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Fridge: Gaia Online
Fridge Brilliance
  • With the recent shop update to Gaia Online, all the NPCs got new art. Ruby's shop art was changed from a southern belle's outfit to what appears to be a fairy's outfit, in accordance to her shop's change from only selling hats to the much wider range of "cute, quirky and quintessentially Gaian styles". I thought "oh, okay, quirky, I get it, I guess." Later, I realized that her fairy's outfit was not a fairy's outfit, but actually represented a goddess's outfit—in other words, her new outfit is based on the goddess Gaia. Brilliant. — Shroopliss
    • Alternately, it could be an angel outfit, in honor of the rumor that characters who failed the Save Our Shops event would be removed from the site and functionally "dead". — Yuihime
  • Back a few years ago, before the Vampire themed Hallowe'en [before we knew it was vampires], Edmund had us collect orchids and garlic. I never quite got the point of the orchids until I read the Flower Motifs page [and it still took a bit]. Much like vampires, orchids are parasitic.
  • Gaian vampires can eat human-style food, they just find it unpleasant. This explains the non-canon storyline where Louie would have been a literal Vegetarian Vampire.
  • The Church of Non-Specific Worship makes sense considering that the number and variety of Physical Gods Gaia apparently has would make organized religion difficult.

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