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Insane Troll Logic in anime and manga.

  • Seryuu of Akame ga Kill! is so obsessed with justice and bringing criminals to it, that she believes that any crime is punishable by death and outright thinks the ultimate justice is killing people before they are able to ever commit a crime. After killing a group of bandits and rescuing their prisoner, she kills the woman for helping the bandits, despite her having only done so under threat of her own life.
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  • Osaka from Azumanga Daioh is full of this, but one case stands out in particular: she concludes she has to drown in order to learn how to swim, since drowned people always float (she had not yet figured out how to float). She also concludes that, since snails are not insects, they must in fact be bugs.
  • In Code:Breaker, pretty much everything that comes out of the "Angels'" mouths.
    • Why do the Angels want to kill countless normal people? Because normal people do not know the value of life, which in turn makes them evil.
    • And how are they planning on proving that humans don't care about life? By setting up a voting system where people can chose to either let hardcore violent criminals, for whom they give graphic details of their heinous crimes and who were previously on death row, live or die. Because if they choose die, that means people will kill others for no reason. The fact that most of the people voting assume it's a joke doesn't matter.
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    • They release all of the criminals and tell them that if they can flee they can live, then they call them scum because they are committing crimes so they can escape being killed by them.
  • In Fairy Tail, Happy's answer to questions like "how can you fly?" and "why are you blue?" is "because I'm a cat", even though the exact reason people ask is because they are aware he's a cat and wonder how a cat can fly and be blue. However, even Happy is taken aback by Wally's weird logic: When Millianna captures Happy, she finds out he is a talking cat and surprisedly tells it to Wally. Wally corrects her by saying: "You cannot say that he is a talking cat. The fact that he is able to talk makes him a cat". So according to Wally, all humans are cats.
  • GaoGaiGar has a bit of this in the first episode.
    "The chance of success is pretty close to 0%"
    "Scientific calculations mean nothing! A courageous heart can make anything possible!"
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  • Katsura from Gintama in particular deserves a special mention for believing that Gintoki could hide inside a tin can and writing an exam consisting of problems like "There are 10 Shinsengumi members. Six Anti-Foreigner Faction members run into them. Three Anti-Foreigner Faction members are killed. The Anti-Foreigner Faction members kill two Shinsengumi members but six more join them and two Anti-Foreigner Faction members are injured. How many noses does Jackie have?"
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure: During Part 4, Josuke finds that one of the enemies that had been tormenting him and his group, Yuya, is actually a heavily injured paraplegic whose Stand just has enormous range. When Yuya calls him out on threatening to beat the piss out of a paraplegic man, which would be pure cowardice, Josuke actually halts... and decides to use his own Stand's healing powers to completely heal him in an instant, to the point his spine is perfectly fine and he can walk again. Why? Because then he's not a wounded, weakened man anymore, so kicking his ass was not an act of cowardice now. Yuya only has a few seconds to piece together the logic of this before Crazy Diamond pummels him into a worse state than before and launches him through the hospital window.
    • In Part 7, Dr. Ferdinand claims that the reason dinosaurs died out was because they didn't respect the enviroment.
  • In Episode 1 of Kaitou Joker, Joker pulls this with Hachi by explaining when a "phantom thief" is. He claims that if you let the owner of your mark know you're coming to steal it, it no longer becomes theft but rather a showdown between you and the owner of the mark. What's more is that Hachi follows with this logic and finds it sound.
  • Kill la Kill:
    • When the tennis club tries to punish Mako for missing practice, Ryuko points out that the reason that she didn't make it to practice is because the Absurdly Powerful Student Council was holding Mako hostage to lure her out. The tennis club captain then counters that she still needs to be punished for getting taken hostage without permission (said punishment also involves getting stoned to death with tennis balls.)
    • Mako herself is a master of this, often giving energetic speeches that baffle everyone around her, such as claiming that Ryuko didn't lose the tennis match she didn't even know she was in by claiming that since she rescued her beforehand, she "won at friendship", or telling Ryuko after her initial defeat by Satsuki that she needs to get naked to show off that she has bigger boobs than her. Oddly enough, her conclusion (getting naked) in the above example is right, even if her reasoning is wrong.
  • An episode of Kimba the White Lion has a Prima Donna Director who's filming a nature documentary use this logic as to why he put a captive orangutan in his documentary, even though there are no orangutans in Africa. He says that because he and his workers are in Africa and that there's an orangutan (the captive one) right next to them, there are orangutans in Africa.
  • In the first episode of Minami-ke Chiaki uses her own brand of insane troll logic to convince her sister that her classmate's love note is actually a challenge to a fight. And Chiaki's reason for doing this? "He's popular, there's no way he likes Kana."
    • It doesn't sound so insane until you listen to her translation, wherein "I love your cheerful, energetic personality" gets turned into "Hey, you're really noisy and annoying!" and "meet me in the classroom after school" translates into "Let's fight once there's no one there to hinder us." Whether or not Chiaki was being serious or simply cruel is hard to tell...
    • In later episodes, Chiaki uses a new form of insane troll logic to adopt herself a brother (who just so happens to be a girl) simply because their last names are the same.
    • While Minami-ke is chock full of insane troll logic, Hosaka will always take the cake. Hosaka's brain automatically jumps from "Haruka likes good food" to "I must become the greatest chef ever to impress her." And it only gets worse from there.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Char decided the best way to save the good, green Earth with its beautiful environment from being destroyed would be to throw a whole ton of nukes at it. Along with a giant asteroid.
    • In the original show, Hayato and Kai are so mad that Amuro Ray wasn't executed for desertion that they, wait for it, desert.
  • In chapter 68 of My Monster Secret, Genjirou is worried about his daughter, who is having a school trip on the tropical islands. However, because he is a vampire, he can't just fly over the seas to her. His friend Karen then provided a solution: Turn his house into an even more beautiful tropical paradise so his daughter will come home willingly. Even the resident troll Akane is completely dumbfounded at this idea.
  • Gau from Nabari no Ou's blind trust in Raikou occasionally leads him to make questionable leaps in logic, including his conviction that Kouichi likes glasses so much that he draws them onto his face with magic markers.
  • One of the characters in Oddman 11 has Super Strength that she explains came from being a life-long nudist. Her explanation on how the two are related is utterly nonsensical.
    Nuida: When you feel someone's gaze on your exposed skin, your muscles contract out of nervousness. [...] Having been completely naked since the day I was born, my muscular strength is now far beyond a normal person's.
    • Much of the early plot of Oddman 11 stems from this sort of logic. Upon learning that Itami has dated all nine Oddmen he's not related to, Setsu's friends suggest that maybe she'll earn the right to date him if she defeats all his exes "like in that movie." Despite Itami immediately saying that she doesn't have to fight anybody, not only does Setsu take challenging his exes 100% seriously, the Oddmen take her challenges seriously in turn, spending many chapters fighting one another based on nothing but an offhand movie reference. This hasn't seemed to improve her standing with Itami so far, but it has earned her a yuri harem of the defeated Oddmen.
  • One Piece often has this for comedy but take a look at international laws directed at single individuals the world government pass. If you at one point happened to have had business with, be the child of, or have laid eyes on the wrong person, you might retroactively find yourself sentenced to death as an unrepentant criminal when he turns out to later become a particularly notorious pirate.
    • Many of Oda's explanations for some of the bizarre happenings in One Piece run on this, like the reason that Sanji's Diable Jambe (an attack which involves setting his leg on fire) doesn't burn him is because his heart burns hotter, or the reason that Marines are able to wear their coats like capes without them falling off is because they're held on by justice (and justice will never fall!)
    • The nobles of Goa Kingdom have the Grey Terminal (a city sized landfill of their city's garbage) burned and all its inhabitants killed. They brush off the deaths of everyone there as being "Their fault for being born peasants".
    • A comedic example is Garp, whose idea of turning his pirate-loving grandchildren into strong marines is to have them raised by mountain bandits. The bandits promptly lampshade it.
  • In episode 8A of Sakura Trick, Haruka's father said he doesn't want to see Haruka married to "some worthless guy". Haruka took that line to mean he'd be okay with a girl, because a girl is not "a guy". Lampshaded with a note pointing out her error.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman episode "The Gluttonous Monster Ibukuron": The Humongous Mech of the title was stealing all the sugar it could grab. note  Dr. Nambu's reasoning was, "They're trying to make the children suffer by nabbing the world's sugar." (Subverted in that his secondary theory is "to throw the world into confusion.")
    • The episode became G-Force: Guardians of Space, "The Locustoid", and takes the screwy logic up a further notch. Dr. Brighthead (yes, really) says that Gallactor is trying to win the loyalty of children because, "If your parents couldn't give you sweets, wouldn't you go to someone who could?"
  • Stop Bullying Me: Yuri seems under the impression that being in the school's book club will make people believe he is an honors student.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann revels in this. In episode 2, Littner Village is attacked by a group of Gunmen. Kamina, being the insane badass he is, determines that, despite seeking shelter being a perfectly viable solution, the only way to survive the attack is to charge head-first at the strongest of the Gunmen and carry out a Gundamjack. It works.
    • Episode 3: Gurren and Lagann are facing Viral's Enki and lose. Kamina's logic determines that the reason Viral defeated them is that Enki has 2 faces (one on the torso, and a head). Next day, they try fighting him again, and deciding that they need to have two faces to stand a chance, Kamina picks up Lagann and slams it right down on top of Gurren. Rule of Cool, this trope and general badassery works together, and the two mecha actually combine, even though it shouldn't.
    • Later, when the moon is about to crash down on the Earth, Nia tells Simon that the chance of saving her is almost 0%. Simon's response: "Well, it's only close to 0%, which means it isn't definitely 0%. That means it's as good as 100% to me!"
  • Haguro Dou from Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest is a very scary example of this. Yeah, Haguro — people don't tend to actively go out and seek out people who want to do harm unto them. Soooooooo, why are you?
    • To make this even more twisted in every possible way, his version of Disproportionate Retribution is drenched in this. Some guy doesn't want you to bug him anymore with your psychotic shenanigans — and you believe that he wronged you by "ignoring you"? Well, why not settle this unfair dispute by kidnapping his Morality Chain, then having her chained to a wall and repeatedly gang raped for several hours in front of a camera where you have your object of "obsession" forcefully watch the act proceed as you threaten to release the video to ensure that said Implied Love Interest has her life ruined forever unless he transforms into a werewolf — during a time which he can't do so — just for you?
  • Keima Katsuragi of The World God Only Knows is prone to making huge leaps of logic solely because that's the way things work in Dating Sim games. Despite having little ground for his beliefs and being perceived as somewhat delusional by his peers, he's right more often than not.
  • When baking contest judge Kuroyanagi from Yakitate!! Japan marries a girl and divorces her in the span of a few minutes for the sake of a comedic reaction to eating some bread, he gets called out on it by Kawaichi. Kuroyanagi simply responds that the prefecture the competition is taking place in has the lowest divorce rate in Japan, so more people need to get divorced to raise it closer to the national average. He also counters that compared to the number of times Kawaichi says his Catchphrase in one day, him getting divorced means nothing.
    Kuroyanagi: You only live once, but you can get divorced as many times as you want! Oh how wonderful, divorces!


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