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  • In the The Goonies episode, Tamara opening it up with addressing the people insulting her for not seeing a lot of movies, or calling her faking it, and (nicely!) calling them out on the Opinion Myopia, saying she just grew up on different movies than they did. She points it out again in Back to the Future, adding that there'd be no reason for her to lie and there's more than enough comments thanking her for letting them admit they haven't watched these movies either.
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  • Even while she does it jokily through her kitty, Tamara ending her review with The Dark Crystal with calling out the body shaming comments she's been getting.
  • In The Fifth Element, while Tamara fancies Leeloo, getting angry at men who creep on her. Also her rant about Dude, She's Like in a Coma, saying the only time when it's only okay is in Sleeping Beauty, and it wasn't when it happened in the original Ghostbusters or this movie.
  • Tamara's video on (non-threatening) hate comments she gets, especially when she snarks on guys who only compare her and Rachel on looks and not funny/acting ability.
  • As much as she adores Back to the Future, Tamara still brings up the sexist themes, along with the attempted rape scene, and acknowledges it was in the fifties but that's not something she enjoys watching.
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  • In The Fly (1986), Tamara pointing out that telling people to stop wanting to fuck her and focus on the cats isn't the compliment men think it is.
  • In Blazing Saddles, knowing exactly the kind of comments she'll get, Tamara states that her enjoyment of the film is due to the racism being a satire, and you shouldn't say these things in real life. Also, towards the end, she reminds everyone that Black Lives Matter and don't culturally appropriate for Halloween.
  • In Tamara's Back to the Future Part II review, she's randomly wearing a turtleneck (because she got gross comments about cleavage), but in the middle, herself from eight minutes into the future comes in and tells her to not listen to little boys who try and police her body. Also the cool editing job, as there are two Tamaras and it looks seamless.
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  • In her The Evil Dead (1981) review, Tamara getting genuinely angry because of the tree rape scene, even punching the wall (which is getting demolished when she moves out so it's fine) in rage.
  • In Evil Dead 2, Tamara calling out douche comments that didn't like the fact that she brought up tree rape as negative thing, telling them that it's a reaction show and she's not going to gloss over such a notable/awful scene.
  • In Tamara's review of Army of Darkness, an actually working prop chainsaw that Jim made slots itself onto her hand. Cue sassy Hair Flip.
  • When comments for The Terminator whined about her not seeing it, Tamara's response was to glory in their First World Problems.
  • Post-election 2016, Tamara said she was turning from ally to activist, and she meant it, showing plenty of pictures of protests she's at on social media.
  • Tamara's maniacally sarcastic version of a make-up editorial, where she rips into the shit she and other women have to do to be "presentable" on the internet, and how much work it takes to look "natural".
  • Tamara's trolling the fake geek girlers in creating a series called "Tamara Has Seen" where she sincerely describes a plot of one movie acting like it's another movie (for example, the first is describing Beauty and the Beast while acting like it's The Phantom Menace.)
  • It's brief, but Tamara talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder in Gremlins counts, saying feeling more depressed and suicidal around winter is a real thing.
  • Tamara winning a Best Actress award for the short film she was in, "Think Twice".
  • She doesn't dwell on it, but in her video "Movies I've Actually Seen", Tamara mentions that she didn't grow up watching every movie because she was writing musicals.
  • The fact that GraphicStock, the largest company for stock images, reached out to Tamara for a promotion. Even she's a little stunned that she has that many viewers.
  • It's admirable enough that Tamara made her Never Seen video for Ferris Bueller's Day Off despite being very sick, but she also throws in another Take That! towards her detractors by pretending to mock viewers who hadn't seen the Key & Peele sketch parodying the film using the same comments usually directed towards her.
    • Also expressing anger that Ferris's sister was hauled to the police station because of the phone call about the principal intruding.
    Tamara: Believe women!
  • Tamara's video about calling Congress, as she gets nervous about phone calls and wants to help others.
  • In the Oscar Nomination Tamara's Just Saw, when talking about Hidden Figures, Tamara calling out how she and her friend are gay women and should have been told before that women sent people into space.
  • In a video of movies she still needs to see, Tamara sass-sarcasming a comment saying at least she looks metal instead of emo. "Oh I'm so glad I wasn't upsetting you with my own self!"
  • In Heathers, sarcasming that only gay people (she's pan) drink sparkling mineral water, and then drinking it while staring at the camera.
  • In her "Tamara's Has Seen" on Revenge of the Sith, improvising Star Wars parodies of "A Whole New World" and "Never Had A Friend Like Me".
  • In Tamara's Just Saw for Ghost in the Shell, her and Cody calling out the whitewashing, saying it's bad enough for that to happen, it's worse to make it a plot point.
  • In Smurfs: The Lost Village, Cody mocking the Ghost in the Shell reaction by saying audience is not allowed to have an opinion on the Smurfs unless they read the original Belgium comics.
  • In The Thing (1982), Tamara getting her own back on Rob for all his Millennial bashing.
  • In The Boss Baby, while Tamara is trying to be positive, Cody talks about how bad kid movies shouldn’t get a free pass because kids should be encouraged.
  • When her brother confirms she's not lying about the movies she's watched, Tamara combining a Hair Flip and an Evil Laugh.
  • In her review of Kiki's Delivery Service, Tamara turning an old flannel shirt into a Kiki bow.
  • When she doesn't like Watership Down, she admits at the end that she feels pretty liberated having a movie that she hates but everyone else loves.