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Hunt ghosts in the main Chuggaaconroy funny index HERE.

  • General:
    • E. Gadd stealing Chugga's puns and telling him what he already knows.
    • "Crrriminy!" (E. Gadd's Catchphrase, which never escapes Chugga's Large Ham tendencies.)
    • Chugga's accidental innuendos about flashing and sucking. When the illusion-creating Spirit Balls come into play, these join the previous innuendos.
    • Chugga having no problem fighting the ghosts, but always taking damage from the extremely weak non-ghost enemies.
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    • Chugga pointing out the uncreativity of the enemy names.
    • At the end of missions, Chugga has taken a habit of dryly reading aloud his bragging rights. Even funnier when he accidentally misreads something.
    • Chugga's rampant obssession with making the Boos ricochet around in the funniest ways.
    • Help help!
    • Once again, Chugga takes great pleasure from one of the ghosts' noises. This time, it's the cartoonish scream of the Creepers when they are defeated.
    • His hate for the Polterpup missions to the point he refers to it as his arch nemesis.
  • Episode 1:
    • THE WIND!
    • The effort Chugga goes to so as not to make an innuendo, and how well he fails at such a task. There's even a 'suggestive' counter at one point, though it gets confused when he follows three innuendoes up with a phrase that doesn't quite work as well.
    Chugga: (while sucking on a fan to lower a chandelier) Suck that... make that twirl around... bring that down to size... be a really nice way to replace those candles on it.
    • He gets repeatedly called by E. Gadd, mostly because it's the first mission and thus he's being given the tutorial, but also because he keeps doing some things that aren't necessarily required yet (such as collecting a gem or finding a gold bone — granted, the second one is luck-based) that E. Gadd calls to talk about.
      • One such call happens while two living knight suits are swinging their swords down, so when the call starts, it freezes them in place with their swords crossed inches from Luigi.
      • One comment notes that Chugga was called by Gadd 11 times total, counting the "test call" while still in the Bunker.
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    • While exiting an area, he's noticeably leaving a coin behind without realizing. Perhaps in a nod to his old "no coin left behind" movement, onscreen text briefly pops up indicating the coin is crying out for Chugga not to leave it.
  • Episode 2:
  • Episode 3:
  • Episode 6:
    • When fighting the boss of the Gloomy Manor, the Spider Queen, Chuggaa momentarily flashes a picture of the OTHER Spider Queen from Ōkami. This is what happens when you name a boss "Spider Queen", everyone!
  • Episode 8:
    • Chugga's banter with special guest ProtonJon as they play Scarescraper mode is beautiful, especially once, much like Jon's playthrough of Triforce Heroes with Josh Jepson and Tom Fawkes, they start abusing the in-game call function. "Help help!"
    • ProtonJon's introduction as well: "I am Stream Bot. I come from future where everything is Stream and everything is Bot. Help Help."
    • Chugga's reasoning for having ProtonJon as a guest — since the game was made (developed) in Canada, he might as well invite a Let's Player who was made in Canada.
  • Episode 9:
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 12:
    • Chuggaa shares an embarrassing childhood memory regarding the type of wrench Luigi uses in the mission. He thought it was called a Stoonch and lost some of his childhood innocence when he learned what that word really meant: a smelly vagina. He advises his viewers not to look it up, though some did anyway.
      • When they did look it up, they found... episode 12 of Chuggaaconroy's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Let's Play.
    • Toad constantly screaming and panicking throughout the entire mid-boss fight and E. Gadd's phone call immediately after. And then he runs for the door, forcing Chugga to pick him up with the Poltergust to go where they're supposed to go.
    • Chugga's reading of E. Gadd's praise to Luigi:
    Chugga: Well done, mah boi!
  • Episode 13:
    • Chuggaaconroy's freakout when he catches three Sneakers at once.
    • As well as his freakout when he fails the red coin room required to get a gem.
    • Also, his nose started bleeding when he encounters a Gold Greenie.
  • Episode 14:
    • Chuggaa's extreme annoyance with this entire mission, stemming from the fact that the first time he played it, he didn't realize when the cutscenes stopped and the part where you are actually able to attack the ghost dog began, so he was following the dog around the mansion for over an hour.
    • When he finally gets a chance to capture the Polterpup, he begins screaming "SUCK ON IT!" over and over.
      • Better yet, at the end of the episode, he comments post recording how he yelled so loudly, it peaked the volume cap on his audio interface, which was supposed to be impossible because of his setup. And considering it's Chuggaaconroy we're talking about...
      Chugga: I guess that just speaks volumes for how much I hate this mission.
  • Episode 15:
    • Chuggaa's Big "YES!" when he finishes the infamous stair puzzle in the fewest amount of tries he's ever done.
    • "Laser-firing Eyebrows."
    • "This'n is a good'n."
    • He ends up using someone else's outro and doesn't realize it until halfway through, and then chooses to keep going anyway.
  • Episodes 16 and 17:
    • Chuggaa gets another guest for his Scarescraper expedition — Johnny, and he does bring his Manic Depressed Luigi voice.
    • "Jonner."
    • Johny and Chugga trolling each other with the Curse status.
    • The duo ultimately fail because Chugga is caught in a rug when Johnny faints.
  • Episode 18:
    • Chuggaa speaking in southern drawl when he introduces the Old Clockworks. Right afterward, he apologizes, declaring he's not going to do it anymore.
  • Episode 19:
    • Chugga finally remembering that the mission in this episode is his favorite mission in the game.
  • Episode 20:
    • Again, the thumbnail shows a Poltergeist making an... unusual face.
    • The legendary... The only... THE WIND! Returns once more!
  • Episode 21:
    • Chuggaa's hatred of the Polterpup in Mission Mode.
  • Episode 22:
    • Chuggaa somehow bugging out Luigi temporarily crossing a bridge, causing Luigi to (in Chuggaa's words) "moonwalk in the air" for a few seconds.
    • "You are not the balls I want to suck!"
    • Having to replay the entire mission because he forgot the Boo.
      • And he completely misses the "bunny rabbit" pun in its name, instead jumping to "Bunnie Rabbot".
    • Commenting on the irony of the Toad running toward the Strong Sneaker and away from the Greenies, which becomes funnier on his second visit when the Strong Sneaker grabs the Toad.
    • He fails to capture the mission's Gold Greenie, and sees a stack of gold bars nearby. He guesses that the Gold Greenie was so scared of Luigi that he crapped all over the floor. And when he has to enter the mission again, he looks on the bright side, saying it's a good chance to capture the Gold Greenie... only to fail again.
      • What's worse is that the room actually hides two Gold Greenies! One is hiding in the locker that a Slammer is pounding on, but Chugga never checked it, meaning that he missed both of them on two occasions!
  • Episode 24: For Rush Scarescraper, Chuggaa has 3 guests with him this time around, ProtonJon, Masae Anela, and Tom Fawkes. With this ensemble, the entire video is one long string of funny moments, but here are some highlights:
    • When everyone is introduced, Chugga tells everyone to say their intro at the same time, before saying that he shaved off 32 frames by doing so (note ). Jon is quick to call him out on it.
      Chugga: I was never good at that school thing, okay?
    • Tom Fawkes manages to have a Robotic Bomb pull a "Leeroy Jenkins" on him, get blown up (to which his reaction is priceless), then has a small fear of them throughout the rest of the video.
      Chugga: (after stealing the cash from the bomb's explosion) You get physical pain, and I take the money. It's like you're a boxer and I'm your manager.
    • ProtonJon opens a coffin, revealing a Greenie:
      Chugga: Me fail English?
    • Tom's tangent on how Luigi has more jump height than Mario, before calling back to when he was named Jumpman. Cue the theory that this was the reason Mario was renamed.
      Tom-Mario: My brother jumps higher than me. I'm false advertising!
      Jon-Mario: It's-a Me! Litigation!
    • Masae, in the first five floors, repeatedly getting the titles "Prettiest Wallfower" and "Mostly Harmless" at the end of each. Tom, once again, goes off:
      Tom: She didn't get the memo that vaccums are what bust ghosts. She thought it was just cleaning supplies, so she was trying to get 'em with a feather duster.
    • At one point, Jon and Tom start doing a Macho Man Randy Savage impression, which Chugga states sounds like his impression of his mother. The other guests are baffled as to why his mother apparently sounds like Randy Savage.
    • "Two for the Price of One Grandma" is called back at the midway point note , leading to everyone having fun with the phrase.
      Jon: What's the conversion rate on Grandmas right now?
      Masae: Two cookies per Grandma!
    • The majority of Floor 6 is spent on trying to find Masae to get her out of a carpet trap, one room away from the switch room and with four Warp Wardrobes in play, topped with a sheer influx of "Help, Help" and "Hey" when they finally make it to the end.
      Chugga: So, just a sophisticated conversation over tea time.
    • The conversation on the sheer number of rug traps present in Rush mode:
      Tom: I heard Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon had a working title of Luigi's Mansion: Carpets are Evil.
      Jon: I'd like to think that one of the programmers was actually a cat, and that's the whole reason.
    • The overall ending is very similar to The Runaway Guys' "Fish n' Drips" incident: In the latter, the group got their last button input in before the AI, but lost anyway. In this case, on Floor 9, the time ran down completely when everyone was stationed on the buttons, ending up failing nonetheless.
      • Both are also caused by technicalities as well: While "Fish n' Drips" had the computer win because its water pouring animation was shorter than the group's, this time around it's because the buttons were not fully pressed when the time ran out.
        Masae: Nice, nice!
        Tom: So, one more time?
  • Episode 25:
    • Chugga notices the hockey setup and decides he'll hold off on making a Canada joke, since the developers come from Canada, though he would if there's a curling reference. Then he rescues the Blue Toad, who reminded him of a certain someone who hails from Canada...
    • Accidentally giving the Boo a Toad voice, then deciding to roll with it. Bonus points for said Boo being named Boofoon.
    • At the very end of the mission, two Fuzzballs that Chugga fluffed up tried to attack him, instead stopping at Luigi's sides when E. Gadd contacted him. No points for guessing what the resulting visual was.
  • Episode 27:
  • Episode 28:
    • This episode has Chuggaa going against That One Boss. You know what other game has a That One Boss? Xenoblade. Naturally, he references the infamous Lori-Pay-For-Your-Insolence-thia in the description. Though, Chuggaa ends up admitting that he likes the boss.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus on Overwatch while E. Gadd says "It's high noon". Chugga says it was at the request of a friend, not his own idea.
    • Chugga's fight against the Shrewd Possessor goes downhill, with multiple failures to break the ice defenses. When it seems like he's going to defeat it moments before the sled overheats, he misses the Feed It a Bomb shot.
    • Chuggaa messed up on the boss so much near the end that he had to fast-forward the fight, squeaky noise and all.
  • Episode 29:
  • Episode 31:
    • Chugga sees a Hider, which takes residence in some suits of armor. When it exits, he notices that it comes out of the knight's crotch. Made funnier when he fails to get the bonus for the Hider's capture, or, as he puts it, "no money shot."
  • Episode 32:
    • Fresh out of PAX West, Chugga starts the video off by introducing himself as... The Green Guy.
    • Once again... The glorious return of: THE WIND!
    • Doubling as Awesome: Much to his surprise, he gets a perfect triple-star rank on mission E-3: A Train to Catch, despite wasting so much time sidetracking for collectibles. The best part is that it was most likely all the money he kept writing off as useless that saved his rank.
  • Episode 35 (Finale):
    • Chugga's commentary when the Tough Possessor's suit of armor is defeated: "You make him fall over, see an upskirt shot, getting a free show."
    • Once again, much like some of his other Let's Plays as of late, there is The Stinger.
    If this game happened all because E. Gadd had a garage sale where he sold off the painting of King Boo, I'm calling it right now. Luigi's Mansion 3 is only gonna happen because he sat on the remote one night and hit the Boo button.

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