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Phoenix: Difficult-looking memes stand in a formidable row. They mock me. I tried reading one and it made my head hurt. When I closed the tab, my phone slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.

  • "OBJECTION!" Explanation 
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  • Phoenix Wrong Explanation 
  • "Ah, a ladder." "It's just a stepladder." "What's the difference? They do the same thing, right? I think you should stick with the basic facts of the matter." Explanation 
  • The miracle never happen. Explanation 
  • "Eat your hamburgers, Apollo" Explanation 
    • It's another great day in the beautiful city of Japanifornia. Explanation 
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    • And the Yokai spirit apparently immigrated with them. Explanation 
  • "lol Objection!" Explanation 
  • Phoenix bequeaths to you... a Boot to the Head! Explanation 
  • You foolish fools have foolishly forgotten to foolishly mention the foolish fool that is Franziska von Karma, who likes to let you know that you are all foolishly FOOLISH FOOLS OF TOMFOOLERY, and you foolish fools should not be foolishly wasting your fool time foolishly reading... you FOOL! Explanation 
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  • Zak Gramarye is a jerk. Explanation 
  • Damon Gant is a rapist. Explanation 
  • Hobo Phoenix/Hobohodo/Naruhobo. Explanation 
  • WrightWorth Explanation 
  • Phoenix Wright and Elle Woods would be best friends Explanation 
  • Godot can't see Redd WhiteExplanation (spoilers) 
  • WHATCHA NAAAAAAYME?! Explanation 
  • Quercus Alba is evolving! Explanation 
  • Godot is Cyclops. BEHOLD! OPTIC BLAST!!Explanation 
  • It's in the...UPDATED AUTOPSY REPORT. Explanation 
    • It's the safest place I know. Explanation 
    • When You Update the Autopsy Report Explanation 
  • It's chocolate milk!Explanation 
  • Simon is a weeaboo. Explanation 
    • Klavier is a German weeaboo. Explanation 
  • Where's Apollo? Explanation 
  • Phoenix Wright went to law school. Explanation 
  • IN JUSTICE WE TRUST! Explanation 
    • INJUSTICE WE TRUST! Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • They're like a gun's "fingerprints." Explanation 
  • "Good luck to Phoenix Wright defending in his first trial today." (and numerous variants)Explanation 
    • There's also the fact that Capcom released this video on the day Mia died.
  • "A dragon never yields."Explanation 
  • U N M I S S A B L EExplanation 
  • On Tumblr, the fandom has a tendency to hijack posts with arguments between Phoenix and rival lawyers (represented with pictures of the characters in question). Here's an example, complete with a Lampshade Hanging on the phenomenon. One of the more famous examples being a very meta thread about the manga being in a law library.
  • Miles Edgeworth: Ass AttorneyExplanation 
  • I'd like to cross-examine the parrot. Explanation 
  • "You are not a clown. You are the entire circus" Explanation 
  • "Almost Christmas" means it wasn't Christmas! Explanation 
  • DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • The Forbidden Hospital Scene Explanation 
  • I Can't Defeat Tree Man Explanation 
  • Redd White is a JoJo character.Explanation 
  • The lawyers are airbenders!Explanation 
  • Herlock SholmesExplanation 

Maya: Look, a meme!
Phoenix: That's an inside joke.
Maya: So? What's the difference? You need to stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions, Nick!
Phoenix: (I feel like we've had this conversation before. But with ladders.)


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