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     Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra 
  • All of The Worst Foursome Ever. In order to have a baby that looks just like the two of them, Azula and Ty Lee ask Zuko to knock Ty Lee up. With Mai, Azula, and Mai and Zuko's baby present. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The first two lines:
    Azula: You're doing it wrong, Zuzu.
    Zuko: I am NOT doing it wrong!
  • Serious Business deals with Korra using the Avatar State to ask Aang about dating advice. Highlights include:
    • Aang's comment about the spirit world being rather boring for the previous Avatars.
    • Tenzin's apparent lack of tact when wooing Pema; apparently, he shouted his love poems to her when she was passing by.
    • "Do you want a cup of tea to go with your senseless violence?" "Yes."
    • Aang's horror when Korra asks how Katara would woo someone like Zuko.
    • The last line. Mentioning it would spoil the punchline.
  • This exchange from Two No More:
    Toph: Oh, stop worrying, Grumpy. We're just going to have some fun. I know that's a difficult concept for you...F-U-N.
    Zuko: Uh, okay, but Mai and I do have fun.
    Toph: I'm talking about outside the bedroom, Grumps.
    Zuko: We do it outside the bedroom. (realizes what he said, clamps a hand over his mouth and blushes)
    Toph: That's too much information.
    Zuko: I, uh, have a meeting to go to. *hurries out of the room*
  • From Chasing The Dragon, while trying to convince Azula to testify at Ozai's trial, she and Zuko engage in sibling bickering.
    Azula: I sometimes wonder; did mother ever have an affair with a flying lemur? Because I have no idea how I have such a half-wit for a brother!
    Zuko: At least I'm not insane.
    Azula: At least I'm not the one asking advice from a crazy person.
    Zuko: At least I have people who care about me.
    Azula: At least I'm not stupid, ugly, AND fat.
    Zuko: I'm not fat. And besides, I look just like you, so who's the stupid one now?
    Azula: Let me ask the voices in my head. Oh my, it's unanimous. First thing they've agreed on all year. You are! You're the stupid one!
    Zuko: You're insane!
    Azula: I know I am but what are you? Oh, that's right. Stupid. Fat. Ugly.
    Zuko: At least people still like me. You may be smart and pretty but you have nobody!
    Azula: Because you stole them all!
    Zuko: So what does that say about you?
    Dr. Du Yi: (loudly and slowly)
    Azula: (blank expression, imitating him) Yes.
    He crossed out unresponsive.
  • One chapter of the fic Like Father, Like Daughter has Azula requesting a Royal Harem for herself from Ozai. Their conversation and Ozai's thoughts on the matter are funny enough, but the last few lines are absolutely hilarious.
    Ozai: want seven, group-willing, submissive men from the Fire Nation, preferably non-benders and of high-class descent?
    Azula: Yes, sounds about right. (Beat) Wait. Did you say men?
    Ozai: Of course...
    Azula: I want women.
    Ozai's brain just about exploded.
    • In a later chapter, Azula and Ozai are imprisoned together sometime after Sozin's Comet, and we get these lines:
    Azula: You're the one who sired me. It's your fault that I'm here.
    Ozai: Well, then apologies for my seed being successful.

    Ozai: Seriously, Azula. We could break out of here. Father and daughter. Phoenix King and Fire Lord.
    Azula: I believe someone melted your chicken helmet for some copper pieces.
    Ozai: Chicken helmet?!
  • The +100 chapter short story collection The Ember Island Lighthouse has several:
    • In chapter 8, Zuko and Iroh talk about Zuko getting together with Mai, and at the very end, Iroh casually says, "You and the waterbender would have made handsome babies, though." It makes Zuko drop his teacup in surprise.
    • At the end of chapter 18, when it's revealed what Zuko was complaining about all chapter: Sokka convinced Iroh to make a giant cup of tea, Iroh fell in, and Zuko jumped in fully robed to save him.
    • Chapter 27 has Zuko thinking about all the girls he has kissed. His descriptions of what it was like with Mai and Toph are detailed and romantic, but he only has one thought about the last girl: 'Katara tasted like fish.'
    • Chapter 48: "Oh, glorious Agni in the sky above forbid I'm not in the exact right spot going into the fourth hour of this rehearsal!"
    • The entirety of Chapter 64, in which Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai tell a round-robin story at their sleepover. Their clashing personalities and storytelling styles are what makes it hilarious.
    • These lines from Chapter 78:
    Young!Azula: Let's play [the game] where we shove Zuko to the ground! But you girls have to pay attention so that you learn properly.
    Young!Ty Lee: (excitedly hopping up and down) YAY I'M GONNA BE SMART!
    Azula and Mai traded glances, but held their tongues.
    Young!Ozai: (after they're spotted) Tactical retreat, Zhao. Tactical retreat. Negative jing at its finest.
  • From Field Of Innocence, a young Lu Ten somehow managed to light Iroh's (metal) tsungi horn on fire by accident. Even he doesn't know how it happened.
  • In Morality Chain, Zuko recounting what happened during the Siege of the North, to Azula's complete confusion.
    Zuko: Uncle didn't betray anyone - he had the Fire Nation's best interests at heart, and now it's all come crashing down for him. This is even worse than exile - he's a fugitive, and he's alone. I mean, I know he told me he'd be fine, but he's old and alone. Uncle was right to protect the koi fish!
    Azula: The...koi fish.
    Zuko: Well, the moon spirit or whatever. The point is that Zhao shouldn't have tried to kill the moon.
    Azula: ...Kill the moon.
    Zuko: Yes! And then the Avatar wouldn't have merged with the ocean and created the giant koi fish and destroyed our navy! And the ocean wouldn't have grabbed Zhao and killed him.
    Azula: ...Zuko.
    Zuko: Yes.
    Azula: Has the Avatar mastered earthbending yet?
    Zuko: Uh, not since the last time I saw him. Why?
    Azula: Because something obviously hit you on the head rather hard, and I'm wondering if it was a boulder.
  • In Blood of the Dragon, Zuko tries to make a Call-Back to the show before teaching Azula the Dancing Dragon.
    Zuko: (grinning, takes Azula's hand) Azula, I need you to dance with me.
  • In The Beacon, when Korra and Asami tell everyone that they are now dating, everyone reacts differently, but "the best reaction by far was Grandma Yin's. When the whole gang gathered at the Sato mansion to welcome the two young women home, she got a little too tipsy on rice wine."
    Grandma Yin: See, Mako, this is what happens when you let go of nice girls like Korra and Asami. They'll just end up dating each other. Not that I'm unfamiliar with love between the ladies, you understand? You should have seen me in my prime. Before I met your grandfather, I had quite the fling with one of the Earth Queen's handmaidens. And what a hand maiden she was! I couldn't walk right for days after a night with her!
    Mako: Grandma Yin!
    Tenzin: (Face Palm)
    • It's a Funny Moment in-story, too: it makes Korra cry laughing.
  • In Reluctant Hero, Fire soldier Shen decides to don Water Tribe clothes in order to infiltrate the North Pole and learn Zuko's whereabouts. The thing is, the crew found female clothes. Which means Shen has to play the pretty girl and use feminine wiles on a waterbender master to manage to see his prince.

     Miraculous Ladybug 
  • So much of Squares, triangles and other shapes, to be expected given part of its summary, "Secret identities make fake dating...complicated.":
    • The story opens with Chat Noir accidentally telling Ladybug that he has a girlfriend after responding to a conversation he had tuned out of. When he realises his mistake and tries to avoid telling Ladybug his girlfriend's name, he asks if she's jealous of her, leading Ladybug to claim she has a boyfriend. He then tries to fix it by offering to tell her if she tells him, which Ladybug unexpectedly agrees to. After counting to three, Chat, scrambling to think of the name of a girl who he knows, likes and could actually fake-date, answers "Marinette," while Ladybug answers "Adrien." Both Ladybug and Chat are appropriately shocked by this, being Marinette and Adrien respectively. In short, both are lying, both know that the other is lying for some reason, but neither knows that the other knows they're lying.
    • Following this conversation, Ladybug runs home and changes back to Marinette just in time for Chat Noir to visit her on the balcony. He explains what's happened and begs her to back up his story if Ladybug happens to ask her. Marinette's grudgingly agrees, "but only because it’s kind of hilarious to see how much you fucked up and I kind of want to see the outcome of this." Early the next morning, Marinette visits Adrien as Ladybug, awkwardly explains her side of the mess she and Chat created and asks him to fake-date her. Adrien, who actually is in love with Ladybug, agrees with absolutely no hesitation. After she leaves:
      Plagg: Good going, Romeo. You’re fake dating two people at once.
      Adrien: I was having a good morning, way to ruin it.
      Plagg: Good? You’re fake dating the girl you want to actually date.
      Adrien: It’s better than nothing.
      Plagg: It’s pathetic.
    • And if this wasn't messed up enough, Ladybug gets photographed on Adrien's windowsill, revealing their "relationship" on the Ladyblog. And, just a day later, the same happens to Marinette and Chat Noir.
  • In ''Adrien's Last Resort: Clothes of Revenge, Adrien finds a new way to get back at his father for his overbearing parenting ways: put on incredibly tacky clothes.
    “Adrien go change! Are you trying to kill your father?!”
  • Moments from Fox Rain:
    • The fact the author made Lila from Rome just to have an excuse to have her talk in Rome's incredibly vulgar dialect. He always does so.
    • Lila's train of thought when she stumbles on four delinquents trying to shake up Master Fu and his Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist-like clothes:
      She was pretty sure it was no good reason to assault anyone, even in Paris, so… *drives off the thugs by pretending Ladybug is about to maul them*
    • Lila's reaction to Trixx:
      Surprised, the Italian girl stared at the newcomer before reaching the obvious conclusion.
      “I thought I had outgrown imaginary friends.” she stated.
      Trixx decided the best way to prove he was real was to smack her on the head.
    • Lila's ridiculous series of misunderstandings about why Ladybug did certain things.
    • Lila explaining to Ladybug why she believes Gabriel is Papillon... And completely missing the superhero repeating she already reached the same conclusion due the Miraculous Book as she's too busy monologuing.
    • The contrast between Lila's surprise and shock at Rose Bride's attack and how easily Ladybug took her down and everyone acting as if it was normal. Because it was.
    • The Collector attacking the Italian Embassy... And shouting “THIS IS RIDICULOUS! UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!” at the embassy guards' firepower-far higher than he had expected (he expected the Italians to have tight security, but they had gone overboard). And that was before the flamethrower-that caught Ladybug by surprise.
      • The fact the weapons are actual Italian Army issue. Including the flamethrower.
    • Vorpika (Lila's name as a superhero) trolling Gabriel.
    • Vorpika paraphrasing an Italian movie quote to insult the main villain, calling him "Papillon der grillo coi fiori’n mano" (meaning "Papillon of the cricket with flowers in his hands") wouldn't seem it, even if everyone who recognizes it starts laughing. But if one can complete the quote (that the author refuses to do because it's really vulgar) they know she just declared Papillon has a small dick... In front of him.
      • Gabriel's reaction when he finds out what Vorpika called him.
        Hearing the shout, Adrien decided that maybe he wouldn’t ask Lila about the “grillo” thing.
    • Vorpika's costume has an actual fluffy tail, that Ladybug can't help but fix because she really wanted a pet fox as a child. Vorpika promptly accuses her of checking her butt.
    • Marinette having trouble believing that Chloe would try and prevent Lila getting Akumatized again... And then finding everything back in place when she returns acting as a jerk.
    • Turns out that Prince Ali is an old friend of Lila... But Rose is convinced they're secret lovers. Also, he realized she's Vorpika from one of her illusions being a half-Klingon half-duck monster. He also thought she had arrived in Paris already a hero and got herself Akumatized to cover for it.
    • The contrast between Natalie's rant as she finds out Papillon has been "outed" by Lila as a pedophile and Gabriel only caring because now he has to set a few Akuma villains on her to keep character.
    • The Akuma villains Gabriel sends out in the next chapter. The Florist, who hates Rose for "misusing a flower's name" is not the most ridiculous one (to be fair, it includes Mr. Pigeon...).
  • les aventures de ladybird et chat noire features Lila as the holder of the Ladybug Miraculous and Marinette as the holder of the Black Cat... And Hilarity Ensues:
    • Lila's reaction to first meeting Tikki:
      “Okay, I’ve seen enough mahoushoujo to know where this is going.”
    • When she gets the ring, Marinette freaks out as in canon... But this time she's dealing with Plagg. Who objects at being called a "bug-mouse".
    • Marinette screws up with the extensible staff too, and gets tied up to Lila. What does Lila do? She flirts with her.
  • Pretty much anything written by quicksilversquared:
    • Sleepy Supervillainry (written before Hawk Moth's identity was revealed as Gabriel) features our supervillain getting so low on sleep he accidentally Akumatizes someone angry at him.
    • Headcan(n)on has Hawk Moth on his job while Nooroo was in a hornery mood and Akumatize a fanwriter who was sad because her ideas had been called implausible... And couldn't spell headcanon properly. Hilarity Ensues.
      A kilometer away, the latest akuma was enveloped in a cloud of billowing purple smoke. When it cleared, it revealed what was arguably the strangest akuma that Paris had seen to date.
      Because while the body was relatively normal- a simple black fitted suit, with a gloved hand clutching the notebook- the head was not.
      In place of a head was a stereotypical cannon, like what might be seen in a pirate movie, complete with fizzling fuse. Headcannon was written in elegant silver script along the side. She stumbled as she stood, slightly unbalanced by the weight where her head had been.
    • How to Fake a Marriage (started before Hawk Moth was revealed as Gabriel) is a post-series fic where Adrien, trying to get out of his father's control, goes to London to study while under a set of rules that forbid him, among other things, to date... And upon finding Marinette there he decides to set up a fake wedding with her. Good thing Natalie is on their side...
      • The sequel, How to Announce a Pregnancy, has the now married Adrien and Marinette discover she's four months pregnant but now showing it due Marinette's powerful superhero abdominal muscles pushing the baby back, and announcing it to friends and family... But having to deal with Gabriel's antics preventing them from meeting him and telling him, to the point people start thinking he'll find out only after the birth. He does, and immediately thinks is a prank like the fake marriage.
      • How it happens that he finds out late: they had finally secured a dinner with him when Marinette suddenly went into labor, and when they tried to go to tell him and then go to the hospital traffic got them at Gabriel's house so late that Adrien just shouted they had to go to the hospital.
      • Natalie asking Alix for a copy of the pictures she took of Gabriel finding out.
    • In Fashion Disaster, a paper runs a piece about how bad the Akuma villains' outfits are... And when Hawk Moth gets offended, everyone in Paris gets on it.
      A week later, fliers showed up around the city announcing a fund to send Hawkmoth to take a few design classes at the local university.

     My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 

  • Certain Advantages has Princess Celestia and Princess Luna entering the Sisterhooves Social obstacle race and... Hilarity Ensues. Every damn line. Highlights include:
    • Celestia "sealing" her magic to be fair to the other racers.
    • Everyone learning the proper meaning of "bunghole." It's a part of a barrel, like the one Celestia is stuck in for most of the story.
    • "Meanwhile, back at the fjord, things had taken a turn for the theological."
    • The crew of Diamond Dogs the Royal Sisters keep tormenting by accident. Only not really.
    • Twilight crying and teleporting all over the place.
    • Rainbow Dash failing to understand the meaning of "sardonic."
    • "...and Scootaloo."
    • Rainbow Dash being so stunned by the Sisters' performance that that she distorts space and time until she and everything around her are frozen in place.
    Spike: Whoa, that's freaky.
    • Granny's Smith's team of masseuses.
    • The "little favor" Celestia asks of the pie chef.
    • “Oh dear,” she said, “I seem to have some difficulty with my bunghole.”
    • Pretty much every time bunghole is used in a sentence.
  • What Rarity Needs has Pinkie Pie learning to express disappointment.
    Pinkie: Oh no. That's bad. How do we express disappointment? I know, a party! No! Bad Pinkie Pie! Parties are only for good things. This is a Bad Thing. How do ponies express bad things? I know! Cursing!
    Rarity: Darling, wha-?
    Rarity: Pinkie Pie, dear, don't be vulgar! ...Especially when you're so bad at it...
  • Changeling:
    • Celestia matter-of-factly explaining that everyone except her, Luna, Twilight Sparkle, and two others are actually changelings.
    • The fact none of the changeling hives know about the others, leading to a flock of wolves all desperately pretending to be sheep.
    • Cadence and Shining Armor don't know each other is a changeling.
    • The reveal of who the other two true unicorns are that Twilight will have to have foals with, Trixie and Prince Blueblood.
  • When moving into his new home in Retired to Equestria, former Evil Overlord Damien opens the door to find a surprise party waiting for him, despite the fact he has both of the only keys for the house that was locked until he got there. And he only bought the house half an hour prior. Eventually he decides to chalk it up to Pinkie Pie lest he be driven mad.

    The Loud House 
  • Denial: Not Just A River in Royal Woods features Ronnie Anne and Lincoln imitating their respective older siblings being overly sappy.
  • While Pride in Her Chest is mostly a sweet piece about Lori being a Cool Big Sis and helping Lynn feel better about her flat chest, it does have an amusing moment of Luna being very annoyed with Lori mentioning that the rocker hasn't needed a new bra since she was 12, to both of her sisters' clear amusement.
    • And before that, Lynn mentions a classmate who has breasts the size of Lori's and the text informs us that if Lori had been drinking, a Spit Take would have ensued.



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