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This page covers funny moments in the fourth Ace Attorney game: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Anytime Phoenix's piano-playing "skills" are brought up.
  • Ema's obsession with Snackoos.
  • Klavier showing off his mad Air Guitar skills, complete with a brief guitar solo.
  • Desk slams:
    • Apollo's desk slamming. With his fists. He looks a little childish doing it.
    • Klavier doesn't slam the desk, he slams the wall behind him.

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    Case 4- 1 (Turnabout Trump) 
  • Kristoph performing Chunky Updraft with dishware and lobsters.
  • Apollo meeting Phoenix:
    Phoenix: "So, you're..."
    Apollo: "Fine! I-I'm fine!"
    Phoenix: "Ah... Mr. Fine, is it?"
    Apollo: "Uh."
    Phoenix: "I did remember you having an odd name."
    Apollo: (Well, we're off to a great start.)
  • Apollo explaining that he was up at 4 AM doing his "Chords of Steel" training. In other words, practicing his shouting. Imagine his poor neighbors trying to go back to sleep after hearing some random guy shout for no apparent reason.
  • Considering Apollo makes a big deal of psyching himself up for his first OBJECTION!, there's this moment:
    Apollo: [cue Theme Music Power-Up] O! B! J! E! C! T! I! O! N!
    Judge: "No need to shout, Mr. Justice! I can hear you just fine!"
    Apollo: [theme music dies] "Ah hah hah..."
    Kristoph: "Excess yelling can damage the judge's ears...and our case."
    Apollo: (B-But what about my Chords of Steel?)
  • After Olga testifies about the card game, the judge becomes surprised at the possibility of gambling in the Borscht Bowl Club. Olga's response?
  • This conversation.
    Wright: (about the locket he's wearing) It's a locket with a picture of my daughter in it.
    Apollo: I'm surprised to hear you have a daughter.
    Wright: Yes, most people are when they hear about her.
  • In the demo version, Apollo actually loses his voice because of all his yelling.
    Apollo: OBJECTION! You don't know if Mr. Wright has something to h...ide...! Huh?
    Kristoph: What's wrong, Justice?
    Apollo tries speaking and objecting, but no sound comes out.
    Apollo: (Just great...)
    Kristoph: Oh, Justice. If only you had taken my advice to practice vocalization in moderation.
  • Kristoph gets exasperated at the notion that a fourth person was in the room and changed anything:
    Kristoph: Perhaps a fifth person came and took it out? Oh, and a sixth person could've helped!
  • When Phoenix explains that Kristoph's flowery description of Shadi's head points out his knowledge of him being bald, the Judge shows his thanks for not using him as an example.

    Case 4- 2 (Turnabout Corner) 
  • You have to wonder if the writers had a bet to see how often they could use the word "panties." Especially the judge's reactions whenever a pair is pulled out.
    Judge: What!? More panties!?
    Klavier: How many panties are you carrying in your pocket, Herr Forehead?
    • Especially when you use Trucy's bloomers as your final, decisive piece of evidence!
      Apollo: TAKE THAT!
      Judge: Let's see now... *explosion sound effect* Panties!? Again!?
    • Try looking back at the trash during the second investigation for this snippet of dialogue:
      Trucy: I can still remember that moment... You brandished those bloomers on high, and shouted... "Objection!"
      Apollo: ...Here's what I want you to do, Trucy. Take that memory, gently lock it away deep in your heart, and never speak of it.
    • When you present Trucy's panties to Phoenix on the second day, he'll congratulate you on finding them. "But as a father, I have to wonder why you're still carrying around Trucy's panties in your pocket."
      • Made even more Hilarious in Hindsight — and also kinda squicky — once you realize that Apollo and Trucy are half-siblings and Phoenix is very aware of this. (Of course, the panties are an oversized stage prop, not Trucy's actual underwear.)
  • Wesley Stickler. He is pretty much the younger and male version of a certain Oldbag -I mean, old lady that has been haunting the entire series since game one. His cross-examinations are some of the most interesting ones in the game. Like for example:
    (Wesley rants on...)
    Apollo: Th-That's enough! Enough. I get the idea.
    Judge: Mr. Justice! The court hopes to finish cross-examination sometime this month.
    Klavier: Please. I've got a recording booked after this trial.
    Trucy: And I've got a show to perform.
    Apollo: (Gee, sorry you're all so busy!)
    • And this snippet:
      Wesley: I went to the grocery store to try the free samples.
      Wesley: ...It's a very spiritual time for me.
    • As a result of Stickler's rambling after Apollo tells him to "wait a second":
      Judge: "Mr. Justice! Do you object to the length of a second?"
  • Speaking of Oldbag, when you reach the outside of the park, you can see an officer fighting to pull an old lady not exactly unlike her down from the wall surrounding the park. Taking a closer look at the scene treats you to the officer telling the elderly woman the park is a crime scene and therefore off limits to the public, with her loudly proclaiming that she can walk wherever she pleases. Apollo and Trucy wisely choose to pretend they haven't noticed the exchange.
    • It becomes even more hilarious as she is still trying to do the same thing in the second day of investigation. Apparently, on the first day, the police officer only stopped her by giving her money.
  • Halfway through the second day of investigation, Apollo and Trucy encounter Klavier as he was leaving the crime scene. While he was intercepted by several female fans. Klavier proves how crazy they are that he has Apollo wave his hand and the girls start fawning over him. While it's not seen, one can absolutely imagine Apollo having quite the Luminescent Blush after that exchange.
    Klavier: They're so excited, it doesn't matter who waves to them, see?
    • In the Spanish version, this phrase fell "victim" to a mistranslation. Instead of Klavier saying "emocionadas", which means "excited", he says "excitadas", which means "aroused"... which considering how the girls were reacting, it's not exactly wrong. Accidentally-Correct Writing or outright intentional?
  • There's this little beauty:
    Apollo: I'm a lawyer. I live for needless procedures.
    • And another, if you examine the mural on the Kitaki's wall:
      Apollo: There's a dragon painted here. It's got a fierce look on its face, as if to say, "abandon all hope, all ye who enter here." Don't worry, Mr. Dragon. Hope and I haven't been on speaking terms for a while now.
  • During the second day in court, when asked to present evidence that connects the first witness to a clinic in question, presenting the wrong evidence causes Klavier to take the honor of giving you a penalty...with a guitar solo.
  • "OBJECTION! Th... That's just dumb!!"
  • While investigating:
    Apollo: Alita Tialita is Wocky's fiancee!
    Trucy: That's one "ita" too many, Apololo!
  • Shortly after that, Apollo thinks about who had access to "Wocki Kitaky's" medical chart. Trucy reads his mind.
    Trucy: You got the "I" and "Y" wrong, Appolo!
  • Presenting Trucy with her own panties after finding them leads to this conversation:
    Trucy: They are the highlight of the show! People come from far and wide just to see my panties!
    Apollo: You... might not want to advertise it like that...
    Trucy: ...?
  • When Klavier asks you for evidence that someone was hiding in the noodle stand, you have the option to refuse. Well, sort of.
    Apollo: You want evidence that someone was in that stand...? Well, too bad!
    Klavier: .............
    Apollo: ...Kidding! Just kidding! I've got it!
  • When Apollo presented the gun as an evidence, it overlays his pointer finger, making it look like he's wielding it.
  • The following exchange, after winning:
    Apollo: *disgusted face*
  • When Trucy hands Alita the flyer for the Wright Anything Agency despite seen having already-printed flyers of the "Wright Talent Agency", it's just the old one with a white post-it taped over the 'Talent' in the title with 'Anything' written in its place.

    Case 4- 3 (Turnabout Serenade) 
  • Klavier's perfectionist tendencies first show up here. Quite amusing how he looks so relaxed and friendly in the court of law, but gets easily agitated in his band work.
    Klavier: ''What is it with today?! Problem after problem! Achtung! My hog won't start. My guitar case is busted, my guitar's been burnt to a crisp, and to top it all off, someone's dead! ...And then there was that performance just now. What was that all about?!
  • "Tell him I said 'Hi'... Oh, and 'Screw you'. "
  • A Funny Background Event during the song near the beginning of the chapter, with Lamiroir singing after seemingly teleporting from the stage to another part of the theater... and Klavier trying to put out the fire on his guitar.
  • Daryan Crescend's Villainous Breakdown, in which he flails his Anime Hair like mad while supplicating for Machi not to rat him out.
    "You want a house made of cookies? Or no, a house made of pianos?"
  • Examining the bowl of fruit during the initial investigation (with Ema) leads to this beauty of a conversation:
    Trucy: Ooh! Apollo! Can I eat some of these?
    Ema: Absolutely not!
    Trucy: I know! I know! But still, I yearn!
    Ema: Look, you're not the only one eyeing that fruit there!
    Trucy: Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's eat!
    Ema: Right!
    Apollo: Whoa whoa whoa! Stop it! Are you two crazy? Ema, you of all people should know better...
    Ema: But she tempted me! She's a... She's a temptress!
    Apollo: (Please, grow up...)
  • "'Logical'? I do not think this word means what you think it means, Herr Forehead!"
  • When you get to Klavier's office, try examining his display of guitars both when he's there and after he leaves. It's too good to describe in words.
    • Another example at Klavier's office: when you examine the massage chair, Klavier begins to explain what it is, and Trucy cuts across him. He then falls silent and when Trucy asks him what's wrong, he says he just realized that it's useless to try talking about it.
    • The Rockers Smash Guitars conversation is hilarious partly because Klavier says he treats his guitars like lovers. He's possibly just joking, but it's still funny.
  • In Lamiroir's dressing room, Apollo looks at a police recruitment poster. Trucy suggests that it's designed to make the reader think that "Police" is the name of a band. Apollo replies, "That's just silly. Who would name a band 'The Police'?"
    Trucy: (commenting on the room) It'd be cooler if they turned that red light on.
  • During the investigation, you find a headset earpiece in the backstage hallway. Trucy asks if she can wear it around, and Apollo notes the following when adding it to the court record:
    Headset attached to Trucy
    Trucy: 'Attached'!? I'm not some kind of robot, Apollo!
  • Apollo and Ema's Snackoo exchange in the middle of the courtroom:
    Klavier: And you're sure the shots came from Lamiroir's room?
    Apollo: Yes, absolutely.
    Ema: Hey, I'm the one being cross-examined here! Here, this will keep you quiet! *ka-tonk*
    Apollo: *grins sheepishly* Ah, thanks. about it...MUNCH...Ema?
    Ema: We were right...MUNCH...there. Hard to be mistaken about that...MUNCH.
    Judge: Please, either talk, or eat. Not both at the same time!
  • Ema's brilliant lampshading of the series' whole premise:
    Ema: Why can't we have a normal, straightforward killing once in a while in this country!?
    Apollo: I'll Pretend I Didn't Hear That.
  • Klavier's sulking during the case. He's introduced as this calm-and-cool prosecutor, only to see him getting pissy about his bad day and the performance being off despite only him noticing. Amusing and adorable.
    • Speaking of sulky Klavier, it's extremely amusing to see Ema being able to get a rise out of him during the first court day, considering how difficult it was to break through his relaxed grin in case 2 (even if you refute his claims with strong evidence, he appears completely cool with it!)
      Klavier: No one here had a motive to kill him and certainly not in such an elaborate fashion.
      Ema: Unless our famous prosecutor did it as a publicity stunt.
      Klavier: Wh-What did you say?
      (Crowd chattering)
      Judge: Prosecutor Gavin! You did this to promote your song!?
    • Then you find out that Klavier wasn't upset over the fact that Ema implied that he was the murderer, but rather he found it ludicrous that anybody would think his band even needed promotion.
    • Klavier's reaction goes into Hilarious in Hindsight in the very next case, where, taking advantage of the trial being recorded, he promotes one of his songs to Spark Brushel when he demands to know more about atroquinine.
    • During Ema's cross-examination, when asked why she, of all people, was placed on security at a rock concert, Klavier explains that he smelled a conspiracy brewing. It all sounds mysterious and intriguing...and then Apollo asks what conspiracy he sensed. Cue another rant from Klavier about being unable to find his keys and the bad day he had.
  • Apollo's take on Valant's exit from the Wright Anything Agency:
    Apollo: And with a whirl of his cloak and a wink of his eye... he turned and walked through the door... Normally.
    • And his take on Phoenix leaving the defendant lobby:
      Apollo: And he walked out the door, just like... just like a magician. Normally.
  • During the second trial, the Judge completely puts the trial on halt until Apollo can figure out how Valant's teleportation trick worked. The murder trial. Apollo tries to rearrange the court's priorities, but...
    Klavier: Objection!... Put that forehead of yours to work on this illusion first.
    Apollo: Objection! Hold on! Don't you think the identity of the killer is a little more important, don't you?
    Judge: Bangs gavel Importance Shmortance! Objection overruled! Tell us about the illusion!
    Trucy: No use trying to avoid the problem at hand, Apollo.
    Apollo: (Trying to avoid the problem? This is a murder trial, the killer's the problem!)
  • You have to determine how Lamiroir could hear a voice through a closed soundproof window. You can suggest that "She has divine hearing."
  • Inmediately afterwards, you have to point out an alternate window in the murder scene. If you get it wrong, Apollo will go into a speech about society, and how "in a sense, anything can be a window". Then the judge penalizes him for going off-topic.
  • Lamiroir's surprised animation has her veil flipping upwards and smacking the normally calm singer's face. The symbol on her veil is then inverted to form a question mark and her mouth shows a shocking expression.
  • While everyone is trying to figure out the teleportation trick, Trucy suggests the idea that a recording of the song was involved. While clearing up that all of the song was performed live, Klavier replies that "the Gavinners aren't some kind of air guitar band", which can come across hilariously from the guy who literally air guitars in court.

    Case 4- 4 (Turnabout Succession) 
  • At the beginning Apollo's constant exasperation with Phoenix and Trucy is always worth a laugh:
    Phoenix: Consider it a birthday present, Trucy.
    Trucy: Thanks! It's great! But... isn't my birthday.
    Phoenix: ...Hmm. Good point. ...What day is it today, Apollo?
    Apollo: Huh? Today? Um... I think it's "Recycle Your Plastics" day...
    Phoenix: Then, it's a Recycle-Your-Plastics present.
    Trucy: Yippee! So it's plastic!
    Apollo: (I've given up trying to understand them. It's much easier that way.)
  • After she gets better from being poisoned, Vera Misham does a few sketches. The first one is a cute picture of Trucy. The second one... is just Apollo's Idiot Hair.
    Trucy: She really captured your essence, Apollo!
  • "The witness will refrain from pausing suspiciously!"
  • Examining the desk with the flowers and the picture frame in the front-left corner of Kristoph's jail cell yields a pretty amusing conversation:
    Phoenix: (Nice roses...)
    Phoenix: You taking care of this one here?
    Kristoph: Ah, yes, she's surprisingly delicate, you know.
    Kristoph: Requires careful tending. But, she is my 'best friend' as they say.
    Phoenix: Best...? Come on, now I'm starting to feel bad for you.
    Kristoph: Oh?
    Kristoph: Of course, she's known to bite if handled roughly.
    [shocked sound effect]
    Phoenix: Y-your roses bite?!
    Kristoph: [Pushes his glasses] ....
    Kristoph: I was speaking of the photo next to the rose.
  • Valant's outbursts, particularly in court.
    Valant: Alakazooooomg!
  • Near the start, Ema's been using a new spray she recently acquired in her investigation.
    Trucy: I think I get it. You just spray this stuff on something you want to test, right?
    Ema: Precisely! You can find even the slightest trace of poison with this!
    Trucy: I wanna try too, Ema! Pretty please?
    Ema: You don't have to ask twice! ...I already used it on everything suspicious, of course.
    Trucy: Yay! Let's give it a whirl, Apollo!
    [Spraying sound effect]
    Apollo: Aaaaugh! What are you doing?!
    Trucy: I was just seeing if I got a reaction off of you.
    Apollo: How's this for a reaction: never do that again! I'm not poisonous!
  • During the flashback trial, some of Phoenix's inner monologue is pretty humorous.
    Phoenix: ([The Gavinners'] debut single was only 2 minutes and 15 seconds long? What a rip-off!)
  • During the flashback, it's possible to get a penalty for "excessive perspiration."
    Phoenix: (But it's a cold sweat, your honor...)
  • Correctly suggesting that Drew Misham was a "fake clue" prompts Klavier to object and say "...Congratulations. You've completely lost me."
  • Apollo internally making fun of Brushel's Verbal Tic/Catchphrase of "end quote."
    Apollo: ("Attorney Utterly Confused", end quote.)
    • When the Judge does the "end quote" thing himself, Apollo (again internally) remarks that Brushel is a bad influence on him.
  • During the MASON System sequence, Phoenix uses his Magatama to confront Shadi Smith with evidence that Apollo Justice is Thalassa Gramarye's other child. Unfortunately, since this is a flashback to before the game's first case, much of the drama is lost.
    Shadi: This... this boy?
    Phoenix: His name is... I forget. Something weird.
    Shadi: Who could he be?
    Phoenix: An attorney.
    Shadi: A-Attorney?
    Shadi: You can show me pictures of strange boys all you like. But you could at least say something like "I'm this boy". I could use a laugh.