Halloween Cosplay

Fan-Art is a common and understandable pastime. But drawing a fictional character dressed as another fictional character? This is actually common too. See Cosplay Fan Art.

This is a Sub-Trope where characters (usually from Webcomics) will frequently cosplay for Halloween rather than buying or making generic costumes. The characters commonly appear on a single panel, which usually occurs out of continuity and can happen even if the characters come from a setting without a Halloween holiday. The characters can all cosplay to a single medium and/or cosplay as characters that inspired/influenced their own design.


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    Anime & Manga 


    Live Action TV 

    MMORP Gs 

    Newspaper Comics 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Thunderkitty often wears leopard/cheetah print singlets, unsurprisingly but at New Era Wrestling in October of 2012, her nemesis Cameron Star dressed as Wonder Woman. Since Star was a heel and Thunderkitty was a baby face, the result probably looked backwards to comic book/cartoon fans. A good deal of other wrestlers were in costume too though(Star's partner Damian Cole was some other stars and stripes themed DC character), including some as referees, as if they weren't easily distracted enough.

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • A staple of Homestar Runner Halloween toons.
    Homestar: Hey, Stwong Bad. I weally like youw costume. The Spanish Inquisition? That's gweat!
    Strong Bad: Look, for the last time, I'm not the Spanish Inquisition, I'm not Cab Calloway, and I'm not Strong Bad wearing a yellow turtleneck! I'M CARMEN FREAKING SANDIEGO!!!!
    Marzipan: I like Cab Calloway...


    Web Original 
  • At the Halloween of the Whateley Universe, Team Kimba went as characters from Tenchi Muyo! since Tennyo cannot keep from looking like Ryoko. No one told Phase that Generator made a Sasami costume for him to go in.

    Western Animation