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  • Santa Claus: An addendum to SCP-239, an eight year old Reality Warper:
    Note from Dr. ████████, dated 12/26/04: Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to tell her about "Santa Claus" and then tell her that it was just a story?! Now we have another potential SCP to deal with, but we can't catch him because he is "magic".
    • Apparently, they caught him and put him in containment. However, he must leave every December 24th each year to deliver presents for Christmas. Otherwise, a worldwide [DATA EXPUNGED] will happen.
    • They also put a tracking device on him to find out once and for all how he manages to get to every house in one night. They get funky anomalous readings, and when asked for an explanation, Santa only replies "Magic."
  • Sapient Tank: Two of mention SCP-802, a tank that patrols a small region and attacks any who come near it, and SCP-516, a nonviolent (until pressed) tank.
  • Savage South: One of the non-SCP-but-still-weird-objects was "A men's Western-style hat which, when worn, causes the wearer to compulsively tell jokes that are racist or otherwise offensive to those within earshot. Incinerated with considerable enthusiasm."
  • Save Our Students: SCP-2960, an entire high school production of Urinetown (cast, crew and orchestra) trapped in their auditorium and forced to perform every weekend since 2008 the ones who didn't commit suicide or were mysteriously killed because they didn't perform well were released in 2014, though they still unconsciously act out the play on schedule apparently because their drama teacher was afraid for their future:
    "I just, you know, it's a shame that it's got to end, right? I mean, Christ, for some of these kids, all they've got is the theatre… it's funny, I guess, and kind of sad, cause this might be the best thing they do with their lives, you know, cause they don't have the money for college, or the grades."
  • Saving The World With Art: Inverted by the artistic movement "Are we cool yet?" whose works are extremely dangerous if not potentially world-ending. Among others, the "idea of a shark", a non-corporeal, semi-visible shark that can still eat you, a FifthDimension CD that does things related to 5 (turns you 5 days/weeks/years old, cuts you in 5, teleports you to the fifth moon of Jupiter, etc.). An unrelated artifact is SCP-804, an art installation that could destroy anything man-made on the planet (including humans, but at a much slower rate).
  • Schmuck Bait: After Dr. Clef tells everyone not to let SCP-447-2 touch dead bodies, the test log doesn't last for half a dozen entries before someone requests a dead body for testing. Then the researchers decide to get their revenge by throwing Clef into the bathtub. It does nothing, and he tells them that "after you clean this up you will all be missed".
  • Science Cannot Comprehend Phlebotinum: The very definition of an SCP object is the inability to explain what it can do, or how. However, there is a (very small) list of "explained" SCPs, which are objects or phenomena which have been explained, ceased to exist, or - in one case - was unable to be contained, and affected the whole world, rendering containment procedures moot.
  • Science Destroys Magic: This seems to be incredibly varied.
  • Science Is Wrong: The Missing Number. We missed a number. Whenever it interacts with anything electronic or math we use, the number breaks it.
  • Scrapbook Story
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: SCP-076-1, amongst others, is one such can. It contained SCP-076-2, but it was easily unsealed (it was just a stone coffin), and when SCP-076-2 started working for the Foundation, it became little more than 076-2's respawn point. Later played straight during the great Mary Sue purge — 076-2 was retconned into being completely Ax-Crazy after all, and after they ran out of things for him to do, he started killing all humans on sight. They had to detonate a nuclear bomb and entomb 076-1 under the bedrock under the ocean.
    • SCP-231 is an interesting case, as the SCP is the can that the evil is sealed inside. And the Foundation will do whatever it takes to keep said evil sealed up.
    • SCP-911 is a can you can easily end up sealed into.
    • SCP-1844 is a Hell Gate that is, miraculously, 99.6% contained. However, since this is the only (terrestrial) Hell-gate known to the Foundation at least one person wonders if this is actually a good thing:
      Hector Gomez, S.J., Ass't. Site Director: All I'm saying is that before we keep patting ourselves on the back for attaining 99.6% containment efficacy over the last two months, we ought to think about the possible unintended consequences of screwing the lid on too tightly. By analogy, a boiler explosion is a hell of a bigger problem than a steam leak.
    • Sealed Good in a Can: Subverted. Any attempts to seal SCP-343 are basically futile, and he's only there because he wants to be. He's also working on some scheme of his own, and outright deleted a doctor who had become wise to his manipulations from reality. Proposed SCP-001 is likewise impossible to seal.
  • Self-Demonstrating Article: See Interface Screw at Tropes E to M.
  • Self-Parody:
    • SCP-1802. Made to be constantly curious of the things around him, to collect them, and to cache it away in containers.
    • SCP-1312 is much darker example. Call it Black Comedy if you can laugh at a man got "cut apart with sharp things".
    • SCP-001-EX-J. Something like SCP Foundation: Prehistoric Edition.
  • Series Mascot: SCP-682 appears to have assumed this role, as witnessed by the protests on the site forums whenever anyone suggests killing it off for good. The original one was SCP-173.
    • SCP-085 (Cassy) and SCPs-131-a and 131-b (Eye Pods) could qualify as well.
    • Able has also become one, to the point where he's the one of few SCP that's referred to by name instead of number.
  • Serious Business: The site itself maintains quality by treating each wiki edit like a live Claymore mine.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Several:
    • SCP-434: A table that, when there is a subject and eight chairs, causes seven correspondingly "sinful" clones of the subject to appear; if the "clones" are killed, that aspect of the subject's personality is destroyed (IE the death of Sloth destroys the ability to sleep).
    • SCP-1215: (Actually eight sins — Pride is divided into Vanity and Hubris) An illuminated manuscript that causes people to self-destruct with a deadly sin theme, except for Vanity where the danger is acting so irritating other people attack you.
    • SCP-1133: An IV stand that can extract or inject fluids pertaining to the seven sins; for instance injecting sloth makes one lazier, while extracting it makes one more productive.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product: If SCP-1463 is anything to go by, the products of "Professer Funtastic" are this to Doctor Wondertainment.
  • Share the Male Pain: This is SCP-5972-J's main function to males when described.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Happened in several stages, but began when one of the writers became concerned about the wiki moving away from its original creepypasta origins. He came up with a story where his fictional counterpart tries to take down a reality warper who seemed to become popular with readers simply because she was a cute little girl. This had the opposite effect, as it led to decommissions which were 'canon' purges of badly designed, Mary Suish SCPs. Writers competed with each other over who could pull off the most over-the-top decommissions.
    • Admins eventually realised that they allowed things to get too far and tried to Shoo Out the Clowns the second time. While the admins ultimately decided not to disavow the over-the-top elements altogether. note 
      • There was a deliberate effort to bring the fictional agents back down to earth as well as removing problematic SCPs.
      • Another major example is the excision of "LOLFoundation" elements by removing overly comic sections, or returning articles to a more detached scientific format while making it official policy to avoid comedic elements from then on.
    • The closest thing we have to an in-story explanation is that this was a long overdue reaction to the lack of oversight created when the military elements in the Foundation leadership left. The processes are still ongoing. See this forum thread for more info.
    • Also, "Chowderclef" is an official Retcon of all of Dr. Clef's quirky escapades... sort of. Clef (the writer) ultimately decided to be ambiguous about it and let readers decide for themselves whether or not the escapades still count.
  • Shoot the Dog: The Foundation's main reason to exist. They deal with the nasty shit in the world so the normal people can go to sleep easy at night and wake up alive.
  • Shout-Out: Go here.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Aside from Cain and "Able":
    • Literally with two players of SCP-286, who are He-Who-Made-Light and He-Who-Made-Dark, warring elemental brothers:
    SCP-286-1 [the "Light" player] will appear agitated, movements will become jerky and imprecise, vocalizations will be quick, stuttering and aggressive. SCP-286-2 [the "Dark" player] will appear sluggish, movements halting and slow, vocalizations will be low-pitched, throaty, and tend to be monosyllabic.
    • SCP-2819, two mutually antagonistic beetles. One is white with black marks and can make people feel happy and the other is black with white marks and makes people depressed (the former just wants people to see the truth about the world and the depression is due to its limited powers). Why are they here? Apparently the Light and Dark brothers (or similar entities) annoyed their father so much he turned them into beetles.
    • Elderly twin sisters SCP-1884-A and -B — SCP-1884-A has a mild, almost Extreme Doormat-level personality and looks like a normal human aside from her fused, handless arms while SCP-1884-B is a very aggressive and sassy old lady who is nothing but hands.
      SCP-1884-A: I had always discouraged Luana (SCP-1884-B) from trying to escape. Beyond my fear of being punished, I told myself that no matter how bad things were at the Circus, it would be worse in the outside world.


      Dr. Selman: How would you describe your captivity in the Circus Of The Disquieting?
      SCP-1884-B: (SCP-1884-B raises the middle finger of every hand not being used to support its weight)
  • Silicon-Based Life: SCP-553, butterfly-like crystal lifeforms.
  • Sinister Minister: SCP-1832, who literally feeds off of suffering.
  • Spell My Name With A █████
  • Solid Gold Poop:
    • SCP-1330 is a universal garbage dump. one object found is a toilet bowl full of polished diamonds.
    • SCP-391 looks like a normal barn owl...probably because it is a normal barn owl. Except for the fact that when it eats, its waste pellets are made of various precious metals, instead of bone and fur (like you would find in ordinary owl waste pellets). So far, the Foundation has found pellets made of gold, silver, platinum, and indium.
    • SCP-1618 is an Are We Cool Yet? artifact that can turn waste products into this and objects of value into refuse that includes genitalia and used nuclear rods.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Even when trapped in a demonic Eldritch Location (SCP-1983), one Agent still manages to write an informal SCP Report.
    Item #: Pending

    Object Class: Keter. God help you.

    Special Containment Procedures: You're going to die, you poor dumb fuck.
  • Sound Effect Bleep: [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]
  • Spiders Are Scary: SCP-859
  • Spider Swarm: The Foundation has several:
  • Spin-Off: The Wanderers Library/Serpents Hand, Global Occult Coalition, Far Recon, Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd, The Chaos Insurgency, The Tamlin House, and...The Sharks Punching Center.
  • Split Personality / Mental Story: SCP-2442 can make Foundation staff and SCP objects disappear and can speak with an invisible entity because the Foundation-verse exists inside a very disturbed woman's head (the "invisible" entity) and he is having her confront her traumatic memories (the objects) and eliminating her alternate personalities (the Foundation staff). By the way the Groups of Interest working against the Foundation are therapeutic techniques (IE Are We Cool Yet? could be art therapy). Naturally the Foundation is horrified by the idea that their whole world is just be one person's elaborate delusion:
    O5-5: SCP-2442 is the delusional one. We maintain stability. We maintain order. We Secure the dangers. Contain the unpredictable. Protect the world from knowledge it must not know. The world needs us. She— It needs us.
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion: SCP-081 is a virus that causes Spontaneous Combustion - in fact, it's responsible for all recorded instances of it.
  • Stable Time Loop: O5-02 is Dr. Light from the future (a Reset Button is involved)
    • Possible one: SCP-1342 is a message from an alien race destroyed by humans 40,000 years in the future. Unfortunately for them thanks to the message we know that they were on the verge of faster-than-light "time" travel before we destroyed them and they could've annihilated us but didn't because they were too grateful for our radio broadcasts enhancing their own civilization.
    • Project Thaumiel: Pila.
  • Stalker with a Crush: SCP-1269, a very possessive, letter-writing, ambulatory, telekinetic, and extremely violent mailbox.
    To the female D-class living in "its" house: Do you sing in the shower? If so, I’ve heard you. Such a tenderly beautiful voice matches its owner.

    Written on a replacement mailbox that was bashed around, tied in a trash bag, and teleported into a Dumpster: SHE'S MINE SHE'S MINE SHE'S MINE SHE'S MINE YOU CAN'T HAVE HER SHE'S MINE SHE'S MINE

    Written on or near the corpse of the beaten, de-handed and de-lipped male D-class assigned to "its" house (it hasn't hurt any of "its" women): WHAT IS A MAN BUT A PILE OF SHIT THAT GETS IN THE WAY OF MY LOVE HOW CAN SHE EVER LOVE YOU WHEN YOU'RE SO EASILY BROKEN SHE NEVER EVEN LET YOU TOUCH HER I SAW THE WAY SHE LOOKED AT YOU WITH HATRED AND NOW SHE WILL LOVE ME FOREVER

    Comment from the authors: Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Start of Darkness: A work in progress (also a proposed SCP-001) shows how everything started, and by everything we mean how the Foundation and its rivals or enemies came into existence.
  • Status Quo Is God: The primary reason for the Foundation's existence.
    • SCP-1915 is a Reality Warper that invokes this for himself within a certain radius of his presence. He is unaware of his containment and has limited control of his powers.
  • Stylistic Suck: The Big List Of Overdone SCP Cliches, part of "How To Write An SCP":
    We don't need no more:
    1. Things What Let You Fight Good, Guyz What fight good, heck, anything involved with Fightan Good.
    2. Reality Bending pplz what can make the world change with their mindz.
    ...9. Things what are really pretty pplz whom everyone lieks.
  • Super Soldier: SCP-2102
    Researcher: Today is the day we either produce the very first super-soldier, or we start over with nothing. I really do not know which is better. Eh, tomorrow is a day too.
    There are no further entries in the diary.
  • Supernatural Phone: The SCP Foundation has a couple of these: SCP-086, SCP-145, SCP-270, SCP-400-ARC, SCP-467 and SCP-519.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: From Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682: "Notes: This is the official story and we're sticking to it. The alternative, that someone tried to murder Dr. Clef by deliberately putting him in the same room as SCP-682, is completely inconceivable. O5-7"
  • Tailor-Made Prison: Each article has Special Containment Procedures. Many of these require that rooms are constructed in ways to counteract/nullify different objects, and can be anything from "keep it in a locker" to incredibly complex procedures.
  • Tank Goodness: SCP-516, a sentient T-55 main battle tank. Interestingly this is one of the more benign sentient SCPs, being unwilling to fire on unarmed or nonthreatening targets. When threatened by an armed D-class who was handcuffed to another, unarmed D-class, it even precisely aimed a shot to kill the shooter without seriously harming the unarmed target. Though apparently, it did decide to autonomously fire on a D-class who was apparently guilty of treason in the country the tank came from. Tellingly, when a camera that reveals hidden desires was used to take a picture of it, the picture showed it frolicking through a meadow, covered in flowers.
    • SCP-802 as well, although it's substantially less intelligent.
  • Taken for Granite: 409, a crystal that turns anything it touches (except, ironically, granite) into itself.
    • There's also 602, an invisible sculptor that supposedly turns humans into statues. At least in the story its based on.
    • SCP-1013, basically a cockatrice. It calcifies the outer layer of your body, then happily pecks a hole in you and eats what's inside.
  • Take Our Word for It: Liberal use of [DATA EXPUNGED] keeps us from being horrified (or disappointed) by the true nature of [REDACTED].
  • Take That: SCP-4444 is basically a Take That directed at Gaia Online's SCP Roleplay Guild. (Clef found it horribly un-clinical in tone and rife with Mary Sues.)
    • SCP-953 killed an Agent Gallagher for being an otaku.
    • Clef (the writer) once came across a Marty Stu Reality Bender that annoyed him so much that he had his fictional counterpart team up with Dr. Kondraki to kill it very thoroughly. This set a precedent for Running Gag where this became a standard method of disposing of egregiously overpowered Mary Sues (at least until the Mass Edit).
      • Odd how all of the entries under "Take That" were written by Clef...
      • Anyone who read his recollections of the events (see Characters page) will know that there is a reason for that.
    • SCP-1059 is a Take That against SCP writers who use too many Censor Boxes.
    • SCP-1803 is one to Are We Cool Yet?. Answer: 9 9 9 9 9 9.
    • SCP-1475 is a Take That against the 90% of Your Brain idea.
    • SCP-100-J is described as the origin of bad SCP, including overly-powerful Mary-Sues, weapons that make the weilder incredibly powerful or objects that are dangerous just for the sake of being dangerous. This is accompained by saying how said SCP were destroyed, either completely nonchaantly or in an ironic way (Guy who could weild every weapon like an expert was given SCP-572, a badly made sword that makes the user feel overconfident. He ends decapitating himself). Oh, and what is the origin of these bad SCP? A pile of equine feces. AKA, horseshit.
  • Tempting Fate: The designation SCP-048 appears to be "cursed"; any item given that number tends gets destroyed, stolen, lost or decommissioned, so it's been officially retired. Dr. Cortez thought this was stupid and everyone was "just being pussies", so he reassigned it. The result?
    Addendum 2: SCP-048, [DATA EXPUNGED], was accidentally thrown into the trash this morning and lost. In an unrelated incident, Dr. Cortez's arms were accidentally traumatically amputated in a horrific lunchroom blender accident. SCP-048 closed. - O5-11
  • Testosterone Poisoning: SCP-1657, MAN EGGS:
    Need more punch to your breakfast? Grocery store eggs not working for you? Wish you could have a goddamn masculine omelet for once in your goddamn miserable life? Then buy the MAN EGG. MAN EGG will make you MANLY.
  • There Are No Therapists
    • Inverted with regard to SCP-076-2 and several higher Foundation personnel that are... less than stable. There are PLENTY of Foundation therapists. The subjects in questions just don't really want anything to do with them.
    • Deliberately avoided with SCP-231-7. In order to prevent a possible The End of the World as We Know It scenario, her emotional distress has to be maximized by constantly [DATA EXPUNGED]. Her memory must be wiped whenever she starts getting used to it.
    • And subverted in the same: containment procedures for SCP-231 require staff to undergo psychological counseling on a regular basis.
    Wight: You could have, you know, opened the door like a normal person.
  • They Would Cut You Up: If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t keep studying you afterwards... "Oh. Bugger."
  • Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: [DATA EXPUNGED]
    • In a different sense, "memetic" objects can alter behavior, personality, or physical integrity just by being perceived.
  • This Is a Work of Fiction: They make a BIG deal out of this. Very big. It doesn't help that many people think it is real anyway - to the point that people will even send in inquiries on how they can get hired by the SCP Foundation.
  • Time Police: SCP-1780, AKA the Department of Temporal Anomalies aka Research and Containment Team Δt (Delta-t). They Unpersoned themselves from the timeline that the SCP-1780 document exists in, but they still do work in other timelines/canons.
  • Tomato Surprise: SCP-009-J
  • Too Dumb to Live: One instance of the use of SCP-1543-1 (which was built by the Foundation in the 1600s where their solution to destroying things was to fire them into the sun, regardless of practicality), where they fired a tree that fed off of energy and grew limbs that could attack people, ended with the entire ruling council of the Foundation executed for "gross stupidity and incompetence."
    • The file on Dr. Clef's proposal for SCP-001, which is implied to be the Angel that guards the gates of the Garden of Eden, details another example of this from the Foundation. After finding that the angel will destroy anything that comes with 1000 metres of it, they try various tricks, such as sending a D-class at it (SCP-001 told him to "LEAVE", and also obliterated his handlers), 100 drones (all destroyed), a missile (destroyed, along with the launch-site and it's personnel), SCP-076 (implied to be the biblical Abel, who absolutely refused to go near it) and SCP-073 (an individual implied to be the biblical Cain, who had an unspecified but even more violent reaction to it than Abel). After this failed, the Foundation decides to use a SSBN in the Indian Ocean to try and see if they can make a dent in SCP-001. The test date was the 24th of December, 2004.
  • Tower of Babel: SCP-1643: Someone from the Horizon Initiative found it and and upgraded it in order to nuke heaven.
    "Within the last century a great deal of effort has been spent promoting the effectiveness of atomic weapons, to the point where among many men’s fear of such tools looms greater than their love of god (should in fact he believe in god in the first place)."
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Several SCPs either are (until contained) or were (contained following aftermath) in towns which used their abilities for their own good (or were used by them).
  • Tracking Device: Some human SCP items have these attached to them, particularly if they're allowed free roam of the site they're kept at, like SCP-073 and SCP-105.
  • Trash of the Titans: The break room after Researcher Jacobs uses it.
  • Trickster God: One called Saturn Deer, among other names:
    Dmatix: Saturn Deer is He Whose Antlers Touch the Heavens, the Skybound Antelope and the Flying Gazelle. He's a character that appeared in several tales, first appearing in "Letters to a Prophet". Basically, he likes annoying people and gods for fun and gain.
  • Troperiffic: The SCP Foundation wiki is a site devoted to deconstructing the genre. There are over a thousand objects. Each of them deconstructs or plays straight at least one trope, mainly more.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Invoked with some members of the Are We Cool Yet collective, who have weaponized Le Film Artistique in an effort to break the line between viewer, artist, and artwork. Unfortunately, in this case, the artwork usually tends to kill, maim, or mentally destroy the viewer.
    • Also invoked with some multiversal performances of SC-1763, an off-off Broadway theatre in New York. Performances range from screaming for hours to taking a hat of for hours.
  • The Tunguska Event: SCP-873 acquired its anomalous properties during the event; a connection is suspected.
  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Prolonged exposure to SCP-4445 can cause "marked psychological changes" including limited clairvoyance, a tendency to lapse into impenetrable jargon and "mild to moderate dependence".
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: in-universe: If anything is lethal, it will sooner or later be put against SCP-682. SCP-173 actually managed to "beat" SCP-682 but failed to kill it, and the staff have stopped repeats.
  • Unequal Rites: SCP-2164-A and -B are a(n allegedly) Renaissance-era Ritual Magician and a modern New Age Retro Hippie Granola Girl (her food must be organic, gluten-free, and not altered genetically), respectively, who can alter reality within a radius of one meter with their rituals and potions and they hate each other:
    SCP-2164-A: May Albertus Magnus and all his disciples be blind to your ignorance! The angels of heaven are far more terrifying beings than your tame, lily-livered shades. Thine milk-minded pets of yours bear no true semblance to the servants of the Most High!

    SCP-2164-B: That's it! I've had it with your psycho mumbo jumbo! You're about to get your chakras *all* out of alignment!
    • Interestingly 2164-B can not only effect people with potions and rituals but with her own beliefs as well — for instance a healthy D-class became autistic in her circle of influence because she believes vaccines cause autism.
  • Unusual Formatting: Often combined with an Interface Screw to create Self Demonstrating Articles. See Interface Screw at the E to M trope page for specific examples.
  • Underground City: SCP-110, a city underneath a farm in New York that was displaced across time (although apparently it was already underground when it was built), and SCP-1678, a replica of Victorian London placed underneath the real London, and intended to serve as an bunker in case of catastrophe.
  • Undying Loyalty: SCP-1111, what is apparently the powerful and indestructible spirit of a dog (its dog tag even reads "Loyal") guarding what is apparently its master's body by killing everybody that gets anywhere near it. The master seems to be semi-alive through the whole thing and the only thing anybody's gotten close enough to hear him say is "No, down boy."
  • Unobtainium: SCP-148, an alloy capable of blocking telepathic suggestions.
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object: SCP-225. They really don't want to find out what would happen if these two objects ever collided. They're drawing up planetary evacuation plans just in case.
  • Unusual Euphemism: A log of a test of SCP-447 as a sexual lubricant describes Dr. A██████ putting the condom on his [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: SCP-217, a slow acting virus that converts organic material into "organic metal". Extremely painful in advanced stages.
  • Urban Fantasy: Deconstructed, particularly in regards to how the Masquerade is maintained. The S&C Plastics canon plays the genre more-or-less straight.
  • Values Dissonance: In-Universe, one of the "explained" SCPs was considered explained because it only seemed unnatural to the people who originally wrote it, generations ago. The "phenomenon" was some compulsion in black slaves to seek freedom. As values changed, the Foundation realized this was not an unexplained phenomenon, and gave it EX ("Explained") status.
  • Very Special Episode: Parodied with SCP-5200-J.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Invoked by SCP-1459, which allows the player to come up with any method on how the puppy dies as long as it wasn't used before.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: While they can all be enjoyed on their own, many SCPs require the reader to be this in order to fully appreciate them.
    • 1348, for example, requires a thorough understanding of Abrahamic culture and mythology. Even the Site Director's name is significant.
    • Or 2280, which is plenty weird but makes more sense if you realize it's a creative reinterpretation of the Egyptian goddess Nut.
  • Viewers Are Goldfish: Comes into play for anyone coming into close proximity with SCP-634. As an added bonus, the SCP just happens to be an actual goldfish.
  • Vigilante Man(-made objects): SCP 1002: Litter and you lose your fingers. Steal and you lose your eyes, tongue, hands, and ears..
  • War Is Hell: SCP 186 to the point that when the one known survivor is asked to take a letter for his comrades wife or girlfriend he jokes he might get a commendation for delivering mail from Hell. The other man wonders if he might be right.
  • Was Once a Man: More than a few examples:
    • SCP-939 is a subspecies of humanity that mutates around the age of 10, up to that point being identical to human children. They start out by removing all their skin and eventually their old head detaches and falls off, whereupon they eat their old skin and head, having become a predator species reliant on cannibalism.
    • SCP-086 seems to be the consciousness of a former Foundation employee reincarnated as his own office supplies.
      Dr. [REDACTED] was given a posthumous commendation for meritorious conduct in either reporting himself as an SCP, or in influencing the anomalous entity emulating his behavior into doing so.
    • Quite a few SCPs are actually former agents who've been compromised. There's even protocols for it, but typically I Cannot Self-Terminate comes up.
    • SCP-811 AKA Aé:
      SCP-811: [with sweeping, demonstrative arm and hand movements] Big man. Tall. Aé small, very smaller than man. [uses hand to indicate a height of approximately one meter off the ground] [points to her own arm] Was like man.
      Dr. Trebuchet: What was like him?
      SCP-811: [pinches some of her skin between two fingers] This! Not like Aé. Like man. Like people. [...] [pointing to the inside of one elbow] Pain stick here. Cold. [...] Pain. [pantomiming something coming out of her mouth] Red. Red red red. Was… very hunger-y. Scared. Ate man. Skin… like this.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: SCP-723-D, a boring Nigh Invulnerable man, managed to survive a scad of excessively lethal tactics, and in the end succumbing to peanut allergies.
  • We Have Reserves: The general treatment of Class D personnel. Especially evident with testing for SCP-504, where it was discovered that recordings worked just as well as people, yet whoever was overseeing the test continued using people, apparently just because he didn't like them (although it's at least noted that he would be reprimanded for it).
    • For every person teleported to the moon with as much as they can carry using SCP-120 (just 37kg/82lb), five were sent to Lagrangian points in the middle of outer space. The Foundation now has a fully functioning moonbase.
  • Weird Moon: SCP-1812, an extra moon that you won't see unless it's pointed out to you. Once that happens, you'll be affected by it, including improved night vision from the reflected light, and drowning in nonexistent tides. The Foundation doesn't even know if the thing's real.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Foundation, putting it lightly.
    • The Foundation considers the Global Occult Coalition to be Well Intentioned Extremists, because by destroying SCP objects they are risking both destroying any chance of gaining knowledge from the objects, eliminating something humanity might really, really need in the future, and, most importantly, if they fail to do the job, there's a very good chance that even relatively harmless SCP might come back angry.
      • And in return, the GOC doesn't care for the SCP Foundation, because even if they're not secretly using SCPs to take over the world using the Chaos Insurgency as a proxy, they're keeping around a huge stockade of objects that do not play well with reality and can destroy entire swaths of Earth on a whim.
      • Indeed, just about all the major organizations of this universe who deal in SCPs think they are doing what needs to be done in this world for the greater good, with the sole exception being Marshall, Carter, and Dark, who are just in it for the money.
    • The Manna Charitable Foundation's stated goal is to relieve poverty in the least developed areas of the world using SCPs. A noble goal, but given that they ignore the side effects they can do harm as much as good. For example, widespread distribution of a high-calorie honey-like substance... that kills anyone not of AB+ blood type.
    • SCP-1892, a "haunted" doctor's chair that just wants to cure its "patients" with 50's-era prescriptions. Unfortunately, it's a psychiatrist's chair, and the 50's had a thing for lobotomies.
  • Wham Line:The SCP Foundation has several of these. Often an entry will lead the reader in a certain direction by deliberately not revealing all of the object's qualities; the Wham Line will then drastically change the tone of the piece. Particularly good ones are for SCP-1025, SCP-804, SCP-089, and SCP-093's associated entries.
    • SCP-089: "For each locution event, SCP-089-A is a healthy, unblemished human infant or child between eight months and six years of age, and SCP-089-B is that child�s natural mother."
    • Andrew Swann's SCP-001 proposal: "And it's a bunch of horror writers."
    • SCP-804: They simply wanted to do it.
    • SCP-093: there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT. it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and layed with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE
    • SCP-1000: "They're smarter - to be precise, they are exactly as smart as us."
    • SCP-2000, being a bit of a Wham SCP, has several, but three in particular stand out:
      "Object Class: Thaumiel"
      "Previous attempts to ameliorate violent and sociopathic tendencies in humanity as a whole have already been implemented and deemed successful."
      "Valid Foundation security credentials for Dr. Alto Clef were discovered nearby, although a genetic match could not be established"
      • —->"Object Class: Thaumiel" by itself is a Wham Line since that object class, while not restricted per se, is something that no-one can mess with and keep their article on the site unless it's very good. Only a handful of such articles exist.
      • —->"Object Class: Apollyon" is an even more rare example.
    • SCP-2317: Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant.
    • Doubling as an Easter Egg, SCP-231-7 has the following hidden line in her description: "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it."
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Canon dictates that the Foundation execute D-Class personnel monthly, but there are many arguments out-of-canon if this is canon or not. Whatever the case, several SCPs and projects have been started with the express purpose of cloning D-Classes or even making fully-grown, fully intelligent humans from scratch.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer:
    • Inverted. If something is lethal, they will at least suggest trying to kill SCP-682 with it.
    • Played straight with everything the Foundation keeps stuffing into 914.
    • They will use SCP-447's slime on everything, as long as it doesn't involve dead bodies.
    • If they find a SCP that converts (The Clockworks) or produces (The Coffee Machine) a lot of things, they will end up testing it on everything.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: SCP-138 and Dr. Bright. Also, implied by SCP-1030's statement about its origin.
    • SCP-1504: He's immortal, wants to die, can't be seen, heard, or felt "properly": no one sees him leave the interview room to "borrow" a guard's gun to shoot himself; yelling and screaming is "reedited" into mild answers; when he punches the researcher interviewing him, the researcher wonders why his nose started bleeding, and in his quest to die tried to murder an entire site's staff, caused a site-wide containment breach that necessitated a nuclear detonation, and no one knows if he's dead or alive.
    • SCP-2039 are a pair of Feuding Families who, when agitated, attack each other with anomalous weapons until one side's elder is dead. The next day everyone revives with no memory of the attack save the two elders, and the one who started it all isn't happy about it:
      SCP-2039-P01 AKA Mabel: Forever! He said forever! I'm gonna keep dying forever!
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: SCP-181, discovered as a D-class who kept surviving experiments with Keter-class anomalies by seemingly impossible good luck. Further experiments confirmed that he could influence probability. Then it was found that his influence could cause [DATA EXPUNGED], so now he's in solitary confinement.
  • A Wizard Did It: Double Subversion. The Foundation researchers do extensive study and keep detailed documentary on SCP objects. Yet, despite they effort to understand the object, they simply just can't explain how can the object work that way for most of time...other than it's anomalous object.
  • Word Salad Horror: Many SCPs are made scarier by the eerie nonsense they spout off, as with SCP-1981 and SCP-058.
  • The World Is Always Doomed: If you take all the SCPs as canon, the world is doomed in over a hundred different ways.
  • World of Silence: World Without Man has the ability to do this. The worst part is that this was the creators' intent.
  • The Worm That Walks / Wandering Jew: SCP-1849. Both tropes are cited in the comments, plus a reference to Franken Fran, which also had a "Wandering-Jew-Made-Of-Vermin" story. There's also this:
    • For the love of all that is holy, nobody let 073 or 076 know about this one...
    • Replace "worm" with "words" and you have SCP-1516, who's also hinted to be a fourth-wall-breaker, what with his talk of the god(s) who wrote him and read him.
  • Worthy Opponent: SCP-1638 is the "memorial" of a sound/music-using anomalous artistnote  to the Foundation researcher who contained his "pieces".
    C█████ M███: She was a worthy adversary, a great rival, and an unmatched partner.
  • Would Hurt a Child: SCP-106, while not exactly picky, is mentioned to preferentially target victims in the 10-25 age range.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy:
    • SCP-2085, the Black Rabbit Company (formerly "Space Wizard and the Commando Cat Girls!"), a group of fun-loving adventurers with cybernetic and genetic enhancements plus all sorts of anomalous tricks. Naturally the Foundation couldn't let them run wild so they're trapped forever.
    From the comments: Pata H: Holy crap this is one of the most depressing articles on the site. The Foundation killed whimsy.
  • X Meets Y: The Fifthist Church is the Church of Happyology (interest in fame and celebrity, use of "self-help" books) meets (in a) Southern revival tent meets Eldritch Abomination (the "self-help" books are instructions for a ritual that almost caused the apocalypse).
  • Yandere: SCP-962 is one FOR THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: SCP-1859 deals with several consequences of this.
  • You Are Number Six: Every humanoid SCP is referred to by their designated number. Most of them don't mind this, or at least demand a nickname. "Vector", in particular, kept demanding to be treated like some Marvel villain. SCP-811 is allowed to be called Aé because it "streamlines the interviewing" and it sounds like her ID number (eight-eleven).
    • However, several SCPs have "official" names, either because they're sort of like pets ("Josie", "Carl", and "Walter"), they are sentient and willing to give their names, (Iris Thompson and Wellington G. Wonderhorse), or simply because it's easier to remember (which is more likely to stick in your memory, SCP-038 or the Everything Tree?)
    • The Overseers, only ever referred to as "O5" and variants.
    • D-Class personnel are only ever addressed by their serial numbers.
  • You Bastard: SCP-1459, a game where you murder adorable dogs for cookies in your own sadistic way! Creative and/or sadistic deaths get more cookies. After playing, you're rewarded with "Yeah, you're totally going to hell for this. Play again?". Brought to you by the Y.W.T.G.T.H.F.T.note 
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form:
    • SCP-031, which appears to each viewer as someone in their past that they had a romantic relationship with.
    • SCP-055, the self-keeping secret. Everything about it is unknown, except that you can't know anything about it. The SCP will erase any memories that pertain to it from the minds of intelligent humans who observe it. Its very image, copied onto photographs or drawings, will also become impossible to remember or describe within seconds of looking at it. Any scientific readings about it will be forgotten immediately after viewing them. There's only one hitch. It will not prevent you from remembering what it is not, provided you can be reminded you ever looked at it at all. Given, well, forever, you could work out what it was by eliminating everything else. It's considered Keter-class (as a general rule, that means "stuff that could end the world" or "682") because it's just that unknown. If it was something so lethal the Eldritch Abominations look like Santa Claus by comparison, nobody would remember!
  • You Can't Fight Fate / Because Destiny Says So: SCP-1271 teleports children from around the world to play a game of kickball. Those players who have been found almost always have a destiny based on their positions; for instance the red team's second baseman/second kicker will die before age 18 and the blue team's second baseman/second kicker becomes head of state or a high-ranking politician. When one man tries to resist his fate of becoming addicted to drugs by age 25 and dying before age 27 everyone around him becomes a drug pusher. This includes his own parents, his teachers, anti-drug program advocates, and the Foundation doctor who was studying him. Unfortunately the doctor succeeded in injecting him, the subject was terminated, and the Foundation discovered that SCP-1271 can create mind-altering brain tumors.
  • You Dirty Rat: SCP-731 is a manhole cover. Rats are involved too. SCP-798 is more lonely but no less weird.
  • You Keep Using That Word: A pair of modern-day Are We Cool Yet? artists try to appeal to an older artist by calling the current government of Germany "fascist". Since the older artist lived through actual fascism he doesn't appreciate the AWCY guys' ignorance/hyperbole and entombs them (and himself) in his "living" collage.
  • Your Mime Makes It Real: One of the entries is a magical mime with this ability.
  • Your Mom: As the unlucky D-Class from orientation found out, the Junior Researcher doesn't like having his mother insulted.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: SCP-008 is The Virus in this scenario (it's luckily been avoided so far).
    • SCP-1372 appears to be the edge of the world... and anyone who goes over it comes back as pirate zombies trying to convince others to go over the edge with them.
    • SCP-610 is a particularly nasty variant of this, mixed with a healthy dose of Body Horror.
    • SCP-093's world suffered another similarly nasty zombie apocalypse, crossed with Instrumentality.
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