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Web Animation / Dick Figures: The Movie

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Young Blue: What's your name?
Young Red: I know—I mean, I'm Red.
Young Blue: My name's Blue. No matter what happens, I promise, I will always be your friend.
Young Red: I know, cuz I'm AWESOME!
(epic high-five)

The Movie of Dick Figures, and a big damn one at that. It was successfully Kickstarted in July 2012 (raising over $50,000 more than what they asked for), funding 72 minutes of film duration, and was released in September 2013 for purchase on Youtube, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Mondo Media's website. It also hit DVD players and Blu-rays in the USA in December 2013. For those who couldn't afford the purchase, they could watch it for free split into twelve parts on Youtube.

Calling it just a comedy, just an action movie, just a drama, or just a monster movie would be an incorrect description. It's all of them combined. Of course, it stars Vitriolic Best Buds Red and Blue as Pink's birthday comes around. Encouraged by The Power of Love, Blue wants to give her the greatest and most romantic gift, so the Raccoon sends him and Red on a journey to find the Greatest Sword of Destiny. If Red and Blue find the GSOD and bring it back to the Raccoon, he will in return give them the best gift ever. Cue explosions, chicks, car chases, and evil ninja armies. But after something big changes everything, Red and Blue are left questioning their friendship and what powers it contains.


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