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Funny / Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken

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Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc, Apollo Justice, Investigations, Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice, or the anime to those pages, please.

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Dai Gyakuten Saiban

     The Adventure of the Great Departure 

  • Ryuunosuke's general nervousness during the opening stages of the trial, though frustrating for some long time Ace Attorney players, is also pretty hilarious at times, and leads to some priceless moments. To wit, here's one example:

    Judge: This is... the sketch of the crime scene drawn by the waiter. Yes, I do think it shows his dedication as a waiter, but...
    Ryuunosuke:No, Your Honor! That's the back you're looking at! The important part of this evidence is what's written on the "back" of its back!
    Judge: Huh?
    Ryuunosuke:Ah, excuse me! The front, I mean...? Umm...yes, that's it...! In other words, the important part is the front of the back, Your Honor!
    Judge: ..........Could someone translate this student's words into something more comprehensible please?

  • If the player presses the first statement of Jezail Brett's second testimony, she'll respond by informing Ryuunosuke that his fly has been open the entire time she's been on the stand. Cue Ryuunosuke's damage sprite, which sends him slamming back against the wall before slumping facefirst onto the bench.
  • Jezail Brett's entirely ridiculous breakdown, everything about it. After realising she's lost, the swan on her head appears to lose consciousness as Jezail grabs her chest in shock. She rants about being bested by "a mere Japanese", then proceeds to freak out epically; her swan comes to life and begins violently dragging her around the courtroom whilst she screams her head off. Chickens are randomly birthed and thrown about. For a series first, we see the incredulous, shocked reactions of the defence (aside from the stoic Asougi), the prosecution and the judge during this entire spectacle. The swan attempts to fly off with Jezail as she prays and they seem to ascend into the light above.,

     The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band 
  • Holmes slipping Ryuunosuke's cuffs on and off without him noticing. He does so whenever it's time for a Joint Reasoning segment, then puts them right back on without anyone in the room being the wiser.
  • Holmes quickly establishes a habit of turning up in bizarre places, from upside-down on top of a desk to inside a wardrobe to dangling from a coat hook. Ryuunosuke's confused reactions every time this happens just sell it.
  • The snake on Stroganov's head. Even funnier is the fact that everyone else is panicking over the sudden appearance of a massive reptile, but Stroganov simply stands there as if nothing is wrong.
    • While on the topic of the snake, let's not forget Sherlock's deduction regarding that the snake most likely snuck into Asougi's room and killed him, only for the theory to be debunked by Susato herself.
    Holmes: Just how simple of a creature are you snake?!

     The Adventure of the Runaway Room 

     The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro 
  • Joan Garrideb's breakdown. When John faints, Joan is able to catch him easily, pietà style. When Joan faints after being exposed as Viridian's (accidental) assailant, John attempts to do the same for her, only for him to visibly strain and eventually fall over in front of everyone in the court.

     The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story 
  • While Holmes' Big Damn Heroes during the final case was awesome and the circumstances are pretty tragic (he was injured during the crime and managed to drag himself to court just long enough to deliver one final trump card), it's hard not to find the end of this moment funny.
    Holmes: And now, it's about time for me to pass out. [*THUD*]
  • At the end of the case, after being absent for much of the case due to being hospitalized), Holmes disguises himself as one of the bailiffs guarding the defendant lobby door. Even the other bailiff didn't know, and turns to look at him when he finally speaks up... Which he did because Ryuunosuke and Gina didn't notice he was there.
    Ryuunosuke: Ah...! T-t-that voice is...
    Holmes: Don't "t-t-that voice is..." me now, Mr. Naruhodou. I've been holding in my breath ever since a little while ago in here. "WAHAHA! It's me, my friends!" I even prepared that line in my heart for you. AND YET! THE BOTH OF YOU...!!
    Gina: Oh... H-Holmes!
  • And then, when Ryuunosuke asks him why he isn't still back in the infirmary:
    Ryuunosuke: Uh, weren't you supposed to be back in the infirmary...?
    Holmes: Oh, I did. ...But! I slipped out again, friend.
    Ryuunosuke: What.
    Ryuunosuke: ...Please stop touching my neck, Holmes-san.


Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2

     The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney 
  • In a Black Comedy way, Jezail Brett, real name Ann Sasha, was an assassin working for Hart Vortex as part of the conspiracy behind the "Reaper of the Old Bailey". Heita Mememomi, a random Japanese journalist, killed a British governmental assassin involved in conspiracy simply because she kept insulting him. Had she been a little nicer, she might have been able to walk away alive and gotten away with everything.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi's "breakdown" upon losing to a Naruhodo again (actually Susato, but he doesn't know that) is yet more Black Comedy. He gets out a ritual knife and it looks like he's ready to commit Seppuku right there, and yells at everyone to shut up when they say he's overreacting. The sad version of Asougi's theme starts playing, and he recites a death poem, winces, grabs the knife and... cuts off the clump of hair on his forehead, which was starting to grow back from his previous defeat. And the game still acts like this is a major tragedy, with the sad music still playing as the hairs blow away, and everyone else in the courtroom looks like they're giving a "moment of silence".
  • After the trial is over, Hosonaga and Natsume walk in on Susato, Haori and Yuujin discussing the former's disguise. They are both taken completely off-guard by the revelation of her disguise
  • Mamemomi then enters the defendant lobby after escaping the bailiffs to confront Professor Mikotoba. Things get tense as he tries to press him about Asougi's death... and then the Judge barges in and tosses Mamemomi across the room.

     The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro 
  • William Petenshy. In a World of Ham he manages to out-ham everyone, while making some of the most absurd gestures in the series. Any moment he's on screen is bound to be hysterical. Well, until you find out what he's really like...
  • Speaking of the above... When you accuse Viridian of attempting to murder Petenshy, he looks at her with the most shocked expression, like he can't just believe it.

     The Return of the Great Departed Soul 
  • On your first visit to the wax museum, a wax figure of Sherlock suddenly appears in one of the exhibits. Naturally, it's the real thing just messing with Ryunosuke, and reveals himself quickly. Except that after every dialogue choice you go through he freezes and "goes back to being a wax figure". Madame Rozaic has to threaten to throw a cauldron of boiling wax at him to get him to stop. '
  • Everyone's reactions to Ryunosuke not knowing what a time bomb is.
  • Sherlock's initial theory in the chapter's second Joint Reasoning is one of the most absurd yet. At a room that looks like it was ransacked, he concludes Enoch Drebber built a gravity-reversing device, flipped gravity in the room, and set a timer to flip gravity back to normal. Everyone else in the room responds with Stunned Silence.
    • The joint reasoning also has another great moment, where Sherlock gets Ryunosuke to recall an event in which he had bought a lottery ticket to demonstrate Drebber's motive for flipping the furniture in the room (it was to get the safe combination written under a piece of furniture) - Ryunosuke wrote down his lottery ticket combination on a book (despite the fact that it' know, a lottery ticket) and flipped open every book on his shelf trying to find it during the draw. And then he misplaces the magazine where he kept the ticket in the first place!
  • As creepy as Madame Rozaik and Susato describing rigor mortis to Ryunosuke in detail, his reaction is pretty hilarious.

     Twisted Karma and His Last Bow 
  • Sherlock's encounter with the Red-Headed League, which he tried to apply for in desperation of earning money for the rent after having accidentally taken chemicals that made his hair turn red. The League instantly recognizes him and turned him away, and Sherlock arrests them - but not before having gone home immediately afterwards and stared at his red hair for several minutes before getting annoyed by it and calling Scotland Yard's attention to them.

     The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke 

     The Great Ace Attorney Theater 


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