Webcomic: League of Super Redundant Heroes

Lazer Pony, Good Girl, Keith and Buckaress.

League of Super Redundant Heroes is a webcomic about a household of ineffective super-heroes (and Keith), who live in the city of ShiTropolis (cough).

In their own words, "League of Super Redundant Heroes is a stupid comic made by even stupider people. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy this web comic and return frequently as we update with new strips and try and progress from stupid to less stupid."

Updates occasionally.


  • Lazer Pony A blind guy with lasers behind his eyes and below average intelligence.
  • Good Girl A good helpful Catholic girl, a beacon of sweetness and light, until her Battery of Virtue (halo power) runs out. Then she's kind of mean.
  • Buckaress a.k.a. Eva A normal girl in a poorly-fitting Cowgirl outfit. Joined the group after being blackmailed into spying on them.
  • Keith Some guy they live with.
  • Gyrognome The landlord, a grumpy former superhero. Fear his tiny powerful fists, especially when your rent's due.
  • Cat-A-Pult Super villain with the power to levitate cats.
  • Distracterella Super villainess with the power of distraction, which she got from a sexy meteor.
  • Bolfman_234 A nerdy porn addict with a Website specializing in smutty pictures of super-heroines and villainesses.
  • The Evil Savant A mentally disabled evil mastermind.
  • Mary-Sue A Parody Sue and Lazer Pony's girlfriend.