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Patch Land from Kirby's Epic Yarn will be one of the new stages.
You can interact with and unravel parts of the environment. Plus, who wouldn't want to fight on an arena that feels like pants?

They were all great and memorable stages. Personally I'd root for Sunset Shore or Foggy Fumes and give everyone the silhouette effect (which could come in handy in team battles), but anything would do, really.
  • Confirmed; a level for the Wii U version based on the game is confirmed. The main gimmick of the level, however, is that a set of barrel cannons will send players between the background and foreground of the stage.

Two Words, Wuhu Island.
Let's face it, this island was the setting of
Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, and Pilotwings Resort.And now it has two tracks (and a Battle Stage) in Mario Kart 7.

It seems likely that the island will be in the 4th Games. It can work the same as Delfino Plaza, Only this is not just the towns, but it can start at Wuhu Town, then Windmill Park, Lakeside Castle, even the The Mysterious Ruins can be the part of the stage.

  • Confirmed! Wuhu Island appears as stage alongside the third island from Pilotwings.
    • Confirmed twice over; Wuhu Island appears not just in the background of the Pilotwings stage, but there's also a stage wherein players can fight upon the island itself, as seen in the October Direct.

Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. 3, (or Super Mario Advance 4 if it's a 3DS stage.)
Hopefully it'll have the Koopa Bros. battle theme as bonus stage music.

MGS3 is getting a rerelease on the 3DS, so Nintendo fans will have a chance to be familiar with that area long before SSB4 comes out.

Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes.
Sega seems to be trying to make this the modern Green Hill Zone, seeing as it features in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and
Sonic Generations.

The Sealed Grounds from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
It's a large area with numerous platforms around the edges as well as a temple. It's also highly dynamic with the possibility of several hazards.Possible sequence of events:
  • The Imprisoned breaks loose and stomps around the level in a fashion similar to the Ultimate Chimera in New Pork City; players could stand on its head with no risk of damage, though.
  • Eventually, The Imprisoned is driven back when Groose runs in and starts launching bombs at it from the Groosenator; the bombs would cause heavy damage and knockback to anybody hit by them, and whoever was camping on The Imprisoned's head will probably die instantly.
  • After warning sounds play for a few seconds, anybody stupid enough to stay in the pit will be hit by the falling Sky Keep, which will briefly replace the pit with the Goddess Temple and change the layout of the stage.
  • The Sky Keep returns to the heavens, hurting anyone standing on it. The events then repeat themselves.

The Roivas Mansion from Eternal Darkness
Aside from Geist, Eternal Darkness is the only M-Rated game directly published and owned by Nintendo. If the inclusion of Solid Snake is any indication, they are willing to include elements of mature games so long as the element itself isn't questionable. The stage would be set in the foyer of the mansion, with different sanity effects influencing the level structure and events during the fight.
  • Due to its home game's penchant for messing with your head, stage transitions could take you to the other locations from the game — the Forbidden City, Angkor Thom, Oublié Cathedral and Ehn'gha, and then flash back to the mansion. Maybe even the Trapper Dimension as a rare random effect.

A prison.
This will be an original stage for the Smash Bros. universe. The cells will hold various Nintendo characters who, of course, aren't playable. Prisoners could include Mach Rider, Wes, Rawk Hawk, Mr. Sandman, Adam Malkovitch, and Midna, just to name a few. As an added bonus, you can hear the characters cheering/jeering the fighters.
  • Why the hell would it be a prison?!? That's kinda bleak. Wouldn't a stadium be preferable? Maybe the Midair Stadium from Brawl could stand in for Final Destination or Battlefield.
    • Maybe the game's villain keeps them in there? It could work as a story mode stage where you free the imprisoned characters.

N's Castle
If N doesn't make it in as a fighter, the next best thing is having his castle as a stage where he's having the ultimate battle with Hilda/Hilbert as the backdrop. It's the most logical replacement for Spear Pillar, anyway.
  • The duel between the two could even spill over into the battle between the fighters as a stage event. For instance, Zekrom's Fusion Bolt or Reshiram's Fusion Flare could miss its intended target (read: the other dragon), resulting in Zekrom's tail sweeping across the battlefield or a massive fireball hurtling down from above. If the battle goes on long enough, eventually N's dragonnote  is knocked out and he moves on to his other Pokémon, resulting in events such as Zoroark's illusions causing a massive Interface Screw, Klinklang bouncing across the stage after receiving a massive hit from Hilda/Hilbert's dragon, Archeops swooping over the stage as it dodges the attacks of Hilda/Hilbert's dragon, Carracosta sliding across the stage like Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. U, and Vanilluxe's Blizzards act as a recurring hazard that the players must hide from whenever they get too close to the stage. If the battle wears on really long, N will be defeated and the fight with Ghetsis will begin, resulting in his Pokémon being the stage hazards. If the battle continues long enough for Ghetsis to be defeated as well, eventually Celebi or Dialga will pass through and catapult the players back in time to the beginning of N's battle with Hilbert/Hilda, repeating the cycle.
    • Confirmed, albeit on a technicality; the Unova Pokémon League's hazards come from the appearance of N's Castle, and it functions as a spiritual successor to Brawl's Spear Pillar, with appearances from Reshiram, Zekrom, Whimsicott, Shaymin, and Milotic, the former two being the only ones who have an impact on the stage.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was one of the first Sonic games released on a Nintendo system, so it has an important place in Nintendo's history. And the ARK was an important location in that game (as well as in Shadow the Hedgehog, which also got a release on GameCube.)
  • Jossed; the Sonic stage of choice for Smash 4 is Windy Hill.

There is no Mother 1 representation yet when it comes to stages or characters besides stickers, so why not? Once in a while, Giegue/Giygas would show up in the background and attack, and the only way you can avoid it is to sidestep dodge. If that's too powerful, maybe some Starmen.
  • The only problem is what the English translation would call it.
    • Smash 4 does indeed have a Mother 1 stage; however, it is actually Magicant.

Or some other stage inspired by the Mario Galaxy games; I'd be surprised if there wasn't one.
  • Alternatively, the Observatory or Starship Mario. Both could go around visiting different galaxies from the games.
  • Confirmed for the most part; the Wii U's Mario Galaxy stage seems to take place mostly on the starting planet from the galaxy.

The Bridge of Eldin will return...
Only mirrored.

A Pokémon Snap Themed stage
It would be a moving stage where you whiz past several different Pokemon in their natural habitat. A lot of Pokémon will interact with the fighters (Charizard blasting them with fire, Tyranitar swiping at the stage, Cofagrigus grabbing players).

The Pac-Man Maze
Could make for some interesting combat. The fruit could be used for health as well.
  • Not much of a guess. It was shown in his trailer.

Either based on Medusa's castle or the area Pit fights Hades in chapter 23/25. In this stage, it would be one of those stages where the God/Goddess interferes and attacks the players and like Spear Pillar, could alternate between who is in the background. Bonus points if Pit gets a CODEC like Snake and can talk to the God/Goddess in the background with Lady Palutena there and another bonus point where if Dark Pit is Pit's alternate costume, Dark Pit's voice will be talking to the God/Goddess instead.
  • The stage idea itself is jossed; Palutena's Temple and Reset Bomb Forest are Smash 3DS' and Wii U's new stages. That said, Pit does get a Smash Taunt of his own on the former.

Some variant of Bowser's Castle
It would make a perfect side-scrolling stage like Mushroomy Kingdom was in Brawl. It's a staple in almost every Mario game and could incorporate elements from all of them. The initial scrolling portion would be an homage to World 1-4, followed by a chandelier climb reminiscent of Super Mario RPG. Then the next section would be a run across the parapets while being shot at by Bullet Bills and chased by tanks, a la Super Mario Bros. 3. And finally, there would be a big, red door that takes the players to a boss room, in which a random member of the Koopalings will join the fight as a hazard. After the Koopaling takes enough hits, the floor drops out of the stage and returns the players to the beginning of the scrolling part of the level.
  • There's been more Bowser's Castles than that!
    • Of course. I was just lisitng some of more iconic ones. Other games you could pull elements from would be Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, the Galaxy games, etc.

Every Smash game has had a Metroid stage with rising lava as a hazard. This stage would continue that tradition, while also representing the newest Metroid game. For those who haven't played, this is the area where Samus fights Ridley, the location of that infamous cutscene.
  • Confirmed! We have the Pyrosphere!

In this stage,you can either fight on the park grounds where you can see some of your Miis walking around Nintendo Land or on top of the tower. Bonus points if some items burst out of the tower.

Not as in the place, but the character himself. At one point in Chapter 23, Pit is swallowed by Hades and has to battle his way out from inside Hades's body. The stage takes place inside there, and Hades will comment on what's going on in battle.

It'd be a giant Tetris game, with the characters fighting on top of the tetriminoes. They would randomly fall from the top of the stage and collect at the bottom, and occasionally rotate in midair. You would only be able to fall off the stage by being knocked into an empty column.

If Simon Belmont is a playable character, then it makes sense to have his stage be the iconic setting of the franchise, but even more than that... It's the entirety of the original Castlevania remade as a scrolling stage for Smash Bros, complete with its iconic enemies and bosses, eventually leading to Dracula's Throne Room, before sending the fighters falling back to the start of the stage. It also works as a sort of pun as the stage is Castlevania. Even taking the Japanese name of the franchise into account still makes the stage name work as both the original game and the castle are Akumajou Dracula or Demon Castle Dracula. In addition, despite Castlevania taking on its iconic form, it ends up being the most chaotic of the stages with its scrolling, hazards and enemies, making it the Fighting Game version of Chaos Architecture.

They've already made stages for Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, so why not Wrecking Crew? The blocks can be broken if attacked enough, and have a small chance of leaving items. The bombs serve the same purpose they did in the original game (the former damaging bricks lined up with it when it explodes, and the latter being dropped to trap enemies). Eggplant Man, the fireball, and Foreman Spike all occasionally appear as stage hazards, performing the same functions they had in the original (Eggplant Man runs around in a predictable pattern, and Foreman Spike tries to push players off of platforms), though Eggplant Man can also hurt you if touched, and Foreman Spike can be knocked away if hit with a strong enough attack.
  • Confirmed.

Nintendo has made a few pinball games, including Pinball for the NES, Pokémon Pinball, Kirby's Pinball Land, Mario Pinball Land, and Metroid Prime Pinball; and they published the Vivarium-made Odama. A pinball-theme staged based off of any of those (or incorporating elements from all of them) could be plausible.

The boxing ring is indeed a Punch-Out!! stage
The boxing ring has been a bit of a heated subject among fans, but there is solid evidence that the stage is based on the boxing classic.
  • For one, the architecture is pretty much the same as the Major and World circuits from the Wii game. The ring's ropes also match the color of the ropes in the Major Circuit, blue-white-white-red.
  • The Smash logo appears in the middle of the ring, but it also appeared in Brawl's Mario Circuit and Distant Planet in the background. The Smash symbol makes sense instead of the W.V.B.A. logo, though. The fight going on isn't actually a W.V.B.A fight... it's a Super Smash Bros. fight!
    • In addition, the Smash logo is overlaid on a large star, and also has a border consisting of laurels and three-star patterns. This heavily resembles the style of the circuit emblems in Punch-Out!! Wii.
  • The ring's camera angle is the same as the fights in Punch-Out!!, on a 2D plane. You can also only move left or right in both games.
  • So far, the boxing ring hasn't been shown on the 3DS. Punch-Out!! is a home console game, so it makes sense that it won't appear on the 3DS.
  • There were two sections of the E3 Smash Nintendo Direct where footage of the Wii U and 3DS stages was shown. This was real gameplay footage, complete with in-game music playing for each stage—except for the boxing ring, which only played a track of the audience cheering and clapping. If this is in fact a Punch-Out stage, it would make sense to hide the actual music tracks that would play on it.
  • The marquees displaying "Smash Bros." have the same dotted style as those in Punch-Out!! Wii, along with the title screen and round displays in the NES game. Furthermore, the color gradient of those marquees is the same as the title screens for the Wii and NES games.
  • The green laser show seen here makes an appearance at the start of World Circuit matches in the Wii game, most easily seen in the introduction scene for the Contender fight with Mr. Sandman.
  • Even the display screen in the background could be a reference to the games. A display screen can be seen in the background of the NES game's boxing ring. It's where Little Mac's and the opponent's health bars are displayed, along with the time remaining and points scored.
  • Finally, one last cryptic hint. In the NES game, Mario was the referee in every bout. In the first trailer for the new Super Smash Bros., who else was in the boxing ring before the Villager jumped in... Mario!
  • Now we know that Little Mac will be a playable character, so I think this is confirmed.

Tortimer's Island will have limited spectators.
Due to the fact that the only NPCs are Tortimer, Kapp'n, Leilani, Leila, and Grams, none of the other NPCs will be spectators.

The 3DS version will have a Wave Race stage to compliment the Wii U version's Pilotwings stage
The original Wave Race was a handheld title (Game Boy) that was released roughly the same time as Pilotwings. Nintendo tends to treat the two as sister series so with the console version getting the one that started off as a console title...

The Boxing Ring might have Smash Taunts for Little Mac
.Maybe Doc Louis will come out and give some "helpful" tips to Mac on how to beat whatever character he's facing.

The Skyworld stage will have hidden conversations
Palutena's trailer included a snarky comment from Viridi that sounded more like it was directed at Pit. It seems to suggest that like the Lyat Cruise and Shadow Moses stages from Brawl, at least one Kid Icarus stage will have commentary from the Divine Peanut Gallery like Uprising did.
  • Confirmed, for the most part. Pit can have conversations with Palutena and the others on the Palutena's Temple stage, but not Skyworld.

A stage based on Rhythm Heaven
The main gimmick of the stage is that the hazards will vary depending on the music playing, and will coincide with the music, since the series revolves around keeping rhythm.
  • That would cause problems with lag, however. But I do have a guess for a more specific Rhythm Heaven stage...

Night Walk
This is the stage that appeared in Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) and Rhythm Heaven Fever, and returns in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, and consists of a series of platforms that scroll to the right. A looping variant can fit right into a Smash Bros. game, as it scrolls slowly enough that it'd be playable. Various Rhythm Heaven characters and phenomena can appear in the background, either as cameos (like the Donkers) or as stage hazards (like the Fireworks). The Megamix arrangement of "Night Walk" would be required, as is "Dreams of Our Generation" (though whether they'd be remixed for Smash Bros. or not is up in the air), along with an assortment of other Rhythm Heaven themes that can be looped. (I personally think "Thrilling! Is This Love?" as extended in Megamix would be well-suited, as it's roughly 2 minutes in length and is the cheery upbeat that much of Smash Bros. possesses.)

The Tower of Fate from Shovel Knight
It starts off at the dinner scene right before the boss rush. The Order are in the background and, one by one, they start attacking the fighters. With Plauge Knight throwing chemicals, King Knight throwing his confetti, and Propeller Knight throwing out the propeller rats. Also, The Echantress would work as a boss character, with (spoilers for Shovel Knight) Shield Knight coming back to life and blocking Echantress' fire.

Duck Hunt Stage
Duck Hunt Dog's inclusion in the 3DS version without a proper home stage (Unlock battle in Battlefield and fought in either Balloon Fight or Living Room in Classic Mode) doesn't make sense ... until realizing the Wii Fit Trainer doesn't have a 3DS Home Stage either. However, she/he has one in the Wii U version, so it is possible the Duck Hunt Dog is going to get something in the Wii U version, possibly one related to the 1984 game.

There will be a DLC-stages based on classic Arcade games from participating companies: Sega,Namco, and Capcom.

Grima's back from Fire Emblem Awakening
When Grima summons the Fell Dragon, the heroes bring the battle to the Dragon's back, where they must slay it's Avatar.If this Stage is to ever be included in Smash, it could be that the Stage hazards could include being hit by Risen with bows The dragon shifting position, changing the stage, and Grima himself as a boss battle.

With Super Mario Odyssey being a Killer App for the already successful Switch, something from this game would be a lock for the next Smash Bros. game, and the Odyssey would be a good way to showcase a lot of locations from this game due to its nature as an airship traveling around the world. If the Odyssey is chosen for a stage, then we're guaranteed New Donk City, both for its iconic image and how the skyscrapers lend themselves well as platforms. Other likely choices include Bonneton as it's the first area in the game and has similar hat-shaped flying ships, Steam Gardens for its vertical nature and distinctive appearance, and Mount Volbono for its lava gimmick. Possibly Lake Lamode for its water and numerous floating platforms (both in the "hovering" sense and "water surface" sense), Fossil Falls because the T-Rex is just as memorable a part of this game, Honeylune Ridge for its reduced gravity and surreal look (but may be spoilers), and Crumbleden for its sparse solid ground and the Lord of Lightning's presence.

One of the major additions to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the great expansion of Ultra Space, and what better way to explore this new realm than with a stage based on the Ultra Warp Ride mechanic? The stage would probably not be set on Solgaleo or Lunala, but they could appear in the background, along with the Ultra Recon Squad, Poipole, some other Ultra Beasts, and maybe a few other characters associated with Ultra Space, like Lusamine and Guzma. Eventually, the stage will pass through an Ultra Wormhole, upon which the setting becomes one of the Ultra Space realms associated with an Ultra Beast, such as the Ultra Desert and Ultra Jungle, as well as Ultra Megalopolis with Ultra Necrozma in the background. Said Ultra Beasts may or may not interact with the stage itself. (Though it has no Ultra Space location for itself, I can see Stakataka itself working as an all-environments moving platform.)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be represented by Mor Ardain.
Wastelands are underrepresented as stages in Smash, and it stands out within the Xenoblade games for not having a comparable location in Xenoblade. It’s also notorious for a bombastic overworld theme that is treated as the Xenoblade equivalent of Hoenn’s trumpets.

If they choose to include Waluigi in Smash for the Switch, then it's entirely possible that Waluigi Pinball could be made into a Rainbow Road/Mario Circuit (MK8)-type stage for Waluigi's home stage. Pinballs and flippers could act as obstacles, there would of course be racers that could hit you, and they could even add the special sound effects found on the course in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7. Maybe they'll even include a new remix of Waluigi Pinball's music, or the Waluigi Stadium/Wario Colosseum music from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Besides being a stage from the most recent Metroid game, it can also have Diggernaut as a boss.

If Miiverse returns in Ultimate...
...they will pull a Splatoon 2 and feature a facsimile of Miiverse's SSB character support communities, allowing you to submit drawings of your favorite characters to display in the stage. Imagine all the "Can't let you do that" messages when playing as Wolf...

The Game Grumps brought a lot of exposure to this franchise, which even had its trademark renewed in the summer of 2018, and it could serve as a new IP being represented as a token land/sea-based stage with lots of aquatic Scenery Porn.

The main thing about this stage is giygas's psychic abilitys. PK freeze would be giygas summoning multiple ice spikes coming out of the ground, PK thunder would be giygas shooting down lightning, and giygas's incomprehensible attack would be the ground suddenly becoming damaging.

The Character Packs in Ultimate feature a fighter, stage, and music per pack. Since Joker from Persona 5 was revealed as the first DLC character, there would be a stage from Persona 5. The Velvet Room has been a staple in the series since Persona 3, so it is the most likely candidate with the prison version from 5. The stage would feature Igor greeting the fighters alongside Caroline and Justine.

Alternately, it could be a shifting Velvet Room that changes depending on the other games in the series along with the Attendants (Elizabeth, Theodore and Margaret).

There are many possibilities for this one, but the one that would make the most sense would be a stage set on the subway itself as it passes by the surreal landscapes that make up the Deepsea. Alternately, it could be set at one of the stations. Chaotic-looking floating platforms are already a staple of the region. The designers could come up with pretty much any sort of layout, and it will fit right in. Optionally, Sanitized Octarians could come in and function as stage hazards.

Why else would "Deluge Dirge" have been chosen for the Moray Towers stage? In this most iconic Salmon Run stage, Salmonids like Flyfishes and Stingers could pop up from the background and create trouble for the fighters.

Big Battlefield versions of every stage
Just seems like the logical next step for Smash 6 after every stage got versions of Final Destination and Battlefield tied to them.

Poké Floats will be DLC for Ultimate
I'd be a nice tie in to the Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie, which will feature Pokémon parade balloons.

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