SCP Foundation: Tropes E to M

SCP Foundation provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Eagle Land:
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The earliest SCPs written, like 173 and 004, are very different in tone and format than what the writers later adopted as the site's definite style.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Quite a lot of them, actually.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: One of the SCPs could turn into earth, fire, water, wind, and lightning.
  • Emo Teen: SCP-1699 which is a sentient active volcano with this personality. It's depressed because it feel it doesn't measure up to other natural disasters.
    • SCP-353 has been turning into this, thanks to her confinement. A fitting punishment. The Foundation shrinks also note her manipulation of diseases causes her great harm and pain, and she does it anyway - similar to a self-harming teenager.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: A distressingly large number of SCP objects can cause this.
    • Here are just a few: SCP-008 can cause a Zombie Apocalypse. SCP-682 is an Omnicidal Maniac that can't be killed by any known means and rapidly adapts new abilities in response to anything it's introduced to — more than one End of the World scenario involves it getting its hands on something that eliminates its ability to be temporarily incapacitated through massive injury. SCP-217 and SCP-253 are The Virus. SCP-231-7 is strongly believed to potentially bring one of these about if the Fetus Terrible inside her is born, which means that she must be constantly and violently [DATA EXPUNGED] (Reading this may make you physically ill). SCP-093 operates as a gateway into a parallel world After the End - with the implication that the threat that destroyed that world could make its way into other universes.
    • This short story explores the consequences of SCP-173 reproducing.
    • While the above all hold true, a variety of Judeo-Christian figures like SCP-343 and proposed SCP-001 seem to show that canonically, Earth is doomed to end sometime in the 22nd century during Armageddon, as long as some other SCP doesn't get to it first
    • SCP-1985 is a woman who, after dying, is teleported to an alternate universe undergoing an end of the world scenario.
    • The K Class Scenarios are each a specific version of the end of the world (remember that there is no canon, and some scenarios may be duplicated, different in some way, have different class letters or be an idea of what the K-Class scenario is about without anyone actually using it in an SCP article):
      • AK-class Madness scenario: When humanity suffers a mental block on normal activity on a scale massive enough to totally disrupt the lives of those affected. SCP-1101 has the potential to create such a runaway scenario if a containment breach allows a chain-reaction of people to become exposed to the anomaly, join the debate, and begin to draw other people into the anomaly. SCP-571 and the viral memetic property that gives affected people a compulsive need to spread the meme. Or the entire planet thinking they are a toaster.
      • CK-class Restructuring scenario: Mentioned by Dr. Clef in relation to SCP-239. It doesn't end the world outright, but the world is so different that it might as well be gone. Another example of a CK is SCP-140. The longer the book grows, the longer the gruesome civilisation in the book survives in real life. Making it long enough would change modern society beyond recognition.
      • EK-class Loss of Consciousness scenario: When humanity as a whole suffers a loss of self-awareness, that may not kill people but does remove their free will in some form. Can create a scenario where all humanity loses the ability to resist suggestions by whatever authority controls the object.
      • FK-class Self-Sustaining Time Paradox.
      • IK-class Global Civilisation Collapse scenario. One story has a (perfectly normal, non-anomalous) asteroid that would kill 3 billion people over the next 10 years when it hit Earth being called an IK-Class natural disaster.
      • GK-class Hostile Greenhouse scenario: When plant life would severely disrupt the planet. Used in SCP-540 where anomalous weapons cause plants to bloom. It contains an modified Tsar Bomba, a 75 megaton nuclear weapon that would cause a forest to break out over one third of the planet.
      • GH-0 Dead Greenhouse: Described as what happened in the document recovered from the marianas trench as a result of multiple SCP's breaching containment.
      • LK-class Species Transmutation: The species involved is transformed so much and so thoroughly that the original version no longer exists. Examples are the clockwork virus or a full scale Zombie Apocalypse.
      • NK-class Replication scenario: An object that is self-replicating or able to create matter out of nothing spirals out of control, and Earth becomes uninhabitable because it's completely covered in ink or cakes or what have you.
      • RK-class Replacement scenario: Where all life is replaced by some other form of life or self replicating robots.
      • SK-class Dominance Shift scenario: The dominant species being made extinct or forced into subjugation by another species. This could happen if a currently contained species becomes aware of then began direct competition with humanity, when a replicating human is unable to be contained and it takes over the planet, or when humanity rose up against a dominant sapient species during our pre-history and took control over the planet..
      • XK-class End Of The World scenario: Was originally used in relation to religious based ends of the world, but shifted to an 'all purpose' of the end of the world scenario that could be anything from 'humans died' right up to 'the death of all life on the planet' or even 'the entire planet is exploded'. It's bad news, whatever the end result is. Dr. Clef's proposed SCP-001 if moved in confluence with a breach in SCP-995 and the opening of SCP-616 is just one example.
      • YK-class Vacuum Decay: Causing the physical universe to be destroyed and overwritten in a 'scientific' means, as opposed to a CK-class or a metaphysical ZK-class reality failure. SCP-319 is described as causing a ZK-class Reality Failure, although it would be more accurately labelled (if there was real consistency in regards to the K-classes) as a YK-class because the universe would still exist, just not under our laws, as opposed to reality itself ceasing to exist.
      • ZK-class Reality Failure event: One of SCP-001's proposals mentions a non-zero possibility of a total metaphysical annihilation of the universe.
    • SCP-2003, a very limited time machine, has shown the Foundation many ways the world ends:
    [future#]XE: The election of Sir William Entwistle as Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2049, combined with the birth of an unnamed infant boy in Ahal Province, Turkmenistan on the same day, lead to an escalating chain of events culminating in a society-destroying nuclear exchange between the nations of Israel and Greater Indonesia in 2058. All Foundation attempts to interfere with either individual merely result in the date of the nuclear exchange occurring sooner.
    • The "happiest" ending starts with a billion deaths via the flu which causes countries to work together resulting in world peace and ends with The Rapture but since the Foundation doesn't know what happens to everyone who disappears the "preferred" ending is humanity fighting and living as usual and then suddenly getting destroyed by a rogue asteroid (two similar endings are "random gamma burst" and "suddenly the sun is a black hole").
  • Enemy Mine: The SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition (which are not necessarily enemies but allied organizations with conflicting viewpoints) have been known to occasionally work together to stop a creator of SCP's. As seen in SCP-191
  • Enhance Button: Subverted by SCP-191.
  • Eskimos Aren't Real: SCP-1173, The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace. Which is either an example of Eskimos Aren't Real that convinces you it's a example of Qurac, or an example of Qurac that convinces you that its an example of Eskimos Aren't Real.
  • E.T. Gave Us Wi-Fi: SCP-1073 is responsible for the current state of computing technology, having taught Foundation personnel to replicate their natural efficiency.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Every once in a while members of the Foundation demonstrate that there are a very few lines they will not cross, at least not without very good reason. Examples include:
    • Human experimentation with SCP-439 was immediately terminated on discovering that its victims remain alive and possibly conscious.
    • SCP-231's page indicates that the Foundation is terribly, terribly guilt-ridden about it, and more than once have had to deal with agents who have tried to rescue the girls.
      • It's also worth pointing out that any D-class personnel who tries to "prolong" Procedure 110-Montauk is immediately executed.
    • Dr. Clef introduced a guest researcher to SCP-682. Why? The guest researcher had introduced two children to it, one of whom was drugged, neither of whom survived, and planned on continuing.
      • To give the new reader an idea of how great an extent of this trope this example is, Dr. Clef's identity is not known. The most popular theory? He's Satan.
    • SCP-107 normally generates a rainstorm from any liquid poured into it (including water, orange juice, human blood, and super glue), but it didn't work when the Foundation tested it with elemental mercury.
    • Weaponization of Grenade-class Pufferkittens is strictly prohibited.
    • The Foundation does have an Ethics Committee. They may seem ineffectual, but actually take their job very seriously.
    • Their treatment of SCP-661, a Jerk Ass salesman with a Compelling Voice. Upon finding out that some personnel were provoking or outright abusing him, they really weren't happy.
    • There's an old woman SCP who has lived hundreds of years. It's due to a potion she makes that can extend someone's life indefinitely, and heal any wounds or ailments. It can be reproduced. However, it's Powered by a Forsaken Child (and by "powered by" we mean "used as one of the ingredients." She is hinted to be the inspiration of the witch in Hansel and Gretel.note ) Not just making more, but even using the amount that is already made, is considered not to be an option even in the case of an emergency. (However, she is allowed to drink the existing brew she already has because her information is considered invaluable. They have standards, but don't think they're going soft.)
    • One tale depicts Dr. Wondertainment this way, along with shades of Pay Evil unto Evil. When an adult gets their hands on a low level mind control toy meant for unpopular kids to get friends, then tries to use it to recruit kids for....unsavory purposes, Wondertainment mobilises Mr. Headless, has him track the guy down, beat him near death, then drag him back to the lab. When he wakes up, he finds he's been handed over to the Foundation, with a note saying Wondertainment "fixed" him to be the perfect D-Class.
  • Everything Is Online: Actively defied in the containment procedures of any Artificial Intelligence based SCP.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: SCP-1905, SCP-1265 and SCP-250.
  • Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: Everything here.
  • Evil Phone: SCP-145, SCP-519.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The Church of the Broken God vs. The Flesh that Hates. The Flesh is such a threat that the Foundation, the Horizon Initiative (the multi-denominational team), and the Global Occult Coalition decided to work with the Church to eradicate it.
  • Expospeak Gag:
    • The data extracted from SCP-328. To avoid Don't Explain the Joke, spoilered: the data describes an ordinary human laptop computer, as described by members of a decidedly alien species who might exist in a different universe with slightly different physical laws. The aliens describing the laptop seem to belong to the alien equivalent of the SCP Foundation. To complete the joke, SCP-328 seems to be the alien's version of a laptop computer, and if the Foundation's description of it was to make its way back to the aliens they'd consider it to be an Expospeak Gag description of their laptop.
      • And they seem to be truly Starfish Alien types, as the mere act of a laptop emitting light manages to kill 4 researchers.
    • SCP-1960-J is a free-floating sphere made of white stone which moves in a continuous circular path, despite lacking any visible means of support or propulsion. It appears to absorb or suppress sound, changes color as one gets closer to it, has extreme temperature variations despite having no internal heat source, one needs to wear an environmental suit to touch it without dying, and it draws objects towards it. Fortunately, it is located a safe distance from anyone that it could harm, but a change in its circular motion could cause an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario. It is Earth's moon.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Several SCPs:
    • A D-class who was known amongst the other Ds as "Goat" for being able to stomach the horrible food the Foundation gave them also became a true Extreme Omnivore capable of digesting rock, metal, etc. after drinking a mixture of water and SCP-1049-J.
    • Mr. Hungry is a humanoid SCP with an extremely fast metabolism that requires an intake of 2000 calories every two hours. If the condition is not met, he will enter a trance state and eat anything solid on sight, whether it is living or not, for a period of time.
    • SCP-524 is a rabbit that will eat anything including itself by turning its mouth inside out until there's nothing left of it. Thirty minutes later it will appear in the spot it ate itself in completely unharmed.
  • Extranormal Institute: Any of the Foundation's various sites.
  • Extranormal Prison: Their main purpose.
  • Eye Scream: gouging out own eyes in madness is a fairy normal practice. In addition, the page for SCP-212 includes a graphic picture of eye surgery.
    • Two SCPs infect victims, usually by tearing out their eyeball and using it as a host, or melting their eye away and replacing it with fungi-strands (that oddly still allow you to see).
  • The Fair Folk: SCP-1323 is their fairground.
  • Fantastic Flora: Several SCPs are examples of this, such as SCP-937, SCP-1277, and SCP-1478.
  • Fantastic Foxes: In SCP-953.
  • Fantastic Racism: SCP-1171 is some sort of otherworldly creature located apparently in an alternate universe who is quite (passively) racist against humans. Apparently "gamete" is a racial slur against humans where he comes from. At least he's pretty nice to them up front.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: A common outcome of many SCPs. Especially when they combine irreversible transfiguration effect with And I Must Scream.
  • Feather Boa Constrictor: Wight.
  • Feathered Fiend: SCP-1387, a giant seagull that compels people to go into its airplane-cabin interior and apparently turns them into birds.
  • Featureless Plane of Disembodied Dialogue: The occasional interviews with or about the subjects are often presented this way. As proof that Tropes Are Not Bad, a well-written interview can be very chilling.
  • Feuding Families:
    • SCP-2039, the Pikes and the Wagners, a pair of families who are doomed to attack each other forever with anomalous weapons (examples: WW1-era mines, Super Soakers, and wool gloves that [REDACTED]) because a mysterious gray-eyed man likes a good story.
    • SCP-2158, an anomalous handgun whose owner and target are related to the real-life Pleasant Valley War, a feud so deadly it delayed Arizona's statehood by a decade because it showed the territory wasn't civilized enough to join the US.
  • Flanderization: Dr. Bright (the character, not the author) has been subjected to this, to a degree. He started out as an eccentric researcher who just happened to live inside an SCP, but thanks largely due to this list, he's seen as a psychopathic pervert with a death wish, with some justification in the fact that the SCP he's stored in apparently absorbs part of the soul of the person whose body he's residing in. At one point, it was stated that Dr. Bright the author actually hated the list because of what it did to his character. Some tales that Dr. Bright the character is featured in manage to avert his, but the list continues to loom over the character.
  • Flat World: SCP-1372 appears to be the edge of the earth. The problem isn't ships and people going over the edge, it's when they come back and try to get others to follow:
    Log of F███████ R███████: The captain… was only after a fashion onboard. The same goes for the crew… they are gone now, the flames took them. Today is mostly a blur. All I know is that the moment I heard the men onboard that ship speak, I didn't want to understand their far-off words. [...] Forgive me, Captain, but I no longer want to know what you saw beyond the edge of the Earth.
  • Fighting from the Inside: SCP-239 is frightened of Dr. Clef and fears he will kill her for secretly using her "spells", so her reality-warping powers make him obsessed with killing her. Later, a deleted email is found on his computer, urging the Foundation to secure her and lock-down the site before he acts on it, then changes his mind and junks the message.
    • Combined with Grand Theft Me (literally): SCP-2885 is a pane of glass which allows people to find alternate universe versions of themselves and take over their minds and lives very rarely an alternate crosses over into this world.
      D-81254: I feel like I keep hearing myself think. Some echo. It’s not me, though. Not me. It keeps saying that it is me, that this isn’t right, but that’s probably a lie, right? My life is great! My life. Mine. [pause] I just hit my head on the sink. I heard the thump. But I didn’t feel anything.
  • Flechette Storm: SCP-143, a grove of Japanese cherry trees with impossibly sharp petals. May or may not be a shout-out to Bleach's Senbonzakura.
    Document 143-A: We'll have to pick up the remains when the wind dies down in a couple days.
  • Fling a Light into the Future: Inverted with SCP-304, amongst others. 304 appears to be a listing of the names of all world leaders, including American Presidents, Chinese Presidents, and... SCP O5s. Specifically, they list 63 American presidents, a redacted number of SCP O5s, and 7 names in an encoding style that hasn't been invented yet... then abruptly stops. What happens in roughly 100 years to abruptly stop the list of human leadership is unknown.
  • Flipping the Bird:
    Dr. Selman: How would you describe your captivity in the Circus Of The Disquieting?
    SCP-1884-B: (SCP-1884-B raises the middle finger of every hand not being used to support its weight)
  • Foil:
  • For Inconvenience, Press "1": SCP-361 is an Etruscan artifact resembling a divining liver. If you put an actual sheep liver on it you get the following message:
    "Welcome to HarusCo! Your sacrifice is very important to us! For Tinia the Thunderer, please perform a horizontal incision on the offering. For Aita of the Underworld, please perform a vertical incision. For Maris, lightly cover your offering with the ash of a dead warrior related to you by blood."
    • However this seems to be just instructions that the person placing the liver are comfortable with. When the test subject wore SCP-1510, a helmet with a Roman centurion's soul trapped inside it, it sounded like this:
      (in Latin) "Son of Romulus, speak the words thy father taught you, and your watcher will speak, his words carried by our spirit."
      • What SCP-1510 learned: When the helmet turns to rust he'll be able to pass on and "join his fathers".
  • Formulaic Magic: SCP-033.
  • Fountain of Youth: SCP-006.
  • Four Is Death
    • The mean number (and default number) of wings for Dr. Clef's proposed SCP-001 has been noted to be 4.
    • SCP-1334, a Chinese man who made his consciousness immortal with the help of numerology; unfortunately his neighbors didn't take him seriously enough...
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: One of the proposals for SCP-001 involves the fourth wall being recognised by the in-universe characters. The corresponding story for Project Thaumiel follows this to it's logical conclusion, displaying it's containment procedure.
    • Log in to the website with your Facebook account, then read any of the versions of SCP-1983. It knows who you are.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The Foundation's front companies, such Soap from Corpses Products, South Cheyenne Point, and Skeptics of Conspiracy and the Paranormal.
  • Gaia's Vengeance: SCP-1100 AKA "Gaia's Blood" mutates living things in order to kill humans. It was thought to have been created by an Animal Wrongs Group but it seems to be literally Gaia's blood and she's extremely pissed.
  • Gargle Blaster: SCP-294 can make quite a few, including a literal Gargle Blaster.
  • Gender Bender: SCP-113 is a piece of red jasper that can do this upon contact with flesh of a gendered organism. SCP-040 can do this too, if 'exposed' to the right desire.
  • General Ripper: General Bowe, who has attempted to weaponise both the Doves of the Peace and, by implication, the pufferkittens.
  • Generic Doomsday Villain: Averted. No matter how powerful it is, this won't be included as an SCP. Not even Zalgo.
  • Genius Loci: SCP-599 is looking for new citizens.
  • Gentle Giant: SCP-516, the Intelligent Tank.
  • Geometric Magic: SCP-259 acts as this, and no good comes of it.
  • Giant Flyer: SCP-1387, a 20-meter long seagull that has an airplane cabin inside it.
  • God: SCP-343.
    • Also, the Abrahamic faiths seem to be right. A number of SCPs require containment procedures be performed by individuals with good standing in one of the three monotheistic religions. There is no mention of similar circumstances for Hindus or any other religion. Then there is the entry for Dr. Clef's proposal for SCP-001.
    • Of course it could just be that most, if not all, of the writers for the site are from the three religions and don't want to make a Theme Park Version of any of the other religions.
      • Clef suggests that SCP-239 might be God, but he's likely to be lying. (That she's now being kept in an induced coma is reminiscent of the plot of Dogma.)
    • The GOC claims to have killed God, causing several people to feel it and leading to Nietzsche's God is Dead spiel. Irony points for using mages.
    • The figure behind the veil in SCP-1348 is strongly implied to be God. He hurts because he created humanity by mistake.
  • A God Am I: SCP-1832: "[And I knew it.] That I had the power. To heal or to not, to judge the wicked, to deny a man love and mercy when he needs it most. What I knew then was what it's like to be God." And when he gets that powerful feeling he can heal more effectively... for a while. Afterwards, he has to be a Jerkass to regain that feeling.
  • God Is Evil: Depending on which account is true, the God of the world accessible through SCP-093 is either a Jerkass who started a wholly unnecessary war for the hell of it, the methods of which caused The End of the World as We Know It as it created grotesque undead monsters... or is an Eldritch Abomination who invaded that world and used the pretense of being God to enslave humanity, the method used and technology it granted in the process creating the aforementioned grotesque undead monsters.
  • Golem: SCP-1030 is pretty clearly either a reference to, or even the original Golem from Jewish folklore.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: The Personal Log of Gordon Richards, where the eponymous explorer and his crew enter a temple heavily affected by SCP-184. Needless to say, things did NOT go well.
    Date: June (?)
    Food out. Suit can’t make any more water. Saw a hall with ten thousand doors. Ran down it, smashed a bunch, then kept climbing. Lost my boots. Floor looked like carpet. Made of super-sharp stone. Cut suit to ribbons. Feet too. Blood all over the shaft. Hope it appreciates it. Going to crush this thing. Feel it shatter in my hand. Hate this place. Keep hearing Henry. Keep telling him he’s dead. Won’t listen.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Just count the number of times "mandatory psychiatric evaluation" appears.
  • Gone Horribly Right: SCP-752 was created by a group of philosophers with the intention of being a perfect society. And it worked! The inhabitants of the city are motivated solely by the "greater good" of their community! Only, that means they have no emotions, no empathy, no desires, pretty much nothing even remotely human. They're more akin to a colony of ants than a human society. Oh, and of course they're vastly more technologically advanced than the outside world. According to the Foundation, if they ever leave their cavern, they'll wipe out humanity and become the dominant species.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong:
  • Good Is Not Nice: The SCP Foundation protects muggle society from oft-dangerous supernatural items, some of which have the capacity to destroy civilization as we know it - but the majority of its researchers come off as cold or otherwise dispassionate, especially with how quickly they seem to go through D-class (standing for "disposable") personnel.
  • Go Through Me: Kondraki, Gears, Kain, and several SCPs turn out to protect SCP-239 from Clef's attempt to kill her.
    • The SCP include:
      • SCP-408: A swarm of butterflies, able to turn objects invisible. Aids in turning Dr. Kondraki invisible.
      • SCP-091-ARC: A sentient tree with infectious pollen. Infects Dr. Clef, causing random plant growth to sprout from him.
      • SCP-336: A human-like SCP with the ability to force people to do whatever she says. (Dr. Clef counters this by shooting his ears.)
      • SCP-244-ARC: Extremely advanced fighting machine.
      • SCP-547: Human-like SCP with thermokinesis. Engages Dr. Clef, and causes second and third degree burns on 50% of Dr. Clef's body.
      • SCP-776-ARC: A non-sentient die. When rolled, the die acts accordingly to the side facing up. Dr. Clef rolled the die three times. The first two times, the water droplets side came up, completely flooding the hallway. He then rolled the snowflake, causing the water to quickly freeze and barricade him from SCP-239.
  • Good Is Not Nice: The Ethics Committee. Even though they were the ones who designed Procedure 110-Montauk.
  • Go Out with a Smile: SCP-1281 after its message finishes.
  • Goth: SCP-353, of the Teens Are Monsters variety. Noted to have a fixation on black makeup and acting like a teenage asshole.
  • Graceful Loser: Able. He regards his fight with 682 as "the best fight he had had in ages" despite his rather quick defeat, and takes great pride in having met "a creature whose capacity for violence surpassed his own".
  • Grandfather Clause: Able and Iris have stuck around through the Mass Edit largely because they're too important to the site's history to drop.
  • Grimy Water: SCP-242 and SCP-676 have an effect like this, disintegrating anyone and anything that enters them. Inverted in that they're both supernaturally clean as a result of their effects.
  • Groin Attack: "In about half of failed transformation, partial or complete obliteration of the genitals is experienced..."
    • Additionally, SCP-5972-J does this as its primary function.
    • Also implied about SCP-203's Unwilling Roboticisation; out of all the body parts that were mechanized, one was completely removed and it's censored with an [EXPUNGED] block...
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: SCP-1733, a recording of a season-opening basketball game between the NBA's Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Each time someone watches the tape, the game is played again, from the beginning, with differing results. Slowly, everyone involved (the players, coaches, announcers and fans) realize that they're reliving the same game over and over again, and... things get ugly.
  • Haiku
    Japanese rice bowl,
    It's SCP-931.
    Makes people write this.
  • Hair-Raising Hare:
    • SCP-524, the Extreme Omnivore rabbit; SCP-979 a sculpture of a hare that causes synesthesia.
    • All posted within a two-day period by different authors:
    SCP-1284, young girls whose limbs detach and become carnivorous rabbits if exposed to moonlight apparently the doing of their "king", who "consummates" their marriage by killing them when they have their periods.
    SCP-1282, rabbits who turn into human hunters who hunt rabbits during the full moon.
    SCP-1818, a manifestation of a living-dead rabbit on a certain company's airplanes (no moonlight necessary) and whatever's doing it is forgetting how its "thing" is supposed to go.
    • SCP-1793, an old rabbit who can make things appear. SCP-1793: "I'm sorry for the farmer. Family for a family, I thought at the time. Seeing him eat my wife and child; you can understand. After the mess, I met a man. Well, he wasn't a man. The three heads gave that away. He gave me the means to live out my last days in comfort, before my weak heart gives out. He told me he would find suitable wardens to care for me as I die."
  • Harmless Villain:
    • SCP-1370, no matter what he promises to do to you.
    • SCP-705. There's only so much five ounces of Play-Doh can hope to accomplish, no matter how accurately it can replicate a functioning army.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: A serious concern, especially in the case of SCP-231.
    • In fact, this may have already happened in SCP-231's case. Fridge Logic dictates that as she will die of old age or otherwise and unleash the world-ending Eldritch Abomination she's pregnant with, they had better come up with something fast. The higher-ups deciding not to do anything and thereby endangering the world, and not wanting to do anything anyway, is very uncomfortably indicative of this trope.
    • Subverted; the article says they are indeed searching for an alternative, and the repeated [DATA EXPUNGED] they keep doing to her is an attempt to buy time. Double Subverted by some extremely fine print hidden in Addendum 231-B: "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it." And then subverted yet again with a hidden poem that you can't see without View Source. Turns out something does have what it wants exactly where it wants it, but it's not the Foundation...
    • An unintentional meta example occurred before the Mass Edit. The site was filled with far too many Marty Stu Reality Warpers and self-inserted superheroes. As a creative way to deal with this, the writers started killing off SCPs in Termination Logs. A big part of these was to try to find the most over-the-top, insanely awesome way to kill an SCP. Around the time that Dr. Kondraki rode SCP-682 like a rodeo bull, they realized that their own Author Avatars had become the very thing they were trying to destroy. invoked
  • Healing Hands: SCP-1832; too bad he can only power up by getting that feeling you get when you play god.
  • The Hecate Sisters: SCP-1765, a trio of female (or feminine) entities who took over a Foundation Site to run experiments on the people trapped within. According to the author they're a mix of the Three Fates, the three witches, and the Maid, the Mother, and... the Other One, with the three Norns thrown in. A sample of their personalities:
    SCP-1765-1 (Severity): Greetings, esteemed members of the Foundation. We come to you with auspicious news. Her experiment is to make a group of people measure all the pipes in one section only to alter the building so they're never done
    SCP-1765-2 (Smile): Aye, you'll be right pleased you will. She made a mixed group of Foundation personnel and cultists run an impossible obstacle course together, and then forgot what it was she was trying to find out
    SCP-1765-3 (Secret): Hello. She had a guy choose between ice cream flavors — not eating them, just choosing. He's been there for months.
  • Hellgate: SCP-616 and SCP-1844.
  • Hikikomori: SCP-237
  • Hippie Van:
    • SCP-1958, a VW microbus currently en route for Alpha Centauri. Investigation revealed that a borderline Mad Scientist developed radical propulsion technology that allowed four hippies to blast off to the stars in the fifties. However, the idea of hippies in space quickly stops being funny when you read the diary: it turns out none of them knew of the distances involved (they only make it past the moon after a few days, thinking they'd reach Alpha Centauri in a few weeks, and the bus is currently around Mars) and die of scurvy or starvation.
    • SCP-907 ("An Exploratory Vehicle"). SCP-907 is a 1960's Volkswagon van painted in a hippie motif (flowers, butterflies, etc.). It is capable of Teleportation to planets in other solar systems.
    • SCP-1574 ("Searching...). SCP-1574 once disguised itself as a van painted in "hippie" colors - while it was underwater in a Florida lake.
  • Historical In-Joke - Several. Such as Kitty Genovese's murder weapon being an SCP, to all recorded instances of Spontaneous Combustion caused by a viral SCP.
    • The explosion of Mt. St. Helens was caused by an SCP-076 containment breach.
    • SCP-627 is a more obvious example than most. Look at the blacked out names and the corresponding dates.
    • The 2009 North Korean nuclear test is implied to be the consequence of an experiment on SCP-800.
    • SCP-1529 is apparently responsible for killing the first man to ever climb Mt. Everest and about half of all the people who've died climbing it since.
    • SCP-687 apparently caused the Cleveland Torso Murders.
    • SCP-089 apparently is responsible for the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788, the Taiping Rebellion, and the Bhola Cyclone.
    • SCP-453 caused the Great Neapolitan Earthquake.
    • SCP-1372 is the real reason Magellan never made it back to Spain.
    • Played with for SCP-1485. It's a portal to a world similar to the Foundation's, but with no anomalies or Foundation equivalent. It bears an estimated 99.98% similarity to their world, with the .02% historical difference believed to be caused by [REDACTED] (which in-universe is the absence of SCP objects). This sort of lampshades how similar the worlds are despite the number of SCPs that have impacted history.
    • SCP-101 indirectly caused the fame of the hijacker D. B. Cooper. His corpse was found next to SCP-101 and this discovery has been classified, which explains that everyone thought that Cooper managed to disappear with the money he stole.
    • SCP-2090: Professional basketball player Tim Duncan is actually a god-like being and the sport of basketball is actually a ritual created by the Foundation to prevent him from becoming an actual god thanks to Foundation messages from the future. Even a throwaway line about "turning a hurricane on him" to prevent get Duncan into the sport is actually a reference to real-life as reveled in the comments: Bluedanoob — "Duncan started out as a swimmer and only began playing basketball in ninth grade after Hurricane Hugo destroyed the only Olympic-sized pool on his home of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands." (the future messages have Duncan "The Devastator" appearing on the shore of California and "blood in the water")
    • The aforementioned SCP-1574 is implied to have some connection to the Boxing Day Tsunami, despite being on the other side of the world. It may or may not have been caused by aliens from its home planet who had come looking for it.
    • Conviction. The Foundation replaced Hitler and took control of the Nazi party to prevent the spread of a dangerous and anomalous virus, one that only infected Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals. The war, all the crazy propaganda, the ghettos, concentration camps, human experiments, all of it was a cover story to isolate the plague and find a cure for it. Problem was, the guy they got was just as racist as the real Hitler, adding Slavic peoples and disabled people because he thought it would be "for the good of mankind." It also implies that the Foundation founded Israel as a final attempt to contain the virus, specifically in a place where they'd be surrounded by enemies.
    • An instance of SCP-1901-2 is heavily implied to have broken up The Beatles after being used as a Replacement Goldfish for the late Paul McCartney.
  • High Turnover Rate: Not content with having PLENTY of Red Shirts, it is standard procedure to terminate them after a month.
  • Hijacking Cthulhu:
    • This is the ultimate goal of SCP-035. It's an Evil Mask that secretes a highly corrosive liquid that prevents it from keeping a host. It wants to take over SCP-682. Obviously, the Foundation doesn't want this, so it's taken to Mind Raping the personnel assigned to it.
    • A benevolent example: One of the short fiction pieces has the Foundation attempt to use SCP-963 to overwrite SCP-682's mind with that of Dr. Bright. It fails. Considering what Dr. Bright is, this might be for the best.
  • Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act: SCP-2451-1 was ordered to get into a device and kill Hitler but apparently failed and now has a portal that stays near him through which other beings emerge trying to kill their version of Hitler and attack SCP-2451-1 instead. He's buried over a dozen of these assassins in his backyard aside from the one he married.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: SPC-1034 is a needle that forces anyone touching it to sew their facial orifices shut. It was "gifted" by an unknown entity to a serial killer. When SCP-1034 was apprehended, so was the serial killer. In an interview with a Foundation doctor, he shows no remorse for his actions and goes as far as to say "you'd look good as a doll, doc." He was turned into a D-class and became one of the item's victims as of a Foundation experiment. Even better: while the names of the researchers are expunged, one can notice that the name of the lead researcher conducting most of the experiments consists of four letters... but for the experiment involving D-3826 (the serial killer), the lead researcher's name has 5 letters - same as the name of the researcher in the interview. The subtle implication being that the doctor who interviewed him volunteered to carry out the experiment so he could see D-3826 stitch himself up. And honestly, can you really blame him?
  • Honorable Elephants: SCP-1495 is a herd of very intelligent elephants. Using a special fluid the males excrete during mating season they are able to influence other animals into attacking people they somehow know are rapists and murderers.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse:
    • SCP-1295: They got stuck on earth after they mistook an atomic bomb blast for the end of the world.
    • According to the Competitive Eschatology story group:
      • SCP-231-7 is Conquest she renounced her position to protest 343/God not doing anything about her situation (she doesn't blame the researchers for something they didn't know) and she chose the Atmospheric Jellyfish as her steed, the White Horse.
      • Bobble the Clown is War and (I think) the airwaves is his steed, the Red Horse.
      • SCP-27, The Vermin God is Famine and his steed has been disguised as a researcher for decades, the Black Horse.
      • The little Hate Plague girl is Death and 682 is her steed, the Pale Horse.
  • Hulk Speak: SCP-173, at least in this story. The Oh Crap! sets in once you realize that this proves that it is sentient.
  • Humanity on Trial: SCP-2055 is the jury selection.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Some of the upper ranking researchers are this due to exposure to SCPs. For instance, Dr. Bright is more or less a Lich that replicates himself whenever someone touches his Soul Jar.
  • Humans Are Special: Somewhat darker variation: in many cases, humans are the only things affected by SCPs.
  • Human Subspecies:
    • The Daevites are a hostile offshoot of humans originating from south-central Siberia, who practiced things like slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice. While currently extinct, they could be transplanted into the modern day should SCP-140 receive enough writing material.
    • The inhabitants of SCP-752 look human, but their behavior is closer to social insects like ants.
  • Humongous Mecha: SCP-808 is a 16-meter-tall robot.
  • Hydra Problem: meets Bears Are Bad News: SCP-2875: If you shoot one bear (even with tranquilizer darts) two more appear in its place so you need to KO it with a spray and cut it's head off with a chainsaw.
  • Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball: SCP-018, an affront to the laws of thermodynamics— it's a 6cm red ball that can bounce with 200% efficiency.
    • As well as a Brand X "Bouncy Ball" that was processed through SCP-914 on higher and higher settings (turning into "Extra Bouncy" to "Super-Duper Bouncy"), until being output on the "Very Fine" setting. After being dropped by the researcher conducting the tests, it resulted in 45 casualties and was believed to be orbiting Mars.
  • Hyperspace Is a Scary Place: Many different varieties. SCP-616's original form (and the door in the new 616) is a portal to a Fire and Brimstone Hell and could have been taken straight out of Event Horizon ...merely looking at anything taken from beyond the door will make you instantly homicidal, suicidal, insane, dead, or all four. Oh, and rather counter-intuitively, allowing that door to close is the worst thing you could do.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Practically every article is an example of this. Among the most stark and disturbing examples are the fates of SCP-231-2 to SCP-231-7. It got to the point where one security guard was angry enough to try and get SCP-231-4 out of the facility and still causes controversy to this day.
    • The Ethics Committee makes sure that they do what they need to do and not an inch beyond it.
  • I Have Many Names: Played for laughs with SCP-507:
    "Although SCP-507 has an already-established name due to its unremarkable upbringing, it seems to find entertainment in forcing those it meets to give it a nickname in lieu of divulging this information. Thus SCP-507 will now respond to the names Tommy, Steve, Bruto, Guy, Houdini, and Grabnok the Destroyer."
    • Somewhat less humorously, it's because of multiverse versions of him occasionally popping up in his place.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: SCP-2070, an ancient Chinese device that can use galaxies as pixels.
    In three instances, characters consistent with Shang-dynasty-era oracle bone script. Rough translations of messages include "WE ARE KINGS", "WE ARE SPECIAL", and "WE ARE THE CENTER"
    • The Foundation figures the ancient Chinese didn't like the idea that Earth wasn't the center of the solar system much less the galaxy so they altered time and space to move galaxies to make it so. Now the Foundation wants to erase everything written with SCP-2070 because "Any life outside of our own planet is bound to get a little curious about where the arrows are pointing".
  • I Taste Delicious / Auto Cannibalism: SCP-1630, humanoids made of foodstuffs, have a this as a minor issue:
Instance Material Notes
SCP-1630-22 Cottage Cheese. Instance appears to consume portions of itself throughout the day, and admits to enjoying its own taste. Personnel are to monitor SCP-1630-22 to ensure accidental self-termination does not occur.
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder: SCP-890, a master surgeon who only operates on machines, refuses to treat humans because he's "a surgeon, not a veterinarian".
  • I'm Going to Hell for This: SCP-1459, a modified crane game where players must come up with increasingly creative ways to have the machine kill a puppy before their very eyes in order to win a cookie, ends each session with the prerecorded message, "Yeah, you're totally going to hell for this. Play again?"
  • Identity Amnesia: SCP-2310 is a house that replaces the identity of anyone who enters it with that of a woman who lived there between 1989 and 2007 (she's still alive and perfectly normal and for some reason the replacement identity's memories begin in 2002).
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: SCP-572 is an incredibly dull sword which forces its holder to merely think he or she has Implausible Fencing Powers. SCP-572 does not actually give its holder such powers, just Suicidal Overconfidence.
  • Improbably High I.Q.: The Blob Monsters created by overexposure to 427 are claimed to have IQ that could possibly exceed 400, which is discussed at length on its discussion page.
  • In a Single Bound: One effect of SCP-1916-3, to a lethal extreme. The D-Class they tested on escaped Earth's gravitational pull.
  • Incendiary Exponent: In one of the joke articles, they launched SCP-682 into the sun in an attempt to destroy it. It came back on fire.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Not only did the demonic SCP-4357-J technically capture itself (it drew a arcane sigil on the floor then proceeded to step onto it to demonstrate), not only is it a master of Tempting Fate, it took over a month for it to figure out it could just fly out of its containment circle using its wings.
  • Indy Ploy: Dr. Kondraki is a master of this; one of his colleagues actually describes him as "A master of the Indy Ploy." When assigned the termination of a highly dangerous insufficiently different vampire SCP...well:
    Interviewer: I have here a copy of Dr. Kondraki's termination procedure proposal. Step one is his plan to use cat urine and a pistol loaded with silver bullets. Backup plans two, three, four, and five are listed as, and I quote, 'Wing It,' 'Make Something Up,' 'Cross That Bridge When I Come To It,' and 'Put My Head Between My Knees And Kiss My Ass Goodbye.'
  • Infernal Retaliation: One attempt to destroy SCP-682 consisted of using SCP-1543-J (a catapult with an absurdly long range) to launch it into the sun. It later "came back on fire".
  • Infinite Supplies: The enormous costs that are implied are at least partially explained with SCP-294 being able to produce six hundred ounces of gold every two hours or so.
  • Insane Admiral: General Bowe.
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Dragons: SCP-682 has been called a "tarasque" in the Lord Blackwood and Bellerverse tales; SCP-1420 seem to be working towards a viable dragon; SCP-1013 is a cockatrice; SCP-1779 are tiny dragons that eat change (actually they're real dragons, which apparently feed on items of monetary value rather than nutritional value, and the more expensive the food the bigger the dragon).
  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: SCP-2928. They're stealthy and invisible because everyone believes they're stealthy and invisible, at least until the creation of certain media which spread the Highly Visible Ninja trope.
  • Interface Screw/Self-Demonstrating Article/Unconventional Formatting: In-Universe the Foundation has several "Meta" SCPs which directly or indirectly influence the format or content of their documentation, with their articles being an Interface Screw, Unconventional Formatting, Self-Demonstrating Article or a combination of them with the In-Universe explanation being that the SCP is affecting the manner in which people see or refer to them.
    • Kate McTiriss's SCP-001 Proposal contains a reason for the fact that the website limits new the new entry numbers to 1000 at a time.
    • Many articles on the site, regardless of getting the Meta tag or not note , involve playing around with the usual site format, including things like animated images, hiding animated images in what appear to be static images, web scripting, having multiple versions of a page, tiny text, white text, using non-standard terminology in their articles, broken source code or using the source code to hide messages.
    • SCP-000 isn't even an SCP, it's just a glitch. Though if you highlight the whitespace under the text, you get a tale.
    • SCP-048 isn't an SCP, but the lack of an SCP in that number slot, because multiple attempts at writing an article for 048 failed.
    • SCP-055 isn't described in its article, because it can't be described or remembered.
    • I am a toaster which can only be referred to in the first person.
    • SCP-586 is a green pipe which causes anyone writhing about it to make at least one spelling mistake per sentence.
    • SCP-732 is an obnoxious entity which inhabits the Foundation's database and adds Stylistic Suck commentary to database entries.
    • SCP-931
    It's a rice bowl which,
    only by using haiku
    you can refer to.
    • SCP-1059 article is excessive redaction, with an example of itself as an addendum.
    • SCP-1159 is a wind harp which cannot be written about. Any attempt to write about the harp (or take any kind of non-verbal information, like photographs) will cause an accident or disaster which will prevent it from being written. This forces the Foundation to keep their documents on it in audio form.
    • SCP-1496 is a plate and set of utensils which not only causes anyone describing them (and anything placed on the plate) to do so in the style of a restaraunt/food review, but also causes any written description to randomly switch back and forth between one which praises the SCP to the high heavens and a second one which says it's the worst dreck that ever existed. Any time the article is loaded or reloaded from the SCP wiki you have a 50% chance of getting one of two different versions of the article.
    • SCP-1665 is a Crossword Puzzle which transforms any written document about it into another crossword puzzle.
    • SCP-1764 (which is referred to as a such in the notes) alters any documentation about it into the style of a "Supernatural Phenomenon Casefile" of the "Deviant Artifacts Research Division of the Unified Empire". Given the Foundation's previous encounters with Alternate Universes they're prepared if things go beyond re-editing documents:
    It is the conclusion of the DARD that Esoteric Warfare specialists prepare emergency response procedures in the case of a possible escalation by the alternative universe into our own, including the authorized use of Th-m—l Level Esoterica: a "Scorched Earth" policy ensuring mutual destruction of our two universes should an intrusion occur.
    • SCP-1839 is a book that makes the reader think they are a fish. The documentation, like any attempt to describe the book, carries lesser effect, by simply trying to convince you that you are a fish. It's still classified as a Safe object, since whoever reads about it is most likely a fish, like you are.
    • SCP-1893 is an entity which will transform any digital document referring to it into a prose-style fictional narrative. Even it's not without its scariness.The discussion of the phenomenon makes up all dialogue, and it can't edit what is said.note  Keep this in mind when you learn that the story also protects itself, and when the writer gets to the point about a manner of stopping the phenomenon, the character is not able to get any information out, often by being Killed Mid-Sentence. Did it Retcon some horrible fate in reality to the researcher who would reveal a means of destroying it? Also, whatever bad thing is happening in the story gets worse when the line stating that its sentience is unknown is reached. You really have to read all (currently five) iterations of the story to fully appreciate it.
    • SCP-2413. If you open the page and wait for about ninety seconds, the audio hazard described within the document will begin speaking to you and critique the SCP it's in. The supplement also does this.
    • SCP-2505 takes the form of an Entry Creation Wizard, making it seem as though you need to write it yourself. But enter some text, and it turns out it literally writes itself; it's presented the way it is because any information about it in any format deletes itself after 7.4 seconds, and therefore would always appears as a fresh new article after those 7.4 seconds.
    • SCP-2521 is a monster which steals anything expressing information about itself, including kidnapping any humans speaking about it. However, it can't understand pictorial information, so the entire document has to be written in pictograms.
    • Former library SCP-2602, which used to be a library, compels anyone talking or writing about it repeatedly cliam it was formely a library. Furthermore, it used to be a library.
    • SCCP-2930 causes causes the doubling of most words starting with "c c" in digital documents containing containing quotes from meetings at Cross City City City City Hall.
    • SCP-2998 is an epic interface screw involving multiple versions of the article as well as playing with the source code to add hidden messages and links.
    • SCP-2999 isn't a Meta hazard, but if you take the Schmuck Bait of clicking to enlarge the main image, it links you to supposed .jpg file. By using .jpg as part of the filename, it hides the fact the image is actually an animated .gif, creating a Jump Scare along with exposing more of the anomaly.
    • Some of the joke articles as well, such as the rock that makes you procrastinate and the squirrel that causes you to keep talking when you're near it.
  • The Internet Is for Porn: SCP-335 is 150 3.5" floppy disks with "effectively infinite" storage space, which contain everything on the Internet. The first twelve are all the porn.
    Note from Dr. ██████████: I believe I know where all our bandwidth is going at night. Agent ████'s computer privileges should be limited until he either finds a girlfriend or learns some self control.
  • Invisible Streaker:
  • From Bad to Worse: A feature of many articles. Often indicated by strikethrough text showing the old containment procedure, followed by the incident that made it inadequate.
    • Also how recovery reports tend to go.
  • It's Been Done: Given that there are over two thousand SCP's listed on the site, and more constantly added, it's a rare thing for an author to have an idea that hasn't been done before in any shape or form. Members are recommended that they run their ideas past other people in the chat or forums, in order to avoid having their work downvoted and deleted because it was too similar to an existing article.
  • Jack the Ripoff: Played with in SCP-668, a chef's knife that makes its holder to go on a killing spree and inspires apathy in anyone observing to such a degree they are unable to do anything to help the victims. The incident that brought it to the foundation's attention references a real life murder that helped popularize the idea of the Bystander Effect.
  • Jackass Genie- Inverted by SCP-1481. Formerly either a Literal Genie or even a Benevolent Genie, now an Addled Addict thanks to a Troll's jackass wishes.
  • The Juggernaut: SCP-096 is a tall and thin humanoid that will chase down and [EXPUNGED] anyone who sees its face. It might not have much muscle mass, but it can smash through virtually any material (including an AWACS plane), and is nearly impossible to hurt (600 .50 caliber shots from a GAU-19 hardly make it flinch), plus it will find you no matter how far from it you are. It'll fling itself miles into the air if it has to. There is no middleground between seeing it and not seeing it; if you look at its face for even couple milliseconds or see a 2x2 pixel image of it, you're screwed.
    • There is also SCP-076-2, otherwise known as "Able", who can spawn bladed weapons out of thin air & cause a massive killing spree even under heavy gunfire.
    • There's also the SCP-058, the bovine heart with tentacles, arachnid-legs & a stinger tail. He's small, but he can cause truckloads of damage if he escapes his prison...
  • Jump Scare: This is basically what SCP-650 does.
    • Some pictures on the site may appear stationary at first, but are in fact animated .gifs with the intent to freak out the viewer.
    • SCP-1875 does this masterfully without needing to use an animated GIF, by hiding an extremely disturbing stationary image under a pile of garbage data you'll be skipping as fast as possible only to unexpectedly run into pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Amusingly parodied with SCP-572, which makes the user suicidally overconfident of their warrior skills.
  • Kicked Upstairs: The Foundation used to be known to assign especially moronic personnel (such as a researcher who proposed that SCP-447 be used to take out SCP-682) to Keter duty. Almost all actual instances of "Keter duty" (and the related "demoted to D-class") have since been purged in an effort to Shoo Out the Clowns.
  • Kick the Dog: The Foundation does more than a few things that are, simply put, quite horrible.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: The Foundation's usage of D-Class is appalling, but when they mention said D-Class's crimes, especially if they're sex offenders, no one in the fanbase minds them getting especially gruesome deaths.
    • When a guest researcher was killed by 682, everyone was fine with it in and out of universe due to the man having used children in his experiments prior.
  • Killer Rabbit: SCP-048.
  • Kill It with Fire: SCP-244 is a large jar that creates creatures made of freezing fog that "feed" on heat sources. Any living being coming in contact with the creatures SCP-244 produces will be flash-frozen. However, these frozen-fog creatures shy away from any heat source greater than 600 degrees Celsius, such as a burning stick of wood. In fact, said creatures fade away like the fog they seem to be made of if exposed to fire for too long.
  • Kill Sat:
    • SCP-923, though it doesn't fire conventional projectiles. The best way to describe it would be weaponized insanity. It was apparently built by the Foundation, except the Foundation site that would have produced it was never built due to logistical concerns.
    • SCP-1396, five satellites designed to pitch giant tungsten rods at targets on Jupiter, which curiously started firing back at one point. Yet another Foundation creation, hinted to be from the future.
  • Kraken and Leviathan: SCP-169 is an aquatic arthropod so massive that, even with their seemingly unlimited resources, the Foundation can't think of a better way to deal with it than hiding that it exists, and hoping that it doesn't wake up. It's quite possibly bigger than the entirety of Europe.
  • Lack of Empathy: After the failure of Mobile Task Force Omega 7, this is part of the final psychological profile of SCP-076-2.
  • Lamarck Was Right: SCP-1169.
  • Language of Truth: SCP-1206 causes people to speak a language that expresses exactly what they are thinking in a word. It is impossible to lie while speaking it, which often drives a wedge between people who speak it.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Class A Amnesiacs.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: SCP-1142 hails from another reality where an Alien Invasion and massive plague strike one country in particular. The country? Nazi Germany.
  • Le Film Artistique: SCP-1605 and SCP-1127.
  • Let's You and Him Fight / Divide and Conquer: SCP-2273's interviews imply, and its author confirms, that in SCP-2273's world SCP-1000, the intelligent Yetis, weren't mind-wiped by humans and are using a world war to let humanity kill each other with SCP-1000's advanced technology (SCP-1000 didn't start the war, they were discovered by Brits digging trenches).
  • Lethal Chef: SCP-666-½-J causes five localised K-Class scenarios.
  • Life Drinker: SCP-545 is a recipe that can bottle someone's life essence and make the drinker effectively immortal (but not immortally young).
    • SCP-776 is a ritual that can make the practitioners de-age almost 40 years, although lately there's been some weird side-effects like birth defects ("too many eyes and not enough skin") and...:
      Dr. █████: What was it that your daughter said?

      276 (776 practitioner): …She said, "Papa, why did you do that to me? Why did you [DATA EXPUNGED]. I…I didn't even notice how much she looked like my fourth daughter up until that moment…
  • A Lighter Shade of Grey: The Foundation considers itself this. See also, Necessary Evil and Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Lighter and Softer: The Joke SCPs and Decommissioned SCPsnote 
    • The Decommissioned SCPs are a collection of invokedgloriously bad attempts at writing a serious entry with many being blatantly Mary Sue wish fulfillment characters. All are addended with some form of ignominious demise, such as an invincible Marty Sue felled by a peanut allergy.
    • The Joke SCP's are exactly like what their title says, jokes. They fully embrace Rule of Funny, are allowed to ignore just about every piece of the (loosely) established canon and are created purely for the sake of humor. Standout examples include The Sun Launcher, a big red button of unknown purpose that compels people to push it, and a magical...female lifeform:
      It is unclear what happened next, however all surviving personnel at Site 138-Delta within approximately 200 m of SCP-2006 reported seeing a brilliant flash of bright red or pink light despite not having direct line-of-sight to SCP-2006-1. Six (6) personnel were killed by massive brain hemorrhages, thirty-eight (38) were permanently blinded, and Drs. Kinomoto and Tsukino were heard exclaiming "SO CUTE" in Japanese before vaporizing into clouds of pastel-colored dust. Dr. █████████ recovered fully after three (3) months of hospitalization for neurological trauma.
    • SCP-650 is basically a Lighter and Softer version of SCP-173. Instead of killing you when you break eye contact with it, it just moves behind you and startles you.
    • The site itself goes through periods of this and Darker and Edgier, as the balance shifts between odd and whimsical SCPs and Nightmare Fuel entries. In particular, one phase of the site's canon is viewed with a mix of nostalgia and eyerolling, and has come to be known collectively as lolFoundation. Tales in this arc are typically taken as a combination of "Rashomon"-Style soft canon exaggerated or invented in the aftermath, and certain SCPs causing mental breakdowns and distortions of the laws of physics. Everyone does seem to agree, however, the destruction of Site 19 was where it all got a little out of hand, in-universe and out.
  • Lightmare Fuel: Any time [DATA EXPUNGED] is used as a Noodle Incident rather than for horror.
  • Literal Genie: The reactions to commands after having been exposed to SCP-061.
    • SCP-810 also applies, even though there isn't an actual genie. It tells the user "Ask what you will, and you shall never want for it." Whatever you ask for, you'll never have a desire for it ever again. Don't ask for food, because you'll starve without even realizing you're hungry.
    • Be sure to use the word "coffee" when asking SCP-294 for a cup of coffee. Requesting a "cup of Joe" results in something...less than pleasant.note 
    • SCP-738 will, when a contract is drawn up, follow it to the letter and no further. A D-class who wanted freedom (and was granted it, at the cost of his best friend's life) was captured five hours later.
  • Little Bit Beastly: SCP-1575 can turn non-human mammals that drink water from it into human beings. They retain at least one pre-mutation characteristic about 40% of the time, and possibilities include retaining a tail or animal ears.
  • The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday: Site 19, according to one proposal for SCP-001.
    • The people that SCP-385 was confiscated from are implied to have purchased it at one of these.
    • SCP-1141, a restraunt that will randomly appear in zoos, although it might be 5000°C hot.
  • Living Clothes: Clothing animated by SCP-692 can imprint on its wearer and act just like him as long as it's worn for a sufficient length of time (three hours for most mammals).
  • Lost In Transmission: Otherwise humanity might be exposed to [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • The Lost Woods: SCP-416 is an infinite one that you can't leave on foot. SCP-1660 is a portal to one that is enclosed by a barrier of an unknown material.
  • Machine Worship: The Church of the Broken God, one of the organisations that opposes the Foundation.
  • Mad Artist: Are We Cool Yet? is an entire collective of these. Ever wonder what it's like to give a bunch of sociopathic art students magic? Now you know.
  • Magical Girl: SCP-2006-J is an Eldritch Abomination that wants to be one.
    Dr. █████████: Please state your name for the record.
    Dr. █████████: I see, and what is your purpose?
  • Magitek: The Global Occult Coalition uses it in addition to normal technology. Aetheric resonance imagers are one example.
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: Argent Simian
  • Malaproper: SCP-586 is a green metabolic pipe that causes this to anyone who tries to write about it. It's even populous enough to give the wrong image.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The Ethics Committee to the O5 council. While the O5 decide on something the Committee is the one that gives final approval.
  • Man-Eating Plant: SCP-506
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Clef actually uses this line to introduce himself to a Reality Warper he's about to kill. Considering everyone in the Foundation finds him uncouth and disgusting, he was probably just being wry considering certain...implications about his nature.
  • Mark of the Supernatural: Several human SCP items from the SCP Foundation's universe have these:
    • SCP-073 has a mark on his forehead of unknown origin and Artificial Limbs (specifically arms, legs, shoulder blades and spinal cord).
    • SCP-040 has a pink hair and a Black Eyes of Crazy (although she herself isn't crazy).
    • SCP-134 has pitch black eyes (which actually act as windows to another point in space).
    • SCP-076-2 has tattoos all over him of occult iconography.
    • SCP-239 has her radiation emitting grey eyes.
  • Masquerade: The Foundation isn't the only one capable of pulling this off. The Massachusetts town surrounding SCP-2480 has an illusion over it that can fool both human sensory and cameras. In addition to a general sense of "wrongness", visiting agents notice people moving around something unseeable, walls that aren't really there and an agent being killed by an invisible force. When given sensory-enhancing chemicals, observes instead see both humanoid and animal-like monsters where regular people had been seen before. The invisible things people had been avoiding were actually hooded priest-like figures and fleshy growths are found on the buildings while the mansion itself connects to an Eldritch Location composed entirely of organic matter. Turns out that the anomalies are the result of the Religion of Evil behind SCP-2095 expanding itself into the modern world. Said Religion of Evil is also the FLESH that the Church of the Broken God opposes and (via External Retcon) responsible for SCP-610. If that's not bad enough, there are similar anomalies in Brazil and Romania.
  • Meaningful Name: Prometheus Labs, considering they have produced objects not understood by modern science.
    • Thaumiel. In the Kabbalah, it's the "Shadow of Keter". The explanation: Keter SCPs are the most dangerous and destructive; Thaumiel SCPs are able to rebuild the world.
    • Some SCP numbers also qualify as meaningful names; for example, SCP-1776 is a flag that makes people in the military act nationalistic, SCP-2360 is a group of youths augmented with parts from an Xbox, and SCP-1871 is a Vorpal Sword; 1871 was the year Alice Through the Looking-Glass was published.
  • Mechanical Monster:
    • SCP-278. A mechanical spider.
    • SCP-808. An incomplete robotic musician constructed by the Church of the Broken God.
  • The Men in Black: A standard tactic for certain infiltration procedures, particularly retrieving items from the UIU. Also the standard dress for agents when interviewing or interrogating civilians in the field.
  • Mercy Kill: Several of these were attempted for the victims of SCP-145. They all failed.
  • Messianic Archetype: If SCP-239 believes someone is good, then they will be because she's a Reality Warper (and maybe, just maybe, literally a Messianic Archetype, as in God).
    • SCP-343 is omnipotent and claims to be God. He's also mischievous and people like him a lot, though he's pissed off a doctor by deleting his orders.
    • SCP-999 is a strange example of this. It's a Blob Monster, but it's also possibly the most benevolent entity in the entire Foundation. One example was putting it's own life in danger to save others from SCP-682, the creature that not even 343 would confront. That's right, in this universe, an orange blob is more morally righteous than God himself.
      • 343 was more upset with the fact that they where trying to get him to deal with "Something that wasn't his", and refused out of moral compunction. So apparently GOD had nothing to do with the creation of 682...
  • Meta Origin: Several proposals for SCP-001 are for the source of all SCPs.
  • The Metric System Is Here to Stay: The official policy of the site is to use SI units, precisely to invoke the "future/science" feel of this trope (for American visitors, anyway). Apparently, this rubbed some editors the wrong way, and you can find a little Bothering by the Book: Entries that were obviously written using round numbers in the American Customary System, then blindly translated into the exact metric equivalent. Thus, for instance, one particular Bigger on the Inside Eldritch Location has a corridor that extends 182.88 meters (600.00 feet) past where the edge of the structure should be.
    • Another one automatically converts any descriptions of its dimensions to American customary measurements.
    • From SCP-931:
      Three inches in height,
      Four point five inches across.
      (Metric doesn’t fit.)
  • A Million Is a Statistic: Used in the file on SCP-1123: touching the skull gets you possessed by the spirit of a victim of political movements. "██% of imprints come from Communist China’s Great Leap Forward between 1958 and 1961, ██% of imprints come from Nazi Germany’s extermination efforts between 1939 and 1945, while only █% come from events such as the Armenian Genocide or the Iraqi Anfal campaign where deaths are only estimated in the 1 to 2 million range."
  • Mind Screw: It is to be expected, considering that the setting is filled with Reality Warpers, alternate dimensions with differing rules from our own, and all other sorts of strange things. But even under that framework, SCP-1782 ("Tabula Rasa") manages to be an outstandingly bizarre SCP. Helps that it was Based on a Dream.
    • SCP-1193 What the hell exactly is going on.
    • SCP-1539. It might take a few readings to get what it is. It's an anomaly that changes the identity of everything inside, but keeps their physical properties intact.
  • Mind Virus: These are usually classified as "Memetic Hazards".
  • Miracle Food:
    • SCP-1176 is a sarcophagus that produces an extremely nourishing honey-like substance. This being the SCP Foundation universe, it's only after widespread distribution that they discovered it only works on those of a certain blood type, killing all the others.
    • SCP-1615 is an edible fungus that causes the eater to survive via photosynthesis until a more stable food source can be found.
  • Mirror Chemistry: SCP-739, a small closet with mirrored interiors. Closing a person in the booth once will flip all their amino-chains. Closing them in twice will switch them back, but repeating the experiment too many times with the same subject leads to something else emerging. As a fun side benefit, locking sugar packets in the closet will flip them as well. The scientist specifically notes that they would make excellent diet sweeteners.
  • The Missingno.: SCP-951, AKA LUCAS.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: This former cattle barn.
    • SCP-2169 is a random operating theater used by mysterious beings as a literal MMO RPG in order to play surgeon. They're actually pretty good at it, aside from the occasional—
      (Upon manifesting, SCP-2169-2-25 began vocalizing loudly, grabbed a scalpel, and began stabbing the subject repeatedly in the chest.)
      SCP-2169-2-25: TRO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO-LO
      SCP-2169-2-1: Damnit!
      SCP-2169-2-2: Goddamn pugs.
    • SCP-1201 seems to use a location on Earth as a portal to its gaming area as seen in its exploration log:
      SCP-1201 (to the agent who follows it, wants to know more about its mission to kill "that bitch Beth"): You better not be a fucking noob.
    • SCP-896 is an MMORPG where, if the player enters their own name for their avatar, their stats in real life will start corresponding to that in the game. For example, increasing strength would cause the player in real life to become stronger, stamina would make them more durable, etc.
  • Mobile Maze: SCP-432 is a maze located inside a cabinet. The maze is stationary as long as the door is open, but if you close the door, the whole thing moves.
  • Monster Shaped Mountain: SCP-1588, "The Cliff Face"... literally, a giant face which is part of a cliff.
  • Mood Whiplash: SCP-387's experiment logs, specifically the last two. In the second-to-last, Dr. Arch writes about the "improved morale and attitude" as a result of playing with the SCP (Animated Legos, for those who can't be bothered to look) and requests all staff are allowed access, which is approved. The immediate next experiment involves placing Megablocks (A knockoff brand of Legos) near SCP-387. The result? "everything constructed of 387 stopped moving, turned slowly towards the Megablocks and [EXPUNGED]."
    • Addendum 387-6: Jesus fucking Christ. - Dr. Arch
    • Said result might be justified in a Noodle Incident mentioned as the following:
      • 119) As funny as Incident 387/682-██ was, Dr. Bright is not allowed unsupervised access to SCP-387. Agents are still trying to figure out how an animate model of 682 was so invulnerable, despite being made of just plastic blocks.
  • Mook Maker: SCP-068, a little wire figure in the shape of a person, will search out objects made of metal, tear off strips of it, and proceed to make a copy of itself. This copy, along with the original, then makes copies of itself and so on, until there is about 102 separate copies. The copies will then come together to create one "super-copy", and the process will begin again. While the original SCP-068 is indestructible, the copies it makes, thankfully, have the same durability of whatever metal it was made from.
  • Moon Rabbit: SCP-1284 is partially based on this, but with more Body Horror, Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour, and For the Evulz.
  • Morton's Fork: SCP-417 containment protocols dictate that anybody bitten by one of the insects may request an immediate mercy killing. If they don't they are killed anyway to prevent containment breach.
  • More Dakka: Referenced on the "the-things-dr-bright-is-not-allowed-to-do-at-the-foundation" page- one of the phrases the SCP's motto is not is "We always need more Dakka!" Additionally, one of the rules on that page is that Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to offer the solution of "Use more guns" to any problem.
    • There's an SCP that is a bottomless magazine (or clip, or mag clip, or speedloader, or...) that fits into any weapon, and there's a chance that a shot coming from it does something odd (freezes targets, fires Magic Bullets, randomly explodes a body part not aimed at, et cetera).
  • The Most Dangerous Video Game: Quite a few, ranging from the moderately harmful SCP-1881 to the much more hazardous SCP-1590. And then there's SCP-1633 - which actually has the same name as this trope.
  • Mother Nature: Her name is Chioll and SCP-1547-A is her son. They both think that complex thought is evil and want to revert humanity to a non-sapient state.
  • Mother of a Thousand Young: SCP-597 and SCP-354.
  • Motivational Lie: The procedure for SCP-616 states that the prayers of an ordained priest of an Abrhamic religion are necessary to keep all the people inside it from being killed by, apparently, the Legions of Hell. An addendum at the end of it states that in actually, the belief that one can keep it from happening is all that is really needed, but a test run showed that religious faith worked better, so the Foundation added the need for an Abrahamic priest and the Satanic markings inside 616.
  • MST: SCP-1722 is a stick that, when held by someone, will add its comments in any nearby document (books, videos, audio recordings). And has the personality of a Grumpy Old Man.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: Dr. Clef gets at least one new origin every time he's in a story. Previous claims have included Satan, Adam, and a Reality Warper who blew up the space shuttle Challenger in childhood by casually wondering what would happen, all in the same story.
    • Notable in that these are all relayed by Clef himself, who is a self-admitted liar. Although the first one actually has some evidence to support it. Murky, potentially deceptive evidence, but evidence nonetheless.
      • Bear in mind, though - Kondraki didn't believe the third possibility, but did immediately believe the first despite that one being somewhat less plausible. Why would that be? Was it his emotional state at the time? Did he just learn to take Clef's words as automatically false? Or did Consummate Liar Clef just pull a Sarcastic Confession?
    • Also the case with SCP-001. There are several articles with that number. None of them may be true, some of them may be decoys for the real SCP-001, or all of them may be true.
    • SCP-1041 has 119 pasts (or personalities) that she cycles through and apparently all of them are real:
      Parental testing has located ninety-eight women and eighty-four men that are genetic matches for SCP-1041's parents.
  • Mundane Utility: So many.
    "It has come to the attention of the higher level personnel that someone has been stealing SCP-283 for use as a paperweight."

    "It has come to my attention that several personnel have used SCP-041 as a ad-hoc 'she likes me/she likes me not' detector. This is one of the most appalling things I've ever heard. Are we safeguarding potentially world-destroying objects or are we in third grade?"

    "I would like to remind all personnel that SCP-038 is not, I repeat, not a toy. It should not be used for cloning car keys, movies, music or items from the vending machines."

    Note from Dr. Klein - SCP personnel below Level 3 are now banned from handling SCP-500. This is not to be used to cure a hangover. Get AIDS and then ask permission.
    • Sometimes the organization actually does it themselves, like moving SCP-294 to the break room to save money on drinksnote .
    • SCP-458 can be the break room in Site 17, sitting on the counter. To be fair, it's simply a bottomless pizza box that always has the favourite kind of pizza of whoever opens it inside of it. Employee morale has improved significantly since it was approved for open use, however, so there's that. As an added bonus, it is also indestructible, because they made several attempts to damage & dismantle it without success.
    • And then there's SCP-795, a cat with mind control and Baleful Polymorph abilities... but otherwise a plain normal cat. So it uses its powers for cat things like convincing the personnel to give it more food or toys. The only nasty thing about the kitty is that it tends to turn people it likes into playmates (read: other cats) and people it doesn't into mice.
    • A large portion of the anomalous items recovered that have not been destroyed are either in use at various sites or in the offices of various researchers.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Distressingly common, and considering what the Foundation deals with, distressingly justifiednote . The Foundation takes no chances. The Foundation (both in-universe and meta) is trying to stop needless "civilians terminated" for Safe objects, though.
  • Murderous Mannequin: SCP-847.
  • Murderous Mask: SCP-035.
  • My Beloved Smother: SCP-2190. In life she tried to force her daughter to marry a rich American man like she did even though her daughter was already happily married with a kid. In death she uses her anomalous control over her bank account bribes people to attack her daughter and son-in-law to separate them. Nevertheless,
    POI-2190-2 (daughter): I cannot love what she does to my family, but she is still my mother, and I hate the things she does but I still love [her].
  • My God, What Have I Done?: SCP-1230's reaction after it unintentionally drives a researcher it bonded with to suicide.
  • My Skull Runneth Over: SCP-028 can cause this for unprepared persons.
  • Myth Arc: There are quite a few, separate from one another, and depending on what you consider canon. A few notable ones include:
    • Pitch Haven, which is made up of, among others, SCP-2746, SCP-1913, SCP-1903, and SCP-2999. Word of God says that it's a story about reincarnating spirits (who just happen to resemble anthropomorphic animals) that were exiled from the Garden Of Eden for an unknown crime, and were punished in ways such as gouging out eyes and severing limbs. Oh, and 682 is the Serpent from the Garden.
    • The Bonifay Family, which is made up of three SC Ps: SCP-1890, SCP-1896 and SCP-1928, which tell the story of a "Family" of people in The Savage South in the aftermath of a hurricane.
  • Mysterious Antarctica: SCP-1483, a portal to an alternate universe's Antarctic civilization.