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Fred, Blue, Roary and Polka Dots.

Blue's Room is a live-action/puppetry spin-off of the long-running Blue's Clues. It started as a short segment in the final season of the original show.

The show focuses on Blue, who visits her special playroom where she has the ability to talk. In every episode, Blue invites the viewer on a special themed playdate with music, games and activities.

Some of Blue's playroom friends include:

  • Polka Dots, Blue's stuffed dog toy who likes puzzles
  • Roar E. Saurus "Roary", a stuffed dinosaur who loves roaring
  • Frederica "Fred", a rag doll who likes to pretend it's her birthday
  • Doodleboard, an artist who loves drawing pictures
  • Silly Seat, an armchair who likes telling jokes
  • Boogie Woogie, a music-loving jukebox
  • Dress Up Chest, a chest filled with costumes for Blue and her friends to wear
  • Sprinkles, Blue's little brother who joins as her co-host for the second season

The show lasted for only seventeen episodes across two seasons from 2004-2007. The whole series could be found on the Noggin app at one point and is currently streaming on Paramount+.


  • Ascended Extra: Joe made a guest appearance in Season 1, but in Season 2, he becomes one of the main cast and shows up occasionally.
  • Birthday Episode: "Fred's Birthday" is set on Fred's actual birthday.
  • Bottle Episode: Every episode takes place completely in Blue's playroom, though there are very few exceptions to this.
  • Christmas Episode: "Blue's Room Holiday".
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Silly Seat disappears from the main cast in the second season without explanation. It is possible that he was removed due to the reconstructing of the set in that season compared to season one, as unlike before, there is little-to-no space for him to move around the set.
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  • Every Episode Ending: Moona telling Blue it's time to leave near the end of the episode. This phased out in Season 2.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Fred isn't a common name to give to girls, but in her case, it's short for Frederica.
  • Go-to-Sleep Ending: "Sprinkles' Sleepover" ends with the characters sleeping.
  • Once per Episode: The first season had every episode begin with Blue spinning the playdate spinner to determine the theme of the playdate for the day. There was also the "word of the day" which fit with said theme.
  • Retool: The second season greatly ups the role of Joe and adds Sprinkles as Blue's baby brother, but it wasn't enough to save the program. The playdate spinner and word of the day were also abandoned.
  • Short-Runner: Seventeen episodes over just two seasons.
  • Suddenly Speaking: Blue can speak in this show, unlike in the original show, where she only makes barking noises.
  • Wrap-Up Song: Every episode ends with Blue and her friends singing "Way Great Playdate (With You)".