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Gaia has Loads and Loads of Characters. Here they are - or at least some of them.

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    Barton Characters 
Agatha: The old lady who runs Barton Jewellers. Old flame of Logan's.
  • Fan Disservice: Her infamous "Sagatha" Halloween costume.
  • Halloween Cosplay: One of the original cosplayers in 2004 as Slimer. Later years brought us the memetic "Sagatha", a blue-skinned Medusa costume with a metal bra and not much else.
    • In 2010 ,she cosplayed as Cleopatra
  • Never Mess with Granny: Not a grandmother yet, but one piece of dialogue from a zOMG! quest involving her suggests that she finds the Animated more of a nuisance than an actual threat, and makes trips to Durem despite them and the barricade (and the rumored greater Animated presence in Durem).
    • There's also her fearlessness in putting her body on display every Halloween...
  • Shopkeeper

Barrett: The assistant to your Aquarium. Currently living with Mirai.
  • Friend to All Living Things: He loves fish.
  • Just Friends: There is a lot of speculation about Barrett and Mirai's relationship. But they probably put the fish before their own relationship.
    • Barrett definitely shows signs of interest in Mirai. And seeing as the two were based on a real-life couple among Gaia staff...
  • Manly Tears: He will shed some when one of your fish dies.

Carl: Apparently runs "Junk In The Trunk," and by "apparently," we mean "he's a perfectly normal elk standing behind the counter of a shop." And by "perfectly normal," we mean completely mundane.

Damian "Ian" Von Helson: Owner of Barton Boutique, a clothing shop specializing in costume items. He's the firstborn son of Vladimir Von Helson, and elder brother of Louie Von Helson.

Leon: Captain of the Barton Regulars. Also runs the Guild Registry.

Mirai: Owner of Phin-Phang, the cash-only aquarium store.

Rina: Owner of Barton Flowershoppe, now revamped into the Buttercup Café.

Rufus: Ian's talking cat. He apparently comes from a "long line of talking cats" and help Ian run the store.

    Aekea Characters 
Bildeau: One of the legal bots living in Aekea. Works in The Faktori, a store for house items.

Bludeau Another bot living in the town. Used to sell floor furnishing in the Factori until it replaced Josie in the Gaian Housing Commission.

Josie: Previous owner of the Housing Commission. Now runs her own store with Global Imports, specializing in exotic and period clothing.

Liam: Runs The Jock Strap, a shop specializing in athletic wear. Builds robots. Occasionally wears reading glasses.

Ribateau: The third of the known Aekean bots. A specialist in wall furnishing in The Faktori.

Sam: Runs Sam's Body & Parts, the automotive shop.

    Durem Characters 
Devin: Helps Natasha run Skin Tyte. Has the hots for Lance.
  • Camp Gay: Ever since he put on that pink shirt.
  • Gentle Giant: Yes, he's tattooed, muscled, and has ping-pong ball horns. But he's harmless.
  • Halloween Cosplay: As an Oni in 2010.
  • Item Crafting: Mixes inks for you if you want an unusual color.
  • Pet Homosexual
  • Shopkeeper
  • Straight Gay: Was this at first, but that was only before we even knew anything about him. Soon after he was revealed gay, they replaced his big muscles and red wife-beater with a lean frame and a pink button down shirt.

Edmund: Runs H&R Wesley, a shop specializing in formal wear. Also a brilliant scientist who used to work for (and occasionally works with) Johnny K. Gambino.

Moira: Runs Durem Depot, a shop specializing in punk and goth fashion.

Natasha: Owner of Skin Tyte, Gaia's piercing and tattoo parlor.

Stein: Owner of Crosstitch, a shop for items designed by Gaians.

Vanessa: Owner of Salon Durem.

Violet: Daughter of Edmund and Vanessa

    Isle de Gambino Characters 
Becky: Manages Prize & Joy, where tickets won in the Gold Mountain casino can be redeemed for prizes.

Johnny K. Gambino: Owner of Isle de Gambino and G-Corp. Father of Gino Gambino.

Gino Gambino: Son (sometimes mistaken for daughter) of Johnny K. Gambino. Has zero talent with women.

Lex: Works at Gold Mountain. Impersonates Elvis occasionally.

Jinx: Works at Gold Mountain as the second dealer you face in Blackjack.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Blackjack cheats. Jinx's is "Fresh Start", which allows her to discard her present hand and draw a new one.
  • Tsundere: Implied in the dating sim scenario of the Lexbox, where she's turning away from Lex with a pout.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

Russell Ace: Works at Gold Mountain as the first dealer you face in Blackjack.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Blackjack cheats. Ace's is "Pocket Ace", which allows him to automatically draw an ace card.
  • Gay Option: In the Lexbox's dating sim stage.
  • Kiss of Life: In the Lexbox's Game Over screen. Lampshaded by Becky as incorrect treatment for a concussion.
  • Take That!: Ace was based on a member of the Gaia staff who was a bit of a Jerkass.

Sasha: Owner of Gambino Outfitters, a shop specializing in beach and summer wear. Has swapped spit with Gino (and possibly his father, due to a Fusion Dance plotline). Also has dated Liam with the full knowledge of Gino and Ian having an interest in her.

Ruby: Owner of Ruby's Rack.

Peyo: Child of Ruby. Helps her run Ruby's Rack.

Meredith: Works at the Bank of Gambino as a teller.

Labtech X: Worked for G-Corp before, during, and after the Zombie Apocalypse (both of them). Was apparently close friends with Labtech 123.

    The Von Helson Clan & Allies 
Vladimir Von Helson: Ex-leader of Gaia's vampires. Father of Ian and Louie Von Helson, along with the twins. Presumed dead.

Anna Corinne Von Helson & Marie Von Helson: Twin daughters of Vladimir Von Helson. Half-siblings of Ian and Louie Von Helson. Anna Corinne wears blue. Marie wears red. That's about the only difference between them.

Louie Von Helson: Son of Vladimir Von Helson, and younger brother of Ian Von Helson. Current leader of Gaia's vampires. May or may not be a Vegetarian Vampire. He is also the shopkeeper of H&R Wesley since Edmund's disappearance.

Zhivago: Vladimir's hired gunman. Apparently now working for Don Kuro.

    Kuro Gang 
The Mafia with dark elves. There's a Stealth Pun here.

Cordell Kuro
  • Action Girl
  • Bifauxnen
  • Cool Big Sis
  • Dhampyr: she is the product of her mother's affair with a vampire
  • The Dragon: Maybe.
  • Hereditary Curse: due to the Kuro Clan's treason, all their members have pitch-black, lifeless skin and extremely sensitive eyes, forcing them to live underground and away from sunlight. However, due to her half-vampire blood, Cordell doesn't suffer from it as much.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: The Kuro Clan was once one of the most powerful elf noble families before they were banished for treason
  • Samus Is a Girl: Or at least, "not a bishie".
  • You Are What You Hate: she often shows disdain for vampires, despite being half-vampire herself

Don Kuro (real name: Luca)

    Holiday Characters & Gods 
Jack: The pumpkin-headed Anthropomorphic Personification of Halloween.

The Easter Bunny: Everyone's favorite lovable lapine as a psycho cyborg/robot/something.

Santa: The kindly old elf himself!

The Overseer: A demi-god of old transformed into a clam. Until Demonbusters, he was found in your aqarium. Took over Gino's body during the Demonbusters event; turned into a mortal human by Jack after the event.

The Sentinel: A demi-goddess of old. Was stuck in a box for 1000 years, where she went mad. Tried to take over the world during the Demonbusters event; made into a mortal human by Jack after the event.

Meili: A god found on Dref Dur that also happens to be a son of Gaia (as in Mother Gaia) and the god that the Overseer and Sentinel seek to try and see if they can gain their powers back through him.

Nyx: Another one of Gaia's sons. He is summoned by Luca to help the Kuro Clan. He is the one who has Don Kuro send assassins to kill Johnny K. and Gino Gambino.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: but his sclerae were dark blue when he was younger.
  • Cain and Abel: with Meili
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: He wears this along with a pair of snug-fitting pants.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: It is unknown if he plans to (or even if he can) kill Gaia and here other sons, but he wreaks havoc in the mortal world by having lesser gods killed off and attacking the city of Durem.

    Cash Shop Item Characters 
  • The Beard: Went to a prom event as Devin's date, even though it was known at the time that Devin doesn't swing that way. This, along with her choice of a tuxedo rather than a dress for the event, fueled speculation that Flynn was a lesbian.
  • Meganekko
  • Put on a Bus: To space, then the Neon Core RIG rolled around and showed that she Took a Level in Badass.
  • Shopkeeper
  • Space Pirate: She's become quite a successful one, as seen in the Neon Core RIG.


Dr. Singh: Hosts weekly Evolving Item reports. Apparently raised Timmy, though not very well.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: She put Timmy in a barrel of G-corp goo and spent several weeks gleefully observing his mutations.
  • Jerkass: "Quit whining about your possibly-infected stab wounds, already!"
  • Karma Houdini: One of the options in a Timmy-related poll was to have him punish her for his mistreatment. People voted to make him an evolving item instead.

Timmy: Dr. Singh's muchly-abused assistant. Used to be a cute kid. Was infected with pure evil once. Then he came down with megapuberty and got a Plot-Relevant Age-Up.

The Orion Siblings: A collection of starpeople, consisting of Saiph (first appearing in the finale for the Fallen Wish EI,) his younger sister Hatsya (from the Lonely Star RIG,) and their older brother and sister Rigel and Mintaka.

Cygnus and Jet: The current shopkeeper of La Victoire
  • Jerkass: Jet, to an extent, though his being an adorable kitten star kind of negates this.
    "Please buy something nice so I can stop looking at such a poorly dressed person."
  • The Voiceless: Cygnus; Jet does all of the talking.

    Promotional Characters 
Here because Gaia is in it for Money, Dear Boy.

Julie: Ran the MTV shop until late 2010.

Jaws: A cute little sharkboy found in the special Venus Garden world. During the Demonbusters storyline, however, he took over for the Overseer in the aquariums while the latter was battling on the frontline. Is currently still there while the Overseer's fate is left uncertain.

Loyal: the newest Gaia shopkeeper as of 2014. Runs Loyal's Bazaar.
  • Ascended Extra: Started out as a character in the Cirque du Gothique and Carnivale de Gothique RI Gs before being given his own shop.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Subverted: we don't see it because he is an invisible man.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Monsieur Loyal is the French name for a circus ringmaster, which he is.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Almost never makes an annoucement without a French stock phrase or two.
  • Meaningful Name: Zig-zagged: he runs a shop for Gaians who loyally log in for 75 days straight, but he is the one who set that criteria and can change it anytime he sees fit.

Murasaki: Runs Mecha Neko, a shop with anime-inspired clothing and gear.

    G Corp Labtechs (Halloween 2k4) 
A number of quirky personalities that were the focus of the plot during October 2004. Considered by many to be the most promising characters in the history of Gaia's storyline; sadly, they appear to have been Killed Off for Real.

013: Tried to escape after finding out some of G Corp's darker secrets, but was laid off by 247 as a security measure.

062: Blackmailed Gambino for a better pension.

101: Not the brightest crayon in the box.

123: See zOMG! characters.

126: Portrayed as relatively intelligent compared to some of his coworkers. Secretly married to 912.
  • Happily Married: Presumably. The only problem seems to be the need to keep it secret in the workplace.

137: Hardworking; eventually surpasses 247 in this trait. Tries to maintain a masculine image. Has a thing for 138.

138: A kleptomaniac, possibly without knowing it. Has a crush on 137.

247: Initially a workaholic whose first priority was loyalty to G Corp, but started breaking down when his memories began to return.

722: Gambling addict who became a human test subject (well, more so than the others) after losing a lot of Johnny K.'s money.

909: Not too much stands out about him. He is often asleep on the job.

912: Works alongside her husband, 126. Said "work" consists mostly of cuddle time.

957: Harbors countless conspiracy theories about G Corp; many of them are proven right as the plot unfolds.

    Grave Danger (Halloween 2k10) Characters 
All Ghosts

Arturo Robusto: The guy from the Lusty Scoundrel collectible as a ghost.
  • Expy: He's your typical man-on-the-romance-novel-cover.


Brainbox: The ghost of a dead robot.

Carrie Loggins The ghost of a dogwalker with a pack of ghostly dogs.
  • Verbal Tic: Think Gollum turned Up to 11: "That's so funnies, isn't it, dawggie-woggies? Why wouldsie we be scaredy of thatsies!?"

Chauncey: The ghost of a boy who appears to be about 5-7 years old. Died when his parents left him in the car on a hot day.

Constance Maplehart: A beekeeper who died when trying to depose the queen bee and take over the hive.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Constance is referred to as "she," but she has a male avatar. Perhaps she's an MTF...?
  • Bee Bee Gun: One of her attacks is to sic bees on you.

Danger Dan:
  • Companion Cube: Turns out the Tallulah he's looking for is a motorcycle he used in stunts. He's very happy to find 'her'.

Dinky: A ghost of... something that spent his life running around mazes.

Edith Drink: Michael's wife and groundskeeper at the cemetery. She died due to one of Omnidrink's products.

Flagrante: A flamboyant musician.

Happy Day: The ghost of a hippie.

Jay Brooks: The pimply teen who used to work at Gaia Theaters before it was removed from the site.

Labtech Rory: The ghost of one of Gambino's labtechs and a coworker of the ones from 2004. Doesn't realize he's dead - in fact, he doesn't even believe in ghosts.

Megan McNulty: A dentist who loves causing other people pain.

Michael J. Drink: Formerly a scientist at Omnidrink, he quit in disgust when he realized how cruel his father was. Now works as the gravedigger.

Michelle Nguyen: An insufferable hipster who carries a guitar "ironically," as she doesn't even play.

Nancy McCoughlan The ghost of "an ace gunfighter with impeccable aim."

Noo is the ghost of a supermodel who, "now that she's off the catwalk, is unleashing her contempt of humanity on everyone."

Old Rusty: A ghost who wanders around in chains dragging a ball. Is really fond of breaking mirrors for some reason.

Pancakes: The ghost of a stack of pancakes.

Professor Kruelty: The ghost of a supervillain.

Queen Riverwisp: "Once a benevolent forest guardian, but now she serves as a twisted instrument to the ghostly cause."

Randy Folsom

Ricky the Dog-Faced Boy

Tia & Tamara: A pair of sadistic children who want to make people play all the games they hated.

Thucydides Ambrosia: delights in insulting other people. Wears a pimp hat, bling, and grill.

William F. Drink: Founder of Omnidrink; pretty much defines Corrupt Corporate Executive, and is responsible for the ghosts appearing.

    z OMG! Characters 
Blaze: Daughter of the pirate queen Marina, generally considered the mascot character for the game.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Mystically-empowered rings, just like everyone else in zOMG!.
  • Knife Nut: Totes a machete. Dialogue from the Barton Guards suggests she does that even when she's not in the jungle, and uses it to harass them.
  • She-Fu
  • Weaksauce Weakness: The reason she's not a pirate? She gets seasick.

Captain Cresento: Owner of Gaia's only airship. Debuted on April Fools' Day of '09 in zOMG!, but has since barged into the main storyline.
  • April Fools' Day: Captain Cresento appeared on April Fools' Day 09 in zOMG!, where he offered to take your character to a new area. The joke was that zOMG! would 'crash' just before the new area loaded.
  • Cool Airship: He owns one.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Dark-skinned and silver-haired.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Cresento agrees to help Don Kuro due to him threatening to kill his mother.
  • Halloween Cosplay: As Eridan Ampora in 2011 and Loki for 2012 .
  • Hereditary Curse: Averted. despite being the 3rd cousin-once-removed of Don Kuro and a member of the Kuro Clan, his distance from them and half-human lineage means the curse has no effect on him.
  • Jerkass: He's got an ego the size of Manhattan Island, easily. When he crashed his airship into the Overseer's makeshift airtubship, one of his remarks was, "I hope you have insurance, Overseer. I think your garbage pile scratched my airship."
  • Nice Hat
  • Our Elves Are Better: Blink and you miss it: when informed that Cresento and Nicolae have been assigned to the same task as he, Zhivago refers to them as a human and an elf. Nicolae's pretty clearly human, so that makes Cresento the elf.
    • Specifically, he's half-elf, half-human
  • Small Name, Big Ego
  • Smug Snake
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The page says 'Crescento', but the doll says 'Cresento'. Which is it?
    • According to Lanzer, "Cresento". Not that people will ever stop being confused.
  • Spock Speak: Cresento speaks this way...well, according to his forum posts in the zOMG! forum.
  • White Hair, Black Heart

Frank: A mysterious yet friendly nerd who initially provided your first rings.

Olivia: Leon's mother.
  • Lethal Chef: Let's just say "don't eat the cookies" and leave it at that. The fact that Leon eats her cooking is a testament to his invulnerability.
  • Never Mess with Granny: She eats and enjoys her own cooking.

    Miscellaneous Characters 
Cindy Donovinh: Anchorwoman for Action 9 News.

Logan: Runs the bait shop by Bass'ken Lake. Was involved with Agatha at some point.

Ron Bruise

Ivan: Represents the Gaian Revenue Service and collects taxes.

Nicolae: Owner of Back Alley Bargains

Brennivin: Owner of Dernier*Cri, who gave up being a wizard for fashion. Is also the presumed owner of the Dark Reflection, as he appeared as the "Mysterious Man" in the RIG's Game Over scenario.

Kanoko: First introduced in the Midsummer Swirl RIG, Kanoko is an exchange student who just has no luck with keeping a job. Is currently employed as the shopkeeper of Rococo, but we'll see how long that lasts.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: The plot of the Dark Reflection kickstarts with her tripping into it, after all.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Like Brennivin, she and Radio Jack were designed for the luxury item shop, but introduced through RIGs. Not a lot of people realize this because of how much earlier Kanoko and Jack were introduced.
  • Halloween Cosplay: For H2K9, she was all dolled up as fellow NPC Hatsya. Something of a Mythology Gag, considering the two characters were both created by the same artist (Ethe). In 2010, she dressed up as Hermione Granger. In 2012, she's dressed as Homura.
  • Lethal Chef: Possibly, but since it's only Rina's cooking that gets tasted out of both their efforts, we can't say for sure.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: Something of a Running Gag with her — so far, she's been an ice cream vendor (fired by Ivan for forgetting to charge tax on her sales,) a star Mascot for a planetarium, and, as mentioned, Brennivin's assistant. It got so bad that she even tried to apply for a place in the Halloween event while she was still employed.

Radio Jack: Also introduced in the Midsummer Swirl, as an "avid proponent of summertime evil". However, that "evil" really only extends to being a snarky little critter. Is speculated to either be owned by (or even created by) Brennivin.

Diedrich: A talkative little grunnie who spoke with Radio Jack. He also owns a sextent and can guide an airship.

Bruce Hardcastle: A sports announcer introduced during the Rejected Olympics of '09. Choked on a potato and died before Halloween; brought back to life during Halloween by Jack, and re-killed afterward when Jack crammed a potato down his throat. Currently roaming around as an angry ghost.
  • Back from the Dead: Twice; The Sentinel brought him back to life after he choked on a potato then Jack re-killed him after the 2k9 Halloween event; now he's come back as a ghost for the 2k10 event.
  • Ghostly Goals: Type B.
  • Jacob Marley Apparel: He's wearing the same thing he wore when he choked on a potato.