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Webcomic: Nothing Nice To Say
Nothing Nice to Say (or NN2S as it is often shortened to) is a webcomic about Punk Rock by Mitch Clem. It's mostly gag-based, but has a few brief storylines, including a parody of superhero comics that involves Glenn Danzig, the formation of a bike punk gang and the "selling out" of the strip's artist.

The characters include:
  • Blake - Often the Only Sane Man and Author Avatar, named after Blake Schwarzenbach from the band Jawbreaker. Expect a lot of Lampshade Hanging over the bizarre size of his eyebrows.
  • Fletcher - A crazy bald Small Name, Big Ego, Blake's best friend. Blake and Fletcher together are the main characters.
  • Alice - A Perky Goth who goes out with Karen.
  • Karen - An overly serious Riot Grrrl who starts dating Alice to get attention for her feminist agenda, but actually develops feelings for her. Although initially something of a Straw Feminist, Karen later becomes a harbinger of common sense.
  • Chris/Charlie - A vegan guy with a mohawk who appears whenever a spare character is needed. His name is disputed. The most conventionally "punk" looking.
  • Phillip - An emo kid who turns down dates on Valentine's Day so that he has something to complain about and draws on his sideburns in pencil.

The first book collecting the strips in paper form was released on October 15, 2008.

The website is no longer online, but thanks to the Internet Archive, you can read it here, as well as Mitch Clem's Web site, with links to his other comics.

This comic provides examples of:

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