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Webcomic: The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

"I started out Wonderella to make an off-the-clock superhero who was an average woman instead of some 24/7 warrior... though somewhere along the line, 'average woman' became a cross between Elaine Benes and Zelda Fitzgerald."
Justin Pierce

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is a parody of the DC Comics character Wonder Woman, and many superhero tropes in general. It focuses mainly on the mundane parts of the life of Wonderella, a lazy Ladette superheroine who demonstrates little interest in being a hero... or, in fact, doing anything much outside of partying, getting completely wasted, violence, and shopping. She is super-strong, super-durable, and she can't fly but she can "totally jump hella high," and when tied up she can hork up a giant octopus, tell plants to die, or curl up in a perfect ball when traumatized. Also has a rarely used invisible blimp.

The comic updates on Saturdays, and usually is accompanied by a message from the writer.

This webcomic provides examples of:

Specific instances:

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alternative title(s): The Non Adventures Of Wonderella
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