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The Resolution Will Not Be Identified

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Some TV stations and programs (particularly those catering to children) will not hint at the finale of a series on the network at all. In some cases, they air the finale without referring to it as such. Other times, the last episode of a show will end with something like, "See you next time," despite the end of the show having been established in other media, such as newspapers.

This usually happens with TV shows that will be regularly rerun by the channels that first aired them, which is often the case for children's networks. This may be part of the reason for this trope; if you're young and this happens, maybe the network thinks you're too young to notice. They may also believe that if no new episodes air of your favorite show, you might not want to watch their network anymore.


Alternatively, a show that's been Screwed by the Network may not have been planned to have been cancelled, thus giving no time to plan for a proper final episode.

The trope name is a Snowclone of The Resolution Will Not Be Televised, whose name is itself a pun on The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron.


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    Comic Books 
  • Since 2015, Marvel Comics end its series one way or another (some even with End-of-Series Awareness), but the company will not admit it at all (up to still having titles marked ongoing on their website that didn't survive Secret Wars (2015)). So the readers' only way to foresee cancellations is advanced divination from solicit (if it's missing for one month, it might be just delayed. Missing for two? Welp, that comic is probably over). This is exactly as annoying as it sounds.

    Live-Action TV 

    Puppet Shows 
  • When Bear in the Big Blue House ended, Bear and Luna still sang that the moon, the Bear and the Big Blue House would be waiting for you to come and play, and Bear still invited viewers to come back. Though there was internal homage on this one, with the episode being titled "This Is Your Life, Bear" and featuring Bear winning a special vacation.

    Western Animation 
  • An overwhelming majority of animated series suffer from this trope, with those that aired in syndication or on children's networks more often than not quietly airing their final episodes, especially if the show wasn't one of their more popular series.
  • Played With on Mighty Max: When told that they could not make a real resolution for the purposes of reruns, the writers still managed to create a proper finale in which Max gets sent back in time to relive the series over again.
  • Apart from An Aesop on teamwork, The Magic School Bus "Takes a Dive" plays out like any other episode of the series, with the only clue being Miss Frizzle deciding it was time to retire at the episode's conclusion. This example graduates to being a subversion upon the sequel series The Magic School Bus Rides Again, where it's acknowledged that Miss Frizzle did indeed retire from teaching primary school, with her sister now teaching her old class.


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