Funny / Gaia Online

  • Almost anything Brennivin says, ever:
    Brennivin: In many activity I am well experienced. Not so much the English.
    • During the Halloween Event:
    Brennivin: Father forbid pastille day when I growing up... I say "Trick and treat!" one time and he turn me to silverwares. Like TEN silverwares. It suck.
    • Edmund refuses to give Brennivin more information about a dangerous situation for his own good:
    Edmund: No offense, Brennivin, but the less you know, the better. We're dealing with people who don't like loose ends.
  • "Ladyhands," a huge, buff mechanic with tiny, delicate, feminine hands.
  • Ian:
    Hey, wanna hear a joke? Knock kno-interrupting cow! No, wait, I always screw that one up.
  • A lot of what Sasha says is pretty hilarious, but her attempt at poetry takes the cake.
    I'm taking a poetry class at the JC. Like, check this out:
    They say my hair
    is totally sweet
    but deep down inside
    I just want to make people happy and I totally love world peace and baby ducks.
  • Nearly everything Diedrich says that isn't horrifying, and sometimes even then. Like the mini-comic that kicked off the 2012 Easter Event.
    Diedrich: (after being sent flying by a grenade) I am fine! Did you know Grunnies are very hardy?
    Diedrich: Maybe... maybe it is not possible to die.
  • A large chunk of the Easter Bunny's flashback/dream during the Easter 2k13 manga.
    "Hello, Mr. Bluebird! My self-worth is tied directly to my cuteness! Tra la la!"