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  • ABBA: Frida is sanguine; Björn is choleric; Agnetha is melancholic; and Benny is phlegmatic.
  • The music video to Alanis Morissette's song "Ironic" features a melancholic Alanis driving in a car with three doppleganger's of herself. The version of her in the front passenger seat is sanguine, the yellow sweater wearing one in the backseat is phlegmatic and the green sweater wearing one in the backseat is choleric.
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  • Arctic Monkeys: Alex is choleric; Jamie is melancholic; Nick is phlegmatic; and Matt is sanguine.
  • The Beatles: Paul McCartney is sanguine; John Lennon was choleric; George Harrison was melancholic; and Ringo Starr is phlegmatic, in the early days at least. As Paul started to take more artistic control he became more choleric, whilst John, George and Ringo leaned towards melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine respectively.
  • Behemoth — Nergal is choleric; Inferno is melancholic; Orion is phlegmatic; and Seth is sanguine.
  • The original four members of Black Hippy: Schoolboy Q is sanguine, Ab Soul is choleric, Jay Rock is melancholic, and Kendrick Lamar is phlegmatic.
  • Blur: Damon Albarn is choleric; Graham Coxon is melancholic; Alex James is sanguine; Dave Rowntree is phlegmatic.
  • The Clash: Joe Strummer was choleric; Mick Jones is sanguine; Paul Simonon is melancholic; Topper Headon is phlegmatic.
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  • The Corrs: Andrea is melancholic; Jim is choleric; Sharon is leukine; Caroline is sanguine.
  • Woodface era Crowded House: Neil is melancholic; Tim is choleric; Paul is sanguine; and Nick is phlegmatic.
  • Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan is sanguine, Martin Gore is phlegmatic, Andy Fletcher is choleric and Alan Wilder is melancholic.
  • Disturbed, vocalist David Draiman is phlegmatic (tends to sit in a dark, lonely corner and write lyrics), guitarist Dan Donegan is melancholic (main song-writer, generally a meticulous professional) while drummer Mike Wengren and bassist John Moyer tend to sit between choleric and sanguine.note 
  • The Doors:
    • Jim (Supine) - moody, unstable, neurotic and shy
    • Ray (Sanguine) - sociable, carefree, level-headed and materialistic
    • John (Choleric) - confident, dramatic, cynical and anxious
    • Robby (Melancholic) - quiet, passive-aggressive, stubborn and idealistic
  • Duran Duran: Simon Le Bon is choleric; Nick Rhodes is melancholic; John Taylor is sanguine; and Roger Taylor is phlegmatic. Former guitarist Andy Taylor is a little harder to pin down, but for that very reason, he may have very well been leukine, which would complete the five-temperament format.
  • Franz Ferdinand: Lead Singer/Guitarist Alex Kapranos is sanguine; Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboardist Nick McCarthy is choleric; Drummer Paul Thompson is melancholic; and Bassist Bob Hardy is phlegmatic.
  • Gorillaz: Murdoc is choleric; 2D is sanguine; Noodle is melancholic; and Russel is phlegmatic.
  • Glay: Teru is sanguine; Takuro is choleric; Hisashi is phlegmatic; and Jiro is melancholic.
  • Japan: David was choleric; Mick was sanguine; Steve was phlegmatic; Rich was melancholic; and Rob was leukine.
  • Joy Division: Ian Curtis was melancholic; Bernard Sumner was phlegmatic; Peter Hook was choleric; Stephen Morris was sanguine.
  • Katy Perry: Stylistically, her four albums roughly match with a temperament.
    • One of The Boys is choleric, having a lot more rock elements and generally sounding rawer and angrier than her later albums.
    • Teenage Dream is sanguine, many dance songs about joy and happiness, pure pop.
    • Prism is melancholic with the latter half of the album being very introspective and a level into maturity.
    • Witness is phlegmatic, with the songs primarily sounding a lot more downbeat than her earlier work and calming.
  • L'arc-en-Ciel: Hyde is phlegmatic; Ken is melancholic; Tetsu is choleric; Yukihiro (1997-present) is sanguine; and Sakura (1992-1997) was leukine.
  • Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant is Choleric, Jimmy Page is Melancholic, John Bonham was Sanguine, and John Paul Jones is Phlegmatic.
  • Luna Sea: Ryuichi is sanguine; Sugizo is melancholic; Inoran is phlegmatic; J is choleric; Shinya is leukine.
  • The Monkees: Davy Jones was sanguine; Michael Nesmith was choleric; Peter Tork was melancholic; and Micky Dolenz was phlegmatic.
  • Manic Street Preachers: James Dean Bradfield is choleric, Nicky Wire is sanguine, Richey Edwards was melancholic, and Sean Moore is phlegmatic.
  • New Order: Bernard Sumner is Melancholic, Peter Hook was Choleric, Gillian Gilbert is Phlegmatic, Stephen Morris is Sanguine.
  • Nirvana: Kurt Cobain was melancholic, Krist Novoselic is phlegmatic, Dave Grohl is sanguine and Pat Smear was supine.
  • Oasis: Liam Gallagher is choleric, Noel Gallagher is melancholic, Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs is sanguine, Paul "Guigsy" Mc Guigan is phlegmatic and Alan White is leukine.
  • Panic! at the Disco: Brendon Urie is sanguine; Ryan Ross is melancholic; Spencer Smith is leukine; Jon Walker is choleric.
  • Pantera: Phil Anselmo is choleric; "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was sanguine; Rex Brown is melancholic; and Vinnie Paul is phlegmatic.
  • Pink Floyd: Roger Waters is choleric; Syd Barrett was melancholic; Rick Wright was phlegmatic; Nick Mason is sanguine.
  • Queen: Freddie Mercury was choleric; Brian May is melancholic; Roger Taylor is sanguine; and John Deacon is phlegmatic.
  • Radiohead: Thom is choleric; Jonny is melancholic; Ed is sanguine; Phil is phlegmatic; and Colin is leukine.
  • R.E.M. (the classic lineup): Michael Stipe is melancholic; Peter Buck is choleric; Mike Mills is sanguine; and Bill Berry is phlegmatic.
  • The Rolling Stones (post-1993 lineup): Mick Jagger is choleric; Keith Richards is sanguine; Ronnie Wood is melancholic; Charlie Watts is phlegmatic.
  • Scooter: H.P. is choleric; Rick is melancholic (but not depressed); and Michael is phlegmatic.
    • Ex-members - Ferris was sanguine; Axel was leukine; and Jay was phlegmatic.
  • Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten is melancholic; Steve Jones is choleric; Paul Cook is phlegmatic; Sid Vicious was sanguine; and Glen Matlock is leukine.
  • Soulfly (Current line-up):
    • Max: Choleric
    • Marc: Melancholic
    • Zyon: Phlegmatic
    • Mike: Sanguine
  • Space (1996 line-up): Tommy (sanguine); Jamie (choleric); Andy (melancholic); and Franny (phlegmatic).
    • Of the later members, Leon, Allan and Yorkie are all phlegmatic, Ryan is melancholic and Phil is choleric.
  • The Stone Roses: Ian Brown is melancholic, John Squire is choleric, Mani is Sanguine, Reni is Phlegmatic.
  • System of a Down: Singer/keyboardist Serj Tankian is sanguine; Guitarist/Singer Daron Malakian is choleric; Bassist Shavo Odadjian is phlegmatic; and Drummer John Dolmayan is melancholic.
  • Tool: Maynard James Keenan is choleric; Danny Carey is sanguine; Adam Jones is melancholic; and Justin Chancellor is phlegmatic.
  • U2: Bono is sanguine (most of the time); Edge is melancholic; Adam is phlegmatic; and Larry is choleric.
  • The Who:
    • Roger (Choleric) - hard-working, uptight, temperamental and domineering.
    • Pete (Melancholic) - self-righteous, insecure, stubborn and temperamental.
    • John (Phlegmatic) - moody, charming, witty and mischievous.
    • Keith (Sanguine) - hyper-active, arrogant, temperamental and insecure.
  • XTC: Andy Partridge is choleric; Colin Moulding is sanguine; Dave Gregory is melancholic; Terry Chambers is phlegmatic.
  • The Wiggles: Greg is choleric (he even wears yellow); Jeff is phlegmatic; Murray (wearing red) is Sanguine; and Anthony is melancholic.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer: Luke Hemmings is melancholic, Michael Clifford is phlegmatic, Calum Hood is sanguine, Ashton Irwin is choleric


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