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Making reading and thinking addictive.

Delight Games is a limited-liability company which produces text-based, multiple-choice, Choose Your Own Adventure-style games for mobile.

The games contain branching routes of narrative and situations based around figuring out and selecting the best option possible out of those presented. Similarly to the titles released by Choice Of Games, however, they include stats, differing between games which contribute towards the score at the end, decide whether you die with the consequences of the next choice if the player has suffered too much life point deductions, or can even construct further options for the player.

Their book series include:

  • Wizard's Choice, centring around the adventures of a wizard in a fleshed out fantasy setting, thwarting countless demons, monsters and others in a world thirsty for his blood.
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  • Zombie High, the story of a highschool girl living underground after a certain crisis thanks to the VM virus. The earliest volumes follow her becoming 'Kid A' in her school, with the narrative turning soon into a game of survival.
  • Bionic Bikini, a tech noir setting with the protagonist being a detective with a holographic sidekick computer, tackling some corporate espionage with a missing employee, flying cars, killer maidroids, and pizza.
  • Detective's Choice, playing as Jack Jericho in the 1930’s who fights the occult because of his wife’s unnatural disappearance.
  • Witch Saga, a story involving a fedora wearing sixteen-year-old, whose summer is ruined by strange visions, weird symbols, the good becoming violent. She then manifests magical powers that she must utilize to get to the bottom of everything and save herself and her loved ones and her sanity.
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  • Superhero's Choice, a superhero action story starring the Revenger, involving corrupt businesses, leagues of heroes and the theme of weaker heroes rising to the challenge.
  • Deep Space Huntress, follows a thief turned bounty hunter who owes money to a space mob and will travel across the stars to pay off her debts.
  • Pirates Never Die, takes the role of Captain Betsy ‘Black Heart’ Dukes, a lady with an attitude who will plunder any merchant ship sailing the high seas, until she gets caught in the hands of the law and must fight her way back to her old life.

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