Headscratchers / Gaia Online

Gaia Features

  • zOMG. Just, how are you supposed to talk about that to your friends and make it sound normal? Where the hell did they get a name like that? If it's supposed to sound cool, it doesn't.
    • I've heard "ZOMG" being used as an intensified "OMG" by a friend, so... that must be it. Also, I don't think it's supposed to sound normal. At all.
    • We're supposed to make zOMG! sound normal when we talk about it?
    • The name "zOMG!" came from some contest within Gaia to name the MMO. I saw some outright better names for the game, who knows how zOMG stuck its head out to actually win?
      • It works (only slightly, though) if you know that 'OMG' was actually the name of a Monthly Collectible from 2003. Sort of a Call-Back, however tenuous it is.
      • It also works as a Call-Back to the Zombie Apocalypse events we've had, since one interpretation of zOMG is "zombies, OH MY GOD"

Gaia NPC

  • If Sentinel was friends with a pillbug or millipede deity, then why was she so opposed to the Overseer on the worm issue, that ended up getting her sealed away for a thousand years? (And yes, I know the moral of that story was "the worm didn't need to be changed", but still...)
    • Wasn't the argument that they couldn't decide what modifications to give the worm, with the Overseer favoring defense and the Sentinel favoring offense? We see that the insect deity apparently had some sort of powerful attacks, given the huge stack of dead vampires. Why wouldn't she like it?
  • How, in the name of every major and minor deity, has Old Pete not died yet? The dude regularly consumes brass polish and antifreeze, and god-knows what else that's poisonous to the human body.
    • Maybe he IS a minor deity!
  • Diedrich was thought to be one-of-a-kind until the 2012 mock election gave us Friedrich, another grunny that looks quite similar to Diedrich. The differences between them seems to be that the later is slightly more intelligent.
    • So the question here is how exactly did Friedrich came to be? Unlike Diedrich, who appeared to spawn from an urn of ashes, Friedrich is a complete mystery.