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Three years of mandatory military service will tend to do this to people.

"I want a steamy little Jewish Princess!"
Frank Zappa, with one of the very few SFW lines from his song "Jewish Princess" from Sheik Yerbouti.

Some dig Asians. Some prefer their lovers Latin. And some feel that Everyone Looks Sexier if French. And then there are those who find that when God chooses a people, he pulls out all the hotness stops.

A sort of sub-trope to Everyone Looks Sexier if French, dedicated to the Chosen People. Maybe it's the Woobie factor (they are pretty much the world's Butt Monkeys); maybe it's their sense of humor (everybody knows Jews are funny). Maybe it's the strength of the Badass Israeli or just the sweetness of the Nice Jewish Boy. Or even the allure of sophisticated Jewish culture. The Gentile may end up Converting for Love.

While primarily an American trope this can be seen in other countries with large Jewish populations, such as France. On the other hand, it's an unknown trope in countries with negligible Jewish populations. Though this trope appears relatively new (as in, post-World War II), it can be traced back to the 19th Century where this archetype was known as la belle juive (the beautiful Jewess) in Romantic European literature, and as the name implies it was Always Female and tended to be portrayed either as a tragic heroine or The Vamp. Male examples of this trope were virtually unknown (and tended to be played negatively) until modern times.


Obviously, compare and contrast Race Fetish, Latin Lover (which can overlap if they're Sephardic), Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow, Where da White Women At? and, well, any other ethnic or national tropes. Contrast Shiksa Goddess, and compare and contrast Jewish and Nerdy.


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  • Comedian John Mulaney has a segment where he says while describing his Jewish (now-ex) wife that he’s always preferred to date Jewish girls. He says that they say what they feel and get him to stand up for himself when others treat him poorly as he’s a self-described Extreme Doormat.

    Comic Books 
  • Captain America used to be engaged to a nice girl named Bernie Rosenthal.
  • X-Men:
    • Colossus and Kitty Pryde have had an on-and-off relationship over the years.
    • On the male side of things, Magneto is usually depicted as a Silver Fox Jewish gentleman and has never had any problem attracting women, even ones young enough to be his grandchildren (it helps that he's undergone several de-aging incidents over the years).
    • Depending on the retcon status of her parentage, Wanda Maximoff is Ashkenazi Jewish via her father Magneto, is a gorgeous brunette, and has historically drawn men like no tomorrow - as in, more or less every male Avenger, even a few of the X-Men (though House of M soured them a little bit). Hell, even Jean Grey remarked in the '60s after an encounter with the original Brotherhood that "that witch is much too attractive."
    • Also on the male side of things, Magneto's son (again, retcon dependent), Quicksilver is depicted as a younger version of his Silver Fox father (hair and all) and has been very successful with women.
  • In the half book/half comic Limekiller at Large, the second item on Marty's bucket list is "Make love to a Jewish Woman(Long Story)"
  • The Adventures Of Olivia has one-off character Sylvia is a big-breasted, blonde, glasses-wearing nurse that by hand and mouth alone gets a group of men to provide full semen samples.
  • A rather dark variant in Requiem Vampire Knight with Rebecca being the Jewish love interest of Nazi Protagonist Heinrich / Requiem. She is beautiful enough for a Lesbian Vampire to hit on her and being worthy of becoming a bride of Dracula.
  • Ultimate X-Men: Kitty Pryde dated Bobby Drake, Peter Parker, Kenny Kong, and Jimmy Hudson.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Magneto's Silver Fox attractiveness (partly due to a de-aging incident) is noted in passing by Carol, regarding the fact that one of her teenage peers, Lorna Dane, might be his daughter. Since she's mentioning this to Wanda Maximoff, who's about 45, and already has a teenage half-brother in Pietro a.k.a. Quicksilver, her response is basically Oh, No... Not Again!.
    • Wanda herself is half-Jewish through her father, and despite being 45 (though thanks to a slowed aging process, she looks closer to 30), she immediately draws the eye of Harry Dresden - who she ends up dating. She's also dated Clint Barton and John Constantine (and becoming the mother of Hermione via the latter).

    Films - Live-Action 
  • Inglourious Basterds: Shosanna Dreyfus; French and Jewish. She attracts the attentions of a Nazi and has a black boyfriend who is presumably not Jewish. Actress Mélanie Laurent is herself an authentic French Jew.
  • In the David Mamet film State and Main, Sarah Jessica Parker's character mentions that she loves Jewish men while seducing Philip Seymour Hoffman's character. Tying into the trope title, she comes to believe he's Jewish after finding Matzo in his hotel room, which was just a gift from the director. In fact, he is not Jewish.
  • In Miller's Crossing, two Irish-American gangsters get into a love triangle with a Jewish woman.
  • The Brothers McMullen: Patrick has a rather Anvilicious relationship with a Jewish girl.
  • GoodFellas: Mafia gangsters Tommy and Henry go on a Double Date with two Jewish girls because Tommy wants to have sex with one of them, and she won't go out with an Italian unless she can bring her friend along. We never see Tommy's date again, but sparks fly between Henry and his own date Karen, and they eventually marry. Based on a true story!
  • In the Israeli-American film Every Time We Say Goodbye, David Bradley (played by Tom Hanks) falls for a Sephardic Jewish woman named Sarah. The same happens to David's friend Peter who falls for Sarah's friend Victoria.
  • The Fearless Vampire Killers: Alfred falls instantly in love with the beautiful Jewess Sarah. Ironically, Alfred is played by the very Jewish Roman Polański, while Sarah is played by Texas bombshell Sharon Tate. The couple hooked up in real life.
  • The Illusionist (2006): This is a strong part of the subtext. The protagonist Eisenheim, a.k.a. Eduard Abramovich, is only Ambiguously Jewish (but not very ambiguously), but it's hard to escape the conclusion that the Crown Prince isn't the only reason he and Duchess Sophie von Teschen have to move to America to be together.
  • Leah in A Stranger Among Us. If she weren't Hasidic, she would have trouble keeping track of all her boyfriends. As it is, whoever the matchmaker picks for her is in luck.
  • In Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Mrs. Smith (played by Angelina Jolie and therefore awesomely hot) tells her husband, once she's finally started being honest with him, "I'm Jewish."
  • Exodus : Ari Ben Canaan can win the heart of a girl simply with passionate arguments for Zionism. And it doesn't hurt that he's played by Paul Newman.
  • In Bordello of Blood, Katherine Verdoux gets a serious case of this for Rafe Guttman. What's amazing is that, for such an exploitative, T&A, B-movie schlockfest of a film, there's actually a really interesting subplot going on about the tensions and conflicts of an interconfessional romance.
  • In Meeting Daddy, a proper Southern belle mistakes her best friend's future husband for a Jew (because he's from New York and was raised in Los Angeles) and tells him, "I want to suck your big, circumcised Jewish dick." (He's actually Episcopalian.)
  • Ricardo Cortez, Dark Prince of the Pre-Codes, was born in New York City as Jacob Krantz. (The film studios gave him a Latin Lover stage name in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Rudolph Valentino.)
  • The Hebrew Hammer plays around with this. At one point, Damien's female assistants try to seduce him, gushing about how well-read Jewish men are.
  • Uncut Gems: Arlo is an Armenian man (played by Eric Bogosian) who married into Howard's Jewish family. Arlo's Jewish in-laws make loaded comments about him being a gentile behind his back.
  • The Way We Were is about the star-crossed romance between a conservative WASP (played by Robert Redford) and a Jewish communist (played by Barbra Streisand).

  • In Trainspotting, Spud says his plans for his cut of the money are to settle down with a beautiful Jewish princess.
  • The novel Eighty-Sixed includes the slang for gays with ethnic fetishes: "beanie queens" are those who like Orthodox Jews. note 
  • In Richard III in the 21st Century, the titular time-displaced monarch falls for a beautiful single mom, Sarah Levine. He's shocked to discover she's Jewish and afraid of what this could do to their relationship and/or future children, being a medieval Catholic and all, but he comes around to happily going with the flow.
  • Miriam from The Roman Mysteries can stop men in their tracks and cause accidents by her mere presence.
  • Lawrence Block's spy story The Cancelled Czech, with a girl who has been raised as a devout neo-Nazi ... and has intense sexual fantasies about Jewish men.
  • Discussed in Portnoy's Complaint. As a teen, Alex Portnoy believed that he must pretend to be Christian to attract Christian girls; but he later realized that this is not necessary, because there are plenty of Christian women who are attracted to Jewish men just like him.
    Who knew that the secret to a shikse's heart (and box) was not to pretend to be some hook-nosed variety of goy, as boring and vacuous as her own brother, but to be what one's uncle was, to be what one's father was, to be whatever one was oneself...
  • In The Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce writes that the Shebrew (the female Jew) is an altogether superior creature to the Hebrew.
  • Rebecca in Ivanhoe is a lovely Jewish maiden who falls in love with the main protagonist after taking care of him when he is wounded, but they can't be together because he is a Christian (even though he does express some affection for her) and she refuses to convert for love and abandon her Jewish faith - she would see it as worse than death. Nevertheless, she is still portrayed as a downright saintly figure and making the book rather Fair for Its Day. Unfortunately for her, Rebecca also attracts Bois-Guilbert, a Templar knight who falls madly in love and kidnaps her.
  • This article marshals the evidence that Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, in addition to having a general, nonsexual sympathy to Jewish interests, also frequently used Jewish women as examples of his erotic ideal.
  • Shows up in The Supervillainy Saga. Cindy Wakowski a.k.a Red Riding Hood and Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without Mercy are considered two of the most attractive supervillains in-universe. They are also both Jewish and make frequent references to their faith, rabbis, and hatred of Nazis.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Mad Men seems to love this concept, made especially relevant by showing that Jews are outsiders in the ad men's WASPy social circles. Don Draper's first and second-season mistresses are Jewish, as is his fourth season girlfriend. Roger's young wife is also Jewish. When Draper's firm lobbies for a job with the Israeli tourism bureau, and the executives take particular note of how beautiful Israeli women are.
  • NCIS: Ziva David, the Israeli agent. Ignore the fact that she's portrayed by a Catholic Chilean.
  • Eliot Spencer in Leverage seems to get a mild case of it toward Mikel Dayan, his counterpart in the rival crew in "The Two Live Crew Job."
  • Fran Fine in The Nanny is very, very Jewish, and attracts the attention of dozens of men over the years, including many celebrities and (of course) her boss the Broadway producer Mr. Sheffield.
  • Glee: Puck and Rachel date for no reason other than that they are both Jewish in a very obvious parody of the Token Minority Couple. Rachel also has a Stalker with a Crush in the form of Jacob Ben Israel (yeah, guess what religion he is). Puck and Rachel also separately have a number of romantic partners throughout the series, though Rachel is often said to be uncool and a bad dresser, downplaying it in her case.
  • In an episode of Law & Order: SVU, a serial rapist mentioned he's really, really into Jewish women, to the point of secretly corresponding with some while in his prison's equivalent of the Aryan Brotherhood.
  • Northern Exposure milked the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Maggie O'Connell and the show's Jewish protagonist Joel Fleischmann for several seasons before finally giving them their Slap-Slap-Kiss.
  • In Band of Brothers, Liebgott is noted for being the only Jew in Easy Company (which at first leads to conflict with Guarnere when he takes offense at his scornfully referring to Sobel as "a son of Abraham." They're all friends later, though). He later tells Webster all about his plans for after the war to marry "a nice Jewish girl, with great, big, soft titties and a smile to die for," complete with hilarious gestures.
  • Played for Laughs of course in Childrens Hospital. Doctor Glenn Richie and his rival Rabbi Jewy McJewJew are beyond plain-looking, but catch quite a bit of lust from ladies at the Hosptial. Their Jewishness acts as a massive turn-on, thus Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lisa Cuddy from House. The show's two major Jewish male characters - Wilson and Taub - are respectively a Handsome Lech and a Kavorka Man.
  • Coupling: "The Girl With Two Breasts" is a sexy Israeli.
  • One episode of The Big Bang Theory had Christy (a super-slutty friend of Penny's) becoming delighted at the discovery that her new beau is named "Howard Wolowitz." "My first Jew!" she squeals. (Funny, we weren't aware she was collecting them.)
    Howard: A catholic girl like you wearing a big cross like that might just give my mother the big brain aneurysm I’ve been hoping for.
    Bernadette: Okay, but only if you come to Sunday dinner at my house wearing a yarmulke.
  • Obviously part of the Backstory — and the ongoing situation — of the 1970s Sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie.
  • The first three seasons of Rhoda have Rhoda dating (then marrying, then separating from, then divorcing) the non-Jewish Joe Gerard.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • Larry is married to a young WASP.
    • Larry has a fling with an anti-semitic Muslim woman who enjoys the degradation she feels when having sex with Jews.
  • Lisa from Saved by the Bell was originally written as a Jewish American Princess so Screech's affection for her would have been this. She was rewritten when Lark Voorhees was cast.
  • Elliott in Scrubs has an Imagine Spot where she builds herself the perfect husband and he turns out to be Jewish. She then mentions that her parents wouldn't approve.
  • 7th Heaven, where Matt Camden meets, falls in love with, and secretly marries (all on the first date, no less! Although they hold an "official" marriage later for the sake of the parents) the lovely Sarah Glass. Matt Camden is the eldest child of Reverend Camden, while Sarah Glass is the only child of the extremely doting Rabbi Glass. Oops.
  • In a Suburgatory episode where resident Alpha Blonde Dalia dyes her hair and starts hanging out with a nerdy wannabe-magician named Evan (who she earlier mocked and ignored), it's believed she's just covering up her father re-marrying and her not being included. Then Evan dumps her, a further social disgrace, and she returns to her old hair color and social circle. The end of the episode shows her sneaking off to the garage to study the Torah.
  • It takes a while for him to realize it and then admit it, but Oliver has it bad for Felicity in Arrow. Barry Allen and Ray Palmer have also been smitten with Ms. Smoak, although in the comics Ray is Jewish.
  • In one episode of Robin of Sherwood, Guy of Gisburne is in love with the Jewish Sarah de Talmont, to the point of trying to save her and her family from a pogrom that his boss the Sheriff incited. Not presented positively, as his treatment of her is suffused with Stalker with a Crush and Entitled to Have You in a way that makes the subplot look like an intentional Deconstructive Parody of Lorenzo/Jessica in The Merchant of Venice.
  • St. Elsewhere: Helen Rosenthal has a case of this, admitting that she is "fatally attracted to Jewish men."
  • A French Village: Jean falls in love with Jewish woman Rita, despite being somewhat antisemitic and meeting her when going to arrest her. They begin a relationship and even conceive a child together. However, it falls apart when she learns he let her mother be sent off to Poland. Even so, he helps Rita escape to Switzerland.

  • Frank Zappa's song "Jewish Princess" from Sheik Yerbouti is a bit over the top, but a lot of things he lists in that song, crude though they may be, are definitely sexy.
  • Ninja Sex Party's Danny Sexbang (real name Leigh Daniel Avidan) invokes this trope in some of their songs.
    • Such as "The Decision":
      The choice should be so obvious
      And although he is mysterious
      Don't you want a man
      Who's tall, whose name is Dan
      And he's Jewish
    • Danny's typical attire in a Ninja Sex Party video is a Blue Blazer-inspired leotard with a red Star of David.
  • Rachel Stevens of the band S Club 7 is Jewish. While the rest of them had to audition, she was requested through her modelling agency to come in and record a demo tape. She found out she had been accepted within two weeks while the rest weren't chosen until after six months. In the TV show that came with the music, Rachel was presented as the glamorous beauty of the group. After splitting up with her boyfriend for the second season, she became a Serial Romeo.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible:
    • In the Book of Genesis, Potiphar's wife becomes infatuated with the handsome Hebrew slave Joseph. She then proceeds to subvert the trope when, infuriated at his rejection, she plays the Wounded Gazelle and claims he tried to rape her, using his Hebrew origin to turn the other Egyptians against him.
    • Esther was chosen to be the Great King's Hot Consort and was the Persian Empire's most beautiful woman. At least the King thought so. And some other Jewish people in the Bible are described as beautiful as well.
  • Of Muhammad's thirteen wives, two (Safiyya bint Huyayy and Rayhana bint Zayd) were Jewish. Muhammad married them to manumit them, as both were members of the tribes who were against the early Muslim community and as a result had their freedom stripped away after the Muslims won the war. According to Muhammad's biography, Safiyya was distrusted by some members of the prophet's inner circle because of her Jewish origin, but Muhammad reassured her that if she were to be taunted she was allowed to proclaim herself as a Jew first and his wife second.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Kelly Kelly played with this trope. She's half Jewish and Matt Stryker once referred to her as "the hottest Hebrew". She was Jerry Lawler's favourite Diva and was promoted as the Ms. Fanservice of the women. But then again her being Jewish was hardly common knowledge and they rarely acknowledged it aside from the occasional line on commentary.

  • In Falsettos, almost every character is Jewish or half-Jewish. So between Mendel's attraction to Trina, which is eventually reciprocated, and the passion between Marvin and Whizzer (a rare gay example), there's a lot of love to go around.
  • In Me and My Dick, the hottest girl in school is described as a "cute little Jewish girl".
  • Jewtopia!: One of the main characters of the play wants a Jewish girl so he doesn't have to make another decision in his life. He marries someone posing as a Jew, but she converts at the very end of the play.
  • The Merchant of Venice: Jessica might be the oldest example of this in popular western literature. Jessica is the beautiful daughter of Shylock, and she runs away with Lorenzo, the gentile nobleman in love with her.
  • The Jew of Malta: Barabbas' daughter Abigail in Christopher Marlowe's Elizabethan era play is also a probable Ur-Example.
  • Abies Irish Rose, a play from 1922 about a Jewish man who marries an Irish Catholic girl, and provided inspiration for Bridget Loves Bernie and the comedy of Stiller and Meara.
  • Salome by Oscar Wilde about the daughter of Herod Antipas from the New Testament who was never named in the Gospels, but is known as Salome who seductively danced for the king so he could behead John the Baptist. Because of this play, she is regarded as a sex symbol associated with belly dancing even though this practice is usually associated with Arabic culture.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Rachel, Tommy's first serious girlfriend in All Grown Up!. Tommy himself, while only half-Jewish, attracts more females than the rest of the cast. This includes Kimi.
  • American Dad!:
    • The episode "Bar Mitzvah Shuffle": Etan Cohen, a sophisticated Jewish boy, seduces Steve's girlfriend, Debbie. Being Jewish is part of the charm, and Etan plays it for all it's worth.
    • In "Stan's Food Restaurant", Steve wants to get with a crazy girl who believes her doll is alive. She mentions the doll "likes Hebrews" when Steve arranges a "date" between it and Snot.
  • An episode of The Cleveland Show had a devout Christian girl become obsessed with Jr. because he is an atheist and another boy named Hunter because he is Jewish.
    Hunter: We [Jews] don't believe in Hell.
    Vanessa: Oh, that is even hotter.
  • Danny Phantom: Sam Manson, though not into beauty and barely acknowledged as Jewish, grabs the attention of a hot foreign exchange student in one episode who was actually faking the background to get close to her and eventually gets a Childhood Friend Romance Relationship Upgrade with Danny.
  • Family Guy:
    • The very first Cutaway Gag Family Guy ever did. Meg asks her mother to get lip injections, but Lois tells Meg that "most of the world's problems stem from poor self-image", leading to a gag in which a very skinny Hitler is seen attempting to lift weights only to get jealous when a very buff Jew gets two ladies fawning over him.
    • When Peter finds out Lois was Jewish he is really into it, at least until his Catholic guilt kicks in.
    • Family Guy also has a series of songs parodying the overt racism and homophobia of the Rat Pack, including Frank Sinatra singing a song called "Jewish Nose."
      Sinatra: She's got a big beautiful Jewish nose, and it's there two minutes early wherever she goes.
  • In the Futurama film, The Beast with a Billion Backs, after Schlomo accuses Fry of only being with the polyamorous Colleen because "she likes cavemen from the Stupid Ages", Bolt Rollands calls out this trope by name by saying, "You're only here because she's got matzo fever", after which, Ndulu asks, "What's your excuse, buddy? Moron fever?"
  • In The Simpsons episode with Sam Etic as Mr. Bergstrom, one of the things Lisa lists that make her trust him is his "Semitic good looks."

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