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The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

     The Adventure of the Great Departure 
  • Ryunosuke's general nervousness during the opening stages of the trial, though frustrating for some long-time Ace Attorney players, is also pretty hilarious at times (poor guy spends most of the trial trying to figure out how to properly slam his desk, for one), and leads to some priceless moments. To wit, here's one example:
    Judge: The plan of the restaurant sketched by the man in question? Hm, I agree it shows a great deal of attention to detail, but I'm not sure we can conclude anything-
    Ryunosuke: Sorry, Your Excellency. That's the back of the card. It's the back...of the back of the card that's of interest.
    Judge: I...beg your pardon?
    Ryunosuke: Or, or perhaps I should have said, the front? Yes! It's the front of the back of the card! That's where the telling detail is!
    Judge: ..........Would someone please explain what this overexcited student is trying to say?
  • Why does Ryunosuke think that Hosonaga is working as a waiter? His salary must be terrible.
  • The "Hotti Clinic" strikes again as the "Hotta Clinic"; a dental clinic.
  • Upon the introduction of Jezaille Brett, although Naruhodo's "powers of observation" are genuinely excellent, Asogi admonishes his "powers of description" for describing "this amazing sight" as simply 'a woman', who had just strolled in the courtroom dressed exactly as she was the day of the crime; a Pimped-Out Dress with an entire swan on her huge hat along with a mask on a stick.
  • If the player presses the first statement of Jezaille Brett's second testimony, she'll respond by informing Ryunosuke that his fly has been open the entire time she's been on the stand. Cue Ryunosuke's damage sprite, which sends him slamming back against the wall before slumping facefirst onto the bench.
  • Auchi normally speaks with pride about his homeland Japan. However, when Jezaille Brett, a British foreigner, enters the trial, Auchi becomes utterly enamoured with her, holding utmost reverence to Britain while depreciating his own country! Even when Jezaille curses him in English, Auchi declares that she blessed him, even when Ryunosuke noticed otherwise.
  • Later, when Ryunosuke inspect a bottle of carbonated water...
    Ryunosuke: The label is written in a foreign language that I don't recognise. Do you know what it says, Kazuma?
    Asogi: I think it's French. This must be very expensive water.
    Ryunosuke: Yes, but what does it say? That's what I was asking.
    Asogi: Then go to France and ask.
    Ryunosuke: ...You could just say that you don't know.
  • Jezaille Brett's entirely ridiculous breakdown, everything about it. After realising she's lost, the swan on her head appears to lose consciousness as Jezaille grabs her chest in shock. She rants about being bested by "a mere Japanese", then proceeds to freak out epically; her swan comes to life and begins violently dragging her all over the courtroom whilst she screams her head off, leaving behind a bunch of cygnets in the process. For a series first, we see the incredulous, shocked reactions of the defence (aside from the stoic Asogi), the prosecution and the judge during this entire spectacle. The swan attempts to fly off with Jezaille as she prays and they seem to ascend into the light above.
    • This is combined with Heartwarming Moment when the little cygnet chicks chirp and walk around in curiosity while everyone (including the judge) is stunned at this (and one of them is pecking at the perfume bottle in curiosity). So cute, it gives you these "Awwww" feelings inside.

     The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band 
  • Sholmes slipping Ryunosuke's cuffs on and off without him noticing. He does so whenever it's time for a Course Correction segment, then puts them right back on without anyone in the room being the wiser.
  • Sholmes quickly establishes a habit of turning up in bizarre places, from upside-down on top of a desk to inside a wardrobe to dangling from a coat hook while wearing a tiara on top of his deerstalker. Ryunosuke's confused reaction every time this happens just sells it.
  • If you examine the ship's rules in Kazuma's cabin, they state weapons or dangerous objects and pets are not allowed. Susato, out loud, wonders which Ryunosuke qualifies as: a dangerous object or a pet.
  • In the localization, while looking through the ship's log, Sholmes sings a modified version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way".
  • Ryunosuke has his University Collar Pin, which is distinctly Japanese and he can choose to present it to Nikolina Pavlova, getting the response "That means nothing to me.", whereupon Susato Mikotoba, advises him to "at least choose a Japanese person who might recognize it.", whereupon Ryunosuke immediately tries to show it to her, and gets rebuffed. Then Ryunosuke immediately thinks about showing it to the last Japanese person in the area, the Inspector.
  • The snake on Bif Strogenov's head. Even funnier is the fact that everyone else is panicking over the sudden appearance of a massive reptile, but Strogenov simply stands there as if nothing is wrong. The snake turns out to be his pet, called Pirozhko, no less.
  • Herlock deduces that Pirozhko most likely snuck into Asogi's room and killed him, only for the theory to be debunked by Susato herself. The detective overdramatically laments how inadequate a snake is, twice.
    Sholmes: No hands, no feet, no EARS?! These creatures are so inept as to be practically useless!
    • The fan translation made a small joke at the expense of the fact the snake has no legs:
    Holmes: For it to not drink milk, or hear whistles, or climb a call bell, or even be venomous... indeed, one could say the fellow doesn't have a leg to stand on!

     The Adventure of the Runaway Room 
  • It is immediately established that Barok van Zieks does not mess around when he has the crime scene - a horse-drawn carriage - physically brought into the courtroom to serve as evidence. Additionally, it's listed as a Phoenix Wright Omnibus.
  • Gina Lestrade's entrance. She first sets off a military-grade smoke grenade, and then doesn't say a word until after having her skills as a pickpocket questioned, and repeatedly fires her smoke cannon at the Judge, Naruhodo, and others.
  • Despite van Zieks appearing to be threatening and very imposing with a Badass Cape and looking a lot like Dracula, he's actually one of the funniest prosecutors in the franchise. For instance, he repeatedly brings out a bottle of wine and a "holy grail"/"hallowed chalice", but is rarely ever seen actually drinking it and prefers to either crush it in his hand or throw it into the candelabra behind him. Eventually, he gets pissed and bluntly hoists his leg onto the desk to slam it. All while pleading forgiveness for his impudent actions while being 100% serious and blank about it.
  • The Judge channels his inner John Bercow when the court goes out of control.
    Judge: Ordaaaar! Ordaaaar!

     The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro 
  • After McGilded's trial, Ryunosuke and Susato managed to find a very nice hotel to stay for the night. Even though they enjoyed all the luxuries there, the stay ended up costing much more than they expected, a fact that they lament.
  • While in Stronghart's office, examining the suits of armor posed therein will have Ryu and Susato discuss how imposing they are. Susato confidently tells Ryu that "In Europe, suits of armor like these are always possessed by evil spirits," and "they roam around in the middle of the night." Makes you wonder just what else is in that Great Big Book of Everything she carries.
  • The defendant, victim and witnesses of this case have Non Standard Character Designs in various degrees, reinforcing the case's Lighter and Softer status.
  • After her introduction, Iris enacts her own "Logic and Reasoning Spectacular", surprising both Ryunosuke and Susato. Although more accurate than Mr. Sholmes', it still manages to be cute and funny at the same time.
  • In a hilarious case of Developer's Foresight, during the Dance of Deduction in the Garridebs' apartment, presenting the photograph without examining it causes a minor What the Hell, Player? in the form of Leaning on the Fourth Wall.
    Ryunosuke: Behind the lion statue on the mantelpiece, almost deliberately hidden from view, is a photograph. Though I have yet to examine it in detail, I can assure you that it holds the answer. Because I'm employing an extremely advanced detection technique called 'jumping to conclusions', you see!
  • Herlock's original deduction involves the Garridebs hiding a lion in their apartment, and he presents as proof their bills for impressive quantities of food. When he's told that said bills also include a whole lot of tea, he concludes that obviously, stepping on British soil is so impressive it would turn anything into a tea-drinker.
  • Joan repeatedly spills scalding hot tea on Mr. Garrideb. When they testify together in court, she actually pours tea into his pipe.
  • Juror No. 6's account of a birthday party involved birthday candles. Ryunosuke was shocked at this ritual of putting candles on a cake, thinking that Juror No. 6 was practicing devil worship. Even Susato found birthday candles strange. The birthday candles ended up causing a fire, leading Ryu to conclude that it's definitely devil worship.
  • Barok again pleads forgiveness for picking up his wine bottle and flinging it back into the gallery behind him.
  • Van Zieks gives a hilariously scathing line while berating Ryunosuke on his baseless arguments.
    Van Zieks: My learned Nipponese friend is obviously in training to be a clown the way he regales us with such witticisms. (Holds out his hallowed chalice) To your future career in the circus.
  • Juror No. 5 easily dodges Juror No. 4’s slaps, thanks to being a Henpecked Husband who has to constantly endure his wife’s temper.
  • The Running Gag of Roly and Patricia confessing their love to each other before hugging is pretty sappy during cross-examinations... but when shown for the fourth time:
    Roly: Oh, Pat!
    Patricia: Oh, Roly! [they hug]
    Ryunosuke: [annoyed] (Oh, please...)
  • The bouquet:
    • Ryunosuke could not recognize the rose because he can only recognize peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and cherry blossoms.
      Susato: Perhaps... you should consider branching out? Learning some that aren't fruit tree-based, for example?
    • He thinks that the wrapping paper on the bouquet is fancy, but Susato corrects him; they are just British newspapers. Ryunosuke then concluded that anything wrapped with stuff from Britain would look exotic. Susato then comments that wrapping Japanese treats (including stone-baked sweet potato) in British newspaper could give them the appearance of "some sort of fancy cake."
      Ryunosuke: (Ah, Susato-san, you do love your cakes...)
    • Van Zieks casually berates how pitiful the bouquet looks while presenting it to the court, offending Mrs. Beate.
  • When John faints after the deduction sequence taking place in his home, Joan is able to catch him easily, pietà style. When Joan faints after being exposed as Olive's (accidental) assailant in court, John attempts to do the same for her, only for him to visibly strain and eventually fall over in front of everyone in the courtroom. As a cherry on top, seeing him from behind shows a large burnt hole on the seat of his dressing gown and Comedic Underwear Exposure.

     The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story 
  • Sholmes falls into a deep and uncharacteristic depression when he fails to play his violin right, losing all of the manic energy he's displayed before and becoming almost Eeyore-like in disposition. Turns out the problem is that he's been trying to play a viola, a completely different instrument.
    • This is followed up by an incredibly dark moment that gets a laugh for how out of nowhere it is. The gang goes back to the shop to demand answers from the pawnbroker, who Sholmes thinks cheated him by intentionally giving him the wrong item (he didn't; Sholmes just grabbed it without asking or checking). The pawnbroker profusely apologizes and insists that he'll make things right, running off to the back room. He comes back with a revolver pointed at his head, sobbing that he must kill himself to atone. The sheer Mood Whiplash stuns Sholmes as much as it does the player, immediately snapping him out of his rage and into embarrassment as he remembers it was his fault in the first place.
  • For viewers of ProtonJon, the fact that the man who introduces himself as "Eggert Benedict" somewhat resembles Albert Wesker in appearance is quite amusing.
  • During Sholmes' Logic and Reasoning Spectacular, if you examine the handle on Benedict's cane, Ryunosuke starts to wonder that if the cane were a broken shovel, he might simply call it a spade (a nod to the shovels vs. spades debate).
  • When you first visit the hospital after Sholmes gets shot, all you find is an empty bed and a cop explaining that he's been on the operating table for several hours and will probably be on there for quite a bit more. Iris starts panicking until he adds that it's mainly because Sholmes overdosed on coffee the previous night and they're having a hard time putting him to sleep.
  • Upon meeting Iris, Inspector Gregson acts like a totally different person, treating her like a princess. The reason? Sholmes complimented him in one of Iris's stories, which gave him celebrity status at Scotland Yard and caused his salary to double overnight. Now he's terrified that if he ever gets on Sholmes's or Iris's bad side, they'll retract that compliment in a future story and he'll lose all of those perks.
  • The jury arrangement of this trial:
    • Juror No. 1 is Mr. Garrideb, who looks a bit too enthusiastic for the role and addresses his fellow jurors as if they were his squad members. He can also be seen stealing glances at the attractive Juror No. 2 (the maid who occupied the same position in McGilded's trial). Though in his case it's probably less because she's attractive and more because he's still bitter about not being able to afford a maid.
    • Juror No. 4 is the hard-of-hearing elderly gentleman who acted as No. 6 in Natsume's trial. He's revealed to be a surgeon. He keeps wondering where he left his scalpel after his latest operation, and is worried that he may have left it inside the patient. Instead of using his fist to cast his vote like the other jurors, he slams his head so that his gloves stay clean.
    • Juror No. 5 is the prim office lady who was No. 4 in McGilded's trial. This time she's shown constantly tapping a telegraph.
    • Juror No. 6 is Vilen Borshevik, the Russian revolutionary who was mentioned in The Speckled Band. Ryunosuke can only question how the hell he was even chosen in the first place. He also keeps asking for directions to the Crystal Tower, implying that either he was using it to keep up his "tourist" front and hide his true identity, or Sholmes's deduction about him wanting to blow it up was correct.
  • During the first Summation Examination, when it's revealed through stereoscopy that the items on Windibank's counter have moved, everyone in the courtroom begins holding the two photos and crossing their eyes, including Iris and the Judge. Van Zieks, on the other hand, simply uses a portable stereoscope. After this, Juror No. 5 becomes impressed with stereoscopy and plans to buy a stereoscope after the trial.
  • Juror No. 4 is eventually revealed to be the one who operated on Sholmes.
  • The Skulkin Brothers are accompanied by Inspector Gregson, who keeps an eye on them while they testify in court. For some reason, the brothers see Gregson as replacement for their missing big brother Sulky, much to the inspector's chagrin.
  • The Skulkin Brothers are addressed collectively as "Mr. and Mr. Skulkin". Try saying that with a straight face.
  • When the Skulkin Brothers "reenact" Mr. Windibank's murder, Ryunosuke remarks (to himself) that they should have pursued a career in acting.
  • The Skulkin Brothers repeatedly dive under the metaphorical bus rather than being thrown under it, and don't so much throw Graydon under the bus as they do drive it over him, reverse, and go back over him.
  • During Graydon's final testimony, when you press his sixth statement, Graydon's slip-up of a statement surprises Nash and ticks off Gregson, prompting the latter to strangle Nash a la The Simpsons. When you look around in an effort to pursue Nash, you can see that Gregson is strangling him. Even though the reason for such an out-of-character outburst is explained later, that moment really comes out of nowhere.
    Gregson: You little toerag! [starts "strangling" Nash]
  • After his Big Damn Heroes moment in court, Sholmes passes out due to exhaustion from his injury, using the comical "falling over" animation normally seen when he's caught off guard.
    Sholmes: Well then, Mr. Naruhodo. It's high time I... fell in a dead faint. The rest... I leave it up... to you. [*THUD*]
  • When presenting the Cat-Flapomatic, Barok von Zieks questions its ability to cut through doors, dismissing it as a toy. Iris demonstrates the contrary. How? Apparently at some point, she made a cat flap in the door of the Old Bailey. Which she then calls Wagahai in through.
    Judge: Young lady! This is the Old Bailey! One does not make cat flaps in the oak panelling at the Old Bailey!
  • At the end of the case, Sholmes disguises himself as one of the bailiffs guarding the defendants' antechamber door. Even the other bailiff didn't know, and turns to look at him when he finally speaks up... Which he did because Ryunosuke and Gina didn't notice he was there.
    Sholmes: Pardon the interruption... but what the deuce does a man have to do to be noticed around here... my dear fellow?
    Ryunosuke: Ah! Th-That voice!
    Sholmes: It's too late for 'th-that voice' now...Mr. Naruhodo! I've been standing here patiently in the corner of the room for an eternity! 'Ah ha ha! Yes, it was me all along!' I would have said when finally you noticed me. [becomes angry] But you people! With your incessant babbling!
    Gina: Aah! M-Mr. Sholmes!
    Sholmes: 'Ah ha ha! Yes, it was me all along!' ...You see?
  • And then, when Ryunosuke asks him why he's not resting in the hospital:
    Ryunosuke: I'd, I'd assumed you'd been taken back to the hospital, to be honest.
    Sholmes: Indeed I was ...But I managed to escape again!
    Ryunosuke: [unamused] Oh.
    • And then he touches Ryunosuke's neck with his bare fingers to show him that he might have gotten cold because of the loss of the "substantial amount of blood" due to being shot in the pouch.
      Sholmes: So I have indeed been feeling somewhat cold. Not perhaps as cold as ice, but... Well, have a feel!
      Ryunosuke: ...Could you take your hands off my neck please, Mr. Sholmes?
  • In a meta-sense regarding the circumstances of how the victim died, the recurring ballistic markings term the fans may be sick of due to the repeated explanations of it in past titles cannot be used here, since there's a central mystery about whose gun fired which of the three bullets in play which could've been easily explained in the defence's favour if ballistic markings were usable in this game.

     Randst Magazine Escapades 
  • Episode 1: The Defendant's Antechamber
    • It turns out that Kazuma's Achilles' Heel is his inability to say tongue twisters. During a speech contest, the final words he said were an alliterations which caused him to flub the words. He attempted to fix himself only to mess up again and he floundered long enough that the crowd started to heckle him.
    • After Kazuma triumphantly says a tongue twister that inspired his red headband, Ryunosuke informs him that he got the tongue twister wrong. When Kazuma tries to say the correct tongue twister, he fails almost immediately.
  • Episode 2: In a First Class Cabin
    • Kazuma, like the other Japanese characters, mishears Herlock and refers to him as "Herr Lock Sholmes".
    • Ryunosuke starts thinking the ship may be haunted with a meat-loving ghost after extra rib roast bones are found in the wardrobe.
  • Episode 3: At the British Supreme Court
    • Stronghart asks Ryunosuke, if he were a British statesman, what he would put a tax on. After giving him a few seconds to think about it, Ryunosuke answers air. To top it off, "Pursuit - The Great Turnabout" plays at this moment!
    • And when Gregson is asked the same question, he proposes a tax on Objections, as he heard far too many of them in court recently.
  • Episode 4: In Sholmes' Suite
  • Episode 5: At Naruhodo's Legal Consultancy
    • Sholmes once told Ryunosuke that a top hat was a collapsible pot stand.
    • Ryunosuke decided to purchase a top hat, because he's seen so many British gentlemen wearing them. Unfortunately, when he tries it on, Susato and Iris start laughing at him. They later do the same thing when Sholmes tries one on.
    • Ryunosuke makes a comment about how silly Sholmes' deerstalker looks, theorizing that he only wears it because it has two brims, so if he puts it on backwards nobody will notice. Susato tries to defend it, but...
    • Sholmes comes in with a redesigned deerstalker, with brims on all sides of it so that he he can put it on in any way and not look foolish. A dismayed Susato remarks that Ryunosuke's theory may have some weight behind it.
  • Episode 6: In Mr. Natsume's Room
    • Poor Soseki feels like an outcast in London. He thought he saw a fellow outcast on the street once, but it was just his own reflection in a store window.
    • Joan Garrideb forced Soseki to try riding a bicycle, despite his many protests. He apparently survived his attempts with only minor injuries.
    • Sholmes is distraught to learn that there is no Japanese kanji to represent his name, claiming that as the Great Detective he deserves one.
  • Episode 8: In the Bailey
    • Sholmes gets accused of the murder of Madame Rosie and has strong evidence against him with her dying breath cursing Sholmes' name. However Sholmes manages to reveal that Gregson was the murderer. Not only that, Madame Rosie is actually a parakeet, not a person that Ryunosuke, van Zieks, or the Judge were led to believe. Gregson confesses to it as if he murdered a person.
      • And then, of course, it turns out to be All Just a Daydream by Lord van Zieks, as Gregson wakes him up and confesses that Madame Rosie is not dead, just under the care of Lord Stronghart.


The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

     The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney 
  • Rei Membami can't stop fawning over how dashing Susato looks in a male outfit, even after the latter reveals her true identity. After the trial is over, she voices her notion to have “Ryutaro” take her out on a date.
  • "Ryutaro" has the same nervous habits as Ryunosuke so to see Susato have restless eyes, raising her hand like a student, gets thrown back to the bench when the case goes against her, and slapping herself to reinvigorate is amusing.
    • However, her exasperated/annoyed animation is different. Instead of being overly dramatic like most attorneys, she merely looks mildly disappointed.
  • Inspector Hosonaga shows up again. His disguise this time consists of an Old-Timey Bathing Suit, a beach towel, and… a small turtle strapped to his head.
  • Prosecutor Auchi uses the word "yokel" to mock the defense attorney's rural background. As the trial progresses, he ends up using that word to insult everyone who damages his case.
  • Press Inspector Hosonaga’s statement about how it is common sense not to hastily pull the knife out of the victim’s body, and Susato will try to state that Rei lacks any common sense.
  • If you inspect the picture of Soseki and Mikotoba, Mikotoba comments that the picture was taken seconds before Soseki karate chopped him in the neck with his wild hand gestures.
  • When examining the label on the chemical reagent, Susato notices that said label was written in German, a thing that her father is aware of. She tells him that he should have written "Medicine" in Japanese, and Mikotoba agrees, although he wonders if said medicine may not be as it seems.
  • In a Black Comedy way, Jezaille Brett, real name Asa Shinn, was an assassin working for Mael Stronghart as part of the conspiracy behind the "Reaper of the Old Bailey". Raiten Menimemo, a random Japanese journalist, managed to kill a British governmental assassin involved in the conspiracy, simply because she kept throwing racist insults at him. Had she been a little nicer, she might have been able to walk away alive and get away with everything.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi's "breakdown" upon losing to a Naruhodo again (actually Susato, but he doesn't know that) is yet more Black Comedy. He gets out a ritual knife and it looks like he's ready to commit Seppuku right there, and yells at everyone to shut up when they say he's overreacting. The sad version of Asogi's theme starts playing, and he recites a death poem, winces, grabs the knife and... cuts off the clump of hair on his forehead, which was starting to grow back from his previous defeat. And the game still acts like this is a major tragedy, with the sad music still playing as the hairs blow away, and everyone else in the courtroom looks like they're giving a "moment of silence". This includes Hosonaga, who is still wearing his ridiculous swimsuit.
    "Sprig of my topknot...the time is right for farewell...
    Hope is lost forever." — Taketsuchi
  • After the trial is over, Hosonaga and Natsume walk in on Susato, Rei and Yujin discussing the former's disguise. They are both taken completely off guard by the revelation of her disguise.
    Soseki: I had no idea, Miss Susato-san Esquiress, that you were Locum Student Naruhodo-san Esquire's cousin!
  • Menimemo then enters the defendant lobby after escaping the bailiffs to confront Professor Mikotoba. Things get tense as he tries to press him about Asogi's death... and then Judge Jigoku barges in and tosses Menimemo across the room.

     The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro 
  • William Shamspeare. In a World of Ham, he manages to out-ham everyone, while making some of the most absurd gestures in the series. Any moment he's on screen is bound to be hysterical. Well, until you find out what he's really like...
  • Sholmes's first deduction, where he concludes that, in a fit of destitute hunger, Shamspeare decided to chow down on a bar of soap, causing him to pass out. He eventually reveals that he once tried the same thing in an attempt to "clean his stomach", which, of course ended with him puking, proving his hypothesis correct.
  • Shamspeare is first seen slumping over his table, motionless. Everyone assumes he's dead and investigates the crime scene as usual, until he suddenly stands up, quoting Macbeth while a "spotlight" shines on him. He struggles to complete the quote and Inspector Gregson decides to fill in the rest. Shamspeare expresses delight at the inspector's interjection, then promptly passes out by ragdolling onto the floor. Ryunosuke's reaction to the whole scene is screaming "WALKING DEAD!"
  • Ryunosuke calls teacups "Western vessels for infused hot drinks." Examining the other teacup has him react with shock, only for Susato to scold him midway.
    Ryunosuke: It's, it's another Western vessel for infused-
  • Soseki decides to cope with being brought to British court the second time by closing his eyes shut and repeatedly muttering "I am a cat" to himself while in his jail cell.
  • Soseki and Shamspeare's "literary debate" is a power level debate about Romeo versus Juliet. And how did they resolve it? By actually fighting. While costumed as Romeo and Juliet. Soseki as Juliet won.
    Ryunosuke: Juliet beat up Romeo? This is not helping our case...
  • After the first Jury Summation, Shamspeare says that Metermann's claims of him stealing gas are "that which concern (the gasman) most - nought but gas! Nought but thin air! Ay, it burneth bright for a while, but it hath no substance. And it doth reek foul!" It's the most Shakespearean way possible to tell somebody they're full of shit.
  • Pursuing Shamspeare without prompting causes him to regale a story about the time he tried to go to a nunnery once, and then attempt to break into it when it was closed, simply because...well, he can't very well tell people to go to the nunnery without going there once, can he?
  • Juror No. 5 complains that his wife serves him "sketchy" tea when he fails to bring money home, describing his wife putting some white powder in it, making the tea taste very salty. Susato points out to him that it's just salt. Juror No. 5 sees that as an insult over how his wife isn't even trying to properly poison him.
  • The second Jury Summation, where Jurors No. 2 and 3 seem to care more about complaining about gas than the actual poisoning. It comes to poor Ryunosuke to try (and fail) to get them to stay on topic, and he gets scouted (by Juror No. 4) to become the gas company's lawyer.
  • Once Ryunosuke shows the possibility of Shamspeare blowing into the gas pipe, the jurors wonder why he would do that. One juror suggests maybe Shamspeare was so poor he tried to fill up on gas instead of food, while another suggests he was practicing a kiss scene with the pipe because there wasn't an actress who would kiss him. Shamspeare openly takes offense to that last theory.
  • Of all things, van Zieks's dry observations of the two witnesses introducing themselves.
    Shamspeare: William Shamspeare, my liege. For mine occupation, I can say only... that I be a tragic victim. To be pitied.
    Van Zieks: Currently unemployed, in other words.
    Green: I'm Olive Green. I'm a fledgling artist... well, no... not a fledgling, really. A hopeless failure who's too weak-spirited to admit she has no talent, I suppose...
    Van Zieks: Also currently unemployed, in other words.
    Ryunosuke: (What a coterie...)
  • After Ryunosuke asserts that Olive broke into Shamspeare's room, the thespian becomes so shocked that he struggles to keep his Antiquated Linguistics while asking Olive whether it was true.
  • When Ryunosuke accuses Olive of attempting to murder Shamspeare, he looks at her with the most shocked expression, like he can't just believe it.

     The Return of the Great Departed Soul 
  • Chief Justice Stronghart, when talking about the International Forensic Science Symposium:
    • He exclaims "Exactly!", accompanied by his dramatic "open arms" pose and Disturbed Doves in the background, exactly three times. Iris is startled every time it happens.
    • He also details 12 solid arguments and 223 individual reasons for supporting the application of forensic science in criminal investigations. The speech gets so long that most of his lines are displayed as endless ellipses, the screen blurs and fades to black in the middle of his spiel, then fades back in near the end. When the Chief Justice checks the time later, apparently the speech lasted several hours.
    • It should be noted that Stronghart said he was running late for a meeting also by several hours just before divulging in this speech.
      • To be precise he states that he was a full eleven hours and sixteen minutes late to the meeting. To put that into perspective, if one consisders that the game states that it was 9:36 am before Ryunosuke left the Sholmes residence and therefore arrived at Chief Justice's office around 10:00 am to 10:30 am, that implies the meeting started either yesterday or very early in the morning considering Ryunosuke still had time to investigate after this exchange.
  • Checking things out in Barok van Zieks' office can earn some funny moments, with the prosecutor complaining about Ryu and Iris talking to each other within his earshot:
    • Ryunosuke is impressed by how well-made van Zieks' wine chalices are. After the prosecutor reveals the exquisite craftsmanship behind them, Iris asks him why he keeps breaking them as if they were worthless. Van Zieks blames it on Ryu's antics in court.
    • When examining the prominent scale model of the exhibition grounds in the middle of the office, Iris wonders if van Zieks made it because he wanted to go to the Great Exhibition but couldn't. The prosecutor clarifies that it was for investigative purposes.
    • Upon examining the wine casks, Ryunosuke fears that they may actually be "caskets" holding the remains of the Reaper's victims. The wine-loving prosecutor promptly dismisses that notion. What sells this is Iris' "shocked" animation playing extremely slowly during the suggestion about them being corpses.
    • Ryunosuke comments that the artist who drew the large portrait failed to capture van Zieks' facial features. Van Zieks has to clarify that it portrays a different person (which foreshadows the fact that the portrait is of his late brother, Klint van Zieks). They don't just comment that the portrait fails to capture his features, they also wonder if he commissioned the artist to make him look more handsome, therefore implying that Barok van Zieks isn't attractive.
    • There are bats in his office that Ryunosuke believes to be his familiars. Ryunosuke and Iris also believe that his apprentice, who was sitting on the floor nearby, must be a familiar too, as they can't comprehend the idea of van Zieks having friends.
    • Once you're finished with talking to van Zieks, he'll stand next to his desk. If you try and talk to him, he'll stay silent. Iris points out that he's ignoring Ryunosuke and van Zieks will tell her that the prosecution and defence shouldn't talk to each other out of the courtroom. Iris expresses delight that he's talking to her though.
      Iris (smiling and blushing): Hehe! Did you see that? He spoke to me, Runo!
  • When in his most excited state, Professor Harebrayne holds his hands in the air, wriggles his body and has a rather unsettling smile on his face, not unlike a run-of-the-mill Mad Scientist.
  • The first visit to the wax museum:
    • Ryunosuke freaks out at the crime-themed exhibits and shakily blurts out a number of horror stories related to wax he has heard. Iris tries to point out that none of the statues are real, but Ryunosuke refuses to believe it due to how lifelike they look.
    • A wax figure of Herlock suddenly appears in one of the exhibits. Naturally, it's the real thing just messing with Ryunosuke, and reveals himself quickly.
    • There is a stepladder in that gallery which Ryunosuke and Iris comment on. Iris even uses the "cultural assumptions" bit from the first game's stepladder argument.
      • At the second time with Susato, she comments that it is a stepladder and Ryunosuke stops commenting and feeling he dodged a bullet there guessing if he were to continue he would have suffered another takedown.
      • In the remaster you get an achievement for triggering both of these conversations.
    • Iris (who knows about his one-day wax-play deal) goes up to kick him hard to show how the "figure" doesn't react. The character model violently shakes, but he doesn't move otherwise... until Ryunosuke starts scolding Iris about kicking the exhibits. That's when Herlock silently doubles over in pain in the background. He does attempt to maintain the illusion, but he drops it when Ryu ignores him and pretends he didn't see anything.
    • After every dialogue choice you go through, Sholmes freezes and "goes back to being a wax figure".
    • Madame Tusspells, the curator, reveals herself to be a young woman in a witch costume. She explains that the "Madame" is meant to add a mysterious vibe (in her own words, "je ne sais quoi") to her name. She also threatens to throw a cauldron of boiling wax at Sholmes to make him get back to wax figure duty.
    • Sholmes's first deduction, where he concludes that the unconscious man fainted from buyer's remorse after handing over £200 (about £26,000 in current money) for a wax sculpture.
    • The reason why there's an unconscious man (who also happens to be a past juror) lying in the middle of her special exhibit: He was caught nicking a mannequin's arm, only to be caught by Tusspells who grabbed said arm and smashed him over the head with it.
  • If you examine the fireplace in Sholmes' residence while Iris is in the party, Iris mentions a time when Herlock tried to save money on a chimney sweep by attempting to climb up the flue to do it himself, only to get himself stuck. He apparently gets nightmares about it whenever he dozes off near the fire.
    Ryunosuke: He's a very slim man, I admit, but there are limits to where a fully grown man can fit.
  • Pursue Harebrayne without prompting and he'll start scribbling down equations and blurt out "It's 4!" followed by eating the paper. When Ryunosuke asks him about this, he'll say he's found a secret coefficient and ate the paper to protect the secret, only to have forgotten what it was. Ryunosuke tells him he blurted out the number 4, and Harebrayne freaks out. To add to it, this has a unique animation of Harebrayne eating his papers that's never played in any other situation!
  • Gina manages to get out of doing menial investigative work by convincing Gregson that she can't count past the number two.
    Ryunosuke: Poor Inspector Gregson.
  • At one time when Master Gotts thinks that Balthazar Lune is insulting him for telling the courtroom about what he saw, he lets go of the balloon and yells that "zere vill be vor [i.e. "war"]! An all-out vor!", before he cheerfully pays Lune another coin for another balloon.
    Ryunosuke: (Whatever happened to "all-out war"?)
  • Everyone's reactions to Ryunosuke not knowing what a time bomb is.
  • Herlock's initial theory in the chapter's second deduction sequence is one of the most absurd yet. At a room that looks like it was ransacked, he concludes Enoch Drebber built a gravity-reversing device, flipped gravity in the room, and set a timer to flip gravity back to normal. Everyone else in the room responds with Stunned Silence.
    • The Course Correction also has another great moment, where Herlock gets Ryunosuke to recall an event in which he had bought a lottery ticket to demonstrate Drebber's motive for flipping the furniture in the room (it was to get the safe combination written under a piece of furniture) - Ryunosuke wrote down his lottery ticket combination on a book (despite the fact that it' know, a lottery ticket) and flipped open every book on his shelf trying to find it during the draw. And then he misplaces the magazine where he kept the ticket in the first place!
    • At the end of it, Enoch Drebber of all people has to remind everyone that there's still the live ticking time bomb in the room.
    • When Gregson calls Drebber out on trying to kill them all, Drebber explains that he wasn't trying to kill them. He deliberately set the timer to give the heroes enough time to notice the bomb and get to safety. He did not expect them to stand around talking about it. Nor could he have predicted Herlock mistaking it for an anti-gravity device and assuring everyone that it was safe. Nobody is particularly pleased with Herlock.
  • The first thing Barok van Zieks' apprentice does in court: draws his sword, performs an impeccable slash, which... pops the prosecutor's wine bottle open.
    • When van Zieks throws the chalice into the candelabra behind him, his apprentice casually leans back to dodge it.
  • Madame Tusspells is summoned to the stand. She’s seen working on her latest creation: a wax figure… of Sholmes.
  • As creepy as the detailed description of rigor mortis sounds, Ryunosuke's reaction is pretty hilarious.
  • When the wax museum is brought up, Barok disdainfully reveals that he's got his own waxwork statue there, which brings up the mental image of him standing patiently while Tusspells tries to get his details correct.

     Twisted Karma and His Last Bow 
  • Herlock's encounter with the Red-Headed League, which he tried to apply for in desperation of earning money for the rent after having taken chemicals that made his hair turn red. The League instantly recognized him thinking he was wearing a disguise. Embarrassed, he could do nothing to save face but to whisper "Don't give me away," before going straight home. The next day, Herlock woke up and stared at his red hair for several minutes before getting annoyed by his shame, and then he got the redheads arrested by calling Scotland Yard's attention to them.
    • And then there's the reason why Herlock was so desperate for money when he'd just solved a big case at the wax museum. He spent most of it on a car.
  • When his client arrives, Sholmes expresses delight at her arrival, voicing his willingness to take any kind of case, except locating a runaway. The client, Mrs. Vigil, immediately asks the detective to find her missing husband. Sholmes is devastated but quickly recovers and asks Iris to brew some tea. And once she's gone he immediately pawns the task off to Ryunosuke and Susato.
  • Barry Caidin, the enormous, muscular governor of Barclay Prison, drinks tea out of dainty little cups and enjoys pairing it with tiny, handcuff-shaped biscuits, which according to Iris are as hard as iron, just like real handcuffs.
  • After Ryunosuke and Susato's first visit to Barclay prison, they go back to 221B Baker Street. Sholmes comes out to greet them, with his hair being turned blue, which is caused by a failed antidote.
  • When Ryunosuke and Susato find out van Zieks was accused of Inspector Gregson's murder, they rush to his jail cell. And what does van Zieks say upon seeing them?
    Lord van Zieks: ...Fancy meeting you here.
  • At the crime scene, Ryunosuke wonders why van Zieks would pick up the gun after hearing a gunshot since it immediately implicated him as the prime suspect, to which Susato comments that he shouldn't be one to talk since he did the exact same thing in "The Adventure of the Great Departure". Ryunosuke claims that next time he witnesses a murder, he's just going to run, to which Susato responds that one of their defendants (Soseki) has done that before too.
  • If you show van Zieks the newspaper advertising the Red-Headed League, he'll make a snide remark that Ryunosuke would try to join if there was a Black-Headed League. Then he begins to wonder what colored league he would be able to join, and looks genuinely concerned about it.
    Susato: People are troubled by the most unexpected problems at times...
  • The murder weapon is a unique revolver assigned to law enforcement including prosectors. van Zieks' claim why it isn't his? Just bluntly that he lost it. When asked about it, he's unsure if he actually dropped his or put it somewhere and forgot.
  • Venus, the firecracker seller, is revealed to be a Compulsive Liar. This leads to a sequence where she answers different questions along the lines of "How could I have done [X]", followed by Kazuma's stern response "The truth, please." This happens exactly three times.
    • Earlier, she offered to sell Ryunosuke her hundred-firecracker special at six-hundred pence, to which Kazuma, Susato, and the Judge practically order him to buy it. They also pressure Ryunosuke to pay Gossip for his tips. When it comes to Sandwich though, who doesn't have anything to sell, Kazuma expresses disappointment that he can't force Ryunosuke to buy from him.
    • You'd also be forgiven for thinking that you were cross-examining Baby Bonnie Hood.
  • Speaking of Sandwich, he is clearly Beppo, the omnibus driver from McGilded's trial. He denies being the same person when asked, though Susato observes that his usual trembling has suddenly intensified.
  • After Peppino cries upon being cornered, Fabien starts tearing up as well before the judge tells them to testify about what happened during the red-headed duo's meeting with Gregson. The result? A crazy sob-story of a testimony delivered by two grown men, who weep throughout the process like two overgrown kids confessing to doing something bad.
    Ryunosuke: [summing it up in an inner monologue] (Oh, for crying out loud...)
  • When the Judge decides to verify Gossip's true identity, he calls the bailiff to bring some soap, a sponge and a washbowl, then orders Fabien and Peppino to restrain the witness. The red-headed pair salute the Judge then promptly do as they are told.
  • Taking a visit to Maria Gorey will reveal that, due to the fact that the fish in Gregson's fish n' chips having rotted, the time of his death is indeterminate and Maria edits the autopsy report accordingly. In other words, you updated the autopsy report. She's also clearly taken over the mortuary from her mother, which is notably now decked out in frilly purple decorations.
  • Checking the wine-related items in the Prosecutor Office will prompt Kazuma to mention how particular van Zieks is about their upkeep, to which Ryunosuke remarks that being his apprentice must be a very difficult and demanding job. Kazuma reveals that it's actually quite easy, because van Zieks is so particular about these items that he does not trust anyone other than himself to handle them. Imagine the intimidating prosecutor meticulously cleaning his "hallowed chalices" and rearranging his bulky wine casks all by himself.
  • Toby licking Ryunosuke into unconsiousness. Complete with the incredibly dramatic "Trial in Disorder" playing over it.
  • The deduction sequence about "who is this masked man singing German?" and "why is Iris so quiet" takes a sharp turn for comedy while fixing Sholmes' second deduction. Upon pointing out that the chest is significant for Iris's silence, Sholmes naturally goes to open it. Iris breaks her silence a moment too late, as a spring-loaded boxing glove decks Sholmes in the chin, sending him flying off the top of the screen, hitting the ceiling and subsequently landing on top of Yujin Mikotoba in the same awkward pose. Thus, Ryunosuke and Susato have to fill in for him to complete the dance.
    Ryunosuke: He’s dead...
    • Partway through Ryunosuke and Susato's dance, Runo presents a theory that's almost as absurd as the ones Sholmes proposes that you have to correct (the mask, tablecloth, and teacup all flew in the air to land perfectly on Yujin). Except this time, it's right.
  • After the revelation of Sholmes' former partner being Professor Mikotoba, Susato puts on her most serious face and asks her father whether he is also Iris' father (since Iris believes her father was Sholmes' partner). Yujin gets caught totally off guard, vehemently denies Susato's allegation and asks Sholmes to back him up. However, Sholmes decides to mess with his old friend by telling Susato she's on the mark. Yujin struggles to explain, which apparently angers his daughter even further as she looks more than ready to judo-throw him. Fortunately, Sholmes cuts off the heated conversation by dragging Yujin off for an investigation of their own, defusing the situation.

     The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo 
  • Despite van Zieks being on the witness dock, he still makes objections, holds his wine, and does his infamous leg slams as if he were the prosecutor.
    Barok van Zieks: …Pray forgive the discourtesy of filling my hallowed chalice whilst I stand accused of murder.
  • When Runo pulls on the rabbit ears of Iris' lucky charm, Sholmes gives out an "Ow ow ow ow ow ow!" Scene cuts to Sholmes himself, who explains that he and Yujin Mikotoba are on the S.S. Grouse in search of Judge Jigoku. Sholmes gets another jolt of pain, this time from Susato communicating with him while unknowingly tugging at the bunny ears before getting another jolt from Runo taking the lucky charm by the rabbit ears. When Mikotoba (in first-person perspective) asks what going on with all the tugging at the ears, Sholmes insists that it was Iris' invention, not his. And to bring the point home, the little pink bear animatronic tugging at Sholmes' left ear is simply cute and hilarious.
    • And after the trial ends in victory, we hear a "ding-dong" sound before Runo suddenly feels a jolt of pain from his pocket... before discovering that Sholmes is the one congratulating him in communication via a lucky charm pull as an effort to teach him a lesson not to pull on Iris' lucky charm by the ears too hard in the first place. This is followed by Iris doing the same "charm pull" on Runo to congratulate him on a job well done.
  • The investigation in the SS Grouse has several great moments:
    • Sholmes tells Mikotoba to distract Tchikin Strogenov...out in the open. Which Strogenov calls him out on, and he reacts thusly.
      Sholmes: Curses! The plan is ruined!
    • Choosing to use the mousetrap to distract Strogenov will make Mikotoba do an unflattering mouse impression. Sholmes suggests that it didn't work because Mikotoba did an impression of a Japanese mouse when he should have done one of a Russian mouse instead, but acknowledges that either would be too obvious.
    • If you choose to use the light switch for the distraction, Mikotoba turns off the lights and signals Sholmes to unlock the door to the cabin...only to trip over absolutely nothing, which Sholmes ribs him on when the lights are turned back on.
    • The rules of the ferry ships have been updated since The Speckled Band. In addition to barring pets and weapons from passengers' cargo, there's now a section forbidding stowaways from coming aboard in other passengers' luggage or hiding in their wardrobes.
  • When doing the Dance of Deduction with Sholmes, Mikotoba tap dances after every deduction. It's so unexpected of the otherwise cool-headed and rational Mikotoba, and it makes it clear that, despite his usual composure, he's not quite the contrast to the quirky and unusual Sholmes he seems to be at first.
  • Judge Jigoku is eventually found hiding in his own trunk and his awkward posture, resulting from cramming himself in there, is actually shown.
  • As Sholmes and Mikotoba are talking about the telegram they had sent to Japan, Hosonaga's portrait appears once they mention him... and it's the portrait where he has a turtle on his head.
  • When Yujin takes the witness stand, he is unexpectedly joined by Dr. Maria Gorey, who is shown standing side-on to the camera staring directly at Yujin. According to Yujin, she's been doing that for some time, and he doesn't know why.
    Yujin: I'm afraid I can't tell you why she's here. She just... appeared. [...] I've had her eyes boring into the side of my cheek constantly. Whilst I was in the antechamber, too.
  • Prison governor Caidin does an Angry Collar Grab on Daley Vigil for the latter hiding Genshin's secret from him. Later on, Daley gets back at Caidin by taunting him, wriggling his own body as if Caidin were shaking him again. His cravat even sticks out as though Caidin were grabbing it.
  • If you present the wrong evidence when you are trying to prove an inconsistency in one of the remarks made earlier in the trial about the Professor case, Kazuma will solemnly declare that the evidence is crying.
  • The bailiff's attempts at seizing a hologram of Sholmes on orders of Stronghart. While it is during one of the most emotionally charged portions of the trial, seeing Sholmes outright do a dance number never seen before in the game at their attempts is hilarious and must be seen to be believed.
    • Even funnier when you remember the circumstances on the other end of the hologram: Sholmes is doing this silly dance in front of the Queen.
  • Mael Stronghart could have had at least a more dignified defeat had he not unnecessarily declared Judge Jigoku guilty earlier in the trial (since he’s not the defendant), activating the guilty votes in the process. When Stronghart falls onto the jury bench, accidentally triggering the guilty votes again, the extra weight on the Guilty side is what caused the Scale of Justice to break, resulting in a massive explosion that covers him in soot.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue has some gems:
    • Daley Vigil shares the same prison cell with the red-headed duo, reenacting his "Gossip" persona without his disguise. His wife watches on with a warm expression on her face, telling him that she's glad he's made some new friends.
    • Inspector Hosonaga is put on trial for being accused of illegal entry into Judge Jigoku's office, and for some reason he has hired Soseki (who is covered in kittens) to defend him, with Rei as his assistant. Hosonaga can only remark that he should have sprung for an actual defense lawyer.

     The Great Ace Attorney Theater 
  • Japan Episode:
  • London Episode:
    • This entire case is a Take That! against Barok van Zieks.
    • Sholmes presses Gregson about saying that Iris had no possible reason to walk away quickly upon seeing van Zieks near the Prosecutor's Office.
      Sholmes: If you think about it, a young girl like Iris, seeing such a grim and intimidating face as that man's, would naturally run away, wouldn't she?
      Iris: Yes, naturally I would.
      Van Zieks: Objection!!
      Van Zieks: My countenance is not the subject of discussion here! It's the suspiciousness of the defendant's actions that's the point!
      Sholmes: Yes, but you must admit that there is something the matter with your face, surely.
      Van Zieks: *takes critical damage*
    • Sholmes asks van Zieks to actually try drinking the wine he'd just thrown away or crushed 3 glasses of. Van Zieks does so, after a full 15 seconds of animation windup... then promptly does a Spit Take.
      • It turned out that the wine had been replaced by old tea which happened to be a similar color. Despite going through the motions of swirling and sniffing it, he couldn't tell the difference.
    • Ryunosuke's theory of how van Zieks's silver cup came to be tarnished inside, after his own silver watch had become tarnished from sulfurous water near an onsen.
      Ryunosuke: So, supposing Lord van Zieks were at an onsen, soaking in the warm water, sipping from his hallowed chalice at the same time, then—
      Van Zieks: Do not put me in the same category as you!!
  • Special Trial 2017:
    • When trial started, Phoenix asks where he, Maya, and the judge are. The judge replies that there was a time warp and they are in the Meiji era. Phoenix is understandably shocked at which time period they are in.
    • When Ryunosuke and Phoenix introduce themselves, they noticed they have the same last name, at least in the Japanese version, Susato asks if Phoenix is Ryunosuke's brother since they have the same spikiness. After Phoenix remembers that he was told that there was someone in his family tree called Ryunosuke Naruhodo, meaning that Ryunosuke is Phoenix's ancestor, Maya called Ryunosuke gramps, which made Ryunosuke feel very old.
      • Afterwards, Maya asks if Susato is her ancestor, but she replies that she is not. So Maya asks her to become an honorary ancestor to the Fey clan, which Susato agrees to it. Ryunosuke says that Maya made an illogical request in history.
    • Susato and Ryunosuke don't know a lot about modern technology, due to being in the Meiji era, since the Meiji era took place a hundred years ago. So they don't know what an anime, television, and an orchestral concert are.
    • When Susato mentions Beethoven, Monzart, and Bahha. Phoenix doesn't know who the last one was. Maya replies that she meant Bach, and she said that a lot of Western names can be a bent into Japanese. In another translation, Phoenix replies he can't read the textboxes, but he thinks they are happy. Maya ends up asking why back then that everyone has to write in kanji, since they are hard to read. Phoenix replies that Shakespeare was called Sao back then. Maya then says thinks that an “o” will be cool to add at the end of his name, Nicko. He replies he that adding an o would make him an old man.
    • When the judge mention that everything started with their great forefathers, Phoenix objects to that statement, since he noticed a contradiction. He noticed how Ryunosuke looks a little too smooth, due to his animation. Phoenix, Maya, and the judge have their looks from the trilogy games, so they look really jerky, as they have two frames of animation. So when Phoenix asks Ryunosuke to do his objection pose to demonstrate the differences, he does so, and Phoenix does the same, but he ends up spinning due to his animation. Ryunosuke replies that is inhumanly impossible. And due to this logic, Phoenix replies that they are the predecessors to them, in other words they are the ancestors.
    • At the end of the trial, Phoenix asks how are they supposed to get back to the 21st century. Susato and Ryunosuke replies that they can explore Meiji Tokyo and pass the time that way since the capital is full of wonders, so 100 years will pass by as they explore it. At their words, Phoenix says that it's a perfect opportunity to say his timeless phrase. Maya replies it's a joint predecessor—ancestor performance. When everyone yells objection, Phoenix ends up spinning again, but he can't stop so he asks Maya to put the brakes on for him.
  • Ryunosuke Naruhodo's Seven Days of Sin:
    • During Day 1, Ryunosuke is charged for leaking information of the game, he made the remark of how Sholmes will make an appearance in the game, which was supposed to be a secret. Susato points out the fact he is standing for the prosecution in a public trial is a spoiler in itself, and that his appearance was very much anticipated.
    • During Day 2, Ryunosuke is charged with dishonouring a lady, since he mispronounced Susato's name 3 times in a row. Kazuma says that saying her name 3 times in a row is a tongue twister. Later, Kazuma points out Sholmes is avoiding saying her name, and Ryunosuke thinks to himself that Kazuma is doing the same thing.
    • During Day 3, when Iris is standing in the defendant's side, she is too small, so Sholmes asked to get potato crates for her to stand on.
      • Ryunosuke is charged for overindulgence of his Japanese voice actor's vocal chords since he has to yell objection 28 times. Also, the line they took for the game was the very first take.
    • During Day 4, Ryunosuke is charged for the crime of cheapening, since the name of the game is "The Great Ace Attorney", and it is an affront to the original title of "Ace Attorney". Ryunosuke points out that he is not responsible for the name. Sholmes wanted the name to be "The Great Detective Herlock Sholmes and his Sublime Sepia Deductions", which Susato says the name is a little long, and the protagonist is Ryunosuke, not him. Ryunosuke even says that is a little hard to use. Anyway, Sholmes says that the name makes all preceding titles somewhat less than great by comparison.
      • Later on, when Ryunosuke and Susato names all the other titles, Sholmes says one of them was, "Sholmes and the Ace Attorney", he asks why was that not chosen. Susato says that contradicts to what he said in Day 1, since he does not want the fact that he was in the game to be spoiled.
    • During Day 5, Ryunosuke is charged for having disastrously dinner-plate eyes in court, which makes Ryunosuke an untrustworthy defense lawyer. Kazuma points out that his eyes are signs of hunger for victory, but as Sholmes points out that his knees are knocking louder than the judge’s gravel, indicating he is really nervous. The judge pretty much sums up the situation as: are wide eyes and knocking knees an unavoidable display of nerves or an unforgivable distraction for a lawyer?
    • During Day 6, Ryunosuke is charged with excessive appearances of his dynasty in the dock. Ryunosuke has no clue what Sholmes is talking about. Sholmes elaborates that his future relation to Phoenix Wright and that he is a defense lawyer and is destined for the dock twice. So Sholmes think Phoenix fate was predetermined by Ryunosuke who had been charged 7 crimes by that point. Iris points out one of the 7 crimes isn’t in the game, but rather a escape-room event. Ryunosuke even points out that 5 of the 7 crimes have nothing to do with the game at all. Sholmes says that it’s a poor protagonist who is so closely acquainted with the dock even before his adventures go on sale.
      • When Sholmes thinks that the recent rise of the dark hero in the modern age has ushered the demise of the guileless genius and the champion of justice. Iris thinks that Sholmes is overlooking something, as nearly all the main protagonists of the Ace Attorney games have been defendants and their cases have been mostly hopeless. In other words, being in the dock is a sure sign of a venerable Ace Attorney hero.
    • During Day 7, before Sholmes announces Ryunosuke’s seventh crime, Van Zieks appears and says that Ryunosuke is charged for murder, and he has to go back to Japan to be tried in court. Sholmes laments that this is the end, and asks about the crime he prepared for Ryunosuke. He said that Ryunosuke would be bereft without it.

Alternative Title(s): Dai Gyakuten Saiban Naruhodou Ryuunosuke No Bouken