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    Male Students 

Airon Men

Ultimate Extreme Ironer

"If something needs straightening out, don't fret! Airon Men will be there in no sweat!"

The notorious Airon Men, known for his ridiculous stunts involving the absurd implementation of the mundane chore of Ironing, has garnered a worldwide audience ever since his first miraculous stunt involving base jumping off halfway up mount Fuji. The unprecedented absurdity of his choice to strap an ironing board to his torso and iron two shirts in the process, however, was something that really caught the media’s attention. Not only to mention his age at the time, which was somewhat unfathomable.

Due to exposure from the media. Airon grew almost instantly with popularity, and with this popularity found Airon being labelled as having ‘superhuman abilities’ almost as if he was being portrayed as a superhero. There was a fanbase around him, and with this fanbase came a high demand for Airon. He began appearing on television shows, performed cameo’s in soap operas, all while performing the unbelievable stunts involving his unique talent of ironing laundry.

Airon Men currently hosts his own television show, where every week there is a new stunt even bigger and better than one could possibly imagine. These involve incredible feats of strength, gut-wrenchingly brave activities and most of all, reviewing the new ironing products put on display. Airon Men could be the reason why the market for household appliances is currently bloated with carefully crafted Ironing boards and Irons.

He currently lives alone. Where he lives is classified to the general public. But, the ‘hero’ always responds to emails and collaboration efforts. Seeming to show his face everywhere and as much as possible.

Baron Dynamite

Ultimate Demolitionist

"I'm walkin' destruction - when I sing, the world answers."

Baron Dynamite joined Hope's Peak Academy as a first-year student in the middle of the first semester of his class. Many were surprised by this late scouting, but the staff has stated that the boy's abilities were without peer. And even if some laughed about his appearance at first, he quickly proved them wrong to do that. The Ultimate Demolitionist was indeed an expert on different forms of destruction and used all available means to create the perfect obliteration - with no human harm done, and maximum structural havoc created.

While such abilities might be dangerous to society, Dynamite has claimed that he had never killed or injured anyone - a claim that many believe to be false, considering that his personality is rumored to be "as abrasive as explosives are." However, perhaps his confidence, trademark clothing, and bold statements are not just for show, but instead, they reflect who he really is as a person - without being a power fantasy or a claim to fame. Whatever the boy's reasoning is, his abilities are widely recognized, and he is a definite asset to the Academy - especially if they were willing to bypass the standard procedure to include a "late scouting" in a first-year class.

Lukas Von Gutenberg

Lil' Ultimate ???

"The gift of life is the right to die."

Lukas von Gutenberg...? Doesn't ring a bell. Any bells, for that matter. Who is this boy?

Joeseph Asamori

Ultimate Busker

"When Judas kissed Jesus, it was because he was jealous of him."

[Read from a recent newspaper article:] YOYOGI PARK, TOKYO - Usually, Yoyogi Park seems quite serene in the early hours of the day, few visitors loitering about and the chirping of birds playing a melody for the grey mornings. However, these songbirds don’t seem to be the tune nature is dancing to - it’s the soft ring of a few guitar strings giving off cheerful vibes to onlookers around its possessor, one Joseph Asamori (18).

Buskers are far from a rare sight in Japan’s parks, but Asamori seems to simply draw crowds to him, as it’s been reported that Yoyogi Park sees a fair increase in visitors whenever Asamori nowadays decides to grace pedestrians with his talent. People cite many reasons as to explain Asamori’s rise in popularity: some say it’s the fact that he dresses a touch more classy, as if he was about to head to a large concert hall to give an elegant piano recital. Others simply approve of his choice of instrument and more minimalistic music with sheer heart behind it, different from all the noise more upbeat, rowdy musicians tend to make. Female fans in particular seem to be simply entranced by his ‘beautiful eyes’, witnesses say. Though we don’t know what exactly lies behind it, it seems as though Asamori is more than happy to put a smile on people’s faces with his music. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see an entire concert led by him in Yoyogi Park by the end of the year if he keeps reeling in these crowds with simply a guitar and a knowing gaze?

Martin Castillo

Ultimate Stage Combatant

"Do not worry, for I, Martin Castillo, have come to rescue you!"

Upon googling Martín Castillo, the first link that will appear will immediately catch someone’s attention: “Golden Glove Team - Limited Offer.” As they click it, an announcement video will immediately play, accompanied by a very Spanish song that gives the viewer encouragement and strength.

“Gather around, señoras y señores, for we have a spectacle for you. Romance, drama, vengeance… our stories have it all. El Teatro Griego is proud to present you the newest swashbuckler play, produced by the famous Golden Dove Team, and led by none other than the young Martín Castillo, known for original plays such as One Too Many Kings, The Wounded Hound, The Castle in Ruins, and recreations of classic tales like The Princess Bride and, The Three Musketeers, amongst others. But that’s not all, mis amigos! El señorito Martin is one of the best fencers in Spain, having years of experience in the sport and possessing many medals that he won through various competitions. To top it all off, his charisma and charm have been the nemesis of many young men whose ladies have been captivated by them. Kiss your lover goodbye if he ever tries to pull a move on them, for he will not hesitate to fight for what he wants!”

“Join us in this limited offer, as Martin will take a leave of absence to focus on his new studies in Japan after being scouted by Hope’s Peak Academy as the Ultimate Stage Combatant.”

Ryuu Fukami

Ultimate Cold Case Investigator

"Helping those in need, serving justice, and being a hero... those are the three most important things in life!.. though, not gonna lie, udon is a close fourth."

Very little is known to the public about Ryuu Fukami - but that doesn’t stop him from being pretty well known. A couple months back, several businesses in Kyoto awoke to find something incredibly strange on their doorsteps… five different files, stuffed to the brim with evidence, theories, and recordings that would soon go on to solve five cases that had been previously though unsolvable.

The news outlets, the police departments, the lawyers offices - no business that was vaguely connected to solving crimes was spared that night in Kyoto.

A couple days later, when the news gripped the nation, a young teen boy named Ryuu Fukami stepped forward, claiming to be the mysterious ‘Mind’s Eye’, as they had labelled themselves in the case files. At first, he was met with increduality…

...but when Ryuu produced a copy of the original files from which the rest had been photocopied from, and when the handwriting tests all lined up, the public had no choice but to believe it was him…

And, whilst some still tried to claim he was simply a hoax or a fraud, it wasn’t long before Hope’s Peak swept him up into their ranks, either. In fact, some called it surprisingly fast.

Tihkoosue Wolfe

Ultimate Taxidermist

"Listen to the earth; nature is not quiet, man is but deaf."

An expert of the knife and needle, Tihkoosue’s talent revolves around creating taxidermy displays from the bodies of deceased animals. With his skill, he is able to preserve the carcasses exactly as they were while alive. His talent was recognised shortly after he preserved the highly endangered red wolf species.

In his personal life, Tihkoosue is known to come from a family of woodcarvers. He was taught taxidermy by his father as a child. He’s an avid environmental activist, and is often sighted at campaigns and protests. He is also heavily involved in organising of local events, and is a highly beloved member of his community.

Tobin Lupin Whyte

Ultimate Parlor Trickster

"I can show you anything, but believing is your choice."

Tobin Lupin Whyte is a trickster extraordinaire who's famous for using a grand amount of perception, planning, and audience participation to create his many tricks. Born on January 18th, Tobin was a somewhat large, mild-mannered English child. But even as a child, he gained fame in school for his elaborate card tricks and even some pranks as he grew older. Encouraged by his newfound fame to take his tricks out of the classroom, he began to consistently attend and win talent shows with several dazzling and mind-boggling acts. Each one carried some originality to it from how he interacted with the audience. He was recently invited to Hope’s Peak Academy, and in the months leading up to his enrollment, he’s been absent from shows or press releases. To this day, he hasn't shared the secrets behind his tricks.

  • Horror Hunger: If his craving for meat in werewolf form is anything to go by...
  • Meaningful Name: The word Lupin means relation to wolves. Tobin is a werewolf.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: While Tobin is similiar to a werewolf, he isn't exactly one:
    Tobin: If you wanna be cute about it, yes, I'm a 'werewolf'...But make no mistake; I'm still...still just as monsterous.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: As a werewolf-like creature.

Xzavier Aitminn

Ultimate Stock Car Racer

"Move forward so fast that it's impossible to look back!!"

All the way from California, comes Ultimate Stock Car Racer Xzavier Aitminn! He began his racing career when he was in middle school, and hasn’t taken his foot on the brake since then. Knowing more about cars than anything else, Xzavier does best on a track, behind a steering wheel, and is not afraid to admit that as the truth! Don’t let his charming, vintage, and plain old outdated slang and personality fool you. Xzavier is the fiercest, most fearless driver one could go up against, and will do just about anything to win a race fair and square. However, off the track, he maintains a public personality on youtube and instagram accounts “Aitminn Racing”, where he documents all kinds of of car-related content.

Aside from that, if you ever find yourself stuck on fixing a car, Xzavier is also the founder, owner, and currently the only person managing “Aitminn Automotive Modification Consultations”! Though the title only cites the modifications, Xzavier will help you with, and walk you through anything you need to know to get your car anywhere from up and running, to the ultimate speed machine. From anywhere on the planet you contact him from! Despite his success in the mechanic business, Xzavier still shines in, and seems to favor, racing.

Outside of his cars, not much is known about Xzavier’s home life, and he does not seem open to speaking about it online, or in interviews. All that is known, is that Xzavier is beating the odds of something to be where he is today, and was often told that it would never happen. His lips are tightly sealed about what that something is, but he has mentioned it a few times, usually seeming by mistake. It should be known, for this reason, that Xzavier does what he does not only because he loves it with all of his heart and soul, but because he wants everyone else who was ever told that their dreams are impossible, to keep following them no matter what. Lately, it has been said that Xzavier seems a bit more nervous and distrusting. He shies away from interviews, and no one is quite sure why. Perhaps we will never know! However, it does not seem that Xzavier intends to slow down now, or anytime soon at all.

    Female Students 

Danuja Koyanagi

Ultimate Kenshibu Performer

"All Giants reign alone."

The Fan and the Sword:

Those are but simple tools of the trade for the Ultimate Kenshibu Performer, Danuja Koyanagi. Seen performing during celebratory demonstrations and local festivals in the East of Japan, the young woman in the straw hat and green Kimono has quickly gained more and more attention over the course of two years, garnering quite an internet following from the niche enthusiasts of the art of Sword Dancing.

Regarding her origins, where she exactly comes from and her personal background are mostly unknown/hidden. Renowned as having just appeared one day in public, ready to give out her first performance without any buildup, she is thought to be as impulsive as she is elusive - nobody can exactly pinpoint what she has been up to for the past 19 years of her life, partly due to her only ever appearing in public in her notorious face-covering straw hat, and partly from not being able to find out any other information about her academic education (her low fame prior to being scouted might have also been yet another factor to her past being ill-researched). Judging from her skills and her surname, still, it is possible to deduce she must’ve studied at one of the Eastern and pseudo-abandoned Akira-Ryu Dojos, most likely at the one that bears the name of her own family.

When it comes to exhibitions, spectators have noted that Danuja’s movements carry an exceeding feeling of strength and decisiveness in them, acclaimed for displaying the gracious masculinity and determination of a warrior - while her Shibu skills appear to not meet the extremely high standards that the title of Ultimate usually imply, her Kenbu form has been acclaimed by critics and scouts as nothing short of impeccable, especially for a woman of her age. Her potential, coupled with her already greatly developed skills, have brought her to being chosen as part of Hope’s Peak Main Course Programs.

  • Big Eater: The reason why Danuja is overweight in the first place, considering she always keeps up a healthy diet.
  • Iaijutsu Practitioner: Referring to Danuja's Kendu form and her extremely quick sword-draw and strike technique.
  • Motor Mouth: Once she starts going on a tangent, stopping her instantly becomes very difficult.
  • Never Bareheaded: Danuja has never been seen without her straw hat on, which always covers the upper half of her face.
  • Stout Strength: Although being an almost even mixture of muscle and fat, Danuja can display incredible strength.

Kaname Uchiyanagi

Ultimate Wafuku Model

"A lady must be graceful, even if her house is on fire!"

Kaname Uchiyanagi (more commonly known as Kana, or her nickname: The Beautiful Sakura Blossom of Kyoto) started her career when she was only four years old. According to the 14-year-old, her grandmother was the one who originally pushed for Kaname to enter the modeling business, and she is still going strong with it today. Kana has been in every popular fashion magazine within the last year, but with one catch; she will only wear wafuku (traditional Japanese clothing) to her shoots. While this condition may be uncompromising, it is only a small price to pay for the simply gorgeous model.

While Kana has been working in the modeling business since she could talk, she got her big break after competing in the ‘Little Miss Japan’ contest. A representative for each prefecture is selected each year for the contest, and Kana was chosen to represent Kyoto. She fought for her spot, and in the end she ended up winning the beauty contest against 46 other competitors. From then on, she hasn’t disappeared out of the public spotlight, and in a recent survey, she was voted as the sixth most beautiful teenage girl in the country.

Kana does not hesitate to show her Kyoto pride, love for wafuku, or Kansai accent. Whenever she does an interview (which happens quite a lot) she can always be heard talking about how much love she has for her prefecture. She knows the best restaurants, the fastest shortcuts, and of course, the most trendy clothing-stores. Kana states that the thing she enjoys most about being a national-class model isn’t the fame or the partnership deals—though she likes these quite a bit, too—it is being able to represent her prefecture with style, class, and a whole lot of traditional clothing.

  • Outdated Outfit: Kana can always be seen wearing her furisode, kimono, or yukata. This corresponds with her talent, as it is to showcase traditional clothing.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: A staple example of this trope. Kana was raised in a very traditonal environment, dresses as traditonal as possible, and idolizes the traditonal ways of Japanese culture.
  • Verbal Tic: Kana is always heard speaking with a thick Kyoto/Kansai accent. It is so extreme that many characters have pointed out that they do not know what she's saying.

Kiyoko Mikami

Ultimate High Priestess

"I am Kiyoko, Kiyoko is Devil."

Little is known of Kiyoko Mikami, and how she came to be responsible for the largest cult in Japan, but it is unassailable that she wields immense influence due to that. Perhaps it is fitting,then, that the cult she manages is simply known as The Enigma, and very little is known of its inner workings. A relative few have even heard of its existence, despite its widespread influence, leading many to speculate that the members can easily pass as ordinary people on a day to day basis. Whatever the case, Kiyoko is most certainly held in high regard by the organization, although experts on the cult and the rumors surrounding it would note that her name was not valued as highly until relatively recently.

Kusuriya Hiru

Ultimate Personal Blogger

"If you're feeling like like yesterday, today, or tomorrow is the end of something you truly love, then get off your bottom and rush into it with no abandon!"

Kusuriya Hiru, the Ultimate Personal Blogger, hosts the single most popular blog on all of the internet at this point in time. Her website Kumashi has drawn an enormous amount of attention after the girl started it up by herself two years ago. The website hosts a diverse selection of both videos and blogs in a daily manner that take us, the viewers, down a trip through the lens of Kusuriya's personal favorite teddy bear Kumashi.

Kumashi, as we can see, is a teddy bear that seems to be dressed up as the late American President Theodore Roosevelt, though some liberties seem to have been taken in that there's a mask over its face and an entire arm is missing. Kusuriya's videos and blogs all hold a single overarching theme in that "You should just be yourself!" and that "It doesn't matter if you're different!"

To reiterate specifically on Kusuriya's blogs, the girl carries her teddy bear Kumashi everywhere she goes and actually films everything she does through a physical camera hidden somewhere on the bear. This makes the journey's she takes people on far more lively and realistic in that the viewers are brought alongside her as though she were the one known as Kumashi. Kusuriya travels all around Japan with Kumashi and vlogs events such as parties, karaoke nights, amusement parks, and many other interesting scenes!

One of the major sparks of interest that really gave Kumashi an exponential increase in followers stems from the fact that Kusuriya has gotten herself into a few fits of drama between YouTubers and e-celebrities alike. Theories have bloomed as to whether or not these acts were fabricated or not, but no one can deny the burst in popularity that both participants have gained from the act alone. Aside from that, however, Kusuriya also reaped benefits from dating not one, not two, but three different e-celebrities, including her current boyfriend, that either matched her or outmatched her in popularity.

To wrap things up, Kusuriya has become an icon of sorts for those looking to aspire to someone online that feels down to earth. Her vibrant and bubbly nature, along with her downright adorable appearance, have all given people a place to call home when it comes to viewing her vlogs and reading between the lines of her heartwarming messages on the blog side of things. Though her origins prior to Kumashi are somewhat hazy and full of misinformation, nobody can deny the love that is bestowed unto this joyous gift of life!

Riku Kurida

Ultimate Automation Maker

"Hi, my name is a palindrome, Kurida Riku!"

In the backstreets of Meguro, Tokyo, locals and tourists alike flock to The Golden Age, a quaint little shop dripping with historical steampunk charm. Despite its size, it’s stocked to the brim with wondrous golden trinkets and contraptions - mechanical hummingbirds that flit about period decor, playful scenes of miniature humans dancing on stages. [?̶͔͂?̵̟̀?̸̳͘?̵͘ͅ?̸̣̒?̶̲̔.] Formerly an abandoned family business, the store is currently run by a single person who simply appeared there one day. Running the register, working the lathe, and sketching the blueprints, is Riku Kurida, a charming and eccentric young girl who slaves away at the workbench by night and rakes in the dough by day. Testimonials laud the quality and artistry of [?̴̗̒?̵̤͝] her metalworking, ranging from crawling caterpillars to humans that sketch landscapes. They say walking into the store is like stepping into a fictional past of gold-leaf fauna, Victorian fashion, and analog radios. In fact, don’t you want to hop on a train to the city and visit now? [?̴̗̒?̵̤͝] Riku’s wallet awaits~

W-Wait, you mean this isn’t the place to advertise?! Fine, fine… Riku Kurida is the _a-;;t; :f\ Ɔ-;nᴉɥ auo|,f̷o̴-̵:̸-̷ S ds9̸̶̶͈͉͓̞͇̤̋̓̓́̓̅̐̀̂̑&̸̖̓̊̑̆%̵̤̠̍̌͒̋̌̃̕͠9̸͕̖̇͒͝͝)̸̛͚͎̜̃̾̿̊͘&̵̛̗͎̘̖̍̇̍̏̍͒͝|̸̜̤́̋̓}\̸̰̭̀̑̆\̴̢̼̼̠͔̙̆̏͝|̵͎́̾̔ ̸̻̎̌́̐ R̵͚̠͎͛I̸̧̮͕͗́̑̂̽͜K̸̘̥̦̬̇̔̈Ư̸͖̞͕̋̌͐ ̶̗͍̹͎̻̂̇͗̆͝C̴̯̖̋̽̌̕͝ͅÁ̶̘N̸̡͖͗͋̉ ̵͙̄Y̴͇̌̓̀͛ͅͅO̴̘͙̣͙̬̐̈͂Ȕ̷̦̓̉͘ ̴̢̜͉̺͕̕H̷̖͚̤̀̅E̵̻͉͓̫̠̊A̵͍̎̀̈́͘͠ͅŔ̷͕͙̰͓̲̀́͘ ̵̬͚̫̅̽͌͝Ũ̶̢͎͔͒̆S̸̜̟͍̜̝͂̃̍̕͝? ̸̧̰̥̼̲̚⅄̷̡̦͍͔͊͊̌̌̕O̸͈̼͇̓̍U̷̥̓̅́̊ ̵̤̪̘̑̊̊͛H̸̻̣̺́̎̈̃͘Λ̸̯̖̆̏ͅ∀̴̢̠̲̀̅͑E̷͍̖̜̹̓̀̾͐ ̶̤̲̳̱́͒̌͠T̵̖̗̱̯́͠-.̴̞̟̉̇ͅ.̶̧̭̗̾.̵͕̔́.̶̬͇̐͛͒̋ͅ.̵̝̖̾̐.̷̘̬̰͔̫̀̍.̷̜̘̟͋.̶̨͇͉͇̜̎̐̀.̵̣͚̙̬̳͂̆̏̑̌.̷̪͇̌͂̌̂.̵̧̤̫̩͉̌.̶̭̭͐̊.̶͔̉̔.̷͎̖̠̟͎͂̔.̷̛̪̝̎̚͝͠.̵̣̊.̶̨͊͛̈͘.̶̨̢̪̭̏̓́.̸̨̱͈̯͑̋.̸̛͉̥̩̩̻.̷̝̓̾͛͛͠.̶̧̼̖̙̹́̇̓͗́.̵̤̑̃́̎̚.̴̡̧̛͎̄͋̍.̸͖̽͒͝.̶̧̼͖̀͠ͅ.̵̖͂̈́.̵̖̮̤̥̀̉̐.̸̣͈̀͊͑̈́

Riku is a wonderful girl who loves to make automata!

  • Amnesiacs are Innocent: Riku claims to not remember anything before age 12. She is also very innocent. ;)
  • Hearing Voices: Something or someone appears to be talking to Riku in her public backstory. Weird. Creepy!


Ultimate Combat Medic

"The true tragedy of life comes not from death, but from what we allow to die within us while we live."


Teru Mitsuba

Ultimate Spelunker

"Caves are sorta like me; cold, hard, doesn't care about your opinion, the coolest thing around, and way deeper than you would expect, but noboDY CARES ENOUGH TO E Xplore them."

Teru Mitsuba, also known as the Ultimate Spelunker, has a very enigmatic past. Any attempt to locate her name in records before the publishing of a journal with extensive maps, notes, and illustrations of an undiscovered cave is resulted in failure. Her discoveries swept the scientific community with new species and maps of the underground that had never been seen before. All that is known about her aside from what is revealed in her journal is that she is exceptionally hard to contact and very rarely seen.

If one was to make use of her published journal, they would be able to gather that she is a rather bubbly person with neat handwriting and draws smiley faces in every other sentence, but that does very little to reveal who she is. It is also able to be deduced that she is a very studied person, seeing as how her notes frequently used difficult terminology that most people, even scientists, would be unfamiliar with. Teru Mitsuba is a name few would recognise, and even fewer would understand.

  • Aggressive Categorism: Teru judges people on sight, not giving them a chance to interact before deciding whether or not she likes them.
  • Ambiguously Absent Parent: Teru, when speaking with Xzavier, has touched on the fact that she never saw her mom, though she does remember having one.
  • Bad Liar: It's almost laughable how bad at lying Teru can be. She is, on the other hand, a good actor though.
  • Boots of Toughness: Teru wears leather belted boots, which are caked in coal dust.
  • Can't See a Damn Thing: Teru's vision is fairly poor, as she is nearsighted. She does not realise this, however, and denies the need for glasses.
  • Chaotic Stupid: There's almost a blatant disregard for rules and social norms when it comes to Teru's behaviours.
  • Clint Squint: Teru is often squinting, whether or not there are lights shining.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: The frequency of the word 'fuck' from someone so small is almost shocking.
  • Deaf Composer: Teru denies her standing as an Ultimate, and prefers to be known as a "simple miner" rather than the Ultimate Spelunker.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Teru constantly says the same thing in numerous ways, even if she's only doing it to sound cool.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Teru is not too fond of honorifics and titles being used with her name. She tells people not to do it, and gets upset if they continue.
  • Dramatic Deadpan: Teru will deadpan at people to let them know they've fucked up.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Even though Teru is an idiot, she can bring up fair points sometimes.
  • Dumb Muscle: Teru may be strong, but she doesn't have much of a brain to back it up.
  • First-Name Basis: Teru refers to everybody by their first name without honorifics, disregarding all politeness in doing so.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Teru has two purple-dyed pigtails.
  • Hypocrite: Teru will say rude things about people that apply to herself as well.
  • Imaginary Friend: Teru drew a face onto an apple and named it David. She proceeded to treat this apple as a close friend, talking to it as if it could listen.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Teru acts quite egotistical, despite referring to herself as "shit" and "stupid" in casual conversation repeatedly.
  • Innocently Insensitive: As stated to Xzavier, Teru is only looking to have fun when she insults people. She means no real harm, and gets upset when she realises her words have hurt someone.
  • Kiddie Kid: There's no denying that Teru is immature for her age, and she's often seen giggling like a child over mundane things.
  • Literally Laughable Question: General knowledge is not something Teru is known for having, so questions like "What the fuck is a Texas?" come up often.
  • Mouthy Kid: Teru is small and never shuts up. Her loud mouth will talk over anybody that tries to shut her down.
  • The Napoleon: Teru seems to be sensitive about her height and will respond quite aggressively if someone calls her short in a tone she doesn't like.
  • No Indoor Voice: Teru does not understand the concept of being quiet. Even her whispers can be heard by a full room if it's quiet enough.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father abandoned her as a child in the mines.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: She tells off Airon how worthless she thinks she is.

Tomomi Nanashima

Ultimate Onmyouji

"Come here, child~ Let Big Sister tell you a story!"

The Nanashima family is a group that has been prominent in Japan for centuries, fighting the invisible war between apparition and human - even if you may not have caught wind of it... You may not know them by name, but surely you’ve seen their talismans and news of a village plagued by drought suddenly blessed by the heavens. The work of the onmyouji is not one that garners worldwide praise, but rather the sincere thanks of those helped directly by their efforts to contain and protect.

And yet for such popular local heroes, almost nothing is known about them.

This includes Tomomi Nanashima, the current youngest onmyouji in the family line. Her first glimpse of public recognition came during her brief run-in with spirits that had cursed the famous Hope’s Peak Academy. Amazed by the work the total stranger did, the school invited her as a late registration to attend as the Ultimate Onmyouji.

    C 4 CH 3 

The Catalogue for Computerized Humans, Mark 3 (or C.4.C.H.3.), is a robotic interface with six different personalities inside it.

Tropes relating to C.4.C.H.3. in general

  • Brain Uploading: The method by which the personalities were added to C.4.C.H.3.
  • Dead All Along: Every personality in C.4.C.H.3. died in some way prior to their addition. Daido died of a disease, Kamin died in a car crash and Dusty was "murdered", with the others having died in non-specified ways.
  • Immortality Immorality: About half the cast feels deeply uncomfortable with the robot, and some of the robot's passengers are inclined to agree with them.
  • Mind Hive: They take turns in control, but you get the sense that they aren't too happy about it. Daido insists that they are only sharing until the device is out of the prototype stage.

Tomoko Yamashita

Ultimate Role Model

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." -Kobe Bryant

You might recognize the name Tomoko Yamashita as the former Ultimate Role Model, a humanitarian volunteer most famous for working with underprivileged children and foster kids. But as far as you know, no one ever mentioned her not being human...

  • Do Not Call Me 'Tomoko': Downplayed, Tomo doesn't like using her full first name but she won't fly off the handle if someone accidentally uses it.
  • Friend to All Children: Tomo got scouted by HPA for being one of these, and she's living up to it even after her death.
  • Rousseau Was Right
  • Stepford Smiler: As the Ultimate Role Model, Tomo feels it is her responsibility to set a good example for those around her. So when things get tough, expect her to put on a brave face and keep up the mask until no one is around to see her break down.
  • The Conscience
  • The Ingenue
  • The Kirk: Tomo often operates as the peacekeeper in the C.4.C.H.3.crew.

Kamin Takenaka

Ultimate Racecar Driver

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." ― Mario Andretti

While recruited as a rising star in Japan’s infant Formula One circuit, Ultimate Racecar Driver Kamin Takenaka is only really famous for two things: winning the World Championship as the youngest driver ever… and his horrible accidental death while attempting to set a land speed record for his Hope’s Peak Academy exam. But that was… a while ago??? What is he doing here???

Chizue Sasaki

Ultimate Insurance Investigator

"There are plenty of recommendations on how to get out of trouble cheaply and fast. Most of them come down to this: deny your responsibility." -Lyndon B. Johnson

Chizue Sasaki, the Ultimate Insurance Investigator, was well-known among those who worked with her as a woman who wouldn't take any bullshit. Nothing got past her, and god help anyone who tried to pull one over on her. She generally led a private life, so not much is known about her. Still, you can't shake the feeling that you've heard her name before... there's something familiar about the name, but you just can't place why you know it.

Midori Mōri

Ultimate Carpenter

"Wood is universally beautiful to man: it is the most humanely intimate of all materials." —Frank Lloyd Wright

Not much is known about Midori Mōri. She is rumored to be the carpenter behind the mysterious ‘Yotsuba Art’ wooden furniture line in the town of Iwakuni, but even there she was a bit of a niche artist and preferred to remain anonymous. Outside of southern Honshu, no one is likely to have heard of her work. Still, the name seems familiar for some reason….

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Midori tends bottle things up and won't share what's on her mind most of the time, but when she finally snaps...Yikes.
  • No Social Skills: Midori does not being around people or talking to them. At all.
  • Reclusive Artist: In-universe. Midori sold her carpentry under a pseudonym and prefers to avoid people whenever possible.
  • Shrinking Violet: Midori is painfully shy, hates being around people, and can barely get through a sentence without either stuttering, trailing off, or softening her words with an "I guess..."
  • The Woobie: Midori is the youngest member of the C.4.C.H.3. crew, being only 16 when she died, and she's definitely suffering from some kind of serious trauma associated with it. (There are also hints that her life before the robot wasn't really that great either.)

Daido Sho

Ultimate Game Show Host

"Heeeeeeello and welcome, to the Awesome and Fantastic Daido Show!"

Daido Sho is a name anyone would recognize immediately. A well-known and well-liked Japanese Game Show Host, Daido had branched out into several international spin-off shows, many of which he would make frequent cameos on, and only if he couldn't be the full-time host. He was a minor celebrity, his face on tabloids and pop culture channels all over Japan, and had his own rabid following of fans...

That is, until his young death at the hands of Juvenile Tay-Sachs disease, a condition he had kept secret from the public. His death was widely publicized, so... how is he here?

  • Excited Kids' Show Host: His Talent.
  • Guile Hero: Daido manages to get some food and information out of Diarmukei before the latter's defeat by tricking the dragon into believing he was a new employee of the park.
  • Large Ham: When introducing himself or interviewing someone.
  • Mortality Phobia: Daido obsessively refers to his current living situation as a "full-body transplant" despite the fact that he was legally declared dead.
  • The Face: Apart from Tomo, Daido is easily the most well-liked member of the C.4.C.H.3. crew.

Benjiro Takai

Ultimate Mortician

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Benjiro “Dusty” Takai, the Ultimate Mortician, is hardly a household name. You may not have heard of him at all—his fame is definitely “special interest.” If you are interested in that sort of thing you might have heard of the so called “Yokohama Death Artist”—a painter and sculptor whose canvas is the dead—but not much more than that.




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