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Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc, Apollo Justice, or Investigations to those pages, please.

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     Turnabout Countdown (and Demo) 

  • Athena tripping and falling down the stairs. The facial expression on Widget is also affected.
  • Athena thinks Payne is an "arrogant jerk", which Widget promptly repeats aloud, but Payne mishears it as "elegence at work". Athena's exaggerated shocked expression is hilarious.
  • At one point in Ted Tonate's testimony:
    Phoenix: HOLD IT! You saw it counting down clearly, with your own eyes? I hardly think a timer as small as the one on this bomb could be seen from the gallery.
    Phoenix: (Why do I suddenly feel like a bug under a magnifying glass?)
  • Phoenix and Gaspen's first meeting:
    Payne: Phoenix Wright... I've been looking forward to meeting you.
    Phoenix: ...It's been awhile, Mr. Payne.
    Payne: Heh heh. You're more clueless than I'd heard. I do believe you mean, "How do you do?" For I... am Gaspen Payne! I am the younger brother of your longstanding rival, Winston Payne!
    Phoenix: WHAAAT?! ("Longstanding rival"...? When were we ever rivals, let alone "longstanding"...?)
    Payne: You'll see, Mr. Wright. I will cleanse Winston of the disgrace he met with at your hands!
    Phoenix (*sigh* Looks like this royal Payne is going to be as thoroughly unpleasant as the other.)
  • After Gaspen gets on Athena's nerves:
    Athena: Mr. Wright? Can I go and give that prosecutor a smack?!
    Phoenix: What?! No! Do we need to review Courtroom Manners 101 again?!
  • At one point, Gaspen is badgering Juniper to confess to the crime and hardly giving her a chance to say anything, so Athena starts yelling at him from across the courtroom. It's Phoenix's private thoughts that make the scene:
    Phoenix: (I should probably be the adult and stop the two of them, but...)
  • Gaspen Payne leaving the prosecutor bench due to the practice bomb counting down. He never returns.
    • It gets even funnier during the usual "Not Guilty" confetti shower. The camera pans to Juniper, then Phoenix and Athena... and then to the still-empty prosecutor's bench and stays there for a few seconds as if to say "Oh wait, he's still gone."
  • The part where Juniper describes Apollo. Phoenix's reaction is priceless.
    Phoenix: (The way she makes it sound, you'd think that Apollo was some kind of ancient god... Oh, wait...)
  • This moment from one of the cross-examinations:
    Athena: I sense that he's extremely agitated, almost panicked...
    Cut to Ted Tonate chomping on his bomb's wires
    Phoenix: (Hmm... He does look pretty flustered...)
  • When you think about it, Ted Tonate's text-to-voice machine makes him sound just like a robot. When he types his shouts of disbelief or complete gibberish into it, it probably comes out sounding completely deadpan.
  • When Tonate is introduced he brings a replica of the bomb that blew up Courtroom No. 4. Payne, the Judge and Athena dive under their tables thinking it's a real bomb. Then there's Athena's view on the matter.
    Phoenix: I guess you were pretty scared, huh?
    Athena: What? I don't know what you're talking about.
    Widget: She was about to bolt.
    Athena: Put a sock in it, Widget.
  • After Tonate's breakdown, the counter on his bomb defusal training device runs out and simply reads GAME OVER.
  • If you press one of Tonate's statements during the second trial day, he will comment that he can see that Phoenix is starting to have grays on his hair (which Athena comments might be due to his hard work in the Agency). Phoenix objects to that comment... which the judge sustains, and then adds that the witness may not make comments about a person's hair or lack thereof (in a sorrowful way, as Phoenix comments in his Inner Monologue).note 

     The Monstrous Turnabout 
  • Apollo has to meet with Jinxie Tenma. With his pointy hair and red outfit, she thinks he's a demon. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Made even better when she sticks the charm on his forehead. Whenever he talks while it's stuck there, the paper flutters from his breath. Since the investigation sections are in first person, it's a really silly visual gag.
    • She does the same to Fulbright.
  • Jinxie's obsessive fear of yokai being everywhere and the cause of all kinds of problems is mostly ignored by the main characters and chalked up as fairy tales. When Simon meets her, however, he not only knows exactly what she's talking about when she speaks of different kinds of yokai, but he takes what she says about things like the Azukiarai completely seriously.
  • Apollo's first meeting with Athena: an uncooperative policeman wouldn't believe that she's a lawyer and is about to unlawfully arrest her, so she judo throws him... onto Apollo.
    • The reason why you meet her in Nine-Tales Vale to begin with: The moment she heard Apollo needed help with a case, she bolted over to the Vale before Phoenix could stop her!
  • The shenanigans with Simon's pet hawk Taka, including attacking the defense, Phineas Filch, and even perching on top of the Judge at one point!
    • "The witness will testify truthfully under penalty of painful bird attacks!"
    • Even funnier is the context where he first attacks Athena. Taka got in Athena's face just to give her the autopsy report.
    • It's hard to notice, but whenever Simon slams his right arm down on the prosecutor's bench, Taka's eyes get wide as he struggles to keep his balance on Simon's right shoulder.
  • Fulbright tazes Simon. Twice, even. Though after later reveals, it stops being funny.
  • The first time you see what Florent L'Belle's shoulder pads really do. Hilariously out of left field.
  • "Order! Order!!! The defense will stop competing for the greatest Freak Out ever!"
  • Upon seeing Blackquill's ability to do iai-jutsu with his bare hands, Damian Taro is so astounded he feels like he needs to challenge Blackquill to a duel!
  • At the beginning of the second Investigation stage, Trucy makes the three pieces of unnecessary evidence (the warding charm, flower, and TV schedule) disappear, leading to this gem of a line:
    Unnecessary evidence has disappeared into Trucy's magic panties.
  • Simon Blackquill's 'self-reflective essay' consisting (probably) of him writing the word 'dotard' a thousand times.
  • In the 2nd Trial, pressing the statement regarding Jinxie's height will grant this little gem:
    Apollo: Well... you're not going to brush it all off by claiming the perp was short.
    Filch: Eh heh heh. Musta hit a raw nerve 'cause ya ain't that tall yourself.
    Apollo: (Look who's talking, Mr. I've-got-to-stand-on-a-box-just-to-testify!)
    • The best part is: While Apollo's thinking that, the screen shows the general overview of the court room, showing that Filch is standing on a box.
    • It's also a Running Gag hearkening back to Cody Hackins from Case 1-3 and Bikini from Case 3-5, who both need to stand on a box.
  • "Tenma Taro"'s testimony. Of course It Makes Sense in Context, but at first glance it's hilarious due to how brief and confusing it sounds.
  • When Apollo and Athena first meet Filch, he leaves behind a pair of shoes. After they meet Fulbright, they notice that the detective isn't wearing any shoes...and Fulbright is shocked to learn that he's barefoot! And when Filch is called to testify in court, he offers the judge that same pair of shoes! Three cases later, you learn that "Fulbright" was the phantom. Filch stole from a spy and got away with it. note 
  • The ladder/stepladder debate is back!
  • Most of the interactions with L'Belle are entertaining, not least because of Apollo's blatant disdain for him. When L'Belle first sprays Apollo in the face with cologne, this conversation ensues after a few lines:
    L'Belle: Oh, what a heavenly scent!
    Apollo: Ugh. I think you just paralyzed my olfactory receptors.
    L'Belle: Ah ha ha ha! I suppose such a scent WOULD be difficult for a peasant to appreciate! I'll have you know, THAT is Brand No. 5, "Bonjour". It's MY way of introducing myself! Enjoy!
    Apollo: (Where's my bottle of "Adieu" so I can return the favor?)
    • Speaking of, any and all of Apollo's thoughts about how much he really hates L'Belle. Here are some of it:
      • When L'Belle mocks him lacking of him not seeing his beauty:
        Apollo: (...If having an eye for beauty means looking like this guy, I'd rather be blind.)
      • When L'Belle disposes of a piece of evidence:
        Apollo: (You've just won a one-way trip to the top of my "most annoying people ever" list, buddy.)
    • Later, when Apollo calls L'Belle to the witness stand, even Simon finds him so annoying that he doesn't want anything more to do with the man.
  • Any time Apollo is referred to as a demon/monster/youkai is bound to bring amusement. Especially when he just gives up trying to deny the claims.
    Trucy: Uh-oh! I think now she thinks you're a demon lawyer from hell, Polly!
    Apollo: Can I go back to being just a normal demon?!
    • Early on, it was probably because Trucy would get upset if he didn't play along. Later, he probably just stopped caring.
  • When you examine the weapons above the folding screen, Apollo and Athena have a conversation where Apollo is quite clearly channeling Phoenix and messing with Athena for his own amusement. The conversation goes as thus:
    Athena: This one's a spear, but what about this one? It looks like a giant pair of pliers.
    Apollo: Looks like something a demon might use. Saw something like that in a manga once.
    Athena: Really? What are they used for?
    Apollo: Oh, things like pinching through cheeks...
    Athena: Eeeuuuw!
    Apollo: Pulling out tongues...
    Widget: Stop, stop!
    Apollo: Oh, and you should see what they can do to a person's eyes—
    Athena: Okay, okay, I get the idea! But I'm sure THIS thing is just a simple can opener or something like that!
    Apollo: Demons eat canned food? I always wondered what they ate besides people.
    Athena: *looks horrified*
  • During the trial, L'Belle's personality ticks off Athena leading to this line:
    Athena: Apollo! You mind if I wring his neck?!
    Apollo: Wait in line, 'cause I'm going first!
  • After getting the "Not Guilty" Verdict, the screen pans to Damian Tenma showered in confetti and cheers... while he's still in his Tenma Taro act, with the menacing hands and angry face.
  • During his Villainous Breakdown, L'Belle gets a series of phone calls of everything going wrong at once. One of them? He got slapped with a lawsuit for stratospheric damages (one hundred million dollars, if you must know), apparently from overusing his cosmetics.
    • It doesn't help that the entire reason he committed all these crimes is because he is in serious debt. Talk about insult to injury…
    • His "damage" animation is pretty funny as well, where his eyes go wide as he sprays his face with cologne, only to recoil in pain.
  • The first time we get to see the Revisualization sequence is with Apollo, and it starts with zooming in his infamous forehead.
  • If Blackquill does a desk slam with Taka on his shoulder, the latter briefly goes bug-eyed in surprise.
  • The fact this game now takes place in America is hilarious enough to try and cover up with this entire very Japanese town, but thanks to the same setting change, Simon, a man who calls people "-dono", hangs out in the Japanese Quarter of town, dresses like a samurai, and uses a lot of antiquated Japanese, no longer looks like a history buff or samurai, and more just comes across as a colossal weeb. Something that is almost at complete odds with his personality, but somehow, still makes complete sense.

     Turnabout Reclaimed 

  • Blackquill cutting off Phoenix's Idiot Hair. Which respawns. And his eyes look like they're following the strand as it falls to the ground.
  • Athena taking a volleyball that Orla kicked to her face.
  • When Phoenix first learns that his client is going to be an orca.
    Sasha: Did I forget to mention that? Oopsie.
    Phoenix: (That's a REALLY. BIG. OOPSIE.)
  • Examining a broken octopus leg from a prop gives us this:
    Athena: Wow. I bet you could get a whole lot of Carpaccio from a leg like that. Ooh, let's go to the ocean and try and catch a giant octopus of our own!
    Phoenix: Yeah, but even if we did catch one, how are you planning to slice it up?
    Athena: Kein Problem! That's what man invented chainsaws for!
    Phoenix: (I've never seen anyone so hell-bent on chomping down on some giant octopus before…) Well, I doubt we could even catch one that big anywhere near the shore, anyway…
    Athena: The more roadblocks you throw up, the more I want to do it, you know. Ooh, I can't wait to get started!
    Phoenix: (It would appear that Operation Discourage Insanity has backfired…)
  • During the case, one of the pieces of evidence is a bunch of raw fish. Presenting this gets a response out of nearly everyone, but Apollo's takes the cake:
    Apollo: Fish? I haven't had fish for a while, come to think of it... The obvious question, though, is, "What are you doing with a bunch of raw fish?!"
  • Athena's and Norma's individual Imagine Spots, while recalling the song from the pirate show. For starters, everyone's dressed like a pirate during these spots. Norma's version has her chasing down Athena and attempting to make out with Phoenix, and Athena's has Norma pouting while tied to the mast of the ship.
  • The reference of all references:
    Phoenix: (A tornado of sharks? Not even Hollywood could conjure up something that insane.)
  • Little Sniper the Penguin playing with Dr. Crab's hair is pretty hilarious, because it gets him annoyed while trying to catch the little penguin.
  • Presenting the wrong evidence when asked to prove that the singing trick was faked gets you this piece of Insane Troll Logic:
    Judge: That item proves the singing trick was faked?
    Phoenix: No, Your Honor. This piece of evidence will not prove that. In other words... this piece of evidence is... a fake-out! And if this evidence is a fake-out, then the singing trick was a fake-out as well!
    Athena: Boss, I don't think that makes any sense...
    Phoenix: Momentum is key at times like these.
    Judge: I can hear every word you're saying, Mr. Wright! *boom*
  • A recurring Call-Back in this case refers to that time when Phoenix cross-examined an animal in court and was able to find his client innocent because of it. At one point in the second trial day, there's even an option to cross-examine Orla, but the correct option is to present evidence instead, which leaves the judge disappointed. However, Phoenix later cross-examines Orla anyway when he's all out of options. Naturally, Orla's testimony consists of nothing but orca noises, pressing her statements has Phoenix and Athena try to conduct the cross-examination like they would with a human witness, and Blackquill very overtly expresses his annoyance for the whole thing.
  • Marlon Rimes rapping before his testimony. Then rapping during his testimony. That testimony is even called "The Dissin' of Phoenix Wright"!
  • Marlon Rimes, a shrimpy wannabe rapper, transforming Popeye-style to a completely buff rapper complete with dreads and a gold chain that says 'Rimes'...and then he throws on a pirate hat and picks up a huge marlin out of nowhere and starts talking like a pirate, while still continuing to freestyle! Hilarious and quite possibly one of the most unexpected moments in the whole series.
  • At the end of the case, when Phoenix tries to feed Orla fish, Orla goes up to him and kisses him! Made even better by the fact that the game devotes a cutscene to show the event and Phoenix's hilarious reaction.
  • When the Judge finds Sniper the penguin adorable, Blackquill complains that the Judge has never been so complimentary about Taka. The Judge quickly states that of course Taka is a fine bird as well.
    • Blackquill talking to Taka about how the only animals worth visiting at the aquarium are the penguins. He just sounds like such a bird geek.
    • When Phoenix presses one of Herman Crab's statements, Herman points out that the answer to Phoenix's question was already established in the trial, and calls him almost as stupid as Rifle the penguin. Blackquill immediately objects, goes for his "sword" and sends Taka on the attack, warning him to never insult a bird again.
  • Pressing one of Marlon's statements has Blackquill send Taka out for a target. The Judge, Phoenix, AND Athena dive under the desks in a moment of synchronised panic while Marlon just looks confused.
    Athena: Everyone's so busy protecting their head, they forgot about the trial…
    Phoenix: Including you.
  • The following bit of conversation in the trial.
    Sasha: Heh heh. That Orla is smarter than the average whale, I tell you!
    Blackquill: Hmph. Taka would not be bested in a battle of wits.
    Athena: Hold it!
    Athena: Wait a minute! Widget is the smartest one of all!
    Widget: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the smartest one of all? Widget!
    Phoenix: (Am I expected to enter Trucy into this "my kid is better than yours"-apalooza...?)
  • Norma de Plume doing the Marilyn Maneuver whenever you shoot a hole in her testimony. Especially Phoenix's disgusted reactions.
    • Phoenix's "breakdown" animation is typically used for the Darkest Hour in a case or when you're heading for a bad end, including this game. The DLC case gives the exception to the rule after Norma de Plume's Wardrobe Malfunction.
  • Phoenix rather predictably cross-examining Orla is funny on its own, but pressing her statements brings on some entertaining conversations, particularly: "Ms. Shipley! I'm afraid 'fweet fweet fweet' is not going to get us anywhere!" The fact that when pressing Orla's first statement Phoenix probably didn't say "fweet fweet fweet" but did his best orca impression is hilarious on its own. Pressing the second one has Simon threaten the defense with forty lashes with a wet fish, to which Phoenix says that he knows from experience that anything is better than forty lashes with a whip. Phoenix also takes cross-examining Orla as seriously as, if not more than, his other witnesses, as does the Judge, while Simon is busy thinking that he's Only Sane Man in the courtroom and that he's been Surrounded by Idiots.
  • Nick shooting down some of Simon's jailbird wisdom:
    Blackquill: A fellow inmate told me just this morning... "If you want something signed, all you need is a document and a witness."
    Phoenix: ...Let me guess. They were convicted for contract fraud, right?
    Blackquill: ............
    Phoenix: (Looks like I guessed right.)
  • "Mr. Rimes! Please refrain from scattering fish around the witness stand!" Then Blackquill sends Taka over to eat said fish.
  • The Running Gag of Apollo flat-out getting no respect, with Phoenix making him do a bunch of mundane tasks around the office instead of actually helping with the case.
  • If you ask Athena for clues early on the second investigation day after Sasha's arrest, Athena expresses anger at Blackquill's trickery, while Phoenix keeps his cool and suggests continuing the investigation, leading to this conversation:
    Athena: Gee, Mr. Wright! You sure know how to stay calm in a crisis!
    Athena: (adopting her angry sprite and showing a red-for-anger Widget) I can top that! LOOK HOW CALM I CAN BE!
    Phoenix: (Yes, the very definition of "calm," I'd say...)
  • One of Dr. Crab's panicking sprites has Sniper in his hair attempting to help him by putting his stethoscope to his forehead.

     Turnabout Academy 
  • Athena, Apollo and Klavier's reenactment of the mock trial. Probably the closest thing to a Who Would Want to Watch Us? in an Ace Attorney game.
  • Mock Mock Trial.
  • While the game is mocking itself in Case 3, present the Attorney's Badge to Apollo and he will mention how Phoenix taught him to always present his badge first to anyone new he meets.
  • Shoving Athena's badge in Klavier's face, making him ask why attorneys always do that. Athena compares it to Klavier's air guitar. It eventually leads to this gem of a line:
    Apollo: I never gave it that much thought, actually. I always just whip it out.
  • Apollo's reaction to Myriam Scuttlebutt, fearing that there is a Snake in the box. Athena later states that her use of the box to sneak up on them is impressive tactical espionage action.
  • On the first trial day, Blackquill wordlessly looks at the Judge, which gets him to call the first witness without an opening statement to Athena's dismay. Immediately after, Blackquill has Taka fly at Athena as if he's attacking her, but only flew by to give her the autopsy report.
    Apollo: Wow, that bird can deliver evidence, too? Blackquill has trained him well.
    Athena: Maybe Blackquill should train it not to mess up people's hair while he's at it.
    • On the second day's investigation, the player has the option of selecting Myriam, who is hiding in her box on the stage. We get this exchange:
      Athena: don't think this box is...
      Myriam: Sss, sss, sss... Hands off!
      Athena: I knew it. I'd know that voice anywhere.
      Apollo: Let's just ignore it. I mean, it made its wishes loud and clear.
      Athena: (So, this is the future cardboard box technology has afforded us, huh...)
  • Myriam Scuttlebutt's "breakdown". Pencils, set squares and rulers fall out of her box, until her laptop falls out with a loud *clunk*, causing her to throw her box up in the air in a panic... then hastily covers her face after realizing she's exposed herself, and the box immediately falls back into place. The second time this happens, Apollo has this to say:
    Apollo: That's one abused laptop.
    • Immediately after the above remark from Apollo, Myriam utters this gem.
      Myriam: My laptop won't turn on. Never thought my life would end so soon. A mere seventeen years...
    • On Day 2 of the Investigation, Myriam is distraught after having been called a failure as a journalist by Athena during the trial before, and begins deleting her photos in despair. One sheepish apology from Athena later, Myriam is frantically trying to stop the deletion process, leaving her with only two left.
  • Hell, all of the day 1 trial is pretty much this, given that it's weird even by the standards of the series. The way it ends really takes the cake, though: everyone confesses. Yes, both witnesses, and your client. The Judge has to suspend proceedings for a day simply because he has no idea what's going on anymore.
    • Blackquill's comment about the whole situation is also hilarious.
      Blackquill: This is a court of law, not the set of some high school drama!
  • We get this gem from the Cross-Examination of Aristotle Means.
    Means: Prepare to be served, old-school style!
    Judge: What does that... Oh, never mind.
  • After Means 'transforms', he starts to take attendance of the courtroom. The defense plays along but gets hit by pieces of chalk for not responding correctly. The judge complies but Blackquill ignores them. Apollo's reaction to Blackquill is hilarious: "There's always one".
    • Anything Means writes on his blackboard, like 'Everyone fails except me!', or 'No pets allowed in court!'.
    • His "damage" animation post-blackboard. He puts his hand back to steady himself, which causes him to hit the bottom of the blackboard on accident, making the top half swing forward to smack him in the back of the head.
  • As Athena gets closer to implicating Means for Courte's murder, Means decides to apply his 'ends justfy the means' philosophy... by throwing pieces of chalk to distract the defense. Followed by Simon siccing Taka on Means to stop his tomfoolery.
  • Robin Newman's Gender Reveal. The fact that it elicited a huge shock from Blackquill, of all people, is what makes the whole event hilarious.
    • Additionally regarding Robin and Blackquill, the only times Blackquill registers shock tends to be immense damage to his case. The fact that Robin was able to elicit shock from him by calling him "birdman" is hilarious in its own way.
    • Hell, Robin's entire character both pre and post-reveal. Her over-the-top screaming and pottery smashing was hilarious before, but seeing her rapidly alternate between her over-the-top masculine quirks and her ludicrously over-the-top feminine quirks, with the latter being so distinctively Japanese that they couldn't even be Woolseyized properly, just takes it to an entirely new level of ridiculous.
    • On the second day of investigation, Newman basically begs Athena to give her Juniper's stage costume, as she doesn't have to hide that she likes girly clothes. This leads to another hilarious direction:
      Stage costume-related evidence taken in classic end-justifies-the-means style!
  • If you select 'You hate girls' when talking to Robin during Cross-Examination:
    Athena: You don't like girls, do you?
    Robin: What?! Whaaaaaat?! WHAT GAVE YOU THAT IDEA?!
    Athena: Oh... Then, what? You like girls?
    Robin: I-I-I! I refuse to answer thaaaat!
  • The exchange between Athena, Klavier, and Fulbright when the former two run into the latter:
    Fulbright: Oh, it's you people! Ha ha ha! In justice we trust!
    Athena: Ah, it's Detective Fulbright! ...In justice we trust!
    Klavier: Is that some kind of a greeting between you two?
    Athena asks Fulbright to lower the stage banner and he does so.
    Athena: Thanks, Detective! In justice we trust!
    Fulbright: Ha ha ha! Always glad to help! In justice we trust!
    Klavier: So, is that some kind of greeting between you two or not?
    • For context: Athena and the gang are outside at ground level while Fulbright is leaning out of a second story window, so presumably he and Athena are shouting this to each other at the top of their lungs.
  • Pressing Hugh's first statement in his testimony has Athena asking if he meditates often, and Hugh mistaking it for interest in his personal life. Cue the Judge and Blackquill needing to remind Athena that it's a courtroom, not a pick-up zone, and Athena letting loose a string of rapid objections to the idea.
    • In a similar vein, Athena can ask Hugh why he was still on campus, despite the last bell ringing. As he adds it to his testimony, pressing it results in this exchange.
      Hugh: The final bell had rung ten, fifteen minutes earlier. No biggie.
      Athena: HOLD IT!
      Athena: You ignored the last bell for no reason? Shame on you!
      Hugh: No, shame on YOU! Pressing me for no reason…
      Athena: Grrr…!
      Apollo: Well, people do run late sometimes. Like you on the day this whole case began.
      Athena: Arrrgh!
      Judge: It appears we have a culprit in the case of "The Pot Calling The Kettle Black".
      Athena: Et tu, Your Honor…?!
    • Made even funnier when Apollo used his "sad, looking down" animation for this scene, but the way it looks from the side makes him look extremely snarky instead.
  • After Hugh's "confession" on the second day, the camera pans out to reveal that Blackquill has just straight up taken Fulbright and walked out of the trial.
  • Athena replicating the pose of the incomplete Phoenix Wright statue in order to prove that Professor Means hid the body of Professor Courte, and the reaction it receives from the audience. Especially Apollo's befuddled reaction to doing what she tells him to do and her laughter upon completing it.
    • Not to mention Athena's accusing Apollo of him enjoying tying her up while they're trying the different poses. The fact that the line in question, "... Wait, you're not into this kinda thing, are you?" can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways, depending on what word gets emphasised the most and the pauses between each word. If it's read as more like an afterthought to her previous command, it could be interpreted as Athena forgetting that not everyone is into "this kinda thing", which would imply Athena herself is into it.
      • Also, it gets even better if you have Athena wearing the Schoolgirl Uniform during this scene.
    • One of the wrong options is also hilarious: Athena tells Apollo to get some of Phoenix's hair to complete the look. Apollo complies, but is yelled at by Phoenix, then by Athena for failing.
    • When Athena manages to do it (And remember, she's draped in a pink clothe to emulate how the statue appeared):
      Blackquill: All I see before me... is the pink specter of a man!
      Athena: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's because Mr. Wright likes his statue! He's positively tickled pink! Get it, Apollo? He's tickled pink!
      Apollo: Blah, that joke deserves a pink slip.
  • Means' breakdown. He suggests cleaning a toilet for a year as an alternative punishment.note  The gallery booing at him for making the suggestions when he is proven guilty is pretty hilarious. The icing on the cake is the cheesy smile he has during it all.
    • And at the end of it all, he ends up gritting his teeth so much that he breaks them. Simon mentions that he couldn't explain his motive after that they had to him write it.
  • Everyone's reactions to Hugh's ridiculous claim that he used a body double during the mock trial so he could slip out and murder Professor Courte. Blackquill tells the Judge to call an ambulance because he thinks Hugh has totally lost his mind, and the Judge has to check with Apollo and Athena to make sure that the story really was insane and it wasn't just him not getting it. There's also this exchange, as the story gets more and more elaborate:
    Hugh: Now that I think about it...
    Athena: (No! Don't think about it! Stop making stuff up!)
    • The Mood Matrix conjures up an amusing image of a faceless, shapeless figure with a paper mask of O'Connor stuck on its face, looking suspiciously like a BLU Spy.
    • Even better, after the Judge gets over his confusion over Hugh's sudden testimony, he just ignores it and tries to keep the trial moving as usual. Hugh has to shout and protest to get him to stop and actually listen. Not to mention that Apollo and Athena think it's just as ridiculous as everyone else, but roll with it because they need any possible excuse to stall for time.
  • On the second day of the trial...
    Athena: Did the police check to see from whom the blood on the pottery came from?
    Blackquill: Shame on you, Cykes-dono. Have a little more respect for the constabulary.
    Fulbright: [Beat] [Shy Finger-Twiddling]
    Blackquill: ["damage" animation] ...Fool Bright.
  • When Athena tries to make it clear that Prof. Courte's body was disguised as the Wright statue only to realize she's missing the arrow for the "Objection!"-pose...
    Athena: Okay, Apollo, take that [arrow] and plunge it into my side!
    Apollo: Wh-What, are you crazy?!
    Athena: Fine, then go get some duct tape!
  • When they watch the video of Means' speech from the mock trial, Athena remarks how long and boring it is, and everyone falls asleep. The words "Ah, you there! Wake up! Pay attention!" and the characters' reaction to it makes it funnier.
    Athena: Huh? ...Eek! I'm awake, I'm awake! Isn't that right, Your Honor?!
    Judge: (wakes up) Huh?! What?! I'm awake, too! Wide, wide awake, see?!
    Blackquill: .......Zzz.
    • Plus, the way Means used it to his advantage. He clearly knows he's a boring professor, and runs with it to make an alibi!
  • More like retroactive funny but try and envision O'Connor, Newman, Myriam, and Juniper in court. As in, as the defense leader, the prosecution, and as judges. Particularly Newman and Myriam. Newman's animations when she makes a point in her favour involve her twirling on the spot and going :D, when the defense makes a good point she swoons and faints... and Myriam is just a box sitting at the judge's bench. O'Connor's got his bow and arrow like how Franziska has her whip and when his case takes damage he smacks himself in the head with it, and Junie's got that cough and giant sunflower in her hair.
  • If you present the student paper to Myriam when you first meet her, she'll brag about her paper's versatility... for such things as toilet paper and hamster cage lining.
    Athena: (Am I to understand that the contents run the entire spectrum of fecal matter as well?)
  • This exchange, which comes with the added bonus of Apollo sporting a relatively unique sprite (where he looks pleased):
    O'Conner: Then again, we're not like you people, talking endlessly in those annoyingly loud voices.
    Athena: Objection! Annoyingly loud voices?! I'd like it if you refrained from insulting my partner like that!
    Apollo: Normally I'd shout "Objection!" right about now, but I'll take this one for the team.
  • Athena's Court Record descriptions are pretty amusing for the most part, as they're clearly written by her.
    • Aristotle Means' description.
      His smile is somewhat scary, as is his educational policy.
    • According to her, O'Connor "seems like kind of a jerk", and Newman "tends to shout at people" and that's all she really has to say about either of them.
    • She takes a leaf out of Apollo's book and calls Klavier "Mr. Rock Star Prosecutor", possibly missing Apollo's evident sarcasm when he calls Klavier this.
    • Myriam, whose picture is of a cardboard box, is described as "A senior in the judge course. She is the aloof editor-in-chief of the school newspaper who walks around with a box over her head", the phrasing of which makes it sound more like the box is a Brown Bag Mask than anything.
  • Presenting evidence to people randomly will net you some expectedly hilarious conversations. Apollo will tell Athena (in what can be assumed to be an encouraging way), that he doesn't care "if it's totally unrelated to the case or just plain annoying or even embarrassing. Just keep presenting evidence without any regard for others! That's the first step towards becoming a successful trial lawyer!" if you present anything he doesn't have anything to say about and Klavier will flirt with Athena if you do that. Trucy will be offended with Athena tells her not to make anything disappear (specifically, her badge), and Juniper will lament that she doesn't have a badge and voice her envy of Athena not because it's a badge but because it's shaped like a sunflower (baffling Athena).
    • Presenting the tabloid article to Juniper on the first day of investigation will bring up a conversation about Juniper's popularity with the guys that ends with Apollo, still taking great amusement in having a subordinate, asking Athena if she'd get excited whenever a boy would give her a love letter, only to be bummed out when they asked her to give it to Juniper instead. Athena's annoyed that Apollo "of all people" was able to figure that out with no problem.
  • Nearly the entire time Athena and Apollo first talk to Klavier after the "Mock Mock Trial", Apollo will stand there in his exasperated "I am so done with this nonsense" pose, presumably because he still finds Klavier irritating and unprofessional.
    • During the second day of investigation, Klavier and Athena fall into their mutual habit of sprinkling words from European languages into their conversation. Apollo is not amused.
      Klavier: Achtung! That's one uber-cool idea! There might even be a song in there somewhere!
      Athena: Yay! Let's do this! Schnell!
      Apollo: Is this an investigation or am I interrupting a German Language Club social event?

     The Cosmic Turnabout 
  • In the first trial session, Starbuck tries to "escape" the courtroom by deploying the parachute in his spacesuit. He ends up getting stuck on the ceiling and having to be picked down by the bailiff. This might not be the first time this has happened, either, because the Judge says "Prepare the cherry picker," like they just had one on standby.
    • Sol's antics up until that point (pressing certain parts of his testimony) are full of gems too as he suddenly switches in and out of "space mission mode". The one involving the "emergency tin can telephone" really takes the cake, though. At one point even Apollo plays along.
      Apollo: This is mission command. I order you to PAY ATTENTION!
    • Listen to Apollo's "Objection!" and then try to picture him saying that line and shouting the last two words. It's friggin' hysterical.
  • When breaking Fulbright's Psyche-Lock during the investigation segment, Phoenix deduces that Fulbright is troubled about something related to his code of ethics, with the choices being "Life", "Love", and "Justice". The last one is obviously the correct answer if you know Fulbright, and picking "Life" will have him respond with a simple Sure, Let's Go with That response, but choosing "Love" results in Fulbright telling a story where he is indeed troubled by Love... that is, his pet carp Love, because he tried putting it in the same tank as all his goldfish, only to learn the hard way that carp EAT goldfish.
  • The second trial begins with the Judge hiding under his desk in fear of another bomb. Pheonix has to tell him that there are no more bombs and he can come out.
  • The investigation of the Boarding Lounge has several, mostly due to Athena's... interesting take on things and Phoenix acting as Only Sane Man.
    Athena: A window. And it's right next to the holographic image, too. I bet it's here to help people see the stark contrast between reality and virtual reality.
    Athena: [Looking at pamphlet] Here are the three doors. Hmm, let's call them "Lefty", "Righty" and "Downy".
    Phoenix: People usually say "west", "east" and "south" in a case like this, you know.
    Athena: Details, details.
  • During the second trial, as Director Cosmos begins to ramble on about his achievements, Simon at one point stops going along with it and outright tells him to sod off and tell his story to a dog. Cosmos takes this request completely seriously, claiming even the animal world needs to hear of his greatness.
    • Yuri Cosmos in general. Every time you poke a hole in his testimony, he acts like he was the captain of a ship that just got a hole blasted open, and makes random calls to who knows who informing them of their next order, and even when he's not doing this, he's still hamming it up. Oh, and spinning. Lots and lots of spinning.
    • Every single one of Phoenix's comments, internal or otherwise, about the spinning.
    • After you reveal Cosmos's lie that he was the third person, he starts spinning again...which leads to a panned out shot of the entire courtroom, in which he's STILL spinning!
    • This line of dialogue:
      Phoenix: Whether I have any basis or not, you seem quite distressed by it.
      Cosmos: (With his head spinning and stars over his head) I-I'm most certainly not!
    • And if you play close attention to his breakdown you will notice the stars from his outfit flying off. Pay even closer attention, and you will notice that a few of them are Power Stars from Super Mario Bros..
    • When he tells the court that the bullet hit him, the Judge, being his usual self, asks if that means Cosmos is a ghost. Blackquill takes this opportunity to be a Troll and say yes, he is, causing the Judge to freak out.
    • Immediately after this Athena admonishes Simon and he flatly recants his previous words but the tone suggests he is saying it in the most deadpan way, clearly relishing in his successful manipulation.
  • Case 4's Villainous Breakdown (minus the villainous part) has Yuri Cosmos lose control of his segway, speeding off in many directions, until leaving the courtroom by crashing through the courtroom doors, leaving behind an Impact Silhouette.
    • Which is immediately followed by the Judge telling the bailiff to get on his steed and follow him. Which probably means just telling the bailiff to go get Cosmos, but brings to mind an image of someone chasing him down on horseback down the courthouse halls. Mike Meekins being the someone in question makes it funnier, if you consider that the last time we saw him, he was a bailiff.
  • Simon being Sophisticated as Hell:
    Blackquill: Cut the existential bull or I'll cut you.

     Turnabout for Tomorrow 
  • Cosmos immediately tries to pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here when you first talk to him, so cue Trucy directly nailing one of his segway's tires with a single throwing knife. Further points for this feat being implied as not her first time, and her facial expression best being described as a 'blep'.
  • Edgeworth calls out Phoenix's (and the player's) habit of presenting random evidence to people.
    Edgeworth: Please stop presenting random evidence just to see how that person will react.
  • When Phoenix calls Ponco to the stand, the Judge has doubts about a robot testifying, but Edgeworth points out that Phoenix has extracted testimony from all number of crazy witnesses…note 
    Edgeworth: So why not a robot? Nothing surprises me anymore with him.
  • The Running Gag that Edgeworth cannot get witnesses to state their name and occupation returns, when Ponco takes the stand and cannot understand his question.
  • After Phoenix reveals the phantom's escape route, we get this lovely reaction from the others:
    Edgeworth: "You're-"
    Apollo: "Freakin-'"
    • There's something even more amusing in the fact that every single one of those people has heard Phoenix utter a completely barmy theory from out of God knows where, yet they act like this is the first time any of them have heard Phoenix's more bizarre ideas or explanations.
  • There's an intensely black piece of humor around the part Fulbright insists his family's been captured and he's an undercover agent. Looking terrified, he testifies that he's afraid of the phantom because he took his family hostage. Pressing leads Phoenix to ask what members of his family were taken specifically, at which Fulbright looks inconvenienced and says "Oh, I don't my lover, for example?" before leading into a series of even more Blatant Lies.
    • Him messing up which emotion to feel at each time is also darkly hilarious. Screaming about how he's so pissed while he's got an overjoyed face on, or saying he's terrified while shaking his fist at you, all revealing his grasp on emotions is tenuous, at the very least.
    • There's also Phoenix's reaction when the phantom reveals yet another mask: one of Phoenix Wright himself:
    • Or the moment when the mask is first revealed and the phantom yells Objection! in Phoenix's voice. Apollo asks if Phoenix just objected to himself.
    • While Fulbright is accused of feeling fear because of failing to steal the moon rock, this logic is questioned by Apollo and Blackquill.
      Phoenix: Don't everyone jump on the Phoenix hype train all at once now...
  • Fulbright, in the process of being revealed as the phantom, tinkers with his watch, releases a grappling hook and begins zipping up towards the ceiling.
    Phoenix: Where do you think you're going?!
    Fulbright: [returns] Me? I'm not going anywhere.
    • The totally stoic expression he wears throughout sells it.
    • When seeing some of the phantom's gadgets, Phoenix mentally asks, Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?
      Phoenix: And where can I get myself some?
    • Phoenix halting Fulbright by giving his "HOLD IT!" shout, complete with the shouting bubble.
    • Earlier on when he takes the stand even though by this point him being the phantom has already been brought up, he still arrives in his usual jovial self and upbeat theme causing the defense attorneys to immediately object to him.
  • In the final moments, when Athena goes back to the defense stand...squishing Apollo. The fact that Phoenix gets two side-kicks onscreen AT THE SAME TIME in court for the first time ever in the series is surprising by itself. But when you show it with this moment (at timecode 15:38), it becomes downright hilarious!
    • And when Athena climbs over and joins the others behind the stand, Phoenix worries that they'll be held in contempt of court. It's even funnier if one remembers the first game and how Phoenix nearly was held in contempt for something considerably less ridiculous than that!
    • A little while later, while they are both still standing next to Phoenix on the bench. When the phantom thinks he has them beaten, Phoenix objects when everything seems lost. This makes them both make their "WTF" expressions. It's a hilarious image.
  • While Aura sadly talking about losing Metis is very sad, the follow-up on the very heavy implication that she had a bad case of unrequited love for her co-worker has a funny moment:
    Aura: Shut up, Simon! You know exactly how I felt about her! Her respect as a co-worker wasn't all that I wanted!
    Judge: What did you want from her?
    Phoenix: (Did you really just go there, Your Honor?)
  • A lot of the bickering and internal snark between Phoenix and Edgeworth, which boils down to No, You-type arguments with the tone of I Shall Taunt You and come off as very childish. Two grown men with highly respected jobs well in their mid-30s, conducting the legal equivalent of schoolyard bickering.
    • This one is the most obviously petty:
      Phoenix: HOLD IT! But that's just speculation!
      Edgeworth: OBJECTION! No, Ms. Blackquill has proper grounds for her claims.
      Phoenix: OBJECTION! Then why didn't you say so in the first place?
      Edgeworth: OBJECTION! You're the one who screamed "HOLD IT!" and cut me off!
      Phoenix: Fine, so maybe I jumped the gun by a teeny-weeny bit...
  • Also:
    Phoenix: "OBJECTION! T-the prosecution is leading the court!"
    Edgeworth: "OBJECTION! YOU'RE the one leading the court, Mr. Wright!"
    • Present the wrong evidence at the right time and you might get this gem:
      Phoenix (obviously grasping): "Hey Edgeworth, how about teaming up on this?"
      Edgeworth (completely serious): "No."
    • The entire argument about aesthetics counts, too, especially since it's the gift that keeps on giving, since each of them wants to have the last word about Phoenix's superior eye for art. It becomes a Call-Back and Hilarious in Hindsight once you remember that back in Trials and Tribulations Phoenix was an Art Major before shifting to Law, making it seem like Nick is flaunting one of the few fields of expertise that he is better than Edgeworth at. Edgeworth eventually gets very pouty about the whole thing and keeps trying to bring it up, to which a rather beleaguered Phoenix can only think:
      Phoenix: (Edgeworth...just let it go, man.)
    • Even though it's at kind of a tense moment, Phoenix uncovers a contradiction that ends up implicating his client...and Edgeworth puts on his satisfied smirk and declares the move "vintage Phoenix Wright."
  • At one point, Phoenix tries to argue whether or not it's possible to fit an adult into a trunk. Edgeworth stops this by pointing out that the two of them saw Trucy do just that when they both saw one of her magic shows. This is followed up by the Judge turning pouty over not being invited to see the show as well.
  • Both Maya and Pearl got the events of the bombing of Courtroom 4 wrong. Pearl thought the Wright Anything Agency had exploded while Maya thought Phoenix held a trial in a courtroom as it exploded.
  • Phoenix's reactions whenever a contradiction he spots gets explained:
    Phoenix: (Come back, my beautiful contradiction...)


  • Gaspen Payne returns but runs away again when hearing about his upcoming talk with Edgeworth. In Edgeworth's section of the credits, he gets punished off-screen.
  • Damien has started wrestling as Tenma Taro in addition to wrestling as The Amazing Nine Tails. The two alter-egos are scheduled to fight each other, and Damien and Jinxie are trying to figure out how to pull this off. Jinxie suggests that Apollo be "The Amazing Nine Tails II" and face off against Damien. Considering their body size difference... Damien even does his "Tenma Taro caws" at this prospect.
  • Filch claiming to be the new alderman and trying to mooch the interviewer out of a donation, only to be called out on being an imposter.
  • Clonco missing Aura's abuse so much he cries, screaming about how he wants her to use him again like she used to.
  • Simon is at the Wright Anything Agency, looking for someone to defend Aura in court, and complaining that there's nobody around and he's been kept waiting forever. He chats with someone else, who wants to hire Athena to defend their father. Simon smirks and says he plans to prosecute the trial.

     DLC Costumes 
  • The fact that you could have a trial go on with (from least crazy to most) Athena wearing a schoolgirl outfit, Apollo wearing a jacket, backpack, and tee-shirt, and Nick wearing the outfit worn during Turnabout Memories (the pink sweater with the letter 'P' in a heart).