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This page covers the first game. Take material concerning Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, Investigations, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice, The Great Ace Attorney, the 2012 film, and the 2016 anime to the appropriate pages, please.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

     The First Turnabout 
  • Some of the wrong answers you can give to the introductory questions are quite funny.
    • If you say Phoenix is the one on trial.
      Mia: You did pass the bar, didn't you?
    • If you say Mia is the one on trial in the Trilogy port, you'll get an achievement called "Please Turn In Your Badge".
    • If you choose "Cinder Block" as the victim.
      Phoenix: Oh, um, wasn't it Ms. Block? Ms. Cinder Block?
      Judge: The person in question was a victim of murder, not ill-conceived naming, Mr. Wright.
    • Saying that the victim was strangled.
      Judge: If you wish to hang yourself, Mr. Wright, you're welcome to, but not inside my courtroom.
  • Larry loudly insists that he and Cindy were "like Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony!" Phoenix thinks to himself "Um, didn't they all die?"
  • Phoenix desperately trying to send a signal to get Larry to shut up/change his tune. His internal monologue on the matter is hilariously blunt no matter the choice.
    Phoenix: (I'll send him a signal...)
    [If the player chose "Have him answer honestly"](TELL THE TRUTH)
    [If the player chose "Stop him from testifying"](LIE LIKE A DOG)
  • After Phoenix exposes Sahwit's lie about hearing the time from a clock or television despite the fact that there was a blackout at the time, the Judge offers this response, clearly indicating that he's never seen a culprit's Villainous Breakdown before.
    Judge: Mr. Sahwit? The court would prefer to hear an accurate testimony from the very beginning. These constant corrections are harming your credibility. That, and you seem rather... distraught.
  • Frank Sahwit's name is based on the words "Saw it" which can give some a good laugh. Pheonix even capitalizes on this.
    Phoenix: Proof enough for you, Mr. Sahwit? Or should I say... Mr. Did It!
  • Phoenix's expression when Sahwit throws his toupée at him. The fact that Sawhit just ripped it off his head and threw it at Nick like that in the first place.
  • If you claim that Sahwit knew that the statue was a clock because he "knew the victim":
    Phoenix: Tell me, isn't it true that you knew the victim? In fact, you were one of her "sugar daddies"! Be frank with us, Mr. Sahwit!
    Sahwit: Hmph. "Frank"? I'm always "Frank"!
  • Pressing at Frank Sahwit when he says "Terribly sorry about the misunderstanding" results in this gem:
    Phoenix: Well, you just watch it!
    Phoenix: (Hmm, not much point pressing him on that one, is there?)
  • Frank finally going down while foaming at the mouth.

     Turnabout Sisters 
  • Presenting glass shards to Maya before she's found in the Detention Center results in her telling Phoenix she thinks it came from the light stand. What's funny is Phoenix's inner snark about this.
    Phoenix: (Never heard of a glass lightstand before...)
  • This hilarious exchange when Miles has trouble with Redd White at the start of the second half of the trial, which kicks off the Running Gag of Edgeworth having trouble getting witnesses to introduce themselves:
    Edgeworth: Please state your full name.
    White: You wish to know the title of my personage?
    Edgeworth: Er... your name?
    White: Yes! That is what I said! Oh dear, do my locutions confuse?
    Edgeworth: (desk slam) Name!
    Phoenix: (These two are great together...)
  • When Maya asks if Phoenix is going to be her attorney, one of the options is "Sorry, not a chance". Selecting it results in Phoenix attempting to joke around by pretending to say "not a chance" only to say "just kidding" immediately afterward. While the bad joke didn't cheer her up, she eventually tries to play along by pretending to laugh just so that Phoenix doesn't feel bad about it, resulting in him getting confused on who's trying to cheer up who.
  • Phoenix thinking about the murder weapon during his talk with Maya in Detention Center:
    Phoenix: (That's "The Thinker" clock that Larry made. It practically qualifies as a serial murderer by now.)
  • When Dick Gumshoe asks Phoenix what his name is, you can choose from three options on what Phoenix can call him. The first one is the correct answer. The funniness comes in when you choose one of the incorrect options.
  • If you press on Gumshoe's second testimony when he says he found a note next to Mia's body, Phoenix can propose three different options. The third one is "I did it". Choosing it goes as well as you'd expect.
  • When Edgeworth points out the autopsy report Detective Gumshoe gave Phoenix is outdated, you can choose between three options to retort back. One of them is "I'm a sham!" Choose it, however, and Phoenix will smugly ask Gumshoe if he's calling Phoenix a fool because he believed the outdated report.
  • "I object! That was... objectionable!"
  • "I'll get to this woman's bottom! Wait... I mean... you know what I mean."
  • April May repeatedly insults Phoenix's spiky hair. Eventually, we get this:
    Phoenix: (That does it. When this trial's over, I'm shaving my head.)
  • The bellboy is hilarious.
    Phoenix: Are you sure you brought her that iced tea at exactly 9:00!?
    Bellboy: Ab-SO-lutely, sir.
    Phoenix: Ab-SO-lutely?
    Bellboy: Yes, sir. As in 'so very absolutely', sir. It's an endearing mannerism of mine.
    • There is quite some absurdity in seeing a bellboy give his entire testimony, undergo cross-examination, and get flustered, all while holding a rather heavy tea set in one hand.
    • The bell-boy remembered Miss May vividly, because she was beautiful, had a nice voice, and saw them. It's the last one that gets him quite flustered.
  • Phoenix thinking Grossberg and White are lovers.
    • There are two options in which you can present that theory. Only one of them advances the plot. The other nets you this gem:
      Phoenix: (I guess I was wrong... but it felt so right!)
  • In court, at one point, Edgeworth challenges you to prove your point.
    Edgeworth: Can you prove that? I DON'T THINK YOU CAN!
    Phoenix: Oh yeah? WELL I BET I CAN!
    Edgeworth: WHAAAAAT?!
  • Mia possesses her sister just when everything looks hopeless, and Phoenix faints. Then he wakes up in the lobby, thinking he was just hallucinating in the shock of his defeat, and then Mia appears again, and he faints AGAIN.
  • White's Villainous Breakdown.
  • Phoenix discovers that the savagery of lawyers is nothing compared to that of capitalism:
    Phoenix: Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.
    Bellboy: No, no, not at all, sir! Your efforts today can only help the Gatewater's "rep", as they say.
    Phoenix: Huh? "Rep"?
    Bellboy: (smiling broadly) Yes! Our reputation will swell as the hotel where the murderer used a wiretap!
  • Edgeworth angrily comments that he expects Phoenix to carry on Mia's "cowardly way of finding tiny faults in perfectly good testimonies." The Fawles case has been over for at least 5 years and Edgeworth is still salty about how hard Mia schooled him on his debut case.

     Turnabout Samurai 
  • Oldbag's crush on Edgeworth.
  • Phoenix, Edgeworth, and even the Judge struggling with Ms. Oldbag's name. Especially since unlike everyone else in the game, she's identified as "Oldbag" even before Phoenix learns her name.
    • (No, this isn't a bad dream, Your Honor. Witness the power of the Oldbag...)
  • "Objection! I...object to the witness's talkativeness!" "Objection sustained. The witness shall refrain from rambling on the stand."note 
  • Phoenix and Maya are approaching the studios, which have been left unguarded because Oldbag is in custody.
    Maya: H-hey! In the guard station! Look! She left her donuts!
    Maya: What? I wasn't going to eat them!
  • Accusing Cody of being the murderer:
    Judge: So who was this person other than Mr. Powers that could have committed the murder?
    Phoenix: It was the grade-school boy! ... ... ... Why isn't anyone saying anything?
    Edgeworth: Bah! Are you seriously suggesting the boy did it, Mr. Wright!? "Grade-school boy kills veteran action star with spear!" For one thing, it was the Steel Samurai holding the murder weapon. Would you care to explain just how the boy was involved?
    Phoenix: (Hmm... maybe that was a dumb move on my part.)
    Maya: "Maybe"? "Maybe"!? How about "absolutely," Nick!
  • There's a moment after the second-day trial at the studio gates. Phoenix and Maya stumble across Oldbag. She's only saying "..." in response to what Phoenix and Maya are saying. Eventually, Maya says that since Oldbag isn't responding, they can eat the donuts. Oldbag finally speaks.
  • The judge points out that Cody Hackins has a camera, which is prohibited in a courtroom.
    Edgeworth: M-my apologies, Your Honor. He said he wouldn't testify if he couldn't bring it. I'd like special permission, if that's possible.
    Phoenix: Wait, so you're saying that you had to bargain terms with a kid... and you LOST?
  • The moment when Cody, a grade schooler, first appears on the witness stand. Which is designed for adults.
    Edgeworth: Your Honor. Perhaps you could arrange a box for him to stand on?
  • This moment if you choose the wrong response:
    Edgeworth: An... error? What's this all about!?
    Phoenix: Quite simply, the victim was Jack Hammer!
    Judge: ...
    Edgeworth: ...
    Courtroom: ...
    Judge: Umm... Mr. Wright? We all know that.
    Phoenix: Right.
    Judge: Perhaps you'd like to reconsider your last statement?
    Phoenix: ... I'm sorry. It was I who was wrong.
    Edgeworth: Okay, Wright! First you're right, now you're wrong!? Which is it!?
  • This bit. Also shows how idiotic Phoenix can be:
    Phoenix: There was no victim in this case!
    Judge: Wh-wh-what!? Has the defense taken leave of its senses!?
    Phoenix: Of course, Jack Hammer died. But the Steel Samurai fell too! It was a draw!
    Edgeworth: Objection! ... Sorry. I was too shocked to say anything for a bit there. Listen, Wright! Only one person died in this incident, and that is Jack Hammer! Yet now you claim there "was no victim"? (slams desk) Are you insane?
    Phoenix: (Uh oh, he's pulling out all the stops now.)
  • Sal Manella and his Leet Lingo, complete with ":(". That's pretty much it. The few times Maya doesn't understand him, too.
    Sal Manella: I, er, wolfed [the t-bone steak] down then.
    Phoenix: (A mental image I will carry with me to my grave...)
  • Maya, who was initially certain that Will Powers could not be the culprit (because the Steel Samurai's actor would never stoop so low!) has a sudden change of heart when she actually sees him unmasked for the first time.
    Maya: Nick? Um, maybe I shouldn't be saying this... But he definitely did it. Murder. At least once. Maybe twice.
  • The Judge lands a burn on Oldbag after she says she wasn't born yesterday.
  • These answer choices:
    Phoenix: Ms. Vasquez, how can a person eat a T-bone steak and not leave a bone behind? I think I know how!
    Choice 1: You ate the bone, too!
    Choice 2: You ate a boneless steak!
    Choice 3: You didn't eat the steak!
    • If you pick Choice 1:
      Phoenix: You ate the bone, too!
      Maya: (looking at you funny) Um, Nick... are you sure? I mean, I love steak, but even I don't eat the bone!
      Phoenix: Hey, I don't eat it either!
      Judge: Mr. Wright! I, too, leave the bone.
      Phoenix: Um, can I try that again?
    • Choice 2:
      Phoenix: Elementary! You were eating a boneless steak!
      Judge: ... Mr. Wright, say you are right... What would that prove?
      Phoenix: ... Um, right, Your Honor.
  • Dee Vasquez tells Phoenix not to bang his desk. Followed up with this:
    Edgeworth: (bangs his desk) Yeah, Mr. Wright! ...oops.
  • "Objection! ... I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, Your Honor... I didn't."
    • He comes up with another. "Indeed! Verily, I say!... Ergo!"
    • Also, based on dialogue options, Phoenix right before then:
      Phoenix: I was hoping I'd come up with a question while pounding on my desk. I didn't.
      Judge: You have my sympathies.
  • Phoenix being told by Dee Vasquez that he won their battle of wits.
    Dee Vasquez: I lose. You win. It... was fun.
    Phoenix: (I... win!?)
    Phoenix: ...
    Edgeworth: ...
    Judge: ...
    The Entire Courtroom: ...
    Phoenix: Umm... So... what happens next?
    Dee Vasquez: ?
    Phoenix: Don't "?" me! Don't you have anything to say!?
    Dee Vasquez: What would you like me to say?
    Phoenix: Huh? "I lost"? Something like that!
    Dee Vasquez: I just said that.
    Phoenix: W-wait, so you mean... Dee Vasquez! So, it was you? You killed Jack Hammer!
    Phoenix: ...
    Edgeworth: ...
    Judge: ...
    The Entire Courtroom: ...

     Turnabout Goodbyes 
  • The fact that Manfred von Karma, with his very deep, very gravelly, rather demonic voice says things like "Shut your pie hole!" in total seriousness.
  • Maya needs to find a substitute for Meditating Under a Waterfall as part of her spirit medium training. Phoenix suggests that she take a cold shower, but the water pressure isn't high enough for her.
    Phoenix: You want more pressure, huh? Why don't you go down to the fire department and have them spray you with the hose?
    Maya: ... Good idea, Nick!
    Phoenix: (Apparently, ESP is no aid in detecting sarcasm...)
  • Early on, von Karma keeps interrupting Phoenix's questions and he makes a short mental note:
    Phoenix: (Von Karma, I think I hate you.)
  • Von Karma telling the Judge how to run the trial.
  • Von Karma's reaction if you present anything other that Lotta's Camera or the Gourdy article.
    Von Karma: Go home. Consider a career change.
  • The scenes you get if you choose anything besides the metal detector when you go hunting for Gourdy. With Missile, if you head over to Larry's spot, he'll promptly eat all of the Samurai dogs and Nick'll have to foot the bill. Or if you choose the fishing pole and head to Lotta's, Maya will then attempt to fish in the lake, but then sets off Lotta's cameras. Again Phoenix is sent a large bill.
    Phoenix: *sob*
    • If you visit Lotta during that period without the Fishing Rod, Maya sneezes and sets off the camera again. Poor Phoenix.
    • Honestly, the metal detector is the gift that keeps on giving. Since it's always the last 'secret weapon' you'll use, it stays curiously in your inventory. Even after a 'clearing out', then bit by bit, you realize why you have it. That's when the laughter starts and you realize the other items were Joke Items.
  • When the metal detector finds the air tank, you take it to Larry Butz. You can then say that it's his. Just the fact that the Objection music plays here as opposed to inside the courtroom is funny enough.
  • "The defense will not badger my witness because of her challenged intellect!"
  • Accusing Lotta:
    Von Karma: Who but the defendant could have shot the victim!?
    Phoenix: Who else but the witness, Ms. Lotta Hart!
    Judge: Wh-what!? Do you have proof of this!?
    Phoenix: Proof-shmoof! Always with the proof! Oh... wait, I do need proof, don't I.
    Judge: Mr. Wright! I'll have you remember this is a court of law!
    Phoenix: (Uh oh. The Judge is mad.)
  • On the second day of trial, Von Karma predicts that the trial will end in less than three minutes. It doesn't. His reaction is hilarious:
    Von Karma: AARGH! Three minutes have passed!
    • Made even better by the Judge's reaction:
      Judge: I see. Well then, let's just take our time.
  • Dissing off Larry:
    Judge: What do you think about Mr. Butz's claim he heard the gunshot before midnight?
    Phoenix: Well... I guess, it had to have been Larry's mistake.
    Von Karma: Hah!
    Judge: Very well.
    Larry: W-w-waaaaait! I come up here, I give you a riveting testimony... And you laugh it off as some kinda mistake!? What about me!? How can you can yourself a friend, Nick? How!? Get used to disappointment!!!
    Phoenix: ...
  • Phoenix and Maya attempting to talk to the caretaker of the boat rental shop. He's absolutely convinced that they're his kids Meg and Keith and he runs a pasta shop called the Wet Noodle. He's also prone to falling asleep standing up, complete with Snot Bubble. Basically, every bit of dialogue in that scene is hilarious. Until the parrot mentions DL-6, that is...
    • Thanks to case 4 of Spirit of Justice, the imaginary pasta shop's name is now Hilarious in Hindsight. Said case's defendant, Bucky Whet, is the inheritor/chef of a noodle shop called "Whet Soba," and since he's the fourth family member to operate it, he's known as "Whet Noodle No. 4".
  • Phoenix's snide remark about the way-too-apparent Steel Samurai figure near Gourd Lake suddenly gone. Was out of the blue and brilliant.
    Phoenix: Huh? The Steel Eyesore is missing...
  • Maya electrocuting everybody.
    Gumshoe: Woooooooooyaaah, pal!
  • The Judge asks for the Old Caretaker's name, this is what Phoenix can say:
    • Choice 1:
      Phoenix: His name... is Gregory Edgeworth! ...
      Judge: Er... Mr. Wright? All of us here remember what Gregory Edgeworth looked like. (camera shifts to the old caretaker) And he looked nothing like this, believe me.
      Phoenix: (Wow... that's pretty harsh, Your Honor...)

    • Choice 2:
      Phoenix: His name... is Robert Hammond!
      Judge: ... Mr. Wright. Robert Hammond is the name of the victim in this case.
      Phoenix: Uh...
      Judge: Generally, the victim in a murder case is no longer living.
      Phoenix: That's true...
      Judge: Please, try again.
  • When Phoenix Wright cross-examines the Old Caretaker's parrot Polly, he concludes that the Old Caretaker named his parrot after his deceased fiancee. However, Manfred von Karma objects to this idea with a rather hilarious comeback.
    Manfred von Karma: Bah! A mere coincidence, that's all! My granddaughter has a dog she calls "Phoenix." (snaps fingers) Well, Mr. Phoenix Wright? Does this make you my granddaughter's fiancé!? She's only seven years old!!!
    • This is accompanied by Phoenix pointing out that the caretaker's safe combination, 1228, is the same date as the DL-6 case (December 28). Manfred's rebuttal:
      Manfred von Karma: Bah! This is not tangible proof! I set my ATM card’s number to "0001" because I’m number one!
    • The fact that they are cross-examining a parrot itself. Everyone is aware of how ridiculous the situation is, but Phoenix still goes through with it because it's the only option left. He has to get Maya to help out because she's the only one who can get the parrot to talk.
      • It gets even more ridiculous due to Fridge Brilliance. The reason why von Karma allows this is because he himself previously suggested Phoenix to cross-examine the parrot as a joke. Except Manfred is such a perfectionist that he correctly anticipated Phoenix might be desperate enough to take the joke suggestion at face value, and he was Crazy-Prepared enough to retrain the parrot overnight so it would stonewall any questions about DL-6. The joke was a Batman Gambit to make Phoenix look foolish in front of the whole court, and it nearly worked.
    • Manfred von Karma comes up with this gem if Phoenix hesitates when he suggests cross-examining the parrot.
      Manfred von Karma: Tsk tsk tsk... I've heard of desperate men grasping at straws... But this is the first time I've heard of men grasping at macaws! Hah!
  • When Phoenix correctly deduces that the missing bullet from DL-6 is still inside Von Karma, inside the very courtroom, he sets out to prove this by running a metal detector over him. The mental image alone is priceless, but it's immediately accompanied by Von Karma objecting and showing a new spirt - clutching his old injured shoulder and showing visible distress, sweating bullets at realising that Phoenix actually has him cornered with his own trap for Edgeworth. After hours of him being a smug, insufferable, bullying jackass who's additionally guilty of murder and manipulating Edgeworth's lingering guilt and uncertainty over DL-6 to have him take the fall for it, it is very satisfying, and will have you laughing in delighted glee over finally pining his condescending ass to the wall. Many players have admitting to lingering on the moment for a bit just to savour Von Karma's desperation.
  • Edgeworth's attempt at celebrating like the others. "Whoooooooop! ...I feel foolish."
    • From the epilogue:
      Gumshoe: Mr. Edgeworth came in to wish me a happy New Year's the other day! Talk about a pleasant surprise, pal! He said... "Whoooooooooooop! Detective Gumshoooooooooooooe!" ...then he hung his head low and walked out the door. Kinda strange if you ask me...
  • This case kicked off the Running Gag of Phoenix being intimidated by the bookshelf in his office.
    Phoenix: Difficult-looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me. I tried reading one and it made my head hurt. When I closed it, it slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.

     Rise from the Ashes 
  • As an attempt to move the body was foiled, the body was left partially in the trunk of a car, which white tape was set to reflect. Ema comes to the conclusion that the victim died exactly in that spot, by having the trunk slammed on him.
  • Discovering that Wendy Oldbag has sent Edgeworth a huge bouquet, which he still has on his desk.
    • Even better, the bouquet has a matching cravat.
  • Phoenix and Ema are sent to investigate a certain prosecution office. While there, Ema notes that based on her deductions, the person who owns the office is "a real stuck-up jerk". Cue the reveal that it's Edgeworth's office... and he heard everything. Poor Ema, who looks up to Edgeworth, completely flips out and starts trying to backpedal, while he teases her by asking "What is it you've come here for? Though be warned, I have been known to be a... real stuck-up jerk." After you start discussing details of the crime with him, Ema will mention how the body was found in some hideous, gaudy red sports car. Edgeworth's response is pretty much "I know. It's my car." Ema freaks out again and starts backpedaling some more.
    • You can examine the chess board in there as well. Ema notices knights surrounding a single pawn. Red knights that have swords with really sharp "edges"... surrounding a blue pawn with a spiky head. Even funnier, neither she nor Phoenix get the joke. Even when the former points out the pawn reminds her of the latter.
      Ema: Mr. Edgeworth must be an avid chess player. What's wrong, Mr. Wright?
      Phoenix: (Edges... surrounding a pawn with spiky hair... Nah... It's nothing.)
    • Edgeworth getting pissed when Phoenix teases him over the King of Prosecutors award. "You can take that foolish grin of yours elsewhere!"
    • Later in Edgeworth's office, he tells you a story about the origin of the Prosecutor's Trophy and of the Chinese word for "contradiction". Upon realising a contradiction in the story, Phoenix yells "OBJECTION!" and Pursuit ~ Corner the Culprit actually starts up. Bonus points when counted as a Genius Bilingual Bonus: Anyone who's studied the Chinese language will know that the word for "contradiction" is "máodùn" (矛盾), with the word "máo" (矛) meaning "spear" or "halberd", and the word "dùn" (盾) meaning "shield".
    • In the same scene, when you try to read the crumpled up resignation letter under Edgeworth's desk, Ema asks Phoenix to distract Edgeworth. Phoenix comes up with a ridiculous lie about Gumshoe falling past the window in the office (which, as a reminder, is seven stories up). Edgeworth seems to believe this... but doesn't really care, and opts to prioritise asking why Ema is sneaking under his desk.
    • If you present the wrong item to Edgeworth he glares at Phoenix. Because it's first person it looks like he's glaring at the player instead. (One time he does this and its actually the correct item.)
  • Phoenix: Y-you can't testify as to her ability to kill an egg! I mean, a person!
  • During some of Angel's testimonies, her contradictions are so obvious that, when Phoenix wants to object, Edgeworth interrupts him and points out the contradiction by himself. Everyone, even Ema, congratulate Edgeworth for pointing it out... while Phoenix is less than amused:
    Phoenix: (And my objection? Did the cat get it?)
  • Angel tries to continue the trial after the judge declares court is adjourned... using the power of a jumbo lunchbox, complete with sparkling sound effects.
    Judge: Wooo hoo! A triple-decker!
  • In the first trial, after Phoenix points out the first objection over the photograph, Edgeworth is silent and when asked for a response, he flatly replies with "Objection" in the text box rather than the usual and iconic vocalized "OBJECTION!" that the series is known for.
    Phoenix: That had to be the weakest "objection" ever, Edgeworth.
    Edgeworth: Yet it was still stronger than your ever feeble mind, Mr. Wright.
  • Selecting the wrong location where Angel witnessed the murder leads to this:
    Phoenix: I think! I mean, it's highly likely that's where she was.
    Angel: You "think"?
    Edgeworth: It's "highly likely"?
    Ema: Your cavalier attitude stands in stark contrast to your feeble argument, Mr. Wright.
    Edgeworth: Her being there wouldn't change a thing!
  • If you choose Lighting as the difference in Angel's testimony:
    Phoenix: It's a difference in lighting!
    Judge: Lighting...? What does that mean!?
    Phoenix: Well, it means, uh... See the security guard station is on the second level... So, uh, she would've seen the crime in better lighting conditions.
    Judge: And this is important... why?
    Phoenix: Um...
    Judge: ...
    Phoenix: ...
  • Damon Gant schooling Edgeworth when he shows up on the first day of the trial and pointing out that everything he yells at Gant for is technically... completely and totally Edgeworth's fault.
  • Detective Gumshoe heads off to give Edgeworth his "report", which is literally just the words "No problems" scribbled on the back of a flyer. When you catch up with Edgeworth, he says that he did get some information from the detective and is asked if it was helpful. He gives his thin-lipped smile and responds:
    Edgeworth: Apparently, a new French restaurant is opening near here. I think he was trying to console me, somehow.
  • There's also this exchange, some time after Jake Marshall starts a "number of words" type challenge:
    Edgeworth: If you have a response, make it one word or less.
    Phoenix: ARGHHHHH!
    Edgeworth: I rest my case.
  • Most of the Judge's dialogue.
    Judge: Well, people sometimes mistake my beard... for a bib.
  • Everyone's reaction to seeing the Blue Badger for the first time:
    Phoenix: (apparently just had an aneurysm) ...
    Edgeworth: (WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN expression) ...
    Mike Meekins: (stands there saluting like there's nothing wrong) ...
    Judge: Well, I believe we're all thinking the same thing. How can we deal with these unsettling feelings stirred within us...?
    Edgeworth: (slams table) What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?
    • None of them ever quite recover from the trauma, as seen when the Blue Badger reappears on Edgeworth's half of Ema's drawing:
      Edgeworth: Let's see... MM! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
      Judge: Is something wrong?
      Phoenix: (Do you even have to ask?)
      Edgeworth: (takes a moment to compose himself) Sorry, Your Honor. There is something drawn on the back of my list. This is that... thing!
      Judge: (wide-eyed) ... It's that... that thing! That thing that was dancing in the evidence room!
    • Evidently the damage is so massive, that when Phoenix shows the court how a jar could look like the Blue Badger, everyone starts referring to it as so.
      Judge: This is that "Blue Badger" from before, right?
      Lana: Oh, is he going to just speak the killer's name?
      Edgeworth: If that thing could, I'm sure it would.
      Phoenix: (Looks like everyone's forgotten this is just a jar.)
  • Choosing the wrong spot on the video:
    Phoenix: There! How's that for evidence!?
    Judge: ...
    Marshall: ...
    Edgeworth: Please allow me to apologize for my colleague, Your Honor. He gets carried away sometimes.
    Judge: Yes, well, this certainly isn't a first.
    Edgeworth: Will you forgive him too, Officer Marshall? He's not a bad man, just a bit... disillusioned.
    Marshall: Of course. I'm not the one to gun down unarmed boys.
    Phoenix: (Oh great, now Edgeworth is defending me. Guess that means I missed the mark.)
  • "You're grinning like a schoolgirl on prom-night!"
  • Damon Gant's smiling stare somehow manages to be simultaneously hilarious and absolutely terrifying.
  • Pretty much anytime you get penalized and everyone else feels the need to point out how ridiculous your objection is.
    Phoenix: TAKE THAT!
    Judge: Well, chief?
    Gant: So long as Mr. Wright is tossing out things regardless of their relevance, mind if I toss something too, Udgey? This shoe should do nicely. I'll chuck it right at you!
    Judge: You were always quite the joker, weren't you?
    Judge: Don't "oops" me! Or I'll be the one throwing my shoe next! note 
    • When trying to find out the source of the "broken knife", Edgeworth gives a snarky line if you get it wrong:
      Edgeworth: If anything's broken here... it's you!
      Phoenix: Huh?
    • There's also this penalty line:
      Judge: What part of [Ema's] picture... contradicts the autopsy report?
      Phoenix: TAKE THAT! Um, I think it's... uh, this part here?
      Judge: Hmm... I don't see what's so strange about that.
      Phoenix: That's because the drawing stinks!
      Edgeworth: ...
      Judge: ...
      Ema: ...Mr. Wright... How could you... *sniff*
      Edgeworth: The act of making an innocent girl cry should warrant the death penalty.
    • When connecting the blood dots on the jar:
      Judge: I feel like I'm teaching handwriting to a student who is all thumbs...
      Edgeworth: I think you should make him write out "I won't do it again" 100 times.
    • Right before that, presenting any evidence except the Unstable Jar (even though it provides a bit of Mood Whiplash):
      Phoenix: This is the message from the deceased!
      Judge: (nods his head) Right... Now then. This is a message from the judge!
    • Near the end of the final day of the trial, when proving that Phoenix's evidence is not illegal:
      Judge: If you can prove your conduct was not in violation of the law, then do so now!
      Phoenix: (presents wrong evidence) TAKE THAT!
      Judge: (shakes head) It seems... your very existence is "illegal".
      Phoenix: Huh...?
      Edgeworth: You've lost it, Wright. All this time I thought you were using the chief's knowledge of the law to trap him. It looks like you're the one who got trapped.
      Phoenix: I guess I should just stick to what I'm used to.
  • The killer cheerfully admitting to hiding Goodman's body in Edgeworth's car and breaking the trunk in the process, saying that Edgeworth makes enough money that it shouldn't be a problem, much to Edgeworth's chagrin.
  • Ema Skye's habit of evaluating ANYTHING observed by her, especially observing Edgeworth's courtroom jacket which is framed up on the wall like a painting as, Phoenix himself puts it.
    Phoenix: There's a jacket hung up on the wall like a painting!
    Ema: The jacket seems to be high grade cashmere, italian styling, silk ruffles and gold-inset lining. I'd say the price of the jacket would be around $5,000.
    Phoenix: $5-5,000?!?!?
    Ema: On that note the suit you're wearing would be worth-
    Phoenix: That will be enough of that! I don't need my life evaluated thank you very much!
  • Examine the Security Room when you first visit the Underground Parking Lot. Ema is convinced that's it's a café, of all things.
  • The defendant is about to be declared guilty. In desperation, Phoenix objects, despite not knowing exactly what he should say.
    Phoenix: This trial isn't over... until we give each piece of evidence proper consideration!
    Edgeworth: So, Wright... are you saying there's a problem with this latest piece of evidence?
    Phoenix: Yeah! (I'll think later.)
  • Upon closer examining Edgeworth's survival-variety knife amply splattered with blood we get this gem:
    Ema: This must be the victim's blood, right?
    Phoenix: Either that, or Edgeworth cut himself peeling an apple.
    Ema: What's Edgeworth doing with a knife like this anyway? Hey! Maybe he spends his weekends roughing in the wild!
    Phoenix: Edgeworth? In the wild? I think my fruit-peeling theory is more likely.
    Ema: Are you kidding? I always pictured him as an outdoorsman!
    Phoenix: (to himself) Now there's a scary thought...
  • Examining the fence on Day 2 or 3 leads to Ema trying to climb the fence. She fails.
    Phoenix: I-it's okay, don't cry. (Maybe there's a Lunchland Olympics team?)
  • This episode's version of the "ladder vs. stepladder" debate is particularly funny, since it actually isn't a stepladder.
  • You can examine the cop on the left side of the Criminal Affairs Department for some interesting dialogue.
    Phoenix: That must be one of the detectives. He's mumbling something to himself.
    Police: "I got it! I'm the culprit! Very clever indeed... who would have thought of multiple personalities? I don't see how else he could have done it. I guess it's time to get my head checked."
    Phoenix: ...I think it's way past time for that.
    • Examining the same cop right before Gumshoe gives you access to Gant's office shows that he's given up on writing mystery fiction and moved to writing romance novels.
  • When Phoenix and Ema first enter the Evidence Room (after Gant gave them a guest card), they encounter Gumshoe, who demands to know if what he heard about Gant was true. Specifically, the part about Gant giving 50 bucks to whoever asks him.
  • Phoenix ponders how many taxpayer dollars went into decorating Gant's office. Upon hearing this, Ema declares that she's not paying her taxes.
    Phoenix: (You don't have any taxes to pay.)
  • At one point after investigating the Evidence Room, Gumshoe will be inspired to go buy some luminol spray for himself. If you present your luminol spray to him, he proudly reveals his one; a hairspray that has a similar name to luminol.
  • Detective Gumshoe ends up accidentally jump scaring Phoenix and Ema twice. Both times Ema ends up slapping him.
    Ema: Sorry, I thought you were a ghost.
    Gumshoe: I wouldn't recommend bopping ghosts on the head pal.

    Ema: I'm sorry, I thought you were a ghost.