportive of Mion Sonozaki's affections for Keiichi, despite explicitly also liking Keiichi. She also notes once how Satoko and Rika act like a married couple.
      • Shion Sonozaki, Mion's twin sister, supports both her sister's affections for Keiichi, and Keiichi's affections for Rena.
      • Satoko seems to be just fine with Shion's affections for Satoshi, though it's debatable whether she really notices it.
      • Nurse Miyo Takano and Jirou Tomitake, the former of whom is the Big Bad, seem to ship Keiichi and Rena too.
    • In Umineko: When They Cry, Shannon ships Kanon/Jessica. In return, Jessica ships Shannon/George. Considering that later games heavily imply that Kanon and Shannon are the same person (which the manga confirms), it makes the earlier shipping scenes rather awkward in context.
  • In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the Big Bad Junko-as-Monokuma asks Makoto if he and Kyoko have been screwing, and eagerly describes the erotic acts it thinks they might have done. In an earlier chapter, Aoi spontaneously advises Makoto on how to impress Kyoko.
  • Ano from Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a Yuri Fan who likes to imagine yuri couples among the other students at school, but she fully admits that it's just for fun and has no interest in any actual romance. Nena also subtly tries to encourage Sasa to confess her feelings for Umi after she realizes what's happening.
  • Zero Escape has the series-long Akane-Junpei romance, which everyone approves of: the most outstanding examples being Lotus and Carlos.
  • Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow has a sort-of "unspoken rule" — if a potential suitor of the female Player Character Saori has a close male friend, he will probably be the PC's shipping wingman:
    • If Ukyo is not chosen as the love interest, he ships Saori with some of his companions - especially his best friend Eduard and the group leader Makoto. Particularly noticeable in that Saori is a Sweet Polly Oliver and Ukyo's shipping moments predate the "official" gender reveals; when asked about it in Makoto's route, he simply says "he [Makoto] fell for the person, not their gender"
    • The aforementioned Eduard will quietly, yet eagerly support the Player Character's bid for Ukyo's heart in the other man's route. He knows from the beginning that Saori is a girl, but had he not known or had Ukyo fallen for a living Kaname (her dead brother and the guy she's impersonating), he probably wouldn't have minded anyway as long as Ukyo was happy.
    • In Yuzuki's route, his big brother mentors Aoi and Souji ship him with the Player Character too. Again, they do it before the Gender Reveal, and they explicitly say that they don't see anything wrong with two guys in love. Then again, if Yuzuki is romanced he falls for the PC before the reveal as well and pretty much states that he's bi...
    • In Toru Nakagawa's route, his partner Tsubaki Kusunoki supports a prospect relationship between him and Saori. He believes that Toru is the kind of man who'd only fall in love with a very special woman, and when he meets Saori he realizes that she can become the special girl who can potentially esnare Toru's heart.
    • If the chosen Love Interest is Toshi Hijikata, Hijikata's partner Soushiro Okita not only will reveal that he realized almost immediately that Saori was a girl, but will add that he's been shipping them for a while already. He's implied to double as a Shipper with an Agenda, since he's seriously ill and wants to entrust Hijikata to Saori in case he passes away.
  • In Ever17 Sara is Kid/You shipper in You's route. She's pretty quick to notice sparks flying between them and either teases him about it on gives a friendly advice on how to deal with it.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: When you show her a poem, Monika will mention that a poem is something a particular girl would like, and tease you by asking if you're trying to impress her. This is actually both subverted and deconstructed. Monika is not only meta-aware, but resents the fact that this is her main purpose in the game. Since she's the only girl in the game who doesn't have a route, she's practically expected to root for the others while they are programmed to fall in love with you as she sits on the sidelines. Monika's resentment and existential crisis gets so bad that she tears the game apart simply so she spend time with you. In other words, her true ship is Monika/player.
  • In Shining Song Starnova, Natsuki Tanabe’s mother approves of her daughter’s relationship with Mr. Producer and tries to push the two of them together when they pay an impromptu visit to the Tanabe family home, suggesting that they share Natsuki’s old room overnight and “make the most of [their] trip”.
  • If you end up on Ulrik's path in Steam Prison, Eltcreed is thrilled to see Ulrik and Cyrus growing closer and takes every opportunity to play wingman, on several occasions essentially forcing the two of them to spend time together.

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