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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S12E03: "Lords of the Deep"

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"Y'know, some people see these opening credits in white and gold."
Film watched: Lords Of The Deep (1989)

Tropes pertaining to aforementioned film can be found here.

The Segments:

  • As Jonah works on the movie vault, Crow and Tom give him blueprints of the Moon 13 facility they found, which he hides from the Skeleton Crew.

Segment 1

  • Jonah seems to have found some confidence in The Gauntlet as he unveils the Hand-Dryer Air-Hockey Table and reveals the fatal design flaw in Kinga's Drone Probes.

Segment 2

  • The Bots are curious about the jelly-like creature they found in Jonah's shower, and how it seems able to make him blurt out embarrassing secrets.

Segment 3

  • Crow and Tom get into an argument, while Kinga and Max shoot a commercial.

Segment 4

  • As Jonah and the Bots debate the pros and cons of living in a world of psychic energy, the Mads launch their new daytime talk show. Their first special guest, B-Movie wildlife expert Dr. Donna St. Phibes, brings with her a miniature sea creature.

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