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  • Return to Oz:
    • Tamara's stunned and horrified reactions.
    • The Tempting Fate at the beginning, with her saying it'd be fun and cheerily eating popcorn, Smash Cut to her holding both the bowl and a newly-acquired bottle of bourbon in terror.
    • She calls the movie "a horrifying mix of The Twilight Zone and The Waltons".
    • While she's talking about Dorothy seeming to age in reverse, she gets distracted by Fairuza Balk's amazing hair.
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    • While she's terrified of Mrs Wilson, she has to keep pointing out that her black dress is amazing.
    • She loves Belina the chicken, saying she's better than all the other famous chickens, but then she realizes she can't think of any.
    • Her description of the Wheelers: "they're like loud flamboyant Slender Mans on rollerskates!"
    • Admitting her mom didn't even let her watch Rugrats as a kid, so this movie would have scared her to death.
    • At the end, she says she can't imagine watching this as a kid, and then has a Eureka Moment of that being the reason why Doug and Rob are so messed up.
  • Jurassic Park:
    • Her adorably bad Perverse Sexual Lust-tinged impression of Jeff Goldblum.
    • The Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick as to why she loves Hammond, complete with Twitchy Eye when she says he shows how much an old white man can get away with.
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    • Drinking her alcohol in embarrassment after admitting she's never seen the original movie, and has only watched the third.
    • Her first response to the movie (other than it was awesome) was to be pleased she finally got the Alan joke from the Critic review.
    • Telling the snarky random kid to zip it because "a six foot turkey would be terrifying".
    • Her cat Ike keeps wandering in, much to her irritation, and she tells him at one point she'll destroy him.
    • Going on a tangent about staying in the tree, ending it with "me and the tree are dating".
    • Her impression of a vegan dinosaur, it's like a Valley Girl yuppie mom with a few dino screeches.
    • She's confused about how a mosquito could eat through a dinosaur's skin, and says that a mosquito could eat her skin, "because it's soft". The facial expression makes it funnier.
  • The Secret of NIMH:
    • She opens the review like most reviews, but then discovers some hair is out of place.
      Tamara: [starting again] Hi I'm Tamara Chambers and I fixed my hair!
    • Her cat Wendy comes in because according to human-mommy, "she's jealous, she wants to be the new star".
    • She loves Timmy, and promises to flip the fuck out if he dies. She doesn't know what she'll flip, but she'll flip something. Then she flips some string cheese.
    • Ike comes in again, and she's like "see what the internet can do? We're best friends and I won't push you out of frame at all" while stroking him.
    • Admitting that her best friend in sixth grade was a pet rat called Yoghurt.
  • The Goonies:
    • Hair flipping (with explosion noises) after she did a Product Placement and fat joke all in one.
    • In said fat joke, one of the crisps she's eating gets stuck on her lipgloss.
    • Her Nice Girl reaction to the other kids leaving Chunk for the bad guys to discover.
      Tamara: That's not kind!
  • The Dark Crystal:
    • One of her cats starts walking across the windowsill, looks skittish and then runs off, while Tamara doesn't notice.
    • Apologizing to her dad for swearing so much, then shouting about how fucking awkward Jen is, and then saying sorry to her dad again.
    • Wanting to show how disgusting the skeksis eat, she dips her whole face and side-bangs into a bowl of water.
    • The fact that she can only get Ike over (when she's imitating singing to get animals to help) is by tempting him with string cheese.
    • When the film says Jen's pipe didn't give him comfort, she assumes it's the wrong kind of pipe.
  • The Fifth Element:
    • Her great thirst for both Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis.
    • She asks Taylor Swift to dye her hair orange and dress up like Leeloo in a video. Granted, she's done similar in "Bad Blood", but the true Leeloo reference was in the form of another artist in a cameo.
    • It says in her notes to do the "brushing money" meme, but all she has is a one dollar bill and some pennies that scares her cat when she throws them on the floor.
    • All the takes with her in the beard.
      Tamara: I'll make it funny.
    • Because they were both eating chicken at the same time, she feels a kindred spirit with Leeloo, and now they're best friends… or dating.
    • "I guess Klingon is made up too… no it's not it's real goddamnit."
    • At the end, she puts the Gandalf beard on her kitty, who almost instantly paws it off.
  • The Fly:
    • Like her first episode with Return to Oz, she thinks The Fly won't be as bad and is proven horribly wrong. She then brings up a load of comments and angrily asks why they wanted her to watch it.
    • Then she brings up a comment like "don't focus on her boobs or that she hasn't seen the film, focus on the cats" and makes a scrunched up Damned by Faint Praise face.
    • There's an unintentional Running Gag of car alarms going off, and instead of getting irritated or editing the video, she puts a graphic of a car going across the screen for the duration of the alarm, and once, when it stops and immediately comes back on, the car backs up onto the screen again after having just left. After a few of these, she goes offscreen and comes back with a knife, having "dealt" with them, and later realizes it's not the best idea to have a knife on her sofa.
    • When Tamara is weirded out by the boss turning up in Veronica's shower, Doug randomly appears as a voice cameo in her shower, and when she's disturbed, he says it was either her shower or Malcolm's. What makes it better is she complains he's so predictable and why is she even surprised.
    • She spoof aesops that you shouldn't flirt with pretty girls cos they'll ruin your life. Cue Hair Flip.
    • Developing a crush on Geena Davis and volunteering to be her girlfriend.
  • Back to the Future:
    • At the start, she apologizes for her hair, saying is it dreadlocks or did she run out of conditioner, it's a mystery.
    • Obviously she loves the film, saying it blew her out of the way, and then she does her sotto aside comment thing and goes "pretty sure that's not the saying Tamara".
    • When calling out the "fake geek girlers", she sarcasms that she didn't have a childhood before saying hi to her parents.
    • When Marty trashes everything, she admits she has a big fear of getting into trouble, and if she were Marty she would have just cried and left.
    • Her immediate reaction to Biff: "Biff can jump off a cliff."
    • Her attraction to Marty immediately dying when he kisses his mom.
  • Back to the Future Part III
    • Her mourning the first attempt at the review because her mike was off. And then back to happy.
    • Asking Ike if he would lie on her grave if she died.
      Tamara: I'll take that silence as a yes.
    • Her "love counter" malfunctioning.
    • Talking about how she doesn't give a toss about fake geek accusations in the comments, but she'd gone to a BTTF panel recently and genuinely felt bad.
    • She has Star Wars shot glasses.
    • When she summarizes Doc Brown getting chased by a bear, she deadpans "that's the first time I've ever had to say that sentence".
    • The Imagine Spot with old Tamara (plus beard) finishing The Land Before Time (and yes she has seen all the movies) and then deciding to watch anime.
  • Young Frankenstein:
    • She starts off the review with really bright blue lipstick, and decides a couple minutes in that it's too much and wipes it off with her notes. Then she has trouble reading them because of the lipstick smears. Also after she takes her lipstick off, she randomly vogues as the screen changes color.
    • The "Hilarious" counter, which goes off at least twice a minute, to show exactly how funny she thought the movie was.
    • She wonders if she has a lever in her bookshelf and can only find a book of bisexual erotica which she's embarrassed about, but takes away for reading later.
    • She decides she wants a night gown, but the closet thing she has is a Fallout onesie.
    • The monster's reaction to being called handsome is her reaction to being called pretty; a wary groan.
  • Blazing Saddles:
    • Starting off her review bemoaning that she only managed to get one good eyebrow.
    • Admitting that she's seen far more of The Land Before Time than she cares to admit.
    • Reassuring that she won't bring the "hilarious" counter back from the last review.
    • Loving the fact that white people were being made fun of in the seventies, because she thought that was (rightfully) only happening now.
    • She wants to remake the early pillaging scene with all the Channel Awesome people.
    • When she says that she's really bad at retaining names, balls appear on the screen and she goes "ooh pretty colors!"
  • The Evil Dead (1981):
    • Her PSA to "not bury your friends" because they'll just come back as demons and you're wasting time.
    • She wants a cottage in Colarado and a private jet to take her to Chicago for work. "That's not too much to ask for right?"
    • Destroying her wall via pen stabs over the tree-rape scene (complete with scrawl of "I HATE TREE RAPE") and subsequently revealing that she's moving and her building is going to be destroyed, so she was allowed to vandalize any way she wanted.
    • Like an earlier episode, Wendy sneaks around and Tamara doesn't notice. Then there's a cut and she's gone.
    • Mocking the bad acting of the female cast members, pointing out how they just grab their hair and scream when they're meant to be scared.
  • Evil Dead 2:
    • When she mentions the moose head in the film, the moose head behind her randomly moves.
    • She rants about replacing the chainsaw with a gun, and asks the mounted moose head if that makes sense.
    • Trying to do the Hair Flip, but because her hair is in plaits, she calls it "hair clumps" instead.
  • Army of Darkness:
    • Her new slogan is "I'm Tamara Chambers and I feel nothing".
    • Awesome too, but doing a Hair Flip when the working chainsaw suddenly slots onto her hand.
  • The Exorcist:
    • Her passive aggressive (but very true, as people with chronic illness attested to in comments) snark at doctors of course knowing everything.
    • Malcolm's cameo at the end of the review, with Tamara asking him to do hair flips, say love a lot and bring at least two cats. He also says she better repay the favor by giving him good behind the scenes footage.
  • The Blair Witch Project:
    • Malcolm doing what he promised in the last episode and trying to do hair flips with Tamara.
    • Tamara imitating the original's poster, but instead of being scared she just didn't find it all that great. And then Malcolm does the same thing with the reboot, going into hysterics about how confusing it is.
  • Jaws:
    • Stating that her way of flirting consists of no physical activity or sport at all.
    • Not being able to relate to the wild teen party at the beginning, as she was a theater nerd.
  • Gremlins:
    • After hearing the rules for the gremlins, she impersonates a rich housewife who demands the blinds be closed or she'll wrinkle.
    • She wants a pet rat called Cheryl.
  • Die Hard:
    • She wonders what Jesus's middle name is, and one of her examples for what it might be is "Hoover".
    • She has an "oh no" counter because the film stresses her out so much.
  • In Home Alone, Tamara and Jim doing a joint Hair Flip. (Christmas hat flip in Jim's case.)
  • Pulp Fiction
    • She's so grossed out by the pawn shop scene that she literally purrs in disgust.
    • Talking about her giant crush on Uma Thurman.
  • Saving Private Ryan:
    • After a long series of bleeped out "fuck"s, she apologizes to Walter for having to edit it.
    • When Tom Hanks gets shot, she lets off a series of "no"s, including a super flompy childish one.
  • The Meteor Man:
    • Walter keeps calling because he wants the girls to enjoy the film as much as he did.
    • Tamara's ringtone is the "meow meow" theme.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
    • Being sick, she swaps the opening line. "Hi I'm Tamara's Never Seen and this is Tamara Chambers".
    • After a bad cough, she says how she regrets putting on make-up to try and look pretty.
    • Admitting she had a crush on Matthew Broderick when he was Inspector Gadget.
    • She starts out pulling pens out of her hair, and then flomps, saying no physical skits because she's too sick.
    • She makes a Key and Peele reference, and then goes on a sarcastic rant about anyone who didn't get it, mocking people offended that she hasn't seen some movies.
  • In Groundhog Day, asking Ike what he thought of the movie and having a conversation with him. Remember that Ike is her cat.
  • Her representation of the Gratuitous Russian in John Wick is repeating the word "Russian" over and over.
  • Big Trouble in Little China:
    • Tamara asks Doug if he wanna see that movie. Doug’s response?:
      Doug: OH, MY GOD! YOU’VE NEVER SE- Me too.
    • Tamara tells Doug they have to do a Hair Flip, and seeing as how he has far less hair than her, he does a beard flip instead.
  • In Beetlejuice, when praising Danny Elfman, her reference picture is Doug-Elfman in the Alice in Wonderland (2010) review.
  • On Heathers:
    • "Okay...[laughs] why didn't any of you guys tell me this movie is about killing people?"
    • Tamara wants to spend her last days on Earth with a bunch of dogs and cats because they don't care that she hasn't seen popular movies.
      Tamara: [shows a picture of a chihuahua with a wry smile] Except for Gerald. Gerald's a dick.
  • In The Fugitive, when Harrison Ford is in the sewer, she references Tim Curry in IT and immediately self deprecates.
  • In the one-year anniversary video, she steals and wears Hyper Fangirl's shirt. Hyper appears in the end, in the shower, angrily looking for it.
  • In the prediction tweets for Starship Troopers, someone predicted Tamara wouldn't be surprised the actors weren't informed they were appearing in a satire. She admitted a lot of the actors took their roles super seriously despite the goofy tone of the movie...before realizing how back-handed that sounded and immediately backtracked.
  • When Doug joins her for watching Legend (1985), they both wear unicorn horns. Doug looks very unamused in the thumbnail. He later points out their unicorn horns look more real than the ones in the actual movie.
    • They both have the same summation of the film.
      Tamara: That was so boring!
      Doug: Christ, that was boring!
    • Doug does however compliment how natural Tim Curry looked in spite of the heavy make-up.
      Doug (as Tim Curry): I just walk around like this every day! It's just my Friday thing!
      Tamara (laughing): Typical Tuesday night for Tim Curry.
    • Tamara's obsession with Tom Cruise's DERP face the whole film. And also the fact he's wearing a tunic with no pants.
      Doug: Maybe they wanted him to wear pants and he was like "No! I refuse!"
  • After they watch The Human Centipede, Tamara announces NoVember. Doug perkily asks if she's watched The Cat in the Hat and she fixes him with a Death Glare.
  • Doug and Tamara's initial reaction to Highlander is Stunned Silence and having no idea what it was even really about.


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