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     Season 1 
  • The first ever signature dish of the series had Chris serve beer cheese soup. While Gordon and Joe hate the dish, Graham was the only one to like it and asked Chris to leave some for him.
    Gordon: (to Graham) Are you crazy? You'll be dead if you eat a bowl of that.
  • Graham cracking a joke about his own weight while introducing a hamburger-cooking challenge:
    Graham: You've probably eaten a hundred hamburgers in your life. I've probably eaten fifty in the last week.
    (Gordon pats Graham's stomach)
  • When introducing the challenge of cooking for a wedding:
    Gordon: I've been married for fourteen years.
    Joe: Seventeen.
    Graham: Six months!

     Season 2 
  • Funny moments during the auditions:
    • There's Dustin's audition. Gordon's enthusiasm over the sausage roll, especially with the care Dustin puts into it, culminates in him cleaning the plate before Joe and Graham can even taste it.
      • Gordon: (After Graham jokingly calls Sausage Rolls "Hot Dogs") Hot Dog?! Don't insult the *** Sausage Roll!
      • Gordon calls DIBS on the first taste and cleans his dish promptly.
      • Dustin's Sausage Roll included an "Italian Twist". After Joe tastes it, he says this:
        Joe: If I didn't know any better, I'd accuse you of pandering to the judges, but obviously works...
    • A Scottish lady named Pauline auditioned with a dish containing haggis. Gordon was ecstatic when he learned that the lady was also from Glasgow and her dish made him so homesick that he enthusiastically gave her a Yes. When Joe and Graham are introduced to what Haggis is, Joe didn't like it, while Graham did, resulting in her having one No and two Yes. After she leaves, both Graham and Gordon turn to Joe and ask him "What is wrong with you?!" Graham jokes that the process of the haggisnote  sound like all Scottish food was made on a dare.
  • Gordon demonstrates how to use a knife to peel apples and demands similar precise cuts from the contestants. Derrick, in confessional...
    Derrick: Yeah, but wasn't that why peelers were invented?
  • Then there's a man named Jim and his infamous "Redneck Sushi", which consisted of beer butt chicken, rice, asparagus, among other things wrapped in a cucumber roll topped with a white barbecue sauce, which was actually a mayonnaise base. The judges are absolutely bewildered at this concoction but nonetheless carried on. Graham was the only one who liked the dish, and Joe and Gordon both gave it a fast no. Jim then storms out of the kitchen, cursing the judges and throwing a fit in front of the other contenders as he leaves, much to the amusement of the judges.
    Joe: (To Gordon, trying not to crack up) That guy's gonna come back here and kick your ass, man. Security!
  • Gordon and Graham drive up to the team challenge location in motorcycles wearing traditional biker shirts and jackets. And then Joe comes from behind driving a vespa in his normal suit, much to the contestants' amusement.
    Gordon: What took you so long?
    Joe: Hey listen. That may be fast, but this is stylish.
  • In Episode 8, Esther's team loses the challenge and, as captain, she chooses to have Christine and Max compete in the Pressure Test. During the whole thing, Christine was cooking furious, while shooting occasional Death Glares at Esther.
    Esther: Christine is really mad. I hope she's not imagining my face on that cutting board. [Cut to Christine furiously smashing garlic cloves with her knife].
  • In Episode 9 (where the challenge was to recreate S1's Whitney's dish), most of the contestants were failing at it until Ben's turn. Joe yells at him and praises him immediately.
  • In Episode 16, the Pressure Test consists in filleting a salmon, with Gordon giving a demonstration to the contestants, including the ones watching from the balcony.
    Ben: Gordon starts to work on this salmon like he's cutting through butter, and Suzy is next to me having a complete orgasm. (Cue to Susy gasping pleased while watching him hack the salmon)

    Season 3 
  • During Monti's audition, she told the audience that she has a 2 year old son named "Danger".
    Monti: He's gonna love me for that later when he's in college.
  • During Luca's first audition, he and Joe have a brief conversation in Italian (with English subtitles), where Joe is asking him what part of Italy is he from and how's he handling the last preparations of his polenta. When Gordon asks him what they're talking about, Joe replies this:
  • In episode 6, everyone is reacting in disgust to the offal being used as ingredients, except for Christine. She admits that being blind in that situation is likely an advantage.
    • The judges are laughing at various contestants' disgusted reaction. And then Gordon enthusiastically says this potential pun:
      Gordon: That's right! It's offal!
      [camera cuts to Mike with 'really?' face]
    • When Graham and Joe go into Monti's station asking for what she's doing, she replies with this Dark Humor.
      Monti: What I'm making um, I'm trying to make is fried testicles. When I'm cutting into testicles the only thing I'm thinking about right now is my ex-husband. Does that make me sound so Bobbitt?
      [camera changes to Graham and Joe who are stunned, followed by Monti's awkward chuckle]
    • Several contestants give some amazing commentaries in this challenge.
      Felix: I just zero in on the hugest sets I've ever seen. [dives into bull's testicles]
      Felix: The only thing that Chinese people don't eat with legs are chairs.
      Becky: [after explaining lots of her ideas for the dish] It's gonna be awfully good.
  • Later that episode, Ryan gets the advantage of giving canned or fresh crab to his competition. This gathers some reactions:
    • Monti discovers she got a can:
      Monti: I hope Ryan gets crabs.
    • Christine is told that she got a live crab and Cindy, her aid, puts it in her basket. They have this exchange:
      Christine: It's just moving around?
      Cindy: Yep.
      Christine: Can I beat it with my cane?
    • Tali got a fresh crab, which gives these reactions:
      Monti: Tali got a live crab to work with. Shocker!
    • First Joe questions where's the rest of the $60 crab, then Graham mockingly asks him how is he supposed to eat that, making exaggerated motions. And then Joe asks Ryan...
      Joe: Ryan, what are you doing to this guy? Do you want to send him home?
    • Christine made a Crab Ceviche (which is also her MoA), Gordon asked if she was really blind (as the dish looked as good as it tasted) by asking what his eye color is. Christine told him that she had been asking others to describe the judges to her. Graham immediately declares that he is tall and thin and Joe is short and fat.
    • After Ryan unsuccessfully pins his target on Christine and Monti, Monti ends up turning the tables by surprising Gordon with "Scotch Eggs breaded with canned crab". Gordon asks her "What were you smoking when you thought this dish?" Monti gets touched when Gordon tells her that she's not a fluke and should be more confident. Immediately, we cut to confessional.
  • The other contestants get increasingly annoyed by Becky's Teacher's Pet attitude whenever she doesn't win a mystery box. In Episode 8, after Tanya gets the win over her and Becky keeps whining about not getting it, Anna has this to say:
    Anna: Poor Becky. She's so talented, but it's a little annoying. You know, just take it. Take it like a man. Come on.
  • Christine, who is blind, is often left utterly confused at her fellow contestants' reactions whenever the contents of a mystery box are revealed. Then it came the Mystery Box Challenge and the special guest judge.
    Monti: Shut your mouth... [Paula Deen is revealed to be underneath the giant mystery box] SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!
    Christine: What?
    Becky: It's Paula Deen.
    Christine: SHUT UP!
  • During a challenge involving different types of fish, Gordon chews out Tali for producing an inferior dish with arctic char, after he described the dish in the same way a painter would describe a painting:
    Gordon: It's called Masterchef, not Master-bate!
    [camera cuts to Josh chuckling and Monti covering her mouth in an attempt to hold her laughter]

    Season 4 
  • There were several baffling auditions at the start of the season. One standout was a young lady who produced a macaroni and cheese plate "with a special twist".
    Gordon: And what's the twist? (Takes a bite)
    Contestant: Breast milk.
    Gordon: Spits food all over the counter laughing his ass off
  • Episode 3's langoustine challenge saw Howard present his infamous citrus salad dish, which Gordon cursed the instant he placed it on the counter. The dish, which occupied just half the plate left Gordon demanding to know what Howard had been up to for an entire hour. Nobody is impressed and Gordon walks away without taking a bite, with Joe chucking the dish into the trash can. To add insult to injury, when Joe blasts Howard's poor effort, on the bottom of the screen reads a caption with the hashtag #wasteoftime.
  • Episode 6's pressure test tasked the contestants to make a dozen cupcakes. When Jessie presents her batch to Joe, he opens the box to reveal that they're bite-sized. Graham compares the sight to a game of Whack-A-Mole, and Joe just stares down completely baffled.
  • Episode 9:
    • The ethnic ingredients mystery box. While contestants' various reactions to them are worth a chuckle, a particular gem comes from dried fat choy/Chinese black moss.
      Bri: [bewildered] What is this?
      Krissi: This is, Chinese pubic hair.
      Howard: It's like a halloween costume put in bag.
      [camera cuts to judges playing with the dried moss as a beard, hair and moustache costume]
      James: [after tasting the dried moss] That's hair. That's, that's a legitimate bag of hair.
      [camera cuts to the judges]
      Joe: We have to be really hungry to eat this. [chuckles]
      [camera cuts to Bri again, reluctantly putting the dried moss into boiling water]
    • The Pressure Test brings a very special guest judge in charge of teaching the contestants how to make agnolotti: Lidia Bastianich. She even gets her own apron labeled as "Joe's mom".
    • The fact alone that Joe is serving as assistant for his mom is hilarious to watch, especially when she starts bossing him around, while Joe is quiet and obedient to her.
    • Krissi, who is a huge fangirl of Lidia, gives this quote:
      Krissi: If Jesus came down and stood next to Lidia, I'd be like "What's up, dude. Lidia! How are you?"
  • Episode 10. After Krissi's team lost, she is given the option to save herself or compete in the pressure test, choosing the first. What makes it funny is that everybody next to her, instead of being furious, are laughing, given the fact that she criticized Jordan for doing the same a few episodes ago. While Jordan outright called her out on it, James gave another snark moment at the confession cam.
  • Episode 11: The Elimination Challenge had Season 3 winner Christine Ha. On top of having a mandatory main protein (live crab, while Krissi got a catfish), the shocking twist was to cook blind, since Christine does this daily. Cue to all the contestants clumsily moving their arms and tumbling around, while the judges, Christine and Lynn laughed their asses off.
    Christine: It sounds crazy down there.
  • Episode 17: while it doubles as a Heartwarming episode because all of the contestants' relatives visit the kitchen, the funny part is when Luca's wife is introduced. Instead of having a Meet Cute at work (they met when Luca was the manager and she was a waitress), she revealed that Luca had to fire her after two weeks.
  • When the final six cooks are left, three are invited back to try and win an apron. One of them is Bime, and since no one liked him, no one is clapping when he returns... except Luca.
    James: Stop clapping.
    Luca: I like Bime!
  • One challenge began with the chefs having to catch a live bird in the pantry, which had been assigned to each of them by the previous challenge's winner. Luca was assigned a turkey. Turkeys are not found in his home country of Italy.
    Luca: What is that, a peacock?
    • Luca trying to catch the turkey and getting intimidated by it instead.
    • Jordan couldn't even find his quail. Meanwhile, Bri's sitting over there cooing to her pigeon...
      Bri: You should like me. I'm a vegetarian.
    • During a cutaway, before it's revealed that the cooks have been given pre-prepared cutlets of their birds to use, bearded Texan manly-man James remarks thusly:
      James: I am very relieved that I did not have to strangle a duck in front of other people. Seems more like a private thing.
    • Krissi's reaction to Jessie failing with a chicken (aka the easiest bird from the bunch)
      Krissi: Dude, I gave you chicken. If you go home, you kinda deserve it.
      Krissi: Yeah. I mean, I sent out three missiles today. Jordan was a direct hit, but Jessie? Dude, I gave you chicken. How easy could I make it for you?
  • Episode 24:
    • Jessie gets too wrapped in pulling a Batman Gambit on Luca by trying to give him the crab (a previous challenge had him in the bottom for having to work with crab). This is Luca's reaction to the situation.
      Gordon: Luca, you look nervous.
      Luca: Of course I am. I'm in the bottom right now.
      Gordon: Which one are you scared of having to cook with.
      Luca: I think that making out something awesome with the cheese is not easy.
      Gordon: Really? (Luca nods)
      [Gilligan Cut to the Confession Cam]
      Luca: I WOULD LOVE TO COOK WITH GRANA PADANO!! And I'm praying "God, you know me and crab don't have a great relationship. But I would love that cheese!" (grins)
    • Natasha then decides to play to her own strengths and get the crab for herself, giving Luca exactly what he wanted. The funny parts are Natasha not caring, Luca’s sudden wide grin once he got what he wanted, and Jessie's face at it.

    Season 5 
  • Episode 3: After Leslie successfully presents a perfect blueberry pie, Daniel comments on it.
    Daniel: Leslie nails a pie. He's been around for a while, so he probably knew Betty Crocker.
  • Episode 4: Ahran wins her Mystery Box and gets to assign Doughnuts as the Elimination dish, aiming specially at Courtney, which turns wonderful when she screws up her dough and is left with no more yeast to make another. Ahran watches in delight while Courtney goes around asking everyone for a pack of yeast and everybody refuses to help her, with Victoria flat out telling in the confessional cam that even if she had, nobody in their right mind would give her anything, and others already saying goodbye to her, if not for Francis L.
  • Episode 5:
    • One that doubles as an Epic Fail moment for Leslie is when the judges ask him who should be in the Pressure Test. Leslie gloats that he will start returning favors to the people who threw him under the bus, and picks the three with whom he has personal grudges: Christian, because he's a “Know It All” (even though he was one of the most efficient members); then Daniel, because he's still mad about not being picked for immunity in the previous team challenge; and finally Ahran, only because she argued with him the most (at which even Courtney scoffed with indignation, and Elizabeth openly called him a “Coward”). Then Gordon tells him "Fortunately for them, it's not up to you", cutting to all the other contestants openly laughing at him. When it's announced that the judges are the ones choosing, it's pretty obvious who will go.
      Gordon: (without even hesitating or stalling) Easy. Leslie.
    • While Francis B., Jordan, and Leslie are competing in the pressure test, Christine and Courtney are giving tips to Francis B. because they don't want to see him go home. Cue Francis L. swiftly walking (borderline materializing out of thin air) in between them, calmly admonishing them:
  • Episode 7:
    • Cutter and Dan end up in a pressure test after failing to work together to produce a good surf-and-turf dish, and Cutter fails to create a proper plate of spring rolls. Joe did not let up on him:
      Joe: If you go home tonight, will you send Dan a postcard from Texas?
      Cutter: No chef...some people just don't work very well together.
      Joe: You don't work very well on your own.
    • Same episode. Ahran and Leslie are working together, and Leslie is still referring to Ahran as "Iran".
      Ramsay: For God's sake - you're still getting her name wrong, and it pisses her off every time you do it! Repeat after me. "AH!"
      Leslie: AH!
      Ramsay: Ran!
      Leslie: Ran!
      • He makes him repeat it twice, and it seems to have stuck (thank God).
      • After getting it right, Gordon tells Ahran that one of her consolation facts for this challenge is that Leslie is "her bitch" for the rest of it.
    • Another funny moment was watching Courtney constantly swishing her hair in annoyance and pursing her lips as she watched her plans to get rid of Christian fall apart. Amusingly, Ramsay commented on her heels (which have been a point of contention for fans) while sending her up to the balcony, saying "Don't get those heels stuck in the stairs on the way up, yeah?"
  • Episode 8:
    • For the pressure test, Willie has been given a choice to either save himself (and sacrifice the whole Blue team), or save three members of his team (and sacrifice himself). Ahran says that she's sure that Willie will choose to save three people, because that's the "good guy" thing to do. The show promptly cuts to Courtney, who says "Well, of course I'd save myself over my team!"
    • Later that episode, during the red velvet cake pressure test, Dan is struggling, and Jaimee (who is a baker's assistant) gives a play-by-play from the balcony:
      Jaimee: Use a spatula!
      (Dan burns his hand)
      Jaimee: ...or use your hands.
  • Episode 9.
    • The Mystery Box challenge consisted in filleting salmon and making a dish with it. Then it's revealed that the three judges are also partaking in the challenge as well. How did they divide their roles?
      Gordon: I'm gonna filet it, Graham is gonna cook it, and Joe...
      Joe: I'm gonna eat it.
      • Later when Gordon is filleting the salmon with his amazing skills, Graham and Joe comment on how it's an awesome opportunity to get a master class on how to handle a salmon... and nobody is watching Gordon. Cue to many of the contestants making a mess with their fishnote 
      • Gordon finished filleting the salmon in less than five minutes, cut it in fourteen perfect portions.
        Elizabeth: In that amount of time, I'd literally walked to the pantry and got a cauliflower.
      • While Graham finishes cooking his fish in only 20 minutes, Joe is setting up a table, placing the silverware and sitting with a napkin on, ready to get served. Then this exchange.
        Joe: Wow. Please describe the dish.
        Graham: Crispy skin wild King Salmon with some red beet shred, crispy golden beet watercress, that's finished with lemon yogurt as well as a vanilla bean pistachio vinaigrette.
        Joe: Very good. Looks delicious.
        Graham: Thank you. Enjoy.
        [Joe samples the entree]
        Graham: How was it?
        Joe: It was perfect. The creamy richness of the yogurt, the salmon perfectly cooked. Light, summerful. Delicious. You have a great future in this, kid.
        Graham: I hope so. Thank you, sir!
    • For the elimination test, the contestants are working with ingredients selected by Joe, wine being among those ingredients. Leslie is shown taking several swigs of wine while preparing his dish, and it doesn't go unnoticed:
      Joe: Hey Leslie, try not to get tanked.
      Leslie: I'm 56, that's all I do!
    • Before that, after each of the judges pick their baskets, Gordon refers to his as "the most inspired basket". Then refers as his as "Heart of England", Graham's as "Home Fresh" (which contained mostly organic produce) and Joe's as "Fancy, Pompous, Olive-Oily", to which Joe gives an annoyed look at Gordon in response.
    • When it's Cutter's turn, he presents an "Artisan Pizza" (which is a flat dough with no yeast and looks like a kid made it). After Gordon stares at it baffled and asks him why he calls this "Artisan", he replies that he did because the pizza place he goes to calls them like that. Then Gordon says this.
      Gordon: Well, my name is Gordon Ramsay, not Stevie Wonder.
  • Episode 10: Francis L. showing up in a black studded blazer, purple top and purple kilt.
    • In the very first episode, he exclaims "Holy buggering bollocks!" at the beginning of the pressure test.
    • Also in episode 10, during the pressure test evaluation. Cutter, after under-performing for several episodes, delivers some chocolate truffles that Graham and Joe give big praise to in both taste and presentation. Then comes Gordon, with a serious face, tells him he disagrees with his fellow judges and that the truffles look clumsy and everybody looks solemn... then seconds later Gordon smiles big, says he's kidding, and everyone bursts laughing.
      Gordon: Personally, I think Joe and Graham are full of crap. I mean, they look like you. Clumsy.
      Cutter: Yes sir.
      Gordon: [beat] Just kidding, Cutter, they look great!
      Cutter: [chuckles in relief] Damn it!
      Courtney: That was so mean!
      Cutter: [still chuckling] You want me to die right here?
  • Episode 13: The contestants are tasked to group in pairs for the following challenge, and it gets plenty of funny moments.
    • Everyone starts to swarm on Elizabeth, with her commenting she wished she was this popular in high school.
    • On the other hand, Courtney wonders why nobody wants to pair with her. Daniel then says this bit.
      Daniel: How do I tell Courtney “Never not in a million years”.
    • Leslie wins over Elizabeth. How?
      Elizabeth: Leslie basically says “You could have complete creative control”. And I’m like “SOLD!”
  • Episode 14: Courtney ended up in the top three again for the Mystery Box challenge. Elizabeth wasn't happy:
    Elizabeth: If Courtney wins another Mystery Box challenge, I am going to stab kittens.note 
  • Episode 16: Elizabeth won the Mystery Box challenge, and was given the chance to assign the other four contestants one of four rare proteins: ox heart, veal brain, lamb tongue, and finally, two identical pink, veiny, oval shaped proteins from a buffalo. Ramsay asked Elizabeth if she knew what they were:
    Elizabeth: (in the most blunt, deadpan, matter-of-fact tone possible) Those are balls, Chef. (she promptly gives them to Courtney}
  • Elizabeth posting "Remember that time the stripper won?" on her Facebook page after the finale aired is quite amusing. She did congratulate Leslie and Courtney via Twitter, though.
  • This, in reference to Joe's infamous "I can taste it with my brain" remark to Courtney. There's also "Salt Is Intellectual: The Masterchef Picture Book".

    Season 6 
  • An elimination challenge involves making chicken & waffles, and Tommy (who has Creole roots) couldn't be happier with their assignment during one of the cutaways:
    Tommy: I love chicken and waffles more than the church loves sin.
  • U.S. Season 6 saw some truly surreal moments from the spacey, but formidable urban gardener Stephen:
    • During a challenge where contestants are separated into producing a savory or a sweet corn dish, it falls upon previous challenge winner Jesse to choose who gets to produce what in the form of marked baskets. When it's Stephen's turn for a basket...
      Stephen: (utterly deadpan) Listen, you’re going to give me the basket that I want or you will become my mission in life.
    • Later during the same event, Stephen appears to be correcting Gordon on how he's supposed to taste the challenge-winning corn tamales he produced, while Gordon looks about ready to smack him upside the head.
    • He and Shelly become team leaders in Las Vegas challenge, with him choosing between picking his protein (lobster or chicken) or his teammates. Instead, he plays Reverse Psychology and makes the lobster sound difficult for Shelly, which actually gives him the jackpot by giving him both his ingredient AND his dream team. Shelly's face and Stephen's gloating is what makes it hilarious.
    • While guiding his team and establishing himself as the leader of the group, Nick comments on how well Stephen is directing.
      Nick: Right now if Stephen told me to scale off the side of the building and clean a window, I'm gonna clean the window.
    • When Stephen wins a mystery box challenge, he's told one of his advantages is to halve someone's cooking time. Cut to confessional where he brings up a cardboard hit list where he's ranked his competition, and intricately goes over the rankings that put Derrick up top.
    • Also, this gem.
      Stephen: The closest I’ve gotten to flambé is burning my house down in 1998.
    • In later episodes, Gordon appears to have embraced Stephen's intensity, regularly getting into playful shouting contests with him, complete with fists pounded on the table.
  • In "Rice, Rice, Baby":
    • Tommy wins his first mystery box challenge with an andouille sausage jambalaya, and during the critique by the judges, Gordon accidentally gets a little too loose with his language:
      Gordon: Tonight I think you brought it. It tastes authentic, it looks good. Focus on the food, because when you cook like this, you're a dream.
      Tommy: Thank you, chef.
      Gordon: And I want Tommy the dream, I want to wake up WITH you.
      [The other contestants look at Gordon confused, until he realizes what he just said]
      Gordon: Not WITH you, f**k no!
      [The other contestants and judges laugh at Gordon]
      Graham: The truth comes out!
      [camera cuts to Stephen shuddering]
    • Tommy's additional snark from his cutaway also sells it.
      Tommy: Gordon Ramsay loves my dish so much, he wants to wake up with me. Gordon Ramsay! You are such a bad boy!

    Season 7 
  • Episode 11 had this exchange during the Mystery Box challenge.
    Edward: (to Eric) You're in the Top 10 now. Who are you the most afraid of?
    Eric: My neighbor. My neighbor Shaun.
    Shaun: I'm very honored, but he's a good cook as well.
    Dan: No one is afraid of Dan?
    Shaun and Eric: No.
    Edward: You know what, Dan? I'm afraid of you, thought. But for many reasons other than cooking.
    Dan: Actually I appreciate that.
  • In Episode 13, Gordon asks all the Final 8 who are they the most afraid of. Each one in order answer "Shaun" without a doubt. When it's Shaun's turn, Gordon instead tells him "No pressure Shaun".
  • There's a challenge in which the chefs have to cook in pairs for a large group of food critics. Brandi and Shaun decide to cook halibut and Chef Ramsay is immediately skeptical, first to the other judges and then to them. He comes over and suggests that they really ought to be cooking something else, as halibut is extremely difficult to get right. Brandi rightly points out that the judges are always telling them to take risks and Ramsay, bemused, says something like, "Yeah, but not this time. This is the one time to play it safe." As it turns out, it's a good thing Brandi and Shaun took the judges' advice... their original advice. The food critics largely love the halibut and they win the challenge.
  • In the finale, Ramsay and Christina sent the three finalists home to prepare for their final challenge, and then drove to each of their hometowns to check up on them. There's something about Ramsay being a Backseat Driver to Christina on their way to Brandi's hometown, a very rural town in Kentucky.

    Season 8 
  • Episode 6 has Gordon's reaction when Reba mentioned that her uncle likes to suck out squirrel's brain.
  • Episode 9's Cannoli pressure test where the contestants had to make six cannolies, three of one flavour and three of another has some funny moments.
    • Dino, who has an Italian heritage, cheered with extreme reaction after the cannoli were revealed. There's also this line in Confession Cam:
      Dino: It's cannoli! Oh my God it's cannoli! I didn't have a pacifier growing up as a baby, I had a cannoli!
    • When Jeff had a temper tantrum when he thought he wouldn't be able to finish his cannoli in time, Dino casually said this:
      Dino: Hey, I remember my first cannoli.
    • During tasting, Brien O'Brien only presented four, and Jeff just barely did better by presenting five. Then it came Newton's turn.
      Gordon: Newton, Newton, Newton. Give me something to rejoice, please.
      Newton: [With a big grin] I can count to six.
      Gordon: Oh. Give him a round of applause, everybody!
      (Everybody applauds with joy)
  • Cate hands out savory or sweet baskets for Episode 10's coconut elimination challenge after winning earlier mystery box challenge. Her strategy is to give the opposite basket her biggest competitors want to trip them off. When Eboni's turn comes and she says she wants savory basket with menacing looks...
    Gordon: If looks could kill...
    Cate: I'd be dead.
    Gordon: Yeah, you'd be dead right now.
    Cate: For sure.
    Gordon: Thank God you don't live in Chicago.
    Cate: Wait, I do live in Chicago!
    [Eboni then gets what she wants.]

    Season 9 
  • In Episode 1, Bowen tells the 3 judges during his white apron battle audition that Gordon is his biggest inspiration and number one idol since Bowen's father (who is also a professional chef/corporate chef in China) is essentially a "Chinese version of Gordon Ramsay" because he is "always angrily yelling [whenever he's cooking] in the kitchen". Then this exchange with Joe happens.
    Joe: Is Gordon big in China?
    Bowen: Yes. He's famous everywhere.
    Joe: How about me? Am I famous in China?
    Bowen: Of course. [You're] Famous.
    Joe: As famous as Gordon?
    Bowen: Oh, you're trying to give me trouble, huh?
  • Just the interactions between the 3 judges in general during the white apron battle auditions from Episodes 1-3. The judges are not above making ribbing banter between each other, mostly when it comes to the contestants picking one of them as mentors.
    Gordon: Well done, you two, but you got the worst two mentors you could've picked. (Aarón snickers, while Joe just smirks and rolls his eyes)note 
  • In Episode 8, Shaun greets the contestants with his fianceé Katie, setting the main proteins to be duck breast and scallops. When Katie explains why she chose scallops as appetizers, this dialogue happens.
    Katie: For the appetizer, we would really like scallops to be featured. For our very first date, Shaun made me scallops
    Gordon: How good were they?
    Katie: Amazing. We're here now.
  • Bowen's rivalry with Cesar all throughout the season. Despite claiming that they dislike each other, their ribbing banter instead comes off as Vitriolic Best Buds with a Friendly Rivalry.
    • It starts in Episode 7, when Cesar admits that he chose Churros for the Elimination Test, targeting to eliminate Bowen.
    • Then in Episode 15, they get paired for the Tag-Team Challenge by Gerron. Despite their lack of communication, being completely out of sync and their dysfunctional teamwork and clearly not having any real animosity, the way Bowen keeps repeating to Cesar "I don't like you" (spitting this biting insult on Cesar's face with pure rudeness) can't be taken seriously at all. The real punchline comes when they surprisingly and ironically win the challenge. After congratulating each other and hugging it out, Bowen smiles while whispering "I don't like you."
    • In Episode 19, Bowen is at the helm of the elimination challenge of cooking 5 different protein hearts after winning the family-reunion themed mystery box. Unsurprisingly, he predictably assigns Cesar the tuna heart (an extremely tricky protein and the most difficult of the 5 protein hearts in hopes of sending Cesar home). Cesar's reaction is expected.
      Cesar: He gave me the [goddamn] tuna heart, [oh my god] what a jerk!
      Bowen: (In the confessional) Cesar always thinks he's perfect. He thinks he knows everything.
      Cesar(genuinely frustrated and pissed off): Goddammit! I HATE YOU, BOWEN!!
      Bowen (sarcastically): I love you, Cesar!
    Season 10 
  • In the first audition episode, after a few applicants earn their white aprons, this exchange happen.
    Gordon (after tasting Nick's lamb ravioli): Did you swallow a nice pill? What's happened to you?
    Joe: I am nice to nice food. This [lamb ravioli] is nice food, so Joe wants to be nice to the nice ravioli.
    * Gordon chuckles*
    Aaron: Joe wants to be nice?
    * Gordon and Aaron chuckle*
  • In episode 4, Gordon forces Subha to water his plants.
  • Episode 5 has a challenge involving splitting a chicken perfectly, with Gordon bragging he can do it blindfolded. Guess what Aaron just happens to have with him? Turns into an awesome moment however when he does exactly what he said he would and made it look easy in the process.
    • In a fantastic Call-Back to Season 4 when Christine was a guest, the judges forced the contestants to do what Gordon did, and their reactions are exactly what you'd expect. Becomes darkly hilarious when they call on the medics to stay on the sidelines, as if they know how bad it would likely get, before going back to hilarious as much like last time, the judges were kidding.
    • The Pressure Test later involved the remaining contestants cooking with the chicken they just cut, and Shari decides to cook a Tandoori Chicken, without the tandoor oven. Gordon could barely muster the words to tell her how ridiculous it is, while Subha (who's Indian) merely gives her a face that just says "Uhh ok, good luck with that." before going back to his dish.
    • When Subha goes to present his dish, the judges are in agreement that the plating isn't the best (though Joe mentions that isn't necessarily a negative) it's still delicious, with Joe admitting he's starting to like curries more, to the point that he says the dish is "Subha Dubha Good". Gordon and Kimberly's could only give laughs of disbelief at that.
  • Episode 13 has Subha presenting his chicken mulligatawny soup in a bread bowl and rose and saffron bread pudding. His soup was unanimously praised and the judges were very happy about it. However, not only his dessert looked very ugly, it also tasted overly spicy. The judges were rendered speechless they could only laugh at the comically huge difference in his dishes.
  • Episode 19: in the Sausage Elimination Test, Dorian served a bean stew with sausage on top, with slices of garlic bread on the side. While Gordon and Aaron were positive about the presentation, including the bread on top, Joe felt that it cheapened the dish:
    Gordon: So you don't serve garlic bread in your restaurants?
    Joe: No.
    Gordon: Oh, 'scuse me.
    Joe: There's no such thing as garlic bread in Italy. I think it cheapens it, makes it less than it could be...
    • When the time comes to taste, Gordon offers Joe his first foray into garlic bread.
      Gordon: You want a bite?
      Joe: No, I don't wanna eat garlic bread.
      Gordon: You are such a f**king snob.


Masterchef Junior

  • A bunch in the first episode of Masterchef Junior alone...
    • Gordon trying out Dara's headband and being a Shipper on Deck for two of the kids.
    • This conversation when Sarah's working on her dish.
      Gordon: Who makes the best chefs, girls or guys?
      Sarah: Girls.
      Gordon: Why?
      Sarah: Even in the olden days they were cooking and men were just sitting there watching TV. No offense to you.
      Gordon: No offense to me? Oh, am I from the olden days?
      Sarah: Yes, Chef.
  • The third episode of Season 1 has three of the children (the top 3 performers of the previous challenge) face off on a whipped cream challenge. The results would be tested by having the kids hold the bowls upside down over the heads of the three judges. Needless to say, some messy fun ensued, including Gordon accidentally swearing after being covered in cream and quickly trying to save face by saying he meant "sugar", and Alexander - the only one of the three whose whipped cream stayed in the bowl - planting the upturned bowl of cream onto Graham's head anyhow.
    • During the challenge, Sarah screams at Gavin things like "Whip it! Whip like a man!" and "I don't want to see that arm stop moving!", like one seriously hardcore coach.
      Dara: "It was really funny, cause Sarah, next to me, she was like, "come on, come on"! And I was, like, this is a different side of Sarah."
    • This happens once more in season 2, only with having to cook pancakes and stack them as high as possible, with the losing judges having maple syrup poured over their heads. Highlights include Abby being as intense in her screaming as Sarah from the first season (with Logan, standing beside her, inching away with a scared look on his face), Gordon's utterly mortified face upon realizing that he'd be the first to be drenched, and Joe being drenched anyway by Sean after he thought he was safe.
  • Season 1 episode 4: The image of Graham and Joe skipping into the pantry behind the much smaller Sarah.
  • Season 1 episode 6...
    Gordon: [to Alexander] You cook like a chef, you sound like a chef, you look like Julia Child's lost grandson...
  • Even the Season 1 finale wasn't completely serious.
    Gordon: Remind me again, what year were you born in?
    Alexander: 2000.
    Gordon: Dara?
    Dara: 2001.
    Gordon: 2001. So thanks for making me feel like an old fart.
    • The extra kicker to this? It aired on Gordon's birthday.
    • Minutes later, Joe tells Alexander who Johnny Cannoli is, since he called his dessert a Cannoli Napoleon.
  • Similarly to season 4's poultry challenge, the challenge in the second half of Junior's second season premiere involved live birds. When Gordon showed that one of the choices Natalie could pick was turkey (and having a bit of a hard time handling it), Luca tweeted that he knew it wasn't a peacock this time.
  • In the third season premier of Junior Edition, Gordon's response to one dish is "OMFG!" The kids gasp, and he clarifies that the F stands for "Food". The girl who's dish he's praising points out that he has a reputation.
  • Season 3 Episode 5, when Gordon's daughter Matilda Ramsay is the one who gives the elimination challenge. This video should tell you enough why the beginning of the challenge is funny.
  • Season 4 episode 2:
    • In the cupcake frosting challenge, Gordon yet again gets the privilege of being the first one to have a giant bag of frosting poured on him. Gordon's first reaction to that is asking for recount. After accepting his fate, he makes a gesture like a little kid crying.
    • Kyndall's reaction to Christina getting dumped on with cupcake frosting in Confession Cam.
      Kyndall: No, no! Take off the shoes first! Take off the shoes first!
  • Season 4 episode 5's elimination challenge has an eight-year-old Kya poaching chicken in a plastic bag to add more flavor. When Gordon asks her where she gets the inspiration from, this exchange happens:
    Kya: When I was little, I used to watch my mom cooking all the time.
    Gordon: I love that. When you were little? When did you stop being little?
    Kya: [giggle] I don't know!
  • Season 4 episode 7:
    • The mystery box contains a blindfold, indicating that it's actually a recreation challenge from blind-tasting a dish. When the kids are gathered to a set of chairs in front while Gordon and Graham bring a long dining table with foods on it, Kamilly says this in confessional:
      Kamilly: Chef Ramsay and Graham pull out this huge dining table. If they cook to us and we have to judge, this is amazing. I'm gonna eliminate Gordon.
    • During blind-tasting, Amaya eats the whole dish presented to her. She even scoops the sauce and potato puree on the plate with her fork. The hilarious part? She got the protein wrong.
  • This little exchange between Mark and Kaitlyn in Season 5 Episode 1:
    Kaitlyn: Do you have an olive oil?
    Mark: Right there. [points at an oil bottle on her station]
    Kaitlyn: Wait, this is olive oil?
    Mark: Um, it's oil. Just use it.
    Kaitlyn: I need olive oil!
    Mark: Picky, picky, picky...
    Kaitlyn: You're trying to sabotage grandmother's recipe!
  • Quani's entire screentime in Junior US Season 6's second half of episode 2 is a goldmine.
    • It begins when Gordon dismissed Christina's idea that one of the boys would be baking, specifically saying cupcakes, only for him to find Quani making ones. His reaction was priceless.
      Gordon: No! No no no no no! Cupcakes! Quani, stop it! I just told Joe and Christina no boys were gonna be making cupcakes!
      Gordon: "Cupcakes? For Christina Tosi? Quani, are you mad?"
    • During the tasting, the judges asked him about the small baking business he had on the soccer field which grosses around $100 during busy games. When asked about employees, he answered he was helped by his brother and some of his friends.
      Christina: Were they on a payroll?
      Quani: Um, they get a dollar.
      Joe: [astonished] A dollar!
      Christina: Sounds like you, Joe!
      Joe: Yeah, over-deliver underpay.
      [Christina and Gordon laugh]
    • When it was Joe's turn for tasting, he asked more in-depth about how Quani ran the business, saying that he needed to invest the money and offering potential investments they could cooperate on.
  • In the same episode after Quani's tasting, Anthony presents a grilled chicken hoagie as his signature dish. Gordon is skeptical and critical of the idea of a sandwich as a signature dish - at which point Joe jumps in to defend the honor of the hoagie:
    Gordon: "It's just a sandwich."
    Joe: "It's not just a sandwich, it's our shared cultural heritage as New Yorkers. Don't degrade it. Greater things have been placed between two slices of bread."
  • Directly after Anthony, Drew brought extra burger buns to re-enact one of Gordon's memes after it was referenced during Anthony's dish tasting.

International Versions

  • In the first team challenge of the Spain version of Masterchef Junior, during the cooking process, the judge who is in charge of the blue team sends Noa (the youngest female contestant) to spy on the red team, by having her move over inside a big box with two holes cut out for her to see. Upon noticing, the judge aiding the red team picks out Aimar (the youngest male contestant) to stand near the box and talk about how their red team is "doing terribly", which Noa believes and lets her judge-in-charge know, making him (and herself) practically squee in delight. Cue the judge-in-charge for the red team sending out Aimar, having changed his red apron for a blue one, into the blue kitchen to sabotage them by changing the temperature in the ovens, only for several members of the blue team to grab on to Aimar, literally drag him out of their kitchen and back into his.
  • In a UK episode of the 2014 season, judge Greg demonstrates the disappointing thickness of a contestant's rice pudding by holding the bowl upside down over his head, and watching it stick.
  • In the UK version, 2016 series, during a crucial judging for contestant Liz:
    John Torode: I think it's really, really, very very good. Smoky pistachio nuts, peppery rich black pudding, sweet fig, yet sharp from the apple. Your sauce is rich and not too sticky to go with the fat sticky pork belly, but you can push it, just a little bit more salt, a little bit more pepper, because besides that, in my opinion it's faultless.
    Gregg Wallace: I could be wrong, but I think John Torode just told you to Push It with Salt 'n' Pepa...
    Entire studio erupts in laughter as John, Gregg and Liz all start imitating the riff...
  • One particular gem in MasterChef Indonesia Season 2 comes from an amazing Mood Whiplash after the judges "punished" one particular contestant named Vera who neglected testing her dish before plating, resulting in a very salty and sour dish. The session is filled with laughter and embarrassment until...
    Judge Degan: This is what we have to face. Everyday.
    Judge Juna: Don't worry, we don't take it to heart. One black apron and everything's cool. note 
    Vera: Thank you. [Vera goes back to her station.]
    Judge Juna: Oh, by the way, happy birthday!note 
    Vera: Thank you, chef!
    Judge Juna: See you in Pressure test, m'kay?
    Vera: Please no, chef!
    Judge Juna: Hey, that's my present for you. A black apron.
  • Rama from MasterChef Indonesia Season 5 was reminded that pan-seared chicken breast with salad was too ordinary as a dish and was asked to be more innovative. He took the advice the wrong way by braiding the chicken breast. Hillarity ensues.
  • Everyone was devastated when a lighthearted contestant gets eliminated in MasterChef Indonesia Season 5, but the moment then soon was ruined when one contestant's fake eyelashes fell off when wiping her tears, making everyone including the judges laugh.
  • One pair of a man and woman in Master Chef Indonesia Season 5's blindfold cake tasting was doomed to failure in the most humorous way possible. During the tasting, the man repeatedly sniffed at empty plate because the woman continously took the cake away from the plate. And then they bickered at each other Like an Old Married Couple.
    • There's this gem from one of the judges when the pair eventually served a very dense three-layered sponge cake.
    "This is a Michelin-standard cake. Just like car tires."
  • There's something oddly funny about Juna, the mean judge of Master Chef Indonesia with his rugged appearance and sleeve tattoos, giving Korean finger heart gesture to a stay-at-home mom named Lita, the gesture said mom gave to all the judges after she got her white apron, in her elimination. It doubles as a heartwarming moment because it's one of the proofs that the judges enjoyed her company despite said mom's quirky behavior and subpar cooking ability.
  • The stay-at-home mom above came back along with 5 others to help three remaining home cooks in a fine dining challenge. Kai, the homecook to which said stay-at-home mom was assigned tried to control the seasoning since she had a habit of putting too much sugar. The judges praised Kai's effort until...
    Arnold: Good thing you stopped her from adding too much sugar or we'll have diabetes right now.
    Lita: I did put all the sugar, chef.
    Kai: *screams* Why didn't you tell me?! WHY?!
    Kai (confessional): Why, Lita, why?! I already told her the seasoning was good enough, why did she snuck in another sugar?! It feels like she's cheating on me!
  • Brazilian Version:
    • EVERY SINGLE TIME the judges decide to tease season 2's Jiang Pu or season 4's Yuko for their broken Portuguese. One particular instance has Jiang laughing so much at her inability to say "cebola" without making a R-sound on the L, that she decides to just say "onion".
      • Speaking of accents, Professionals 3's Lubyanka's tendency to throw Gratuitous English around is also hilarious. She even keeps doing it when she makes a cameo in season 5.
    • During one elimination task in season 1, Mohamad decides to cook a carrot using a technique that he saw Jamie Oliver using. When he presented it to the judges, he told them his research led him to believe those were called "sexy carrots". Paola asks if he saw the name on a porn site, while Fogaça makes Jacquin crack up by offering the carrot to him.
    • Jacquin's constant snarky comments about bad food are Brazil's version of Gordon Ramsay cursing.
      (after being served a cooked fig that turned out to not be cooked at all) "Was the oven turned on?"
      (after a contestant delivered a cake that looked like it was carried by someone running in a cartoon) "Did an helicopter pass over the cake?"
      (eating a terrible plate of mushrooms, corn and meat made during one of the team challenges) "It reminds me of a exploded nuclear power plant."
      (after being served an uber-salty dish on the aphrodisiac Mystery Box challenge) "The woman will spend more time drinking water than chatting with you."
    • One particularly infamous elimination task in season 4 had the contestants make zero-sugar desserts. One particular contestant, Ana Luiza, decided to make a Boring, but Practical mille-feuille, in hopes that the difficulty of the task would make another contestant trip and be eliminated instead. While it did work as she planned, it also led to Paola comparing her dish to "a dessert sold on European train kiosks, but not on the first class". Ana Luiza's reaction?
    • Season 4 also brought fan-favorite Yuko to the kitchen, known for her too-honest reactions to the judges' comments. On the offal Mystery Box Challenge, she made a dish with three different pieces of offal and queijo coalho, a Brazilian cheese often served with barbecue. When she was asked why she added the cheese, she said it was because she wanted at least one normal thing in the dish.
      • This Mystery Box also brought a lot of Double Entendre jokes due to one of the offered ingredients being penis. From Leonardo saying that the only thing that came to his mind was "to make a cock soup" to contestants complaining that their penises ended up too stiff.
    • Season 5 had an elimination task where the ingredients were chosen through an auction, where contestants bid cooking time to get their ingredients. Why is that funny? Because it quicky becomes evident that host Ana Paula Padrão is having too much fun doing the auction, to the point she drops a Cluster F-Bomb after one of the fishes gets sold.
      • This wasn't the first time auctions had been used in the Brazilian version. During the first time, in season 4, some Early Installment Weirdness led the contestants to believe that the last few veal cuts to be auctioned would be the same as the first ones... and then fraldãonote  came up. None of the remaining auctioners knew what was it, and in the end, Deborah ended up getting it with a simple 1-minute bid. Which led to Paola taunting the contestants for not knowing what it was.
        Paola: "You guys know NOTHING about meat! The best of the cuts goes away for only 1 minute?"
    • Speaking of season 5, the aphrodisiac Mystery Box had some hilarious moments, especially coming from Aristeu.
      • For starters, he says he wants to do a dessert because it's the last thing that people eat before having sex.
      • When Clarisse asks him whether she should take the tail off of her shrimps, he tells her to leave it, as eating the tail is more romantic.
      • Priest Evandro quickly becomes the target of jokes during the task. So, of course, he WINS the challenge, which's not helped at all by Ana Paula Padrão calling him a "seductor" in a sultry voice.
    • Another funny moment from Priest Evandro comes when he's tasked with making mendiants, chocolate discs with dry fruits that have Catholic origin. His discs don't end up so well, and while most of his opponents made discs that "snapped" with a notable sound, his snap was barely audible. Nonetheless, it was audible, which led to him excitedly pointing it to the invited chocolatier... which promptly teases him by saying that he made a oath to not lie.
    • Junior also had its moments on the Brazilian version.
      • Notably, they reproduced the infamous whipped cream challenge, with the exact same result as the American version. As in, the Big Fun judge "wins" before the room inevitably turns into a whipped cream war.
      • One episode had a Mystery Box of "yucky" ingredients for the children to use, one of them being cow's brain. Their colorful comments are extraordinary.
        Valentina: "Nobody comes home wishing brains for dinner. For me, eating brains was a zombie thing."
        Laura: "When I turn around, he (Eduardo) is getting a brain, and I'm like, "dude, what ya got on your head?" "
        Eduardo: * makes a "poof" gesture with his hands *.
      • One of the elimination challenges had the children reproducing Chef Fogaça's favorite desserts from his infancy. While he's explaining the task, the children start to wonder how Fogaça looked as a child, since he pretty much looks like a Tattooed Crook. They come to the conclusion that Fogaça was born with his tattoos.


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