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For characters that should appear but probably don't have any good possible movesets. Make sure to include:
  • Game Series
    • Character Name
      • Justification
      • The action(s) the character should perform once it enters the battlefield.

  • Super Mario Bros.
    • Nabbit
      • He could function similarly to Munchlax in Brawl with the possibility to get the stolen items back by attacking him.
      • Jossed. He is a stage-hazard on the New Super Mario Bros. U stage.
    • Muncher
      • Latches on to whatever platform it touches first (regardless of angle including upside down), and remains permanently affixed to the platform as a stage hazard unless killed by a POW Block.
      • Muncher as an Assist Trophy would be a perfect complement to Piranha Plant as a fighter in Ultimate and are also a popular hazard in Super Mario Maker courses.
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  • Yoshi's Island, Wario Land, WarioWare, and Paper Mario
  • Donkey Kong
    • Rambi
      • The player who summoned him could jump onto his back, using him as a mount that could KO enemies with ease with the added bonus of brief invulnerability. The downside to using him would be that he can't double jump.
    • Cranky Kong
      • The original Donkey Kong and one of the most memorable characters in the franchise. He would be sort of a joke assist, mainly ranting about video games as in DKC, but would also (as in the WMG above) throw 8-bit items from the original Donkey Kong game at the characters.
  • Pokémon
    • Lusamine
      • Rather than being a pokemon, Lusamine would appear here as a combination of human and the Ultra Beast Nihilego, therefore not fit in a Pokeball.
      • There are two viable options here: either she could simply begin slashing away at opponents with her clawed tendrils, or she could release Nihilego's toxin and cause all the character but the summoner to get their controls scrambled.
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    • Nanu and Alolan Meowth
      • Another one where it'd be more interesting to summon the trainer than the pokemon, here Nanu would jump into the background and call upon his many, many Meowth to swarm the stage and quickly attack before jumping away again.
    • Team Skull Grunts
      • They'd be here for Rule of Funny. When summoned they flail their arms and do their little punk dance routine, then run away scared of all the other fighters.
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Kid Icarus
    • Eggplant Wizard
      • Probably the most iconic monster in the entire Kid Icarus series due to Captain N: The Game Master. He could throw eggplants at the characters, temporarily turning them into walking eggplants (much like in Kid Icarus: Uprising). This would slow down opponents, keep them from using their special or smash moves, and keep them from jumping too high.
  • Kirby
    • Galacta Knight
    • Paint Roller, Adeline, or Drawcia
      • Paint items and enemies onto the battlefield.
    • Escargoon and Waddle Dees
      • Although Escargoon is mostly exclusive to the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, he did make one game appearance in Kirby Mass Attack. As a nod to King Dedede's Final Smash from Brawl, he will perform the Waddle Dee Army dance while Waddle Dees attack opponents.
  • Metroid
    • Rundas
      • He was probably the most popular hunter in Prime 3. He will act similar to Saki, except that his shots freeze the opponent. He could also make a wall of ice by shooting at the ground and walls, creating temporary barriers and platforms, which could be broken if hit enough times.
    • Trace
      • He was one of the most overused hunters in Hunters, second only to Sylux. He will hide in the foreground or background (likely the former), attempting to snipe a random opponent as indicated by a red reticle. The target can dodge Trace's attacks with decent timing, but the player who summoned Trace can assist him by attacking the opponent while Trace attempts to shoot him.
  • Fire Emblem
    • Caeda
      • Her pegasus will fly off to one of the sides of the arena, only to come charging in with her Wing Spear
  • Pikmin
    • Bumbling Snitchbug
      • An enemy from Pikmin that is one of the few that directly attacks the captain. The Snitchbug could swoop down at characters, grab them, and then toss them into the ground, sending them partially buried like DK's B-down move.
    • The Waterwraith
      • An infamous boss from Pikmin 2. When summoned, his stone rollers crash down onto the stage and then the wraith itself comes down. It then rolls around on the stage chasing any fighters. Contact with the rollers does severe damage.
  • F-Zero
  • Star Fox
    • Duster
      • Since Lucas is already using Rope Snake as his grab and his other thief tools may not be too handy for typical Smash Bros. special attacks. Once he appears, he can pin down enemies using his wall staples and then attacks any foe that get close enough using various kicks.
  • Punch-Out!!
    • Aran Ryan
      • Following suit of the Wii game, Aran Ryan will come out on stage laughing crazily, swinging his boxing glove on a rope around before dealing a deadly final swoop.
    • Bald Bull
      • Bald Bull will run in place, only to unleash the deadly Bull Charge to all those that stand in his path.
  • Clu Clu Land
    • Bubbles
      • Nintendo loves including obscure Nintendo characters in the Smash Bros. series, so why not include Bubbles from this arcade classic? She could stun fighters with a Sound Wave and push them off the stage.
  • Duck Hunt
    • The Dog
      • Let's face it, this dog has been tormenting gamers for years. Why not honour that making him actually assist you? He could throw ducks around, which would then fly around attacking fighters.
      • Or maybe... The Dog, when summoned, does nothing but laugh at you. He's the Joke Assist.
    • The Ducks
      • According to this page on the Smash Wiki, Nintendo tried putting Assist Trophies in Melee, and the only one they disclosed information about was one that would release the ducks from Duck Hunt, which would fly around and interfere with the fighters. Perhaps they could use that concept in the fourth game...
      • Jossed. Both are confirmed as two characters in the twitch leak.
  • Urban Champion
    • The Urban Champion
      • For whatever reason, Nintendo loves this mediocre game and ports it as often as possible. His only abilities would be to punch slowly, and to have a flowerpot sometime fall onto him. Any opponent above him takes minor damage.
  • Third Party
    • Pac-Man
      • Namco is helping develop the next installment of the series and Pac-Man is basically their mascot. Even if Pac-Man doesn't get a playable role, he should at least get an assist trophy. It could be 8-bit Pac-Man from the original arcade game, who tries to chomp the characters using a Power Pellet.
      • Alternatively, he'll eat the power pellet and every opponent will turn blue, losing all offensive capability, forcing them to run from the one who got the trophy, like the ghosts would in the original game. If they get K Oed and respawn before the timer runs out though, they'll be back to normal
      • Jossed. Confirmed as a fighter.
    • Taizo Hori
      • If Pac-Man is a playable character or otherwise is decided not to become an assist trophy or playable character in some fashion. Taizo Hori from Dig Dug is another iconic Namco character who could dig into the stage and inflate the characters with his pump (in the original Dig Dug, partially inflating someone stunned them). He could also attack with his jackhammer from Dig Dug 2.
    • Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde
      • If Pac-Man is a fighter, this is a definite. They could fly around the screen, knocking out the fighters.
      • Pac-Man's reveal trailer implied that Inky, Blinky, Pinkie, and Clyde would serve as an assist trophy in the Wii U version (the part where Pac-Man and Diddy Kong are both evading the ghosts on Mega Man's stage).
      • The 3DS version is out in Japan and it's confirmed; the ghosts are Assist Trophies.
    • Fuse Man
      • Since Ultimate didn't include Mega Man 11 content, the next game probably will. In terms of the Robot Masters, Fuse Man would definitely fit for the Assist Trophy role. When summoned, he activates Speed Gear and proceeds to use his Speed Gear attack on a random fighter in the arena (the target is changed between attacks). While it can be dodged, he moves fast, making it hard to get away.
    • Kain Highwind
      • Upon being summoned, he proceeds to try and Jump (AKA using his main ability) on fighters, with the target being random each Jump. Unlike Fuse Man, he goes off-screen, so you won't know when he's coming.
  • Other
    • Lip
      • If Lip does not become a playable character. She has been represented in the Smash series by her signature weapon since Melee. She could use her Lip's Stick to put flowers on enemies' heads, much like the standalone weapon. She could also drop Panel de Pon blocks onto the stage.
    • Dillon
      • He is from one of the most popular downloadable 3Ds games, so it seems likely. He could tackle into people like Jigglypuff then either use his grind or claw attacks. As of May 2, 2014, he is confirmed to be an Assist Trophy.
    • Shantae
      • She's not a well-known character but she does have a small but dedicated fanbase. A full-on playable character is unlikely but she could definitely appear as an assist trophy. She would belly dance into a random transformation and assist the player who summoned her.
    • Mr. AR
      • Certainly players of the 3DS version would likely be familiar with him at least. He could place an AR card on the ground and have various things occur above the card.
    • Sans
      • Most of the time, he just lazes around in the background and cracks lame jokes about the fighters, blocking the lower part of the screen with a text box, but one out of a thousand times, he'll treat everyone to a bad time and bring Bullet Hell down onto the stage. You can KO him with one shot when he's serious, but he's not going to make it easy.
    • The goose
      • A terrible goose pops out to steal a player's B button, leaving them without their special moves until they snatch it back from him. Not even the one who summons him is safe.


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