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     From Part 1 
  • The reactions Angry Joe and Spoony give to the "free car".
    • Spoony doesn't even need to think about it - he instantly switches from walking in cheerfully to breaking down wailing.
    • Lupa comforting both of them "We'll get him in his sleep" / "We'll make him pay".
    • Angry Joe's walk down the street to kick off the film on a high note!
    • Film Brain's manic grin throughout.
    • The group nodding and shaking their heads in unison, indicating that the same thing had happened with everyone.
      • Which implies they were ALL dumb enough to fall for the "free car" trick.
    • Ma-Ti appears in the following scene with his free car slip. ...When he never got one to begin with. When the Critic calls him on that, he just throws away the slip and carries on.
      • His slip said "CAR THING YAY".
    • And then Critic uses Insane Troll Logic to dissuade him from joining the team. Successfuly!
      Critic [emphatically]: You must stay here and protect children and elderly!
      Ma-Ti [irresolutely]: But there are no children and elderly here...
      Critic: That's what makes it so hard, Ma-Ti! That's what makes it so hard.
  • Film Brain being overly excited (again) and Lupa asking "Is there, like, some sort of medicine you should be on?"
  • Jew Wario's failed attempt at removing Todd's mask.
    Jew Wario: Hey! You're Todd in the Shadows, right?
    Todd: ...yeah.
    JewWario: I've always wondered what you looked like under that mask—(gun cocking sound)—and then he backed away.
  • Critic instinctively ducking the bullet from Linkara's gun. Implied that an assassination is planned on him on a routine basis!
  • Paw chewing scenery better than Jeremy Irons.
  • Jew Wario's unveiling as Jareth. The looks of horror and disgust from the guys at his signature is nicely contrasted by the Squee faces on the girls.
    I can't help if I want to flaunt what I've got. (Complete with pelvic thrust, no less!)
    • By pure coincidence (as noted in the commentary), the reveal also takes place in front of a picture of a massively tall tower....
    • Then the girls immediately crowd around him lustfully.
      • Jew Wario's calm reaction to the Chick telling him that she'd like to know him better.
    Mm, yes of course. Would you like to hold my balls? *offers glass balls*
    • Later when the party splits in half: Lupa and the Chick whine about having to be on a different team while MarzGurl immediately clings to him.
  • Spoony: "So, it's like LARPing?"
    Critic: "No! That's just a bunch of dorks dressing up and fighting for a fake reward."
    Spoony: "While we're a bunch of dorks dressing up and fighting for a real reward."
    Critic: "Exactly!"
  • The Nostalgia Chick: "*speaking Elvish since she's dressed up as Arwen*"
    Subtitles: "Greetings unattractive mortals. I am Arwen, daughter of King what's-his-name from those Matrix movies."
    Boys: "What?!"
    Nostalgia Chick: "Read the damn subtitles!"
    Boys: "*looks down* Ooooh!"
    • Her Dialogue is random gibberish (with Irish, German, and other random words thrown in). When she says It's cool to Conan (Benzai), she really says póg mo thóin (kiss My ass in Irish). But it could also be a reference to Pogue Mahone (an album from the Pogues).
  • Bennett's Aslan costume, mostly because everyone else laughs like idiots, mistakes him for the Cowardly Lion and collectively take the piss out of his entrance.
    • It's also amusing that a character who was (admittedly temporarily) established to be the Devil in a Nostalgia Critic video dresses up as the most high-profile Christ metaphor in literature.
  • When Handsome Tom arrives:
    Critic: Hey, Tom! You're....?
    Handsome Tom: I'm Willow.
    Critic: ...of course!
What makes it even better is that his costume caused just as much confusion as Phelous, and unlike Phelous no-one had come even close to figuring out his costume.
  • The whole confusion with Todd.
  • Whatever happened to Linkara's beard? "I ran out of Sharpie!"
    • Which was a Throw It In after Linkara worried about not being able to clean his face properly to shoot the other crossover videos.
    • Made even better when Doug reveals in his commentary that Linkara lied to him and said that he'd lost the marker.
  • The Critic desperately tries to justify having everyone walk heroically past the camera, before just saying it's for the trailer.
    • AND SPLIT!
    • And after they split up, Spoony running back to get his hat.
  • Luke after Paw shows up: "I don't want to ride with him."
  • "Don't review it!" *Collective Groan*
  • Spoony after Linkara's introduction: "What's the Elvish word for 'prat'?"
  • Film Brain's reactions to Luke Mochrie. Especially when they both get him coffee. Film Brain claiming that Luke should have to change his costume from Harry Potter, as he's actually British like the character, unlike Luke.
    Luke: Yeah, well I'm Canadian!
    Film Brain: That's as British as being Turkish, you tit!
    Luke: What are you talking aboot?
    Film Brain: It's "about", YOU TWAT!
  • Film Brain's utter glee when the Critic says his costume is stupider.
  • "And on a lighter note, the president has been shot."
  • After Linkara and Spoony nearly get into Ham-to-Ham Combat: "Save it for Broadway!"
  • The Critic on Phelous' costume: "You look like a steroid elephant turd!"
  • Critic's reaction on Phelous's insistent: "I said say hello!".
  • When the Critic says magic doesn't exist, Linkara has to be held back.
  • And 8 Bit Mickey when the Critic notes the Peter Pan costume is a little too accurate for him. May be foreshadowing for the fact that his Berserk Button is being called short as seen fully in To Boldly Flee.
  • Spoony's reaction to the reporter in the video saying Dungeons & Dragons causes people to go insane, as noted in Mazes and Monsters: "THAT IS BULLSHIT!"
  • Everyone leaving when the Critic turns his back:
    Nostalgia Critic: If you don't join me you're all fired.
    Everyone: [Collective Groan]
  • Bill noting that he's already driven into lakes due to GPS directions four times.
  • Also from Bill, "You look like a cross between The Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded".
  • "Get a job, hippies!"
  • Bennet's entrance. Not in his costume, his first appearance at the Critic's meeting. He's just suddenly there, holding the map that was in the Critic's hand only seconds earlier.
  • And Benzaie's, sticking his head through The Cinema Snob's legs to shout "Oh boy, a movie!" According to Brad, he is very ticklish down there, so he had to hold his mouth during that shot.
  • The Cinema Snob's justification for why Indiana Jones counts as a fantasy character: "He survived a nuclear explosion by hiding inside of a fridge, if that ain't fantasy I don't know what is."
  • Similarly, immediately afterwards, Lupa justifies Snow White with "Fairy tales are SO based in reality."

     From Part 2 
  • Linkara keeps trying to sing a show tune, with the rest of the group becoming more and more annoyed.
    • "Crom laughs at your show tunes!"
    • Linkara's attempt to pick it up again after they defeat the puppeteer... only for someone to draw their sword:
      Linkara: I'll be quiet.
  • Obscurus Lupa acting enchanted, balanced with her more deadpan self.
    Obscurus Lupa: You have fun with that. I'm going to go back to being all enchanted and shit. "smiles and spins in a circle"
  • Critic accidentally knocking out Mickey and Phelous with his sword. "Sorry."
  • "Maybe I can distract him with my Arwen montage!" Chick then proceeds to speak elvish gibberish whilst her cloak billows and she stares off into the distance...
    • Said gibberish includes, among other things, lyrics from "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies, "When I See An Elephant Fly" from Dumbo and "Jai Ho".
    • And then she punches the Puppeteer in the face.
  • Spoony confronting the Cloaks by using a spell, then eventually breaking character when it doesn't work and talking to them like a true D&D nerd out on a LARPing quest!
    • He even slights the Old World of Darkness LARP community in the process! And then when the lead Cloak finally gets fed up, he causes the screen to darken!
  • "Oh my god we've entered Lamb Chop's Sing-Along."
  • "Wet yourselves and run!"
  • "You belong in a museum!"
    • Enhanced by Brad's uncanny impression of Harrison Ford.
  • Film Brain's jealousy of Luke Mochrie. His closeup when Luke and Critic are next to each other is priceless.
    • Film Brain threatens Luke by saying he is an insignificant 'pea' and he is essentially going to eat him, Like takes advantage of him with this exchange-
    Luke: Wow, that's a lot of peas. And I'm just full of them.
    Film Brain: That's right.
    Luke: I am totally full of pea...ness.
    Film Brain: You've got it.
    Luke: So, what are you going to do?
    • As soon as he yells this everyone turns around a stares at him appalled and confused, with Angry Joe having the most hysterical mug on his face.
  • Nostalgia Critic's use of "Well excuse me, princess!". Followed by him remarking how "douchey" that sounded, and asking everyone to stop him from saying it ever again.
  • This exchange:
    Figures in black: We have been named... The Cloaks.
    Luke: Why do they call you that?
    Todd in the Shadows: Well, obviously because they like wearing go-go boots. What do you think?!
  • Also Paw running around in his Jeremy Irons glory and feeding from the trees.
    • Referred to as "molesting the woods" in the cast commentary.
  • Spoony/Gandalf to Marz/San:
    "Look hun, we no speaky the Miyazaki."
  • Benzaie moving into attack Cat/the Puppeteer.
    I will crush the pussy!
  • When the Puppeteer emerged from behind the fallen tree and started punching people.
    • Handsome Tom: I'm Willow. (gets punched)
  • Benett and the Critic fighting over who gets to give Lupa mouth to mouth.
  • What appears to be the beginning of a running gag:
    Angry Joe: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my mother.
    Head Cloak: Father.
    Angry Joe: Somebody!
  • It's kind of hard to hear with all the fighting and shouting, but just before the "Arwen montage", Conan/Benzaie shouts for his "big, muscular mommy" while being strangled by the Puppeteer.
  • "Well, way to puss out Lupa."
  • "The path to enlightenment is the enlightenment of the path." "Yes, and the way to pain is to nail you in the nads."
  • Paw and Joe's reactions to the Cloaks actually possessing magical powers.:
    Paw/Angry Joe (in unison): HOLY SHIT!
  • The Snob explaining why he uses a belt instead of the whip. And JewWario's reaction.
  • "Hey, Andrew Lloyd Fucker! Stop it with the show tunes!"

     From Part 3 
  • Oh god, just...the Nostalgia Critic with his legs wide open. That's all that needs to be said about it!
    • The way Lupa has to leave because she's disgusted, but the Chick just stays with an eyeroll like she's used to Critic doing stuff like this.
      • And both of them try and fail to to get him to realize this without outright saying it, skirting around the issue and being vague before Chick just gives up after 5 tries and outright says "I can see your balls."
    • "But I don't wanna be a lady!" "You'll be a lady and like it, panty-waist sissy!"
  • "Ah, at last! A worthy place to call our battlefield!" Next shot, a playground. In fact, most of the playground fight is hysterical.
  • The Cloak's magic bolt deflecting off Jew Wario's codpiece.
  • Todd, unable to see anything, attacking Film Brain and an inanimate pole.
    I can't even tell who I'm fighting. That's not you, Joe, is it?
    • When he attacks the pole, he gets so disoriented that he falls over. This is so hilariously ridiculous that Film Brain and one of the Cloaks actually stop their fighting to stare.
  • The continuation of the Inigo Montoya running gag.
    Angry Joe: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my lawyer.
  • Brad and MarzGurl doing the scene from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indiana Jones tries to grab Elsa's hand while she reaches for the holy grail. Marz slides down the slide, completely safe. Cue Brad's deadpan "Yeah, this is kinda silly".
    • What makes this even funnier is that while in costume, Marz Gurl only speaks in Gratuitous Japanese.
    • Instead of using the classic comedy staple of revealing that she was never in any real danger, this gag makes that blatant from the start by putting the object she's reaching for on the ground.
  • The disgruntled mother and her daughter.
    • Spoony's dead serious "We must make haste to another battlefield! One where parents' permission matters not!"
  • Spoony and Paws exchanging battle cries as they alternatively attack the Cloaks.
    Spoony: Go back to the darkness!
    Paw: Give into the darkness!
    Spoony: Rage will not avail you!
    Paw: Rage... more rage!
  • Brad attempting to recreate the bridge scene from Temple of Doom. And utterly failing as his sword bounces off.
    • "Prepare to meet Kali...IN HELL!" *clank*
    • And being forced to eye-poke a cloak!
  • The TGWTG take on These Questions Three....
    Nostalgia Critic: Does that ever work?
    Chester: It does with people who have money!
  • Linkara needing a word that rhymes with "castrati."
    • The fact he had all this set up to them being watched and something hiding... and it turned out Linkara still just wanted a musical number.
  • "Mickey likes goats."
    • Mickey's increasingly angry expressions really sell it.
    • Linkara's reaction when Ma-Ti talks to Mickey about it.
    Ma-Ti: (puts hand on Mickey's shoulder) I will always be there to support you in your taste for beastiality.
    (Linkara walks by then, gives me a horrifying look, and runs away!)
    Mickey: Thanks, Ma-Ti. What more could a...goatfucker ask for.
    • With the implication that as pissed as he was about it, Mickey would still rather have people think he has a goat fetish than let Ma-Ti join the quest.
  • Rockbiter!Phelous talking to his "friends" about whether or not to kill Bennett the Sage... with Bennett not that far away.
  • Film Brain shoving Luke out of the way while grinning like a madman.
  • Luke trapping one of The Cloaks in a slide
    Trapped Cloak: This slide was not made for the husky gentleman!
  • Dibs!
  • Spoony failing as Gandalf:
    Cloak: *shoots off his hat*
    Spoony: Eek!
  • When Group 2 relocates their battle.
    Cloak #2: It's not as good as the last one.
    Film Brain: The other one had sand castles!
  • During the argument with the overbearing mother, Joe starts to tell her and her kid that Santa isn't real, only for one of the Cloaks to Dope Slap him.
  • The exchange at the end of the episode:
    Todd: Say, you didn't lose the map in the battle, did you?
    Spoony: Ha! What sort of half-baked wizard do you take me for?
    Todd: Do you really want me to answer that?
    Spoony: No!

     From Part 4 
  • Film Brain and Luke screwing with the Gatecleaner.
    Luke: *on the phone with his mother* "No, this is a real quest! ...No, I won't bring home another dead animal."
    • Any scene with him, in fact. "I'M CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO DO THAT!"
    • This exchange:
    Housekeeper: Honey, did you ever pick up the croutons?
    Gatecleaner: I told you to check the pantry! I am NOT buying more Croutons when we have an OPEN BOX!
    • The commentaries reveal that Spoony did all kinds of different takes on that line, giving the Gatecleaner's wife as many personalities as he could think of before settling on the chain-smoking harridan.
    • The script also apparently read under the Housekeeper's character "Obviously Spoony in drag."
  • Film Brain and Luke holding hands to hold the rock even though it is perfectly possible for only one of them having to hold it.
  • Nostalgia Chick's annoyed reaction to the Critic clinging and cowering behind her even though he's much taller than her.
  • When the Cloaks show up:
    Marzgurl: Chicken humpers!
    Spoony: Run like children!
  • "Who's that?" "He looks like a member of Run DMC."
  • Everyone say it with me now: "My name is Inigo Montoya motherfucker!"
    • And the cause of it as well.
    Cloak #1: Unleash the fire of a thousand arrows!
    Cloak #2: You mean the machine gun?
    Cloak #1: (Beat) Yes.
    Angry Joe: [Gleefully] I didn't know we could use machine guns!
  • The fact that the witch talks with the sweetest voice about how the crew would be better off dead.
    Witch: Perhaps it's better if you die now, rather than wait for what's coming. I know what hunts you, and believe me, it's much kinder if I just smash your brains in and drink from your bleeding skulls.
  • Critic screaming like a girl every second when the witch started speaking demonically. Even funnier once you hear Iron Liz say that they were about half a mile down the trail and could still hear him doing it.
  • As the witch is making almost everyone in group 1 run around and scream as she shoots lightning everywhere, Handsome Tom casually walks up to her and uses pepper spray.
  • The girl on the phone. "And then my dad shot her. It was weird."
  • This exchange between Film Brain and the cloaks.
    Cloak: Look into my eyes.
    Film Brain: I can't see your eyes, they're covered up.
    Cloak: Oh, well, pretend you can see my eyes.
    Film Brain: *happily* Okay.
    Cloak: Look into my eyes then.
    Film Brain: [screams like a girl]

     From Part 5 
  • Jaffers surprising everyone with a gun. After threatening to kill them, looking for the gun, awkwardly assembling it and trying to figure out how to take off the safety.
    • Bonus Points for how The Critic's party just stands there the whole time when they could easily run, only doing so when Jaffers starts shooting at them.
    • What's even funnier is that Word of Linkara has that Jaffers was such a terrible shot, there was absolutely no way he could even have hit them at point-blank range. The only reason the reviewers hi-tailed it out of there was that they were afraid a bullet would hit them via ricochet.
  • The Critic, at the Despair Event Horizon, ranting angrily about Link's life.
    • "And why is it when I hit a chicken a BAJILLION OTHER CHICKENS COME FLYING AT ME!? I mean, what the Hell? Were they just hiding somewhere? Do they have a secret club?"
    • Bonus for his whole team looking at him like he's completely snapped.
  • The Critic's eureka moment:
    Critic: ...It's Malachite. It was Malachite who sent that chain letter. He was waiting for someone to go after it. Someone clever enough.
    Mickey: And greedy.
    Mickey: And greedy.
    Critic: And determined enough to follow through with it.
    Mickey: You know, you really are greedy.
  • This exchange:
    Critic: Phelous! Inspire us! Say something stoic!
    Phelous: I WANNA DIE!
    Critic: Perfect!
  • The return of That Dude in the Suede. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome and a Heartwarming Moment.
    Suede: Before we continue, you must defeat me in mortal combat.
    Critic: What?
    Suede: Here, hit my sword.
    Critic hits Suede's sword with his.
    [Suede (deadpan): Ah, I am defeated, let's get out of here.
    • Lupa's lack of reaction to Suede's return, lampshading a good chunk of the viewers who have no idea who he is and looking annoyed while everyone else is happy to have him back.
  • "Dude, that's my heart".
    • Jaffers's friend in general: "You looking for the quest thing? It's over there."
      • Listen closely to the TV that Jaffers' friend is's playing Reefer Madness.
    • How he also asks Malachite if he's there "for the quest thing," implying he says that to everyone who comes by.
  • Quoth the Nostalgia Chick: "Ooooooh, whozyadaddy, whozyadaddy, whozyadaddy."
    • The sulking at her montage not working this time.
    • The montage including her doing the macarena.
  • Film Brain being so annoying that he managed to drive off the other cloaks.
    • The cloaks are just arguing about it, then:
    Film Brain: Ow! I think I sprained my ankle! Can one of you carry me?
    (Cut to Cloak #2 carrying Film Brain bridal-style while he prattles on.)
    Film Brain: It's such a wonderful day outside, why don't we skip this guarding tosh and pick some flowers? *gasp* I could make a nice flower garland for you, Cloak #2!
  • Jaffers just told his story. Silence... interrupted by Phelous continuing to talk about his "big, strong hands". Cue "SHUT UP!".
  • After freeing Film Brain of the Cloaks' hypnosis.
    Luke: No biggie. You'd do the same for me!
    (awkward pause)
    Film Brain: ...Well, now I would've!
  • The hypnosis itself was hilarious as well
    Luke: You are an internet internet reviewer...
    Film Brain: I am a brilliant internet reviewer...
    Luke: You're an internet reviewer.
  • This exchange:
    Jew Wario: Here, grab my ball.
    Luke: Okay, I'm going to turn around, and that better be what I think it is.
  • The Cloaks distracting Film Brain whilst they have a meeting.
    Cloak 1: Look, a butterfly.
    Film Brain: WHERE?!
  • Mickey's expression when Ma-Ti brings him the Goat Fuckers for Dummies book.
  • The Cloaks distracting Film Brain by asking him what his favorite tree is.
  • And after that, the Cloaks escaping... by car.
    Film Brain: We had a car? Why were we walking the whole time?
  • The absolute fury in Malachite's voice when he lists a bunch of TV shows and gets to: Glee

     From Part 6 
  • So team B has infiltrated Elisa's house looking for the next clue, they tied her up and head downstairs.... and it turns out that she's living with Ask That Guy!
    Brad: Hi there! We represent "The Broadway Better Business Players For a Brighter Tomorrow". We are trying to start up a petition to get second rate shows taken off the marquee, and with your help we can stop Mamma Mia! from ever playing again.
  • The arrival of The Cavalry:
    Spoony: (standing heroically atop a hill) The Critic Nostalgia stands alone.
    Angry Joe: Yeah!
    Angry Joe: Shouldn't we help them?
    Spoony: Oh, right, TO THE CRITIC!
  • The Reveal of Malachite's Hand, which Jaffers thought was butt-ugly so he took the jewel (the only piece of it that actually mattered) and put it on a Power Glove.
    • And then there's Handsome Tom and 8-Bit Mickey's reactions to it.
    8-Bit Mickey: I'm not gonna lie; That is friggin' awesome.
    Handsome Tom: I'm Willow.
    8-Bit Mickey: Yes. Yes you are.
  • The Critic going through all the motions that Lupa taught him so as not to expose his junk.
  • Speaking of exposing one's junk, Jareth's is simply radiant. *honk honk wolf-whistle*
  • This exchange.
    Jaffers: "Hey man, I just found out what the internet is. You guys are awesome!"
    NC: "That's great, really great. So we cool now?"
    Jaffers: "No, I still gotta kill you."
    NC: "Of course."
    • And right before the battle while both The Critic's and Jaffer's team are in impressive-looking, battle-ready positions... Jaffers is shown flailing around still. And his pathetic battle cry.
  • Phelous revealing that his Becoming the Mask was just him playing a character the whole time.
  • "Expecto My Fist!"
  • The Voice of the Ancients punching out various characters, and getting caught in a fist twice. The animation and timing in those shots are excellent.
  • Lupa running around Distressed Damsel style as everyone else prepares for battle, until the Critic tells her to shut up.
    Angry Joe: "That's strangely hot."
  • "My Name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my hamster..."
    • "Father."
      • That just happens to be Linkara's favorite line in the whole thing.
  • Everyone's reaction about where the gauntlet is. It's in the field where they first started.
    Film Brain: "Oh you..."
    The Nostalgia Chick: " to be..."
    Todd in the Shadows: "...fucking..."
    The Nostalgia Critic: "...KIDDING ME! IT'S RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED!?!?"
    • And the way Suede just keeps cheerfully explaining until the Critic yells at him again.
  • In the epic battle, the Critic's Master Sword breaks. He fights with the stub for a while, before stealing Mickey's sword.
  • Todd and Paw's Combination Attack.
    Todd: Batter Up!!
    (Throws Voice of the Ancients at Paw, who then hits it with his staff)
    Paw: Home run for Profion! (chest bump)
  • Mickey and Tom's attempt at a Fastball Special.
  • "I find that quite vexing." *punch*
  • Benzaie, when his sword is struck by lightning during the battle, attempts an epic I have the power! moment...Which quickly backfires as the sword simply blows up.
  • The fact that the battle used shaky cam and using the sound effect for swords parrying. It just made the fight look more cinematic and hilariously serious.
  • The moment in the swordfight when Linkara just decides "Oh, Screw This!" and pulls out his magic gun.
  • Funny Background Event: As pointed out in Linkara and Iron Liz' commentary, if you look closely in the background when Benzaie is speaking to Crom, you can see Jaffers chasing down the Critic with his sword. A few seconds later, Jaffers is running back on screen while the Critic is now chasing him down with the same sword, having somehow stolen it from off screen. Extra funny points in the commentary for Linkara and Iron Liz humming The Benny Hill Show theme song during the chase.

     From Part 7 
  • Showing what the Chick's Arwen montage looks like from an outside perspective.
    • Her accidentally running into the camera during the montage.
    • When it doesn't work, she calls in BFF Nella as a stunt double for the inevitable punishment.
      • Bonus for this apparently being set right after the Dark Nella saga if her "future" review of Les Misérables is any indication. Poor Nella.
      • Also the Chick's perkiness about how much of an awesome friend Nella is for taking the hit. The woman clearly hasn't learned a thing.
  • When it's revealed that Malachite has an iPhone, the Critic calls him out on it and calls him an idiot. His response? "At least I'm not a hypocrite." Critic's resulting fit of astonished Angrish forces Jew Wario to take over the conversation for him.
  • Linkara demanding a song number. "I didn't even have a plot arc!"
    • The back and forth screaming between The Critic and Linkara.
  • A joke they couldn't miss: "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad."
  • "Well, I think Shiva will get over it"
  • Angry Joe's final screw up of the My Name Is Inigo Montoya line.
    Joe: Alo. My name is Amigo Toyota.
    Everyone: (Facepalm)
    Joe: Whatever! You killed my father! Prepare to die!
  • "This is wrong, we should have used Pop Tarts." "He would have liked it."
    • Paw playing Amazing Freaking Grace in a straw kazoo (which still sounds like a bagpipe orchestra!)
    • The fact that Ma-Ti's remains are stored in a box of Quakers Oatmeal.
    • Todd cremating the body. We're also probably better off not knowing how he did it.
      • And we see him holding a cigarette lighter when this is mentioned.
    • When Linkara (In his Wrath of Khan Star Trek uniform) tells everyone to draw their weapons to salute Ma-Ti, the Nostalgia Chick pulls off her wig instead.
    • How about the fact that the entire thing is an almost play-by-play homage to Spock's funeral in The Wrath of Khan?
      • Including a twist on the "needs of the many" line:
    Ma-Ti: The needs of the many outweigh...
    Critic: The needs of the few?
    Ma-Ti: Shut up I'm talking.
    • Spoony randomly crying about Ma-Ti in his apparent future Final Fantasy XIII review.
  • The Last Angry Geek ripping off his Cloak hood and running away. The Critic notices who he is, which leads to The Geek plugging his show as he runs off.
  • When Ma-Ti shows up, the critics try to dissuade him from approaching Malachite to save his life.... only for Ma-Ti to go into a rant about his life on Captain Planet and to explain that he knows Malachite wants to kill him, to which Malachite nods.
  • Jaffers: "No hard feelings?" (gets punched into the sky)
  • Malachite making The Critic repeatedly nail himself in the nuts. It gets even funnier when The Critic tries to attack again, twice, only for Malachite to just do it again.
  • Spoondalf's Victory Dance. It's hilarious.
  • Spoony getting hit around the world several times.
    • And landing right onto Malachite.
  • Linkara mentioning how The Critic could bring Ma-Ti back with the Necronomicon, which prompts The Critic to get another bright idea...
    Chester A. Bum: "Oh my god I won a car!"
  • The post-credit stinger/callback with Spoony as the Housekeeper.
    "Shut up, Mommy's on the rock!"
  • Spoony sheepishly admitting that his plan against Malachite, throwing birdseed at him while shouting "Two Magic! Two Magic!", is a long shot, but carrying through anyway, just in case.

  • Paw's Dance Spectacular video, which shows off some behind the scenes footage, as well as numerous contributors dancing in their own unique styles.
    Cameraman: (panning down to Link!Doug's legs) Hey, Doug! Put your legs over here; I need a white balance.
    (Everyone else laughs)
    Doug: (flipping off the camera) Here's your white balance!
    • Also Film Brain's reaction to Doug sitting in the back of a car (in a not very ladylike position by the way) and working on the script while in costume.
    FB: There's something you don't see every day.
    • Todd doing Souljuh Boy!
  • Benzaie's vlog. With special mentions to Benzaie both singing "Take It Off" while wearing Jew Wario's blonde wig, and doing a strip tease in The Stinger.
    • After hearing Linkara talk about how they never agreed on whether to refer to the teams by numbers or letters, it's pretty funny to hear Benzaie calling them "Team 1" and "Team B" without a hint of irony.
  • Spoony's commentary with most of the other reviewers have some funny moments.
    • Lindsay's casual speculation in the commentary that someone must have died wearing the wedding dress she modified into the Arwen costume, given the incredible deal they got on it despite no apparent flaws.
    • We learn that a few people set up a picnic to watch the entire climax being filmed.
    • Everyone ragging on Lindsay's big cleavage shot, which ends with her saying she calls them "Lefty and Righty."
    • When Lupa pulls Critic's tie and tells him he'll be a lady and like it, Bennett mentioning that a million "forced feminization" fics are going to be written.
      • Also mentioned by Iron Liz, who said that some of the fans called it "lady!domming".
    • The entire story about the Gatecleaner cameo, including Doug not knowing the character's name which led to Spoony not knowing he would be playing it until the rest of shooting was over, and happening to buy a bra of the exact right size online.
    • Bennet's attempted Throw It In of "I will rape you!"
    • The story of Brad accidentally cursing out Napoleon Dynamite in front of a little kid twice.
    • Lindsay screwing up the starting time of Part 6, and everyone mocking her.
    • Spoony's take on his expression during the Big Damn Heroes scene: "God approves of this."
    • The comments about them preparing to dig through the floor and JewWario holds up his crystal orb.
    "Are you really going to try and dig with a ball?"
    "My balls are magical, they can do that."
    • Brad saying that without the hat, Spoony looks like "some old hippie who wandered out of the woods".
    • "Lens Flare!" "All of a sudden, it turned into a J.J. Abrams movie."
    • When Spoony falls down on Malachite, saving Ma-Ti: "I'm fine, thank you, Susan!"
    • Fans telling Spoony that if he ever does a Final Fantasy XIII review, he should just randomly shout to Ma-Ti to preserve continuity!
    • Spoony's blasting off again!"
    • Lastly, Spoony telling everyone to share their final thoughts during the end credits, with his being simply, "It's still better than Furry Vengeance."
    • "Linkara's pissed off? I'm going home."
    • JewWario mocking the complaints about Marzgurl's costume. "Her triangles are too small!"
    • Apparently, one viewer thought that Handsome Tom was supposed to be Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which the commentators agree could have worked as well.
    • "So Justin, how many black people were in the Gestapo?"
  • From Linkara and Liz's commentary:
    • Benzaie apparently bringing a box of condoms "just in case" anybody needed them.
    • The story of Brad having to enter his hotel in costume and ask for a reservation for "Jones."
    • Liz noting how much Tom in his wig looked like Scarlett (Spoony's ex-girlfriend) from behind.
    • Liz recalling that on the very first day, Doug told everyone to please not look up his skirt. But due to wind, apparent falling and just catching him bending over, everyone did.
    • Linkara's killer impression of Cat's "I demand respect!"
    • Linkara noting that, given all the comments about Team 2's scenes being much better than Team 1's, their Big Damn Heroes at the climax is symbolic of how they rescued the movie.
    • Their impression of Harry S. Plinkett from RedLetterMedia, when talking about how they got Suede caught up with all the new personalities that have appeared since he left.
    • Iron Liz referring to JewWario deflecting one of the cloaks' blast with his groin as being "Cock-blocked".
    • Linkara notes that the "I'm Willow" Running Gag could actually work as a reference to how not many people these days have seen the film, and would need those reminders.
  • From Brad and Phelous's commentary:
    • Brad's comments about how most of the time his Indiana Jones lines don't make any sense. "I'm going to go up to someone I just saw punch someone into the sun and tell him he betrayed a deity he probably never heard of. That'll work!" "Shiva? But that's my highest deity! How could this happen?"
    • The two laughing for a minute straight at someone guessing That Aussie Guy was one of the cloaks. "Yeah, that would surprise a lot of people."
    • Them having a good laugh at people who took this video seriously.
    • Discussing on people who thought Phelous was playing "syphilis".
    • Phelous wondering what customs would have made of his costume, given his difficulties getting into the country last time.
    • "I'm Jessica Rabbit!"
    • Brad recounting how he wandered onto a golf course while looking for a place to take a leak, followed by Phelous perfectly continuing the "I will eat your pea-ness" joke.
    • Brad's adoration of the tree shots, down to wanting a DVD feature labeled deleted scenes, which is just more trees.
    • Phelous notes that anyone who first saw the drawing of him as the Rockbiter from the opening or closing credits would likely think his costume would be far more impressive than it is.
      • And yet other behind the scenes features show that of the main cast he was one of the few who was never seriously affected by the weather, since it was essentially a hoody.
    • Them both assuming that certain characters are Daniel "That Aussie Guy" Rizzo.
    • Brad putting on an extremely nerdy voice (spoofing the nerd from Robot Chicken, or simply Douchy McNitpick) to act out possible angry letters nitpickers send to Doug about all the plot holes and research failures!
      • "Dear Doug Walker! I would like to point out how people do not wear plastic on armor."
      • "Dear Doug Walker! Malachite would not know about the Power Glove!"
    • The masked man being The Distressed Watcher instead of That Dude in the Suede, an alternate version of the scene were Doug just chops Suede's head off and then the mask comes out and Phelous not caring that he's back and only caring about his friends dying, with Brad wanting him to show respect.
  • The video of everyone explaining their characters features JewWario walking through the house in costume as everyone gazes lustfully at him, male and female alike.
    • Linkara chasing Rob around, trying to beat him with Doug's hat.
    Linkara: You can't escape me, Walker!
    • The entire conversation between Mickey, Barghav, Lindsay and Nella discussing the content of "Goat-Fuckers for Dummies" and debating wheather it would be a self-help manual or a how-to guide.
      • Complete with a lampshade from Barghav, while having a somewhat disturbed look on his face: "I can't believe I'm getting into this."
    • Brad mentioned that his phone rang on the train, while he was wearing his costume, and he has an Indiana Jones ringtone. Apparently, the guy sitting next to him did a double-take at that.
  • During Linkara's belated commentary for Kickassia, he and Lupa get to talking about how LordKaT was originally going to be in the film as one of the seven dwarfs, and theorize that it would involve Lupa as Snow White being a Bad Boss to him. They come up with one specific gag where Lupa asks him to put his coat over a mud puddle, and he replies "Just walk around it, you bitch!"
  • In the ad for the DVD, Doug realizes a bit too late that he's already listed all the special features when he promises more. "Well, not much more. Just menus, really. But that's still awesome!"
    • "Buy it! Buy it or I'll kill you! This is not a joke, I am threatening your life!"
  • The search for the Necronomicon: Chester searches haunted houses Blair Witch style, while the Critic stays home to be with him "in spirit." And he finds nothing but the special edition DVD of Evil Dead 2.
    • "I'm cold and lonely and I fear death!"
    • Critic sitting in the chair reading Roger Ebert's Your Movie Sucks. It's logical he of all people would have it, but it's still hilariously surprising.
    • Chester constantly correcting Critic about who is in the haunted house.
    • "I'm not a religious man, but I now believe in the Devil."
  • Doug being interrupted by his cell phone multiple times on his commentary.
    • Both Doug and Rob have hilarious reflections on the incident with Lisa that somehow got blown up into a conspiracy theory that they'd crucified someone upside down.
    • Doug's DVD commentary ending with a thank you for buying it, and for those that did not, authorities will be at your door shortly to arrest you.
    • When it gets to the Beam-O-War between Malachite and Ma-Ti, he says that they got to it before Harry Potter.
    • When it comes to his famous Panty Shot, bragging that it's the desktop of a million fangirls and a few fanboys too.
      • From Rob's commentary, comparing having to shoot that shot as feeling like a father filming his daughter doing a sex scene.
  • Rob's story about Doug and Phelous slipping into their Kickassia characterizations over a faulty light bulb.
    • He goes into how hard filming the Team 1 scenes were, with no one really feeling that they were working. Then he brings up how he and Doug would often wonder if the crew on some of the movies they review realized how bad they were, and how he suddenly realized "I'm the douchebag who knows how bad it is, and isn't saying anything!"
  • Several commentaries mention a fan who suggested that during the scene with Team 2 trying to get into Lisa's house, the Snob should have done the "Here to view the tapestries" routine from Last Crusade. Now Doug and Rob really wish they'd thought of it.
  • Sage in the Behind-the-Scenes DVD featurette in his Aslan costume, saying, "I feel like I'm being pooped out of a moose."
  • Where is Malachite?
  • From the Bloopers:
    • Luke and Todd on the swings of the playground, followed by Brad on the baby swings.
    • Angry Joe's take of the Rapid-Fire "No!" which ended up being so long, that it had to be split into seven different parts, spread throughout the blooper reel.
      • It's made even funnier with the Little "No" he ends it all with.
    • All of the times that a character's head gear fell off due to the winds, which includes:
      • Malachite's hat falling off during the first scene.
      • Spoony's Gandalf hat falling off after he receives the map from the Critic.
      • The Good Witch's hat falling off during two separate scenes.
      • Jaffer's helmet falling off just before he's about to attack the Critic with his sword.
  • The pre-shooting gathering has Benzaie declare that he could lift up any of the other crew member on the table. He first demonstrates this by carrying the Nostalgia Chick and accidentally knocking over a chair in the process. The waiter reprimanded him by saying, "This is not a place to pick up chicks."