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Webcomic: The One Adventure Of Adelaide Parker
She's not carrying your E-books because she likes you.

The one adventure of Adelaide Parker is a webcomic about the internet, and one young university student who spends too much time on it! That woman is the title character, Adelaide Parker. Through the internet, she finds out an old friend, Sam Charisse, is attending the same university. Sam doesn't like the fact Sam spends all her time online, and is worried her friend is a real loser. So Sam decides it's time for Adelaide to get a life.

It can be read here.

The one Adventure of Adelaide Parker provides examples of...

  • AudienceAlienatingPremise: A comic devoted to telling the main character off for spending time on the internet and enjoying geeky subculture probably shouldn't be delivered online. Or in comic form. Especially since...
  • AuthorFilibuster: The whole point of the first encounter is that people who spend time on computers are BAD AT LIFE and need someone to save them.
  • Take That: People who spend all their time online. Also, bronies are one of the first groups targeted by this comic, with the title character being one.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Adelaide's usage of the internet is harmful to her, and the aesop of "getting a life" is strong.
    • This very quickly becomes Anvilicious though, as it's never explained why Adelaide shouldn't be on the internet other than Sam insisting she needs to be off it.
  • ShowDontTell: We're told Adelaide's use of the internet is ruining her life, but are never shown how or why.
  • Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: Defiantly the main character, though it's not presented in a fanservice way.
  • Wacky College: The setting is a wacky university!
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alternative title(s): The One Adventure Of Adelaide Parker
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