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Confirmed guesses
  • Rosalina
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Mewtwo
  • Charizard as a solo character (No longer the case as of Ultimate)
  • Palutena
  • Dark Pit
  • Kirby's Final Smash
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  • Lucina
  • Robin (both genders + magic/sword hybrid)
  • Alph as an alternate skin
  • Little Mac
  • Mii as custom characters and "Fighting Mii Team" (the exact name!)
  • Shulk (with buff/nerf mechanic)
  • Animal Crossing character (Villager and Isabelle)
  • Character popular in the West and obscure in Japan (Little Mac)
  • DLCs (Mewtwo, Lucas, Ryu)
  • Final Fantasy character (Cloud Strife)
  • Bayonetta
  • Inkling
  • Princess Daisy
  • Ridley
  • Simon Belmont
  • Richter Belmont
  • Chrom
  • Dark Samus
  • King K.Rool
  • Ash-Greninja as Greninja's Final Smash
  • Ken
  • Incineroar
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Byleth


Yoshi will be confirmed for SSB4 when his new game comes out
Yoshi's New Island slated for American and European release March 14, 2014.
  • Jossed, a stage based on Tomodachi Collection was confirmed instead. He was confirmed during the April 8 Smash Bros. Direct instead.

Meta Knight will return for SSB4, but nerfed
He's too iconic for both his home series and the SSBB tournament scene to leave out, especially since King Dedede has been confirmed at time of posting. Every Smash Bros sequel has had an insanely useful competitive character return in a nerfed form from the previous game: in Melee it was Pikachu, and in Brawl it was Captain Falcon. Meta Knight will now hover around the B/C tiers rather than SS.

Mewtwo will return as an alternate skin for either Greninja or Lucario
The Pokemon trailer initially made it look like Mewtwo was coming back, only for it to be revealed to be Greninja instead. What if that was subtle foreshadowing to the possibility of an alternate skin for Greninja? And if Greninja's water attacks don't make sense for Mewtwo, putting the skin over Lucario, the character that has a similar moveset, would make sense. Plus, both Lucario and Mewtwo have Mega-Evolutions, which would integrate well as a gameplay mechanic.
  • Jossed; neither of the two will have Mewtwo as an alternate costume. Instead, he's making it back in as his own character once again.

Unless he is a hidden character, Wario will be revealed at a later date.
Similar to Yoshi, Wario may have new changes in his movement and animations, which Sakurai would want to show at a later date.
  • Wario is in fact an unlockable character; that said, this is still confirmed considering Sakurai has said he plans on revealing secret information after the 3DS version is released internationally.

Solid Snake will return in SSB4, and will be the last character revealed.

Admittedly, not a NEW character, but oh well. He will still get a trailer (since Sonic, the other returning third party character, got one) in which he will emerge from a box in the middle of a match and say what else but "Kept ya waiting, huh?"

Solid Snake sneaks in!

Even better: the box could be an entirely ordinary wooden crate item (with no bottom). Even after reading this, there would be no way of predicting him until the second that he emerges from it, since gameplay videos would randomly have those crates anyway.

Some of his costume forms could involve Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots as well as Punished "Venom" Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

  • Jossed, though he did eventually return in Ultimate, like every other character in the series up to that point.

Kirby will have a new Final Smash
Kirby's Final Smash in the next game will be the Ultra Sword.
  • As of April 8, 2014, this is confirmed.

The Ice Climbers will be available as amiibos.
The reason they weren't included was that the 3DS couldn't function with them. However, the New 3DS has the potential. And, the New 3DS is amiibo compatible.
  • As awesome as it sounds, it seems unlikely because the character would still be unavailable for all the regular 3DS players and thus it would be unfair for them, which is against Nintendo's policy and also why they weren't included in the first place. On the other hand, SOLO Ice Climbers would totally work (4 Popo costumes and 4 Nana costumes, à la Wii Fit Trainer).
    • With the Ice Climbers finally returning in Ultimate, an amiibo of them is now most likely to happen.

The Pokemon Trainer will return next game.
But, instead of being Red, they will have each of the main characters à la Bowser Jr.
  • Adding on to this, the costumes in the E3 Demo are placeholders. Notice how the only two used on the website are he default Red and Leaf.
  • Confirmed in that Pokemon Trainer returned, although the only character skins are of the male and female trainers from Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Wolf will be a DLC character.
Mother being dead didn't stop Lucas from returning as DLC, and Wolf has a mostly unique moveset. There's also a new Star Fox coming out.
  • Jossed. Wolf is in the base game in Ultimate.

If Greninja returns in the next game, his Final Smash will be changed to Ash-Greninja.
Ash-Greninja made its way into Pokémon Sun and Moon, so I can see it happening.
  • Confirmed.

Link will have his The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild outfit in the next game.
His silhouette in the new trailer seems to not have a hat, something that he lacked in his default outfit in BotW, too.
  • Confirmed.

The Ice Climbers will be in the Switch Game.
The only reason they were not in the Wii U/3DS game was because it caused lag on the 3DS. Presumably, the move to the Switch will remove that issue.
  • Confirmed.

Pikachu will gain a Z-Move for a New Final Smash
It could be Gigavolt Havok, 10,000 Volt Thunderbolt, or Castropika (though the latter could just be the old final smash changed aesthetically).
  • Jossed. Pikachu retained Volt Tackle as their Final Smash in Ultimate, and given the fact that Z-Moves appear to have been largely abandoned as of Generation 8, it is unlikely it will be retconned into a Z-Move in future entries.

If Greninja is a Veteran, Ash-Greninja will appear
Either as a costume, new final smash, or even just as an aesthetic change to the old Final Smash.
  • Confirmed: Greninja's new Final Smash, Secret Ninja Attack, has it turn into Ash-Greninja.

Link’s moveset will be tweaked in the Switch game to incorporate elements from Breath of the Wild
Since Link has been a perpetual low-tier character, he may have some BotW flair added to his moves for the next go-around to power them up.

  • His new Forward Smash will be a Flurry Rush, lunging at an opponent and hitting four (or more) times for massive damage. This is especially likely if his Final Smash gets replaced (see below).
  • His blocking mechanic will become Daruk’s Protection instead of the generic shield everyone else except Yoshi gets, and will be able to stand up to more punishment before breaking. It may even retain its Attack Reflector properties!
  • Revali’s Gale will become his new Up+B, at least in the air; it’ll launch him super-high and make him deploy his Paraglider to float back down to the stage. Nearby opponents may also get caught in the game and lifted upwards, allowing Link to swat them with an aerial (though they’ll probably be able to do the same to him!)
  • Link’s Up+B on the ground will likely remain as the Spin Attack, though Urbosa’s Fury May be mixed in at full charge, causing Link to spray out haphazard lightning bolts which stun anyone they hit. Urbosa’s Fury may also become his new Final Smash, calling extremely damaging lightning bolts down onto the entire stage, and anyone who gets zapped will be stunned and left wide-open for a fully-charged Smash attack.
  • His Down+B will be Remote Bombs, which he can detonate at will, giving him an effective stage-control trap.
    • Confirmed for the Remote Bombs, replacing the regular bombs Link had before!

Ganondorf will use his Hyrule Warriors appearance in Super Smash Bros. for the Switch
He doesn't appear in human form in Breath of the Wild, and his Barbarian Longhair in Hyrule Warriors was quite popular.
  • Jossed; he uses his Ocarina of Time design.

If Corrin returns in Smash Switch, the female version will be the default this time
The female Corrin has been the default version for Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Heroes, and she's far more popular than Male Corrin.
  • Jossed

Ganondorf will take a note from Shiek
In which I mean he will take his appearance from unused concept art of Ganondorf from Breath of the Wild. It's likely there was at least one drawing for him before he was scrapped. It wouldn't be the first time Ganondorf was meant to appear but scrapped just for his beast form.
  • Jossed

Pichu's Final Smash will be using Flail.
All the damage it takes from using electric attack has to be put into good use.
  • Jossed. It's Volt Tackle, but it does hurt Pichu.

The Sheik in Ultimate is the Zelda from Breath of the Wild
Her design takes some inspiration from the Sheikah armor in that game (minus the change in masks).
  • There could be the possibility. I mean, does anyone find it weird that BotW Zelda does not get to represent her own game, but Sheik somehow gets to represent it instead? Given Sakurai's trollish nature, cue the Epileptic Trees.

History will repeat itself with Sheik in Ultimate, just like how it happened with her Melee debut
Back when Sheik was revealed in E3 2001, we were originally lead to think that we were only going to have Sheik as a playable character, until it was revealed eventually that Sheik is actually part of Ocarina of Time Zelda's extended moveset. With 2018's E3, we're now shown to be having Zelda and Sheik from completely different games (yes, I know that Sheik never appeared in BOTW, and only her design was based on that game, similar to the case with Twilight Princess). But later, it will be revealed that this Sheik is actually part of BOTW Zelda's extended moveset, just like what happened in Melee, and Sheik's description page will be modified accordingly to include both forms. Which means that we will not only be having two playable Zeldas (one transformable, and one non-transformable), but it will also mean that Nintendo was really messing with us the whole time in regard with passing over BOTW Zelda due to her being more involved into researching.
  • The only problem with this theory is Sheik was playable at E3 and had no transformation. Unless the down special is just temporary to fool everyone.
    • Custom move maybe?
    • Jossed.

Zero Suit Samus will share special victory quotes for Ridley.
Considering his status as her Arch-Enemy, it would be quite taboo for her to give him the same treatment as any other fighter, let alone the same lines.
  • Jossed. Samus (along with Zero Suit Samus) has no special victory quotes, even against Ridley.

Morgan will replace Chrom in Robin's Final Smash in Ultimate
Because now that Chrom is playable on his own, it would be somewhat silly for Robin to still have him as a Pair-Up partner (especially if s/he's fighting Chrom). Morgan hasn't made an appearance in Smash at all yet, and would be the next logical choice for Robin's Pair-Up partner if you didn't want to canonize any of Robin's potential family relations. The fact that s/he fights the same way as his mom/her dad would make it even easier to add him/her.
  • Jossed. Chrom still appears in Robin's Final Smash.

Mega Man will get some of his Mega Man 11 moves in the next game after Ultimate.
Since Mega Man 11 is currently out, and Ultimate didn't change any of his moves, I hope they do this for the next Smash. My ideas are Block Dropper and Chain Blast. The use of the Double Gear system could also be a Final Smash.

    New Characters (Nintendo) 

First/Second Party Character Speculation...
As a quick and easy way to form WMG, please put your character guesses in this format:
  • Game Series
    • Character Name
      • Required: Justification to be in this game over other characters...
      • Optional: Possible moveset, role in theoretical storyline, alternate colors, etc...
  • Paper Mario. So far, Mario doesn't have any moves from the Paper Mario universe, so having Paper Mario will have some fresh (non clone) moves and another 2D character.
    • Maybe the Final Smash could be to throw Flip blocks, so you can make your enemy dizzy. Actually, all of the fairies could be used, like Tippi, to... what can Tippi do again? Eh, just make her reveal "information" (a bunch of squiggly lines) so the enemies are harder to hit. (There wouldn't be any actual info, just the enemies are more vulnerable).
    • Given there are now six games in the series and little representation beyond some trophies and stickers, Paper Mario as a character would be perfect; likely using the hammer and the occasional partner, with his Final Smash involving the Crystal Stars.
    • Considering how the second Ultimate fighter pass was announced at around the same time as the sixth Paper Mario game was released, releasing Paper Mario as a DLC fighter would be both chronologically relevant and potentially useful cross-promotion, and Mario could be given moves and abilities from The Origami King as well.
    • His Up Special could also be the Spring Jump and, as similarly aforementioned, the Final Smash could be the Star Spirits/Pure Hearts as well.
    • => Current status: Trophy and Spirit
  • Birdo has been around longer than many of the other characters in Smash Bros, including Yoshi and Wario. She's been a recurring boss character and friend for years, and it would be nice to have another female character as well as trans representation.
    • => Current status: Trophy, Stage Element, and Spirit
  • A "Hell Valley Sky Tree", perhaps as a major antagonist. His people could have been watching the Nintendo cast for a long, long time...
    • => Current status: none
  • Captain Syrup
    • Wario's number-one rival that's not Mario (number-two rival?). While she hasn't been in many games, she always ends up complementing Wario in many ways, making her a nice choice if the Wario series only gets one more character.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • 9-Volt
    • For being a Nintendo fanatic, his moves could be based off of Nintendo's merchandise (including their non-video game products) and his microgames.
    • 9-Volt could play a major part in the story. If he crosses Mario or Luigi or both, (This gamer wants it Nintendo if you're reading this) it could lead to interesting dialogue and could help with escape routes with the shortcuts he knows, only amazing the Mario Bros., and a Heartwarming moment could be in order if he, for example, sees an incoming projectile (like the dark gun which turns people into statues), he could do a Taking the Bullet, only to be healed, Mario or Luigi could sign his helmet. It seems pretty incredible for 9-Volt to be in the game.
    • Why not? He isn't forgotten, as shown as his stickers in the game, and with the Kat and Ana assist trophy, it was proof that WarioWare isn't forgotten. And who is the most liked WarioWare character minus Wario? 9-Volt. Nintendo, realizing he is the otaku of their franchise, will put him in to attract other gamers to the WarioWare franchise, causing them to play 9-volt's games, and realizing how awesome old school games were by searching 9-Volt micro-games, they will revive the old school genre, causing a heroic Gambit Roulette for Nintendo, making them do sequels to old school games, and eventually, take over the gaming market even MORE!
    • What would be awesome is if all of his attacks were based on Nintendo products. He'd have the zapper, the Wii Nunchuck, and even...the Power Glove.
    • I love the Power Glove... More seriously though, for a more detailed description on it, check out this DA pic. (NO, this doesn't mean he's confirmed yet!)
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Mona
    • For being the cover girl of the series after Wario himself, she could have many moves inspired from their mini games.
    • A possible movelist could be:
    • B: Mona rocks on her guitar, damaging anybody nearby.
    • </>+B: Mona throws a pizza box, her standard projectile.
    • ^+B: Mona activates a jetpack for a second, similar to Pit's flying, but it doesn't last as long.
    • v+B: Mona does an instant slide kick, going at a mid-range distance.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Kat and Ana
    • Already assist trophies in Brawl, they seem as likely to get in as anything WarioWare. They are not accurate ninjas but still closer to proper ninjas than Sheik, so that could be some added appeal if Syrup makes it in. Against them is that Smash has a surplus of sword users and there are still swordsmen from Nintendo games not represented in the series, but they would only need to use Katanas for a few moves.
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
  • Ashley
    • Now that she's become a fully playable character in Game & Wario, she would make a great addition to the roster.
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and DLC Mii Costume
  • Young Cricket
    • He is a master of We-Ken, a student of We-Yu-Ken and kung-fu.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Geno
    • While he would have copyright issues around him, Geno was one of the most requested characters for Brawl. He has a lot of interesting attacks, so that helps.
    • Geno is trademarked under Square-Enix, so shouldn't this be put in "Other Third Party"?
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Elder Princess Shroob
    • Just for being a big ugly Mighty Glacier most people would not expect. Fawful has been in more games and is more likely to get in, but Shroob was a final boss, could have interesting moves, and there are no playable fungi yet.
    • => Current status: none
  • Fawful
    • A popular character, a recurring villain, and fairly iconic within the Mario and Luigi series, although he's not appeared in a while. Fawful could come with his ray gun, explosive projectiles and limited flight thanks to his vacuum helmet, and turn into the Dark Star Core for his Final Smash.
  • Dixie Kong
    • If people want another female character, Dixie seems like a good enough choice, and she was a protagonist of two Donkey Kong games.
    • Dixie Kong is probably a good bet. Her name shows up in unused data for Brawl, and she's playable in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • King K. Rool, or another Donkey Kong Boss
    • King K. Rool is the boss who shows up the most.
    • I'd prefer King K. Rool, on the grounds that Mario, Zelda and Kirby all have the series' main antagonists as playable characters. He's got potential for an interesting moveset since his initial appearance (throwing his crown, stomp attack), his blunderbuss from DKC2 could be put to interesting uses, and his Final Smash could be dropping cannonballs all over the stage like he did in the first ''Donkey Kong Country''. A Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel featuring Kremlings would probably ensure his position in the next Smash Bros.
    • You didn't mention his stint as Baron K. Roolensten, from which he could at least derive a solid Up+B move.
    • => Current status: CONFIRMED!
  • Cranky Kong
    • Has more appearances in Donkey Kong than anyone except Donkey and Diddy. His attacks could consist of throwing 8-bit items from the original arcade game.
    • His playability status in the new Donkey Kong Country game may influence this somewhat.
    • => Current status: Spirit and stage cameo (Jungle Japes)
  • Chunky Kong would be sweet.
    • Primate Punch could be his main B move, functioning like a slightly slower but stronger fully-charged Windup Punch. Side B could be Pineapple Launcher, a long-range projectile with slow rate of fire and low knockback, down B could be Simian Slam, a classic ground pound, and up B could be Rolling Rocket, a vertically oriented Spinning Kong recovery move. Hunky Chunky would be his Giga Bowser style transformation Final Smash, making him huge and souping up his moves.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Donkey Kong JR.
    • While JR. has basically replaced by Diddy Kong in his series, he could be added as a throwback character, like Duck Hunt.
    • Current status: Spirit
  • Baby Mario and Luigi
    • They (or at least Baby Mario) have been in several multiplayer Mario games already, so why not?
    • They would operate in a manner similar to the Ice Climbers, only with a completely different moveset so as not to be labeled as clones.
    • Alternatively, the Mario Bros. based of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. There are plenty of moves that could work. Their B could be the hammer, down-B could be the drill, up-B could be the super spin (or whatever its name was) side-B could be... Koopa Shell, perhaps? Hell, their Final Smash could be one of the special moves. There are plenty that would work quite well. Mighty Meteor, Falling Star, Magic Window, Super Bouncer, Snack Basket, Jump Helmet, they would all work really well.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Daisy
    • She has appeared in practically every Mario spin-off since Mario Tennis and one main game. She is somewhat more popular than Waluigi.
    • To avoid being a clone of Peach, her costumes and movesets would instead be based on the various Mario Sports games — her recovery move could be from the Mario Strikers series, being a bicycle kick in the same vein as the Jecht Shot (she'd also wear her Strikers outfit by default, with the other outfits being Palette Swaps); her standard B attack would be based off of Mario Golf, having her charge up a golf club to swing; her B-down attack would be based off of Mario Hoops, being a slam dunk that would also act as a counter; and her final smash would be based on Mario Kart, having her launch a number of Spiny Shells which would go after different players - the less damage a player had (or in a stock match, the more lives a player had), the more shells that would go after said player.
    • => Current status: CONFIRMED!
  • Waluigi
    • Who could forget him? He has a higher chance than many other Mario characters.
    • Maybe he isn't as developed as the other Mario characters, but contrary to the arguments that he has "nothing to stand for", there is one thing he represents more than anyone else: The Mario Tennis games. He made his official public debut in the original Mario Tennis (2000), becoming a playable choice ever since with plenty of unique sports-based skills and attacks to boot. Heck, even his assist trophy wields a tennis racket.
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Palette Swap for Mario and Luigi
  • Toad
    • Since he has been playable in the New Super Mario Bros. games and the upcoming Super Mario 3D World, he could work as a full-fledged playable character. His default color scheme will of course be the red spots and blue vest, and his alternate colors will be all red, all blue, green, yellow, and purple. Of course, Peach's standard special move will have to be changed in order for Toad to be a valid player (though Toad himself could still use the spores attack as a Mythology Gag).
    • The recent Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has fleshed out the character a lot. He could use his pickaxe, blind his enemies with his headlight and of course throw turnips like Peach. Toadette could be a genderswap alternate skin, à la Robin and WFT. Also I don't know if he should have a crappy jump or remove his backpack and have a regular jump.
    • => Current status: Trophy, Peach's neutral-B, and DLC Mii Costume
  • Kamek
    • He could serve as an antagonist from the Yoshi universe which is underrepresented (to be honest, who else from Yoshi could fit as a fighter? Poochy? Raphael?? Pak E. Derm??!). He could use his wand to cast several status effects on his opponents (flower, sleep, buried, ...), ride his broom for his up-B and send Magikoopa Toadies to catch and immobilize the other players or as a "Human Shield". For his Final Smash, he could do his favorite trick and turn himself giant while shrinking down the other players.
    • => Current status: Stage hazard and Spirit
  • Toadette
    • She has been a rising star recently with appearances in Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, even having a playable appearance in a couple of games. Plus they have the benefit of another female character in the Super Mario franchise. She can use an ice ball and the propeller suit to represent the New Super Mario U Deluxe and the pickaxe for Captain Toad. Her Final Smash can have her summon Wingo to reference her being kidnap by them. Since she technically doesn't have her original outfit as a spirit but in her Toad Brigade outfit, I don't think spirits would be an issue.
    • => Current status: Spirit (in her Captain Toadette outfit)
  • Pokémon
    • Zoroark
      • Basically the fifth-gen counterpart of Lucario, Game Freak has been heavily promoting him/her. (S)he was even the first Black and White Pokémon to be revealed.
      • Melee had Mewtwo as a playable character, the only movie featured Pokemon that was humanoid enough to be included. Brawl comes around, Lucario's in, he was the last humanoid Pokemon character to be featured in a movie at that point (Lugia, Entei, Latios and Latias, and Jirachi are all too far from humanoid and Deoxys was before Lucario). Zoroark is the current Pokemon in this role, it's humanoid enough to fit into the game. Unless, before hand, another one replaces it, I see it being a playable character in the next game, or at least a Poké Ball summon. If all three are playable, (Mewtwo, Lucario, and Zoroark) it would probably rank right up there on the Fridge Brilliance o-meter. Remember all of that speculation about a Dark/Psychic/Fighting starter trio? And, what with the "super effective" bonus knockback for Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle already in play (to water, fire, and grass damage, respectively (and obviously)) it's not hard to think that they would form an interesting mechanic for team play/etc.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Scizor
      • It's not one of the original 151, who dominate the player character spots. Scizor is the most popular Pokémon in competitive battles. Its disproportional wings mean it cannot fly very far, but it can shoot ahead like a bullet. Scizor would fit in Super Smash Bros. very well.
      • Yes, they sure set Scizor up to be a new mascot for the series.
      • Uh, how does that relate to him being popular with the fanbase? In fact, how does the mascot thing relate to anything? Ensemble Darkhorses exist for a reason...
      • However, since N has a Scizor on his Autumn team in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the idea is a bit less Farfetch'd if we get N as a playable Pokémon Trainer type character (see below).
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Victini
      • An alternative to Zoroark in terms of a Fifth Generation representative. Victini is popular, has a unique combination that could be put to creative use, and is roughly equal to Zoroark in terms of promotion.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Hilbert or Hilda, A.k.a. The Pokémon Trainers from Black and White.
      • I just get a feeling that one of the two will replace Pokémon Trainer Red, As for the Pokémon: Oshawott, Servine, and Emboar.
      • Or a different lineup of the three Unova starters in different stages.
      • Bonus points if Hilbert averts Crossdressing Voices!
      • The most likely option is that Pokémon Trainer (Red) will return, but for gender/generation balance we'd get Hilda or Rosa as "Pokémon Trainer 2", "Female Trainer" or "Unova Trainer".
      • Alternatively, my guess is Tepig, Dewott, and Serperior.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball for Oshawott only
    • Reshiram and Zekrom
      • Both of them would have to be scaled down somewhat (though it isn't as bad as one might think, seeing as they're only about 9-10 feet tall rather than 11-20 like most other legendaries). Seeing the huge gap in popularity between Reshiram/Zekrom and other 5th gen candidates like Zoroark and Victini, howevernote , this could be a possibility. Maybe one dragon could be exclusive to the 3DS version and the other one exclusive to the Wii U version.
      • => Current status: Trophies and background characters.
    • Tyranitar
      • Another Pokémon not from the original 151 who has remained a favorite choice since its introduction. Besides Dishing Out Dirt, it is another big and strong glacier type and could use shadow moves from the Orre games.
      • Shadow moves? You may have a point; Shadow Tyranitar was Evice's ace in the hole, sort of (well, actually, his whole team was a major pain, with Slaking, Scizor, and Slowking being the standouts), and it was the most powerful Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Colosseum.
      • => Current status: none
    • Metagross
      • For many of the same reasons as Tyranitar, being consistently popular since its introduction, being a big strong glacier, having an interesting variety of moves, and not being from the first installment. Another quadruped wouldn't hurt either, it would work because it is psychic like Mewtwo.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Primal Dialga, but only as a boss in Story Mode, though.
      • The problem is, its battle music is owned by Chunsoft. The character itself, however, is not.
    • Corsola
      • As non-notable as Corsola is, it could be a very quirky and effective Stone Wall. Especially as a semi-clone of Jigglypuff, of all things. It could use Spikes to lay traps around the stage, Hypnosis as a quick, decent-ranged sleep-inducing burst, Rest to actually regain health rather than attack, and a bouncy, unpredictable Rollout as its specials. Its basic combo would be Bubble, and its Smash attacks would include Rock Blast (emitting rocks that roll around the ground), Spike Cannon (launching the spikes on its back as an anti-air move), and Mud Slap (which would stun foes in a similar fashion to Mewtwo's Disable). Its Final Smash would either be Surf (summoning a tidal wave functionally equivalent to the lava wave on Norfair) or AncientPower (surrounding itself with numerous orbiting rocks and then floating around the stage in a similar fashion to Pikachu's Volt Tackle, attempting to trap opponents inside to be bounced around pinball-style for massive damage).
      • => Current status: none
    • Ditto
      • Ditto starts off pretty useless, but after being attacked, it takes the form of whoever attacks it. It would be a literal Ditto Fighter.
      • => Current status: Confirmed as a Poké Ball Pokémon (Trophy and Random icon in tournament mode in Melee)note 
    • Blaziken
      • There was a lack of third-generation representation in Brawl, and with it being a fighting-type Pokémon, there are plenty of moves it can learn. It could also be a partial clone of Capt. Falcon with moves like Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, and Fire Punch.
      • => Current status: Trophy and background character (It did get into Pokkén Tournament though.)
    • Meloetta
      • While it could be seen as a clone of Zelda, Meloetta could have a vastly different playing style. Its Pirouette Forme could be a smaller, harder-hitting Sheik, while its Aria Forme could focus more on defense/evasion with moves like telekinesis and teleport.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Eevee
      • Although its moveset would be hard to figure out, Eevee is still a rather notable pokémon that should at least get an assist trophy.
      • Alternatively, it becomes a Joke Character, but as it's attacked, it begins to gain power. At the apex, the attribute it's attacked with causes it to evolve into the type that it corresponds to. So for instance:
      Attacked with water: Vaporeon
      Standard: Aqua Tail (Spins around to attack from all sides)
      Side+B: Aurora Beam (Immobilizes enemies for a moment)
      Up+B: Waterfall (Identical to Squirtle)
      Down+B: Acid Armor (Similar to Lucario's Detect)

      Attacked with electricity: Jolteon
      Standard: Discharge (Mildy damaging electricity surrounds Jolteon, causes more damage the closer an enemy is to Jolteon)
      Side+B: Pin Missile (A quick firing attack that can be charged to shoot more projectiles)
      Up+B: Agility (Similar to Lucario's Extreme Speed, but does a bit of damage when and enemy touches Jolteon)
      Down+B: Wild Charge (Jolteon cloaks itself in electricity, and sprints back and forth a short distance. If an enemy touches Jolteon, then Jolteon suffers minor damage)

      Attacked with fire: Flareon
      Standard: Lava Plume (Similar to Ivysaur's Bullet Seed)
      Side+B: Fire Fang (Flareon dashes forwards and bites onto the target, leaving them burning for a short time)
      Up+B: Flame Charge (Similar to Charizard's Fly)
      Down+B: Smog (Releases a cloud of purple smoke around it's body, hurting anyone who stands in the cloud, but does not cause knockback)

      Attacked by darkness: Umbreon
      Standard: Payback (Umbreon releases spikes made of darkness from all over it's body)
      Side+B: Shadow Ball (Umbreon releases a Shadow Ball. When it hits the opponent, it traps them in a black hole for a short time.)
      Up+B: Quick Attack (Identical to Lucario's Extreme Speed)
      Down+B: Confuse Ray (Identical to Mewtwo's Disable)

      Attacked by energy: Espeon
      Standard: Psyshock (Espeon creates a small energy burst around itself)
      Side+B: Zen Headbutt (Espeon dashes forward, injuring anyone in the way of it's attack)
      Up+B: Psychic (Espeon levitates in the direction the controller is being held. Similar to Pit's Angel Wing)
      Down+B: Morning Sun (Espeon heals itself, but gets tired after using it for too long, immobilizing it for a few seconds)

      Attacked by ice: Glaceon
      Standard: Frost Breath (Glaceon breathes a stream of frost that gets smaller over time)
      Side+B: Ice Shard (Glaceon fires small shards, similar to Jolteon's Pin Missile)
      Up+B: Hail (Glaceon creates a small hailstorm. The Hail is non-damaging, and Glaceon can quickly move from one location to another because of Snow Cloak)
      Down+B: Ice Beam (Glaceon fires at the ground, creating stalagmites of ice, that hurt anyone who touches it. If an icicle hits an opponent as it's being created, they are launched and frozen.)

      Attacked by grass, leaves, or a similar attack: Leafeon
      Standard: Energy Ball (Leafeon charges the attack, then can fire it. Alternatively, it can swallow it with a button command that will power up it's moves for a short time)
      Side+B: Magical Leaf (Leafeon fires a tornado of leaves that damage anyone who touches it, similar to Link's Gale Boomerang)
      Up+B: Aerial Ace (Leafeon dashes in a direction. The attack is more powerful at the end.)
      Down+B: Solar Beam (Similar to Pikachu's Thunder)

      Attacked by a stage hazard or a non-elemental attack: Sylveon
      Standard: Moonblast (Sylveon can charge this move, but if it is charged for too long, it will explode)
      Side+B: Play Rough (Sylveon ensnares an opponent and begins to battle with it, resulting in a Big Ball of Violence. Both the target and Sylveon are damaged throughout the attack, but are immune to other opponents)
      Up+B: Fairy Wind (Sylveon creates a pink tornado beneath it, and uses it to fly. Similar to Meta Knight's Mach Tornado, enemies caught in the tornado will be damaged)
      Down+B: Light Screen (All thrown items and explosive projectiles are reflected. Every other attack will hit Sylveon)
      • Also, the Final Smash will result in all the Eeveelutions gathering and using Last Resort, which will give every single opponent a random effect, such as metal, flower, curry, buried, frozen, asleep, stunned, sped up or slowed down, among others. Eevee will appear and use Trump Card, which will cause the attack to rain down on opponents, similar to PK Starstorm. After that, the player will revert back to using Eevee.
      • I'd like to posit that this is even more likely now that we know about Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, since there appears to be a push to put Eevee on the same level as Pikachu. Another idea for its Final Smash would be Extreme Evoboost which could either a) function like it did in the games and temporarily power Eevee up, or b) act similar to Megaman's Mega Legends, where Eevee summons all of its evolutions and blasts the opponents.
      • Jossed. Eevee was seen as a Poké Ball character.
      • => Current status: Poké Ball (Sylveon as a trophy, Leafeon and Glaceon as a trophy in Brawl)
    • Magikarp
      • He will be tied with Meta Knight for 1st place on the tier list. His Final Smash will be "Final Splash", creating a giant explosion around him.
      • => Current status: none
    • Genesect
      • His leading role in the upcoming Pokémon movie and the fact that they will presumably add a representative from Gen. V would presumably give him an edge.
      • => Current status: Master Ball
    • Mewtwo
      • Mewtwo is one of the stars of the upcoming Pokémon movie, retains immense popularity to this day, and has even recently had a new form revealed for Pokémon X and Y. Like Lucario and Zoroark, he would serve as the mascot of the newest generation. He would probably appear as one of his Mega Evolutions, rather than his original form, to represent Gen 6.
      • Also, there was a bit of a fan uproar about him being replaced by Lucario in Brawl. His appearance in XY might have been partly to provide a reason to bring him back from Melee.
      • Hopefully this time they'll actually make him into the lightning-quick Glass Cannon that he's supposed to be.
      • It'll likely have both of its Mega Forms as Final Smashes. Hopefully it'll retain its male voice from Melee, however.
      • Another point of speculation is which Mewtwo will be in this game: the masculine Anti-Hero from the original movies and Melee, the feminine one from the 16th movie, or the "feral" one from Origins. It's pretty likely that they were planning to put the M16 one in the game, but due to her poor reception (especially in the West where the fanbase is older), it's likely that they'll either use the Origins version, or have Reiko Takashima voice Mewtwo in the Japanese version and reuse Ichimura's grunts from ''Melee'' for international versions.
      • It is important to remember that Smash Bros. 4 has gender options for Wii Fit Trainer and the Villager, and that Nintendo managed to convince Namco and Capcom to use the classic versions of their characters when Sony was unable to do the same, so it would be strange to not be able to use a version of a character they have more direct ownership of. Plus, Game Freak could always pull rank in case of insubordination from Yuyama.
      • Lucario has been confirmed to return, but that still means that Mewtwo still has a chance.
      • => Playable in Melee, DLC in ''Super Smash Bros. 4''
    • Charizard
      • Charizard, like Mewtwo, is getting a lot of Wolverine Publicity these days (more than the other two Kanto starters), especially with the release of Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Origins. He could return as a distinct playable character a la Project M, rather than being 1/3 of a character. For his Final Smash, just like the Mewtwo speculations, he could transform into one of his two Mega Forms.
      • If Charizard doesn't return solo, then Pokémon Trainer could return, possibly with Ivysaur and Squirtle now Venusaur and Blastoise. For his Final Smash, instead of Triple Finish, he could Mega Evolve the Pokémon currently being played (or just Charizard, if Ivysaur and Squirtle are unevolved). And he'd have his voice from Origins, with said Final Smash! being a Shout-Out to the same.
      • => Charizard is solo in ''Super Smash Bros. 4''
    • Meowth
      • He was originally going to be in Smash 64, and he's still one of the more popular Pokémon out there. Since the Meowth in the anime series is a part of Team Rocket, could you imagine using him to beat the crap out of Pikachu in revenge for being constantly humiliated all these years?
      • => Current status: Poké Ball
    • Druddigon
      • A viable choice if they wanted to add a non-legendary Dragon-type Pokemon. Yes, we already have the very dragon-like Charizard, but it's a Fire and Flying-type, not a Dragon-type like Druddigon. Going off of just moves that Druddigon can learn by leveling up, it could use its claws for attacks like Dragon Claw and Night Slash (the latter being a good counter-move like Marth's Counter). Revenge could be an attack that does more damage the higher Druddigon's damage percentage is. Chip Away, a move that ignored defense and evasion stat alterations in the original games, can be used to instantly break shields. Its Final Smash can be either Superpower or Outrage.
      • => Current status: none
    • Espurr
      • If Nintendo is aware of Espurr's Memetic Creep status, perhaps it could be playable, using various psychic attacks and adding another Badass Adorable to the series. If not, then possibly as a Pokeball Pokemon or a trophy.
      • => Current status: none
    • Sceptile
      • With Charizard and Greninja's confirmation into the game, that means we've got reptilian starters for two out of the three types; all that's missing is Grass-type representation. Hoenn remakes have also been requested for a long time, and a Sceptile character would be an ideal way to set up for its confirmation. To distance it a bit from Greninja, another Glass Cannon-Fragile Speedster mix, Sceptile would rely more on spacing and ranged moves like Aerial Ace and Dragon Pulse with Leaf Storm as an area-of-effect Final Smash; failing a full-fledged slot, being an alternate costume for Greninja would suffice.
      • Y'know, with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being announced, having Sceptile would be a very good idea.
      • And with his now confirmed Mega Evolution, that would most likely be his Final Smash.
      • => Current status: none
    • Audino
      • Tired of being used as an EXP Punching bag, Audino joins the fight. Unlike most of the Pokémon fighters, its playstyle is more Mighty Glacier, almost bordering on Stone Wall. It also becomes Mega Audino for its Final Smash.
      • => Current status: Trophy
    • Red (a.k.a. the Pokémon Trainer)
      • Since Charizard now has its own slot, and Squirtle and Ivysaur don't really deserve one, Red could return as an actual fighter. He would be very weak of course, both in attack and defense, but would actually play as a Turret Master, dropping a specific Pokémon on the stage (depending of the special attack) who wouldn't move and perform an attack indefinitely until it is KO'd by an opponent or called back by the trainer ; like Palutena, he could change the Pokémon (and the subsequent attack) he sends with his custom moves. As a Mythology Gag, he would always use Ivysaur and Squitle as his up and down smash, while his forward smash would be him riding a cycle like Wario's bike. Each Pokémon has his own PV meter, and once defeated, it has a cooldown before he could send him again. His Final Smash would be his 6 Pokémon performing their attack at once, and it would by slightly different depending on what Pokémons the player chose with the custom moves. Also, Blue and Leaf could serve as Palette Swap.
      • => Current status: CONFIRMED!
    • Mimikyu
      • During the time between Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U and the Smash Bros game for the Switch, Pokémon Sun and Moon and its enhanced versions, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced and released. This means a whole slew of Pokémon now have a chance to appear in this game. Most likely they'll be Pokéball Pokémon or background characters/hazards in a new stage, but its possible that Gen 7 will be represented by a new fighter. The easiest choice could be Decidueye, but the fact that he already appears as a playable fighter in Pokkén Tournament probably means that his appearance as a fighter in Smash is questionable. Enter Mimikyu. It can be quite an unconventional fighter as not only is it about the same size as Pikachu, but can function as a Long-Range Fighter with a long-reaching ghostly Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak. It can even display its Fairy-type traits like Play Rough better then Jigglypuff can. It also can display its signature ability, Disguise, which could soak up damage from a strong attack. Unlike the RPG, it can probably regenerate over time (similar to Robin's Smash and Special moves). It even has a built-in Final Smash in the form of its unique Z-Move "Let's Snuggle Forever". On top of all that, its one of the most popular Gen 7 Pokémon and can even play a "villainous" role that people are clamoring for.
      • =>Current status: Pokeball Pokemon
    • Buzzwole
      • Despite being relatively new to Pokemon, the Ultra Beasts have been beloved for their strange looks, and like Mimikyu, They also first appeared in the 7th generation. Buzzwole would make the most sense, as this thing is among the most popular and recognized of the Ultra Beasts, also being the first Bug type to appear in Smash. It would be a physical powerhose, dealing high powered and heavy attacks, such as Power-Up Punch and Hammer Arm. It would also be the size of Bowser, Donkey Kong, and other physical sweepers in the Smash roster. It's final smash would be the Fighting type Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling.
    • Alolan Marowak
      • There's a good chance that at least one Pokemon from Alola will get onto the playable roster, and while Decidueye is a good possibility due to already getting into Pokken, Alolan Marowak also has a good chance in my opinion. The flaming bone club gives lots of attack options that don't all necessarily have to be based on actual pokemon moves, and it's Final Smash could easily be the Z-Move Inferno Overdrive.
    • Dusk Form Lycanroc
      • Probably Gen 7's equivalent to Ash Greninja, Lycanroc has a decent shot at being playable. It's different form most fighters due to being a quadruped (a trait shared only by Ivysar and Duck Hunt) plus it has a number of earth-based moves, such as Accelrock, Drill Run, or Stone Edge which hasn't been seen in Smash yet. It can even have a Counter, which it and Midnight form can learn. Alt colors could include Midday and Midnight forms. It's Final Smash can be its Z-move, Splintered Stormshards.
    • Pheromosa
      • Similar to Buzzwole mentioned above, Pheromosa is one of the most popular of the Ultra Beasts. However, I feel that it's the most "human-like" of them as it has proportions that can easily be adapted as a potential fighter. Unlike Buzzwole, instead of brute strength and bulk, it emphasizes speed. Kind of like a Zero Suit Samus and Sonic rolled into one. To differentiate itself from Buzzwole's Final Smash, it could use the Bug-type Z-Move, Savage Spin-Out, rather then the Fighting Z-Move (although either could be swapped).
    • Decidueye
      • Mentioned a fair number of times already, Decidueye is the top picks for potential fighters since its a grass starter to compliment Charizard and Greninja and because its from Gen VII. Not to mention that it already appears as a fighter in Pokken Tournament. However, one thing that could derail plans is the fact that Charizard isn't alone anymore as Squirtle and Ivysaur have returned alongside the Pokemon trainer. Thus having a Grass/Fire/Water dynamic between 3 starter Pokemon isn't a huge priority any longer. It's Final Smash would be the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid.
    • Tsareena
      • Kind of out of left field, as it doesn't have the same "star power" that Decidueye has, but it combines the Pheromosa (beautiful girly Pokemon that attacks by kicking) and Decidueye (Grass type) ideas. For a Final Smash, it can use the Grass Z-move Bloom Doom.
    • Incineroar
      • I've got issues that its another Fire type starter that'll muscle in on Charizard's territory, but the fact of the matter is that its actually more popular then Decidueye in Japan. It's also really easy to develop a potential moveset for. Obviously its Final Smash is its signature Z-move Malicious Moonsault.
      • =>Current status: Confirmed!
    • Golisopod
      • A very strange choice since there are two other water types on the cast, but the main reason I'm including it is that it would allow Guzma's theme to be used as its leitmotif. As for its moveset, instead of Emergency Exit making it escape from battle, it makes it faster the more damage it has, similar to Lucario's Aura powering up.
    • Silvally
      • Considering its importance in Sun and Moon's story, I think it has a decent shot at being a fighter, maybe it could even have a moveset that's derived from its RKS System in that it borrows from all types of moves (similar to Mega Man's moveset being derived from various Robot Masters). It also can have Gladion's battle them as its leitmotif.
    • Kartana
      • Another Ultra Beast, but it would be amusing if it was the same size as Pichu, but had an absurd attacking power.
    • Necrozma
      • I know that it's highly unlikelynote , but it would be an interesting sight to see Necrozma as a playable character.
      • Moves:
        Standard: Photon Geyser – Necrozma charges a small sun before throwing it at the ground and detonating it. The explosion deals more damage if charged longer, but the sun travels farther if uncharged.
        Up+B: Ultra Wormhole – Necrozma rips open an Ultra Wormhole, and emerges from a new one afterwards. The player uses a cursor to choose where Necrozma emerges. However, its range is limited (balance reasons) and Necrozma automatically emerges after 3 seconds.
        Side+B: Prismatic Laser – Necrozma charges and fires a powerful burst of lasers that deal high damage + knockback. Afterwards, Necrozma can't move for 7 seconds or longer (max. 11 seconds) depending on how long it was charged.
        Down+B (ground): Sunsteel Strike – Necrozma transforms into its Dusk Mane form (Smash doesn't always follow canon rules), then rushes at the opponent with enough force to break shields.
        Down+B (midair): Moongeist Beam – Dawn Wings Necrozma fires a laser in a diagonal direction for moderate damage.
        Final Smash: Light That Burns The Sky – Necrozma transforms into its Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings form(s) before using Ultra Burst to become Ultra Necrozma. It then creates and detonates a full-sized sun for massive damage. The attack is slightly different depending on whether Necrozma is grounded or airborne (similar to how range affects Ryu's Final Smash). On the ground, Necrozma throws the sun straight down, creating a massive pillar of burning light; in the air, the sun explodes into a shower of giant deadly lasers instead.
    • Rillaboom
      • If Gen VI gave us Greninja and Gen VII gave us Incineroar, then Rillaboom could be next to be released in a future DLC that's tied to Pokemon Sword and Shield.
      • The Final Smash could be it's Gigamax form that will appear in the upcoming DLC for Sword and Shield.
    • Urshifu
      • A bit more cynically minded compared to the other Pokémon suggestions, but it'd make the most sense. The Sword and Shield expansion pass is coming out in a few months as of the time of this edit, and it wouldn't make sense to just relegate the most recent and successful Pokémon games to date to just a Spirit Board event. Plus, Urshifu was practically built for this game; it could even make use of its Single-Strike and Rapid-Strike Styles for a gameplay gimmick.
      • Surging Strikes could make a good Side-B move, Wicked Blow can be a chargeable neutral B, Seismic Toss would be an up-B move that leaps up and grabs midair opponents to dunk them downwards depending on their percentage, and down-B would be to swap between Single-Strike and Rapid-Strike Styles. Final Smash would be Gigantamax depending on which style you chose so there are 2 different Final Smashes where Urshifu will use either G-Max One Blow or G-Max Rapid Flow in a cinematic after trapping opponents with an attack.
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • Vaati
      • Vaati is the second-most recurring villain in the Zelda series. And since Smash Bros really needs more villainous characters...
      • Seconded. We never did get to see his swordplay in The Minish Cap. Also, he's first and foremost a wind mage, so his moveset would probably have a lot of wind-manipulating moves. Cue pushing opponents around without ever even touching them, which would make him a very interesting character both to play as and to play against.
      • => Current status: Spirit (Four Swords version)
    • Fierce Deity Link
      • Might be too much like adult link but has the power to fire energy from his double helix sword.
      • => Current status: "Playable" since Super Smash Bros. 4
      • Hey, Sakurai might take a page from Hyrule Warriors and have him be Young Link's Final Smash in Ultimate.
      • Jossed: Young Link's Final Smash is the same as his adult counterpart's.
    • Ghirahim
      • He's the main villain of Skyward Sword, and seems to be very popular. He could potentially have a very interesting moveset centered around his projectiles, sword, and teleporting.
      • His Final Smash could be Demise. He could be given a small moveset and no flinching like Giga Bowser.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
    • Majora's Mask
      • Either worn by someone or by itself. It was the driving force of a plot, a final boss, the title of a game, and has many different options for representation.
      • How about having Skull Kid wear it and its Final Smash having the moon crash into the stage?
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy (worn by Skull Kid) and Spirit
    • Toon Zelda
      • Based off of her appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, she can be her ghostly self that is a Luigification of the adult Zelda, or she could appear in Phantom armor and have a moveset based off the various types of Phantoms. Toon Zelda was considered for Brawl, and Spirit Tracks is one of the princess's most active roles, so it'd make sense that if she were included, there'd be at least some basis from that.
      • Maybe she could appear as Tetra but have the ability to change into Toon Zelda.
      • Jossed, but Zelda's new down-B, Phantom Slash, is a nod to Spirit Tracks.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Groose
      • Not nearly as likely as Ghirahim, but he's proved to be so popular with fans that he's likely to show up in some fashion, even if not playable.
      • Groose could probably be an assist trophy, at the very least. He could show up and attack players with the Groosenator, or ride in on his Loftwing along with his friends and bomb everyone/throw eggs at them.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Skyward Sword Link
      • An alternate costume to Twilight Princess Link, his moves will be identical in play, but the Sword Lines, explosions, and sound effects will be more cartoony so as to fit the stages that use cel shading. Toon Link will be retired to make way for Zelda characters with different moves and swordsmen from other Nintendo games.
      • I always figured that Skyward Sword Link would be the basis of the new adult Link, replacing Twilight Princess Link. Toon Link should probably stay, though, as he's been in two games (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks) since Twilight Princess.
      • => Current status: Palette Swap for Link (casual clothes), DLC Mii Costume based on his Skyloft Knight tunic, and Spirit
    • Classic Link
      • Probably the ALttP Link, especially if Nintendo does remake it like they've been hinting. Nintendo has made shout outs to the past before.
      • They made a sequel so that ups the possibility.
      • => Current status: Palette Swap for Toon Link and Spirit
    • Twinrova
      • They have made three appearances, were a Big Bad once, and really would make more sense for a Fanservice character than Samus, their "sexy dress" is actually just as effective in combat as their default battle dress.
      • => Current status: Stage hazard (separated) and trophy (united)
    • Impa
      • Face it, she's one of the only other truly recurring heroic characters in the series — for the sake of being topical (and having a version of her that can actually, you know, fight), they'd use the Skyward Sword version. Better yet, assuming the SS version of Zelda is also used, they could potentially get rid of Sheik entirely (due to her/him not really making sense with this version of Zelda), instead letting Impa take up her approximate role. She'd fight somewhat similarly, but with the addition of more magical attacks that make use of her harp.
      • I agree that Impa should replace Sheik, but she should keep the exact same moveset, and Sheik would become an alternate skin for Impa like Alph is for Olimar.
      • Given Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity being released during the early stages of the second DLC pass and featuring a younger version of Breath of the Wild's Impa as one of its characters, a Smash version of the character could easily be based on AoC's. This could provide a pre-made moveset to adapt into Smash, as well as cross-game publicity.
      • => Current status: Trophy
    • Midna and Wolf Link
      • She may have only appeared once, but Midna made a pretty big impression on the fanbase, and the creators did say that "she may come back if people want it enough". For this appearance, she'd be in her usual imp form while riding Wolf Link, making for a character duo rather like Duck Hunt. A-moves would be provided by Wolf Link (biting, slashing, etc), Midna would use her magic for B-moves. Her Final Smash would obviously involve the use of the Fused Shadows.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy (only Midna) and Spirit (together)
    • Ganon
      • The potential of Ganon returning for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds would certainly give him a great chance. After all, he's still by all means the Big Bad of the classic Zelda games and the most recurring villain, despite effectively being replaced by Ganondorf in the 3D games. A Link Between Worlds would make him relevant again, making him a more likely candidate than other villains like Vaati or Twinrova. He would probably play as a very slow, heavy and hard-hitting character, with some ranged attacks in the form of the batlike fiery projectiles he's known to use in boss battles.
      • => Current status: Final Smash for Ganondorf, Boss and Spirit
    • Demise
      • The chronologically original Big Bad of the franchise, Demise is a fairly notable figure in the series and the fandom despite only appearing in one game, and consequently admittedly being a less likely choice than others. He could feasibly feature as either his own fighter or as an echo of Ganondorf.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Tingle
      • Tingle has appeared in a fair amount of Zelda games, and even has his own series under his belt. He could the newest Joke Character (lethal or otherwise) and fight with Rupees. He can also use his "magic words" to cause random effects on opponents. At least, his balloon could be used as a recovery move.
      • => Current status: Stage Cameo (Great Bay) and Spirit
    • Linkle
      • Technically a third Link character as a Gender Bender of Link, she would be a representative for Hyrule Warriors in particular. Her main differentiating feature from other Zelda characters is that her non-special attacks use her crossbows, not unlike Mega Man, and her moveset is otherwise based around different weapons and items used by Link with a focus on close-range to balance her crossbows, like an inversion of Link's primary attacks being with his sword but most of his special attacks being ranged, along with some emphasis on Cuccos.
      • => Current Status: none
    • Skull Kid
      • His Assist Trophy is not only absent in Ultimate, but appears to have been replaced outright by the Moon AT with no signs of the Skull Kid summoning it. It would be strange for both to be Assists—given that the Moon collision was what everyone wanted the Skull Kid AT to do in the first place, why not simply combine the two? Skull Kid could have become a boss, but Rathalos shows that characters can be both bosses and Assists, so that alone wouldn't explain Skull Kid's absence. Skull Kid was a popular request back in pre-Brawl speculation and remains iconic to this day, plus a Majora's Mask re-release came out in 2015 just in time for the Smash ballot. K. Rool, Ridley, and many of the Echoes imply Ultimate's roster is heavily focused on adding fan-favorites — could Skull Kid be next to join? If included, Skull Kid would probably fight using a lot of Majora's powers shown during the final boss fight, maybe combined with use of Tatl/Tael like in Hyrule Warriors.
      • => Current Status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
    • Ganondorf (Reworked)
      • Note that this isn't referring to the Captain Falcon Moveset Clone already present in Smash, but a reworked Ganondorf who actually uses moves from his home series, whether it happens through the existing Ganondorf finally getting that rework people have requested for many, many years or another Ganondorf with a different appearance. There's been so much uproar over how badly Ganon's been portrayed in Smash that something big is bound to happen sooner or later (not simply getting his sword for his Smash Attacks), whether it takes a full series reboot, a new director, or simply Sakurai deciding to shake up his traditions. Naturally, this reworked Ganondorf would make loads of use of magic, he'd use his sword in way more attacks, his energy balls would be his Neutral Special, his ground punch would be in there somewhere, he'd levitate like Peach, and generally make use of all the techniques he's used over the course of the series.
      • => Current Status: Semi-confirmed. Ganondorf in Ultimate incorporates his sword for a few attacks.
  • Kid Icarus:
    • Orcos
      • Whether or not it's referenced in Uprising, the existence of a Myth and Monsters sticker is proof Sakurai knows about Kid Icarus's gameboy sequel. One could argue Orcos's attacks may not be different enough from each other to be playable, but seeing how Sora developed a Kid Icarus game and Pit's new moves and appearance were in that game, Sakurai could easily do the same for Orcos.
      • => Current status: none
    • Eggplant Wizard
      • He will be The Dragon under Mother Brain in the 4th Super Smash Bros. game.
      • => Current status: none
    • Palutena
      • Would definitely help on the gender ratio, and I believe she's popular enough. Plus she showed some good powers when made to fight in Uprising.
      • => Playable since Super Smash Bros. 4
    • Medusa
      • Is hardly ever the first choice, but as of Uprising she has the distinction of being Pit's most persistent nemesis and (now) has more versatile move potential than Orcos.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Magnus
      • Very popular and could possibly replace Ike given he technically is Ike's Expy in personality and strength. Either that or just being an Ike clone or Nintendo giving him a completely different move set.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. 4, Spirit in Ultimate
    • Dark Pit
      • I could see Dark Pit more as a palette swap for Pit than anything else. Of course, given his popularity, I could see Nintendo just putting him in for the fans and making him a clone. Of course, Nintendo could pull a Capcom where his moves would be different (like Dante and Vergil from Ultimate vs. Capcom 3 despite being brothers have a completely different move set).
      • => Playable since Super Smash Bros. 4
    • Hades
      • He's the true antagonist of Uprising and could very well serve as a boss, or a playable character. He's funny and if they added voices in the next story mode (if there's a story mode), I can picture Pit and Hades yelling each other's name again.
      • Forget playable character, he should be a goddamn stage. He makes all sorts of quips whenever something happens, like a character being defeated.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Pyrrhon
      • A pure fire user with a huge ego and Large Ham that can rival Captain Falcon. Can you imagine those two teaming up?
      • => Current status: Trophy
    • Phosphora
      • Another character to help with the gender ratio. She's a lightning user and her fighting style in Uprising is very unique. And we can't forget the Foe Yay between her and Pit.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy
    • Viridi
      • Yet another character to help balance the gender ratio, but that's not even the half of it. She's the goddess of nature, which already sets her up for a unique moveset. If not that, then she can at least be made into an Echo Fighter of Palutena. After all, she was the Mission Control while Palutena was suffering from Demonic Possession, and during those chapters, she grants Pit the same powers that Palutena would turn into her own moveset.
        "Anything Palutena can do, I can do better!"
      • Her Final Smash could be a Reset Bomb.
      • => Current status: Background character, Spirit, Palutena's Guidance, and DLC Mii Costume
  • Yarn Kirby
    • Yarn Kirby already has a lot of moves, and his Final Smash can be his transformation to a tank from Epic Yarn.
    • => Current status: none
  • Prince Fluff
    • For the same reasons as Yarn Kirby, especially when one considers the game was planned to be about him before the developer got the idea to add Kirby.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Bandana Dee
    • He's now been a playable character in Kirby's Return to Dream Land alongside already playable Kirby, Meta Knight, and Dedede. He'll be wielding his spear, with a spear throw as a neutral-B and that helicopter spear twirl as his up-B.
    • => Current status: Spirit (starts as regular Waddle Dee, evolves into Bandanna Dee)
  • Galacta Knight
    • Probably one of the most popular Kirby characters in recent memory. He has a whole slew of moves from Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Return to Dream Land that he could use.
    • Actually, he might work better as a boss character for the game's story/adventure mode. Perhaps as a Bonus Boss, just like in his home games.
    • => Current status: Spirit and Palette Swap for Meta-Knight
  • Knuckle Joe
    • He was an assist trophy in Brawl, but so much could be done with him. He'd be a good Lightning Bruiser, has some solid attacks like the Vulcan Jab, Force Blast, Rising Break, and others. For a Final Smash, he could grab a nearby opponent and perform an Air Drop, leaping high into the air and coming down hard.
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
  • Adeleine
    • Brawl in the Family makes the case for her moveset in this strip, and it does seem oddly convenient that she makes no appearance in the base game (not even as a Spirit), while Vince and Nikki were both picked over her for painting/drawing-based Assist Trophies. Her appearance in Kirby Star Allies was well-received, so Nintendo knows she's got fans. Perhaps the reason she's not a Spirit is because Nintendo plans to make her a DLC character.
    • => Current status: none
  • Metroid
    • Metroid Prime Hunters: Sylux, Weavel, etc.
      • Any hunter from the Hunters DS game could work, but Sylux ties for the most overused by players and is specifically said to be Samus' rival. Weavel is a space pirate, Samus's enemy by default, and can use weapons from other space pirates to pad his move set.
      • => Current status: Trophies in Brawl
    • Metroid Prime
      • It has its name on a trilogy of games and has numerous different moves and forms that would work in a fighting game.
      • If it does appear, it will probably show up as Dark Samus.
      • => Current status: Confirmed for playable (As Dark Samus)
    • Mother Brain
      • Mother Brain will be the Big Bad of the 4th Super Smash Bros. game.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
    • Ridley
      • C'mon, his size is wildly inconsistent even within his own series, so the "he's too big!" argument is null and void. He's Samus' archnemesis and one of the only other recurring characters in the series, and he has many different forms and attacks within the various games that can be drawn upon for moves.
    • It should be noted that Sakurai has teased Ridley quite a few times without ever showing him outright or by name. Whether he is a boss on the Pyrosphere or playable is yet to be seen.
      • => Current status: CONFIRMED!
    • Adam Malkovich
      • Okay, this one's a bit of a stretch, but he is basically the only other important human in the series. His moveset would likely be heavily made-up, but that never stopped the likes of Captain Falcon or Fox.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Rundas, Ghor, or Gandrayda
      • They've each got more personality than any of the hunters from the DS game, and Rundas himself is a major Ensemble Dark Horse for his voice, theme song, and ice powers.
      • => Current status: none
    • Anthony Higgs
    • It would make sense for one of the most important characters from Other M to make the cut. He's shown he's good in combat, and he has great taunt potential. Can't you hear him shouting "You got no style!" to Captain Falcon?
      • => Current status: none
  • Fire Emblem:
    • FE Switch Rep
      • Like Roy for Melee, Ike for Brawl, Lucina/Robin for SSB4 and Corrin for DLC, the most recent or soon upcoming FE main character tends to get a slot in Smash.
      • If this happens, likely Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, who appears to be the game's main Lord. The game's debut trailer shows she's capable of using axes as well as swords, so she could avert the "too many sword users" complaint.
      • => Current status: See Byleth's entry. Edelgard appears as a Spirit using Byleth as a base.
    • Anna
      • She's practically the mascot of Fire Emblem. She's been playable in 2 main line games (Awakening as a sword user and Fates as a bow user) and 2 popular spinoffs (Heroes as an axe user and a main character, Warriors as a bow user.)
      • Her moveset could be inspired by any of the individual classes she's appeared as (including giving Smash an axe user) or she could be the physical counterpart to Robin, using multiple physical weapons just as he uses multiple magic types.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Lyndis
      • Mostly because that would be kickass. She could play as another speedster type with a unique counter type move and an attack based on her critical. Being confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors will definitely help her chance.
      • She's also been described by the developers as 'the western Marth' as the first FE Lord introduced to international audiences. She's proved incredibly popular and relevant via Warriors and Heroes.
      • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
    • Fjorm
      • The Lance wielding poster character for the incredibly successful Heroes.
      • => Current status: none
    • Celica
      • Following Gaiden’s remake as well as her appearances in Heroes and Warriors, her popularity has skyrocketed. If not her own slot, she could be a palette swap or alternate costume for Robin
      • => Current status: Spirit alongside Alm
    • Micaiah
      • From Radiant Dawn; it would be cool to have a magic user from Fire Emblem (and another female character!). Plus, Ike was from Path of Radiance. She could replace (or not) Ike himself. Or better yet...
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Sothe
      • He can replace Ike.
      • Or he could be a separate character, utilizing knives and agility, as seen here (skip to 1:42)
      • => Current status: Trophy
    • Ashera
      • Against her is that Smash Bros already has a similarly dressed magic user in the form of Zelda and Ashera's attacks would have to be severely toned down. For her is that she has many different attacks, so her moveset wouldn't take much padding, many characters (like Ike) are already toned down, and she'd be the first antagonist from the Fire Emblem series to be playable.
      • => Current status: none
    • The Black Knight
      • Against him is that Ike is already a slowish character that handles his sword in a similar way and Ike and Marth would need a new entrance if he used warp powder for one of his moves. For him is that he's a popular villain from the most recent Fire Emblem game.
      • Of the series' most recent villains (not including remakes), he is fairly popular and would fit the Smash Bros gameplay well (unlike, say, Ashera or Ashnard). His rivalry with Ike is also a plus. His moveset can incorporate Eclipse (probably similar to Marth's Dancing Blade), and his Up-Special could use his warp powder (similar to Zelda/Sheik). He would also likely have Counter, like the other Fire Emblem characters. His Final Smash could be some improved form of Eclipse, like how Ike has Great Aether. Other than basic team color changes, palette swaps could include his Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn appearance (depending on which one is his default appearance) and a palette based on Zelgius's Begnion armor. Admittedly, though, his last appearance in the series was a while ago...
      • => Current status: Spirit, DLC Mii Costume, and Assist Trophy
    • Chrom
    • Sigurd
      • He was originally planned for Melee before Marth replaced him. Marth's moves and taunts are clearly his; Brawl changed Shield Breaker to look more like Marth's thrust and added Marth's critical hit, but he's still mostly Sigurd painted over. Now that one of Marth's games has been released in English, Nintendo might as well admit Smash Bros. Marth was Sigurd in disguise.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Lucina
    • Robin/the Avatar
      • S/he could be a very interesting secret character, if Chrom was unlocked from the start. The gender issue can be sidestepped by having male and female default Avatars with different models/voice acting but the same moveset. Maybe even have the option to import your own Avatar from Awakening if you don't like the defaults. And like Micaiah above, a magic-based moveset (or even a magical/physical hybrid) could give them a lot of uniqueness and versatility.
      • => Playable since ''Super Smash Bros. 4''
    • Morgan
      • If it would be too much work to put Robin in, Morgan would be the next best thing, since the latter's character design is more standardized than the former's. You could even use his/her various hair colors for team differentiation.
      • => Current status: none
    • Chrom AND Robin
      • The game they come from boasts a new mechanic that's very central to the gameplay, specifically, pairing up so two characters fight as one and help each other out with follow-up attacks and jumping in the way of enemy hits. Robin is just as much a protagonist of that game as Chrom is, and the two are even said to be "two halves of the same whole". It'd make sense to represent their game by having Chrom and Robin share a character slot with a moveset that revolves around the other helping them out, perhaps as a cross between Ice Climbers and Pokemon Trainer.
      • Unfortunately, that would preclude either of them from being paired up with Lucina, if she appeared as either herself or a Marth alt. It would be better to have them as separate characters and include a few easter eggs for when they're fighting together, same as with the Star Fox characters.
      • Lucina would more likely be a Chrom alt, since a cutscene during Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Awakening shows that Chrom and Lucina fight very similarly.
      • => Current status: Final Smash for Robin in 3DS/Wii U, separately playable in Ultimate.
    • Donny
      • He will appear as a Lethal Joke Character. Like Frank West from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he starts off weak but can level up the more he fights. He starts off as a weak Villager, but levels up to a Mercenary, and finally into a Hero.
      • => Current status: none
    • Tsubasa
      • One of the main characters—and arguably the most iconic character—of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. She'd be distinctive as the first lance wielder in Smash.
      • Her Final Smash would reference the iconic shot of her flying around Shinjuku in her pegasus chariot.
      • => Current status: Spirit
    • Byleth
      • The main character of Three Houses, they could continue the trend of putting in the latest FE game's Avatar character into Smash for advertisement. However, their Sword of the Creator and the mechanics of Three Houses can allow them to stand out from the rest of the Fire Emblem characters, like how Robin has their Breakable Weapons and tomes and Corrin has their Dragon Fang shapeshifting.
      • The Sword of the Creator isn't your run of the mill sword. It's a Whip Sword, allowing Byleth to have range and power like Simon and Richter for their Smash Attacks. The dynamic ways that the Creator Sword is swung for abilities such as Ruptured Heaven also stand out compared to Simon and Richter's simple strikes.
      • In Three Houses, any character can potentially use any weapon type if they are sufficiently educated. Byleth themselves is no exception, having no weaknesses in weapon type learning and strong suits in Swords, Authority, Brawling, and a hidden talent in Faith. Taking this into account, Byleth can use whatever weapon they so please in their moveset, from the classic weapon triangle of Swords, Axes, and Lances, to Reason/Faith magic and Brawling Gauntlets. This can give much needed variety to their moveset, as to avoid common fan complaints of "just another sword fighter".
      • Their alternate costumes, besides the traditional Red, Blue, and Green colors from other FE characters, can include yellow (for third party enemies), and their exclusive Enlightened One class that they gain towards the end of the first act of Three Houses, teal-green hair included.
      • Their Final Smash can be called Three Houses, involving summoning the three house leaders to unleash their classmates and battalions to obliterate the enemy.
      • Alternatively, their Final Smash throws the enemy right in the middle of a three way fight between the nations of Fodlan, and the leaders simultaneously charge against one another, with the enemy unfortunately in their paths.
      • => Current status: DLC
  • Louie
    • Maybe as a Ryu and Ken to Olimar? His Final Smash could summon the Titan Dweevil, with him at the helm.
    • => Current status: Trophy
  • Alph, Brittany, or Charlie
    • One of the three captains from Pikmin 3 will be a playable character. But to help separate them from Olimar, only they can use Rock and Winged Pikmin. Only Olimar can use White and Purple. Both can use Red, Yellow, and Blue.
    • Alternatively all four could be alternates for Olimar, like Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. All the captains in Pikmin are functionally similar and Winged (and thus presumably Rock) Pikmin are already being incorporated into Olimar's play style.
    • Alph will eventually become a separate clone character in a free DLC for SSB4. Just like Dark Pit, Dr. Mario and Lucina who all started as a special skin early in development but who eventually became their own character as a "bonus" because the development team had enough time to do it, Alph could eventually become a clone character of Olimar with a slightly different moveset in a future update. He could be a lighter character and would use Rock Pikmin in some fashion (maybe replacing the purple Pikmin or spawning randomly like the Bob-omb for Peach).
    • Other possibility: the concept will expend in SSB5 and all Olimar's palette swaps will be a different captain from Pikmin (like the Koopalings for Bowser Jr.):
    • Red: Olimar
    • Blue: Louie
    • Light Blue: Alph
    • Green: Charlie
    • Pink: Brittany
    • Black: Shacho/President
    • For the last two colors maybe Olimar's son (who was supposedly scrapped from Pikmin 2) and "D" the scrapped 4th character from Pikmin 3 who was supposedly recycled as the SS Drake. He could even be an android!
    • => Current status: Alph "playable" since Super Smash Bros. 4 ; Brittany and Charlie as trophies
  • Pico
    • Alien turtle hit man who wields pistols Guns Akimbo and was in the first game, why not? He also has an assault rifle.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Deathborn
    • The biggest bad the series has that could still be reasonably playable; he bosses Black Shadow around.
    • => Current status: Trophy
  • Zoda
    • Has led multiple invasion attempts on Earth, is something of a standout villain that rules another planet, and is implied to be some kind of scientist.
    • => Current status: Spirit
  • Don Genie
    • He is an arms dealer. That's good enough by itself.
    • => Current status: none
  • Samurai Goroh
    • He's one of the most recognizable racers, and he was an Assist Trophy in Brawl. ...How the hell had he not been mentioned first?
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
  • Black Shadow
    • The series villain.
    • He could take Ganondorf's moveset, allowing Ganondorf to receive a new one.
    • => Current status: Spirit represented by Ganondorf
  • Megan (F-Zero: Maximum Velocity)
    • She was the closest thing the game had to a protagonist, being the default character on the character select screen, and she's rumored to be a karate expert. Plus, who would see it coming?
    • => Current status: none
  • Krystal
    • With her staff, and the move-set from Star Fox Adventures, she would be more unique as a fighter than most other potential Star Fox characters. This would help even out the gender ratio as well.
    • => Current status: Spirit and stage cameo (Lylat Cruise), confirmed as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate
  • There are other series with staff users less represented than Star Fox and plenty of females. No, there is only one recognizable Star Fox character left who can bring something unique to Smash Bros, only one has the brains, our favorite uncle Andross!
    • ...He's a floating head, hands, and brain. How the hell could he be a playable fighter?
    • By hovering across the ground and having a floaty jump like Mewtwo...wait.
    • => Current status: Assist Trophy and Spirit
  • Leon
    • He could have Hollywood Chameleon powers, turning invisible for certain moves (it could even be hand waved as sufficiently advanced technology, given the setting), and have a tongue whip attack and tether grapple. Oh, and demon sniper!
    • => Current status: Spirit and stage cameo (Lylat Cruise)
  • Slippy Toad
    • I am absolutely serious. Slippy may be one of the most infamously annoying characters in video game history, but he's the only consistent member of Star Fox alongside his best friend. Even Falco went and bowed out for most of Star Fox Adventures. He'd be slower but bulkier than the other Spacies with the exception of a higher jump and his moveset would be more centered around his mechanical skills than any martial arts training, using more gadgets and tools than his physically capable teammates. His Final Smash would ideally have him knock his enemies into the path of a Landmaster's cannon, with Slippy himself on the other end,Trivia  but on the off-chance he gets in, he'll probably have the same Arwing Final Smash his friends have, possibly with some humorous flourish to it.
    • => Current status: Trophy/Spirit
  • Ninten
    • He's the only main character from the trilogy we are missing as a playable character.
    • Potential for a unique moveset based on buffs and shields, given his lack of offensive psi. Recovery move can be 4th-D Slip, Side Special can be PSI Quick Up, like Ike's Quick Draw but with a combo at the end, etc. Also, he can use a boomerang at one point in the game, if this troper recalls correctly.
    • => Current status: Stage cameo (Magicant) and Spirit
  • Poo
    • Poo's only weapon in the game, the Sword of Kings, could allow him to mix PSI and swordplay together.
    • => Current status: Assist Character for Ness in Ultimate.
  • The Masked Man / Claus
    • His sword moves and canon make him stand out from the other 2 Mother representatives. Not to mention he has his One Hit KO Lightning attack that could be used for a Final Smash. Also, it would be interesting if Lucas came back...
    • => Current status: Palette Swap for Lucas since 4 (Palette Swap for Lucas since Brawl)
  • Porky
    • A major villain in both Earthbound and Mother 3. This makes him pretty important to the series as well as giving him relevance to both Ness and Lucas, two characters in Brawl. His inclusion would also add more villains to the line-up and show people that the MOTHER series is more than just psychic kids.
    • He's pretty pathetic on his own, admittedly, but his character has always relied on others or piloted machines to fight for him. So he could possibly pilot a mech and send out Pokey-bots like his boss form in the last game or Pigmasks. He could also have a slew of technology-based attacks. He changes appearance pretty often during the series, allowing for plenty of Continuity Porn in the form of alternate colors/costumes. There's his over-alps with white T-shirt look, his Black and Red pinstripe suit look (he could be given blue skin in this costume as a reference to the final battle) and his old, sickly, bed-ridden MOTHER 3 look.
    • => Current status: Spirit (Absolutely Safe Capsule)
  • Duster
    • Much like Porky, Duster could be used as a non-psychic MOTHER character, using his various thief tools (like the wall staples and tickle stick) to have a moveset somewhat akin to Link's.
  • Punch-Out!!:
    • Punch-Out is a long running series and considered a classic. Little Mac would probably be enough by himself but another reoccurring boxer like -r. Sandman or Bald Bull might not hurt... Mike Tyson for nostalgia?
      • As of February 13, 2013, Little Mac is confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 4.
    • Even if Giga Mac shows up, there are some reoccurring boxers like Great Tiger or King Hippo that might be different enough to squeeze in.
    • Doc Louis. He invented the Star Punch.
      • Jossed. While Doc Louis is present in the game, he only plays a role in Little Mac's taunts and victory poses.
    • King Hippo. He will be a member of The Remnant organization "Neo-Subspace Army" led by Mother Brain in the 4th Super Smash Bros. game.
    • Aran Ryan
      • This guy is a complete lunatic, so seeing him in a fighting game would be hilarious.
  • Xenoblade:
    • If Operation Rainfall puts its money where its mouth is, main character Shulk may become playable to further cash in on it. His abilities are better for an assist trophy but he could be playable with some creativity. There are lots of swordsmen to compete with but unless you believe All Swords Are the Same his might be different enough, he'd be able to swing two extendable Laser Blades after grabbing a beam sword.
      • The gameplay of Xenoblade is heavily focused around buffs, nerfs and status effects, with the Monado playing a key role in a great deal of that. If included, this Monado-wielder could therefore potentially be focused around rotating out various buffs to his stats. In fact, with the revelation that players can customize their characters with various items, buffing either attack, defense or speed while nerfing a second stat of those three, Shulk might be a character who can illustrate what boosting a given stat can do, outside of the domain of customizable characters. Monado Enchant would boost attack, Monado Shield would boost defense, and Monado Speed would boost speed, perhaps with another stat being nerfed for each one accordingly, and another move (Monado Purge?) removing all active buffs/nerfs entirely.
      • Shulk is heavily implied to be included by the Gematsu leaks.
      • After the leak, Shulk was confirmed as of August 29, 2014.
    • Or just skip the main character and choose someone who does have abilities with obvious use in a fighting game, Dunban. He can replace Ike.
    • Huge spoilers here: Fiora
      • Don't read if you haven't beaten Xenoblade. Being a cyborg who dual wields knives, uses energy attacks, and carries attack drones, Fiora has a ton of gameplay potential. She's a playable character in Xenoblade who plays a big role in its story, and is another female character to boot.
      • => Current status: Added to Shulk's Final Smash in Ultimate along with Dunban and Riki. Take that, Arbitrary Headcount Limit!
    • Xenoblade Chronicles X has two possible representatives, Rook/Cross and Elma.
      • Rook would be the best choice to represent the game as a whole, as they can combine movesets from the rest of the party. The downside is that they don't have much of a personality outside of player choices, and after Robin, Corrin, and Byleth, yet another customizable player character might be too much. Rook makes no appearance at all in the base game of Ultimate, while Elma, Lin, and Lao are all Spirits. This could go either way: Nintendo may just want to avoid canonizing Rook's appearance if they're not slated to be playable, or they could be planning to make them playable after all.
      • Elma would be a more thematic choice, as her in-game combat style would be easy to translate into a Smash moveset and she has at least as much of a claim to "main character" status as Rook. Her problem is, she's already in the game as a Spirit and her ranged moveset might be too difficult to differentiate from Bayonetta (making her an Echo Fighter could solve this). Then again, with Min Min's addition, Spirits aren't ruled out, either. Plus, Super Bash Sisters Smash Brothers always needs more badass Action Girls.
    • With Xenoblade Chronicles 2, we have Rex and Pyra, who could work as an Ice Climbers-like pair, except that each character could attack independently: Rex would handle A-Button attacks and Smashes while Pyra's Fire Arts would be controlled with B. Pyra's alter-ego, Mythra, would be usable as an alternate costume, and their shared Super Mode, Pneuma, would be Rex's Final Smash.
      • Current Status: Rex has his own Mii costume and he and Pyra both appear as Spirits (along with most of the main party: Nia, Morag, Tora, Zeke, Mythra, and Poppi). Sakurai explained that Xenoblade 2 was a bit too recent for Rex to be fully playable in the base game, but the fact that the devs have given the game a nod means he might be on the short list for DLC consideration.
    • As an alternate to the above, Mythra could work as a separate character from Rex. While it might be unlikely for her to be a DLC in Ultimate, it's worth mentioning Mythra's outfit was censored drastically despite not appearing physically, whereas Ann's model in Mementos wasn't altered at all despite featuring a similar element in her design. There's several instances in Xenoblade 2 where she fights competently on her own so having Rex or Addam present wouldn't be necessary, although they could still appear in a voice cameo, cheering her on during the fight (similar to Doc Louis with Little Mac), and during her Final Smash which would likely be Shining Arrow.
    • For bonus points, Pyra could be her Echo Fighter, and will have a fire effect on her attacks but be slower and heavier than Mythra.


  • Golden Sun:
    • Isaac: is the main character of the first game. His adept powers, dijini attacks, summons, class changing, items, and weapon unleashes would help him stand out from the other swordsmen. Dishing Out Dirt is something no playable fighter in Smash currently specializes in and all the main characters of Golden Sun (so far) do in their default class. In addition, Isaac's assist trophy status has seemingly been removed, at least in the 3DS version, hinting at there being a chance he's been promoted to playable status via DLC
      • Jossed; while his assist trophy was removed in both the 3DS and Wii U games, it was reintroduced in Ultimate.
    • Felix: is the main character of the second game and can turn into sand, something Isaac cannot do.
    • Matthew: Same reason for Isaac, adept powers, dijini attacks, summons, class changing, items, weapons, and what Not.
      • Or he can replace Isaac's Assist Trophy.
    • Let's let the other elements have some fun. Right Saturos? Sveta? ALEX?
  • Sin and Punishment:
    • Saki: His international debut was practically in Smash Bros. Of the first game's player characters, he's the only one who transforms or displays other weird powers.
      • Jossed; Still an Assist Trophy.
    • Achi: She's the only one to play an active role in both games. It would be hard to give her a faithful move set that did not give away the plot, but Sin and Punishment's selling point is being a frantic shooter, so knowing the plot wouldn't spoil that and Achi could fill move slots easily.
    • Isa: He's not as quite versatile as Achi but has enough moveset potential, more than Saki has. Furthermore, he was the real protagonist of the second game, the other kid was just along for the ride.
    • Sin and Punishment will more than likely not have a representative, as when Saki was revealed as an Assist Trophy in the April 8th Nintendo Direct, he had a generic Smash Bros. icon.
  • StarTropics: Mike Jones and Zoda.
    • Mike, the hero, would come first obviously, and then his villain maybe, after him. Mike has many weapons to use and a psychic shock wave. Zoda's final clone has enough unique moves to bring to the Smash Bros. series, but could also adopt some elements of Mewtwo's style of gameplay so Pokémon would stop being made to fit it.
  • Eternal Darkness:
    • Alexandra Roivas or Pious Augustus
      • They're probably too similar to have both of them, but they managed to make Lucas and Ness different enough, both isn't impossible. Being from Metal Gear, Snake opened up the possibility for M-rated franchises. Alex has an enchanted shotgun, pistol, and throwing gladius. Pious is a Large Ham and has a bone staff.
      • Movesets could include summoning monsters or using spells. Their Final Smash could be summoning an Ancient or causing a Sanity Effect.
      • With Ultimate's focus on making stat-altering moves easy to use and monitor, their neutral B could be devoted to changing Ancient alignments between Chat'turgha, Ulyaoth and Xel'lotath, altering the properties of their spellcasting. Perhaps a Mantorok alignment could be achieved under more special conditions.
      • Current Status: Alex is a Spirit.
  • Custom Robo:
    • Ray for being the first of the mascot robots, Ray 01 for being the most popular of the mascot robots and the first to make it overseas, or Ray MK III for being the latest one. They all sport bombs, guns, and satellite weapons not used by anyone else so far and would come with the series's wacky stages. And, like Isaac mentioned above, Mk III is no longer an assist trophy in the 3DS version.
  • Nintendo Wars
    • You could have a commanding officer with moves based around their supports (Andy with blow torches and nail guns because he repairs stuff, for example) or even a generic grunt (using Battalion Wars weapons maybe) or mix the two somehow. All sorts of stage and Final Smash possibilities too.
    • Kaiser Vlad, any Solar empress or solar grunt could be a Qa-Len's staff bearer too if Battalion Wars didn't have enough weapons already.
  • Excite:
    • Specifically from the bot racing game. They would be highly unorthodox between the transforming, dart throwing, poker playing, and butterfly catching already, but a large character with a running speed comparable to Sonic the Hedgehog would be interesting. Frog, Bat, and Beetle are the defaults, so likely one of them. Ivysaur has opened the door for non bipeds and non humanoids.
  • Cubivore:
    • No references to the game in Brawl, but Alpha has a trophy in Melee. The player character would be the best choice as Chicky from the bird run after becoming the killer cubivore. He could use the most powerful mutations for his attacks and use the boss's specials too, as he could be handwaved as being able to use them after taking the final boss's title.
  • Wii Games, Mii:
    • They can be Custom Characters with some of their own abilities, like Swordplay (for close-range), Archery (for long-range,) and using Jetpack (for its Up move).
    • If not, they can replace the Fighting Alloy Team. (And be Called Fighting Mii Team)
      • Both of these have been confirmed; players can customize their Miis to a series of archetypes and have them fight based upon their chosen theme, and the Miis from the player's console also appear as the game's multi-man opposition (even being called Fighting Mii Team).
  • Arcana:
    • Rooks. He's the main character of the game. Not likely to be a first choice, as his moves may be too similar to the more recent and more successful Golden Sun characters and he's another swordsman. His moves are not identical, though, and his greater focus on cards could have him play differently enough to be the Golden Sun character's old school counterpart. If nothing else, Rimsala has a wicked enough design to justify being a boss.
  • Kabuki Quantum Fighter:
    • Colonel Scott O'Connor. Everyone's forgotten about it, but his game did end on a sequel hook. No one else in Smash Bros so far attacks with their hair, and if they play up the bizarre parts of him enough, maybe he could get a virtual console sequel?
  • Joy Mech Fight: Sukapon.
    • It was a fighting game on the Famicom, not released outside of Japan, but Sukapon had fairly strong demand to be in Brawl in Japan. Sora said at the time they couldn't figure out how to do a Floating Limbs character. Since they've had plenty of time since to think about it, Sukapon could appear in a future title.
      • Confirmed as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate.
  • The Legendary Starfy:
    • Starfy has already appeared as an assist trophy and could possibly have a moveset to work with.
      • Jossed; Still an Assist Trophy.
  • Pro Wrestling:
    • A fighting game that hasn't had any references in Super Smash Bros. but lines from it are quoted in other Nintendo games. Great Puma, Giant Panther, Amazon, is there a reason anyone from that game couldn't work?
  • Geist:
    • Tabuu looks too much like a Geist ghost, either it was planned from the start as some kind of foreshadowing or someone at Nintendo will notice the similarities and that will put thoughts in people's heads. At the very least, John Raimi's ghost would be an interesting assist, but his human form has more than enough to work with to be playable in a Smash Bros game. There are some multiplayer stages that would translate well into Smash Bros. stages too.
    • As an Assist Trophy, he could either possesses an enemy and fight the other opponents with you, or attempt to force the possessed enemy to KO themselves. Either way, the possessed will still have some control left over their characters and can break free of his control.
  • Balloon Fight:
    • Alice from Balloon Kid, utilizing her balloons to give her extra recovery.
  • Clu Clu Land:
    • Bubbles. She could have a very unique gameplay: she would always charge forward and the only way to stop her would be her Neutral-B which make her pivoting around a pole ; the moment you release the B button she resume her forward path in the direction she is facing. She would not have any smashes, but her tilts would be very powerful in balance and she would have a high priority on most of her attacks.
  • Panel de Pon:
    • Either Lip or Furil, because we haven't had enough PDP around lately (or at all, if you're American or European). She'd fit the nostalgia theme of the game well considering the series has been around for seventeen years, at least. Since the Lip's Stick is already an item, flowers, block-dropping, and maybe panels would be incorporated into her attacks.
    • Lip's stick could easy be replaced by another bludgeon item, one with a similar effect or something completely new yet equally wacky (Another Panel De Pon tool even).
    • This is true, though you have to consider that Kirby has a similar case with the Star Rod.
  • Space Demon:
    • Both it and Space Firebird were developed by Nintendo R&D 1 and between the two games the Space Demon might have enough moves to work with. True, he might be a little on the large side but unlike Ridley, it doesn't have a Samus to be in proportion with so it could be scaled down like Olimar was scaled up. The demon could call on space fighters, spiders and fragmentation bombs for special attacks and even summon the space Firebirds. (or failing playable character, a surprise boss)
  • Mole Mania:
    • Shigeru Miyamoto wanting it is good enough for some kind of mention in the future. But if the Ice Climbers can get a playable spot, Muddy could get one too. He can roll bombs or cannon balls, do suplex-like standing throws and no one else has mole claws.
  • Jett Rocket:
    • Jett would be amazing character. He has his Dash attack, his Dive attack, his Jetpack, and various vehicles like the Jetski, Hoverboard, and Parachute. He can also throw bombs and has various sidekicks like Chiefo and Rudolpho the dolphin. Plenty of things to make a moveset with.
  • The Last Story:
    • Given the competition, main character Zael would most likely be an assist character but as a playable fighter, he has a shot at replacing Young/Toon Link. He has a sword, can wall jump, shoots a crossbow and could even use bombs if Sora so pleased. He would still be more distinct as other moves would have to be used in place of the boomerang and triforce slash.
  • Tomato Adventure:
    • Some of DeMille's requests interested Sakurai during the polling, so it is likely the game will get referenced in the future and DeMille might even become playable. He may need to be toned down a little since he seems to mostly fight at range but his gimmicks could still be interesting.
  • Pandora's Tower:
    • Aeron is fairly manly compared to a lot of other RPG choices, wields multiple weapons in ways not seen by any of the current fighters even when there is overlap, has a couple interesting Final Smash options thanks to cut scenes and multiple charge combos.
  • The Mysterious Murasame Castle:
    • Takamaru
      • It's obligatory for Smash Bros. to include a "Japan only" character. Ever since Marth lost this title, Takamaru could easily fit the bill. His series was also represented in Nintendo Land, so he's still relevant.
      • Jossed. Confirmed for assist as of July 27, 2014.
      Current status: Assist Trophy and DLC Mii Costume
  • Mach Rider:
    • He had a trophy in Melee that seemed more detailed than most, and much like the Ice Climbers, he had only appeared in a single game, and since they managed to make the Ice Climbers work, Mach still might have a chance. They could be creative with his moveset, giving him things like a chain whip, a laser blaster, and grenades. His Final Smash could be of him hopping on his motorcycle and riding around the stage, shooting the other players up.
  • Kung Fu Master:
    • Thomas from Kung Fu Master. He's a martial arts master so the moveset pretty much written for him. His Final Smash could be flooding the stage, drowning everyone except him, which would allow him to fight other players for a short period of time without any competition.
  • Another Code:
    • Ashley Robins: While not as obscure as Wii Fit Trainer, she'd still be interesting.
  • Cooking Mama:
    • Cooking Mama herself, because another female Smasher with a weird fighting style, and unexpectedness abound.
  • Pushmo:
    • Pushmo has gotten fairly popular as a downloadable eShop title, especially because of its Level Editor. Mallo could be a Mighty Glacier working with grab attacks, allowing him to continuously pierce shields.
    • He could use totems from Ketzal's Corridors in some of his attacks, as a shout-out to his fellow eShop puzzle-game. Actually, he could serve a Composite Character for all Nintendo puzzle-games (minus of course Panel de Pon's Lip)
  • Fossil Fighters:
    • Dynal, being an antagonist in the first game, a bonus boss in the next, and for being a flying sauropod with an antimatter beam.
  • Rhythm Heaven:
    • The Chorus Men. How would they play? Who knows. Why are we even discussing it? Because, like Chrom and Shulk, they are heavily implied to be included by the Gematsu leaks that correctly predicted almost every character reveal in advance. Somehow. (In addition, Rhythm Heaven enemies appear in Smash Run...)
    • Karate Joe. For a game series consisting of a bunch of different minigames he's been in every game so far, making him one of the more notable characters and one of the more likely ones to be chosen. Besides, Rhythm Heaven is one of the biggest Nintendo series to not yet be represented by a fighter, stage or assist trophy.
  • Splatoon:
    • Inkling. This one is extremely unlikely for Smash 4 itself, since that would hinge on the idea that the Smash team knew about Splatoon before they were done finalizing the character roster for the main game... but the idea of a character making a mess on the stage by shooting ink everywhere and using that ink to get around the stage quickly is too good an idea to pass up, not to mention the game itself is a fresh new IP from Nintendo that's gained insane popularity since its reveal. Maybe one will be DLC if Smash 4 decides to use it later down the line (which is apparently going to happen according to the Gematsu leak) or he/she ends up being an assist trophy and ends up playable in a future installment.
      • To add to this, Inkling will be the first newcomer revealed for Smash 5 with an introduction of the Female Inkling splattering the arena as well as Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu with orange paint.
    • Possible moveset:
      • Jab: fire off a few rounds with the default weapon, the Splattershot
      • Side Tilt: fire a single shot from a Jet Squelcher-family weapon, with higher range and damage output
      • Down Tilt: change into a squid and charge a short distance in the direction Inkling is facing
      • Up Tilt: hop into the air and fire off a round vertically
      • Side Smash: throw a Burst Bomb
      • Down Smash: fire a Slosher at the ground, once on each side
      • Neutral Air: fire several shots from the Splattershot, with recoil causing Inkling to spin
      • Forward Air: fire one of the Blaster weapons in the direction Inkling is facing
      • Back Air: fire a Blaster weapon behind Inkling
      • Down Air: throw a Splat Bomb at the ground that deals impact damage to opponents and explodes after a set time
      • Up Air: rapid-fire the Splattershot vertically
      • Neutral Special: hold down the Special Attack button to produce a Charger-class weapon and guide an on-screen reticle with the control stick; releasing the Special Attack button fires a shot at the reticle's location
      • Side Special: fire a wave of ink with a Roller-class weapon and charge across the stage, able to change direction horizontally
      • Down Special: hold down the control stick and tap the Special Attack button to rev up a Splatling-class weapon; releasing the control stick unleashes a barrage of ink in the direction Inkling is facing that can be guided vertically
      • Up Special: use Super Jump, causing splash damage at the place where it's used and damaging anyone Inkling hits on the way up
      • Final Smash: Turf War. Akin to King Dedede's Waddle Dee Army in "Brawl," two teams of Inklings (one matching your Inkling's color) with assorted weaponry appear on the stage and start to battle, damaging any opponent caught in the crossfire. For the finale, your Inkling fires off an Inkstrike at the stage, simultaneously damaging opponents and blowing away the enemy Inklings; allied Inklings despawn shortly afterward. Alternatively, transport any opponent you hit within a certain time period to a Splatoon arena in the middle of a Turf War.
    • Inklings have a lot of potential for alternate skins as well. Aside from the vast array of combinations of gender, skin color, eye color, clothing, and ink color (which could also be randomly assigned as in Splatoon itself), each alt could use different weapons of the same classes for its moves (one uses a regular Splattershot, another uses the Splattershot Pro, etc.). In this case, and all cases concerning standard attacks, the difference would be purely cosmetic. Or, different weapons within a class could be used for its custom Specials: if Neutral Special 1 uses the Splat Charger, 2 could use the Squiffer, and 3 could use the Scope Charger, with accompanying differences in stats. There are so many ways they could go with this one.
    • So this guess is probably several years old and long after the Wii U game has been "completed" but as of March 08th 2018, This guess is now Confirmed.
  • Yūyūki:
    • Goku, no not that Goku, the character from an obscure Japan-only Famicom game. He appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 3 so it'll be a reunion with Kirby and they aren't enough staff wielding monkeys on the roster. Although it'll be funny if demand for that other Goku got Nintendo's Goku instead.
  • Pilotwings:
    • Lark. Considering Pilotwings has a stage, and that Pilotwings 64 was a launch title (depsite being neglected in that stage and SSB4 by extension - just like its fellow launch title)...
  • Wave Race
    • Ryota Hayami. Wave Race 64 was one of the first N64 games, and it sold well by the console's standards. Oh, and it too was neglected in SSB4.
  • 1080° Snowboarding
    • Rob Haywood.
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
    • Itsuki Aoi. While the game's heroine, Tsubasa, is a spirit, the hero himself is nowhere to be found. His alternate palettes will be based on the game's other Mirage Masters.

Super Smash Bros 4 will have more fanservice
  • Super Smash Bros. has already had some fanservice because of Snake's butt and Samus's butt and Peach using her butt for some of her attacks, plus her breasts were upgraded in Brawl compared to Melee. Plus now we might have guest fighters from Teen or M rated titles. With the art director of Soul Calibur working on this game, some fanservice increase could happen, but with some restraint and not going too overboard, just enough to meet Nintendo's standards for what's okay but still pushing the envelope.
    • Confirmed to an extent; some of the characters' alternate costumes are fairly revealing (Zero Suit Samus' Zero Mission/Fusion alternates, Shulk's swimwear costume).

Kalas will join the... whatever it is this time.
The ownership of BK isn't clear from a quick check (though Monolith's website shows very BK 3 images), but Nintendo was very heavily involved, and with Monolith being one of the major contributors to Brawl and consider BK very important to them. Plus he could have an interesting role in any story modes, either recognizing the face behind Master/Crazy Hand (see up) or the whole is actually The Mole despite being the main character.

A Primid will be a playable character.
Something of a meta extension to the previous WMG, if there is a Smash Bros exclusive character, it will be a Primid and his different colorations will be different colors/shapes of his eyes.
  • Problem is, just changing the eyes won't make it easy to tell two different Primids apart in-game.
    • Jossed; Primids make no appearance in the game whatsoever.

There will be a character who is a Ditto Fighter.
And each time he's KO'd, he changes his fighting style.
  • Jossed.

Super Smash Bros. 4 will have post-release Downloadable Content.
These sets of images were found in the 3DS version's data, respectively grouped in icons reserved for characters and stages; implying that there will be multiple screens' worth of both for players to go through. As both characters and stages currently fill one page each, the only way these icons would be relevant would be if DLC fleshed out both to the extent that both character and stage select screens needed multiple pages to display them on. In addition, several highly requested characters, such as Ridley and Isaac have no data whatsoever in the 3DS version, not even trophies, which can be interpreted as them and their respective details being saved for use as downloadable characters. Lastly, the version of Smash 4 that can be downloaded onto the 3DS says it takes up a bit over 9000 blocks of memory; the cartridge version has almost twice that amount, leaving a total of almost a thousand blocks of memory left unaccounted for; memory that can be filled in with DLC characters and stages, potentially even items.
  • Late on this, but DLC was confirmed. Aside from some stages and Mii Fighter gear, Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Corrin, Cloud, and Bayonetta were available this way.

There will be an SSB game where you can play a character from Animal Crossing.
The AC franchise is extremely popular in both Asia and the US, and the game has been referenced several times in SSB before. Mr. Resetti can be summoned, there's a pitfall item, there's an AC battle stage, and there are plenty of pieces of music from AC as well. The playable character would possibly be Tom Nook or KK Slider.
  • Confirmed through the Villager and Isabelle.

A character who is well known in the West but obscure in Japan will be in the next Smash
This is so that fans outside of Japan will be shown appreciation by the developers, especially after mentioning so many Japanese exclusive titles in the last few SSB's that most people outside of Japan haven't heard before. A good character related to this is mentioned above.
  • Little Mac could count as this.

SSB4 will have a Dance Battler
Since the fourth game is going to have a character who fights by striking Yoga poses, a character who fights by dancing would definitely work as well. I can think of two possible choices for a Dance Battler...
  1. Jimmy T. from Wario Ware
  2. Ryuta Ippongi from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and/or Agent J from Elite Beat Agents (palette swap?)
  3. Olivia from Fire Emblem Awakening

The Trophy Quizzes in the Smash Direct were foreshadowing new characters.
  • Tiki: A Fire Emblem character to foreshadow a new Fire Emblem Awakening character (Chrom, Lucina, or Robin).
  • Fi: A character from Skyward Sword to foreshadow Ghirahim or Demise... or Groose.
  • Pseudo-Palutena: Self-explanatory (Palutena).
  • King Kihunter: A boss from Metroid, foreshadowing Ridley.

Dragalia Lost will join the character roster in DLC
Dragalia Lost has been a surprise hit on both sides of the pond for Nintendo and Cygames. What better way to add Smash Bros representation than by adding in the main character of that game, Euden? His Final Smash would be channeling the Greatwyrms to blow away the competition. Now that it's been a year since the game has been around, one of his palette swaps would be his Gala version.

    Echo Fighters 
Dark Samus, for Samus
There are two signs pointing towards Dark Samus being in Ultimate. Firstly, her Assist Trophy has not been confirmed to appear in the game. While it is possible her Assist Trophy was not fully ready to be shown at the demo, videos showing all demo character alternate costumes have shown that Samus's eighth recolor note  has been altered, notably replacing the light blue on the costume with orange. Even though it seems like some characters will be having more than eight alts, note  when Dark Pit was introduced in the fourth game, Pit's Dark Pit recolor was altered to differentiate the two. Also, Ridley's victory theme is a more intense version of the standard Metroid victory theme instead of something specific to Ridley himself, like how Dark Pit received a remix of his theme. This could mean it belongs to Dark Samus as well, similar to Bowser and Bowser Jr sharing themes. As for how she'd work, she'd obviously be a Echo Fighter for Samus, although they could give her one or two moves from her Assist Trophy appearance.
  • => Current status: CONFIRMED!

Octoling, for Inkling
as an Echo Fighter for the Inkling. Based mostly on Agent 8 from the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, but with some alternate costumes based on the enemy Inklings from both games. This one would primarily serve to include more Splatoon 2 weapons in the moveset, since the Inkling is more of a representative of the first game. Though as an Echo Fighter they probably couldn't be weapons that are too dissimilar to what the Inkling uses. Their Final Smash would be the Stingray rather than the Killer Wail.
  • The biggest issue regarding Octoling is that the Inkling characters themselves are brand new. Other Echo Fighters are based on characters that existed in a previous game and therefore familiar with veterans of Smash games. Lucina is based on Marth and Daisy is based on Peach, both characters who debuted in Melee while Dark Pit is based on Pit, who was introduced in Brawl.

Shadow the Hedgehog for Sonic
Was an Assist trophy in Brawl and Smash for Wii U and 3DS. However Knuckles is revealed as an assist trophy in Ultimate but Shadow was not. With the reveal of Echo Characters, Shadow could be one to Sonic.
  • It would be kind of neat if his final smash was Chaos Control, which works like how it did when he was an assist trophy.
  • => Current status: Assist trophy in Ultimate.

Ken for Ryu
Ken is the most well known Moveset Clone of fighting games. So it would make a load of sense to introduce Ryu's main rival to Smash.
  • =>Current status: Confirmed (But this was a gimme).

Dixie Kong for Diddy Kong
Along with King K. Rool, she is one of the most popular requests for another Donkey Kong rep, and there's the presence of dummied data related to her in Brawl. None of Diddy's tail moves have been seen yet, a possible sign they've been removed to account for Dixie's lack of tail.With Chrom borrowing Aether from Ike despite being a Roy Echo, this opens the door for Dixie borrowing DK's Spinning Kong for her recovery and possibly his Ground Slap for her Down-Special, so that she can make use of her hair.

Ninten for Ness
It would be neat to have all three Earthbound protagonists together in the same game, with an Echo Fighter being the perfect way of doing this without requiring too many resources. Plus, EarthBound Beginnings received an international release on the Wii U, meaning Ninten wouldn't be completely unfamiliar to non-Japanese players. Ninten would probably receive a slight redesign so he'd be easier to distinguish from Ness during battle.
  • =>Current status: Spirit and Stage Element

Dark Bowser for Bowser
Not only would this give the Mario & Luigi series more representation, it would fit the bill as much as Dark Pit; as it's an Evil Knockoff of the original character, hence he would use the same moves. Several of Dark Bowser's attacks would have purplish flare effects to them, and his fire breath would be bright blue-purple flames. Provided that Bowser's voice gets changed to Kenny James later, Dark Bowser could retain the original Kaiju sound effects, and his Final Smash would be the cage attack that he uses during his boss fight.

Each series would only be allowed one Echo Fighter.
So far, there are three known Echo Fighters and each represents a different series: Dark Pit for the Kid Icarus series, Lucina for Fire Emblem and Daisy for Super Mario Bros. This may mean that there won't be another Echo Fighter representing that series, so no Chrom as an Echo Fighter for Ike as there's already an Echo Fighter representing the Fire Emblem series.
  • Jossed as Chrom IS an Echo Fighter (but for Roy).

Other Castlevania Characters
Simply put, there will be a whole bunch of other whip-wielding characters folded into the general playstyle of Simon and Richter. More specifically, they'll be other members of the Belmont family—fittingly enough—such as Trevor and maybe a few others. Good luck, John Morris and Nathan Graves.
  • =>Current status: Spirits

There will be an Echo Fighter for all third-party characters.
In order to prevent possible bias for Castlevania, all other third-party characters will receive an Echo Fighter.

Ike's Echo Fighter will be one of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters.
Well, I mean, Roy and Corrin both appeared in Smash before their games came out to promote said games, may as well carry on with this one. Byleth seems the most obvious choice but Edelgard could possibly be workable.

Skyward Sword Impa for Sheik
Sheik's Final Smash is no longer the Light Arrow (something often associated with Zelda), instead being a darkness-based Omnislash-like attack with the Sheikah symbol appearing in the background during it. Impa is the Sage of Shadow and also a Sheikah. She saw a big rise in popularity around 2015 thanks to her Hyrule Warriors appearance, not too long before the roster for Ultimate was being decided. They'd pick the Skyward Sword incarnation due to best matching Sheik's build while also giving Skyward Sword a playable design, one of the only 3D Zeldas currently without a playable representative.
  • =>Current status: Spirit

Malos from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Shulk.
As a fellow wielder of a Monado that uses many of the same Monado Arts,there couldn't be a better match for an Echo for Shulk. His Monado Arts would have much more drastic changes to his stats and his other specials could pulls from his Arts pool when using both Sever's Sword Tonfa and his own Monado Aegis Sword. If Rex and Pyra also got in, it would fit Smash Ultimate's Heroes/Villains theme and get all three Trinity Processor Core Crystals in one place. With the recent release of Torna: The Golden Country, Malos's notoriety would be at its peak.

Crow for Joker
Making him an Echo Fighter in a future installment or a future DLC if there's more fighters added after the Fighter's Pass makes the most sense as far as additional playable Phantom Thieves are concerned especially as it would explain his absence in Mementos and during Joker's Final Smash, there's also the fact that he was deliberately designed to be a parallel to Joker, and as such is also a wild card user. Since him being Black Mask has become a Late-Arrival Spoiler, it's very likely he'd have his Black Mask outfit as his alt costume. His Final Smash would function like Luigi's Final Smash in Brawl as a reference to his ability to inflict psychotic breakdowns in people, with him calling upon Loki to activate it.

Bellsprout, Weepinbell or Victreebell for Piranha Plant
Living plants with poison-based attacks? check. Another plant-based Pokemon to rival Ivysaur? check.

Blood Falcon for Captain Falcon
He's another evil clone and one of the most recognozable bad guys of his franchise. He may have different minor animations and change the fire effects of Captain's moveset for something else, and use his vehicle instead of the Blue Falcon for his final smash.

    New Characters (Bandai-Namco) 

Nightmare may be playable in the next SSB.
After all, Link appeared in Soul Calibur II. It'd be a hell of a lot cooler than Pac-Man as a Namco rep, that's for sure.
  • Link went to the Soul Calibur world because of Soul Edge threatening Hyrule, so Soul Edge could be a threat to the SSB world.
    • Voldo's movements are pretty wild, as is Ivy's whip-sword. Though the bondage gear might have to be toned down, at least for the default costumes.

Tales of Symphonia characters will get in SSB4.
  • Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World are one of the few games that are on a Nintendo console. Lloyd is well known character as a result and will most likely get in given that Namco is working with Project Sora on the game. Alternatively, they might also pick a second character like Emil from the sequel or go with the Ensemble Dark Horse of the franchise Kratos, Sheena or Zelos (for the first game) or Richter and Alice (for the second game).
    • Other Tales representatives could include Cress, Luke, or Asbel.
    • Llyod has been confirmed to appear as a costume for the Mii Fighters.
    • Tales of Symphonia's battle controls feel like they were built for Smash: 2D movement, different attacks based on which direction the control stick is pointing, standard attacks and special attacks, finishing moves (in the form of Unison Attacks and Secret Artes), and more special moves than can be equipped at once (even if you disregard upgraded and combo variants). Furthermore, the S and T branches for special attacks are prime custom Special material. It translates perfectly into Smash Bros, and the characters themselves are unique and quirky enough for any one of them to get in (although it should definitely be Lloyd).
    Current status: DLC Mii Costume

Tales of the Abyss Luke Fon Fabre will be in SSB4.
  • Since TOTA is the most current Tales game released on a Nintendo Platform, it would make sense to include him (However polarizing he and his game are to the Fanbase.) at least for the 3DS version. To add him into the game would take a lot less effort than most other characters, as he already has a full model, animations for most of his actions (Attacking, blocking, backstepping, flinching, ECT.), and his quotes could easily be ripped from the 3DS version of TOTA a la Grey Fox. The only trouble would be to choose which four Artes to give him for his special attacks, but I think I've found a good mix:
    • Normal B: Ranging Blast: A close-range blast of red energy that knocks foes backwards and stuns them. Can be charged to increase damage, knockback and stun duration.
    • Side B: Havoc Strike: Basically a clone of falcon kick but without the fire and more horizontal movement when used in mid-air
    • Up B: Fang Blade: A quick slash followed by an uppercut. Starting slash is omitted in mid-air to allow for a recovery move.
    • Down B: Rending Thrust: A quick thrust followed by a grounded uppercut with Luke's off hand.
  • Each one of Luke's special attacks has the unique ability to change into a more powerful elemental attack if they are used right after being hit by several elemental attacks over the course of about 15 seconds(If you don't follow, then this might help:
    • Raging Blast becomes Frigid Blast
    • Havoc Strike becomes Burning Havoc (Fire)
    • Fang Blade becomes Lighting Tiger Blade (Wind or Electric)
    • Rending Thrust becomes Rending Quake (Earth)
  • His Final Smash would be based on Lost Fon Drive, his Mystic Arte.
Other notable features would include a unique shield based on the Magic Guard and Guardian skills, and the ability to cancel knockback with extremely good timing and skill.

Yuri Lowell will be the Tales Rep of Smash.
  • Yuri Lowell is the most popular Tales character along with Leon Magnus to the point they were banned from the popularity polls. Yuri, Estelle, and Flynn also appeared in both installments of Project X Zone. And now Vesperia PS3 is being ported to all current 8th gen consoles including the Nintendo Switch, so putting him in Smash would be a great way to promote the game.
    • There would likely be nods to Project X Zone with his interactions with Lucina and Ryu in pictures and his hypothetical newcomer trailer.

Klonoa will be selected if Pac-Man isn't.
He's a platformer/mascot-ish character, so he'd fit in pretty well.

Pac-Man will be a playable character
  • It may almost be a given, but it might as well be listed; the Pac-Man World games would help to bolster his moveset.
    • There's also the sheer awesomeness of making Pac-Man fight Game & Watch.
    • Confirmed at E3 2014.

  • He's nearly as iconic as Pac-Man in regards to Namco, and he could utilize his drill and pump.

  • Namco likes putting him in as much games as they can, including crossovers within their own properties and other companies.
    • He does appear as a costume for the Mii Fighters.
    Current status: DLC Mii Costume

  • He is Namco's main representative in Project X Zone, and he was on the cover of the yet to be released Tekken X Street Fighter.

  • Katamari-based combat would be pretty fun, and it'd open up things for the King of All Cosmos to be an assist/distraction/what-have-you. His costumes could either be random Presents or some of the other cousins.

Current status: DLC Mii Costume

  • Along with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Gil, she too is practically a mascot for Namco, but her first game was on the Famicom! She's practically as much Nintendo as Mega Man is.

Nintendo and Namco are plotting something related to a Soulcalibur character joining
  • It is pretty obvious that everybody knows about the Gamecube version of Soulcalibur 2 being the most successful mainly due to Link being a Guest Fighter. That being said, it seems suspicious of Namco to NOT port the HD Online version of Soulcalibur 2 to the Wii U and write it off as "lack of demand." Now consider that Namco is assisting Nintendo with the new Smash Bros. game. It could be possible that Namco would "conveniently" announce an HD version for the Wii U (the desire to finally see Link go up against Heihachi and Spawn aside) ALONG with an announcement of a Namco representative in the new Smash Bros. game. Granted, it could be any Namco character (Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man vs. Pac-Man anyone?), but considering Soulcalibur 2's place in Nintendo's history...

Factor in characters' fighting styles, personalities and popularity, odds are we might see Nightmare.

With Namco-Bandai trying to revive the series, this would be the perfect way to drum up interest.

Agumon will appear.
  • If the previous game was able to include Sonic, why not Agumon. He would make a pretty good rival to Pikachu, as Agumon himself is the mascot of his own series. Agumon's Final Smash would be his Mega-digivolved form, Wargreymon.

Haro will appear in next SSB.
Given Haro's autonomous, yet sentient robot characteristics, plus its appearance in SD Gundam G Generation, it's undeniably that Haro will appear in the next SSB game. Also, the Pink-Chan (a pink Haro) can be a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to Kirby, but with different movesets.
  • Haro will use the same movesets as Haros in SD Gundam G Generation. Its Final Smash will be God Haro, hilariously.

Haruka Amami will appear.
As the face of classic iM@S, Haruka has a high chance of representing the franchise as a whole (second only to Uzuki Shimamura in notoriety). She's also no stranger to Massively Multiplayer Crossovers, as her appearance in Super Robot Wars X-Ω can attest. Plus, it has the advantage of being a left-field pick: while decently popular in its own right, the dev team would have to think fairly creatively to implement her home game's Rhythm Game elements.

Champion Gundyr from Dark Souls 3 may be DLC in Smash Bros, but only if Nintendo and Bandai Namco can secure a special deal
If Bandai Namco can port the the rest of the Dark Souls games like Dark Souls 3 to the Switch, Champion Gundyr can be a playable character in Smash Bros. Anyone who fought him would know what is being discussed here.
  • Besides, how epic would it be to hear his main theme in the reveal trailer and see him rushing down other fighters in battle with his mighty spear and back kicking his opponents out of bounds in the Cemetery of Ashes? (The screams of horror of players who fought him can be heard in distance.

    New Characters (Capcom) 

Phoenix Wright will be in the fourth game...
...where he will be voiced by Matthew Taranto.

I literally cannot think of even one reason why this wouldn't be awesome as hell.

  • He's already in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so it seems like an inevitability for him to be in SSB4.
    • I wouldn't say that Phoenix Wright is inevitable. Mega Man's already confirmed for SSB4, possibly being the main Capcom representative, and Wright's appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would actually decrease his chances of getting in, since he's already had time in the fighting game spotlight. Still, I also wouldn't say he's impossible. The Ace Attorney series has mostly stayed on Nintendo consoles (I say "mostly", because the three first games have gotten PC and mobile phone ports), and there's no rule preventing two third-party characters from the same company getting in the same game.
      • But would he work decently in smash ? He has nothing viable as a moveset in his home series and even his guest appereance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom doesn't bring enough material. How would he be able to recover for example? By shouting 'OBJECTION'? Wouldn't it be too weird?

Donald Duck will be in SSB4
The developers said they were interested in having Capcom characters, and Capcom was responsible for a lot of Disney's games! Of course, Donald's Final Smash would be an epic tantrum!

Mega Man
  • And Dr. Wily.
    • Dr. Wily's more likely to be a boss, but Bass could work as a playable character.
  • Honestly, I don't see why Mega Man won't be in, unless Capcom doesn't give permission for Nintendo to use one of their characters. He's got a massive number of weapons that could be used for moves (the Mega Buster, Rush Adapters, and at least 86 boss weapons (8 from Mega Man 2-10 and Mega Man and Bass, plus the original 6, plus any other ones that I might have missed), he's an iconic figure (he was Capcom's mascot at one point — not so sure about now) who played a large role in Nintendo history (the classic Mega Man, at least, is basically synonymous with the NES), and it would help to restore some of the public's faith in Capcom after some of their controversial decisions as of late. At the very least, you'd think it would make up for Mega Man's blatant exclusion from MvC3. Sure, most of Mega Man's attacks are projectile-based, but if they can come up with a moveset for Captain Falcon, they can make the Robot Master weapons work in Smash Bros.
  • Confirmed. Mega Man will be playable in Smash 4. Along with a set of weapons and the Yellow Devil!
    • As for Wily, Spirit.

Amaterasu will be in the next SSB game.
She would be an interesting character to play due to her diverse range of abilities and weapons. Amaterasu has already been made into a fighting game character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, so the developers could use that as another basis for her moveset. Ōkami is a highly praised Capcom game that had a sequel released recently, and there's talk that Sakurai may team up with Capcom for SSB4, so there's a decent possibility that this could happen.

X and Zero will appear in SSB4
Sure, Sakurai may have a reputation as a Trolling Creator, but he did say he wanted to see Capcom characters appear. Given how X never got put in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Sakurai'd probably like to throw his fans a bone and include him AND Zero.
Current Status: Part of Mega Man's Final Smash(X) and Assist Trophy(Zero)

Ryu and Ken will appear.
  • Also, maybe Chun-Li and Dan.
    • There's a glimmer of hope for Ryu as DLC, as an updated added his theme and victory theme from Street Fighter II in the game's codes. This doesn't necessarily mean he'll make it, but at least it heavily implies that Sakurai is considering it.
    • Confirmed. Ryu joins as a playable character, Ken appears as a trophy.
      • Double Confirmed: Ken has joined the SSBU roster as Ryu's Echo Fighter, but Chun-Li and Dan are both Spirits.

  • Felicia and Morrigan would be the most likely candidates (and sadly, would be toned down considerably. Alternatively, Jon Talbain could appear to round things out.
    • Pyron's particle effects would look amazing with the new graphics.
      • Felicia and Morrigan (or even Li Li or Q-Bee or Lilith) might not be toned down, since it'd finally give SSB a real reason for the Teen rating unlike all the other games. Plus we already have Snake and Samus's butts.
    • Not sure about Felicia, but Morrigan seems to have a knack for appearing in crossover games. In fact, Morrigan's probably appeared more times in crossover games (the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Capcom vs. SNK, Namco × Capcom and Project X Zone, Cross Edge, and even Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo) than she has in her own series (though to be fair, there are only about three games in her series). Even though at the time of this edit, Mega Man has been confirmed for the fourth game, it wouldn't be surprising if Morrigan was added in as well just for the hell of it.

Leon S. Kennedy will be in to represent Resident Evil 4.
  • Resident Evil 4 was considered a big reason to own the Gamecube back in the day. If Snake's license doesn't get renewed for the new game, then there's a chance Leon could replace him and take over his moveset. Even if Snake returns, Leon could get in as a Luigi/Wolf/Lucas/Ganondorf-style clone counterpart to Snake.
  • Other Resident Evil choices:
    • Ada Wong for the same reason, maybe? If Chun Li of Street Fighter didn't join, give Ada Wong a chance to represent Anime Chinese Girl fighters.
    • Chris Redfield. Yes, he's in the very-first Resident Evil game as well as its GameCube remake, and we had The Mercenaries 3D for 3DS as well. You can have him as a counterpart to Leon (if he joins).
    • What about Chris' sister, Claire? She can kick anyone's ass as well. As much as Samus or Bayonetta can do, in a different way.
  • At the time of writing, Leon, Jill, Chris, and Wesker are all currently spirits in Ultimate.

Viewtiful Joe will be in the game.
  • His series was intended to be Nintendo exclusive, and the first game remains one of the most critically acclaimed for the Gamecue to this day. Also, he's got a lot of moves that could fit in well with the Smash formula.

Sir Arthur will be in the game.
  • Ghosts 'n Goblins has been on many Nintendo platforms. Arthur has a decent enough amount of weapons to make a moveset. If he were to get in, Firebrand could be an Assist Trophy.

Mike Haggar will be in the game.
  • Final Fight helped the SNES, and it would be interesting to have a primary grappler in Smash Bros.

Frank West will be in the game.
  • Because this is the TV Tropes WMG page, where every freaking idea will come into play, for no particular reason.

Of course, him appearing as a playable character might be a bit problematic as they entail some massive spoilers for that game... Since the red suited guy on the cover isn't actually Sissel. He might make an interesting assist trophy though.

With Monster Hunter being popular on the Nintendo 3DS, not to mention that Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Nintendo Switch, it would make sense for the player character to be in this game! On top of that, we have not just the original Monster Hunter games,but also Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite to search through for a moveset for him/her!
Current status: Rathalos appears as an assit trophy and a Boss. Monster Hunter stage also confirmed.

Smash Bros. will feature Dante from the Devil May Cry series
Since Devil May Cry 5 is going to be a smash hit, Capcom can also capitalize on this by putting our favorite Devil Hunter into this game. Besides, Hideki Kamiya would finally see his dream of Dante and Bayonetta facing off fulfilled. As well, the first game is coming to Switch, which increases his chances given Itsuno's comments on the matter at a time when the Switch port was likely in development.

    New Characters: (Sega) 

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Look, we already had Capcom adopting Strider Hiryu from a Manga to a Fighting Game, so why not SEGA to do the same? She could function like a mixture of Talim and be a female version of Wolverine in terms of Gameplay style.Imagine Tara Strong as her and it would be an Actor Allusion for her voicing a Princess and a Badass Adorable Heroine with a Squirrel motif.
  • Problem: the criteria for getting into Smash includes originating from a video game. Not only has Sally not originate from a video game, her only appearance in a Sonic game was a small cameo in a non-canon spin-off game. Unless Sakurai ever changes his mind on that, don't bet on it.

Shadow will appear as an Echo Fighter of Sonic.
Though I think he has potential as a full character with his own moves, this makes more sense. Plus, Knuckles seems to be replacing him as an assist trophy. Hope springs eternal!
  • As shown with Chrom, the movesets of Echo fighters don't necessarily have to be 1:1 mirrors of their template character. This could very well mean the Shadow will be able to utilise several Chaos Energy-based moves in his arsenal while still sharing enough similarities with Sonic to qualify as an Echo fighter.
    Current status: Assist Trophy

Miles "Tails" Prower.
With his tail attacks, he would be pretty cool.
  • You forget the helicopter tails flight and his skills as a mechanic (he used a lot of gadgets to fight in Sonic Battle — there's no reason for him not to in SSB).
    • As of Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS, he's sadly deconfirmed.
    • As of December 15th 2015, he does get a Mii Figher Costume along with Knuckles.
  • For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the idea that he may be playable is being thrown around again. One reason is that he's conspicuously absent from Green Hill Zone's background. Knuckles is also absent, but he's been confirmed as an assist trophy. It's rare for Sonic and Knuckles to show up without Tails, so the idea that he's a playable character seems somewhat plausible (though it's also possible, and perhaps more likely, that he's also an assist trophy).
    • Unfortunately, appears to be jossed again - He can still be seen in the background of Green Hill Zone in this video.
    • He isn't an assist trophy, though, while Shadow and Knuckles are. This has led people to guess that he could be one of the five DLC characters released later on for Ultimate.
    Current status: Background character, Trophy, Spirit, and DLC Mii Costume

Doctor Eggman
With the inclusion of Ridley, Dark Samus and K. Rool, a major theme of Ultimate's newcomers appears to be something along the lines of "Rivals and Archnemeses". Whether or not Shadow gets included as Sonic's Echo fighter, the inclusion of Sonic's greatest villain would not only follow this theme, but also be a new character in his own right. As a fighter, he'll most likely be flying around in the Eggmobile, utilising various attacks derived from various Eggman boss battles throughout the franchise, with his Final Smash perhaps utilising one of his mech-based boss creations (the Death Egg Robot, Egg Emperor and Egg Dragoon spring to mind).
Current status: Trophy and Spirit

Other Franchises:

NiGHTS would work well as an assist trophy. He can use his paraloops and masks in his moveset.
  • Uh... the fact that NiGHTS never touches the ground — and, indeed, can fly around freely within the game's 2D plane — would make him a very poor choice for a playable character.

With the fact that the sequel will be a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo themselves is publishing and developing it hands on, the creator of Bayonetta himself interested with the idea of the titular character in Smash Bros, and Sakurai was caught inside PlatinumGames HQ, the possibility of Bayonetta being in Smash 4 seems very likely. Also, who wouldn't want to see Pit fighting Bayonetta in a Smash Bros setting?
  • There's also plenty of material for the character in terms of alternate costumes, given that Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U port of the original Bayonetta include exclusive Nintendo-themed costumes based on Peach, Daisy, Link, Samus, and Fox.
  • As of December 15th 2015 this is Confirmed. She's the ultimate winner of the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot. Her intro even features animosity towards the characters of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Could be easily be a cameo or given an assist trophy for appearing on the Gamecube.

Either as an assist trophy or a Guest Fighter.

Even I will admit that it's a long shot since Vectorman hasn't had any games in years, but he does have the advantage of already having a move-set that fits in with Smash Bros like a glove.

He'll be a Dance Battler.

What other RPG was pushing the bounds and limits that wasn't Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy? Why, of course Phantasy Star. Alis Landale was rather a big contributor to gaming heroines in The '80s next to the likes like of Samus Aran and such. In a time where finding heroines in an RPG was rather rare, to say the least. I'd say her moveset may consist of attacks based on the magic and Techniques featured within the series.

G, Agent G. He always made appearances in every HOTD game, including the fuckin OVERKILL. And some HOTD games were made for Wii. Why not give G a chance? Or the next SSB game will suffer like G did.

Joe Musashi from Shinobi.
Joe will have Hotsuma and Hibana as pallet swaps, like Bowser Jr and the Koopalings.

Arle Nadja (with Carbuncle) from Puyo Puyo.
Puyo Puyo Tetris came out for the west in 2017 to much better than usual success, combined with being a great advertising tool and pretty popular in her home country, it could happen.

Although she's one of the villains, she's been used as a representative of the series before. She's also one of the only major characters in the game who doesn't have a realistic gun, assuming Sakurai still wants to avoid that.

Yakuza has managed to become a major moneymaker for Sega as of recently, at least outside of Japan, where it still retains a large amount of popularity. It's worth noting that the first two installments in the franchise had been ported to the Wii U, and that Kiryu and Majima appeared in the Project X Zone games. Considering that Kiryu's more speculated to join Tekken 7 than he is for Smash, he'd hit a high mark of Unexpected Character for everyone.

    New Characters (Konami) 

He sent an e-mail to various characters inviting them to a race in Konami Krazy Racers so he knows a thing or two about crossovers.

Another Metal Gear character
Such as Big Boss, Gray Fox, Liquid Snake, Psycho Mantis, or Colonel Volgin would be interesting. The Sorrow could do that ghostly thingy he always does.
  • It would be nice if he got his foil in the game like Liquid Snake or Ocelot. Ocelot's Final Smash could be strapping his opponents into his torture machine.
  • Cybord Raiden as DLC. Just to have an excuse to import music from his game. Chances are incredubly slim since Metal Gear Rising did not appear on an Nintendo system but anything's possible since Joker's announcement.

Castlevania is popular and Simon was in the NES Castlevania game — arguably the most iconic of the series. The latest Castlevania installment for a Nintendo platform is Lords of Shadow -- Mirror of Fate.
  • As of 11 June 2013, THIS MUST HAPPEN! With Mega Man and Pit in the newest installments of Smash Bros., Simon's the only one missing from the origins; N-Team. (Bonus points if King Hippo comes in from Punch-Out!!. Double Bonus if Eggy and Mother Brain are in as well.)
    • A more specific guess: if Simon Belmont is a fighter, his reveal video will have him facing off against Link, Samus, Pit, and Takamaru. Why those four specifically? The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Nazo No Murasamejou, and Castlevania were the first five games to be created exclusively for the Famicom Disk System.
      • Jossed. The Castlevania reveal trailer focused strictly on the game itself and on Luigi.
    • Not to mention we have been getting TONS of Castlevania games on Virtual Console. It only seems natural he'll appear eventually. Bonus points if Simon AND Dracula are chosen. If not Dracula than at least Alucard, who is the 2nd main protagonist of the series. In fact Alucard seems more likely, as I'm pretty sure Konami has to pay royalties to the estate of Bram Stoker to use Dracula's name (Unless public domain) If Nintendo chooses Alucard it would bypass that entirely. Konami could also bring in Lords of Shadow of Simon as well, if the original Simon didn't come up.
  • Current Status: Confirmed! Simon and Richter Belmont are playable characters, Alucard is an assist trophy, the castle itself is a stage alongside a bunch of enemies and Dracula himself appears as a boss.

He can chop people up with that big knife that he always carries.

Saturn Bomberman aside, Bomberman's biggest and best games have always been on Nintendo systems, and he's made appearances on every Nintendo console and handheld to date. His cartoony explosives would make a good contrast with Snake's realistic ones (and speaking of Snake, it would be funny to have the two recognize each other from the Dream Mix Tournament). In the story mode, Bomberman could be chasing after Wario as part of an overly-long Call-Back gag. He could also draw upon his Charaboms (mainly Pommy) and elemental bombs to compose his moveset, with the Bomber Gear from Bomberman Hero filling in the loose slots. Overall, Bomberman strongly deserves a spot on the roster, much moreso than any other third-party character besides Mega Man.
  • Also, his chances have grown due to the release of the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Super Bomberman R.
    • Bomberman is confirmed to appear as an Assist Trophy but not playable yet.

Goemon is a ninja and ninjas are cool.

  • Current Status: DLC Costume

Maybe Pfc. Bill Rizer or Pfc. Lance Bean. They have laser swords and laser swords are cool.

Vic Viper or Big Bad Dr.Venom.

Solar Boy Django would make people salute the sun better than Wii Fit Trainer could ever do.

Sparkster no doubt about it.

Evil Rose since there is a lack of wrestling characters on the roster.

Cage Midwell would use the Orbital Frames in his final smash.

Shiori Fujisaki could use Yuina Himoo's robot or bomb-related attacks.


    New Character (SNK) 

Besides the fact that some entries and at least one compilation of the Metal Slug series appeared on Nintendo consoles, his gameplay is simple enough that it'd be easy to adapt to Smash. Plus there's a huge variety of exotic and explosive weapons to choose from, should the regular handgun and Heavy Machine Gun prove too offensive for Smash. The other Peregrine Falcons and Ikari Warriors can easily be included as skins for maximum representation.

    New Characters (Other Third Party) 

Michael, Trevor and Franklin will be the next open-world shooter-fighters in a future Smash game.
We already had Snake and Bayo pit against everyone, so why not? Nathan Drake is supposed to appear in Street Fighter X Tekken, but Cole MacGrath replaced him and so, they might be the next three Badass Normal fighters in a Smash Bros. game.
  • I'd rather have Big Smoke but that sounds cool too.
Alternatively to the above, Carl Johnson
After all, not only San Andreas biggest and most popular game of the franchise aside from the obvious ones (ex. III, IV, Vice City and whatever) but it would both foreshadow a special remastered edition of the game for the Nintendo Switch (albeit with some elements being changed like the omission of the Hot Coffee Mini-game, for obvious reasons) and to have a Battle of the Gunners match. Who wouldn't like to go toe to toe between Galeem against an African-American gangster with massively armed weapons? Don't forget to either hire Young Maylay (for a Role Reprise) or Phil LaMarr to voice him. We already saw Nintendo trying to break it's Kiddie Image for their Marketing for their games, so bringing the first and most iconic African-American Protagonist from the 3D Universe and to a lesser extent, the entire franchise would change history.

Shantae will be a playable character in the next SSB.
The character has a small but dedicated following, and with a new downloadable sequel and possibly a Wii U title coming out in the future, it would be a great way to publicize her. She already has a good set of attacks. She would have her hair whip, and of course, her belly dances to put her into different forms.

Lara Croft will guest star

I don't know what her moves would be, but her role in the story mode would be cool and her partner in in the story will be Kirby. Here's an idea for the way they meet: Kirby, who has been looking for his lost warp star because he lost it earlier in the story, will be captured, then later an alarm goes off beacause Lara has broken in. She is looking for an artifact, and Kirby, who has broken out, is found by a guard, who aims at him, but Lara pulls a *Click* Hello and saves him. They escape, and later Kirby will return the favor.

If Solid Snake is any indication...

We might be lucky to get another unexpected third party character in the next Smash Bros. Personally, my vote is for Geese Howard, Emil Castagnier, and Dante. Well, hey, they let Snake in, and Metal Gear isn't exactly family friendly.

Travis Touchdown will appear in the next Smash Bros. game
Travis' fighting style makes sense (somewhat) with the Smash Bros. universe, since the combination of beam katanas and professional wrestling moves are pretty Crazy Awesome already. He could probably take Snake's place if does appear, since it's overkill to have two Rated R game characters in a supposedly "child-friendly" environment. Here are some ideas for his appearance:
  • As stated above, Travis would utilize his beam katana attacks for his main fighting style, preferably using the Blood Berry or Tsubaki Mk. III for fighting. He could use his wrestling moves for his throws, although I believe that Nintendo's going to have to implement a system that would allow a lot of his throws to be included. His death blows could be used as Smash Attacks. Personally, I would want to make sure that Travis' fighting style still retains its brutality, as opposed to the tame Nintendo cast.
  • He could use his Charged Attack and his step-in slice for his standard and side special. The Dark Step technique would be his down special while for his up special.... I'm sure Suda51 has something in mind for that.
  • Dark Side mode could be used as his Final Smash. The roulette can be used to determine a different attack (from slowing down time and increasing damage, to the sacred Anarchy in the Galaxy).

The Killer7 crew would make for an awesome cast. They are sort of a cult hit and showed up on both the Gamecube and PS2. With the Smiths you can switch between seven or more personals for several different playstyles and insane gameplay.

Alternatively, Ezio Auditore or Raiden will replace Snake.
Both Ezio and Snake possess a lot of weapons and gadgets at their disposal. Plus, both Konami and Ubisoft are close with each other (just look at the various Metal Gear/Assassin's Creed crossovers), Kojima could recommend Ezio as a new character. On the other hand, Raiden in Revengeance seems to fit the fantasy setting of Smash Bros. as well.
  • Given that Raiden's in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, that seems unlikely — I don't see why they'd put the same character in both games, particularly when Raiden's never been on a Nintendo system.
    • Raiden has actually debuted in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and he appeared as a playable character in Evolution Skateboarding and Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker so Raiden has been on a Nintendo system making him a possible candidate.

Square Enix wants Sora from Kingdom Hearts to be in the next Super Smash Bros.
First: They are developing KH ports for the Nintendo systems, even though most of the KH fans are Sony fanboys, therefore it would not make much sense to develop the games for Nintendo systems otherwise. Second, just look at Sora's fighting style in KH2! He fights just like a Super Smash Bros character, and has loads and loads of additional costumes to use (plus his Final Form would make an awesome Final Smash. It even has "Final" in the name!) He has enough abilities and magic to pick from for his moveset and his voice samples would go great in Brawl. Also, his coliseum-tournament-victory poses look a lot like Brawl victory poses.No doubt that Square Enix wanted to make him as Brawl compatible as possible. And if even Solid Snake made it in the game with a lot of begging...
  • I'd play that game! But why not add in some of his abilities from KH1, or coded?
  • Remember that Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2006, well before Brawl.
  • Sora had victory poses back in Kingdom Hearts I.
  • It's worth noting that Square Enix was originally going to make Dissidia Final Fantasy a Kingdom Hearts game, until Disney nixed the idea, saying they didn't want their characters beating each other up.
  • One more note: Masahiro Sakurai's company is named "Sora." Surely, this is an opportunity too good to pass up.
  • Another note: "on that day when the sky fell away, our world came to an end" am I the only one who is reminded of the beginning of Kingdom Hearts when I hear that?
  • Technically jossed but not that much: It's not Square Enix or Nintendo who calls the shots for Sora getting in, that falls to Disney. However, all of these companies' workers are friends in real life.

If Sora from Kingdom Hearts doesn't get into Super Smash Bros., then Square Enix will go for either the following below
The following could take his spot:
  • Riku
  • Ventus
  • Terra
  • Aqua
  • Axel
  • One of the versions of Master Xehanort (Perhaps the young one or old one)
  • Due to Sora being in a Copyright lock, one of these characters would probably take his invite. It's also debatable on if Roxas and Xion have the same issue since they have the kingdom key in their default design.
  • Roxas could work, but only if Sakurai uses his Kingdom Hearts II fighting style, where he uses both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades.
    • Roxas can also use a pallet swap of his Organization XIII cloak, his Twilight Town attire, and Ventus if applicable.
  • Axel may have a higher chance of getting in as he is one of the bigger, most recognizable characters in the franchise.
    • He has many voice lines that can be reused thanks to Quinton Flynn voicing the character.
    • He has a simple look when developing his costume pallets and his somebody form, Lea, can make for one of the eight pallet swaps.
    • His fighting animation may be mostly similar to Pit and/or Zelda's fighting style, if Sakurai chooses Axel's Organization XIII Chakram mechanic from the remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II.
    • His stage would either be Twilight Town, Radiant Garden, or The World That Never Was. If the latter, all 13 members in Organization XIII can cameo in the background.
    • His Final Smash could be Fire Wall, Firetooth, or Limit Break.
  • Would love to see his reveal trailer with him defending Twilight Town from Heartless alongside Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu; Then inviting and treating them to eating Sea Salt Ice Cream on the Clock tower.

One of the third party characters in SSB4 will be a Lego Mini-figure, complete with Lego City stage.

Nintendo made an awfully big deal about securing that exclusive, it would make sense to tie it in to the other game they've announced.

  • Lego Super Smash Bros. Easter Egg, perhaps?
  • Specifically, it will be Chase McCain, star of LEGO City Undercover.

Project Sora (SSB's developer) and Nintendo will push for as many third party characters as possible.
As said above, Super Smash Bros. generates publicity for various games on the console. Since Nintendo, learning from their past mistakes from the N64 to the Wii, is looking to court as much third party support as possible, they will try to get as much third party support as they can so that their games will sell well and the Wii U will be established as a strong contender with third parties.
  • Quite the opposite — Sakurai stated that he doesn't want to throw in too many third party characters.

SSB4 will reveal the person behind the hands...
It turns out, it's you! Using the picture it asked you to take for your profile. Both systems do have a camera...
  • If this happens, Ness, Wario (If he can be bothered to remember an insignificant employee like that), Hector/Eliwood/Lyn (if present), and Kalas (who would have some reaction to a severe case of role reversal) would be the ones to recognize the face.
  • I always thought the hands were either Andross or Wham Bam Rock.

Miriam could join Super Smash Bros. as a DLC character.
  • She has a variety of moves that could make her a versatile fighter. If Konami couldn't allow Alucard to be playable, Miriam can stand in for Iga's sake. Besides, Sword or Whip?
  • Erica Lindbeck has many lines to make the character stand out in battle.
  • Her Final Smash could be a barrage of Shards she used from her game. Either that, or Johannes and Zangetsu join her in her attack. With Zangetsu using his Ofuda cards to blast away and Johannes using the Liber Logaeth to seal her opponents away.
  • Her outfit may have to be covered up or go with the Valkyrie dress to avoid the censors being on their back.
  • Her Stage could be the Minerva Galleon, the demon train, or the Den of Behemoths. Gebel, Dominique, Alfred, O.D., and Johannes could cameo in the background.
  • Zangetsu could be another Assist Trophy who could fight alongside someone in battle.
  • Michiru Yamane would be involved in the soundtrack.

  • Professor Layton himself. I'm honestly quite surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet. He's a been a DS mainstay for a long time, and would have an interesting puzzle based moveset. If Phoenix Wright can be a fighter in MvC3, there's no reason a sleuth like Layton can't in SSB.
  • Does Nintendo own Layton? His games are DS exclusive but Nintendo is not the sole publisher.
    • Level-5 owns Professor Layton and his games have been released on the Android and the iOS.
  • Interestingly, a fan's Layton Twitter account from 2009 mentioned Layton fighting in Smash Bros., specifically fighting "a blue robot boy, a possessed doll, and a tiny boxer." This predicted both Mega Man and Little Mac, with a mention of what is probably Geno. Bizarre coincidence, or did someone at Nintendo read it? (Ignore the article's insistence that it's official; I found that it was made by Roger DiLuigi.)
  • Don't forget, Layton held his own in a swordfight at least once.
  • But also don't forget that Layton is a "Gentlemen" so brutally beating up other characters for no reason is beneath him and goes against everything his character stands for. But if they do add him, it would be especially cool if they add Phoenix Wright as well.

Snake will not return in the next game and will be replaced by another 3rd party character.
My guess either Pac-Man or Mega Man (Classic).
  • Are you kidding me? Snake's one of the most popular characters, and he's getting a game on 3DS (sort of). He's practically a shoe-in. And so far, they've only ditched clones (except for Mewtwo, but that was probably for marketing reasons).
  • Pac-Man and Mega Man (Classic) aren't anything like Snake at all.
He will be replaced by another Snake like Naked Snake or Liquid Snake.
  • Snake did not return in Super Smash Bros 4 as a fighter, but was included in Ultimate alongside all previously playable characters.

Quote will be playable in SSB4.
One of the most popular WiiWare and DSiWare titles, and there's the remake on the 3DS as well! Plus it avoids the complications of dealing with Capcom to negotiate to use Mega Man, as they're fairly similar. I imagine most of his attacks could be with the Blade and his specials could be various guns (Neutral is Polar Star, Side is Fireball, Up is Machine Gun, and Down is something else). Curly could either be an assist trophy or a reskin of him. Because of this he would probably be completely mute, so as to avoid recording voices twice.

Non=video game characters will appear in SSB 4.
Likely candidates include Naruto, SpongeBob SquarePants, Darth Vader, Batman, and Spider-Man.
  • As much as the thought of Naruto spamming "BELIEVE IT" taunts in the next SSB makes me shudder, this is a possibility, especially with Naruto and other Shonen Jump characters. After all, Nintendo themselves published the Jump Super Stars series; we could get Luffy, Naruto, and Goku (and Super Smash Flash will become Hilarious in Hindsight). Hopefully they'll make Light Yagami playable or something to balance out the hyperactive loudmouthed annoyingness.
  • Alternatively, they could include Spider-Man for his roles in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, or Vader for Soulcalibur IV. Which brings us to...
  • Characters from Monster High, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Scott Pilgrim will also appear.
    • In the case of the FiM, I'm guessing the initial character for selection would be Twilight Sparkle, with Rainbow Dash as an Assist Trophy.
      • Rainbow Dash should be a character because she would be better to constantly brag about. Oh, and Sonic will be her story mode partner because both are fast and blue.
  • Maybe Mickey Mouse?
  • How about Homestar Runner and/or Strong Bad?
  • Okay Smashers, make way for Duck Dodgers In The 24th And 1/2 Century!
  • Jossed: Sakurai stated that only characters from video games will be added.

Rouge will be the last unlockable in Super Smash Bros 4.
She was the most major Sonic character without a trophy in Brawl. Silver had an appearance on the Sonic stage, and goddamn 'JET' of all people had a trophy. Rouge only had a sticker. Which one has been more important to the series overall? It's Rouge.
Current status: Trophy and Spirit

Pete from Harvest Moon will appear either as a trophy, a character, or an assist
Harvest Moon is a somewhat popular third party series which almost exclusively appears on Nintendo consoles. Pete could certainly have several moves up his sleeve - he's a farmer, after all, so he has a bunch of tools and vegetables. If no Harvest Moon characters pop up as playables I at least expect a trophy.

Skylanders Spyro.
Activision wants to milk games as much as possible, so it would be a good idea.

Final Fantasy characters will be included in SSB4.
The first six Final Fantasy games were released on the NES and SNES, with remakes on the Game Boy Advanced and the DS. In addition, several side games were released on the DS as well.
  • As for specific characters... Firion might be a good choice, considering his wide range of potential moves. Of course, Final Fantasy VI is probably the most popular game in the series on a Nintendo system, so a character from that might be more likely. And then there's the whole Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe which is entirely specific to Nintendo systems.
  • Jossed, but there's still that DLC ballot... anyway, what about the Black Mage? He's a generic character, but he first appeared on the Famicom/NES, has appeared on several different Nintendo consoles, he'd represent the series as a whole more easily, and he's even appeared in a few Mario sports games.
  • Confirmed: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII appears in 4.

Black Mage Casts a Spell!
The Black Mage is the most iconic class in Final Fantasy and next to Cloud, probably the most iconic character since there are a lot of homages to him. I think it'll be cool to have a little throwback to the pre-Final Fantasy VII games and it's easy to put in specials since he can cast Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard while his up special can be a teleport. His Final Smash can have him summon Bahamut where he then casts Megaflare.
  • Black Mage would be a good additional choice if a second FF character were to be included; he's visually and mechanically distinct from Cloud, and together they would represent a broader slice of the franchise's history and development.

Sephiroth will appear if Cloud returns in Smash Bros. for Switch.
Wherever Cloud goes, Sephiroth always follows. If Cloud's inclusion in 3DS/Wii U was an "experiment", it was highly successful. Sephiroth would be an excellent way to crank up hype for the game (even if it's just a port) and to include "One-Winged Angel" as a music track.
  • Cloud's been confirmed. Now we wait.

Noctis will appear as a guest character; possibly replacing Cloud.
He’s appeared in Tekken, so another fighting game appearance could definitely be a possibility.
  • Seeing how Noctis is becoming the new poster boy for Final Fantasy in general, it's a good guess.
  • Cloud is returning in Ultimate, so that specific part is jossed. Noctis could still be possible, though.

The big fanbase-stunning unexpected character for this game will be The Angry Video Game Nerd.
  • He's a part of gamer culture, and he does specialise in Nintendo games, not to mention he's shown himself to be a capable fighter in some of his videos, with plenty of material for moves. Of course, they'd have to tone down his profanity, but if Snake can get in...
  • Jossed: He started online, not in a Video Game. Plus, Sakurai would have to pay to use the likeness of James Rolfe within the franchise.

  • Nintendo was happy enough to lend several of its characters to Disney to cameo in the movie, and if Sega was able to get Ralph to appear in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, it's not inconceivable for Nintendo to pull off the same thing for Ralph in Smash.
    • The only problem I can think of is that he might play too much like Donkey Kong (since Ralph is essentially a Human-esque Donkey Kong already). Now if Vanellope Von Schweetz was a playable character/assist trophy...
    • This faces the same issue as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. As ever, Disney has the last say on if either of them get in. Nobody would want another Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite situation to happen again.
  • Ralph, however, is not a character from real-life video games originally, which severely limits his chances for getting in.

Maxwell will be a playable fighter.
  • Scribblenauts got its first big break on the DS. It would only make sense that Maxwell would be included in SSB4. He could utilize his notebook and make various items for fighting. His melee weapon could be the giant pencil and he could fly around in the purple-winged polka dotted bathtub from his game cover. His Final Smash could be spawning a T-Rex, or possible Cthulhu. Also, Llewxam could be a Trophy assist.
    • Seriously, think of how completely random his moveset could be. Every attack should just be Maxwell using a different object.
    • Either of the above Final Smashes would work, but I doubt they'd use Cthulhu since he's a specific character that didn't originate from a video game. Maxwell riding a T. rex already has some popularity due to the Post 217 meme. There's also the Large Hadron Collider, which would create a black hole that could suck everyone into it, do tons of damage, and then dump them out upon disappearing (sort of like Kirby's Final Smash).

  • Because so many fans wanted to see Crash in PSASBR but were denied (as of now anyway). Nintendo could totally stick it to Sony by announcing him as part of their roster, and maybe just as a added touch reveal him in a trailer featuring Mario and Sonic to give the 90's fans a nice touch of nostalgia: Nintendo vs Sega vs Sony.
    • With rumours of a Crash reboot going around, this isn't inconcievable.

  • D.Va: This would be quite the surprise appearance for a third-party Smash character. Like Samus, her Self-Destruct would be her Final Smash with her indeed shouting "NERF THIS!" Once she's out of her MEKA, she'd play more like Zero Suit Samus.

Shin Megami Tensei IV's Character/Flynn
  • With the recent partnership of Nintendo and Atlus of making Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, it could be put into consideration. Plus the Franchise has been getting a lot of attention in the recent years. Flynn being the protagonist of the latest entry of the main series (which is for the Nintendo 3DS, no less) would be a nice choice, and also to serve as an introduction to the series. Although even if the game has an M-Rating (like Metal Gear Solid) its themes are much more complex and controversial, which could be a reason not to include him.

Blanc from Neptunia will appear in the newly announced Smash Bros. games
  • Think about it. She's pretty much"safest dressed" out any of the Goddesses, and she is the physical embodiment of Nintendo. This would be a great time to add her, especially since Neptunia could do with more recognition, and Blanc, once again being the physical embodiment of Nintendo itself would be a great addition.

From Tecmo:
  • Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. This could become a reality as Koei Tecmo is helping Project Sora in the Soundtrack department. However, they will have to make his moveset unique, otherwise he will be another swordfighter on the roster. Much like Roy's reveal trailer from Smash 4, the announcer is going to either pronounce the name with a different tone or say his name with his last name: Ryu Hayabusa!
  • Rygar from Rygar.
  • Mio & Mayu Amakura from Fatal Frame II.
  • Kasumi from Dead or Alive. Her moveset from the franchise would be easy to reference. Kasumi's Torn Skies technique would make for a devestating Final Smash if anyone dared to cross her like her Evil Uncle did. Sakurai and Project Sora would have to go for Dead or Alive 6 design to get the censors off their back and because its her recent fighting game design. Bounce physics not included and not guaranteed.

Remember the arcade classic Donkey Kong? Well, here's a little bit of trivia: Shigeru Miyamoto actually conceived it initially as a ''Popeye'' video game (yes, I'm aware that there is a Popeye video game that Miyamoto made later, but that isn't the same one). It was his first game ever, and he wanted to make it with Popeye characters (specifically, Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto). However, Nintendo wasn't able to license the characters, so instead, they created Expys in their place, resulting in the birth of the Mario/Jumpman and Donkey Kong characters we all know and love(and Pauline, though almost nobody remembers her, unfortunately). If Nintendo wanted to include a non-video game character into Smash Bros. 4, Popeye would be a good choice since he actually has a bit of history with Nintendo besides just "his game was made by Nintendo".
  • Jossed by Word of God: Sakurai has made it clear that anyone outside of video games is off limits, including Popeye.

I'm sure pigs will fly under their own power before it happens, but it'd be a dream. Preferably in his less cute'n'cuddly Tomba! 2 incarnation. Special Moves would be: B: Blackjack, a chargable ranged strike. Side B: Ice Boomerang, which freezes upon contact but destroyed by one hit, like another projectile, for example. Down B: Fire Hammer, a powerful flaming strike, that'd be similar to Ike's Aether, minus the recovery abilities. Up B: Bite, a leaping attack that could transition to a grab on hit, and function as a third jump if used in the air. Finally, Final Smash would be: Titan Tomba, where he'd equip all the best equipment from the game at once, including the invincibility-inducing [[Infinty+1Sword Golden Powder]] while also entering the Taboo state. Essentially a o-Man-esque smash that'd make him incredibly fast and invincible and supercharge all his moves, both standard and special.

Godzilla will end up as a playable character, either in DLC, mods or some other method.
I don't think I need to say this; but Godzilla is very historically significant, and also has (albeit loose) ties to other Nintendo characters; he was inspired by King Kong, and Donkey Kong got his name from a misconception by Miyamoto that "kong" meant "ape", as in King Kong. As well, Godzilla has had a very prominent history on Nintendo consoles; the only console he's missed was the Nintendo 64 (he had Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! and Godzilla 2: War of The Monsters on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters and Super Godzilla on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, two Gameboy games,Destroy All Monsters Melee on the Gamecube, Domination on the GBA, Unleashed on the Wii and Unleashed: Double Smash'' on the DS; and it's likely a game will end up on the Wii U and 3DS as a tie-in for the reboot coming up in May. Couple that with Godzilla's popularity in the West, and with childern in general, and the nuclear saurian would be a decent fit for a Smash game. It'd probably need to be one of the later Showa-era Godzilla designs instead of a Heisei or Millenium design, if only since any of the more serious designs might look out-of-place in a cartoony fighting game like SSB tends to be.
  • Sorry man. He might have plenty of videogames, but he didn't start off in any of them.

Rayman will appear in some form.
From what's known, some leaks on the Metro news website indicate he's got a trophy, with his model being made by Ubisoft themselves. Sure, he's not confirmed as a fighter, but a trophy might confirm his appearance in the game, either as an Assist Trophy or a full-fledged fighter, like thousands have predicted.
  • Confirmed: he's a Spirit in Ultimate.

One or more characters from the Peanuts franchise will appear
Since the Peanuts characters are worldwide icons, plus with them having video games on Nintendo consoles (Like Snoopy Tennis on Gameboy Color), it's not THAT far a stretch

Possible character choices:

Charlie Brown: The main character of the strip. He'd be an all-around fighter like Mario. Some of his moves could revolve around baseball. F

Snoopy and Woodstock: The mascots of the franchise, are incredibly popular in Japan, and Snoopy has been shown to be a competent boxer and arm-wrestler (He can fight Lucy to a standstill, he only wins because he kisses her). Both could have animalesque move.

Linus van Pelt: Best Friend to Charlie. He could have the best range out of everyone because of his blanket. As a result, pretty much all his moves will use the blanket

Lucy van Pelt: The closet that Peanuts has to an antagonist (though she is more a Jerk with a Heart of Gold), is stated (and shown) to be good at fighting (again, she only loses because she's often fighting Snoopy, who'll kiss her to force her to lose). She'd be the strongest of the four Peanuts characters listed here.


Charlie Brown: summons the Kite-eating tree. He uses a kite to lift opponents in the air, to which the tree will take a bite out of the poor victims, resulting in a one-hit KO

Snoopy and Woodstock: Snoopy hops in his Sopwith Camel and shoot everyone

Linus: summons the Great Pumpkin, which proceeds to attack all opponents and does high damage

Lucy: summons a giant football, and pushes it to the right (or left), any opponent it hits is dealt high damage and receives great knockback


Charlie Brown: says "Good Grief"

Snoopy and Woodstock: dance

Linus: sucks on his thumb, then takes his thumb out of his mouth

Lucy: tosses a football into the air, looking at it with a smile on her face, then puts it away.

  • Jossed, they CAN'T appear. Smash only accepts characters that debuted in video games. Peanuts having games on Nintendo systems (none of which were top sellers) is in no way support for them being in Smash.
    • Yeah, I realize that non-video game characters have a .1% chance of appearing. I was just doing that for fun. Although I sometimes get thoughts of wanting non-video game characters to be in Smash Bros. Oh well, at least we have the Mii Fighters!

Shrek will appear
Well, it makes more sense than other examples here, given that Shrek has been known to appear in some awesome games, one of them a fighter. He's also a Memetic Badass, and he has a lot of potential for an interesting move set.

  • Jossed: he's a movie character, not a videogame character.

Banjo and Kazooie will make it as DLC.
Not only do many people love them, but they're also more associated with the N64 than Microsoft, even though they do belong to Microsoft now. Plus, even Xbox boss Phil Spencer supports the idea of them appearing, and as of this writing, there's also a poll going on to ask people who they'd like to be in Smash Bros (it doesn't guarantee they'll be playable, but if Nintendo's OK with it, who knows).

They definitely have potential for flying and egg-shooting attacks. What about if Kirby sucks them up? In that case, Kirby will don his own blue backpack with one of his animal friends (probably Pitch or Coo) providing projectile attacks similar to Kazooie.

  • The April 2019 direct reveals something intriguing. During the Stage Builder portion of the direct, one of the stages resembles a witch that looks suspiciously like Gruntilda, further fueling the fire.
  • Confirmed.

Shovel Knight will be in the next DLC announcement.
If you look at the recent Game Grumps Shovel Knight Amiibo announcement trailer, you'll note that they never clearly show the top part of the Amiibo's base. One or two shots do let a glimpse of the base slip through, and it's the same gold as that of a Smash Bros Amiibo.
  • Seems like a possibility. He does have a Mega Man inspired weaponry collection; this could work as the (alt) smash attacks. Up smash could see him summon Shield Knight to launch him up (Like in the final boss fight), and (WARNING: Far flung idea) we could hope for a final smash with a team-up with The Order of No Quarter!
  • The base just shows his face. You can see it if you pause at 1:01 into the Game Grumps trailer.
  • Current Status: Assist Trophy (But still quite an accomplishment)

The Pyro would be Valve's representative should they ever get one in the game.
Of all of Valve's characters, I think that the Pyro would best translate into Smash due tohis/her halluncenation of being in a fantasyland while having weapons that would cause a more comical fighting style than other Valve characters, who use more traditional weapons. s/he could very well end up a counterpart to Snake without being a clone, as they are both from M rated games contrasting with a E- E10 rated crowd.

We'll see two more "classic" mascot characters available as DLC
One of the biggest draws of Smash as a franchise is the idea that the wildest of character match-ups can actually become a reality — and with the recent addition of Ryu and Cloud, a no-holds-barred beatdown between all the rival company icons is not possible when playing under the default condition of four players. It is possible, however, for this to happen in eight-player Smash... except that even then, there are two open spots for "classic" mascot characters that have defined game companies. This troper expects that they will be revealed during the final Smash Direct in December, and were likely planned far before the ballot results were finalized. As for who those characters will be, my money is on Jack Frost as an Atlus rep (given Nintendo's good relationship with the company and Sega's involvement, it's a bit surprising that it hasn't happened yet) and The Prince representing Ubisoft.
  • Rayman would probably be a better fit than the Prince for a Ubisoft representation (he even has his own trophy in the game!). Jack Frost isn't the most unlikely choice but a Konami character is more probable, between veteran smasher Solid Snake, Bomberman and Simon Belmont (Pyramid Head is probably too hardcore for Smash).

To go along with Cloud, there will be Mii Fighter costumes of Vincent and/or Zack.
After all, they're both very important to the story of Final Fantasy VII and starred in their respective spin-off games.
  • Same could be said for Sephiroth, who is one of the most iconic Final Fantasy villains.

Roy will return for Smash 5 as a non-DLC character.
After all, Roy is our boy.
  • Confirmed.

A Fallout lead will appear in Smash 5 as DLC.
They pulled off Snake, and this is Wild Mass Guessing so fuck it. The Sole Survivor is the most likely pick since he does have a default face and is from the most recent game, but putting the Courier in his NCR gear could work as well. He'd have small firearms as his specialty most likely (perhaps using specific ones like Kellog's Gun or The Courier's .44 for specific individuals) while also mixing it up with some of Fallout's more iconic wierd weapons for combos and specials - the Super Sledge, Power Fists, That Gun, the Shishkebab, the Ripper, the Junk Jet, Bottlecap Mines, etc. Final Smashes could be anything - the Fat Man, Liberty Prime, Power Armor, a pack of Deathclaws...

If Undertale is ever published on a Nintendo console, a character from the game would be added to the roster.
Even though this decision would have one of the most polarizing reception ever, there would be at least a slight chance of having a main character from Undertale joining the roster if the game is ever ported/remade/got a sequel on a Nintendo console. Much like other indie-characters popular in the polls, Undertale is love letter to the classic Nintendo era, especially the Mother series. The inclusion of this critically acclaimed game would make sense in the history of Nintendo, heck even of gaming of general (all Hype Backlash aside); and really the only (and yet major) drawback is the fact that has not been released on Nintendo and will probably never be, and even if, it would probably not be at the top of the list of possibilities, far under Shovel Knight, Shantae or even Commander Video, who all have been supportive of Nintendo from the start. And the only representation of the game (several Undertale fighters would honestly feel too much) could be a downplayed Composite Character by using attacks from other characters from the game. That said, here are some ideas:
  • While Frisk is the main character, their inclusion would not be very fitting: the whole point of the game is to not fight, and even in No Mercy mode they doesn't do much (though it has never been a real issue). A palette swap of Frisk (and Chara) for Lucas/Ness would be nice enough.
  • Sans is probably the best fit. He is one of the most popular, recognizable character and fight of the game. The Gaster Blasters would be his smash attacks, similarly to Bayonetta's, and he should have at least one move based on his Mind over Matter power, and maybe one for his Offscreen Teleportation ability. Maybe he could "turn the opponents blue" and incapacitate them in some way (freeze, slow, stun, or ground them like an Animal Crossing trap) Aside from the usual Ballistic Bone attacks, the rest of his moves would have to be created or inspired by other characters. The Final Smash (by the way it would be cool if only his left eye appears when he breaks the Smash Ball) could either be a barrage of Gaster Blasters or a mini-game recreating the first attack of his boss battle, leaving the victims in a Nintendo Hard but technically avoidable trap. Palette swaps would include at least one orange (Papyrus), one purple (Toriel) and one black (Gaster).
  • Alternatively, since Sans is technically spoiler incarnate, Undyne would be the better choice, with her Undying form as a Final Smash. Between her rowdy nature, signature spear, and quickly rotating projectiles, there's plenty of work with when it comes to making a moveset for her, and though this isn't exactly something that the team takes into consideration when it comes to picking fighters, she'd also be the most appropriate Undertale character to pick in terms of personality, since she's the only one of the major characters who loves fighting for its own sake.
  • For the Assist Tropy/ies, there are several possibilities:
    • Papyrus: creates several bones which glide on the grounds.
    • Mettaton EX: dances around and hurt the opponents with his legs.
    • Undyne: throws a barrage of spears.
    • Frisk: This would probably be the next best thing to making them playable, as it would let them use the Spare command to take a fighter out of the action for a short time (i.e. they can't hurt anyone or be hurt by anyone). Useful for timed matches if you're already in the lead.
  • Current status: Sans Mii Gunner costume with accompanying Megalovania rearrangement.

Any one of the 20+ heroes from Blizzard's Overwatch.
Aside from Mercy, nearly all of the heroes would make excellent Smash Bros. fighters. Some liberties might need to be taken though; while all the heroes wield some form of firearm.
  • This is actually a fairly strong possibility, especially if we get a Switch port of Overwatch. Tracer is most likely, as the Series Mascot and an extremely popular character, but Sakurai could always throw a curveball and give us D.Va because of her even greater popularity and gaming meta humor (she could have her own version of Snake's Codecs), or Genji because he seems best-suited to be reworked as a melee fighter and is also very popular.

There was Doom 64, after all.His fighting style would involve various firearms as well as melee attacks. And his Final Smash should be a BFG-9000 blast.
  • This isn't actually that far off, considering how both DOOM and DOOM Eternal are actually coming to the Nintendo Switch.
  • With Snake being brought back, it's certainly possible — however, in his base form, he might be a bit too violent. Maybe perhaps they'll do something similar to Snake and have him focus on a combination of energy weapons (Plasma Rifle, Railgun/Ballista), explosives (Rocket Launcher, Grenades), and melee attacks.
    • Perhaps this moveset could include new elements featured in DOOM Eternal, including the shoulder-mounted grenade launcher/flamethrower, arm blade and Super Shotgun Grappling Hook.
    • Given how Joker uses his realistic-looking Gun as his Neutral Special, it means that ballistic weapons like the Chaingun and (Super) Shotgun are no longer invalidated, possibly giving rise to a more firearms-centric moveset.
    • I can picture the Doom Slayer having brutal attack animations and some satisfyingly crunchy sound design. Extreme violence is so integral to his concept that even Bayonetta looks rather restrained next to him, so they'd have to get around the all-ages rating somehow to represent his neverending appetite for the blood and guts of Hell's legions.
    • With the passing of E3 and the September Nintendo Direct, support for the Doom Slayer has never been higher. Doom 1, 2 and 3 being available on the Switch was one thing, but officialy rereleasing Doom 64 for the first time ever, with the Switch release date being the same day as Doon Eternal and falling in the same month as Terry Bogard's release turns the Slayer into a highly likely candidate for the final addition to the Fighters Pass.

Jason Frudnick from Blaster Master.
The remake Blaster Master Zero was pretty popular, and the original was one of the quintessential NES games.

Worms, possibly as a group fighter.
Worms W.M.D did release on Switch, so it's entirely possible that they could appear, especially given that their game is a type of fighting game. Their special moves could be their different weapons, not to mention that the series has many weapons that could take the place of a Final Smash. Heck, they could even be able to destroy ground on certain stages, just like in their own games! The fact that they use realistic weapons might be a problem, but Nintendo could find a way around it.

  • Considering her game’s popularity, 2B would be just as much of a popular fighter on here with alternate costumes not only being palette swaps for her dress and hair, but her Final Smash would be self-destructing, putting her into her underwear a la Zero Suit Samus.

On the English voice acting side, it would be a big Ascended Fanboy moment for Kira Buckland who got some of her start voicing Brawl Taunt videos.

KOS-MOS from Xenosaga will get in
As a tribute to Monolith Soft for all the hard work they do for Nintendo. It wouldn't be the first or second time she crossed over to a Nintendo game, either.

Smash Ultimate will have the most amount of 3rd Party Characters appearing yet... the form of Mii Fighter Costumes. Since a big part of the Switch's appeal is the huge amount of huge franchises coming to a Nintendo System for the first time, in addition to tons of fan favorite indie games, a great way to pay tribute without it impacting the game to hard would be adding in special Mii Costumes based off these Switch Supporters. I put down a few ideas below, feel free to add on to the list:Mii Brawler:

Mii Swordfighter:

Mii Gunner:

Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine will make a guest appearance
Since Bendy and The Ink Machine is now released on home consoles (Nintendo Switch included). It only seems fair that Bendy can join the roster. His Final Smash could be him transforming into Beast Bendy from Chapter 5.

If not Banjo-Kazooie, then The Arbiter will appear as Microsoft's representative in Smash Ultimate.
With Ridley paving the way for more violence-oriented characters (he fuckin' straight up MURDERS Mega Man and Mario in his introductory vid), it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if shooter games like Halo have been opened up as a potential avenue for fighters. I will agree that Chief himself would be the more I C O N I C and franchise mascot-appropriate choice, but the combination of the Energy Sword and Covenant plasma weaponry could give the Arbiter a unique Swordsman/Gunner playstyle, much like his appearance in Killer Instinct.

Nintendo will do the impossible and incorporate Kratos and Master Chief in Smash Ultimate
While we already have guesses on the Microsoft side for Banjo-Kazooie and The Arbiter above, and Kratos has already appeared as a guest fighter in two other fighting games (along with Sony's own PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale back on the PS3), still Nintendo will cross current big three platform lines and bring in their rivals' most iconic characters to prove that Super Smash Bros. knows no bounds. Kratos would be based on his 2018 God of War appearance, while Master Chief might be based on how he may appear in the upcoming Halo Infinite.
  • Perhaps with alternate costumes based on their incarnations in past games:
    • Kratos in his Greek-Era outfit from the original trilogy.
    • Chief with different iterations of the MJOLNIR Armour (Mark IV/V/VI/VI GEN 2).

A later Smash Bros. game will be a true gaming all-stars game.
We probably will never see every fighter from every Smash game again, so a way to top that is to retool the series into a real gaming all-stars fighter. Many more third-party series (possibly even from Sony and Microsoft if they're kind enough) will join the fight and the third-party series that are already represented will get a lot more secondary characters that aren't just Echo Fighters. Sakurai already said that he was trying to make Smash 4 a gaming all-stars game, so why not take it Up to Eleven? (Other than budget concerns.) Obviously they would have to cut even more veterans than usual, which is why the term "retool" was used here.

Wreck-It Ralph will be added as Ultimate DLC.
Second movie came out not too long ago and the movie's main gimmick is that characters can crossover to other games. It's not too impossible as he was a guest racer in Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed.
  • Jossed: Disney has the last say of what happens with the character.

Come on. The guy's a very popular character in the Final Fantasy universe, so much that he appeared in other games. He deserves to be in Smash. His use of different swords could make for some interesting attacks, and his Final Smash could be transforming into his second form and using either Excalibur, Masamune, Zantetsuken, or Excalipoor.

Eight of the birds will represent skins for a single character slot, all having a similar move set (launching themselves via slingshot, bouncing, flapping their wings) plus their own special moves depending on who you choose. The Mighty Eagle also serves as their Final Smash.

  • Red is the default bird and attacks simply by knocking into fighters, as well as a special move that subverts his Master of None reputation in the games.
  • Yellow/Chuck moves faster than the other birds, his special move being a homing attack where he launches himself into the nearest opponent.
  • The Blues act as multiple characters rolled in one, similar to the Ice Climbers.
  • Black/Bomb attacks using self-detonation. In the same mechanics as Wario's farts, the power of the explosions will depend on how much time passes between each use.
  • White/Matilda drops egg bombs and fires egg fireballs.
  • Terrence moves slower but delivers more damage, his special move being a Mighty Glacier launch attack.
  • Orange/Bubbles inflates his body, floats and deflates.
  • Pink/Stella traps opponents in bubbles, which can either float them out of bounds or pop and send them falling.

Against all odds and belief, Tetris will be a DLC fighter.
Thought the Piranha Plant's inclusion was crazy? Sakurai was only getting started. A leak will reveal the silhouetted image of a block figure that appears to be Steve from Mine Craft. Then, to everyone's surprise, the following direct will throw a curve ball when the figure turns out to be a stack of multi-colored Tetris blocks.

Tetris stacks up!

The Tetris fighter will look like a simple cube that comes in eight different colors. However, it can attack by knocking itself into opponents, changing shape and expanding with other blocks, and dropping blocks over opponents. The Tetris Final Smash will send the other fighters into an actual Tetris game in which they must avoid being crushed by falling blocks.

Current status: Spirits

As an even bigger shock, Scorpion gets in.
As I said in Ultimate 's WMG page, while Mortal Kombat was never released in Japan, and absolutely lived and breathed Gorn since day one, one would think that MK is never going to be represented in SSB. However, Mortal Kombat was done bloodlessly before more than once. Plus, Snake and Bayonetta, both mature-rated characters that are beloved by Japan and overseas, both managed to get in SSB and fit in well, while other characters such as Ridley and K. Rool got in due to high overseas demand. The ultimate smoking gun though, is that Ryu, a character from another third-party fighter, was part of 4 's DLC, and has returned for Ultimate in the base game; and if Street Fighter 's rivaling franchise were to be represented as well in Ultimate 's DLC, everything would come full circle.

Going Beyond the Impossible, Sakurai will quite actually include goddamn Spider-Man as DLC.
This is guaranteed to never happen, but if it does, keep in note that Spider-Man was definitely featured on many a Nintendo game before, and has been in fighting games before...but because he did not originate as a video game character at all, he's as far out of the running as you could get.

Or what about Bat Man?
Again, highly implausible because he didn't originate from a video game. But is it really a coincidence that two of the fighters just so happen to be Robin and Joker?

  • Jossed: He will not be appearing per Word of God. Plus we already have a Batman; it's Count Dracula.

With the announcement of Cuphead being available on the Nintendo Switch, the game's creator expressed his dreams of Cuphead and Mugman joining the Smash roster. Cuphead definitely has move set potential, perhaps with Mugman serving as his echo fighter. Cuphead's Smash introduction trailer will be in the form of an old-timey cartoon to match the quality of the games.
  • Alternately, Cuphead could appear as a Mii Gunner costume (ala Sans) with his finger acting as the gun.
    • Confirmed. Cuphead was revealed to be a Mii Costume in the same presentation that revealed Byleth as Challenger Pack 5- complete with finger gun.

Considering Fate/Extella Link came out for the Switch just recently, not to mention the worldwide popularity of Fate/Grand Order, either of the two making it in as DLC shouldn't be out of the question anymore. It helps that FGO's done pretty well for itself in such a a short span of time, as noted here.
  • Given that Visual Novels are counted as Video Games (Hence why Phoenix Wright is even considered), why not Artoria Pendragon, the face of TYPE-MOON, if you're looking for a Fate rep?

Characters from South Park:
The New Kid and Princess Kenny join the rooster of fights, especially the latter since he's a homage to Princess Peach and Zelda. They won't have to worry about the New Kid and Princess Kenny saying any profanities since the former doesn't talk and the latter's voice is muffled through his hood. It might be difficult for Eric Cartman to join the rooster of fighter, but he can serve as an assist trophy where he'll appear shooting lightning from his hands while he swears (censored). They can also have ManBearPig and/or Mecha Barbra Streisand serve as a boss battle.
  • Jossed: Sakurai already stated that characters that don't start in video games first won't get in.

Not only did his game start off as a Yoshi game, but it was supposedly the inspiration for Mario 64.

The Heavy will join Ultimate's roster as DLC.

The Heavy joins the team!

As an alternative to the Pyro suggestion above, the Heavy might serve a decent shout to get in as the Team Fortress representative - after all, he is the character that most would think of when thinking of the franchise, and he appears in the majority of (if not all of) the promotional material. Sure, he comes from an M-rated game, but so have characters like Snake/Bayonetta (and as Ridley's trailer proves, Nintendo haven't exactly shied away from rather graphic and violent scenes themselves), so Heavy getting in doesn't sound too inconceivable. His cartoonish aesthetic and exaggerated weaponry might even have him fit in more. Just remove the aspects of blood and have appropriate voice lines, and the problems are solved.

It could even prove creative ways to get around mobility issues or attacks with the myriad of weaponry - and food - he has (the canteens from Mann vs Machine, the Teleport aspect of which could serve as an Up Special; Heavy's Huo-Long Heater creating a ring of fire as a Down Smash; and so on...).

There's also, at the time of this writing, no fully-fledged PC gaming representatives in the roster yet. Given Nintendo's knack as of late for the unexpected and some popular choices peppered in between, that sounds like prime opportunity for a PC representative to make the cut - and someone from Team Fortress would undoubtedly be a bit of a wildcard while still proving popular enough to justify their place.

In any case, if a Team Fortress rep gets in, it would be a safe assumption that their Final Smash would get the entire team involved somehow.

Jibanyan will inspirit the battle.

The monster collection series is big in Japan, has a great history with Nintendo, and could be used as a vehicle to raise awareness in the West.

Ratchet & Clank Go Commando!

It would be quite the stretch, especially considering Play Station/Sony is one of Nintendo's biggest rivals, but Ratchet and Clank are certainly no strangers to fighting in a 2-D Platform Fighting Crossover Game. In fact, said fighting game can be used as a basis for their moveset, such as the Comet Strike and Warmonger being their Side and Up Smash, the Agents of Doom serving as their Side Special, the Suck Cannon being used for their Grab, and their Final Smash could be a faster-paced version of their Level 3 Super, Flight of the Aphelion. The RYNO V and the AP Gauge from PSASBR could be used in a KO Uppercut-like mechanic, with the catch being that receiving damage won't get Ratchet & Clank AP, only dealing damage.

Monokuma Bears the Blame!
He could have moves inspired by the various Monokuma variants from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls as well as the executions, and his Final Smash would give a unique ironic execution (albeit tamer ones than usual for the series itself) to whichever character gets hit by it.

Reimu Hakurei Takes Flight!
Touhou Project is one of the few notable indies completely unaccounted for in Smash, and the oldest known Indie series (Even pre-dating Cave Story, the often-quoted godfather of Indies). Even basing her moveset solely on her fighting game appearances by itself would be an interesting character, especially if the mechanics from said games are ported over too.

ZUN himself, as per a recently-published interview that happened in March, wants Touhou representation in Smash, so that's not an issue, and her popularity with western fans is actually growing quite quickly.

Reimu herself, being the main character of the series, is an obvious inclusion should the series actually get representation.

With Kunio-kun receiving representation in the form of spirits, it's not out of the question that Arc System Works might have also asked for either one of their flagship series to receive playable representation in Smash. Both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue have had substantial impacts on modern fighting games, and anime fighting games have more or less become their own subgenre thanks to these two franchises.

There are a lot of Warriors games on the Switch, so it wouldn’t be out of place for one of their characters to show up. Zhao Yun is the poster boy for the series, so he would have a good chance from that, but Lu Bu is the ultimate Ensemble Dark Horse for the series, and his reputation as the most powerful character would make him a perfect fit for Smash, and his Blood Knight personality would also fit right in. Either one would also be the first character to primarily use either a halberd or a spear. Their final smashes would obviously be Musou attacks.


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