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  • In general:
  • Episode 1:
    • Remarking on the NPC preventing him from leaving town. He says the same thing every time he talks to you, and Chugga portrays him as speaking in a voice of forced calm after ignoring him once and attempting to leave again.
    • Barry failing to attack Chuggaaconroy's Turtwig for the entirety of the first rival battle, instead using Leer over and over. Artificial Stupidity indeed.
    • Mentioning Barry's trainer animation as doing the Mexican hat dance without the hat.
    • He calls Chimchar a "fire-farting monkey" backing himself up with the Pokedex entry. He lampshades the strange nature of saying "fire-farting monkey".
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    • Him not realizing that Bidoof used Tackle on his Turtwig and his subsequent confusion to why Turtwig doesn't have full HP.
    On-screen Text: (complete with "D'OH") THAT BIDOOF TACKLED ME TWICE. SERIOUSLY?! It's not THAT insignificant...
    • He thinks Dawn has a sock on her head.
    "Someday, I will obtain that sock of hers."
  • Episode 2:
    • Calling Bidoof "the almighty derp itself"
    • His disdain for Kricketot.
    Chugga: What's the matter, Kricketot? Feeling like the obviously scrapped pre-evolution of Volbeat and Illumise that you are? OH!! *beat* I am so lame.
    • His assumption about Looker giving him a Vs. Recorder just so he could get rid of it.
  • Episode 3:
    • Calling out the Pokétch salesman on using the Pokétch to count to three.
    • His shrill yell when explaining how Poké Mart mechanics in this game means he still has no access to Repels.
    • On his first attempt to catch a Zubat, he builds up how he feels it's time to use it in a playthrough... only for Bodhi to land a critical hit and defeat it right away.
    • Once again, Barry fails to land a hit on any of Chugga's catches using his Chimchar, just using Leer nonstop.
    Barry: What just happened? I lost?!
  • Episode 4:
    • His small anecdote about how he stared at Bidoof's stat screen for a minute in disbelief at not catching a Bidoof that had Pickup, only to realize that Bidoof doesn't even get the Pickup ability.
    • His comments at the end on the matter:
    "Also, I learned I need a new Bidoof...."
    On-screen Text: *Does not actually need a new Bidoof.
    **Is just stupid.
    ***Like Bidoof.
    • While exploring one of the houses in Oreburgh, he finds a man who wants to see a Geodude. Since he doesn't remember meeting the man before, he decides to go out and find one. He then proceeds to have trouble actually FINDING a Geodude. The kicker comes when he finally catches a Geodude and shows it to the man. His reward for all that effort? A Heal Ball.note 
  • Episode 5:
    • He almost says "hangovers" instead of "overhangs".
    • Chugga's story about how he worked in a movie theater when he was younger. He was playing Pokémon on his break when his boss noticed the 100+ hours Chugga had clocked. Chugga got told he had no life and was such a tool. He even had to assure the viewers that's actually what happened.
    • Chugga brings on Marriland to showcase the Union Room, showcasing the Trainer Cards and the messages on the back. Marriland's message? "Marriland was here, Chugga's a loser" then there's a little drawing of a Marill.
    • The two also battled with the teams they used to fight Roark. In turn one, both switched for their starters. They both cracked up when that happened.
    • Chuggaaconroy tries to use his Zubat to confuse Roark’s Cranidos, but it’s actually faster and the strategy fails.
    Emile: This is probably the toughest Pokémon ever held by a first gym leader [Cranidos moves first] IN ANY POKÉMON— YOU’RE FASTER THAN MY ZUBAT?!?! …well!
    • He’s nervous about using Bodhi against Cranidos, and uses Razor Leaf, leaving it with a tiny silver with HP. The noise he makes at this is indescribable but hilarious.
    Emile: [strangled exclamation, then grits his teeth] WHAT?! NO! Don’t do this to me! Don’t do this to me! Don’t do this to— [Roark uses a Potion] …he did it.
    • And then, after putting Cranidos to the same silver of HP as before, he was feeling unfortunate that Bodhi will not be quick enough to defeat Cranidos. Guess what happens next? Quick Claw is activated, causing Emile to get surprised. At this point, all the emotional changes throughout the battle causes him to call himself out about it.
  • Episode 6:
    • His statement about how Looker now has to hit on him since Dawn isn't with him.
    • When his excitement decreases due to not being able to access the internet, he tries to lighten the mood saying that at least the Awesome Music is not tainted by the the unbelievable trades online.
    • Saying that the Team Galactic grunts were offended by Professor Rowan's disdain for their fashion is just hilarious.
    • Everything from the visit to the Jubilife TV station, but especially when he "dresses up" his Bidoof. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Episode 8:
    • After he captures Drifloon and reads the Pokedex entry, he decides to read the Diamond and Pearl entries while the Pokedex music is still playing.
    Chugga: The Platinum Pokédex entry is a pansy compared to the other Pokédex entries for Drifloon. With this really cheery, upbeat music in the background, I'd like to read some of those for you. "This is a balloon Pokémon. It is said that children grab onto it thinking it is just an ordinary balloon, get entangled in its legs that are string-like and it carries them off, never to be seen again." So this Pokémon is a kidnapper that disguises itself as a balloon basically, or coincidentally only looks like one. If that's not creepy enough, in the Japanese Pokédex entries, it does not merely kidnap children, but it takes them to what it calls "the land of the dead". No matter which way you look at it, at bare minimum, it's a child kidnapper, and at the worst it's a child murderer.
  • Episode 9:
    • Emile almost switching to Bidoof instead of Zubat during a battle with a Hiker, right after he consoles Zubat for not getting experience from the Hiker's second Geodude.
    • During that same battle, when Emile sees that the Hiker's third Pokémon is a Geodude (just like the first two), he comments about the lack of diversity in the Hiker's team and says, "Next thing you know, he's going to be using Mud Sport despite having 3 Geodudes." note  Guess what happens when Emile switches out Zubat for Bodhi?
    • Then he walks two spaces north of a hiker NPC and shows off his O_O face.
    Chugga: Hey hiker, you got mustard on your shirt!
    • He sneaks in a pun after listening to an NPC explain a story about the Gracidea flowers in Floraroma Town: "Well, expressing gratitude for nature...there's no Shaymin that!"
  • Episode 10:
    • At the end of the episode, Emile mentions how the music to Eterna City can be easily compared to "what happens when you lose in Mario Kart".
  • Episode 11:
    • To match Eterna City's soundtrack, Chugga introduces the episode in a Southern accent.
  • Episode 12:
    • At the beginning of the episode he makes fun of the gate attendants for not letting bike-less people go through the Cycling Road exit.
    Emile: [putting on an exaggerated snobby accent] Ew, the residents of Hearthome City are rich snobs and don't want to deal with vagabonds, so no poor people who can't afford a bicycle are allowed in! Eheheh!
  • Episode 13:
    • While digging in the Underground, Chugga finds an Icicle Plate (very rare and raises the power of Ice-type moves by 20%) and is going over how cool and rare it is and how lucky he was to find it; immediately after, he finds a Toxic Plate. Offscreen, he also found a Meadow Plate which, unlike the Icicle Plate, has the potential to be very powerful on his team.
    • This exchange:
    Underground Man: We don't want any visitors getting hurt by walking in on you!
    Chugga: Hey, I don't look that bad naked!
  • Episode 15:
    • Chugga's surprised reaction to Supernova evolving so early is priceless.
  • Episode 16:
  • Episode 17:
  • Episode 18:
    • Chugga coming within an inch of catching the first male Ralts he encounters, only for it to Teleport away the last second, much to his shock. His second attempt doesn't fare any better, with Supernova missing Sing (55% chance to hit) three times in a row, with it fleeing as well with no damage taken whatsoever.
  • Episode 19:
    • Chugga tries to complain about Amity Square...
    Chugga: "So we can go for a stroll with a cute Pokémon - or so they claim. For instance, I can go for a stroll with my Grotle because that's a starter Pokémon and thus there's field sprites for it. I could also go with Pikachu or somebody like that, but can I go with my Clefairy? Nooooo, I cannot-"
    NPC text OK? Would you like to go for a stroll with your SUPERNOVA?
    Chugga "Wait wha-?! *beat* I CAN?!"
    • He also randomly decides to talk to Supernova before he cuts away and is surprised to see it's holding an item. It's a Black Moustache accessory.
    Chugga: *cracks up* "Okay, glad to know you have a good sense of humor Supernova!"
  • Episode 22:
    • When Chugga reaches Solaceon Town, a Sidequest makes him go all the way back to Oreburgh Ruins to catch an Onix. When he finally does, he tries to use Kirlia's Teleport to go back to Solaceon Town... and fails note . He goes outside the mines to try again... and fails note . He goes back to the main route to try again... and succeeds... only to end up back in Oreburgh City because he healed at the Pokémon Center there. All he can do then is cycle back to Solaceon in shame.
    • Through simple bad luck, Acrobat is KO'd by a wild Unown of all things.
    • The Stinger: Emile meets a Poké Kid (a Trainer whose overworld sprite looks like a normal Pikachu) in a Pokémon Center note  who says this:
    Poké Kid: I need to find a way to get more into the character of a Pokémon...maybe I should get the Day Care to raise me?
    Chugga: (beat, then looks into the camera)
  • Episode 23:
    • Throughout the Lost Tower, Sinnoh's gravesite for dead Pokémon, Emile keeps unintentionally making cemetery-related puns and lampshading it each time.
  • Episode 24:
    • While running through the list of names he was considering giving to the Kirlia, Emile admits that one of the potential ideas was Sircumvent as a play on Gallade's knightly demeanor. The reason why he didn't go with it?
    Chugga: One, it went over the character limit if I wanted a space in it, and two... um... if you divide that spelling into three words, it kinda means something naughty, and I would not be able to contain my immaturity during seeing that name.
  • Episode 25
    • Supernova getting the Determination from a massage. Chugga can't help but make the obvious reference.
    • Chugga wins 10 bonus rounds on the slot machines and receives TM64 Explosion. The NPC giving him the TM tells him to try again next time for another "explosion of luck". Chugga then angrily tells the viewers that this is not the case by saying that on his first or a previous playthrough, he won the TM, gave it to a friend thinking he could get another one by winning 10 bonus rounds again and was sorely mistaken.
  • Episode 27
    • Once he receives the Fly HM, he tries teaching it to Drifloon only to find out it can't learn Fly. Cut to him catching a Staravia.
    "I wanted to be like Mary Poppins!"
    • Chugga encounters Beauty Devon.
    "Uh... I don't remember Marriland being quite this sexy, but we'll go with it."
  • Episode 28
    • When a female Ace Trainer describes her dream of a knight riding on a Pokémon whisking her off on a romantic honeymoon, Chugga says this:
    Chugga: I'll go change into my suit of armor and ride in on my Bibarel.
  • Episode 29
    • When Emile attempts to get an item from the Great Marsh, his Safari Game runs out! ...Again!
  • Episode 30
    • The entirety of the first attempt against Crasher Wake. It must be seen to be believed.
      • To elaborate, Chugga is confident that he'll beat Crasher Wake's Gyarados due to Supernova knowing Thunderbolt and being roughly 5 levels higher than Gyarados. Cue Waterfall landing a lucky flinch and due to Chugga not switching, Supernova goes down. It only goes downhill from there; Gyarados proceeds to steamroll Acrobat and Psythe, and it takes a lucky Quick Claw to allow Bodhi to get a win against Gyarados. To really add insult to injury, Wake then sends in his strongest Pokémon, Floatzel, who OHKO's Bodhi with Ice Fang, a move that Bodhi is quad weak to due to his just-acquired Ground type, costing Chugga the match.
      • His second attempt goes better, but Gyarados gets the flinch against Supernova again. Poor thing didn't have a chance to shine.
    • ShadyPenguinn gets his entire team swept by Emile's newly evolved Bodhi and his newly learned Earthquake!
    Shady: Torterra's broken! Ban him!
  • Episode 32
    • Chugga steps into the Trophy Garden and immediately starts gushing about the variety of encounters it has. All while the list of encounters only shows 5 Pokémon, the only new catchable Pokémon being Pikachu and Pichu. Chugga had to stop himself post-commentary to point out that the Trophy Garden's Pokémon selection doesn't expand until later on.
    • Supernova uses Metronome and calls in Conversion, turning her into an Electric-type. Cue Emile childishly giggling over having an Electric-type Clefairy.
    • Chugga learns how the "5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge" works and let's just say the words "exact turn" slipped his mind.
  • Episode 33
    • Upon triggering a Ninja Boy standing in the way of an item ball: "'We always appear when you least expect us!' when I announced your appearance!"
    • With a Golbat on its last hit point, Chugga decides to have a bit of fun and has Supernova finish it off with Metronome, which calls Aqua Tail—and promptly misses. Metronome proceeds to call Nasty Plot, Defend Order, Encore, and Tail Whip before finally getting Ice Beam. By this point Supernova is down to seven HP.
  • Episode 34
    • Supernova leading again, against Cyrus' Sneasel. Result: Ice Punch freeze, Ice Punch crit. Chugga cites Supernova as bad luck every time he leads with her.
  • Episode 36
    • Chugga searching through the Floaroma Meadow for hidden items and yelling MAX REVIVE! while the footage is sped up.
  • Episode 37
    • Chugga tries to say that they spent time smelling the roses and listened to the piano in the theme for Canalave City, but ends up mixing up the phrases and says "sniffing the piano" instead.
  • Episode 38
    • Supernova using Roar of Time, Dialga's signature move, via Metronome. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 39
    • Supernova's luck does not improve as its Fire Blast attack misses very frequently throughout the Canalave City Gym, much to Chugga's irritation.
    • Chugga doing his best impression of Dan Green's Byron potrayal from the anime.
  • Episode 40
    • Chugga brings Yoshiller along to cook poffins with in multiplayer, some good, with a Rich Poffin (a poorly made low-level Poffin, but not as bad a Foul) thrown in. They discuss the ridiculousness of how two guys are cooking in a single pot, as well as cooking one by stirring with reckless abandon, no regard for spills. Surprisingly, that Poffin turned out okay!
    • Yoshiller's Gliscor uses Swords Dance. Chugga sends in Acrobat to use Confuse Ray on it, declaring that "I don't like your big Attack stat!" Yoshiller acts concerned (replying "I don't like your Confuse Ray!"), only for Gliscor to immediately eat a Lum Berry and continue its sweep of Chugga's team, including managing to freeze Supernova.
  • Episode 41
  • Episode 43:
    • Chugga's girl-ish scream when first meeting a Feebas.
    • The fact that Chugga has to encounter and catch Feebas several times just to get one with a good nature.
    • Chugga gets mildly annoyed by Riolu's egg hatching while he's still discussing Feebas.
  • Episode 44
  • Episode 45
    • Chugga talks to an old man who gives out trendy sayings. The trendy saying is "IRRITABILITY". Chugga, who had been complaining about the snowy areas in the previous episode, cracks up from how appropriate this is.
    • Chugga's absolute HATRED for the Trainer in Snowpoint City who offers a trade: Your Medicham for her Haunter. Which is holding an Everstonenote .
  • Episode 46
    • Marriland's back for the Super Contest episode and a rematch, but he wanted to show off the back of his card again for Chugga. This time it reads "Now do you remember how sexy I am, senpai?" With a rather "affectionate" Marill. note 
  • Episode 49
    • Chugga sends out Acrobat against Cyrus' Sneasel. Acrobat manages to survive Sneasel's Ice Punch, but it gets frozen. Chugga is so enraged by this, he uses a Full Restore so Acrobat can survive the next Ice Punch and finish off Sneasel, since there's no way Sneasel could be lucky enough get the freeze chance twice in a row. And it isn't. It gets a critical instead.
    • At the end of the episode in order to break up the tension he finds his way to the podium Cyrus was on last episode, walks up to the mike, and yells "Team Galactic smells!" so that everyone in the building (in-game) can hear him.
  • Episode 50
    • His story about what happened to a friend of his while they were climbing Mt. Coronet: his friend encountered a shiny Graveler which, on the FIRST TURN, used Selfdestruct. Next encounter? ANOTHER shiny Graveler. And that ALSO used Selfdestruct on the first turn. As Chugga put it, that is just "the best worst luck."
    • This exchange:
    Looker: Observe, if you will, that hole.
    Chugga: This is no time for pickup lines, Looker.
  • Episode 51
    • Chugga ends the video on a cliffhanger and a Jump Scare courtesy of Giratina. While not funny on it's own, the top comment by Masae Anela certainly is.
    Masae Anela: So at 5AM this morning, I was asked to critique this video just as I was about to sleep.
    I have never played this far into Platinum. Little sleep was had. THANKS A LOT, EMILE.
  • Episode 53
    • In usual Chugga fashion against Legendary Pokémon, he threw several random Pokéballs at Giratina, but what was the one that finally did it? A Heal Ball. Made even more humorous that it took one shot for him to catch it when all the other ones, including the Dusk Ball, failed to capture it even if its 4x capture rate works in the Distortion World.
    • Made funnier still after he had said previously that he would never get any use out the remainder of his Heal Balls.
    • Chugga's scream when he discovers his Dusclops's nature.
    • Chugga's confused rant about the fact that there is a diving board in the land of the dead.
  • Episode 55
    • Chugga manages to knock out Uxie with a Critical Hit. Twice.
    • Uxie using Yawn making Emile yawn in real life.
  • Episode 56
    • Chugga rapidly travels from Route 205 to Eterna City and back again. The encounter table rapidly changes along with it, but then switches faster and faster until it sticks to the location of "..??? I give up!". The Pokémon it lists include "Bidoof, I guess?" (5% Chance) and "Oh, and this thing too."(Mesprit). (100% chance)
    • Mesprit's bio art by Masae Anela.
    • After catching Mesprit, who is basically the guardian deity of Twinleaf Town, Chugga proclaims himself to be the new god of Twinleaf... all four houses of it. He then proposes to do the unthinkable... AND INSTALL A FIFTH HOUSE.
  • Episode 58
  • Episode 60
    • In honor of Jwittz (And pretty much EVERYONE on Game Theorists), Chugga uses "Backgrounds, Images and White Text" for a portion of the video. This inherently isn't funny at first, but he does it while having a picture of Byron, followed by fast scrolling text reading "I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE BASTIODOOOOOOOOOOON!" zooming past the screen.
    • Even Chugga's guests are getting in on the bad puns now, with Jwittz commenting during their fight in which he had an Abombasnow out, "Thanks Abomba."
  • Episode 63
    • While grousing about how his team's only Fighting-Type move is Psythe's Vacuum Wave, he mentions that "Vacuum Wave kinda sucks." He's made this clear before; not only it is a base 40 (including STAB) move, but it's a Special move on a Physical attacker. The funny part, however, is that as soon as he finishes saying that, for one single frame, a subtitle pops up on screen: "VACUUM Wave SUCKS!?"
  • Episode 64
  • Episode 65
    • Chugga's epic freak out over Psythe learning Close Combat much earlier than he'd originally thought.
  • Episode 67
  • Episode 68
    • The whole episode can be described as Emile slowly descending into madness trying to catch the legendary birds.
    • Much like the last time Chugga's trying to capture a Roaming legendary, the normally informative sidebar's stats on the Legendary Birds' encounter rate.
      Articuno: Repel%
      Zapdos: Random%
      Moltres: Maybe%
    • And later, after complaining about being daytime again after he was been trying for so long:
      WHAT I WANT (Articuno): Repel%
      THE BEST ONE (Zapdos): Random%
      LEAVE ME ALONE (Moltres): 99.92%
    • After he caught Articuno:
      2.5 HOURS (Articuno): Repel%
      THE BEST ONE (Zapdos): Random%
      LEAVE ME ALONE (Moltres): 99.92%
    • Later yet, after Acrobat got knocked out by a crit Flamethrower by Moltres:
      2.5 HOURS (Articuno): Repel%
      THE BEST ONE (Zapdos): Random%
      Why couldn't it have been you. (Moltres): 99.92%
    • He finally ends off like this, after catching Moltres:
      2.5 HOURS (Articuno): Repel%
      The Best One (Zapdos): Random%
      Thank God. (Moltres): 99.92%
    • During one of his attempts to catch Zapdos, he starts imitating the game menu and other in-game noises.
    • The thumbnail features a Dusk Ball stuck to Articuno's beak as if to shut it up.
    • After fighting it multiple times, Emile discovers that Moltres has Roost.
    • It takes him so long to catch Zapdos that he gives up and starts a recording session the next morning. He catches it on the first try, to much exasperation.
  • Episode 70
    • Chugga sees two ace trainers looking at each other, and decides that they are a couple staring into each others' eyes. He then wonders why the couple went to a dark cave on a date, with onscreen text pointing out that there are lots of things that could be done in a dark cave.
  • Episode 71
    • While going over the bios of Route 224, He just lets the gameplay screen sit for a good 30 seconds. Post Chugga (via onscreen text) was confused as to what his past self was doing.
    • After setting out to collect the items on Route 224, he comes to a traumatizing discovery: He's out of Repels. Cue becoming increasingly exasperated as he goes through the route trying to collect every item and encountering a ton of high leveled wild Pokémon.
  • Episode 74
    • When Chugga tries to justify that his pool is actually "a lake", we get this strange gem:
      Chugga: Have you ever stopped to consider that I am nearly the size of a skyscraper in this universe?
      • And a commenter decided to make terrible puns with it.
      Anyone else who LP's Platinum has some BIG shoes to fill, as Chugga's going to CRUSH the competition. The battles that would take place will be MASSIVE and his opponents will have a HUGE problem dealing with Chugga's Pokémon
    • Chugga dodging (and then getting caught) by an Ace Trainer.
    • "If I don't pick up the things that I see, I won't have them"
    • When he's asked if he wants to hear Cyrus's grandfather's story.
      NNNNNNNN... Nah.
    • The perky and tired Ace Trainers.
    • Chugga finds a cliff with a ground of a two-by-two grid tile size with a bike-only slope and manages to get up there expecting a hidden item. There was absolutely nothing up there
      • He then fights another Ace trainer to go to a path expecting an item. The path was actually just a shortcut back to an earlier point, no hidden items included.
  • Episode 75
    • When Chugga speaks to the Meister, the NPC who upgrades the Pokedex so it can show descriptions of Pokémon in other languages, he gives him an accent that's difficult to place, to say the least. After he's done reading, he promptly apologizes to "all 12 countries (he) just offended in the span of, like, one minute".
    • Chugga ends up using Rock Climb and lands right into a Bird Keeper who he couldn't even see.
    Chugga: YOU ASS! *laughing* Okay! You are a brilliant ass!
    • The end slate for the episode, which consists just of Emile standing in place while the Route 226/227 music plays for a little over a minute.
  • Episode 76
    • The two Galactic Grunts at the beginning of Stark Mountain. He thinks its funny how they had second thoughts, but still went with Charon's plans.
    • Thinking Mars has a mallet.
    • The voice he uses for Jupiter after defeating Mars.
    • The puns he makes that are relevant to the episode.
    • After defeating Jupiter:
    Jupiter: Humph! Quit flaunting your toughness! It's not cute in the least!
    Chugga: Hey, I'm not trying to impress you. I'm trying to impress Mar... (realizes what he's saying and trails off )... Uh, you didn't hear that.
  • Episode 77:
    • In the Battleground, as it is Buck's vouch that gets him in rather than a Gym Leader's:
      Chugga: After Roark saw me grow and become a master of the Underground, after her butt handed to me (sic) by my Crobat (er, Golbat at the time), after Fantina also got her butt handed to me by my Crobat, after Maylene...also got her butt handed to me by my Crobat, after Wake defeated me in battle one time, after I shared my enthusiasm with Byron, after I...wiped the floor with Candice, and after I reignited Volkner's passions for battling, thank you very much, none of those people vouched for me and gave me an invite here. Thanks for that, guys. Really appreciate it.
  • Episode 78:
  • Episode 79:
    • In contrast to the special treatment of Legendary Pokémon having highly detailed bio pictures, poor ol'Regigigas gets the literal short end of the stick, thanks to being brought down to Level 1 in Platinum. The twelve-foot golem becomes toy-sized with a "LV 1" over its head, while angrily raving at the player character's legs. You can see the image here.
      • Chugga's surprise when he captures Regigigas in 5 balls! before he even finishes talking about it.
      Chugga: Uuuuuuuuuuh. I thought we'd be here a heck of a lot longer?!
      • Also amusing is the fact that Regigigas was caught on the turn immediately following the turn that it "got its act together".
  • Episode 80:
    Chugga: I was about to say that I care a lot about my appearance and get dressed really nicely, but I'm actually kinda recording this in a T-shirt and my underwear.
  • Episode 81:
    • Chugga catches Dialga and Palkia with a LUXURY BALL and ANOTHER HEAL BALL respectively.
      • Even better: Dialga's caught with Derpidius out on the field.
    • Arceus' Egg group: "Out of Everyone's League"
    • Trying to end the video, Repel's effect wore off and he knocks over his drink and the glass shattered.
  • Episode 82:
    • The end slate for the episode, where Chugga used the word 'OLD MAN' for every story to Julianote .
      • "OLD MAN snuggle pillow"
  • Episode 83:
    • Before rematching the Elite Four and Champion, Chugga gives bios to the last Pokémon that can be caught with the Super Rod. Which Pokémon gets the final bio for the project? Luvdisc.
    • The final battle with Cynthia is somewhat challenging, but not because of the Garchomp. The big, bad dragon is felled by Vanity without doing a single point of damage, thanks to whiffing two Dragon Rushes.
    • So while showing off all the Pokémon which he had caught during the journey, three of them stood out with their nicknames:
      • Articuno: 2.5 HOURS
      • Moltres: LEAMEALONE
      • Zapdos: BEST ONE
    • During The Stinger, Chugga goes to Iron Island to talk to Byron, complete with the voice.

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